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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Exhall by Alcester St Giles


The Parish

Warwickshire has two parishes named Exhall, hence the suffix of "by Alcester" to distinguish this one from that in the Coventry suburbs. Exhall is located in western Warwickshire not too far from its borders with both neighbouring Worcestershire but also with Gloucestershire. Exhall is located about 2 miles southeast of the small market town of Alcester and sits in lanes a mile east of the busy A46 road which connects Alcester with the Worcestershire market town of Evesham. Exhall is a small and quite linear village stretching along its lane for over a half mile. At the time of this transcript, and indeed still today, this was a rural and arable farming community; cereal crops predominating with only small areas devoted to pasture. Exhall is drained westwards by a small tributary of the River Arrow which is soon joined, in turn the Avon and then the Severn are followed to reach the Bristol Channel through the Severn Estuary. Exhall is sited at around 50 metres above the sea and sits at the foot of an isolated hill, topped by Oversley Castle which rises to 105 metres, otherwise the countryside is gently undulating between 50 & 100 metres above the sea. Exhall parish was one of the smaller in Warwickshire, it covered just over 800 acres and would have supported a population of barely 200 parishioners. In Domesday times Exhall was equally small, if not smaller, than today; held by one William son of Corbucion it could offer a single plough and a small meadow

The Church

St Giles' church sits on the southern side of the single lane running through Exhall, roughly midway through the occupied stretch. The church is an early foundation showing Norman features in its nave which is the earliest portion The northern doorway, capitals and arch are singled out by Pevsner as from this period. Later comes the chancel, Pevsner dates it to the 13th century, which shows lancet windows characteristic of the early English Gothic style. As is very common a significant restoration occurred in Victorian times, in this case 1862, when the church was refreshed and the bellcote added. The church is well screened by trees from the lane but is sited just north of Glebe Farm where a rising path heads to a white gate grating entry. Once inside that screening of trees there are few obstructions to photography within the churchyard.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 14th May 1754 - 5th July 1812 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0017/5
Plain, ruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 19th April 1813 - 27th October 1836 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0200/2
Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Arrow St James
Arrow St James
Haselor St Mary & All Saints
Arrow St James
Wixford St Milburgh
Temple Grafton St Andrew
Wixford St Milburgh
Wixford St Milburgh
Bidford St Lawrence
Temple Grafton St Andrew

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
14/05/1754 William MORRICE   Wixford Catherine FARR   Bidford
17/10/1758 John INGLES   Pebworth, Gloucestershire Mary HOLT   Wixford
05/03/1759 Samuel MORRICE   North & Middle Littleton, Worcestershire Mary WOODBINE    
06/12/1759 William DOLPHIN   Salford Priors Mary BALLARD   Wixford
06/10/1760 Thomas BRAIN   Wixford Mary STURDEY    
16/11/1760 Richard REEVE   Alcester Mary SHARP    
23/12/1762 John JOHNSON   Temple Grafton Mary FAR    
11/04/1763 John WOOLASTON     Frances BAYLICE    
06/10/1763 William SMITH   Saintbury, Gloucestershire Elizabeth BARTLAM    
03/06/1764 William BAYLICE     Ann GILBERT    
14/01/1765 John JONES   Arrow Elizabeth FINCHER    
08/02/1765 John PERKINS   North & Middle Littleton, Worcestershire Mary COX    
24/12/1765 William MORRIS   Wixford Elizabeth WARNER    
30/12/1766 Thomas SHEKELL     Elizabeth STEPHENS   Salford Priors
03/05/1767 George CHATTERLEY     Sarah LAMBLY    
27/12/1767 John JONES     Elizabeth WOOLMORE    
07/11/1768 Anthony MOORE   Arrow Mary HOPKINS    
28/12/1768 Thomas GEORGE     Elizabeth LAYTON    
02/04/1769 Justice BOSSWARD     Mary WOOLERSON    
27/11/1769 Ambrose HINTON     Mark PERKES    
05/02/1770 Samuel PACE   Bidford Elizabeth PEARSAL    
11/02/1770 Samuel SMITH   Bidford Sarah HUNT    
17/12/1770 William HAT Widower   Ann DARLING Single  
17/10/1772 Thomas PERKES Single Wixford Susanna BOLLARD Single  
25/09/1774 John GOFF     Anne WILLIAMS Single  
28/02/1775 William CURTIS     Elizabeth WALKER    
18/10/1775 Francis COMMANDER Widower Alcester Anne RUTTER    
18/10/1775 Peter NASON   Wixford Sarah JOHNSON   Bidford
06/06/1776 William STEVENS Single Arrow Elizabeth CHATTERLEY Single  
05/12/1776 William HAYNES Single Wixford Sarah GREEN Single Wixford
13/12/1776 John WADAMS     Hannah HEMMING   Wixford
22/12/1777 Thomas John CAMPTIN   Heythrop, Oxfordshire Elizabeth COTTEREL   Wixford
08/09/1778 Thomas PROCTER   Temple Grafton Mary WADAMS    
05/04/1779 William JENSON   Wixford Ann OSBORNE   Bidford
08/08/1779 James HUNT     Mary GODFREE Single  
24/09/1780 John BROMLEY   Wixford Ann SPIRES   Wixford
18/10/1780 John ARSON     Alice HEMMING    
01/01/1781 John LAMB   Wixford Susannah WHEELER   Wixford
21/01/1782 John WILCOX   Wixford Susannah BATEMAN   Wixford
22/04/1782 Richard RICHARDSON   Wixford Mary MORRIS   Wixford
24/12/1783 John HOPKINS Single Wixford Ann ROBERTS Single Wixford
29/10/1784 Joseph FREEMAN Single Salford Priors Winifred ELTON Single Wixford
07/03/1785 John BENNETT Single Wixford Elizabeth BOSWARD Single Wixford
03/07/1785 Benjamin BROOKS Single Wixford Elizabeth HUNT Single Wixford
17/10/1786 Thomas WARMINGTON Single Bidford Mary PRINT Single Wixford
06/03/1787 John THORNBURROW Single Wixford Sarah WILKS Single Wixford
30/07/1787 William ELTON Single Wixford Elizabeth CURTIS Single Wixford
17/08/1789 William TAYLOR Single Wixford Mary MORRIS Single Wixford
15/03/1790 Samuel AINGE Single Wixford Ann PERKS Single Wixford
05/01/1792 John HARMAN Single Arrow Elizabeth MILLS Single  
15/03/1792 Joseph COURT   Dorsington, Gloucestershire Elizabeth HARRIS    
20/06/1793 William SMITH Single   Susannah ALLEN Single  
07/07/1793 Benjamin HOBDAY     Frances BLUNDAL    
25/12/1793 Thomas HAINS     Elizabeth COX    
07/08/1794 Richard GIBBS     Catherine WHEELER    
07/02/1797 William BAYLIS   Bidford Sarah POLLARD   Wixford
15/11/1798 Thomas HOPKINS     Ann SANDFORD    
16/05/1799 James WOMANS     Ann COX    
20/10/1800 William ELTON     Lydia GLOVER    
09/12/1802 William JOYNER Single   Anne COX Single  
08/08/1803 John SMITH Single   Susanna HUNT Single  
26/12/1803 John FLEET Single   Maria HUNT Single  
02/04/1804 John WEST Single   Elizabeth MORRIS Single  
24/07/1804 George OSBORN Single Bromsgrove, Worcestershire Sarah WILCOX Single  
05/09/1804 James SKILLET Single   Elizabeth WARNER Single  
20/09/1804 John MILLS Single Enstone, Oxfordshire Betsy AINGE Single Wixford
18/10/1804 William SAVAGE Single   Ann SMITH Single  
22/10/1804 John SUMNER Single   Sarah HINTON Single  
01/11/1804 Joseph COWPER Single   Mary DOLPHIN Single Bidford
23/11/1804 Michael HUNT Single   Hannah HUNT Single  
18/06/1805 William PERKS Single Temple Grafton Hannah JOHNSON Single  
04/09/1805 John WEBB Single Alcester Sophia REYNOLDS Widow  
26/05/1806 Edward BALL Single Abbots Morton, Worcestershire Mary READ Single  
29/06/1806 Thomas HUBAND Single Wixford Frances STRAIN Single Wixford
12/10/1806 Robert TRUEMAN Single   Mary FOSTER Single  
13/09/1807 Henry ADKINS Single   Lucy DAVIS Single  
01/01/1808 Thomas WATTS Single   Sarah HUNT Single  
25/07/1808 Thomas HARCOURT Single   Mary BARNES Single  
13/02/1809 William CHEW Single Wixford Susanna COX Single Wixford
13/02/1809 Henry WADAMS Single   Sophia AINGE Single Wixford
05/07/1812 Joseph GREAVES Single Kings Norton, Worcestershire Hannah CROCKETT Single Wixford
1 19/04/1813 Joseph HARRIS Single   Hannah WALLIS Single  
2 18/10/1813 Richard HUNT Single   Elizabeth DYER Single  
3 01/11/1813 John ADCOCK Single Alcester Mary ALDINGTON Single  
4 31/01/1814 Thomas HORTON   Morton Bagot Mary JAMES    
5 25/05/1814 William WADAMS Single   Ann DAVIS Single  
6 12/10/1814 Richard FREEMAN Single   Elizabeth PERKINS Single  
7 08/12/1814 William BENNETT Single   Hannah EDWARDS Single  
8 20/04/1815 John SMITH Single   Elizabeth BLUNDELL Widow  
9 11/09/1815 George JAMES Single   Hannah DUNN Single  
10 19/10/1815 Edward DAVIS Single   Elizabeth HUXLEY Single  
11 08/02/1816 William COOK Single   Ann HAGGETT Single  
12 14/02/1817 Samuel MORRIS Widower   Sarah MORRIS Single  
13 12/06/1817 Joseph VICKRIGE Single   Susannah SANDERS Single  
14 18/08/1817 William PAYNE Single   Patty BREWER Single Salford Priors
15 02/03/1818 William COX Single   Mary CARTER Single  
16 12/11/1821 George BEE Single Wixford Ann BOLLINS Single Wixford
17 07/01/1822 Charles HEATH Single   Sarah WHITE Single  
18 09/04/1823 Thomas PACKWOOD Single Arrow Alice HARRIS Single  
19 21/04/1823 William SMITH Single   Sarah ALLEN Single  
20 20/11/1823 Richard RICKETS Single   Mary MILLS   Bidford
21 14/10/1824 Jesse WILKS Single   Mary HENDLY Single Temple Grafton
22 29/11/1824 William HARRIS Single   Maria HOPKINS Single  
23 16/10/1825 William BAYLEY Single Aston Cantlow Hannah ODILL Single  
24 30/11/1825 Henry CHARLES Single Blockley, Worcestershire Elizabeth SMITH Single  
25 30/01/1826 Joseph WILLIAMS Single Bidford Mary HEMING    
26 08/10/1826 Samuel FEATHERS Single All Saints, Evesham, Worcestershire Maria BENNIT Single Wixford
27 09/12/1826 Thomas SMITH Single   Sarah JONES Single  
28 07/06/1827 William VINCENT Single   Mary MARSHALL Single  
29 07/08/1827 Benjamin DANCE Single Wixford Rebecca BEE Single Wixford
30 13/09/1827 John TOWNS Single Alcester Frances SMITH Single  
31 15/10/1827 Charles FORRESTER Single Wixford Hannah WHITEAKER Single  
32 19/11/1827 Samuel DAYS Single Wixford Ann WHEELER Single Wixford
33 10/04/1828 John WARNER Widower Temple Grafton Elizabeth EDWARDS Single  
34 05/05/1828 William BAYLIS Single Alcester Sarah POLLARD Single Wixford
35 20/11/1828 William SIMPSON Single Salford Priors Elizabeth TIMSON Single  
36 18/03/1829 William MORRIS Widower Haselor Charlotte COOPER Single  
37 29/04/1829 Thomas WADAMS Single   Mary SHENLEY Single Bidford
38 01/02/1830 George COWPER Single   Hannah HEMMING Single  
39 09/04/1832 John DICKENS Single Wootton Wawen Elizabeth FREEMAN Widow  
40 13/10/1832 John ODELL Single Temple Grafton Ann RAWLINS Single  
41 26/12/1832 George RUSSEL Single   Hannah BOYCE Single  
42 28/01/1833 Daniel GRIMES Single Arrow Esther LONELL Single  
43 08/05/1833 Joseph FISHER Single Wixford Mary POLLARD Single Wixford
44 24/07/1833 Thomas PRICE Widower   Sarah MORRIS Widow  
45 21/11/1833 James DAVIS Widower   Elizabeth HARDMAN Single  
46 24/12/1833 John BREWER     Mary TIMSON    
47 11/09/1834 James HAYWOOD Single   Sarah ACOCKS Single  
48 27/10/1836 Joseph COOPER Widower   Sarah LAWFORD Single Rous Lench, Worcestershire

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