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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Nuneaton St Nicholas


The Parish

The parish of Nuneaton lies in the extreme northeast of Warwickshire, indeed it forms part of the border with neighbouring Leicestershire. Nuneaton is a large industrial market town which lies roughly midway between Birmingham & Leicester being about 20 miles from each. Nuneaton is a major town for this region of the English Midlands, it expanded from a rural market town following expansion of mining and other related industries and employed many in those extractive trades as well as weaving, in particular of ribbons. The area around Nuneaton was largely mixed farming until the growth of these industries and still retains a largely mixed agricultural economy. Nuneaton was found as a Benedictine monastic settlement hence the reference to "nun" in its name, it stands just south of the ancient Roman Road of Watling Street and sits on the A47 road which crosses England from the port of Great Yarmouth in Norfolk to Birmingham. It still has major transport links through and close by to it, the main rail line from London to the Northwest runs through as well as numerous canals notably the Coventry Canal and Watling Street is now the A5. Nuneaton is drained to the northwest by the River Anker which flows through the centre of town, this joins the Tame and eventually the Trent to exit to the North Sea through the Humber Estuary. Nuneaton is sited at around 80 metres above sea level in a largely flat or gently undulating area. By the standards of the county Nuneaton parish was a large one, it covered just over 6,000 acres and supported a population of around 7,000 parishioners. In Domesday times Nuneaton was a relatively smaller place, it was shared between two landholders (Thorkil of Warwick & Earl Aubrey of Courcy) and could offer 30 ploughs, meadows, woodlands and a mill so still a respectably sized settlement.

The Church

St Nicholas' church lies in the southeastern corner of Nuneaton adjacent to its central ring-road. It is a big church as befits a market town and largely a mixture of the Decorated & Perpendicular styles placing its fabric in the 14th to early 16th centuries. The standard layout of chancel, nave and western tower is augmented by arcades, chapels and aisles to accommodate a larger congregation. The local stone has weathered to give a very dark grey colour making the building seem rather imposing. As is usual with English churches the Victorian's had their usual restoration and in this case they completely rebuilt the chancel with dates from 1852. Only a short height wall surrounds the churchyard, barely knee-height at that, and access is through gaps therein. There are a few trees around but they are gathered around the eastern end and only partially restrict photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 16th May 1754 - 17th August 1794 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0061/6
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 17th August 1794 - 16th October 1798 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0061/7 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
3 24th October 1798 - 27th December 1812 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0137/6a
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

NB this register is bound together with the 2nd Rose style register into a single archival deposit
4 3rd January 1813 - 17th September 1826 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0137/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
5 24th September 1826 - 1st December 1836 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0137/6b Nonstandard Rose style preprinted Marriage register, it is nonstandard in not being pre-stamped with its numbering that being left to the clerk to complete Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

NB this register is bundled together with register No 3 into a single archival deposit
6 14th December 1836 - 29th May 1837 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0137/8 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Ansley St Lawrence
Mancetter St Peter
Caldecote St Theobald & St Chad
Weddington St James
Higham on the Hill St Peter, Leicestershire
Hinckley St Mary, Leicestershire
Ansley St Lawrence
Burton Hastings St Botolph
Chilvers Coton All Saints
Stockingford St Paul
Chilvers Coton All Saints
Bulkington St James
Bulkington St James

1755 1760 1765 1770 1775 1780 1785 1790 1795 1800 1805 1810 1815 1820 1825 1830 1835

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
10083 03/01/1785 William WATERHOUSE     Mary EBURY    
10084 17/01/1785 Robert MANN     Mary LEA Single  
10085 06/02/1785 Thomas PAYNE     Ann KILLINGWORTH Single  
10086 06/02/1785 Nathan PARNEL     Mary MORRIS Single  
10087 07/02/1785 Richard MILLS     Mary RICHARD Single  
10088 07/02/1785 George STATHAM     Mary CLAY Single  
10089 08/02/1785 William PHILIPPS     Ann GARRATT Single  
10090 21/03/1785 Robert ROSE     Elizabeth SHAW Single  
10091 27/03/1785 Thomas RAYNOR     Ann ALLDRIDGE Single  
10092 27/03/1785 William HOOD     Sarah CARVER Single  
10093 29/03/1785 Charles CLAY Widower   Anne ALLCOCK Single  
10094 12/04/1785 John WILSON Widower   Hannah COOPER Widow  
10095 25/04/1785 Joseph JEFCOAT     Ann BOLTON Single  
10096 08/05/1785 Thomas BUCKLER     Deborah COTTON    
10097 15/05/1785 Joseph PETTY     Elizabeth WARDEN Single  
10098 15/05/1785 James BOTTERILL     Elizabeth DASH Single  
10099 16/05/1785 Peter GLOVER Widower   Mary WATTS Widow  
1000 17/05/1785 Joseph BIRD Widower   Mary SMITH Single  
1001 17/05/1785 John THOMPSON     Anne STEPHENS Single  
1002 22/05/1785 Edward PETTY Widower   Mary HARRIS Widow  
1003 26/06/1785 James PARNEL     Sarah CLAY Single  
1004 28/06/1785 John BELL Single   Anne ORTON Single  
12/07/1785 George COLVEY   Wolvey Hannah ROSE Widow  
09/08/1785 Hugh GILBERT Single Ansty Elizabeth SUFFOLK Single  
24/08/1785 William SMEETHS Single   Bridget MORRIS Widow  
18/09/1785 William HARRISON Single   Frances WARREN Single  
26/09/1785 John ARNOLD Widower   Sarah LADBROOK Single  
26/09/1785 John ELLIS Widower   Elizabeth MARSON Widow  
09/10/1785 John DAY     Mary BUCKLER Single  
13/10/1785 James JACOMBS Widower   Sarah MARSTON Single  
17/10/1785 George GREEN     Catherine JONES Single  
17/10/1785 John ROSE     Hannah KABELL Single  
23/10/1785 Henry JOHNSON     Anne ROGERS Single  
27/10/1785 William HUTCHINS Single Chilvers Coton Rebecca LINGARD Single  
07/11/1785 Thomas POPE     Anne CROSS Single  
14/11/1785 William ATKINS   Higham On The Hill, Leicestershire Sarah OLIVER Single  
29/11/1785 Thomas ALLSOP   Foleshill Mary PAYNE Single  
26/12/1785 John DAVIES     Anne MOORE Single  
31/12/1785 Arthur MARSON     Elizabeth GREEN Single  
02/01/1786 Thomas BOLTON     Elizabeth WILSON Widow  
29/01/1786 Joseph ALDRIDGE     Ann PAYNALL Single  
06/02/1786 Robert BUCKLER     Anne WATERS Single  
28/02/1786 Joseph GREATREX     Mary MOORE    
16/03/1786 James CLAY Single   Mary WHEWAY Single  
26/03/1786 Thomas SHIERS Single   Sarah WAGSTAFF Single  
17/04/1786 John BRYAN Widower   Mary VEZEY Single  
23/04/1786 John MATTHEWS Widower   Mary JONES Single  
24/04/1786 George ELY     Hannah HANCOCKS Single  
01/05/1786 James ALLEN     Elizabeth JOHNSON    
14/05/1786 Thomas ARNOLD     Elizabeth BACON Single  
15/05/1786 Thomas KELSEY     Anne ENZER Single  
16/05/1786 Thomas SIDWELL Widower   Catherine DEXTER Single  
25/06/1786 Richard KEENE     Sarah LESTER Single  
26/06/1786 Edward ELSTON     Elizabeth TIMSON   Burton Hastings
27/06/1786 Samuel WOODS     Alice SMITH   Burton Hastings
27/06/1786 Edward LESTER     Sarah ORTON Single  
23/07/1786 William ARNOLD     Mary WILLITTS Single  
29/07/1786 William TEDD     Hannah TURNER    
08/08/1786 John WATTS     Frances HAYWOOD Single Kingsbury
09/08/1786 Thomas WOOD Single   Anne GREEN Single  
14/09/1786 William CROSS     Mary DIVETT Single Over Whitacre
17/09/1786 John PEGG     Hannah WARNER Single  
17/09/1786 Samuel JOHNSON     Lydia ASTON Single  
02/10/1786 John CHESHIRE     Rebecca COX Single  
02/10/1786 Thomas FARNDON   Bedworth Elizabeth BATE Single  
08/10/1786 George WILSON Widower   Margaret HOARE Single  
08/10/1786 Robert MARSTON     Anne HOOD Single  
11/10/1786 John OAKEY     Mary ELSON Single  
15/10/1786 Charles GROVES Widower   Mary ARNOLD Single  
13/11/1786 James SIDWELL Widower   Ann BACON Widow  
19/11/1786 Benjamin MARSTON     Ann KELSEY Single  
19/11/1786 Charles BURTON     Mary PETTY Single  
26/11/1786 Samuel HOUGH     Alice MOUNTFORD Single  
01/12/1786 Thomas EVERITT     Lucy GREEN Single  
03/12/1786 John HARRIS Widower   Mary BACON Single  
25/12/1786 Thomas SMITH     Mary PARKER Single  
26/12/1786 William LAKIN     Anne MILLS Single  
31/12/1786 Zaccheus BUSWELL     Charlotte EALES Single  
01/01/1787 Edward BURTON Widower   Sarah COXEY Single  
18/01/1787 William PROCTOR     Hannah BIRD Single  
04/02/1787 William COOKE     Catherine BUTLER Single  
06/02/1787 Robert CARTER     Susannah PALMER Single  
08/02/1787 Thomas FRONTER     Jane HAWKINS Single  
12/02/1787 Arthur PRATT     Elizabeth WOODCOCK Single  
19/02/1787 William JEFCOAT     Sarah WILSON Single  
20/02/1787 Samuel WILSON     Catherine MANN Single  
19/03/1787 Hugh PIGNUTT     Sarah BUCKLER Single  
08/04/1787 Joel BACON     Ann BALLARD Single  
08/04/1787 William PAYNE     Martha KILLINGWORTH Single  
13/04/1787 William HARRIS     Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
10/05/1787 John BUCKLER     Elizabeth POPE Single  
13/05/1787 Thomas WILSON     Dorathy ELLIS Single  
13/05/1787 Joseph WEST     Elizabeth WILSON Single  
13/05/1787 James KEEN     Ann CARVER Single  
13/05/1787 John CLARK     Frances KILLINGWORTH Single  
14/05/1787 William FOSTER     Elizabeth GILLIVER Widow  
14/05/1787 Joseph WOOD Widower   Mary BROWN Widow  
20/05/1787 Thomas DRAKELEY Widower   Rachel WAGSTAFF Single  
28/05/1787 John ASHBY     Catharine BUCKLER Single  
03/06/1787 George GREENWAY     Jane COX Single  
11/06/1787 John PARKER   Chilvers Coton Mary SMART Single  
01/07/1787 John SIDWELL     Elizabeth SIDWELL Single  
02/07/1787 Thomas WHITE     Sarah WHEWAY Single  
11/07/1787 Joseph RICHARDS Single   Elizabeth BELL Single  
30/07/1787 Humphrey GAMTEN     Eliner BEESLEY Single  
12/08/1787 John WILKINSON Widower   Elizabeth EBURY Widow  
12/08/1787 John HARRISON   Bedworth Mary BROWN Single  
13/08/1787 Samuel BARACLOUGH     Sarah RAYNOR Single  
19/08/1787 Thomas CHESHIRE     Elenor GOLDBY Single  
16/09/1787 Thomas VERNON     Mary MARLOW Single  
17/09/1787 William HARRISON     Lydia BAILEY Single  
19/09/1787 William PAYNE     Esther WAGSTAFF Single  
19/09/1787 William BUTLER     Sarah MASON Single Chilvers Coton
01/10/1787 Nathaniel PEARSTON   Polesworth Hannah GREENWAY Single  
14/10/1787 Joseph ASHBY     Mary WHITE Single  
14/10/1787 Joseph WILSON     Maria CLUSE Single  
17/10/1787 John HARRIS     Catherine SAVAGE Single  
18/10/1787 Abraham MOORE   Shustoke Jane PULLING Single  
26/10/1787 Isaac AVINS   Foleshill Ann GOODWIN Single  
29/10/1787 Jonas FAUX   Bedworth Rachael CRAFTS Single  
29/10/1787 John MALABONE     Ann PETTY Single  
01/11/1787 Thomas Lewis GERY   Leicestershire Eleanor GRIMLEY Single  
05/11/1787 Terah JEFFCOATT     Mary CRESSWELL Single  
12/11/1787 William THOMPSON     Sarah CHATHEM Single  
14/11/1787 James KILBY     Elizabeth LEICESTER Single  
18/11/1787 John WILSON     Susannah BUTLER Single  
07/12/1787 John FAIRFIELD   Chilvers Coton Dorothy ASHBY Single  
17/12/1787 John FOULK     Lydia ALCOCK Single  
26/12/1787 William STEVENS     Elizabeth BEAL Single  
26/12/1787 William WHITE     Susannah MASTERS Single  
26/12/1787 Thomas JEFFCOATE     Mary SMITH Single  
27/12/1787 John FREARSON Single   Jane LANGTON Single  
22/01/1788 Joseph LATHBURY     Priscilla MARSTON Single  
04/02/1788 William GROWDIGE     Sarah WATERS Single  
05/02/1788 Henry TYLER Widower   Elizabeth WARD Single Mancetter
16/03/1788 John BUCKLER Widower   Isabel DAY Single  
20/04/1788 John BONNER   Stoke Golding, Leicestershire Mary SMALLEY Single  
02/06/1788 Henry SMITH     Mary SHAW Single  
05/06/1788 John HARPER Widower St Philip, Birmingham Anne CRAMPTON Single  
01/07/1788 Thomas HARRIS     Mary HUST Single  
06/07/1788 Joseph WARD     Esther WHITMORE Single  
13/07/1788 Joseph BARACLOUGH     Mary MORRIS Single Ansley
18/08/1788 Thomas TRUSWELL     Ann ARNOLD Single  
26/08/1788 William HUST     Elizabeth OSTON Single  
15/09/1788 John SHAW     Mary MUSTON Single  
15/09/1788 John WILSON Widower   Mary PAYNE Single  
25/09/1788 John GIBSON Single   Ann MOORE Single Bedworth
29/09/1788 Samuel PIGNUTT     Susannah ALEXANDER Single  
02/10/1788 Robert JONES Single Clerkenwell, Middlesex Sarah SHIERS Single  
07/10/1788 Edward BAKER     Mary ADKINS Single  
13/10/1788 Joseph HOOD     Elizabeth SHIERS Single Twycross, Leicestershire
23/10/1788 Butler BARS     Hannah RANDLE Single  
27/10/1788 Thomas ENSOR Widower   Ann HOLDEN Widow  
17/11/1788 Richard JEFFCOATT Widower   Ann ARSON Single  
18/11/1788 George SMITH Widower Wolvey Mary VERNON Single  
23/11/1788 Richard STEPHENS     Ann CLAY Single  
21/12/1788 Samuel RAYNER Widower   Mary HOOD Single  
25/12/1788 Samuel ROBINSON Widower   Sarah GOODAKER Widow  
25/12/1788 James GREEN     Elizabeth BACON Single  
25/12/1788 Joseph BACON Single   Elizabeth KINGSTON Single  
25/12/1788 John WILSON     Sarah HARRIS Single  
31/12/1788 Robert BUCKLER Widower   Mary AGINS Single  
01/01/1789 Benjamin FITCHETT     Sarah MOUNTFORD Single  
02/01/1789 John LENTON     Elizabeth SMITH Single  
05/01/1789 Nathaniel LOYD Widower   Elizabeth SMITH Single Barwell, Leicestershire
18/01/1789 William MARSTON     Mary TRUSSWELL Single  
04/02/1789 John Thomas HARRATT Single Chilvers Coton Sarah ALCOCK Single  
16/02/1789 John MILES     Elizabeth BARACLOUGH Single  
23/02/1789 William COOPER     Elizabeth KILLINGWORTH Single  
23/02/1789 John JACKSON     Mary GUNN Single  
09/03/1789 Joseph BELL Widower   Mary RANDLE Single  
19/03/1789 Edward BAILEY Widower   Ann ARNOLD Widow  
13/04/1789 Charles MANN     Elizabeth PAYNE Single  
14/04/1789 John DRAKEFORD   Bedworth Elizabeth HERBERT Single  
19/04/1789 Thomas BELL     Fanny BUCKLER   Chilvers Coton
21/04/1789 John MOORE   St Michael, Coventry Hannah MALLABONE Single  
28/04/1789 George BAKER     Rebecca HOOD Widow  
30/04/1789 Thomas VERNON Single   Ann BUSWELL Single  
14/05/1789 Nathan WHITE Widower   Sarah GOWARD Widow  
14/05/1789 John MALLABONE Widower   Mary BOSWELL Single  
14/05/1789 Charles ROBINSON     Mary ARNOLD Single  
19/05/1789 John THOMPSON     Elizabeth COOPER Single  
16/06/1789 Thomas SUFFOLK     Elizabeth KNIGHT Single  
21/06/1789 John KELSEY     Ann WAGSTAFF Single  
03/08/1789 William RIDGEWAY     Mary MORETON Single  
09/08/1789 Richard HUNTER     Mary BARTLETT Single  
16/08/1789 William MARSTONE     Ann WANDLEY Single  
18/08/1789 William SPENCER     Sarah WILSON Single  
19/08/1789 John EDWARDS Single Foleshill Mary RASON Single  
19/08/1789 John TOONE     Elizabeth GARRATT Single  
30/08/1789 John SMITH     Sarah BUCKLER Single Chilvers Coton
02/09/1789 William ORTON     Mary SUFFOLK Single  
13/09/1789 William MOORE     Hannah JEFFCOTT Single  
12/10/1789 William SAWBRIDGE     Ann BLACKWELL Single  
13/10/1789 James PARNELL Widower   Elizabeth LANDSDALE Widow  
15/10/1789 Edward EARPS Single   Sarah BOSWORTH Single  
26/10/1789 Nicholas BELL     Sarah WOOD Single  
01/11/1789 Joseph BACON     Mary BUNNY Single  
02/11/1789 Joseph BOTTERILL     Sarah BACON Single  
10/11/1789 Thomas BACON     Mary HALL Single  
17/11/1789 Solomon WINTERS     Elizabeth HIGGINS Single  
18/11/1789 Humphrey HANKINSON Widower   Ann KINMAN Single Withybrook
23/11/1789 James LAWRENCE Single St Martin, Birmingham Jane SUFFOLK Single  
08/12/1789 John ASTON     Hannah PRILL Single  
28/12/1789 Jervis GREASLEY     Ann COOPER Single  
01/01/1790 Thomas LARGE     Elizabeth THOMPSON Single  
04/01/1790 John HILL Widower   Frances ANCOCKS Widow  
20/01/1790 William WILSON     Mary WARD Single  
24/01/1790 John SIDWELL     Susannah BOWLES Single  
28/01/1790 George WHEWAY     Martha BALL Single  
31/01/1790 Joseph AMERSON Widower   Mary PAGETT Widow  
01/02/1790 George BROOKS     Ann BAKER Single  
01/02/1790 Thomas WATERS     Mary BROOKS Single  
02/02/1790 Richard BEASLEY     Ann TOMPSON Single  
10/02/1790 John GRAFTON   Oldswinford, Worcestershire Sarah SMITH Single  
15/02/1790 William MORETON     Sarah ERPS Single  
21/02/1790 John ISON     Mary STONES Single  
14/03/1790 William CHOYCE Widower   Ann PORTER Widow  
11/04/1790 Richard PAYNE     Sarah SHARP Single Bulkington
15/04/1790 John CAPNERHURST     Elizabeth BUSWELL Single  
18/04/1790 Samuel LOWE     Ann BUCKLER Single  
19/04/1790 Abraham DAY     Sarah COOPER Single  
09/05/1790 Joseph RANDLE     Ann HACKETT Single  
09/05/1790 Christopher CLARK     Sarah BONSTER Single  
14/05/1790 Joseph DRAKELEY     Elizabeth PAYNE Single  
14/05/1790 Thomas SCOTT   Chilvers Coton Mary DRAKELEY Single  
16/05/1790 William BODDINGTON     Amelia ARNOLD Single  
24/05/1790 William MANN     Millesent BURTON Single  
13/06/1790 Thomas AVERTON Widower   Eleanor HARRIS Single  
13/06/1790 George PETTY     Elizabeth BUCKLER Widow  
17/06/1790 Thomas THOMPSON Single   Elizabeth KIRKBY Single  
27/06/1790 John HOOD     Sarah BALL Single  
01/07/1790 Robert BARRETT     Ann TOURS Single  
04/07/1790 Thomas PETTY     Sarah ORTON Single  
05/07/1790 Benjamin MASH     Elizabeth GREEN Single  
12/07/1790 Richard CROSS     Hannah VERNON Single  
18/07/1790 Thomas RAYNOR     Hannah SWINSON Single  
19/07/1790 Joseph EVERETT     Jane JEFFERY Single  
20/07/1790 Henry WATERS Widower   Elizabeth DALE Single  
22/07/1790 Philip TINGLE Single Kettering, Northamptonshire Mary HALFORD Widow  
27/07/1790 John ROBOTTOM     Susannah MORETON Single  
08/08/1790 William COLTSON     Elizabeth FINLEY Single  
15/08/1790 Harrold BAUM   Burbage, Leicestershire Elizabeth PETTY Single  
22/08/1790 John TREEN     Susannah KEY Single  
22/08/1790 William CLARK     Lydia JOHNSON Widow  
23/08/1790 William BURBAGE     Susannah CLAY Single  
07/09/1790 Samuel RASON     Elizabeth DAVIS Single  
08/09/1790 William STANTON Widower   Sarah TEECE Single  
12/09/1790 William CLEWS Widower   Sarah MARSTON Single  
19/09/1790 James CLAY     Mary SKETCHLEY Single  
19/09/1790 Henry GREEN Widower   Ann LEE Single  
23/09/1790 Abraham WILLETT     Elizabeth SHEFFEL Single  
04/10/1790 William JEFFERY     Elizabeth DAWES Single  
11/10/1790 Joseph ORTON     Sarah KNIGHT Single Chilvers Coton
14/10/1790 Edward GALE   Hinckley, Leicestershire Ann DUDLEY Single  
17/10/1790 Joseph JOHNSON     Ann EVERITT Single  
18/10/1790 William WAGSTAFF     Sarah LAGOW Single  
24/10/1790 Thomas TRICKLE Widower   Catherine WATSON Single  
24/10/1790 Thomas MILHOUSE     Ann CHESHIRE Single  
29/10/1790 John FLOWERS     Hannah FORD    
01/11/1790 Samuel MARSTON     Mary RICHARDSON Single  
08/11/1790 Richard HARRIS     Sarah SMITH Single  
09/11/1790 Thomas TABBNER Widower   Sarah WARD Single  
11/11/1790 William AUGHT     Elizabeth TRUSWELL Single  
12/11/1790 William WHITE Widower   Elizabeth ERPS Widow  
29/11/1790 Thomas LINGARD     Sarah ASHBY Single  
03/01/1791 John DRAKE     Mary GAMBLE Single  
06/01/1791 William ILIFFE     Martha JEFFERY Single  
11/01/1791 John RIDGEWAY     Elizabeth WRIGHT Single Higham On The Hill, Leicestershire
16/01/1791 Thomas RANDLE     Hannah LOWE Single  
17/01/1791 Jonathan BILLING     Ann CUFFING Single  
17/01/1791 William ERPS     Sarah SMITH Single  
31/01/1791 John COLLINS     Mary PAYNE Single  
31/01/1791 John HUNTER     Ann COWOOD Single Kingsbury
07/02/1791 William SMITH Widower   Ann WILSON Widow  
14/02/1791 Thomas NASH   Chilvers Coton Ann WATTS Single  
06/03/1791 William WAGSTAFF Widower Chilvers Coton Catherine TURNER Widow  
07/03/1791 James WILSON     Sarah LENTON Single  
29/03/1791 William HARRIS     Sarah BROOKS Single  
18/04/1791 William CLULOW     Elizabeth ALLEN Single  
27/04/1791 John SMEDLEY     Sarah BOSWORTH Single  
05/05/1791 John BEET     Susanna HANKSON Single Weddington
16/05/1791 William TRUSWELL     Elizabeth ORTON Single  
16/05/1791 William KILLINGWORTH     Sarah GREEN    
19/05/1791 William BOSTOCK     Catherine CLAY Single  
23/05/1791 Francis JORDAN     Elizabeth LAWRANCE Single  
14/06/1791 Richard PAUL Widower   Sarah BLYTHE Single  
24/06/1791 Thomas LUDFORD     Hannah WATSON Single  
27/06/1791 William HUBBARD     Elizabeth WRIGHT Single  
28/06/1791 Edward COLTMAN     Elizabeth CELEY Single  
29/06/1791 John HUDSON     Ann NAP Widow  
07/07/1791 Richard HIGHTON Widower   Elizabeth ROBINSON Single  
11/07/1791 William BRINDLEY     Sarah ORTON Single  
24/07/1791 Richard HARVEY     Catherine GREEN Single  
29/07/1791 Thomas GREEN     Ann SHEFFIELD Single  
09/08/1791 Joseph EDWARDS     Sarah WOOD Single  
15/08/1791 Nathan TIMBRELL     Ann MOUNTFORD Single  
21/08/1791 David WHEWAY     Mary SPENCER Single  
21/08/1791 Thomas SAVAGE     Lydia BOULTON Single  
22/08/1791 James JEFFCOATT     Mary GREATOREX Single  
26/08/1791 John BINDLEY Widower Ansley Sarah ROBINSON Single  
04/09/1791 Thomas ALLEN     Ann RANDLE Single  
07/09/1791 William BOTTERILL     Mary BIGGS Single  
08/09/1791 George GEARY   Higham On The Hill, Leicestershire Mary WORTHINGTON Single  
18/09/1791 William BALL     Ann VERNON Single  
20/09/1791 Thomas SUFFOLK     Jane GRANGER Single  
28/09/1791 Thomas PRATT Widower Fenny Drayton, Leicestershire Mary THOMPSON Single  
03/10/1791 Thomas WHITE     Elizabeth BURTON Single  
10/10/1791 William COOPER     Mary KING Single  
11/10/1791 Samuel ATKINS     Ann WASHINGTON Single  
13/10/1791 Thomas BLOCKLEY Single   Jane LARGE Single  
16/10/1791 William MOORE   Chilvers Coton Elizabeth ERP Single  
30/10/1791 Charles TOWNSEND     Mary HUGHES Single  
31/10/1791 Samuel TAYLOR     Susanna PETTY Single  
13/11/1791 John HANSHAW     Catharine THORNTON Single  
21/11/1791 Richard WRIGHT     Hannah BAILEY Single  
18/12/1791 William GREATREX     Deborah BUCKLER Widow  
19/12/1791 Benjamin MOORE     Ann MILES Single  
26/12/1791 Thomas TRUSWELL Widower   Elizabeth NORMAN Single  
08/01/1792 Abraham SIMSON     Mary FOULK Single  
09/01/1792 Thomas GARRATT Widower   Ann BOOTH Single Bedworth
16/01/1792 Hugh DOUGLAS Single   Sarah MERCER Widow  
31/01/1792 Francis JACOMBS Widower   Joannah ISON Single  
18/02/1792 James NIGHTINGALE     Elizabeth KELSEY Single  
19/02/1792 Edward BLYTHE     Jimmimer KELSEY Single  
19/02/1792 Abraham SUFFOLK     Sarah SMITH Single  
13/03/1792 William HARRIS Single   Sarah COPSON Single  
08/04/1792 Richard COOK     Mary GODDINS Widow  
08/04/1792 William EDWARDS     Catherine BUTLER Single  
08/04/1792 William CLEAVER   Bulkington Sophia CUMBERBEACH Single  
08/04/1792 Thomas ARCHER     Sophia Charlotte COX Single  
09/04/1792 Peter GLOVER Widower   Hannah LEE Single  
09/04/1792 Robert STEEL     Mary SUFFOLK Single  
15/04/1792 Thomas BIGGS     Ann WEBB Single  
25/04/1792 James MARSTON Widower   Mary MORETON Single  
14/05/1792 George ALDRIDGE     Sarah LAWRENCE Single  
14/05/1792 John BUCKLER     Sarah HARRIS Single  
14/05/1792 Benjamin ORTON     Sarah CROSS Single  
14/05/1792 Henry HANKINSON     Millicent LEE Single  
14/05/1792 John GOLBY     Mary STOROW Single  
17/05/1792 Joseph WHEWAY     Elizabeth BOTTERILL Single  
03/06/1792 Richard WAGSTAFF     Elizabeth WHITE Single  
21/06/1792 James DORMER     Susannah BINDLEY Single  
01/07/1792 Samuel WILSON     Sarah MORRIS Single  
02/07/1792 Robert POPE     Hannah ORTON Single  
02/07/1792 John LESTER Widower   Mary MALLABONE Widow  
07/07/1792 John DRAKE     Mary STARKEY Single  
09/07/1792 Richard BROOKS     Mary PANTRY Single  
11/07/1792 Noah PAYNE Widower   Catherine MARSTON Single  
16/07/1792 Joseph ALDRIDGE Widower   Susannah MITCHELL Single  
22/07/1792 Samuel ALLEN     Mary BENSON Single  
22/08/1792 Enoch MOORE   Exhall By Coventry Elizabeth SANDERS    
26/08/1792 Michael CLARK     Elizabeth COPSON Single  
04/09/1792 William REDFERN     Susannah HARRIS Single  
11/09/1792 John LILLEY Widower   Sarah WHITMORE Single  
12/09/1792 Robert FLOWERS Widower   Hannah WHETSTONE Single  
16/09/1792 Richard PAYNE     Elizabeth BARNSLEY Single  
30/09/1792 Thomas BUCKLER     Elizabeth BEASLEY Single  
02/10/1792 John HAWLEY     Lydia GRANGER Single  
08/10/1792 Noah TAYLOR Widower   Lucy BUCKLER Single  
11/10/1792 John BALLARD     Ann LEES Single  
12/10/1792 James CHAPLAIN     Sarah HOULDESLEY Single  
14/10/1792 John LANE     Jane OLIVER Single  
15/10/1792 Thomas DAVIS   Weddington Elizabeth BEVINS Single  
22/10/1792 William CROSS     Elizabeth HARROLD Single  
29/10/1792 William FARMER     Ann ESSEX Single Chilvers Coton
21/11/1792 John MILLER     Sarah WILKINS Single  
27/11/1792 Samuel DOWNS Single Fillongley Mary DORMER Single  
28/11/1792 John TAYLOR   Ansley Elizabeth COX Single  
09/12/1792 John WILSON     Deborah TAYLOR Single  
09/12/1792 George TAYLOR     Sarah RIDGEWAY Single  
26/12/1792 William WILSON     Ann BRINDLEY Single  
26/12/1792 John BOTTRILL Widower   Elizabeth BUCKLER Single  
26/12/1792 James JEFFCOATT     Mary ADLEY Single  
13/01/1793 John BELL     Ann WOOD Single  
17/01/1793 Thomas KELSEY     Mary BOTTERILL Single  
20/01/1793 Obediah BALL     Elizabeth SMITH Single  
23/01/1793 William RASON Single   Mary WILSON Single  
27/01/1793 James FORD     Elizabeth ISON Single  
31/01/1793 Daniel DOWELL     Ann CRISP Single  
07/02/1793 Joseph Chamberlain MILBOURNE   St Michael, Coventry Ann SWANN Single  
18/02/1793 John HINDS     Mary HEATLEY Single  
18/02/1793 John HACKETT     Ann WHEWAY Single  
22/02/1793 John WELLS     Sarah BURTON Single  
28/02/1793 Eustace DAFFERN   Mancetter Sarah ALLCOCK Single  
03/03/1793 Thomas DASH Widower   Matilda GOODACRE Single  
07/03/1793 William SMITH     Martha NEEDHAM Single  
12/03/1793 Thomas SWINFIELD   St Mary, Warwick Elizabeth THOMPSON Single  
31/03/1793 James LESTER     Sarah HILL Single  
01/04/1793 John PAYNE     Ann VERNON Single  
01/04/1793 Henry FINCH     Mary GREEN Single  
04/04/1793 John ISON Single Hinckley, Leicestershire Frances WHEWAY Single  
08/04/1793 William MANN   St Michael, Coventry Sarah WAGSTAFF Single  
06/05/1793 Edward VESSEY     Hannah ENOCK Single  
14/05/1793 Thomas WATERHOUSE     Catherine ARNOLD Single  
14/05/1793 Isaac WOOD     Elizabeth CLAY Single  
15/05/1793 Thomas FORD Single Bulkington Mary LESTER Single  
16/05/1793 Samuel BOSTOCK Single   Elizabeth CLAY Single  
16/05/1793 Joseph DENT     Alice SHIERS Single  
23/05/1793 Thomas WRIGHT     Elizabeth MALLABONE Single  
31/05/1793 William WOTHARDS     Ann HILL Widow  
10/06/1793 William BACON     Priscilla WILSON Single  
16/06/1793 Nicholas BELL     Grace FENLOW Single  
26/06/1793 Thomas HARRIS     Ann WARWICK Single  
02/07/1793 Joseph CHAPLAIN Widower   Sarah PAGE Single  
08/07/1793 Joseph KNIGHT     Ann BIGGS Single  
21/07/1793 James MORRIS Widower   Mary JEFFCOTT Single  
07/08/1793 James FRANCIS     Margaret DIXY Single  
08/08/1793 John GENT     Mary FOSTER Single  
03/09/1793 Ephraim COPSON     Mary ERPS Single  
10/09/1793 John BINDLEY     Mary COOPER Single  
17/09/1793 Michael BALLARD     Ruth WRIGHT Single  
22/09/1793 David TAYLOR     Hannah RAYNOR Widow  
22/09/1793 Thomas CHILDS     Sarah SMITH Single  
22/09/1793 Thomas MORRIS     Mary JOHNSON Single  
08/10/1793 George HURLEY Widower   Ann SIDWELL Widow  
05/11/1793 Thomas JEFFCOATT Widower   Mary BACON Single  
06/11/1793 Joseph CROSHAW Widower   Ann CLARK Single Bedworth
02/12/1793 William STARKEY     Sarah SHIERS Single  
23/12/1793 John HARRIS Widower   Sarah HARRIS Widow  
23/12/1793 John BUCKLER     Mary BOSWORTH Single  
27/12/1793 William WILKINSON     Sarah WAGSTAFF Single  
13/01/1794 Thomas DEWELL Widower   Ann SAUNDERS Widow  
13/01/1794 Joseph STOREY     Jane HARRIS Single  
13/01/1794 Thomas ROBINSON     Elizabeth BLACK Single  
19/01/1794 William SMITH     Sarah MATHEWS Single  
09/02/1794 Jesse GREEN     Ann DILLY Single  
10/02/1794 William JACKSON Widower   Elizabeth HAMONDS Single  
23/02/1794 John LEEDAM     Hannah DAVIS Single  
02/03/1794 John LESTER     Martha RANDLE Single  
03/03/1794 James WILKINSON     Hannah BIHARD Single  
03/03/1794 Francis TOONE     Ann ORTON Single  
09/03/1794 William WHATNEY     Sarah DRAKELY Single  
16/03/1794 Thomas MILLS Widower   Mary CALLADINE Widow  
03/04/1794 Joseph SHEPHERD     Mary SHAW Single Bedworth
06/04/1794 James KEY Widower   Frances MANN Single  
06/04/1794 Robert STURLEY Widower   Mary MARSTON Single  
11/04/1794 William WAGSTAFF     Hannah BATE Single  
13/04/1794 Edward BAILEY Widower   Sarah JOHNSON Single  
15/04/1794 Jonathan CLARK Single   Elizabeth WOODCOCK Widow  
12/05/1794 John ARCHER Widower   Mary HUNTER Single  
14/05/1794 John JEFFCOATT Widower   Elizabeth ROBINSON Single  
19/05/1794 William SMITH     Ann TOONE Single  
09/06/1794 John TREEN Widower   Sarah COPSON Single  
18/06/1794 Richard TAYLOR     Elizabeth SHAW Single  
22/06/1794 Thomas PEGG     Ann SMITH Single  
22/06/1794 Joseph FARN   Brinklow Catherine WILSON Single  
29/06/1794 Clement BETTERIDGE     Mary TALLIS Single  
02/07/1794 Thomas THOMPSON Widower   Sarah DUNCAN Widow  
08/07/1794 John HOOD Widower   Sarah TRUSWELL Single  
13/07/1794 Thomas WILSON     Mary SMITH Single  
20/07/1794 Thomas SMALLEY     Elizabeth BENSON Single  
03/08/1794 George TABERER     Mary FOARD Single  
10/08/1794 George HARRIS     Mary PERRY Single  
10/08/1794 William TERPAS     Lydia BINDLEY Single  
17/08/1794 William MORRIS   Ansley Mary BUCKLER Single  
17/08/1794 Joseph BARACLOUGH Widower   Elizabeth LAKIN Single  
1 17/08/1794 Peter BROWN     Elizabeth HALL    
2 20/08/1794 John CROYDON     Elizabeth GENT    
3 24/08/1794 Joseph WHITMORE     Elizabeth CRISP    
4 24/08/1794 John PHILPOT     Elizabeth HANDS    
5 01/09/1794 Joseph GARRETT     Ann MOORE    
6 08/09/1794 Joseph GREEN     Mary BONNER Single  
10/09/1794 James TROUGHTON   St Michael, Coventry Sarah BALL Single  
17/09/1794 Henry BALL     Ann WILSON Single  
01/10/1794 John COX     Mary Powell SHARP Single  
05/10/1794 William WOOD   Lutterworth, Leicestershire Charlotte LEES Single  
07/10/1794 Charles PARKER     Mary BIRD Single  
09/10/1794 William ABBITTS     Mary CHALLENER Single  
12/10/1794 George KNIGHT Widower   Ann BUCKLER Widow  
13/10/1794 David ROE     Hannah ARNOLD Single Bulkington
13/10/1794 John MILLS     Elizabeth SMITH    
13/10/1794 John PERKINS Widower   Martha ALLEN Widow  
14/10/1794 Thomas WATTS     Jane CLAY    
16/10/1794 William MORETON     Mary THOMPSON Single  
19/10/1794 William ERPS Widower   Sarah PARSONS Single  
20/10/1794 George PETTY   Chilvers Coton Hannah PAYNE Single  
02/11/1794 James HOOD     Sarah WILLIAMSON Single  
02/11/1794 Richard WILKINSON     Sarah WOOLLEY   Chilvers Coton
03/11/1794 Thomas KING     Mary FLETCHER    
03/11/1794 Thomas VERNON Widower   Elizabeth BARNETT Single  
03/11/1794 John HACKETT     Sarah MOORE Single  
04/11/1794 Thomas SUFFOLK     Sarah BAKER Single  
06/11/1794 John VERNON     Elizabeth PLANT Single  
07/11/1794 William NASH Widower Chilvers Coton Ann EBURY Single  
10/11/1794 Samuel HUDSON Widower   Elizabeth HALL Widow  
17/11/1794 Matthew BARRATT Widower   Ann WILSON Single  
30/11/1794 Joseph WOODWARD     Hannah GENT Single  
08/12/1794 Joseph HIDE Widower   Mary Ann FULLER Widow  
15/12/1794 Samuel SUFFOLK     Eleanor BUCKLER Single  
26/12/1794 William BOTTERIL     Mary ORTON Single  
29/12/1794 Thomas BATES   Mancetter Elizabeth WAGSTAFF Single  
29/12/1794 Thomas WYKES     Ann EVINGS Single  
29/12/1794 John HARRIS Widower   Ann DEWELL Single  
30/12/1794 Thomas FURMAN     Mary PAYNE Single  

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