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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Wolvey St John the Baptist


The Parish

The parish of Wolvey lies in northeastern Warwickshire forming part of the border with neighbouring Leicestershire. Wolvey is a large village located about 5 miles southeast of the industrial town of Nuneaton which on the B4109 road which connects the Leicestershire town of Hinckley with Coventry. The parish and county is bounded to the north by the ancient Roman Road of Watling Street, nowadays followed by the A5. Whilst to Wolvey's west lies the Warwickshire coalfield Wolvey would have been a farming settlement, the area's soils are poor and sandy, much of the parish being heathland at one time, so the regime would have seen some arable but largely used for low level grazing of sheep. The villagers' also supplemented their incomes with stocking & ribbon weaving. Modern developments have come to the area, the modern M69 motorway runs just west of Wolvey. Wolvey is drained by the infant River Anker which heads off northwestwards, joining the Tame near Tamworth and then the Trent at Alrewas before the latter heads east on its long jounry to the North Sea, reaching it through the Humber Estuary. Wolvey is sited at 110 metres above the sea in an area of very gentle terrain where local heights rarely rise to 140 metres for many miles. Wolvey parish was fairly typically sized for this area of the county, covering close to 3,400 acres it would have supported a population of just over 900 parishioners. In Domesday times Wolvey was a holding of one Robert de Vessey, relatively small place offering 7 ploughs and the usual meadows & pasture.

The Church

St John the Baptist's church sits on the northern edge of Wolvey close to the crossing of the B4109 over the Anker. Whilst the church has its origins in the 12th century and the Norman Romanesque period, little remains from that time. The southern doorway is the only significant piece dating from that era. The aisles also date back significantly being early 14th century and showing the reticulated tracery characteristic of that period. The western tower is later and Perpendicular in style. The church has, however, been much changed from these early times. A roof collapse in 1620 saw opportunity out of chaos and the chancel was re-worked in that decade. A series of phases of work followed in the Victorian and 20th century periods. The chancel was redone in 1858, a major restoration in the 1890s, a southern porch built in 1909 and a new stone floor and pews added in 1929 to reach today's church. There are two approaches to the church, either from the B4109 but that is busy and has little parking, or from the east where a narrow entrance leaves School Lane and has parking for a car or two. The churchyard once reached is open and relatively uncluttered making for an easy subject to capture.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
25th August 1755 - 28th May 1798
Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0645/8
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page
Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads
2 25th September 1798 - 30th November 1812 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0645/9 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 4th January 1813 - 5th March 1837 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0645/10 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Burton Hastings St Botolph
Burbage St Catherine, Leicestershire
Aston Flamville St Peter, Leicestershire
Aston Flamville St Peter, Leicestershire
Burton Hastings St Botolph
Bulkington St James
Monks Kirby St Edith
Shilton St Andrew
Withybrook All Saints
Withybrook All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
2 25/08/1755 John SWINFIELD Fanny COLLINS
3 12/07/1756 John SCOTTON Anne BEEBY
4 21/12/1756 Richard GREENAWAY Sarah DAWSON
5 22/04/1757 Thomas WRIGHT Ann WOODWARD Single
6 21/09/1757 William WEBSTER Mary BRASS Nuneaton
7 10/10/1757 William BIRCHALL Mary FORBOROUGH Widow
8 11/10/1757 Thomas MUSSON Elizabeth STOCKLEY Burton Hastings
9 02/07/1758 William ESSEX Bulkington Alice COWPER Single
10 24/10/1758 George BRATFORD Bennet WALKER Single
11 27/02/1759 Edward CLARKE Anne TOON
12 02/07/1759 Edward ROWLEY Ann HEATH Single Sapcote, Leicestershire
13 11/12/1759 Thomas MATTHEWS Sarah VESEY
14 04/02/1760 John ILIFF Ann SPENCER
15 26/02/1760 Thomas SPENCER Ann CHECKLIN
16 16/03/1760 Thomas HODGSKIN Sarah COATON
17 03/06/1760 John BAILIS Single Martha ILIFFE Single
18 19/06/1760 Joseph WARNER Hannah DAWSON Bulkington
19 06/07/1760 William DAWSON Widower Esther ILEY Widow
20 09/07/1760 Thomas ILEY Single Anne WALKER Single
21 25/08/1760 Thomas PROOF Single Corley Mary COPAGE Single
22 05/01/1761 Joseph ILIFF Sarah TUCKEY
23 12/02/1761 William DAY Sarah RICHARDSON Bulkington
24 01/07/1761 William WARNER Mary ALCOT
25 12/07/1761 Richard CROFTS Single Elizabeth DAY Single
26 12/01/1762 Joseph SANDS Hannah COTTON
27 15/04/1762 Thomas PAUL Anne ILIFFE Widow
28 11/10/1763 George GRANGER Elizabeth MELLISH Monks Kirby
31/01/1764 Thomas SCOT Weston By Welland, Northamptonshire Elizabeth BAILES
25/05/1764 William IRESON Elizabeth REYNOLDS
31/05/1764 Thomas BIRD Willey Mary ALLCOAT
08/06/1764 William PERKINS Mary BORMAN
09/04/1765 William PAUL Martha BEEBY
18/04/1765 Thomas KNIGHT Elizabeth JACKSON Hinckley, Leicestershire
30/05/1765 Thomas BROWN Margaret TURNER Hinckley, Leicestershire
27/06/1765 John MERCY Elizabeth BIRD
08/10/1765 William BODYCOAT Whetstone, Leicestershire Mary BEEBY
05/11/1765 Joseph WALKER Mary MARTIN
01/05/1766 William TOWNSEND Monks Kirby Anne MARTIN
06/05/1766 William FREAR Mary WILLEY
12/08/1766 Thomas ALLCOAT Elizabeth SLEATH
29/09/1766 James MOORE Anne DILKE
29/10/1766 John TOONE Sharnford, Leicestershire Grace THOMSON
17/11/1766 Joseph CARTER Ann SLEATH
01/09/1767 William HILL Mary WARNER
06/09/1767 Joshua HEWIT Mary VANN
13/10/1767 William CROFT Mary BALL
09/11/1767 Thomas BRATFORD Anne ONLEY
17/11/1767 Joseph ASTELL Elisabeth WRIGHT
26/01/1768 William TERRY Elizabeth NEWCOMB
24/04/1768 George HEXTAL Anne CORKE
06/06/1768 Samuel WALKER Elisabeth BROWN
04/10/1768 Edward ALDRIDGE Sarah CLAY
25/10/1768 Samuel WALKER Elisabeth COMPTON
07/02/1769 Benjamin MARTIN Elizabeth WOOD
04/05/1769 George BOTTRELL Anne SCOTTEN
06/08/1769 Solomon VESEY Elisabeth SAUNDERS
22/10/1769 John BRATFORD Alice BEEBY
20/02/1770 John CRISP Mary COX
10/07/1770 John SATCHWELL Sarah JACKSON
14/11/1770 John GREEN Bulkington Eleanor MARTIN
04/12/1770 John WRIGHT Elizabeth BALL
31/03/1771 Joseph ROWLEY Anne LUCAS Aston Flamville, Leicestershire
03/04/1771 John UNDERWOOD Witherley, Leicestershire Anne ASHBORNE
13/08/1771 Joseph THORP Hannah LEE
11/10/1771 William HOPEWELL Mary SMITH
11/10/1771 William WRIGHT Elisabeth MAWBY
27/04/1772 Joseph BANKS Elisabeth SANDERS
18/05/1772 Thomas GOODE Anne WRIGHT
29/09/1772 William ENSON Ann FRYER
28/10/1772 Charles WARNER Ann SIMMS
08/12/1772 Nicholas SCOTTEN Mary WRIGHT
13/04/1773 Thomas ILEY Elisabeth SUTTON
04/11/1773 Joseph CLARK Ann BATES
23/05/1774 John ASTELL Elizabeth MARTIN Bulkington
24/05/1774 Edward ROWLEY Mary TAYLOR
21/06/1774 Edward TUCKEY Jane BALL
11/07/1774 William ESSEX Elisabeth CLAY
16/08/1774 Joseph LIGGINS Elisabeth WALKE
16/06/1775 John BILLINGS Withybrook Ann TOONE
16/06/1775 Robert COMPTON Withybrook Hannah TOONE
10/07/1775 Elisha ALSOP Bedworth Elisabeth ABBOTS
25/07/1775 Brian SIMPSON Bulkington Dorothy ALLCOAT
26/09/1775 Thomas GOOSEY Hinckley, Leicestershire Susannah HOLT
16/10/1775 Thomas HOWSEN Wyken Sarah LEDBETER
20/11/1775 Thomas SAUNDERS Sarah ROWLEY
11/02/1776 Joseph CLAY Ann JEE
20/02/1776 Thomas ALLEN Hannah BLOCKLEY
27/02/1776 Samuel MATHEWS Mary SUTTON
03/04/1776 John THOMSON Elisabeth LAWSON Walsgrave On Sowe
21/05/1776 Joseph SHORTHOUSE Chilvers Coton Ann TOOKEY
03/07/1776 John BIGGS Withybrook Ann OVERTON
28/10/1776 John TWIGGER Alice ROWLEY
10/11/1776 Thomas ROWLEY Ann HEEL
24/12/1776 Richard ABBOTTS Ann WRIGHT
07/10/1777 Joseph WRIGHT Ruth COTTON Bulkington
14/10/1777 John BATES Broughton Astley, Leicestershire Hannah BISHOP
14/07/1779 Daniel HEWITT Brinklow Mary SCOTTON
05/11/1779 William BIRCHILL Mary WARD
19/01/1780 William WALKER Mary COOPER
27/08/1780 Samuel SMITH Shilton Elizabeth CARRINGTON
27/11/1780 John ROWE Mary BRADFORD
13/07/1781 Joseph CARRINGTON Mary BATES
15/08/1781 Robert BAINS Hinckley, Leicestershire Elizabeth WINTERTON
07/10/1781 John ASTILL Alice HEWITT
10/10/1781 William PARNELL Withybrook Sarah BILL
12/10/1781 Thomas HEARNE Mary ROWLEY
18/07/1782 Nicholas ABBOTTS Mary HILL
13/10/1782 John KILPACK Mary ROE
22/10/1782 Thomas MILWARD Hinckley, Leicestershire Hannah YORK
18/11/1782 John WEBSTER Mary MARSTON
12/06/1783 John WRIGHT Mary PAUL
29/12/1783 William ROBINSON Burbage, Leicestershire Mary DAY
31/05/1784 John KNIGHT Sarah CARRINGTON
21/10/1784 William GIBSON Appleby, Leicestershire Elizabeth BUTLER
25/10/1784 William FRENCH Rhode GRANT
08/02/1785 Thomas COMPTON Elizabeth MOWE Monks Kirby
23/01/1787 William PLOVER Single Elizabeth MAREY Single
13/02/1787 James HARRISON Single Mary HALL Single Monks Kirby
28/05/1787 Thomas TOWNSEND Single Catharine TAYLOR Single
23/06/1787 Samuel WARD Single Grace YOUNG Single Hinckley, Leicestershire
10/09/1787 William TOWNSEND Single Mary OVERTON Single
28/11/1787 Joseph STRETTON Single Mary MOOR Single
23/12/1787 John PLOVER Single Hannah TUCKEY Single
31/01/1788 Robert ENGLAND Single Brinklow Esther TOONE Single
24/03/1788 William WEBSTER Widower Elizabeth KNIGHT Widow
27/04/1788 John BALLISS Widower Ann BRADFORD Widow
12/05/1788 Thomas HEWIT Single Foleshill Jenny PAUL Single
01/06/1788 Joshua BEBER Single Mary ALDRIDGE Single
28/07/1788 George ALLCOT Single Elizabeth PLOVER Single
24/11/1788 Thomas PAUL Widower Phoebe PEARSON Widow Stretton On Dunsmore
29/12/1788 William OLIVER Widower Rugby Elizabeth VUSY Single
30/12/1788 William LEE Single Mary WARNER Single
04/02/1789 Joseph HAYNES Single Ann ROBSON Single
14/07/1789 John HODGKINS Single Sarah HANDCOX Single
10/01/1790 Joseph PIERCY Widower Elizabeth RICHARDSON Single Bulkington
28/10/1790 James CARRENTON Single Elizabeth SOUTHAM
15/11/1790 William MOORE Single Margaret MORTIMER Single
02/12/1790 William WARREN Single Sarah SPENCER Single
24/01/1791 James KNIGHT Widower Sarah HILL Single
24/01/1791 Charles ILIFF Single Susanna NEALE Single
09/06/1791 Joseph MOORE Single Nuneaton Mary OVERTON Single
23/10/1791 William CARRINGTON Single Sarah MUSSON Single
26/12/1791 Edward HOBLEY Single Brinklow Elizabeth JEFFERIES Single
30/01/1792 Joseph COTTON Widower Elizabeth WALKER Widow
09/05/1792 Job WALKER Single Sarah DAY Single
14/10/1792 Samuel BROWN Single Burton Hastings Elizabeth WALKER Single
09/11/1792 Joseph SHORTHOSE Widower Lucy FAIRFAX Single
02/12/1792 James ADLER Single Ann ROWLEY Single
16/12/1792 Samuel BECK Single Sarah ONELY Single
07/01/1794 Thomas SUTTON Single Elizabeth CLARK Single
23/09/1794 Samuel BRADFORD Widower Mary HODGSKIN Single
07/12/1794 Timothy ATKINS Widower Caldecote Mary ALDRIDGE Single
30/12/1794 John MOYSEY Single Mary DEAN Single
27/09/1795 Charles KING Single Mary ROWLEY Single
23/10/1795 John ALLCOT Single Sarah GEASY Single
16/05/1796 Thomas FERRY Single Ann ORRILL Single
04/12/1796 John DAY Single Hannah PITTS Single
11/12/1796 William HOW Single Mary TOWNSEND Single
26/12/1796 Thomas REEVES Widower Lucy SHORTHOSE Widow
28/09/1797 John COLLINS Single Mary WEIGHTMAN Single
05/01/1798 Christopher ROWLEY Single Elizabeth FERRY Single
28/05/1798 John SMITH Widower Bedworth Ann WILSON Single
1 25/09/1798 John COOPER Single Elizabeth SARJEANT Burton Hastings
2 22/10/1798 Edward ALDRIDGE Single Sarah HANCOCKS Single
3 20/11/1798 Joseph HANDS Widower Hinckley, Leicestershire Ann Hannah LIGGINS Single
4 19/12/1798 William WOOLF Single Hillmorton Elizabeth PARTNER Single
5 01/01/1799 William ARNOLD Single Ann WYATT Single
6 12/05/1799 Francis SMITH Single Mary MARCY Single
7 27/05/1799 George LIGGINS Single St Michael, Coventry Elizabeth EVERITT Single
8 10/09/1799 Joseph ROSE Single St Mary, Warwick Ann BRADNOCK
9 30/09/1799 James MOORE Single Leire, Leicestershire Bennet LIGGINS Single
10 17/11/1799 Joseph KNIGHT Single Mary WARNER Single
11 17/11/1799 Robert KNIGHT Single Elizabeth WARNER Single
12 13/06/1800 Thomas CROFT Single Hannah DAY Single
13 15/07/1800 John JEPHCOTT Single Bulkington Hannah CAPNER Single
14 24/07/1800 John BAILEY Single Binley Ann OVERTON Single
15 27/10/1800 William THORNE Single Ann PALING Single
16 28/10/1800 Isaac LEEK Widower Elizabeth COTTON Widow
17 11/12/1800 Samuel WALKER Single Elizabeth WALKER Single
18 10/01/1801 William HALL Single Monks Kirby Frances BARTLETT Single
19 25/05/1801 William KNIGHT Single Elizabeth TOWNSEND Single
20 24/09/1801 John HEWIT Single Martha ILIFF Single
21 26/10/1801 Henry MURFIN Single Barrow On Trent, Derbyshire Mary PRATT Single
22 17/03/1802 John EVERARD Single Nuneaton Elizabeth JOHNSON Single
23 29/03/1802 George OUGHTON Single Elizabeth KNIGHT Single
24 20/04/1802 Samuel SMITH Single Shilton Elizabeth JACKSON Single
25 04/05/1802 John ASTILL Single Sarah HARRISON Single Bulkington
26 11/10/1802 John JACKSON Single Sarah WEBSTER Single
27 18/10/1802 Thomas ARNOLD Single Mary JAQUES Single
28 18/10/1802 William ESSEX Single Mary HARRISS Single
29 25/10/1802 Thomas TWIGGER Single Dorcas SANDERS Single Claybrooke, Leicestershire
30 28/12/1802 George WATKINS Widower Mary WESTON Widow
31 01/05/1803 William BIRCHALL Single Sarah MARCY Single
32 04/05/1803 William HAYNES Single Susanna MARTIN Single
33 31/05/1803 Charles ILIFF Widower Mary SHARPE Bulkington
34 11/07/1803 James HARRISON Widower Hanna HOLT Widow
35 27/09/1803 Joseph BROWN Sapcote, Leicestershire Elizabeth HARRISS
36 12/10/1803 Joseph ESSEX Single Mary FREER Single
37 18/10/1803 James WILSON Elizabeth SWINGFIELD
38 05/01/1804 William ILIFF Single Ann WRIGHT Single
39 20/03/1804 John TOOKEY Single Narborough, Leicestershire Elizabeth DAY Single
40 01/05/1804 Thomas ROWLEY Single Sarah HODGKINS Single Earl Shilton, Leicestershire
41 04/05/1804 Robert BENNETT Single Ann NICHOLS Single
42 01/07/1804 William HEWIT Single Lucy ATKINS Single
43 15/09/1804 William BESBY Single Mary RIDGWAY Single
44 12/10/1804 Joseph LANCTON Single Forcey BINGHAM Single
45 16/10/1804 Marmaduke BURROUGHCLIFF Single Elizabeth LOWE Single
46 16/10/1804 William THOMPSON Single Elizabeth CARRENTON Single
47 22/10/1804 George CROSS Single Elizabeth MUSSON Single
48 01/07/1805 John HALL Single Mary OWEN Single
48 26/08/1805 John LEWIS Single Elizabeth FORD Single
49 15/10/1805 John ESSEX Single Frances WEBSTER Single
50 25/05/1806 George DARLINSON Single Elizabeth GOOZEY Single
51 03/11/1806 Joseph INGRHAM Widower Ann HANDS Single
52 26/12/1806 William HEWIT Single Sarah LYDELL Single
53 12/01/1807 Charles COLLINS Single Elizabeth DOWELL Single Bulkington
54 31/07/1807 Thomas FARMER Single Mary ESSEX Widow
55 06/09/1807 William PINFOLD Single Elizabeth ROWLEY Single
56 12/11/1807 Thomas BURDEN Single Mary ASTILL Single
57 15/11/1807 Thomas MOORE Single Sarah PAILING Single
58 24/01/1808 John TAYLOR Single Ann BOLTON Single Chilvers Coton
59 11/02/1808 Thomas ROWLEY Single Elizabeth THORPE Single
60 22/02/1808 Joseph HIRONS Single Frances CLEAVER Single
61 09/11/1808 Thomas WINTERTON Single Mary TOONE Single
62 05/12/1808 Thomas HILLS Single Mary TWIGGER Single
63 12/01/1809 Edward BOTTERILL Single Ann MOORE Single
64 06/03/1809 John WEBSTER Single Sarah THORPE Single
65 18/03/1809 John CARVELL Single Mary JONES Single
66 26/03/1809 William WEBSTER Single Lucy ROBINSON Single
67 24/05/1809 Thomas MOOR Single Newbold On Avon Sarah STRETTON
68 29/05/1809 Joseph ILIFF Widower Elizabeth DAY Single
69 25/09/1809 William FRANKTON Single Mary WAY Single
70 11/01/1810 Thomas THORPE Mary SMITH Shilton
71 04/04/1810 William CLARKE Single Withybrook Mary ILIFFE Single
72 09/04/1810 Samuel SUTTON Single Ann PARKES Single
73 10/04/1810 Thomas ASHMORE Single Burton Hastings Jemima OVERTON Single
74 15/10/1810 Robert RILEY Single Burbage, Leicestershire Ann ROBINSON Single
75 15/10/1810 Thomas BROWN Single Lucy WARING Single Burbage, Leicestershire
76 15/10/1810 William HODGKINS Single Dunton Bassett, Leicestershire Ann BROWN Single
77 31/12/1810 George REYNOLDS Single Chilvers Coton Mary BENTON Single
78 04/06/1811 William INGRAM Burton Hastings Mary SLEATH
79 26/12/1811 William ASTILL Single Elizabeth TOWNSEND Single
80 16/01/1812 Richard KNIGHT Single Elizabeth SAUNT Single
81 23/04/1812 George FERRY Single Sarah ELTON Single
82 27/05/1812 Thomas PRATT Single Mancetter Sarah PALMER Single
83 09/07/1812 Joseph KNIGHT Single Martha ILIFFE Single
84 13/10/1812 Joseph BLUNDAL Single Hannah ILIFF Single
85 26/10/1812 Edward HINSON Single Ann TWIGGER Single
86 30/11/1812 William TURNER Single Sarah NEWCOMBE Single
1 04/01/1813 John WRIGHT Single Mary FERREY Single
2 18/10/1813 Thomas ROWLEY Single Bulkington Ann WALTON Single
3 08/04/1814 William LIGGINS Single Sarah LANSDELL Single
4 30/05/1814 Joseph HURST Single Sarah ROWLEY Single
5 13/06/1814 Joseph WAIT Combrook Elizabeth ALLCOAT Single
6 09/07/1814 Job MALIN Single Mary MILLS Widow
7 22/03/1815 William WEBSTER Widower Mary PAILING Single
8 20/04/1815 Samuel FLORENCE Single Elizabeth KNIGHT Single
9 18/05/1815 Richard ALLCOAT Single Hannah THORPE Single
10 20/06/1815 Richard Ralph WINTERTON Single Wolston Mary Anne WINTERTON Single
11 22/07/1815 Joseph JOHNSON Single Ann SUTTON Widow
12 07/11/1815 William JARVIS Single Maria ALLCOAT Single
13 07/11/1815 John WALKER Single Anne BIDDLE Single
14 13/11/1815 Thomas PRATT Single Claybrooke, Leicestershire Sarah FITCHET Single
15 18/01/1816 Samuel WALKER Single Sarah TOOKEY Single
16 18/01/1816 Thomas FITTER Single Susannah BARROWS Single
17 29/01/1816 David SMITH Single Margaret HOLLAND Single
18 02/06/1816 Samuel BELLIS Single Elizabeth HADLER Single
19 05/06/1816 Richard BIRD Widower Elizabeth KNIGHT Widow
20 16/07/1816 William TERRALL Single Mary SUTTON Single
21 25/08/1816 John JONES Single Elizabeth DAY Single
22 02/09/1816 Edward TWIGGER Single Hannah TOWNSEND Single
23 26/11/1816 Thomas CAPERS Single Mary WEBSTER Single
24 24/04/1817 Joseph SHREAD Single Elizabeth SUTTON Single
25 28/04/1817 Thomas PEMBERTON Single Susannah BROWN Single
26 13/09/1817 Thomas ALLCOAT Single Elizabeth CLARKE Single
27 15/09/1817 William BLICK Single Ann SUTTON Single
28 03/10/1817 Thomas CLIFF Single Charlotte COLLINS Single
29 14/10/1817 William WRIGHT Single Ann WRIGHT Single
30 22/12/1817 William GARDNER Single Elizabeth NOON Single Thurlaston, Leicestershire
31 30/12/1817 George BENTLEY Single Burbage, Leicestershire Ann ELTON Single
32 04/10/1818 James HADLEY Widower Susanna FRITTON Widow
33 12/10/1818 John BARRS Jane CARRINGTON
34 25/10/1818 William ADLER Rebecca FITCHETT
35 03/11/1818 Richard VEESY Single Mary BROWN Single
36 16/03/1819 William WALKER Single Ruth KNIGHT Single
37 13/10/1819 Joseph SANDERS Single Sharnford, Leicestershire Sarah PRATT Single
38 21/10/1819 John GOODE Single Burton Hastings Mary PERCIVAL Single
39 26/10/1819 William ALLCOAT Single Elizabeth BROWN Single
40 20/01/1820 Thomas CLARK Mancetter Mary CROFT
41 21/02/1820 Thomas SMITH Mary ROWLEY
42 04/04/1820 Thomas WILKINS Single Foleshill Anne BROWN Single
43 25/07/1820 Joseph CALINGTON Single Dorothy ALLCOAT Single
44 22/08/1820 Abraham ELLIOTT Single Sharnford, Leicestershire Alice BRADFORD Single
45 15/10/1820 John FALKNER Single Matilda ALLCOAT Single
46 20/11/1820 William WAKELIN Single Misterton, Leicestershire Isabella ASTILL Single
47 27/05/1821 John PLOVER Ann MARTIN
48 05/07/1821 Thomas Drought WEIGHTMAN Mary NICHOLLS
49 08/07/1821 James ADLER Hannah PLOVER
50 06/12/1821 Marmaduke FAWKES Single Claybrooke, Leicestershire Elizabeth COLLINS Single
51 25/12/1821 John HADLER Single Letitia FORD Single
52 09/05/1822 Jeremiah MOORE Single Nuneaton Mary WRIGHT Single
53 09/06/1822 William CAPERS Widower Mary MYRY Widow
54 15/08/1822 Thomas BOTT Single Ashby De La Zouch, Leicestershire Martha ELTON Single
55 26/08/1822 William HARRISON Single Elizabeth ABBOTTS Single
56 16/09/1822 George BENNETT Single Burbage, Leicestershire Hannah BELLIS Single
57 17/09/1822 William BOLTON Amy ROBINSON
58 21/10/1822 William SMITH Single Elizabeth COPSON
59 27/10/1822 John CROSS Widower Mary COX Single
60 10/11/1822 Isaac KNIGHT Elizabeth KNIGHT
61 01/12/1822 David KNIGHT Sarah TWIGGER
62 02/12/1822 Edward HUGHES Single Louisa MAYON Single Twycross, Leicestershire
63 25/12/1822 William HAYNES Ann KIBBLE Bulkington
64 25/12/1822 Thomas PALING Elizabeth KNIGHT
65 02/02/1823 John PEMBERTON Mary BIRD
66 27/03/1823 Samuel WALKER Elizabeth WALKER
67 16/06/1823 John JONES Mary HAYNES
68 06/07/1823 Thomas SANDS Stoke Upon Trent, Staffordshire Elizabeth SUTTON
69 02/10/1823 Joseph MASON Sharnford, Leicestershire Sarah HOW Single
70 13/10/1823 William GREEN Sarah VESEY
71 05/02/1824 Joseph THORPE Mary OUGHTON
72 18/04/1824 John MALIN Single Holy Trinity, Coventry Hannah DEWIS Single
74 09/06/1824 George ROWLEY Elizabeth MOORE
75 18/06/1824 Amos SUTTON Single Sevenoaks, Kent Charlotte COLLINS Single
76 09/11/1824 John CHAMBERLAIN Burbage, Leicestershire Ann WRIGHT
77 15/11/1824 Francis BARRATT Church Lawford Mary CROSS
78 29/12/1824 Richard SHAW Hinckley, Leicestershire Catharine WEST
79 08/04/1825 Joseph WRIGHT Single Elizabeth TOOKEY Widow
80 16/05/1825 William GARNER Frances BAILEY
81 26/06/1825 Joseph KENNING Nuneaton Elizabeth WRIGHT
82 11/07/1825 James SUTTON St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey Sarah Elizabeth COLLINS
83 25/10/1825 William CHAMBERLAIN Withybrook Mary TWIGGER
84 20/08/1826 Richard THORPE Rebecca BROWN
85 13/10/1826 Joseph WEBSTER Burbage, Leicestershire Hannah WRIGHT
86 29/10/1826 William PICKARD Hannah CLARK
87 20/11/1826 John SMITH Martha BROWN
88 26/11/1826 Joseph BROWN Jane PLOVER
89 03/06/1827 John WRIGHT Elizabeth ASTELL
90 20/08/1827 Thomas PAYNE Hephzibah WEST
91 08/09/1827 John PLOVER Mary THORNTON
92 28/10/1827 William ALLCOAT Elizabeth WRIGHT
93 03/02/1828 Robert MARSTON Nuneaton Hannah BROWN
94 10/04/1828 William WAREING Single Moulton, Northamptonshire Elizabeth COLLINS Single
95 13/04/1828 Joseph HEWITT Susannah ORTON
96 23/09/1828 John PERKINS Elizabeth CROSS
97 14/10/1828 Michael WRIGHT Sarah WARD
98 19/10/1828 Joseph KENNING Sarah BARBER
99 19/10/1828 John TROTTER Sarah HAYNES
100 02/11/1828 James MASON Ann ABBOTTS
101 26/11/1828 James KENNON St Michael, Coventry Sarah PERKINS
102 28/12/1828 Thomas NIXON Maria ARNOLD
103 08/06/1829 William COLLIER Mary Ann THORPE
104 05/07/1829 Richard PEMBERTON Elizabeth PALIN
105 30/07/1829 John BROWN Single Mary MOORE Single
106 12/10/1829 George HIPWELL Newbold On Avon Sarah PRATT
107 19/10/1829 Charles CLARKE Hinckley, Leicestershire Elizabeth SMITH
108 08/12/1829 Thomas HUTCHINGS Churchover Mary VESEY
109 04/02/1830 Chamberlain HOLYOAK Susanna BARACLOUGH
110 23/02/1830 John HEWITT Single Esther ILIFF Single
111 03/05/1830 William TUNKS Ratcliffe Culey, Leicestershire Elizabeth QUINNEY
112 08/07/1830 Nathan ASTELL Single Mary ROWLEY Single
113 19/09/1830 George ILIFF Dinah CLARK
114 02/11/1830 William LEE Ann QUINNEY
115 18/03/1831 John ELSON Single Mary STUBBS Single
116 31/05/1831 William FLOWER Single Mary JONES Widow
117 11/10/1831 George UPTON Single Jane ADLER Single
118 08/11/1831 William ASKILL Single Brinklow Elizabeth LEE Single
119 19/03/1832 William WALKER St Margaret, Leicester, Leicestershire Ann CROFTS
120 05/04/1832 Edward BEAMISH Single Nuneaton Sarah WEST Single
121 12/07/1832 William SMITH Single Susannah HEWITT
122 04/10/1832 Samuel WALKER Single Maria MARTIN Bulkington
123 15/10/1832 Mark MILLS Harriet BENNETT
124 16/10/1832 John VEASEY Charlotte HAKSLEY
125 26/12/1832 Joseph WESTON Kimcote And Walton, Leicestershire Elizabeth FERREY
126 21/01/1833 John MOORE Claybrooke, Leicestershire Hannah HEWITT
127 05/02/1833 William BATES Mary BROWN
128 05/03/1833 William CHEEKLEY Widower Bulkington Mary LEE Single
129 09/04/1833 John TRUELOVE Single Sarah WHITEHEAD Single
130 29/04/1833 Edward BRAY Single Long Compton Eliza Boucher WEIGHTMAN Single
131 14/05/1833 William THORPE Hannah OUGHTON
132 08/07/1833 Joseph JOHNSON Susannah ROWLEY
133 26/08/1833 John MATTHEWS Mary MARSON
134 21/10/1833 Joseph LEADER Claybrooke, Leicestershire Sarah HEWITT
135 19/11/1833 Richard JOHNSON Ann BIRCHALL
136 26/11/1833 Thomas ROSE Sarah ROWLEY
137 22/09/1834 Thomas CHENEY Sharnford, Leicestershire Phoebe COOKE
138 13/10/1834 Richard TAYLOR Harriet ABBOTTS
139 04/12/1834 James HOWKINS Lucy WEBSTER
140 22/02/1835 William ASTILL Martha KNIGHT
141 02/03/1835 John HAYNES Mary HAMES
142 13/04/1835 George RICHARDSON Martha HUMPHREY
143 08/06/1835 William LOVITT Sarah HEWITT
144 22/09/1835 John ARNOLD Sarah THORNTON
145 18/12/1835 John PATTISON Ann FERREY
146 20/03/1836 Joseph THORP Widower Elizabeth KNIGHT Widow
147 14/07/1836 John WRIGHT Charlotte CARRINTON
148 22/11/1836 Thomas WATTS Withybrook Ann HEWITT
149 05/03/1837 John SHERWEN Single Elizabeth EDMONDS Widow

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