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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Cricklade St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Cricklade St Mary is situated in the market town of Cricklade in the north of Wiltshire close to its border with neighbouring Gloucestershire. St Mary is the junior parish of two in Cricklade, the larger being St Sampson. The town of Cricklade sits at an importing crossing of the River Thames, here being called the Isis, where the A419 connecting Swindon to Cirencester and Gloucester crosses the river. Cricklade's origins are possibly pre-Roman although it was almost certainly an important way station on their Ermine Way (covered by today's A419). The parish sits in the north of the market town almost completely surrounded by the larger St Sampson, it is very much the junior parish with a population 1/4 that of its larger neighbour. Cricklade is sited at about 80 metres above sea-level and is surrounded by a level agricultural heartland much prone to flooding in prior periods. The parish was a small and urban one and supported about 500 parishioners. There are many references to Cricklade in Domesday Book although it does not have its own detailed entry.

The Church

St Mary's church is sited adjacent to the north-south running High Street close to where it runs down to the river and the crossing. The church has a very early origin, many features are Norman notably the chancel arch. The tower is a mixture of 13th century and later Perpendicular additions. The church, however, has been greatly restored albeit based on a largely Perpendicular base. St Mary's church is sited at right angles and flush to the High Street, particularly its eastern wall which appears to crowd the adjoining pavement. The church appears almost slotted into the urban townscape and is hemmed in by houses to north and south. A low stone wall topped by iron railings bounds the graveyard. The church has now transferred from Anglican to supporting the local Catholic community as a Catholic place of worship as there are fewer active parishioners in Cricklade to support two Anglican churches.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 11th May 1754 - 22nd March 1812 Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre - Reference - PR091/1/5 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Soiling of the register and poor handwriting combine to lead to a possibility of a few misreads
2 3rd December 1814 - 16th April 1837 Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre - Reference - PR091/1/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Cricklade St Sampson
Latton St John the Baptist
Latton St John the Baptist
Cricklade St Sampson
Cricklade St Sampson
Cricklade St Sampson
Cricklade St Sampson
Cricklade St Sampson

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 11/05/1754 Thomas POWELL   St John, Gloucester, Gloucestershire Sarah RUNDLE    
2 10/06/1754 James BROTHERTON   St John, Gloucester, Gloucestershire Sarah CLARK    
3 03/08/1754 William PAYNE     Beata KEMBLE    
4 08/08/1754 John DIBBINS     Sarah SMART    
5 02/01/1755 Edward HAZELL     Sarah SLY    
6 10/07/1757 William FAWKES Single St Sampson, Cricklade Elizabeth ELLIS Single  
5 17/11/1757 William PEARE Single   Mary FULLAWAY Single St Sampson, Cricklade
8 01/10/1758 John WILLIS Single Nettlebed, Oxfordshire Sarah BRAIN Single  
9 28/06/1759 Henry GARLICK Single   Jane TAYLOR Single  
10 18/08/1760 Henry COOPER Single Ashton Keynes Mary CUSS Single  
11 09/10/1760 Nevil CUSS Single   Jeneverah BLAKE Single  
18/05/1761 Robert BARRET     Mary TOWNSEND    
12 18/05/1761 George POWELL Single   Catherine SHORT Single  
13 02/06/1761 William HOBBS     Sarah WOODARD    
04/06/1761 John COVE     Anne LIDDELL    
14/06/1761 John HILL     Ann BOWEN    
18 03/01/1762 John SUTTON   Gloucestershire Ann VIBBERS    
19 23/06/1762 Joseph ENOCK   Northwood, Hampshire Hannah SYMONDS Single  
20 31/07/1763 George PIKE Single Highworth Anne WOODWARD Single  
21 28/10/1763 James THOMAS   St Sampson, Cricklade Catherine PRYERS Single  
22 16/11/1763 Richard DIBBINS Single   Dinah BARNES Single  
23 02/07/1764 John POULTON Single   Mary JOANNS Single  
24 15/11/1764 Robert SYMMONDS Single   Susanna SMART Single  
25 25/12/1764 Edward TAYLOR Widower   Elizabeth WELLAVISE   Leigh
25 02/08/1765 William DAWES Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
26 01/09/1765 Edward COMELY Single   Alicia STANDLY Widow  
27 02/11/1767 John CRUSS Single   Mary LIDDELL Single  
28 09/11/1767 John SMITH Single   Betty HOOK Single  
29 07/01/1768 Thomas PARIS Single   Mary JONES Single  
30 01/08/1768 Edward TAYLOR Widower   Mary BOURTON    
31 05/12/1768 Thomas JACKSON Single   Jane CUSS Single  
32 14/04/1769 William MILLARD Single   Sarah FITCHOW Single  
33 08/11/1769 John GODWIN Single St Sampson, Cricklade Mary ELLIS Single  
34 18/01/1770 William LOCKEY Single   Sarah TAYLOR Single  
35 13/10/1770 Thomas JAMES Single   Mary MALLINGTON Single  
36 14/11/1770 James WOODWARD Single Fairford, Gloucestershire Sarah ELLIS Single  
37 21/05/1771 Thomas PIKE Widower   Sarah HAYWARD Single  
38 27/08/1771 George TOWNSEND Single St Sampson, Cricklade Sarah LOCKEY Widow  
39 28/11/1771 Thomas MORSE Widower   Mary PULLEN   St Sampson, Cricklade
41 04/04/1773 Thomas DAVIS   St Sampson, Cricklade Elizabeth HINDER    
42 19/07/1773 Thomas SCULL Widower   Elizabeth WILLIAMS Widow  
43 14/11/1774 John STONE   South Cerney, Gloucestershire Sarah HINTON Single  
44 24/06/1775 William CUSS     Ann SHORT Single Wootton Bassett
45 20/08/1775 Thomas WELLS   Lambourn, Berkshire Elizabeth CLARKE    
46 24/12/1775 Richard PATER Single St Sampson, Cricklade Elizabeth DAVIS Single  
47 29/06/1777 James JACKSON Single   Catherine HINTON Single  
48 27/07/1777 William ARCHER   St Sampson, Cricklade Martha JAMES Single  
49 27/07/1777 William ELLIS Single   Mary JAMES Single  
50 08/12/1777 William SHORT Single   Mary DAVIES Single  
51 31/12/1777 William WAINE Widower   Betty GARLICK Single  
52 16/03/1778 Walter CARTER Single   Martha STRAINGE Widow  
53 12/10/1778 Christopher POULTON Single   Anne COVE Single  
54 26/10/1778 George POWELL Widower St Sampson, Cricklade Sarah CUSS Single  
55 04/01/1779 Walter SMITH Single   Mary COMELY Single  
56 05/01/1781 William HOBBS Single St Sampson, Cricklade Mary ENOCK Single  
57 21/05/1781 John GREVIL Single   Dinah THOMAS Single  
58 22/04/1782 Thomas LITTLE     Sarah SMITH    
60 29/12/1783 Nevill CUSS Single   Hannah ALLEN Single Leckhampton, Gloucestershire
61 13/11/1785 Thomas EACOTT Widower   Mary MORSE Widow  
62 28/12/1785 William SHORT Widower   Alice PACKER Widow Ashton Keynes
63 17/07/1786 Benjamin ENOCK Widower   Elizabeth WHEELER    
64 22/10/1786 Arnold Nesbitt SYMONDS     Mary JAMES    
65 19/02/1787 Benjamin BRISCOE Widower Ashton Keynes Jane LANE Single  
66 10/05/1788 Edward ENOCK     Mary SMITH    
05/08/1788 Nevil POOL Widower   Marguerite PEESE    
67 10/08/1788 William HOOPER     Elizabeth WAINE Widow  
02/11/1788 John ROGERS     Mary HEATH    
09/03/1789 Tobias TUCK     Sarah STRATFORD    
22/05/1789 Joseph HEDGES Single   Jane GARLICK Widow  
07/12/1789 Thomas PIER Single   Sarah BEALE   Down Ampney, Gloucestershire
24/12/1790 William HILL Widower   Anne SMITH Widow  
30/07/1792 Thomas SIMSON     Deborah POULTON    
17/11/1792 James NORRIS   Holwell, Oxfordshire Martha HAWKINS    
30/11/1794 Anthony BUCKLAND     Elizabeth POOCOCK    
23/12/1794 John JUDGE     Jane CUSS    
26/01/1796 John HOWES     Elizabeth HUGHES    
17/10/1796 Samuel CLARK     Mary SIMPSON    
13/09/1798 Walter DAVIS   St James, Bristol, Gloucestershire Mary DIBBINS    
23/10/1798 Richard GARDINER     Sarah MORRELL    
02/01/1799 John MCCARTY   Swindon Mary EKEN    
04/11/1799 Richard HINTON Widower   Jane MOULDEN    
23/12/1799 John ALLEN   Ashton Keynes Mary CUSS    
07/04/1801 John FAWKES     Sarah JACKSON    
11/04/1801 William DREW   St Sampson, Cricklade Ann FAWKS    
22/02/1802 William COMMINGS   St Sampson, Cricklade Elizabeth GIBBS    
10/04/1802 John BARNES   Oaksey Sarah AKINS    
27/11/1803 Nesbitt SIMS Widower   Sarah STONE Widow  
11/03/1804 Thomas PEASE Widower   Mary SUTTON    
26/05/1805 John STEVENS   Cirencester, Gloucestershire Mary HORNE    
26/12/1805 John HARVEY     Elizabeth GARDINER    
27/04/1807 John SQUIRE   Wootton Bassett Mary TREW    
05/10/1807 George PIKE     Betty RODWAY    
29/02/1808 William MOODY   Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire Elizabeth FAWKES    
02/05/1808 Henry SMITH     Joanna CUSS    
22/09/1808 Thomas BOULTON     Elizabeth CUSS    
22/09/1808 John GRAVEL     Melody CUSS    
06/12/1808 John HABGOOD   St Sampson, Cricklade Ann RODWAY    
05/06/1809 George WOODWARD   St Sampson, Cricklade Elizabeth PIKE Widow  
14/08/1809 Jesse WILSON     Ann PALMER    
02/12/1809 Moses RICHINS     Martha STRATFORD    
15/03/1810 Robert STONE   South Cerney, Gloucestershire Betty HABGOOD    
30/03/1810 Robert HABGOOD     Mary WEBB    
16/06/1811 William PACKER Widower   Elizabeth HILL Single  
24/07/1811 James HARRISON Single St Sampson, Cricklade Elizabeth POOL Single  
18/12/1811 Thomas SIMMONS Single   Mary BOWN Single  
22/03/1812 John THOMAS     Elizabeth HEWSE    
1 03/12/1814 Charles LEGG     Anne ENOCK    
2 08/12/1814 John TUCK     Elizabeth ENOCK    
3 28/12/1814 Thomas PRICE Widower   Mary ROUSE Widow  
4 20/06/1815 William HAYLOCK   St Sampson, Cricklade Sarah SEALY    
5 17/08/1815 Thomas CLARK     Elizabeth PIKE    
6 26/02/1816 Joseph TOWNSEND     Martha BOULTON    
7 08/06/1817 William RIX     Mary FRY    
8 26/10/1818 Henry ENOCK     Mary THOMAS    
9 21/10/1819 James DOWNS Single   Ann HAISE Single  
10 06/01/1820 John ELLISON Single Hankerton Sarah COOK Single  
11 10/02/1820 James JACKSON Single   Ruth RODWAY Single  
12 18/12/1820 Charles GYLES Single   Phoeby SEALY Single  
13 23/09/1821 William HAINES Single   Lydia WILKINS Single  
14 22/11/1821 James GRYMES Single Purton Sophia POULTON Single  
15 24/12/1821 Abraham SPENCER     Mary Anne ENOCK    
16 17/04/1823 John SCARNELL Single Durrington Anne JENNER Single  
17 22/05/1823 William BUCKLAND     Ann LITTLE    
18 23/10/1823 John CORSBOURNE     Mary Ann ELLISON    
19 29/10/1823 Mark SIMMONDS     Rhoda GODARD   Shellingford, Berkshire
20 27/11/1823 Lentulus GILLMAN   Cirencester, Gloucestershire Charlotte SIMMONDS    
21 07/12/1823 John CULLEY     Anne PULLING    
22 09/08/1825 Jonah HAYES     Dinah HOBBS    
23 27/03/1826 Thomas ENOCK     Ann DAY    
24 14/12/1826 Thomas CLIFFORD     Mary EAGLES    
25 05/06/1827 Charles POULTON     Hannah RODWAY    
26 05/08/1827 John BROWN     Ann CULLERN    
27 03/09/1827 Robert WAIN   Latton Sarah BUCKLAND    
28 14/09/1827 Nevil LITTLE Single   Martha BIDDING   St Sampson, Cricklade
29 30/12/1827 William TURNER Single   Ann PEASE Single  
30 21/01/1828 Henry WESTON Single Calne Ann LOVELL    
31 14/05/1828 William HAYES Single   Mary Ann SIMPSON Single  
32 22/06/1828 Moses HINTON Single St Sampson, Cricklade Sarah AYRES    
33 09/10/1828 Robert MASON Single   Mary TUBLE Widow  
34 06/08/1829 Cornelius SIMMONDS Single   Sarah LITTLE Single  
35 06/08/1829 Robert LITTLE Single   Mary TANDY Single  
36 21/10/1829 William Yap BOSWORTH     Hannah WHEALLEY    
37 26/01/1830 Henry HAYES Widower   Elizabeth THOMAS Single  
38 07/03/1830 James GREVILLE Single   Lucy CONSTABLE    
39 11/10/1830 Thomas EWER Single   Harriet STALLAND Single  
40 30/04/1831 James HAYWARD Single   Martha SIMPSON Single  
41 28/05/1831 James LOVELL Single Hilperton Susanna WOODWARD Single  
42 19/01/1832 Nevil LITTLE Widower   Jane PEARE Single  
43 20/05/1832 John CULLEY Widower   Sarah DISBURY Single  
44 16/09/1832 Edward KIBBLEWHITE Single   Jane SOLLIS Single  
45 28/10/1832 John HOPKINS Widower   Diana COLLINS Single  
46 15/08/1833 Stephen CLARK Single   Susannah CULLUM    
47 29/04/1834 Edward SADLER Single   Sarah WOODWARD Single  
48 04/08/1834 James HUNT Single Ogbourne St George Caroline SIMMONDS Single  
49 08/11/1834 Robert HILLMAN   Daglingworth, Gloucestershire Hannah BUCKLAND    
50 25/11/1834 Richard HABGOOD Single   Eliza CRISP Single  
51 02/06/1835 James WALSH Single   Elizabeth PRICE Single  
52 15/09/1835 Edward WAKEFIELD Single   Dinah HAYES Widow  
53 03/10/1835 George ALLAN Single Kensington, Middlesex Rebecca Somerset BRIANT Single  
55 21/04/1836 James Habgood SLATTER Single   Caroline POULTON Single  
56 21/02/1837 John SMITH Single   Johanna WOODWARD Single  
57 02/03/1837 John HERRING Single   Mary FAWKES Single  
58 16/04/1837 Edmund TARRANT Single   Amelia ENOCK Single  

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