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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Biddestone St Nicholas


The Parish

The parish of Biddestone lies in western Wiltshire close to both the border with neighbouring Gloucestershire and also with that for Somerset. Biddestone is located roughly 4 miles west of the large market town of Chippenham and is a large village built around a collection of lanes that sits around a mile south of the A420 road which connects Chippenham with Bristol. Biddestone once consisted of two parishes St Nicholas & St Peter, the latter long since extinguished. Biddestone's properties, including the church, make much use of the local limestone for building stone giving a pretty scene. The area, at the time of this transcript, was dominated by the raising of sheep, the local soils were too thin and unproductive for much arable farming, today with modern machinery & fertilisers arable dominated the local landscape. Biddestone is drained southeastwards by a small feeder stream to the Wiltshire Avon which is met immediately south of Chippenham, the latter makes its way back westwards to reach the Bristol Channel through the Avon Gorge and the port of Bristol. Biddestone is sited at around 120 metres above the sea, it sits on the dip-slope of the underlying limestone so land rises steadily westwards to local heights of close to 150 metres within a mile or so. By the local standards Biddestone parish was one of the smaller, covering just over 1,800 acres it would have supported a population of around 450 parishioners. In Domesday times Biddestone was a small place indeed, not worthy even of recording a plough, just meadows and pasture held by one Humphrey de L'Isle.

The Church

St Nicholas' church lies at the heart of the village on the northern side of Church Road and immediately west of the main junction of roads within the village. The church has its origins in the 12th century and a few pieces of the Norman Romanesque remain from that time, the southern doorway is the main piece whilst a pair of Norman windows grace the chancel. The major changes to the church came in the early 14th century and in the Decorated style. The chancel arch and most of the remainder of the fabric dates from this period, this includes the church's centrepiece the bold spire-topped bellcote that sits on the ridge of the nave. For once Pevsner does not mention a Victorian restoration so if one occurred it must have been light and/or sensitive. Church Road has ample parking outside the church which sits within a local limestone wall with an arched gateway granting access. Trees front to the road but once within there are no obstacles to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 8th June 1755 - 29th June 1783 Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre - Reference - PR023/1/3 Plain, ruled & margined book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads Poor handwriting throughout leads to a likelihood of some misreads, potentially quite a few
2 3rd November 1783 - 10th August 1812 Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre - Reference - PR023/1/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads Poor handwriting throughout leads to a likelihood of some misreads, potentially quite a few
3 4th April 1813 - 29th June 1837 Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre - Reference - PR023/1/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Slaughterford St Nicholas
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Chippenham St Andrew
Colerne St John the Baptist
Chippenham St Andrew
Box St Thomas of Canterbury
Corsham St Bartholomew
Corsham St Bartholomew

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 08/06/1755 William ORCHARD Kington St Michael Betty SERGEANT
2 29/09/1755 Thomas JENNINGS Betty RICHARD
3 15/02/1756 Thomas BRITON Chippenham Ann CURRANT Slaughterford
4 10/08/1756 Samuel WEST Jane LITTLE
5 14/11/1756 William FOORD Dinah PULLEN
6 02/05/1757 Henry BENTS Sarah WEEKS
7 04/12/1757 James ATWOOD Ann FRICKER
05/12/1757 Richard HOWELL Ann BAKER
8 06/07/1758 Daniel GARDINER Mary PLAIF
9 29/10/1758 John COLE Langley Burrell Mary COLE Slaughterford
10 25/01/1759 Stephen LITTLE Martha ATWOOD
11 01/10/1759 John DAVIS Jane DAVY
10/09/1760 William PULLEN Frances GISHFORD Corsham
17/11/1760 Henry PILL Bremhill Mary KEATS
04/01/1761 John FEWSTER Mary HAND
04/01/1761 Thomas CULLIMORE Sarah HORSMAN
02/04/1761 Daniel STINNARD Mary MUNDAY
05/04/1761 William HULBERT Betty SMITH
12/04/1761 John BARNS Betty BENES
26/04/1761 James LITTLE Sarah ATWOOD
22/05/1761 Samuel WORKMAN Lucy CHANTER
22/09/1761 John PORCH Colerne Mary BUTLER Slaughterford
08/12/1761 William SKEAT Slaughterford Mary DYER Slaughterford
15/04/1762 Daniel WORKMAN Betty BUSHEL
03/07/1762 Samuel CULLIMORE Jane COAL
26/12/1762 Thomas BRISTOW Hannah PARKER
09/04/1763 Robert HANDCOCK North Wraxall Mary PROSSER
24/07/1763 John BARNS Sarah ADAMS
23/04/1764 Charles NEWMAN Mary COLBORN Slaughterford
13/05/1764 John SKAIT Slaughterford Jane LITTLE
10/06/1764 William WOVERNE Slaughterford Betty PORTER Slaughterford
05/08/1764 Samuel COGZILL Betty MATTOCK
22/10/1764 John WOODVINE Hannah DAVIS
28/10/1764 George BAKER Chippenham Mary ATWOOD
09/04/1765 George LOVELOCK Grittleton Mary BUSHEL
04/08/1765 Nathaniel MORMAN Hannah CRISP
31/08/1765 James KINGSTON Hannah HULBERT Single
01/01/1766 William MILLINER Sarah BLAKE Single
17/03/1766 William WASTFIELD Elizabeth MOUNTJOY Single
14/04/1766 John YOUNG Betty ALBORN
03/05/1766 James STENNARD Martha BRIGHT
20/07/1766 Alexander PARKER Hannah MATTOCK
05/08/1766 George BROWN Mary VINER
16/11/1766 James HAND Betty CHAPP
25/11/1767 William SMITH Mary HULBERT
28/12/1767 John HUMPHREY Colerne Ann BETHIN Slaughterford
24/04/1768 Thomas GINGIL Mary PIT
22/05/1768 William LITTLE Hannah VEAR
25/12/1769 Thomas PULLEN Castle Combe Hannah LITTLE
31/01/1770 Edward SHELLARD Martha LITTLE
07/02/1770 Philip FORD Mary GARDNER Slaughterford
28/04/1770 William WOODMAN Susannah SMITH
15/05/1770 William SLY Langley Burrell Betty LITTLE
12/08/1770 Samuel POWELL Monkton Combe, Somerset Ann BRINKWORTH Slaughterford
16/10/1770 John TAVINER Mary SHELLARD
12/02/1771 John BATH Hannah LITTLE
03/06/1771 Richard TILY Slaughterford Mary DICK Slaughterford
21/10/1771 Isaac GINGAL Bethiah PARKER
03/11/1771 John COLE Chippenham Mary WILTSHIRE
08/12/1771 William PARKER Elizabeth HULBERT
17/05/1772 John FORD Slaughterford Mary BROWN
18/05/1772 George BAKER Elizabeth CRISP
10/12/1772 John STILEMAN Slaughterford Hesther LITTLE
15/03/1773 Aaron LITTLE Joannah HICKS Chippenham
20/05/1773 John BROWNING Colerne Mary DYER Slaughterford
21/10/1773 Gifford HULBERT Ann JONES
09/11/1773 William TAVERNER Slaughterford Betty BETHEL Slaughterford
11/04/1774 Robert KING Slaughterford Mary SARJEANT Slaughterford
08/01/1775 Thomas HOLDER Slaughterford Ann ROSE Slaughterford
10/10/1775 Chapman HULBERT Mary OLAND
03/03/1776 Thomas FIELD Slaughterford Sarah HUNT Slaughterford
22/04/1776 James HULBERT Mary STICKLER
11/06/1776 John ATWOOD Rachel BENCE
23/07/1776 John TURNER Corsham Barbara MOUNTJOY
27/02/1777 Nathaniel SMITH Langley Burrell Mary ODY Slaughterford
07/04/1777 Matthew MOODY Melksham Mary DAVIDGE
20/04/1777 Henry GARDINER Slaughterford Jane BLAKE
20/04/1777 Michael BAYLY Joice BLAKE
10/08/1777 Thomas PARKER Martha MOUNTJOY
19/10/1777 William BURCHELL Sarah LITTLE
02/12/1777 Walter EDWARDS Ann ATTWOOD
09/08/1778 Uriah VEAR Mary CHAPMAN
27/12/1778 John LITTLE Sarah PARKER
31/12/1778 Charles GALE Hester LITTLE Slaughterford
05/04/1779 John BATH Mary GINGAL
26/09/1779 Isaac NEWMAN Mary BLAKE
31/12/1779 William ATTWOOD Hannah BLAKE Single
27/02/1780 John WHITE Melksham Sarah HARFORD Slaughterford
07/04/1781 John ATTWOOD Betty HILLIER Corsham
14/05/1781 Thomas CAMERY Yatton Keynell Mary HAWKINS
02/12/1781 John BLAKE Ann BLAKE
04/02/1782 John BENCE Mary LITTLE
27/04/1783 Richard HULBERT Lucretia HARDING Corsham
29/06/1783 Daniel WORKMAN Lucy COTT Corsham
1 03/11/1783 John ATTWOOD Widower Hester PRIDAY Single Corsham
29/04/1784 John DOVEY Colerne Margaret LITTLE Slaughterford
06/06/1784 James TAVERNER Elizabeth GARDNER Slaughterford
13/06/1784 George COLE Calne Jane TAVERNER
13/12/1784 William TAVERNER Slaughterford Hannah FORD
02/11/1785 Isaac NASH Old Sodbury, Gloucestershire Sarah FITCH
27/11/1785 James DENLEY Jane LITTLE
06/04/1786 Richard WALTER Box Mary GALE
11/10/1786 George MORCHARD Rachael FORD
11/10/1786 James BOY Kington St Michael Hannah DAVIS
21/11/1786 William EDWARDS Mary EDWARDS
05/04/1787 Henry CULLIMORE Sarah SNELL
23/09/1787 Francis MOUNTIER Mary MILES
11/10/1787 Robert CHILD Heddington Elizabeth BARRATT
25/12/1787 John DAVIS Bradford On Avon Sarah EDWARDS
12/05/1788 Thomas DARVILL Slaughterford Martha WILLIAMS Slaughterford
01/06/1788 Samuel CULLIMORE Hannah HILLIER
14/07/1788 James WITCHELL Slaughterford Mary CHILD Slaughterford
25/08/1788 George BAKER Ann GINGELL
11/12/1788 John RICHMAN Hilperton Jane CHILD Slaughterford
24/09/1789 William COZENS Chippenham Maria HARVEY
06/10/1789 Daniel HARDING Bradford On Avon Sarah SKEAT Slaughterford
08/02/1790 Lovet BREVINGTON Lucy STAG
03/05/1790 Richard JOHNSON Colerne Hannah HOLDER Slaughterford
24/05/1790 James ATKINS Single Ann BARNS Single
08/11/1790 Richard TAVERNER Sarah HULBUT
20/12/1790 James HULBERT Mary TAVINER
18/04/1791 Thomas RAWLINS Ann LITTLE
28/02/1792 John SELWOOD Wootton Bassett Elizabeth SPENCER
08/04/1792 Thomas PERKIN Mary CORY
30/07/1792 James FERRIS Slaughterford Ann KEENE Slaughterford
23/10/1792 Richard IRONMONGER Whitminster, Gloucestershire Jane BARNES
25/12/1792 Isaac HUMPHRYS Corsham Martha COLE
16/04/1793 Humphry TUGWELL Bemerton Ann SKEAT Slaughterford
01/07/1793 William BEARD Yatton Keynell Elizabeth LARGE
12/06/1794 James ANDREWS Yatton Keynell Mary HULBERT
05/08/1794 William SKATE Slaughterford Jane HOLBROW Slaughterford
15/02/1796 William HULBERT Elizabeth PARKER
07/08/1796 John FLEWSTER Jane WORKMAN
12/09/1796 John PIKE Malmesbury Hannah GINGEL
26/03/1797 Richard HAND Slaughterford Susannah TAVERNER Slaughterford
17/04/1797 Charles PARKER Wotton Under Edge, Gloucestershire Elizabeth GIDDINGS
10/07/1797 Thomas VENNELL Mary GENBY
16/10/1797 James COCKELL Corsham Mary EDWARDS
27/11/1797 William PARKER Ann SMITH
21/12/1797 John BURNFIELD Mary BROWN
19/03/1798 Joseph COX Marshfield, Gloucestershire Hannah BARNES
10/04/1798 William BUTLER Chippenham Jane SKEAT Slaughterford
17/05/1798 Charles CULLIMORE Margaret ATTWOOD
28/06/1798 Jacob LITTLE Rebecca BLAKE
24/12/1798 Francis WORKMAN Lucy SMITH
01/04/1799 Thomas EAGLES Corsham Ann EDWARDS
06/08/1799 Abraham GATEHOUSE Box Elizabeth CARNS
15/09/1799 James ELLIOTT Ann MOUNTJOY
05/05/1800 William OSBORNE Great Badminton, Gloucestershire Anne LITTLE Single
09/06/1800 Oliver TAVINER Elizabeth HOWELL
13/07/1800 William WOODMAN Mary NEWMAN
17/11/1800 Robert PARKER Martha BROWN Slaughterford
13/04/1801 James TAVERNER Jane WOODMAN
21/03/1802 John LITTLE Elizabeth BRIMSON Chippenham
23/05/1802 John VICKERY Slaughterford Sarah MANLEY Slaughterford
06/12/1802 James WOODBRIDGE Slaughterford Elizabeth CROOK Slaughterford
13/12/1802 Charles MANLEY Slaughterford Hannah GALE Slaughterford
24/01/1803 Amos GARNER Slaughterford Sarah HAND Slaughterford
26/07/1803 William SPEARING Ramsbury Mary LITTLE
20/11/1803 Daniel AUST Walcot, Somerset Elizabeth CHILD Slaughterford
30/01/1804 James BIRCHALL Jane FRY
23/04/1804 John HOLDER Slaughterford Elizabeth GARDNER Slaughterford
09/07/1804 James WEAR Slaughterford Elizabeth PARKER
09/09/1804 William FIELD Slaughterford Elizabeth HAND Slaughterford
23/11/1804 Ashton COLE Elizabeth GALE
21/01/1805 William TAVERNER Slaughterford Ann FRICKER
03/06/1805 Joseph BARNFIELD Anne FERRIS
30/12/1805 William EDARDS Philippa Smith EDWARDS
25/04/1806 Jacob HAND Slaughterford Sarah PINKNEY Slaughterford
14/07/1806 Daniel Sidwell TAVINER Hannah Legge WOOLDRIDGE
30/08/1806 David CHAPMAN Sherston Magna Sarah RAZEY Slaughterford
30/09/1806 William GALE Mary Catharine SARTAIN
16/11/1806 Charles SUTTON Yatton Keynell Ann CREASE
80 29/10/1807 John HAND Slaughterford Phobe MOODY Slaughterford
81 08/11/1807 John WALDEN Lacock Elizabeth DOVEY
82 11/11/1807 George NEAT Anne PULLEN
83 02/02/1808 George STONELL Langley Burrell Elizabeth BROWNING Slaughterford
84 09/02/1808 Charles DOVEY Widower Jane HOLLIDAY Widow
85 02/10/1808 Joseph ALLISON Slaughterford Charlotte DAVIS Slaughterford
86 31/10/1808 James SMITH Mary CULLIMORE
87 20/02/1809 Peter FRY Ann ATTWOOD Slaughterford
88 10/04/1809 Moses Richard PULLING Slaughterford Hannah SNELL Slaughterford
89 05/06/1809 John HOWELL Elizabeth HULBERT
31/07/1809 John BOX Frances HOWELL
03/10/1809 William HULBERT Elizabeth WOODMAN
08/04/1810 Thomas CULLIMORE Hannah MAYO
29/10/1810 Thomas BISHOP Jane GARDNER
23/05/1811 William SMITH Mary DOVEY
31/07/1811 Elias BENCE Elizabeth JONES
02/12/1811 William BRYANT Widower Barbara NORRIS Widow Slaughterford
10/08/1812 John HUMPHREY Widower Jane CULLIMORE Single
1 04/04/1813 George HULBERT Single Harriet GALE Single
2 23/08/1813 Amos GARNER Single Kemble Mary Anne MELSOME Single
3 27/12/1813 William HULBERT Single Patience GINGELL Single Slaughterford
4 03/10/1814 Moses BEAZEN Single Yatton Keynell Ann BURCHELL Single
5 31/10/1814 Samuel WORKMAN Single Jane STICKLER Single
6 31/07/1815 William BAKER Single Phoebe HULBERT Single
7 07/08/1815 Isaac GALE Single Lidia DAVIS Single
8 20/09/1815 Thomas ANDREWS Single Jane BENCE Single
9 30/06/1816 Thomas GAISFORD Single Yatton Keynell Mary Isaac PERREN Single
10 10/07/1816 William CLARK Single Calne Sarah GALE Single
11 17/10/1816 William COLMAN Widower Mary RALPH Single
12 24/12/1816 William ISAAC Single Ann DAVIS Single
13 02/06/1817 William BENCE Single Elizabeth REZEY Single
14 09/06/1817 John Race GODFREY Single Augusta Maria MARSH Single
15 04/12/1817 William DAVIS Single Sarah BAKER Single
16 09/06/1818 William YOUNG Single Yatton Keynell Harriot PERREN Single
17 25/06/1818 William HULBERT Single Elizabeth CULLIMORE Single
18 09/04/1819 Francis BOOY Single Mary Ann BENCE Single
19 04/07/1819 George LITTLE Single Ann FERRIS Single
20 10/09/1820 Leonard COZENS Single Chippenham Esther TAVENNER Single
21 03/04/1822 Isaac DAVIS Hannah BOULTER
22 02/10/1822 Joel FLUSTER Jane WOODMAN
23 05/05/1823 Thomas WALTER Box Sarah BENSKEN
24 05/05/1823 William PARKER Charlotte HULBERT
25 19/04/1824 Isaac BENCE Mary WILLIAMS
26 25/07/1825 Richard HULBERT Mary Anne CULLIMORE
27 28/07/1825 John BEARD Anne WHEELER
28 14/11/1825 Thomas SIMS Elizabeth CHAFFERS
29 05/12/1825 William COLLETT Melksham Jane WALTER
30 07/05/1826 Daniel Sydnall TAVENAH Dinah MANNERS
31 25/09/1826 Edward CURRANT Harriet HULBERT
32 02/10/1826 Henry BEAK Castle Combe Jane LITTLE
33 10/10/1826 Joseph HAYWARD Beechingstoke Susanna LITTLE
34 19/10/1826 William DOVEY Jane TAVENER
35 24/01/1827 William LITTLE Elizabeth PARKER
36 28/05/1827 Thomas HATTER Sarah TAVENER
37 31/03/1828 Charles BARNES Ann CURRANT
38 22/09/1828 James ANDREW Elizabeth WEARE
39 30/11/1828 Isaac WOODMAN Harriet PEARSE
40 29/03/1829 William HUTCHINS Sarah GODSELL
41 05/07/1829 John GAISFORD Sarah OSBORNE
42 09/08/1829 Thomas WALTER Sarah CULLIMORE
43 21/10/1830 Daniel GARDENER Maria MUNLEY
44 31/10/1830 Joseph BARNFIELD Jane ROSE
45 13/12/1830 Job TAVENER Hannah RICHINS
46 18/04/1832 Thomas SMITH Chelsea, Middlesex Sarah LAWES
47 01/11/1832 Worthy ATTWOOD Ann SMART Colerne
48 06/08/1833 Richard TAVINER Sophia SMITH
49 21/08/1834 Samuel CULLIMORE Mary WHEELER
50 26/08/1834 John Blake LITTLE Ann Sartain GALE
51 02/09/1834 John DAVIS Charlotte ANDREWS
52 11/10/1834 John COLE Esther DAVIS
53 16/02/1837 Thomas DAVIS Sarah ALDRIDGE
54 22/04/1837 Thomas Everett DAVIS Mary Ann HULBERT
55 29/06/1837 William HOWELL Single Sarah Ann PULLEN Single

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