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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Lowther St Michael


The Parish

The parish of Lowther lies in northern Westmorland quite close to its border with neighbouring Cumberland. Lowther is situated about 5 miles south of the Cumberland market town of Penrith and sits just west of the A6 road which connects Penrith with Kendal. Much of the village of Lowther was created after the original village was demolished to make-way for the estate of Lowther Castle, the new settlement being on the fringes of the park and called Newtown. Today Newtown sits alongside developments alongside the the A6 in what is a relatively dispersed settlement. Given the presence of the Lowther estate it is not surprising that much of the economy was dependent upon the estate, the Lowther family attempted to provide jobs in Newtown through carpet & linen manufacture but these enterprises were ultimately unsuccessful. Today the economy is largely based on pastoral farming albeit augmented by the tourist trade enabled by the proximity of both the English Lake District & the Pennines. Lowther is drained by the River Lowther which heads northwards and by the Eamont & Eden makes its way to the Irish Sea through the Solway Firth. Newtown is sited at around 220 metres above the sea, some 40 metres above the church site, in upland countryside that border the nearby Lake District, whilst being within the National Park it is outside the fell country but local heights still rise to over 300 metres within a few miles. Lowther parish was extensive as are many in upland Britain, it covered just over 3,500 acres and would have supported a population of around 450 parishioners. There is no mention of Lowther in Domesday Book which has scant coverage of this northern area.

The Church

St Michael's church sits within the estate of Lowther castle a few hundred metres north of the lane which crosses the estate from the A6 to Askham. The church has its origins in the late 12th century, Pevsner dates the northern arcade to this Romanesque period. Much else is later and 13th century Early English Gothic. The church, however, received a major rebuild by the Lowther family in 1856 which totally replaced the facade with the exterior we see today in a Victorian style masking the internal architectural detail. The church sits amongst a parkland setting, the gates being just as the slope starts to descend towards the River Lowther where a small area permits parking, a short walk across the park takes you to the church which has no obvious obstructions to photography around it.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 5th May 1755 - 19th December 1812 Cumbria Archives - Kendal - Reference -WPR12/1/2/1 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 30th June 1813 - 26th November 1836 Cumbria Archives - Kendal - Reference -WPR12/1/2/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Askham St Peter
Barton St Michael
Clifton St Cuthbert
Clifton St Cuthbert
Cliburn St Cuthbert
Askham St Peter
Bampton St Patrick
Morland St Laurence
Bampton St Patrick
Bampton St Patrick
Shap St Michael
Morland St Laurence

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 05/05/1755 Anthony TINKLER Single   Margaret CROSBY Single  
2 20/05/1755 Thomas GIBSON Single Kirkoswald, Cumberland Deborah SLACK Single  
3 03/06/1755 John WILKINSON Single   Ann RAILTON Single Crosthwaite, Cumberland
4 01/07/1755 Henry NELSON Widower   Mary WILKINSON Single  
1 17/11/1755 Joseph GRAHAM Single   Elizabeth TEASDALE    
2 22/12/1755 John ADDISON Widower Morland Sarah STEPHENSON Widow  
3 11/03/1756 James DENT Single   Martha WINDER Single Allendale, Northumberland
4 30/05/1756 William THOMPSON Single   Hannah HOLME Single  
1 06/08/1756 John SANDERSON   Wetheral, Cumberland Margaret RICHARDSON Single  
2 11/11/1756 Daniel HESLOP Single   Elizabeth PEARSON Single  
3 15/05/1757 Richard WALKER Single   Margaret YARKER Single  
4 11/05/1758 Thomas GILBANKS Widower   Grace ELWOOD Single  
1 02/10/1758 Robert STUBBS   Penrith, Cumberland Mary BEACHER    
2 12/10/1758 Robert YARKER Single   Sarah HARRIS Single  
3 12/11/1758 Joseph MUTTINSON Single Barton Isabella DOBSON Single  
4 23/04/1759 Thomas CASTICK Single   Elizabeth BOWNESS Widow  
1 13/11/1759 James RUSSEL Single   Margaret MILES Single  
2 25/05/1760 Stephen DUFTON Single   Mary MONKHOUSE Single Barton
3 27/05/1760 William THOMPSON Single   Mary BIRD Single Morland
4 01/08/1761 Benjamin PROCTOR Single   Hannah BRYHAM    
1 10/11/1761 William RITSON Single   Mary HOLME Single  
2 31/01/1762 Joseph HODGSON Single   Agnes FALLOWFIELD Widow  
3 05/08/1762 Wade SMITH Single   Elizabeth DOCKERA Single  
4 10/08/1762 John YARKER Single   Margaret BRADLEY Single Bampton
1 17/08/1762 Thomas ROBINSON Single   Isabel FOSTER Single  
2 05/04/1763 John HOWARD Single   Sarah RITSON Single  
3 07/04/1763 Joseph FORESTER Single Watermillock, Cumberland Mary BOAK Single  
4 17/04/1763 John PLUMB Single   Lucretia LANGHAM    
1 02/07/1763 James CLARK Single   Isabel ATKINSON Single Shap
2 22/11/1763 Thomas SEWEL Single St Cuthbert, Carlisle, Cumberland Ann WALKER Single  
3 18/02/1764 Walter OUSTIN   Appleby Catharine HOWARD    
4 14/07/1764 Thomas LYCOCK   Clifton Edith PEARSON    
1 15/11/1764 Thomas LOWTHION   Lazonby, Cumberland Margaret SANDERSON    
2 13/12/1764 Thomas ELLIS Widower   Margaret HENDERSON Widow  
3 15/01/1765 William BRYHAM Single   Ann LONSDALE Single  
4 25/02/1765 John THOMPSON Single   Ann GAITSGARTH Single  
1 02/04/1765 Thomas CASTICK Widower   Sarah PATTINSON Single  
2 03/07/1765 John GARNER Single   Agnes MARSHAL Single  
3 23/09/1765 Thomas RHODES Single   Mary HARRISON Single  
4 12/11/1765 William BUSHBY     Mary LEYBURN Single  
1 19/08/1767 Thomas COWLEY     Elizabeth STEWARDSON Widow  
2 11/09/1768 Thomas WALKER Single   Sarah SCOTT Single  
3 05/10/1768 Alexander SMITH     Nancy JOHNSON Single  
4 20/08/1769 William FORSTER     Mary TROUTBECK    
1 14/11/1769 Joseph DOWSON   Kirkby Thore Isabella KENDALL    
2 12/03/1770 Nicholas WOOF Single   Sarah STAGG Single  
3 23/09/1770 John KIRKPATRICK Single   Elizabeth MOUNSEY Single  
4 11/11/1770 William DAY Single   Catharine ALLAN Single  
1 24/12/1770 William YOUNG Single   Mally GILLBANKS Single  
2 01/01/1771 David MURRAY Single   Mary WILSON Single  
3 11/03/1771 Joseph MANDEL Single Crosthwaite, Cumberland Hannah ROWLANDS    
4 28/10/1771 Timothy MORTON   Askham Frances HERRING Single  
1 02/01/1772 Edward TAYLOR Single Morland Mary WALKER Single  
2 01/06/1772 Thomas LOUGH Single   Sarah WRIGHT Single  
3 22/12/1772 Edward WILSON Widower   Lucy HODGSON Single  
4 25/03/1773 Joseph YERWARD Single   Betty KITCHING Single  
2 05/04/1773 William SMITH Single Kirkland, Cumberland Isabel DOWSON Widow  
02/08/1773 John COOK Single   Barbara SLEDEL Single  
03/10/1773 Thomas SANDER Single   Jane BATY Single  
1 31/01/1774 Edward GILLBANKS Single   Ann RALLINSON Single  
2 08/03/1774 William STEPHENSON Single   Elizabeth HODGSON Single  
3 28/04/1774 John GRAHAM Single Brougham Mary WORKMAN Single  
4 18/05/1774 Anthony WILLAN Single   Ann BOAK Single  
1 08/02/1775 George WOOF Single   Mary STEPHENSON Single  
2 25/05/1775 William COOK Widower   Elizabeth BROWN Single  
3 06/07/1775 John MALLISON Single   Ann WOOF Single  
4 18/07/1775 Edmund KENDAL Single   Margaret WILLAN Single  
1 01/10/1775 Joseph BROWN Single Kirkby Thore Elizabeth BATEMAN Single  
2 05/03/1776 John DALTON Single Kirkland, Cumberland Jane BAITMAN Single  
3 18/04/1776 William LANCASTER Single Dacre, Cumberland Mary BOUSFIELD Single  
4 27/01/1777 Robert JACKSON Single   Dorothy WILKINSON Single  
1 02/04/1777 Anthony LANGHORN Single Bampton Betty WILKINSON Single  
2 11/06/1777 Christopher DIXON Single   Isabella CASTICK Single  
3 04/09/1777 Joseph WINDER Single Askham Sarah ROBINSON Single  
4 10/11/1777 William NICHOLSON Single Cliburn Mary GALLAND Single  
1 19/11/1777 George HAMBIDGE Single   Mary BARKER Single  
2 04/03/1779 Gabriel FRY Single   Rose CARPENTER Single  
3 15/05/1782 John CARRICK Widower   Mary GRAHAM Single  
4 26/12/1782 Lancelot TODHUNTER   St Bees, Cumberland Biddy WILKINSON Single  
1 26/05/1783 Richard WALKER Single   Hannah WALKER Single  
2 15/02/1784 Thomas WILKINSON Single Bampton Elizabeth TEASDALE Single  
3 28/04/1784 Archibald WILSON Widower   Ann MCANTIRE Widow  
4 02/05/1784 Thomas MOSS Single Kirkby Stephen Elizabeth GILBANKS Single  
1 03/10/1784 Thomas TWEEDALL Single   Mary DUFTON Single  
2 13/10/1784 Andrew ARMSTRONG Single Barton Mary MALLISON Single  
3 04/11/1784 Elderbrand WINNE Single   Patience RUTLAND Single  
4 26/12/1784 Timothy MORTON Widower   Jane BOWNESS Widow  
1 17/10/1785 Joseph THOMPSON Single   Ann FALLOWFIELD Single  
2 10/05/1786 Henry YARKER Single   Elizabeth GREEN Single  
3 05/07/1786 John BRANTHWAITE Single Askham Ann WILKINSON Single  
4 09/07/1786 Joseph HODGSON Widower   Elizabeth TINKLER Widow  
1 28/10/1786 David HARRISON Widower Clifton Jane DICKINSON Single  
2 24/12/1786 Thomas RICKERBY Single   Hannah KITCHING Single  
3 27/12/1786 John BURTON Single St Bees, Cumberland Elizabeth WILLAN Single  
4 29/05/1787 William SLEE Single   Elizabeth PROCTER Single Kirkoswald, Cumberland
1 26/07/1787 Joseph MALLISON Single   Mary GRAHAM Single  
2 19/09/1787 Thomas ORPHIN Single   Mary DAWSON Single  
3 11/11/1787 Robert CLARK Single Bampton Elizabeth WATSON Single  
4 22/11/1787 Michael KENDAL Single   Mary KIRKPATRICK Single Clifton
1 10/08/1788 James MACDONALD Single Shap Isabella WALKER Single  
2 16/04/1789 Jonathan BROWN Single Barton Sarah RITSON Single  
3 31/05/1789 John BIRKBECK Widower Kirkby Stephen Agnes MARTIN Widow  
4 20/07/1789 Robert BURROW Single   Jane PLUMB Single  
1 10/12/1789 Thomas PATTISON Single   Jane BEATTIE Single  
2 15/04/1790 William TEASDALE Single   Sarah WILKINSON Single  
3 27/12/1790 George EGGLESTON Single Morland Mary ALLISON Single  
4 27/01/1791 William YOUNG   Newton Reigny, Cumberland Ann THOMPSON    
1 21/07/1791 Richard DILWORTH Widower Lancaster, Lancashire Ann YARKER Single  
2 03/08/1791 John FOULDER Single   Elizabeth GRAHAM Single  
3 07/05/1792 Joseph WILKINSON Single   Margaret GRAHAM Single  
4 21/05/1792 Zacceus YOUNG Single Shap Elizabeth FOULDER Single  
1 13/11/1792 Isaac ROBINSON Single   Elizabeth RICHARDSON Single  
2 12/12/1792 John STOBBART Single Sedbergh, Yorkshire Ann MATTISON Single  
3 29/01/1793 John BROWN Widower   Mary JOHNSTON Widow  
4 24/04/1793 Jonathan SLEE Single   Elizabeth BLAKE Single  
1 04/08/1793 Henry RICHARDSON Single Askham Elizabeth JACKSON Single  
2 31/10/1793 Jonathan BIRKBECK Single   Ann MALLISON Single  
3 29/01/1795 Thomas THOMPSON Single Morland Jane RITSON Single  
4 05/02/1795 John BAILEY Single Askham Betty THOMPSON Single  
1 22/03/1795 Edmund KITCHEN Single Morland Elizabeth WATSON Single  
2 01/05/1795 John BROWN Single Morland Alice BURLEY Single  
3 26/07/1795 John BROWN Single Morland Eleanor SMITH Single  
4 02/06/1796 Edward NELSON Single Morland Sarah HOWARD Single  
1 12/12/1796 Thomas NICHOLSON Widower   Ann TINKLER Single  
2 13/12/1796 Joseph HODGSON Single   Hannah HODGSON Single  
3 26/01/1797 John YOUNG Single Newton Reigny, Cumberland Mary THOMPSON Single  
4 26/12/1797 Thomas TINKLER Single   Esther HIRD Single  
1 01/01/1798 Joshua WILLIAMSON Single   Agnes GARNER Single  
2 08/10/1799 George DONALD Widower   Frances HANNEL Widow  
3 28/10/1801 David BROWN Single   Isabel WALKER Single  
4 25/12/1802 Gabriel FRY Widower   Susan VENLISS Single  
1 24/02/1803 William YARKER Single   Nancy DAY Single  
2 30/03/1803 William BELL Single St Andrew Holborn, City Of London Margaret WHEATLEY Single  
3 08/12/1803 Thomas LAYCOCK Single   Ann THOMPSON Single  
4 07/01/1804 Charles BELL Single Penrith, Cumberland Jannet WHEATLEY Single  
1 26/03/1804 Thomas ORPHAN Widower   Priscilla PLUMB Single  
2 23/04/1804 Joseph HODGSON Widower   Ruth NOBLE Widow  
3 06/09/1804 Richard BAYLY Single   Frances JACKSON Single  
4 10/09/1804 Allen CARRADUS Single   Elizabeth ION Single  
1 25/03/1805 Robert BRAITHWAITE Single Kendal Charlotte PROCTOR Single  
2 24/04/1805 John BLAKE Single   Isabella YARKER Single  
3 12/06/1805 Joseph MALLINSON Single St Bees, Cumberland Mary WALKER Single  
4 26/12/1805 Thomas NICHOLSON Single Watermillock, Cumberland Jane STOCKDALE Single  
1 29/05/1806 William ROOK Single   Esther WALKER Single  
2 17/07/1806 John ATKINSON Single   Mary BROWN Single  
3 08/04/1807 James FORREST Single   Ann BURNEY Single  
4 21/12/1807 William SLEE Single St Lawrence, Appleby Mary RICHARDSON Single  
1 27/02/1808 William FALLOWFIELD Single Morland Ann KINLEY Single  
2 12/03/1808 Charles ROTHERAM Single   Jane HALFPENNY Single  
3 04/08/1808 James PHILLIPS Single   Jane JACKSON Single  
4 29/12/1808 Philip ABBOT Single   Elizabeth HOLMES Single St Cuthbert, Carlisle, Cumberland
1 30/11/1809 John BELL Single Newton Reigny, Cumberland Mary RITSON Single  
2 20/12/1809 Henry CRELLIN Single Morland Ann WILLAN Single  
3 22/01/1810 William BUSH Single   Jane DUFTON Single  
4 17/02/1810 John WESTERN Single   Mary HALFPENNY Single  
1 25/02/1810 Thomas ARMSTRONG Single Penrith, Cumberland Hannah HAMILTON Single  
2 21/05/1810 Richard RIGG Single   Mary SIMPSON Single  
3 11/06/1810 John RIGG Single   Elizabeth MCCROAN Single Dacre, Cumberland
4 07/07/1810 William HODGSON Single Penrith, Cumberland Agnes GREEN Single  
1 22/09/1810 William MALLINSON Single   Elizabeth WINTER Single  
2 15/11/1810 John JACKSON Single   Mary THOMPSON Single  
3 10/12/1810 James STEWARDSON Single Morland Jane JACKSON Single  
4 26/01/1811 John SLEE Single   Jane NICHOLSON Single  
1 23/03/1811 Joseph STOCKDALE Widower   Jane PEEL Single Morland
2 27/04/1811 Joseph SIBSON Single   Jane THOMPSON Single  
3 17/05/1811 Jeremiah LEE Single   Hannah ROPER Single  
4 02/11/1811 Joseph MAWSON Single   Lydia BRYHAM Single  
1 11/11/1811 John HOW Single   Margaret FAWCETT Single  
2 28/12/1811 Thomas WALKER Single   Mabel GRAHAM Single  
3 11/01/1812 James FRY Widower   Deborah COOPER Single Shap
4 08/02/1812 William MILNER Single Brougham Elizabeth TRAVIS Single  
1 06/04/1812 John AIREY Single Standish, Lancashire Mary LUMB Single  
2 19/12/1812 Benjamin GRISDALE Single   Mary MOUNSEY Single  
1 30/06/1813 Thomas HEDRICH Widower   Hannah HALL Single  
2 14/08/1813 Robert CAMPBELL Single   Mary FALLOWFIELD Single  
3 04/09/1813 Thomas YEATES Single Penrith, Cumberland Elizabeth HOBSON Single  
4 13/11/1813 John STEELY Single   Ann DENT Single  
5 01/05/1814 William KEYHAW Single   Frances DENTON Single  
6 11/06/1814 Richard WALKER Single   Hannah THOMPSON Single  
7 30/07/1814 Thomas FOXEN Single Morland Maria FRY Single  
8 22/11/1814 John ABBOT Single Penrith, Cumberland Jane BROWN Single  
9 22/04/1815 Thomas SANDERSON Single   Elizabeth BURRAL Single  
10 22/07/1815 John PLUMBE Single   Margaret HARRISON Single  
11 23/10/1815 James BLACKBURNE Single Penrith, Cumberland Margaret HOBSON Single  
12 18/11/1815 Thomas KIRKLEY Single Askham Hannah TODHUNTER Single  
13 21/02/1816 Robert ROBINSON Single Crosby Ravensworth Elizabeth WALKER Single  
14 24/06/1816 Thomas ATKINSON Single Edenhall, Cumberland Jane MATTOCK Single  
15 31/08/1816 Edward RICHARDSON Single   Sarah YARKER Single  
16 11/01/1817 James ELLWOOD Single Bampton Isabella NICHOLSON Single  
17 29/03/1817 Henry MACCADE Single Bridekirk, Cumberland Hannah PLUMB Single  
18 30/04/1818 Anthony HOBSON Single   Mary HARRISON    
19 10/11/1818 Thomas JAQUES Single   Agnes HUNTER    
20 17/11/1819 Thomas RAWES Single   Eleanor COATS   Morland
21 20/03/1820 Robert JAMES Single Barton Jane BROWN Single  
22 18/05/1820 Edward HARRAP Single   Jane HAMILTON Single  
23 29/05/1820 Joseph Lonsdale BRYHAM Single   Anne BROWN Single  
24 08/01/1821 John PEARSON Single Morland Sarah WILLIAMSON    
25 07/04/1821 Thomas FAWCET Single   Mary ROPER Single  
26 14/07/1821 James JACKSON Single Morland Margaret ROBINSON Single  
27 10/09/1821 George WIGLEY Single   Isabella HENDERSON Single  
28 29/10/1821 Thomas HARLING Single   Elizabeth BURNEY Single  
29 15/04/1822 Robert PEARSON Single Cliburn Mary THOMPSON Single  
30 13/07/1822 John Jackson BAILEY Single   Frances COLSTONE Single  
31 17/10/1823 John WINTER Single Barton Margaret ROBINSON Single  
32 18/11/1823 William MILNER Single Bampton Mary BIRBECK Single  
33 22/11/1823 Robert HARRISON Single   Priscilla BURROW Single  
34 22/01/1824 Isaac HUDSON Single Bampton Ann THOMPSON Single  
35 15/03/1824 William LANCASTER Widower Morland Sarah BAILEY Single  
36 04/11/1824 Richard CLARK Widower   Mary MARTIN Widow Morland
37 13/11/1824 Thomas FURNESS Single Clifton Frances ABBOT Single  
38 15/11/1824 John MOUNSEY Single Morland Agnes HIGGARTH Single  
39 13/04/1825 William ROSE Single   Jane THOMPSON Single  
40 04/07/1825 Gilbert SOWERBY Widower Brigham, Cumberland Ann KIRKPATRICK    
41 26/10/1825 Christopher GARNETT Single   Catherine NORMAN Single  
42 22/12/1825 John HOWSON Single   Margaret TOMLINSON Single  
43 11/03/1826 William NICHOLSON Single   Margaret BOOK Single  
44 08/06/1826 Thomas GREEN Single   Hannah FAIRER Single  
45 16/09/1826 Thomas COWARD Single Kendal Elizabeth RICKERBY Single  
46 02/08/1827 John HOPES Single Askham Dinah HARRISON Single  
47 02/08/1828 Thomas LAYCOCK Single   Margaret THOMPSON Widow  
48 06/12/1828 William ATKINSON Single   Mary NELSON Single  
49 17/06/1829 Robert BURROW Single   Margaret ATKINSON    
50 31/08/1830 Thomas PATTINSON     Ann HALL    
51 04/09/1830 Charles SALKELD     Frances WALKER    
52 04/06/1831 William KERSHAW Single Clifton Lydia FALLOWFIELD Single  
53 23/07/1831 Thomas WILSON Widower   Jane MALLISON Widow  
54 30/07/1831 John PEARSON   Penrith, Cumberland Jane LAYCOCK    
55 12/11/1831 William LANGLEY Single   Margaret OGLETHORPE Single  
56 04/01/1832 Thomas WORKMAN Single   Mary WALKER Single  
57 08/04/1833 George DOBSON Single   Sarah CHAPLOW Single  
58 13/06/1833 Mark BOOTH Single Appleby Isabella BELL Single  
59 23/11/1833 William RIGG Single   Barbara DODD Widow  
60 17/05/1834 Richard LOWIS   Long Marton Mary GOODBURN    
61 02/10/1834 William WALKER Widower   Mary DAVISON Single  
62 11/11/1834 John JACKSON   Morland Dinah EARL    
63 07/03/1835 Mark COULSTON     Mary ELLWOOD    
64 12/03/1836 Thomas HUTCHINSON     Elizabeth SIMPSON    
65 24/05/1836 George RIGG     Ann DENNISON    
66 12/11/1836 William PEARSON Widower Askham Mary RUSSELL Single  
67 12/11/1836 Thomas EGGLESTON Widower   Margaret FENTON Single  
68 15/11/1836 Joseph PIRT Single   Anne MARK Single  
69 26/11/1836 George WRIGHT Widower Penrith, Cumberland Dinah GRAHAM Single  

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