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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Budbrooke St Michael


The Parish

The parish of Budbrooke lies in central Warwickshire about a mile and a half west of the county town of Warwick. Budbrooke sits just a half mile west of the busy A46 road and is separated from Warwick by that busy dual-carriageway and the race course being otherwise almost contiguous with the expanding town. Once a small rural settlement Budbrooke has expanded greatly in recent times with extensive modern developments attached to what was little more than a hamlet. At the time of this transcript Budbrooke would have been a fairly typical farming community with a mixed farming regime in place. Modern developments have surrounded Budbrooke, the Grand Union Canal firstly cut through the parish aided by an extensive flight of locks; this was followed by the construction of the Warwick to Birmingham rail line, the Warwick Parkway station being within Budbrooke parish. In yet more recent times the modern M42 motorway skims past a little over 2 miles to the south which together with the Warwick bypassing A46 give Budbrooke unprecedented transport access. making it a sought after place to live. Budbrooke is drained by small tributaries of the nearby Avon which is soon reached, the latter reached the Severn and then the sea through the Bristol Channel. Budbrooke is sited at around 70 metres above the sea whilst land rises gently westwards, as climbed by the canal lock-flight, to reach local heights close to 120 metres. Budbrooke parish was one of the larger in its area, covering a little over 3,100 acres it would have supported a population of around 500 parishioners. In Domesday times Budbrooke was a middling sort of place, held  by one Ralph de Limesy it could offer 9 ploughs, the usual meadows and woodland but did possess a mill.

The Church

St Michael's church is set a little to the north of modern Budbrooke, on the eastern side of Church Lane and close to both rail line and canal. Whilst the church has early origins it has been much modified over the centuries with little surviving from the earliest dates. Notable exceptions listed by Pevsner include a blocked Norman Romanesque northern doorway of the 12th century whilst the chancel shows remaining lancet windows from the Early English Gothic style favoured in the early 13th century. All else is very much more recent; the western tower being replaced by the present version in 1668 was just the start of changes which followed throughout the Victorian period. Initial work in 1838 demolished much of the 13th century southern aisle and created both southern & northern transepts whilst further restorations took place in 1874 & 1882 even in modern times the interior was reordered in 1995. From church Lane a neat one-way system at the southern entrance leads to an extensive car-park making for a straightforward visit. Within the churchyard a few trees crows the favoured southeastern aspects restricting the views available to the photographer.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1st October 1754 - 13th November 1783
Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0008/5
Nonstandard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register, it is nonstandard in being half size and having just 2 entries per page
Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads
2 18th November 1783 - 27th January 1812 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0008/6 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 22nd February 1813 - 3rd November 1836 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0008/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Honiley St John the Baptist
Kenilworth St Nicholas
Hatton Holy Trinity
Claverdon St Michael
Warwick St Mary
Norton Lindsey Holy Trinity
Sherbourne All Saints
Warwick St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 11/10/1754 Thomas BURMAN Mary MANTON
2 17/07/1755 William BARLOW Sarah HALL
3 24/09/1755 Samuel LUCAS Single Charlecote Mary HAWKS Single
4 13/10/1755 John ROGERS Mary WILKS
5 01/03/1756 John PINNER Sarah WARD Sherbourne
6 27/06/1756 William CLEMENS Mary MASTERS
7 19/08/1756 Humphrey NEALE Single Hatton Hannah JOYNER Single
8 25/11/1756 John WELLS Sarah BASS Widow
9 04/05/1757 John JOYNER Hannah RIBLER
10 29/10/1757 John PETTIPHER Elizabeth THOMPSON Haseley
11 24/05/1758 Edward RANNS Single Elizabeth PARTRIDGE Single Walsall, Staffordshire
12 26/08/1758 Richard CLARKE Single Elizabeth REEVE Single
13 04/12/1758 William MATTHEWS Hampton Lucy Mary PALMER
14 01/05/1759 Robert KNIGHT Widower Margaret STOWELS Single
15 28/10/1759 Joseph SHELDON Margaret NUSSAR
16 15/09/1760 Thomas WRIGHT Rowington Amy ELLET
17 24/12/1760 Benjamin HODGKINS Wellesbourne Martha WARD
18 21/05/1761 William BASFORD Single Bishops Tachbrook Elizabeth BRITAIN Single
19 11/06/1761 Josiah TOMPSON Sarah OAKLY
20 27/07/1761 Richard FARMER Elizabeth TIBBUTS
21 12/08/1761 John LANGDON Holy Trinity, Coventry Elizabeth PAILING
22 12/11/1761 Samuel TUMBERSON Mary WARWICK
23 12/04/1762 William WILLCOX Elizabeth PHILLIPS
24 19/05/1762 John WILSON Hatton Hannah COLEMAN
25 30/05/1762 Edward GUST Sherbourne Sarah TANDY
26 06/09/1762 Samuel DIKE Sarah WHATTON
27 30/10/1762 Samuel PARSONS Judith FRANKLIN
28 07/07/1763 Thomas HEMING Wootton Wawen Anna CHAMBERS
29 11/08/1763 William ALLARD St Mary, Warwick Ann HAWKES
31 12/10/1764 Charles BRADSHAW Elizabeth JACKSONS
32 06/04/1765 William MANTON Mary COMPTON
33 20/05/1765 William KIRK Kenilworth Elizabeth BENNET
34 14/10/1765 Thomas JORDAN Ann SLAUGHTER
35 21/09/1766 John DYKE Elizabeth HUMPHRYS
36 03/11/1766 Thomas MILLS Hannah WARD
37 13/10/1767 Thomas HOPKINS Sarah WOODFIELD
38 07/12/1767 John BRICKNELL Mary DUNING
39 03/05/1768 John COLLETT Single Bourton On The Water, Gloucestershire Elizabeth SHELBOURN Single
40 08/05/1768 Avery MASTERS Anna CLARK
41 13/05/1768 Thomas REVES Elizabeth WILLIAMS
42 27/06/1768 Francis BAKER Wootton Wawen Anna SPENCER
44 11/10/1768 James PETIFER Martha RIDER
43 16/10/1768 William LETCHFORD Elizabeth BARTLE
45 04/12/1768 Henry DUTTON St Mary, Warwick Mary PARSONS
46 22/12/1768 William MORRIS Temple Balsall Sarah ROBBINS
47 16/01/1769 Henry HILL Ashow Mary REVE
48 10/09/1769 Thomas CLARK Elizabeth AVERN
49 12/10/1769 John HUES Martha LEE
50 31/12/1769 Thomas KING Henley In Arden Merial KIBLER
51 05/01/1770 William BENNET Jane SODEN St Mary, Warwick
52 16/04/1770 Samuel DUNSBY Anna SMALLBONES
53 11/10/1770 William MUNTON Alless SHEPARD St Mary, Warwick
54 14/10/1770 Thomas JOHNSONS Hannah JACKSONS
55 08/02/1771 Samuel PAXTON Sarah WINKLEY Long Itchington
56 11/05/1771 Giles EDWARDS Hannah GRANGER
57 20/05/1771 John MOORE Mary WARAM
58 13/10/1771 Richard MORRIS Elizabeth MORTIBOYS
59 20/04/1772 John FAIRFOX Ann PERKS Alcester
60 25/04/1772 William TISOE Claverdon Esther DOUGHTEY
61 10/06/1772 Thomas LOWE Susanna SILVESTER
62 10/08/1772 William TERRY Haseley Mary BILL
63 25/09/1772 Thomas DOUGHTY Hannah OVERTON Milverton
64 12/10/1772 John KENT Elizabeth REEVE
65 24/01/1773 Richard HUNT Susanna REEVE
66 22/02/1773 Thomas CHAMBERS Wootton Wawen Elizabeth HAWKES
67 01/08/1773 Thomas CLARK Elizabeth BURTON
68 10/08/1773 Joseph RUSSEL Jane PELL
69 10/08/1773 Thomas Mann GUNN Deborah SKILLIN Cricklade, Wiltshire
70 14/09/1773 Samuel BALL Hatton Jane ROGERS
71 18/10/1773 Joseph WHITE Elizabeth WILLIAMS
72 02/09/1775 William CUSHMORE Esther DAVIS
73 24/11/1775 John GEORGE Hatton Elizabeth WILCOX
74 20/05/1777 John STOCKLEY Claverdon Catharine BIRCH
75 11/10/1777 Joseph SMALLBONE Mary WARD
76 20/07/1778 Samuel DUNSBY Sarah GREEN
77 20/09/1778 Joseph WARAM Hannah DAVIS
78 28/10/1778 Johnathan ELLIOT Leamington Hastings Sarah HODGKINS Single
79 03/11/1778 William RUSSELL Elizabeth LAWRENCE
80 13/04/1779 William HOLT Martha DAVIS
90 04/08/1779 James SOUTHALL St Philip, Birmingham Ann WINSTANLEY
91 14/09/1779 Richard PAGE Ann PINNER
92 10/01/1780 William ESELL Single Ann WARDING Single
93 24/01/1780 Joseph BARNWELL Bourton On The Water, Gloucestershire Elizabeth JOYNER
94 07/02/1780 Thomas JOB Hannah HARDING
95 18/04/1780 William TOMS Mary MORE
96 12/10/1780 Thomas PAINE Sarah WILLS
97 26/03/1781 James LAWRENCE Martha TYLER
98 29/01/1782 William MEEDS Alice MOOR Stoneleigh
99 14/10/1782 William ELET Mary WARAM
100 16/10/1782 Thomas HARBONE Mary POWERS
101 23/09/1783 Richard HIORNS Elizabeth BLICK
102 13/10/1783 John WILKINS Rowington Elizabeth MASTERS
27/10/1783 James CLARK Mary WALLSGROVE
13/11/1783 John INGRAM Single Elizabeth KELLY Single
1 18/11/1783 John PETIPHER Single Elizabeth KELLY Single
2 01/01/1784 Edward EDWARDS Single Hannah PINNER Single
3 09/11/1784 James MASTERS Single Hannah DUNSBY Single
4 12/02/1785 Thomas WARNER Solihull Mary HARBOURNE
5 02/01/1786 John SMITH Anne TUB
6 18/04/1786 William WHITTINGTON Aston Elizabeth ALLARD
7 06/10/1786 William CLAYTON Sarah DAVIS
8 09/10/1786 William BLACKMAN Charlecote Sarah BLACKFORD
9 18/10/1786 Samuel COMMANDER Sarah WRIGHT
10 08/11/1786 Thomas PARSONS Welford, Gloucestershire Ann HEMING
11 12/10/1787 John SUMMERS Ann POOL
12 30/06/1788 John PAYNE Single Ann ARNOLD Single
13 04/12/1788 Benjamin RAWLINS Single St Nicholas, Warwick Martha HOLT
14 20/12/1788 Charles BRADSHAW Widower Sarah MASTERS Single
15 23/01/1789 William JOYCE Single Sarah ROGERS Single
16 13/04/1789 Isaac PEATE Mary ROGERS
17 26/07/1789 Thomas LUTAMAN Hannah HOPKINS
18 27/07/1789 John MILLAR Anne DUTTON
20 22/12/1790 John HAWKES Jenny BENNETT
30/05/1791 Samuel COX Mary MASTERS
12/12/1791 Edward Thoroton GOULD Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire Ann DORMER
14/05/1792 Richard COLE Bishops Itchington Elizabeth ROSE
27/08/1792 Joseph DAVIS Gertrude INGRAM
02/10/1792 Benjamin CLAREDGE Elizabeth DAVIS
11/10/1792 William JONES Sophia BAILIS
29/10/1792 Caesar KING Mary WRIGHT
01/01/1793 Edward JOHNSON Priors Marston Sarah ROSE
01/04/1793 William REEVE Rowington Phoebe PACY
08/04/1793 Elias DYKE Catharine MAUNTON
22/05/1793 John GILBERT Rowington Mary NASON
14/10/1793 William SMITH Stretton On The Foss Elizabeth BARTLAM
13/01/1794 John SIDNEY St Mary, Warwick Elizabeth WRIGHT
24/07/1794 Thomas NEWBURY Barston Mary DOUGHTY
15/12/1794 William HOPKINS Hannah GOODE
02/05/1796 Thomas GODDARD Mary HANDS
12/12/1797 Solomon BRAY Single Haseley Ann MASTERS
16/04/1798 Thomas MASTERS Mary DRAPER
26/12/1798 Thomas SABIN Elizabeth DUTTON
31/01/1799 William PEACE Offchurch Hannah MASTERS
25/03/1799 John MARES Mary BRICKNELL
25/03/1799 Henry HILL Mary WARAM
12/10/1799 Thomas BORETON Elizabeth PAXTON
28/04/1800 William SMITH Hatton Ann ROUSAM
11/10/1800 Joseph DUNSBY Hannah HERITAGE
13/10/1800 Job MASTERS Ann HORTON
28/10/1800 William STAIN Great Packington Mary LOWE
27/01/1801 Robert FORSTER Single Elizabeth GRANT Single
18/10/1802 Thomas BENNETT Bishops Tachbrook Mary MASTERS Single
16/11/1802 Thomas HANDS Single Hatton Ann ARCHER Single
14/02/1803 John KILLBEY Single Hatton Mary BRICKNELL Widow
14/02/1803 William CLARKE Single Hannah WALKER Single
11/04/1803 John HERVEY Single Honiley Hannah MORRIS Single
12/05/1803 Ambrose GARDENER Single Elizabeth BARNACKELL Single
04/06/1803 William SYLVESTER Single Elizabeth DOUGHTY Single
15/08/1803 William TREDFOLD Single Hannah MALIN Single
17/09/1804 Thomas CLARKE Single Ann COMMANDER Single
01/10/1804 John GAZEY Single Alice BICKNELL Single
13/03/1805 Thomas POWERS Widower St Mary, Warwick Mary BILLINGTON Single
24/06/1805 William JORDIN Mary CARPENTER
26/09/1805 Thomas AUSTIN Single Ann LANE Single
09/10/1805 William EDEN Single Elizabeth GREEN Single
15/10/1805 Thomas SPENCER Phoebe ROGERS Claverdon
16/10/1805 Edward HYATT Single Ann MILLER Widow
31/07/1806 John CLEMENTS Single Cleeve Prior, Worcestershire Elizabeth CHAMBERS Single
20/10/1806 Thomas UMBERS Single Hannah MILES Single
29/12/1807 Thomas BURTON Rowington Susannah ARCHER
22/09/1808 John PEARSON Bishops Itchington Ann NASON
19/10/1808 James SMITH Single Rebecca BREEDON
20/10/1808 George HARRISON Single St Nicholas, Warwick Mary Ann GREENWAY Single
20/10/1808 Richard SABIN Widower Sarah MASTERS Single
05/02/1809 James POWELL Single Elizabeth BALL Single
10/06/1809 Joseph JORDEN Single Charlotte CLARKE Single Camberwell, Surrey
12/06/1809 William HARDING Single Elizabeth HASKEW Single
25/10/1809 Edward WEBB Single Elizabeth WINSTON Single
26/06/1810 John PENN Single Elizabeth GRANT Single
18/10/1810 Joseph BUDD Single Ann HEMMING Single Morton Bagot
18/10/1810 John CROSS Widower Hannah BARKER Single
01/11/1810 Benjamin KEENE Single Leamington Priors Martha CASHMORE Single
18/04/1811 John HAWKES Widower Mary COOK Widow
05/12/1811 Edward BEESLY Single Warmington Ann Maria HAWKES
27/01/1812 William WHITE Loxley Sarah RAWBONE
1 22/02/1813 William CLARKE Single Rebecca GARDENER Single
2 04/08/1813 William WEST Single Catharine BALL Single Sherbourne
3 12/09/1813 John PAYNE Single Jane JOYCE Single
4 14/06/1814 William CARVER Single Wilford, Nottinghamshire Alice JONES Single
5 07/11/1815 Samuel JOINER Single Hannah HOPKINS Single
6 16/01/1816 William Astle SIMPKIN Single Belgrave, Leicestershire Diana WHATELEY Single
7 15/05/1816 William COLE Widower Wolverton Elizabeth RUSSEL Widow
8 12/10/1816 John MAYO Single Sheldon Elizabeth BERWICK Single
9 29/10/1816 John HODGSKINS Single Sophia JONES Widow
10 14/01/1817 Joshua COOK Single Hannah DYKE Single
11 08/04/1817 John BALL Single Jane HAWKES Single
12 23/06/1817 Francis EVANS Single Rowington Hannah DYKE Single
13 20/07/1818 Richard HEATH Widower Lapworth Apollonia HASKEW Single
14 17/08/1818 Henry WHITE Single Elizabeth BELL Single
15 25/08/1818 John MILLER Single Elizabeth PRICE Single
16 08/11/1818 William SHEPHERD Widower Elizabeth PETIPHER Single
17 08/11/1818 Charles WINDSOR Single Oldswinford, Worcestershire Sarah JOURDEN Single
18 13/11/1818 William HUDSON Single Norton Lindsey Sarah ARCHER Single
19 16/11/1818 Joseph MOSS Widower Sarah GENNINGS Single
20 17/11/1818 Joseph JOYCE Single Ann ELLIOTT Single
21 04/11/1819 Thomas Stonor SIMKISS Single Wolverhampton, Staffordshire Lucy MARTIN Single
22 01/02/1820 John HALL Single Mary Ann MARTIN Single
23 05/06/1820 Robert ARCHER Widower Ann HAYCOCK Single
24 02/11/1820 Luke LEESON Widower St Martin, Birmingham Amelia DYKE Single
25 23/11/1820 Thomas COX Single Mary CASHMORE Single
26 25/12/1820 William COOPER Single Ann BAINE Single Leek Wootton
27 20/03/1821 Pierre Esprit PARMERT Single Anne URCHINS Single
28 17/05/1821 George BICKNELL Widower St George Hanover Sq, Westminster, Middlesex Alicia KENDALL Single
29 25/06/1821 Daniel SUMNER Single Ann BEARLEY Single
30 07/05/1822 James COLLINS Single Rowington Maria TARVER Single
31 28/05/1822 Joseph TREPESS Single St Mary, Warwick Mary DYKE Single
32 17/09/1822 Nathaniel LARWOOD Single Elizabeth TAYLOR Single
33 16/10/1822 James COX Single Sarah SMITH Single
34 28/10/1822 John GILES Single Hannah TOMLINSON Single
35 01/01/1823 Thomas HOPKINS Single Solihull Hannah DUNSBY Single
36 17/06/1823 William BANT Widower Ann CHANDLER Widow
37 04/11/1823 William HAWKES Single Sarah LUCAS Single Charlecote
38 01/12/1823 William GUNNEL Single Elizabeth HAYCOCK Single
39 01/01/1824 Joseph ASHFIELD Single Catherine KIRKLAND St Mary, Warwick
40 14/10/1824 Thomas SABIN Single Mary NORTON
41 07/04/1825 Joseph GREEN Sarah LONG St Mary, Warwick
42 24/05/1825 William HARDING Mary PARKES
43 14/09/1825 Thomas BISHOP Single Elizabeth MOBBS Bishops Tachbrook
44 02/11/1825 James GREEN Single Phoebe MASON
45 04/04/1826 Thomas TARVER Single Charlotte MALIN Single Norton Lindsey
46 20/04/1826 Richard BARWICK Single Sarah MILLS Single
47 26/02/1827 John POWERS Norton Lindsey Mary CHANDLER
48 14/05/1827 Edward MOORE Katherine BOWERS
49 22/05/1827 William HOWARD St Mary, Warwick Elizabeth SHELLARD
50 26/07/1827 John MASTERS Harriet MILLWARD
51 11/12/1827 Stephen MASTERS Elizabeth DYKE
52 10/01/1828 William NICHOLS Sarah SHARMAN
53 17/07/1828 Richard HAWKES Single Elizabeth HAWKES Single
54 08/01/1829 Robert LINSEY Single Norton Lindsey Lydia HEYDON Single
55 23/02/1829 Richard HOWARD Single Harriet SHELLARD Single
56 13/07/1829 William SHEPHERD Widower Anne GEORGE Single
57 21/09/1829 George DYKE Single Elizabeth MAY Single
58 24/11/1829 John KNIGHT Single Snitterfield Hannah HEWINS Single
59 26/04/1830 Thomas HOPKINS Single Mary CLARKE Widow
60 19/10/1830 John HOWES Single Leamington Priors Ann LINE Single
61 28/12/1830 Thomas BOURTON Widower Sarah WARWICK Widow
62 13/10/1831 John HOPE Single Hannah DAY Single
63 24/01/1832 George STANLEY Single Mary COOPER Single St Mary, Warwick
64 18/07/1832 James HOBBINS Single Elizabeth KING Single
65 06/08/1832 Henry SEMBY Maria KING
66 12/10/1832 James BEASLEY Elizabeth HASTINS
67 10/12/1832 Joseph MANDER Widower Hatton Maria BOURTON Single
68 24/12/1832 Thomas DAFFERN Single Preston Bagot Charlotte TARVER Single
69 14/01/1833 Thomas COLES Single Jane TOMLINSON Single
70 12/02/1833 John MATTHEWS Single Wroxall Harriet GEORGE Single
71 20/05/1833 Joseph ASHFIELD Widower Charlotte MORRIS Single
72 25/06/1833 Thomas SYLVESTER Single Ann BOUGHEY Single St Mary, Warwick
73 28/07/1833 William HALFORD Single Ann WALTER Single
74 22/10/1833 Joseph COURT Single St Mary, Warwick Mary CREED Single
75 03/06/1834 Richard BOURTON Charlotte SHELLARD
76 23/10/1834 George BELLAMY Single Sarah GOODALE Single Moreton Morrell
77 23/12/1834 William ALIBONE Single Ann HAYCOCK Single
78 20/04/1835 Lemuel GIBBS Single Ann BOWSTEAD Single
79 12/10/1835 Henry WHEATLEY Single Maria FIELD Single
80 18/04/1836 Samuel GARDNER Rose Ann SOUTHAM St Mary, Warwick
81 06/06/1836 William DINGLEY Single Sarah Ann GREEN Single
82 12/10/1836 Samuel POWELL Widower Charlotte GILBERT Single
83 03/11/1836 William SMITH Single Ann ROBERTS Single

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