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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Little Packington St Bartholomew


The Parish

The parish of Little Packington lies in north central Warwickshire. Little Packington is located about 9 miles west of the city of Coventry. There is not much to Little Packington, a mere collection of cottages and farms. Today's Little Packington is an oasis of calm amid the paraphernalia of modern transport, to its west runs the modern M42, to its north the equally modern M6, to the south the dualled A45 and through the parish runs the dualled A452, less than two miles west is Birmingham International Airport. At the time of this transcript Little Packington would have been a rural and agricultural hamlet on the west banks of the River Blyth. The Blyth drains the parish northwards joining the Tame and then Trent to eventually reach the North Sea through the Humber estuary. Little Packington is sited at around 90 metres above the sea, the land rises gently from the river valley only for 10 or 20 metres or so. By Warwickshire standards Little Packington parish was one of the smaller, it covered just under 1,000 acres and would have supported around 150 parishioners. In Domesday times Little Packington was not specifically enumerated, being combined with Great Packington.

The Church

St Bartholomew's church stands just east of Packington Lane, set back behind a former farm now a solicitor's premises and accessed by a short driveway leading to a parking area. The church owes much to the Victorians being especially picturesque in their favoured style. Pevsner, however, is quick to point out features that indicate a much older building. The doorways show features of the Transitional style on the late 13th century as does the windows of the chancel which are, however, reused. The timber-work in the turret is also mediaeval albeit the remainder is 19th century. The church stands in a pleasant churchyard behind a wicket fence and the churchyard is relatively open to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 7th July 1754 - 12th October 1773 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference DR0157/1 Plain unruled book a continuation of the extant composite register Grade 1 register - few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads The parish were in breach of Hardwicke's requirements for segregation of Marriage registers
2 13th February 1774 - 9th November 1812 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference DR0157/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 24th November 1814 - 19th October 1836 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference DR0157/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Coleshill St Peter & St Paul
Coleshill St Peter & St Paul
Maxstoke St Michael
Bickenhill St Peter
Maxstoke St Michael
Great Packington St James
Bickenhill St Peter
Bickenhill St Peter
Great Packington St James
Great Packington St James

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
12/01/1754 William EAVES   Maxstoke Elizabeth GREEN    
07/07/1754 Joseph WALKER   St Martin, Birmingham Elizabeth BEECK    
03/02/1755 John NUTTALL   Alrewas, Staffordshire Elizabeth ADCOCK    
15/04/1755 George GRESHOLD     Mary SMITH    
14/10/1755 George JENNINGS     Hannah WIGGIN    
07/02/1756 William ASTON     Sarah CHETHAM    
11/05/1756 William HOLLIOAK     Sarah BARRETT    
16/10/1756 Francis PENN     Elizabeth SHAW    
05/02/1758 Joseph KEATLEY   Coleshill Mary SMITH    
12/10/1758 Thomas KING     Sarah FALCONBRIGGE    
26/02/1759 William KING     Elizabeth GRIFFIN    
15/10/1759 William TAYLOR   Bickenhill Elizabeth HOLLIOAK    
15/11/1760 Thomas HARBOURN   Corley Ann HEYCOCK    
16/10/1761 John ALLEN     Hannah BULLOCK    
01/12/1761 Vincent KEATLEY     Dorothy LOVAT    
14/10/1762 Thomas BENNETT     Sarah COX    
27/04/1763 William KEATLEY     Elizabeth OUGHTON    
23/02/1764 John JAMES     Elizabeth SMOUT    
21/01/1766 Richard TAYLOR     Ann BURBIDGE    
20/09/1767 Thomas KENDALL     Mary GRANGE   Coleshill
04/04/1768 John HORNER   St Philip, Birmingham Hannah BARFORD    
20/08/1769 John MASTERS   Charlecote Ann PARTRIDGE    
20/08/1772 James FORD     Ann WALE    
01/01/1773 Edward TODD     Mary SMITH    
12/10/1773 William OAKSLEY   Hampton In Arden Mary OVERTON    
1 13/02/1774 John GOODYEAR     Mary PAYNE   Foleshill
2 07/12/1774 William ANDERTON     Mary THELWYND    
01/10/1776 William KEATLEY     Sarah HOLMES   Great Packington
28/10/1778 Walter HIATT   Berkswell Ann GARNER    
05/04/1779 Stephen SMITH   Ansley Mary BOLAS    
03/05/1779 Thomas HALL   Ashby Magna, Leicestershire Elizabeth JONES    
07/11/1780 John HUNT     Elizabeth WOODCOCK    
09/07/1782 James TRANTER   Berkswell Elizabeth SMITH    
30/10/1782 John WILLIAMS   Bickenhill Sarah CARR    
13/10/1783 Thomas PHILLIPS     Mary WOODCOCK    
21/03/1787 James SUTTON   Hellidon, Northamptonshire Jane BUTLER    
17/04/1787 William PHILLIPS     Ann UPTON   Knowle
10/07/1787 William ALLEN     Elizabeth EAGLES    
29/09/1787 Benjamin PRIEST   Hampton In Arden Susanna DARKINS    
01/12/1789 John BURTON   Great Packington Elizabeth COOKSON   Meriden
05/01/1790 John TOMKINS   Great Packington Sarah COTTEREL   Great Packington
04/02/1790 George ISSON     Anne WIELDON   Coleshill
13/02/1790 John SHUTTLEWORTH   Great Packington Mary BENT   Great Packington
27/04/1790 Richard HOLLICKS   Great Packington Sarah WILTON   Great Packington
15/08/1790 Charles BANNASTER   Hampton In Arden Mary HOLYOAK   Great Packington
16/11/1790 Joseph WHITEHOUSE   Bickenhill Mary SMOUT    
05/02/1791 Thomas HILL   Great Packington Mary BURTON   Great Packington
01/05/1791 William EAGLES   Great Packington Jane KETTLE   Hampton In Arden
28/09/1791 William HEMMINGS     Hannah STEAN   Great Packington
18/10/1791 Thomas SHELLY     Sarah SCOFHAM    
02/12/1791 John FINCH   Great Packington Elizabeth BEESLEY   Great Packington
02/01/1792 Joseph BUTLER   Great Packington Sarah NICHOLS   Great Packington
06/05/1792 Robert EDDEN     Sarah BRACKNEL   Bickenhill
05/08/1792 Samuel BALL   Great Packington Lydia HUMPHREYS   Great Packington
17/10/1793 Thomas WARING     Ann HARRISON   Hampton In Arden
14/10/1794 William BROOKS     Mary GIBBS    
34 06/01/1801 Thomas PARKER Single Meriden Maria SHUTTLEWORTH Single  
35 11/09/1801 William GREEN Single   Mary GREEN Single  
36 27/10/1803 Abraham PAIN Single Hampton In Arden Ann HOOD Widow  
37 08/11/1803 John GREENHILL Single   Mary GREAVES Single Bickenhill
38 31/01/1804 Charles TODD Single   Anne ROLLESTONE Single  
39 01/05/1804 Richard TAYLOR Widower   Mary JENNINGS Widow Sheldon
40 17/07/1808 John DUFFIN Widower Great Packington Ann PAIN Widow  
41 19/08/1809 John DILKE Single   Harriet MAYON Widow Coleshill
42 23/11/1809 John PERRY Single   Sarah SMITH Single  
43 24/01/1811 John Jones BARKER Single Coleshill Hannah NICHOLLS Single  
44 15/12/1811 William EBORALL Single   Elizabeth WOODCOCK Single  
45 09/11/1812 William FOARD Single Great Packington Sarah EVANS Single  
1 24/11/1814 Thomas GOSSELL Single   Martha SUTTON Single  
2 13/08/1815 John SMITH Single   Catherine WALL Single  
3 13/10/1815 Joseph BUCKERFIELD Single Coleshill Catherine FOARD Single  
4 09/12/1816 William SIMSON Single   Mary ROULSTON Single  
5 06/04/1817 William SKIDSMORE Single Grendon Sarah WOODCOCK Single  
6 15/11/1819 Edward MILES Single Shustoke Elizabeth DUTTON    
7 04/04/1820 William SHELLEY Single   Mary WOODHOUSE Single  
8 17/02/1823 Robert TAYLOR Single Meriden Hannah BOLUS Single  
9 03/03/1823 Thomas HILL Single   Ann WALL Single  
10 28/04/1823 Thomas SUTTON Single   Mary INKLE Single  
11 07/08/1823 William JENKINS Single Great Packington Mary PHILIPS Single  
12 05/04/1824 Samuel MOSKEY Single   Sarah HILL Single  
13 21/09/1824 Joseph GARDNER Single   Mary Ann BROOKES Single  
14 01/05/1825 William WHORRALL Single   Elizabeth TALBOT Single  
15 05/09/1825 Joseph ADAMS Single St Martin, Birmingham Mary Ann BLAKEMORE Single  
16 02/01/1826 Abraham BALL Widower Solihull Betty WHORRALL Single  
17 15/12/1830 George WARHAM Single   Mary ROOKER Single  
18 19/05/1835 Charles PICKERING Single   Ann BIRCH Single  
19 19/10/1836 Joseph TIMMS Widower   Eliza GARRETT Single  

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