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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Butlers Marston St Peter & St Paul


The Parish

The parish of Butlers Marston lies in southern Warwickshire, at the head of a peninsula of the county that penetrates southwards between Oxfordshire & Worcestershire. Butlers Marston is located about 8 miles southeast of the town of Stratford upon Avon. Butlers Marston is a small and compact village sitting around 1 mile south of the B4086 road which connects Wellesbourne with the Oxfordshire town of Banbury, around 2 miles west of the village runs the ancient Roman Road, Fosse Way which defines part of the western edge of the parish. Like many parishes in this part of Warwickshire Butlers Marston would have been, and still largely is, a farming community, a mixed farming regime in place on quite heavy clay soils. Butlers Marston is drained westwards by the River Dene, meeting the Warwickshire Avon to the east of Stratford thence to the Severn and the Bristol Channel. Butlers Marston is sited at around 80 metres above the sea, the land around the parish is gently undulating to local heights of close to 125 metres. Butlers Marston parish was fairly typically sized for this area of the county, it covered around 1,700 acres and would have supported a population of close to 300 parishioners. In Domesday times Butlers Marston was a holding of Hugh de Grandmesnil, a middling sized place offering 10 ploughs but did possess 2 mills.

The Church

St Peter & St Paul's church stands to the south of the village, across a small stream from the main body of properties. The church outwardly is a late church much modified by the Victorian restorers, however, internal examination reveals a much older origin. Pevsner notes that the 3 bay southern arcade shows rounded piers of a Norman Romanesque style of the 12th century. The southern arcade is also early and 14th century albeit remodeled in the 17th. The western tower, a rather blocky structure, is mediaeval of the Perpendicular style and probably 15th century. Within the Victorian era a major restoration of the 1860s saw the northern wall rebuilt, extensive restoration of the chancel and the addition of both vestry and the southern porch. A further restoration in 1891 modified the western tower to result in today's building. The church is reached from the lane (Kennel Hill) a few hundred yards east of the stream crossing, a signpost points the way to the church along a roughly surfaced lane crossing the fields. A rough parking area lies just east of the churchyard, the churchyard is narrow to the south of the church restricting somewhat the angles available for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 10th December 1754 - 17th October 1782 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0096/3
Plain, unruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Poor handwriting within this register may lead to one or two misreads
2 21st December 1783 - 12th October 1812 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0096/4 Plain, unruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Poor handwriting within this register may lead to one or two misreads
3 29th July 1813 - 11th October 1836 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0096/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Kineton St Peter
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Pillerton Hersey St Mary
Oxhill St Lawrence

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
10/12/1754 John COATS     Elizabeth WARD    
16/04/1755 John GREENWAY     Rosanna NASON   Burton Dassett
15/11/1756 Thomas KINGERLY   Wellesbourne Lucy CALCOT    
27/03/1758 John WHITE   Combrook Mary WESSON    
06/11/1758 Thomas WALKER Single Wellesbourne Anne WORRELL Widow  
29/01/1759 Edward SMITH     Catherine THORNICROFT    
24/06/1759 John GARRIT     Judith BESELY    
14/04/1760 Elias THORNICROFT     Jane HAYNS    
14/10/1760 Rowland JACKSON   Southam Mary ELLIS    
23/11/1760 William FIELD Widower   Mary CATTEL Single Kineton
02/06/1761 David WESSON     Ann WESSON    
12/10/1761 William JONES     Elizabeth TOMKINS    
19/01/1763 William MATTHEWS     Mary JACKSON    
06/08/1764 Robert TOMS     Elizabeth LOCKLEY    
11/11/1764 Edward WARR     Elizabeth HAYNS    
27/12/1764 William PARKER   Pillerton Hersey Elizabeth WESSON    
06/02/1766 Thomas SABEL Single Stratford Upon Avon Catherine GREENWAY Single  
21/05/1766 John LYDIATT Single Kineton Patience HAWKS Single  
25/08/1766 Richard ATWOOD     Ann CALCOT    
20/11/1766 Richard DARLOW     Rebecca TOOVY    
28/07/1767 William WELCHMAN     Sarah WELCH    
09/10/1770 David GRIMES Single   Ann MAINARD Single Combrook
11/11/1770 Richard HEWENS Single Ettington Hannah STEELE Single  
23/09/1771 Samuel WELCH Single   Mary GARRET Single Kineton
14/04/1773 Joseph PLUMBE Single   Elizabeth BAYLIS Single Kineton
10/10/1773 Edward SMITH Widower   Jane MILAND    
13/10/1773 Samuel BROMLEY Single   Alice KIRK Single  
10/11/1773 Richard TUCKEY     Jane PALLING    
11/11/1773 Richard DAVIS Single Brailes Hannah RILEY    
21/12/1773 William MUMFORD     Ann NEWLAND    
20/06/1775 William GREENWAY Single   Ester EDEN Single  
13/10/1775 Thomas LOCK     Mary GRIMMET    
11/12/1775 Thomas DADD Single Tysoe Susannah LONDON Single  
06/04/1776 William COLLINS Single   Elizabeth ALLIBONE Single  
23/04/1776 John CLARKE   Kineton Hannah KINGERLEE    
08/06/1778 Robert GIBBS     Ealandor SMITH    
02/12/1778 Benjamin CRUPAN     Elizabeth MUMFORD    
28/12/1778 George KNIGHT   Lighthorne Mary SLADE    
31/12/1778 Richard HARR     Elizabeth THACKER    
08/03/1779 Richard BOLTON   Upper Slaughter, Gloucestershire Mary DYER    
03/05/1779 John SPARGET     Mary ARNOLD    
07/10/1780 John ROBERTS     Jane ALLIBORNE    
09/10/1780 William MORRIS     Sarah KITE    
04/12/1780 Charles CHAPMAN   Claverdon Ann SLADE    
29/01/1781 William ROSS Single   Hannah NEWLAND Single  
27/06/1782 William WESSON Single   Patience RODES Single  
17/10/1782 Thomas NEVIL Single   Mary CAPP Single  
21/12/1783 Richard ATTWOOD Widower   Mary KEY Widow Pillerton Hersey
10/12/1784 Mister DARLO Single   Elizabeth HARRIS Single  
06/02/1786 Thomas KINCH Widower   Elizabeth BURROWS Single  
21/05/1786 Thomas WORRAL Single   Sarah COATS Single  
17/10/1786 Thomas CONSTABLE Single   Elizabeth PENN Single  
14/07/1787 John EDEN     Ann APPELBY Single  
08/07/1788 George HIDE     Elizabeth BUTCHER    
25/08/1788 William HALE     Catherine READING    
24/11/1788 John WAGEN   Pillerton Hersey Elizabeth JOANS    
07/06/1789 Thomas FENNELL Single Kineton Susanna KINGERLEE Single  
24/03/1790 Hugh RAINBOW Single   Elizabeth HAWKINS Single Ufton
13/07/1790 William MIDDLETON Single Tysoe Sarah IVENS Single  
29/01/1791 Richard TENNANT     Ann GRIMES    
08/02/1791 Thomas WESTON     Ann SAIL    
20/05/1791 Thomas IVENS     Elizabeth IVENS    
19/01/1792 William WAND Single   Sarah APPLEBY Single Kineton
04/09/1792 Thomas HICKS Single   Hester ALIBON Single  
16/10/1792 Thomas KINGERLEE Single   Lucy GREEN Single  
26/11/1792 John HARRIS     Betty MASON    
15/10/1793 Richard ILIFF Single Kineton Ann ATTWOOD    
20/11/1793 Simon COX     Elizabeth HALL    
27/11/1793 Thomas VARNEY     Betty FILLPOTT    
06/05/1794 Thomas WHITE     Sarah HAINS    
17/11/1794 Thomas SUMMERTON Single   Ann CALCOTT    
20/11/1794 Richard BADGER Single Brailes Mary HALL    
06/05/1795 George TURTIN     Ann WARR    
20/09/1795 George PROCTOR Single   Elizabeth Ann TURNER Single  
31/03/1796 Henry COLLINS Single   Ann CLARK   Whichford
14/07/1796 Thomas WESSON Widower   Mary HUNT Single  
28/12/1796 George KENT     Elizabeth HORNSBY    
09/11/1797 John PARISH     Elizabeth FAULKNER   Combrook
10/09/1798 Samuel NEWITT Single   Elizabeth SALE Single Kineton
18/04/1799 Richard AMBLER   Leamington Hastings Mabell JONES    
18/11/1799 George BADGER Single Stratford Upon Avon Elizabeth HALL Single  
15/08/1800 John HARRIS Widower   Sarah WARR Single  
09/09/1800 Richard JONES     Mary COLEGROVE    
27/07/1801 Joseph STRUTCH     Elizabeth COOK    
28/09/1801 Robert CHARTER Single Wardington, Oxfordshire Hannah TIMMS    
02/11/1801 William KING Single Radway Rebecca PARKER    
08/03/1802 Joseph SMITH     Mary REDDIN    
13/05/1802 William ARNOLD Widower Lighthorne Ann SMITH Single  
30/12/1802 Thomas KITE Single   Ann LEY Single  
20/07/1803 John GARDNER     Charlotte RODDIS    
11/10/1803 David HANCOX   Pillerton Priors Mary NIX    
17/10/1803 William LINES Single Combrook Hannah MUMFORD    
17/10/1803 Thomas MAN   Combrook Elizabeth COOKS    
24/10/1803 Samuel BROMLEY     Hannah WORRELL    
26/10/1803 William HANDY     Ann CAPP    
14/11/1803 Thomas ALLIBONE Single Pillerton Priors Eleanor GIBBS Widow  
21/11/1803 John ALLIBONE     Mary ARNOLD Single Pillerton Priors
15/05/1804 Thomas GALL     Elizabeth NIBBS   Pillerton Priors
21/05/1804 William TREDDLE   Combrook Hannah NEWETT    
17/07/1804 John SPRAGGETT     Alice PACE    
02/10/1804 Phineas PETT   Oxford, Oxfordshire Laetitia ANDREWS    
13/11/1804 Thomas SKINCH Widower   Elizabeth BROMLEY Widow  
29/12/1804 William GARDNER   Tredington, Gloucestershire Maria TIPPENY    
11/01/1805 Francis Beesly GARRETT   Gaydon Mary HARBIGE    
24/01/1805 John GIBSON   Combrook Jane GRIFFIN    
15/04/1805 Thomas SMITH     Elizabeth TAYLOR    
13/08/1805 Thomas HARBIDGE Single   Ann WINN Single  
16/09/1805 Richard BADGER Single   Sarah COLE Single Napton On The Hill
02/10/1805 Joseph BUSSON Single   Jane WILKINS Single Ettington
07/11/1805 William SMITH Single Pillerton Priors Elizabeth GARNER Single Pillerton Priors
24/11/1805 Thomas BASKET Single   Elizabeth WALKER Single Pillerton Priors
30/12/1805 William BERREY     Elizabeth BERREY    
26/04/1806 William PHILLIPS   Bourton On The Hill, Gloucestershire Ann IVENS    
02/10/1806 Thomas DEAN     Susanna COLLINS    
27/10/1806 William ALCOCK Single Tysoe Mary TUCKEY Single  
24/11/1806 Richard GURLEY     Elizabeth HUNT    
24/11/1806 William GARDNER   Pillerton Priors Rachel HUGHES   Pillerton Priors
24/11/1806 Thomas WHITE   Farthinghoe, Northamptonshire Sarah PADDOCK   Pillerton Hersey
29/12/1806 Thomas ROBINS     Elizabeth FENNELL    
08/01/1807 Daniel KINGERLEE     Susanna WATTS    
28/01/1807 David ALLIBAN     Hannah LINES   Pillerton Hersey
16/03/1807 John MUMFORD     Maria RODDISS    
02/07/1807 William HARBEART   Tysoe Rhoda NEWBEARY    
14/10/1807 Joseph STILES   Halford Mary ALIBONE    
28/10/1807 John MASON     Sarah COATS    
24/11/1807 Joseph GARNER   Pillerton Priors Elizabeth BEALE   Pillerton Priors
24/11/1808 John BAKER Widower Pillerton Priors Sarah JONES Widow  
02/03/1809 William NEWLAND   Halford Hannah GARDINER   Pillerton Priors
28/03/1809 Edward IVENS     Ann HALE    
29/05/1809 Thomas CHESTER Single   Susannah DOWTEY Single  
28/12/1809 John MORGAN     Mary SHEPHERD    
25/05/1810 John GARDENER     Sarah PRESTAGE    
11/06/1810 William LEDBROOKE     Hannah CAPP    
28/06/1810 John IVENS Single Moreton Morrell Sarah HALL Single  
02/07/1810 Thomas SHEPHERD   Oxhill Phoebe HANDCOCK   Pillerton Priors
20/08/1810 Richard HOBDAY     Ann PADDOCK    
12/11/1810 John VINCENT     Ann WILKINS    
29/04/1811 Thomas GILES Single   Mary CLEDON Single  
12/06/1811 George WARD   Quinton, Gloucestershire Elizabeth BADGER Widow  
01/07/1811 William FENNEL Single   Elizabeth TENANT   Burton Dassett
12/08/1811 Joseph CAPP     Elizabeth AUCOCK    
13/09/1811 Joseph CLIMER Single Pillerton Hersey Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN Single Pillerton Hersey
14/09/1811 James SMITH Single   Mary BIDDLE   Combrook
08/11/1811 John OVERS Single   Jane WARD Single  
19/12/1811 Robert MANN Single Combrook Jane GIBSON Single  
29/02/1812 Thomas MANN Widower   Mary COATS Single  
12/10/1812 John MANNERS Single Pillerton Priors Mary BISHOP Single  
1 29/07/1813 Thomas MANN Widower   Mary COATS Single  
2 21/02/1814 John AUCOCK Single   Allice NEVIL Widow  
3 07/11/1814 John SOUTH   Burton Dassett Sarah BROMLEY    
4 03/12/1815 William TOWNSEND Single   Ann DARLOW Single  
5 10/10/1816 Thomas MAYS Single Banbury, Oxfordshire Johanna MORGAN Single  
6 12/12/1816 Fredrick WILKINS Single Kineton Mary GREENWAY Single  
7 17/07/1817 Thomas GREENWAY Single   Elizabeth WALKER Single  
8 13/10/1817 James RENCH     Hannah VIGGERS    
9 13/10/1817 Daniel GARRETT   Combrook Ellen ROBBINS    
10 11/12/1817 Thomas ROBINS     Ann STICKLY    
13 24/09/1818 William ROUSE     Ann COATES    
14 24/09/1818 William MARSHALL     Sarah HANCOCK    
15 23/10/1818 Thomas CUNSTABLE     Hannah BROMLEY    
11 05/11/1818 Thomas WORRAL     Lucy HITCHCOCK    
16 03/05/1819 William PRICKETT     Elizabeth COLLINS    
17 22/11/1819 William HEMMINGS     Ann PRICKETT    
18 27/01/1820 William HALL   Kineton Sarah PARISH    
19 01/02/1820 William PARKER     Mary BARNS    
20 09/11/1820 William PARISH     Rebecca FENNELL    
21 04/12/1820 William GILES   Alkerton, Oxfordshire Elizabeth HARRIS    
22 02/10/1822 George FENNEL     Elizabeth WESSON    
23 15/10/1822 Joseph HAYWOOD     Mary JEFFS    
24 31/07/1823 William BOXALL     Elizabeth STRUDWICK   Godalming, Surrey
25 17/11/1823 William SIBLY   Sulgrave, Northamptonshire Sarah PARISH    
26 10/06/1824 Richard IVENS     Lydia SMITH    
27 13/10/1824 Joseph GRANTHAM   Pillerton Priors Ruth ROBBINS    
28 10/04/1826 Richard POWELL   Combrook Sarah VIGOURS    
29 05/10/1826 Richard HARRIS Single Brailes Mary WESSON Single  
30 27/12/1826 William BUTLER   Combrook Hannah HARRIS    
31 01/06/1827 James WALKER     Eliza GAIL    
32 05/06/1827 William ATWOOD     Hannah KINGERLEE    
33 19/06/1827 William WALTON   Pillerton Priors Martha SPRAGGETT Widow  
34 16/06/1828 Joseph PRUE   Burton Dassett Hannah CONSTABLE    
35 01/10/1828 Charles COX Single   Susan MASON Single Litton, Somerset
36 18/06/1829 John MORRICE     Fanny Heritage PRICKETT    
37 23/07/1829 John PAIN Single Brailes Phoebe VIGGERS Single  
38 23/10/1829 Thomas BRATT Single   Charlotte WASHBROOK Single  
39 02/10/1830 Richard PAINE     Mary CASTLE    
40 30/12/1830 George GURLEY     Charlotte COATS    
41 20/12/1831 James COLE Single Combrook Ann HERITAGE Single  
42 21/05/1832 Henry STEEL     Rhoda PRICKETT    
43 18/10/1832 Joseph SMITH   Pillerton Priors Sarah IVENS    
44 01/11/1832 William VIGGERS     Elizabeth TASKER    
45 29/10/1833 Richard RAINBOW     Ann TOWNSEND    
46 19/05/1834 Thomas WESSON     Elizabeth BEASLEY    
47 23/07/1834 John SARGEANT   Kineton Susannah IVINS    
48 25/11/1834 Richard WASHBROOK   Kineton Mary BECK    
49 23/12/1834 Thomas FENNELL Single   Hannah ATTWOOD Widow  
50 20/12/1835 John RANSOM Single   Elizabeth COATES Single  
51 26/04/1836 Joseph GARDNER Single Burton Dassett Ann SMITH Single  
52 11/10/1836 Peter GILKS Single Combrook Maria KINGERLEE Single  

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