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Alton Barnes St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Alton Barnes lies in central Wiltshire about 4 miles northwest of the small market town of Pewsey. Alton Barnes sits in an extensive expanse of countryside devoid of significant numbered roads, the closest major roads are those accessing Pewsey itself. Modern developments have, however, penetrated this area as the Kennet & Avon Canal passes close by and the London to Taunton rail line also passes a couple of miles to the south. Alton Barnes is a tiny place, little more than a hamlet which sits in a valley followed by the canal through the chalk downland of the Wiltshire Downs, The area has a long history as Neolithic monuments and the more modern day White Horse surmount the local hilltops. Alton Barnes would have largely earned its income from sheep and their wool production, the chalk downland providing too thin a soil for arable farming. Whilst chalk country has little surface drainage small streams wend their way southwards to form the headwaters of the Hampshire Avon which makes its way south to the English Channel through Salisbury & Ringwood to Christchurch Harbour. Alton Barnes is sited at around 130 metres above the sea but land rises to the north to reach almost 300 metres on nearby Milk Hill. Alton Barnes parish was one of the smallest in extent in the county covering barely 1,000 acres it would have supported around 150 parishioners. In Domesday times Alton Barnes was equally small, held by one Edward of Salisbury it could offer just 3 plough, a small meadow but did possess a mill.

The Church

St Mary's church sits just east of the main north to south running lane which passes through Alton Barnes, a mark of the small nature of the parish is the sight of Alton Priors church less than 1/4 mile away. St Mary is an ancient church, certainly pre-Conquest in most of its fabric. The tall and narrow proportions of the nave, together with the enormous long-and-short quoin stones of the western end point to the Anglo-Saxon period and probably of the early 11th century. The efforts of the Victorians and others in their restorations serve to mask the dating evidence for much else; the chancel was rebuilt in brick in 1748 whilst the usual 19th century changes are also evident. Church Farm Lane is signed to St Mary Saxon Church and it leads to a vehicular dead-end by a large farm. The churchyard, unfortunately has many trees which make photographing this early church a difficult prospect.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 16th May 1754 - 17th November 1812 Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre - Reference - PR006/1/2 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 20th February 1814 - 29th October 1836 Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre - Reference - PR006/1/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Stanton St Bernard All Saints
East Kennett Christ Church
East Kennett Christ Church
Stanton St Bernard All Saints
Alton Priors All Saints
Stanton St Bernard All Saints
Woodborough St Mary Magdalene
Woodborough St Mary Magdalene

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 16/05/1754 Richard ALEXSANDER   Stanton St Bernard Mary BROWN    
2 26/01/1759 Philip BROWN     Ann GRAY    
3 03/09/1759 John RUSSELL   Basingstoke, Hampshire Jane KNIGHT    
4 14/06/1761 Charles OFFER     Jane BURDEN    
5 02/01/1763 William DRAPER     Hanna HALL    
6 17/02/1768 William FOWLES   Knook Martha ROBINS Single  
7 02/12/1770 Robert CHANDLER   Wanborough Hannah DRAPER    
8 08/05/1771 John CLEVERLY   Colerne Catharine BRISTOW Single  
9 22/11/1773 George TAYLOR Single East Coulston Ann PILE Single  
10 30/05/1774 William GALE   Manningford Abbots Mary HIGGINS Single  
11 07/05/1778 Samuel HAMLEN   Stanton St Bernard Mary ROFFE Single  
12 18/10/1779 John MASLEN     Grace STONE    
13 26/04/1781 Harry HISCOCK     Jane PILE    
14 03/05/1781 Thomas SPRINGBATT   Stanton St Bernard Mary HARRIS    
15 15/10/1781 James GIBBES   Orcheston St George Mary PILE    
16 10/02/1782 John WISHLOCK   Vernham Dean, Hampshire Maude SPACKMAN    
17 04/09/1785 Bartholomew LESTER   North Newnton Mary OFFER    
18 30/06/1788 John BUCKLAND   Manningford Abbots Martha KEMBLE Single  
19 25/12/1788 Thomas DOWSE     Elizabeth MACKLIN   Bishops Canning
20 13/08/1789 Richard DOWSE     Ann WICKS    
21 23/10/1790 John NORRIS   Stanton St Bernard Sarah GREEN    
22 14/02/1791 William HAILSTONE   Alton Priors Betty ROBBINS    
23 14/10/1791 Jonathan RAYMOND   Alton Priors Hannah SPACKMAN    
24 15/07/1792 William BULLOCK   Alton Priors Rose RAYMOND    
25 16/05/1796 George BATT   Alton Priors Ann BOLLAND Single  
26 04/08/1796 John BURDON   Alton Priors Martha ROBBINS    
27 06/08/1796 James DOWSE     Mary MATTHEWS Widow  
28 19/09/1796 John FURMAGE     Ann SHIPMAN    
29 03/07/1797 John SWANBOROUGH     Ann OFFER    
30 31/10/1797 Thomas POWEL   Stanton St Bernard Jane RAYMOND    
31 04/07/1799 Thomas DIXON   Burbage Sophia BUCKLAND    
32 27/10/1799 John LYNE     Ann PINCHIN   Woodborough
33 23/06/1803 Daniel ETWALL     Anne BATHA    
34 18/10/1803 William JENNINGS     Elizabeth PERRY    
35 14/05/1804 Thomas HITCHCOCK   Wilcot Hannah MILES    
36 07/08/1806 William ROWDEN   Compton Chamberlain Mary MASLEN    
37 19/10/1807 Isaac PERY     Elizabeth MILES    
38 19/12/1807 John RUDMAN   Wilsford By Pewsey Sarah MILES    
39 18/10/1808 Stephen MARSHAL     Laetitia BENNET   Chirton
40 03/08/1812 John EDWARDS   Ogbourne St George Sarah RAYMOND    
41 15/11/1812 James MERRITT     Martha KNIGHT   Wilsford By Pewsey
42 17/11/1812 John SWANBOROUGH     Maria WILTSHIRE   Woodborough
1 20/02/1814 Thomas PERRY   Alton Priors Elizabeth COOLE    
2 10/04/1815 Joseph BENGER   Alton Priors Martha DOWSE    
3 26/04/1815 Robert BROWN   St Peter & St Paul, Marlborough Sarah WORTLAND    
4 07/09/1816 Henry HAMS     Sarah HAILSTONE    
5 14/10/1816 George BAYLEY     Sarah MERRITT    
6 13/11/1817 Thomas MARKS   Ramsbury Elizabeth RAYMOND    
7 05/11/1818 Charles DOWSE   Wilcot Ann KING    
8 01/11/1819 Gideon SMITH   Wilcot Elizabeth SELWOOD    
9 16/11/1820 James NORRIS   Stanton St Bernard Mary NEWMAN    
10 02/04/1821 Stephen BULLOCK   Woodborough Ann SELWOOD    
11 05/12/1821 William BEAMES   Allington Honour PILE    
12 25/04/1822 William MATTHEWS   Alton Priors Jane TILLY    
13 10/04/1823 John POPE     Elizabeth GIDDINGS    
14 11/08/1823 William MARSH   All Cannings Martha SELWOOD    
15 14/08/1823 Stephen DOWSE     Avis MILES    
16 10/11/1823 James Somerset COOK   Wilcot Sarah SELWOOD    
17 03/10/1825 John TANNER   East Kennett Martha BROWN    
18 14/12/1826 Paul AMBER     Amy BAILY    
19 30/12/1826 David KING   Alton Priors Rebecca DOWSE    
20 09/04/1827 Thomas MARKS     Susannah SMITH    
21 28/07/1827 William HUNTLEY   Stanton St Bernard Elizabeth MANS    
22 02/08/1828 William POTTOW   St John, Devizes Mary NEATE    
23 08/11/1828 Edward LOVEGROVE     Jane DOUST    
24 23/02/1829 William POPE     Charlotte HAWKINS   Wilcot
25 25/09/1830 Thomas BAILY     Hannah BROWN    
26 23/05/1831 Samuel SMITH     Elizabeth POPJOY    
27 09/06/1831 Edward DOWSE     Mary WATTS    
28 28/01/1832 Stephen KING   Alton Priors Mary RAVENSCROFT    
29 31/05/1832 Thomas HAILSTONE   Wilcot Eliza JENNINGS    
30 29/10/1836 William BROWN     Mary NASH   Stanton St Bernard

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