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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Elmdon St Nicholas


The Parish

The parish of Elmdon lies in western Warwickshire close to its border with neighbouring Worcestershire. Elmdon is located about 7 miles southeast of the city of Birmingham. Elmdon, before the late 20th century, would have been a rather small village, not much more than a hamlet sitting astride the A45 road from Birmingham to Coventry. Much has changed for Elmdon, the major development being the construction of Birmingham International Airport and its attendant infrastructure of businesses and hotel less than a mile from St Nicholas' church. Today Elmdon is almost unrecognisable being on the edge of Greater Birmingham's contiguous urban fringe. Formerly this would have been an agricultural community with a mixed farming economy now dominated by light industry and services. Elmdon is drained to the east by a number of small brooks draining into the River Blyth which turns northwards via the Tame to reach the Trent near Alrewas in Staffordshire from there it heads for the North Sea through the Humber Estuary. Elmdon is sited at around 120 metres above the sea and sits on top of a low rise which land falling away gently in most directions to around 90 metres or so. Elmdon parish was rather small for a Warwickshire parish, it covered around 1,100 acres and supported a population of almost 170 parishioners. In Domesday times Elmdon was held by Thorkil of Warwick, a rare Saxon survivor, and could offer just a single plough together with small meadows and woodlands.

The Church

St Nicholas' church (the dedication is a little hazy with some sources simply referring to Elmdon Church) sits inside the former estate of Elmdon Hall. Indeed the church was built as a replacement for the prior mediaeval building in 1780 to complement the late 18th century Hall & Rectory. The approach along a lane beside the huge Land Rover assembly plant is typical of the area and the constant roar of aircraft taking off overhead is also rather distracting. The church, itself, has little of interest to Pevsner, only the stuccoed vault to the apse meriting any grudging praise from him. Otherwise he simply described the building in a handful of lines. The access lane ends at a large parking area, the church is deeply embedded in woodland and is extremely difficult to adequately photograph accordingly - only in winter is it remotely possible.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 22nd May 1754 - 27th October 1810 Warwickshire Archives - Reference DRB0014/2 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 register - Not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads Only some fading makes a Grade 2 necessary
2 18th October 1813 - 18th April 1837 Warwickshire Archives - Reference DRB0014/3 Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 register - Few issues noted and a low incidence of misreads None

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1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 22/05/1754 Joseph HOPKINS Widower Yardley, Worcestershire Elizabeth MERRICE    
2 02/06/1754 Thomas WALL     Ann CHETLAND    
3 02/07/1754 John HANCOX     Ann HUDSON    
4 30/10/1754 John TALLIS   Tanworth In Arden Anne HANCOX    
5 01/12/1756 John PRIEST     Mary LANE Widow  
6 01/02/1757 William GREEN     Elizabeth SIAH    
7 08/05/1757 Richard HORTON     Mary DUDLEY    
8 13/11/1758 William SMITH   Hampton In Arden Elisabeth MATTHEWS    
9 12/10/1759 Edward HAYWOOD     Jane MILLS Widow Bickenhill
10 27/12/1759 James HARRIS   Sheldon Elizabeth COOK    
11 08/04/1760 John MATTHEWS     Sarah DENT    
12 02/06/1760 Thomas KENDAL     Elizabeth CHETLAND    
13 26/03/1761 Thomas HORTON   Yardley, Worcestershire Mary HANCOCKS Single  
14 06/04/1761 William FANTOM     Elizabeth RICE   Solihull
15 12/04/1763 James ORCHARD   St Martin, Birmingham Mary HUDSON    
16 12/10/1763 William WILKINSON     Elisabeth SNAPE    
17 16/08/1764 Thomas JOYCE   Solihull Sarah HOBDAY    
18 21/01/1766 William HADLEY   Solihull Ann OSBORNE    
19 08/04/1766 John MATTHEWS   Haseley Catharine MATTHEWS    
20 26/12/1766 Samuel MATTHEWS     Elizabeth MOORE   St Martin, Birmingham
21 16/01/1767 William OSBORNE     Sarah MOSS    
22 11/06/1767 Philip WELLS   Yardley, Worcestershire Elinor HUDSON    
23 19/10/1769 William OSBORNE     Mary TAFT    
24 02/02/1770 George FANTOM     Sarah SHAW    
25 04/05/1770 Henry NICHOLS     Elizabeth BARROWS    
26 08/11/1771 Joseph HILL   Handsworth, Staffordshire Ann CRUMPTON    
27 14/11/1773 Thomas THOMPSON   Barston Mary CHATELEY    
28 22/10/1775 William JEFFCOAT     Mary DAFT    
29 30/03/1777 Robert HARDING   Solihull Sarah LEADBEATER    
30 20/06/1777 William ASTON   Solihull Mary WEAVER    
31 07/08/1777 Richard GLOVER   Bickenhill Mary TALLIS    
32 20/10/1777 Samuel INGRAM     Elisabeth CARTER    
33 21/10/1777 William ELLIOT   Allesley Lydia BEESLEY    
34 11/04/1779 Thomas MOULD     Rhoda MASON    
35 20/08/1780 Thomas ARNOLD   Polesworth Sarah LEIGH    
36 12/05/1783 Joseph TAFFT     Susanna SLATER   Solihull
37 26/05/1783 John DAVIES   St Martin, Birmingham Elisabeth WILKENSON    
38 24/09/1784 Ephraim TAFT     Mary WHORRALL   Hampton In Arden
39 22/10/1784 William DIER   Hampton In Arden Sarah TAYLOR    
40 17/11/1786 William WHORRALL     Betty TAFT    
41 14/10/1788 John WELCH   Yardley, Worcestershire Bridget WISE    
42 14/12/1788 William PERRY   Hampton In Arden Martha WALL    
43 17/11/1789 James HILL   Bickenhill Elizabeth BETWELL    
44 17/08/1790 John WISE     Elizabeth REDDALL    
45 07/08/1791 James HARRIS     Mary PHANTON    
46 07/04/1792 Daniel GROVES Single Coleshill Martha GIBBS Single  
47 11/02/1793 Thomas LAPWORTH Single   Hannah DEAVOLL Single  
48 10/10/1793 Thomas WINBURST Single   Mary KNIGHT Single  
49 15/12/1793 Henry RYDER   Hampton In Arden Elizabeth WINSPUR    
50 30/03/1794 Edward BATES     Ann HANSON    
51 30/04/1797 Richard BROOKES   Tanworth In Arden Ann SMITON    
52 19/02/1798 John WILKINS Single   Hannah CHAPLIN Single  
53 29/05/1800 Richard OSBORNE Single   Charlotte ROWE Single  
54 30/10/1801 Thomas WHEELER Single   Ann WALTON Single  
55 29/07/1803 John WOOD Single Solihull Anne MATTHEWS Single  
56 03/10/1803 Thomas SNAPE Single Aston Sarah GREEN Single  
57 07/05/1804 John PERRY     Ann ANSELL    
58 04/05/1809 William TWIST Single   Mary LUNN Single  
59 27/08/1810 John WILLDAY Single Hampton In Arden Maria REPTON Single  
60 27/08/1810 James BODDINGTON Single Sheepy Magna, Leicestershire Mary REPTON Single  
1 18/10/1813 Joseph RICHARDSON     Elizabeth MATHEWS    
2 11/10/1815 James BLAKEFORD Single   Mary LOW Single  
3 24/04/1817 William EDWARD Single Bickenhill Charlotte MOORE Single  
4 23/05/1817 Joseph BANHAM Single   Ann RICHARDSON Single  
5 29/04/1818 William KINGDOM Single   Elizabeth PEMBERTON Single  
6 07/05/1819 Charles WARNER Single   Sarah WARD Single  
7 14/06/1820 Aaron SMALLWOOD Single Solihull Elizabeth RICHARDSON Single  
8 21/02/1821 Thomas KING Single   Elizabeth GREENWAY Single Yardley, Worcestershire
9 06/05/1822 Joseph HOBBS Single Hampton In Arden Isabella BARRETT Single  
10 16/05/1822 James SHEPHERD Single   Jane WALKER Single  
11 30/05/1822 Josiah LIMBERY Widower   Elizabeth DUTTON Single Sheldon
12 23/12/1822 John LEES Single   Jane WALL Single  
13 16/08/1823 John DESTER Single St Martin, Birmingham Ann BATES Single  
14 06/02/1826 William HOLLAND Single St Michael, Lichfield, Staffordshire Sarah LEIGH Single  
15 28/07/1828 Peter ALLPORT Single St Martin, Birmingham Hannah HOUGH Single  
16 02/02/1830 James KINZETT Widower Kineton Hannah HEYDON Single  
17 12/04/1831 Thomas WALL Single   Mary SHERWOOD Single  
18 02/05/1831 Thomas REEVES Single   Ann TUSTIN Single  
19 08/09/1831 John CLEMMINGS Single   Mary Ann BROWN Single  
20 17/01/1832 William JEFFS Widower   Ann REEVES Single  
21 28/02/1832 Robert TURNER Single   Margaret BURNET Single  
22 18/04/1837 Edmund KING Single Yardley, Worcestershire Ann BRISCOE Single  

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