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Whatcote St Peter


The Parish

The parish of Whatcote lies in southern Warwickshire lying on a peninsula of Warwickshire land that penetrates deep into the territory of 3 other counties (Oxfordshire, Worcestershire & Gloucestershire). What cote is located roughly 4 miles northeast of the Worcestershire market town of Shipston on Stour and sits in a rural area devoid of significant roads, the closest numbered road being the A422 which connects Stratford upon Avon with Banbury and which lies about 2 1/2 miles to the north of Whatcote. Whatcote, like so many in this rural area, was a farming community with a mixed farming regime, one that has migrated towards arable over the years. A small tributary of the Stour drains the parish westwards to that river where things turn northwestwards to join the Avon at Stratford upon Avon and then the Severn before reaching the sea through the Bristol Channel. Whatcote is sited at around 80 metres above the sea in gentle terrain which has small isolated hills, outliers of the Cotswolds, reaching 133 metres on nearby Idlicote Hill. Whatcote was a small parish by the standards of its county, covering less than 900 acres it would have supported a population of just under 200 parishioners. In Domesday times Whatcote was equally small and rural, held by Hugh de Grandmesnil it could must just 7 ploughs.

The Church

St Peter's church sits on the western side of the small village where Church Lane performs a right-angled bend before petering out into footpaths. Remarkably considering the rural setting St Peter received serious bomb damage during the 2nd World War resulting in a dramatic reconstruction in 1947, not only were the roofs repaired but most of the eastern and southern walls rebuilt. Despite this work enough remains to show that the church had ancient origins, a pair of windows in the nave and the southern doorway are 12th century Norman Romanesque work whilst the much repaired western tower carries a date of the 13th century. The 1947 work was skillfully done, Pevsner describing the alternating gray and brown courses of the rebuilt eastern wall as "handsome". Even before the wartime damage the church had previously received major repairs in both 1767 & 1820 earlier than most churches Victorian work. As Church Lane bends leftwards the church sits to the right fronted by a small parking area from where a pathway leads to the church. The churchyard has a few trees around the southwestern corner which do somewhat limit the angles available to the photographer.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
5th July 1755 - 20th May 1805
Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0023/4
Plain, unruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages
Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads
2 4th November 1806 - 20th October 1812 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0023/5 Plain, ruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
3 6th December 1813 - 30th January 1837 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0023/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Compton Wynyates St Mary
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Idlicote St James
Brailes St George

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
05/07/1755 William SOUTHAM Stratford Upon Avon Mary DYER
16/02/1756 Richard BRICKNILL Bloxham, Oxfordshire Sarah SUMNER
05/02/1757 William SUCH Kineton Elizabeth GIBBINS
30/07/1757 John GARDINER Wroxton, Oxfordshire Elizabeth DAVIS
01/11/1759 John CASEL Widower Alice SALE Widow
13/10/1760 Robert SUCH Margaret EDDEN
12/11/1760 Giles KEELY Mary WALTON
06/01/1761 Daniel CASEL Maria MARSHALL
23/06/1761 William COLLINS Mary WHATCOTT Tredington, Worcestershire
12/10/1761 Richard LAMB Ann BATSFORD
10/07/1762 Joseph CHAMBERLAIN Tysoe Elizabeth KERRY
30/06/1764 Thomas HITCHMAN Compton Wynyates Hannah MALINS Compton Wynyates
09/04/1765 Nicholas CALDECOT Elizabeth SALE
16/05/1765 John LILLY Single Stoke Prior, Worcestershire Ann WELCHMAN Single
09/03/1766 William NEAL Margaret NEWMAN
18/10/1766 Daniel FIELD Compton Wynyates Ann WALTON
20/10/1766 Richard ALCOCK Mary BUNTAR
06/01/1768 Edward SEAGRAVE Single Mary JOHNSON Single Shipston On Stour, Worcestershire
09/04/1768 William TENNANT Brailes Elizabeth NEALE Compton Wynyates
21/01/1769 Daniel WALTON Compton Wynyates Mary SKELCHER Compton Wynyates
13/11/1769 John BENNET Tysoe Hannah STEEL
30/09/1771 John COCKBILL Widower Brailes Mary SMITH Single
21/01/1772 Thomas DAVIS Brailes Millicent BATTSFORD
12/01/1773 John PRINT Tredington, Worcestershire Frances SALE
08/11/1773 John HIATT Anne LIDSEY
08/02/1775 Robert OVERTON Martha BLAKEMAN
13/05/1776 Edward MILES Sarah CUE
03/03/1777 Richard PARKER Brailes Mary COCKBILL
02/05/1777 William LOCKLEY Sarah PERIN
05/05/1777 John HARRIS Mary TAYLOR
04/06/1777 Thomas STEEL Elizabeth ALIBON
05/01/1778 Edward CASTLE Mary SALE
17/12/1778 Richard MORLEY Widower Oxhill Elizabeth MARSHALL Single
23/12/1780 Thomas SAVAGE Single Susannah CLAYDON Single
03/05/1784 Thomas BONHAM Elizabeth SABIN
31/12/1784 George WARMINGTON Single Hook Norton, Oxfordshire Mary DYER Single Compton Wynyates
02/06/1785 William LONDON Widower Sarah CASTLE Single
11/10/1785 Edward BATESFORD Mary HIRON
26/04/1786 Richard CASTLE Single Alice SALE Single
23/12/1787 George ROBERTS Whichford Mary BRICKNEL
20/10/1789 William PARR Elizabeth COLLINS
23/10/1790 Joseph WATERS Elizabeth TAYLOR
09/11/1791 William WHEELER Bet CALICOT
08/05/1792 Robert GARDNER Balscote, Oxfordshire Sarah SALE
17/06/1793 William TAYLOR Ann TAYLOR
06/01/1794 Thomas HUNT Susannah ALLCOCK
14/07/1794 William COLLINS Margaret WELLS
24/09/1795 William BARRACK Honington Susannah HUNT
31/12/1795 John WILSON Single Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire Ann FISHER Single
01/11/1796 Thomas TUFFTS Mary SUCH
09/03/1797 John SIMONS Hannah MILES
26/08/1798 Nicholas COLLINS Margaret NEAL
22/11/1801 William BAYLIS Sarah HUNT
06/12/1802 William SPENCER Halford Elizabeth MORLEY
31/10/1803 George GARDNER Single Hannah CASTLE Single
31/10/1803 Thomas PHIPPS Single Mary STEEL Single
12/02/1805 Joseph MARSHALL Single Elizabeth FISHER Widow Welford, Gloucestershire
25/03/1805 Samuel HANCOCK Widower Hannah WALKER Single
20/05/1805 William BUTLER Single Esther ALCOCK Single
04/11/1806 John TAYLOR Single Ann SUCH Single
29/10/1807 John DYER Single Compton Wynyates Deborah HAWTIN Single
02/05/1808 Richard WOODFIELD Single Wellesbourne Elizabeth CASTLE Single
29/05/1810 John GIBBONS Single Oxhill Margaret COLLINS Widow
16/10/1811 William HOBBS Single Ettington Ann CAPP Single
20/10/1812 John GIBBONS Single Mary SALE Single
1 06/12/1813 John BRADSHAW Single Ann TAYLOR Single
2 23/08/1814 David GARDINER Single Idlicote Elizabeth USHER Single
3 01/11/1814 Thomas HANCOX Single Ann SALE Single
4 15/10/1816 Lewis EDEN Feby GOFF
5 09/08/1817 Silvester TAYLOR Mary WILLIAMS
6 02/02/1818 James PIN Margaret CASTLE
7 28/09/1818 William KITE Pillerton Priors Pheby CASTLE
8 25/10/1819 John ALIBONE Single Ettington Ann PLUMB Single
9 09/12/1819 Thomas GIBBS Single Mary TAYLOR Single
10 06/04/1820 Thomas TAYLOR Single Mary TURNER Single Shipston On Stour, Worcestershire
11 15/08/1820 William SUCH Single Jane CASTLE Single
12 06/03/1821 Richard DAVIS Single Dorsington, Gloucestershire Sarah TAYLOR Single
13 25/06/1821 William BALLARD Ilmington Mary SUCH
14 05/08/1822 William LONDON Single Mary COLLET Single
15 11/10/1824 John FISHER Maria MORLEY
16 11/10/1824 Samuel BUTLER Mary STEEL
17 11/01/1825 William STOCKS Halford Martha SUCH
18 21/02/1825 Thomas COLLINS Hannah PLUMB
19 06/11/1826 James MARSHEL Ann BRADSHAW
20 29/03/1827 George HOLTHAM Cherington Elizabeth MARSHALL
21 29/10/1827 William HOURS Maria JEFFS
22 10/11/1828 Henry FISHER Mary TAYLOR
23 16/12/1828 George GIBBS Hannah GROVES
24 25/06/1829 Matthew BATSFORD Sarah WINCOT
25 25/06/1829 Thomas GARDNER Single Shipston On Stour, Worcestershire Margaret DOWDSWELL
26 23/11/1830 Richard BOLTER Loxley Mary HANCOCK
27 12/10/1831 Thomas HOLDEN Idlicote Harriette TAYLOR
28 30/12/1831 William WINCOTE Lydia GROVES
29 17/01/1834 William PARR Hannah GRIFFIN
30 26/02/1835 William TAYLOR Jane FISHER
31 31/12/1836 Henry SISAM Arrow Caroline MARSHALL
32 30/01/1837 John SLATTER Snitterfield Mary Anne FISHER

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