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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Everleigh St Peter


The Parish

The parish of Everleigh (sometimes spelt Everley) lies in eastern Wiltshire not too far from the border with neighbouring Hampshire. Everleigh is located about 4 miles southeast of the small market town of Pewsey. Everleigh sits on the A342 which connects the Hampshire town of Andover through to Devizes. The present village is as a result of estate planning in the early 19th century, the whole village being re-sited for the improvement of the view. Everleigh sits on the chalk downs, the majority of the economy being dependent upon the sheep which formerly grazed the extensive grasslands of this area, today much has been transformed into arable land through the use of heavy machinery and high inputs. The chalk being porous there is no surface drainage but a series of dry valleys until one reaches the River Bourne to the east about 3 miles, the Bourne drains southwards to reach the Wiltshire Avon at Salisbury and thence to the English Channel through Christchurch Harbour. Everleigh is sited at around 160 metres above the sea on big rolling chalk-hill countryside with local heights reaching to 215 metres to the northwest at Pewsey Hill. Chalk country parishes are often quite extensive and Everleigh parish was one of these, at around 4,000 acres it would have supported a population of close to 350 parishioners. Everleigh is not specifically mentioned in Domesday Book.

The Church

When the village was re-sited the church was also completely rebuilt on a new site, but curiously it was adjacent to the A342 and a half mile west of the main village crossroads. The church is thus a relatively modern building and typical of its era it is faux-Gothic and extensively florid with pinnacles and decorative detail. The use of ashlar to face the building gives it a dignity but also a stark and harsh view in strong sunlight. The church sits on the southern side of the A342 in a thick area of woodland, the road is busy and straight but there is a wide signboard to indicate the building which is totally screened from the road, parking should be done with care. Once through the dense trees the churchyard is relatively open and free from photographic obstacles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 11th July 1756 - 2nd February 1811 Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre - Reference PR123/651/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 7th June 1813 - 10th December 1834 Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre - Reference PR123/651/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
03/01/1754 John ROBY   North Tidworth Mary SPENCER   Shipton Bellinger, Hampshire
12/01/1754 John EDMUNDS   Collingbourne Kingston Elizabeth SOUTHEY   Collingbourne Kingston
17/01/1754 Richard SHADWELL     Britannia NEAL    
1 11/07/1756 John MALLIN     Mary BARLEY    
2 02/08/1757 Charles NICKLESS Widower   Martha RENDELL Single  
3 26/12/1757 George VENTIM     Elizabeth TAYLOR    
4 05/09/1758 John EDMONTS   Fittleton Mary SHADWELL    
5 12/05/1761 Gabriel NORTH Single   Elizabeth FRANKLYN Single  
6 26/12/1761 Nathaniel HUNTLEY Single Collingbourne Kingston Sarah LIGHT Single  
7 15/02/1762 Joseph ELKINS     Mary SHEPHARD    
8 13/06/1762 Thomas WINTER Single   Susannah GIDDINGS Single  
9 26/07/1762 James TUFTS Single   Jane HARDING Single Abbey, Bath, Somerset
10 01/08/1762 Richard MONK Single   Clarey BARLEY Single  
10 31/01/1763 Roger WOOTTON Single South Tidworth, Hampshire Mary SUMERS Single  
11 07/03/1763 Richard RAWLINS Single St Peter & St Paul, Marlborough Elizabeth GEATER    
12 15/06/1764 Levi WOODHAM Single   Lydia DAY Single  
13 11/11/1765 Richard GILBERT Widower   Betty THURSTON Single  
14 28/07/1767 William HILL Widower Bulford Elizabeth BARLEY Single  
15 14/11/1767 William TRIPPANCE Single   Hannah HAPGOOD Single Burbage
16 10/07/1768 Henry LEWENTON Single Andover, Hampshire Ann DAY Single  
17 09/08/1768 Richard MONKE Widower   Christian FOORD Single  
18 16/10/1768 Stephen GALE Single Burbage Mary Arabella BURGESS Single  
19 07/11/1768 Stephen JEE Single   Alice BURGESS Single  
20 27/01/1769 William BRUGES Single   Elizabeth LEWIS Single  
19/02/1770 Thomas HARMON Single   Mary AYERS Single  
18/12/1770 Thomas BOND Single   Alice SHEPPERD Single  
10/11/1771 Robert WELCH Single   Sarah BLACKMAN Single  
18/11/1771 Thomas WINTER     Mary DAY Single  
04/06/1772 James HARMAN   Milton Lilborne Martha FURMIGE Single  
07/06/1772 Henry HIGGINS   Enford Elizabeth BEAR    
27/12/1772 John BIGGS     Jane JEE    
01/01/1773 William COOK   Pewsey Mary GEATER    
03/01/1774 James GIBBS Single Enford Mary ALLEN Single  
05/06/1775 William FRIPPENCE     Jane HUTCHENS    
21/10/1775 William PASKELL     Esther BEAR    
03/11/1776 William BAVIDGE     Mary CULLY   Collingbourne Kingston
11/03/1777 Thomas MATHEWS Single   Mary LANSLEY Single  
06/07/1777 William WELLER     Ann SHEPHERD    
20/07/1777 Thomas SMITH     Ann ADAMS    
24/08/1777 John SUMERSBY     Ann FORMAGE    
12/10/1777 Simon NOYES   Chute Jane BROWNING    
16/02/1778 Thomas BECK Single   Margaret FLEWELL Single  
03/03/1778 Thomas BLACKMAN Single   Jane AIRS Single  
05/07/1778 Charles AIRS Single   Anne GRACE Single  
08/11/1778 John WILTSHIRE     Mary MULLINS    
20/01/1779 William AIRS Single   Clara MULLINS Single  
01/04/1779 John AIRS Single   Lucy BLACKMAN Single  
26/03/1780 James COOPER Single   Elizabeth GRACE    
04/12/1780 John BLACKMAN Single   Maria FAR Single  
15/05/1781 Joshua PERRY Single   Mary HUTCHINS Single  
29/10/1781 Mark WILTSHIRE Single   Christian COLLINS Single  
10/12/1781 Thomas DAW Single   Martha WALKER Single  
06/02/1782 Sutton SHADWELL Single   Maria NEWMAN Single  
15/09/1783 Thomas PRATY Widower Tangley, Hampshire Mary THOMAS    
23/12/1783 William NEWMAN Single   Priscilla WILLIS Single  
29/10/1784 Argulus PADDOCK     Mary WILLIS    
24/01/1785 John SHEPHERD Single   Fanny DAY Single  
30/05/1785 John JENKINS Single   Sarah SPENSER Single  
27/06/1785 Alexander BRIGHT Single   Jane GRACE Single  
17/07/1785 Richard HIGENS Single   Jane COOK Single  
05/09/1785 William NEWMAN Widower   Elizabeth MATHEWS Single  
18/09/1786 Robert NEWMAN Single Wilcot Elizabeth AYERS Single  
28/10/1786 Thomas JEE     Jane ORAM    
01/08/1789 Abraham DEADMAN   Orcheston Grace SMITH Single  
13/04/1790 Thomas BEALE   Ludgershall Susannah NORTH    
28/10/1790 William ADAMS     Ann STRONG    
05/11/1790 Thomas MARTIN     Ann FOWLER    
28/02/1791 Barnaby MARSHAL     Susannah GRACE    
30/10/1791 John KNIGHT     Elizabeth HEAD    
11/03/1792 John HART     Jane HARTMAN    
18/06/1792 Robert SMITH     Dinah GRACE    
10/10/1792 William FURMAGE     Betty SUMMERSBY    
19/11/1792 Samuel TOWLER   Collingbourne Kingston Elizabeth NORTH    
13/02/1794 William SUMMERSBY Single   Ann AIRS Single  
12/10/1794 William GALE   Overton Sarah EVANS    
26/11/1794 Thomas BOND     Mary SMITH    
30/07/1795 James CARTER Single   Jane EVANS    
27/02/1796 John FOREMAN Single Enford Mary BLACKMORE    
16/04/1796 John NEWMAN Single   Jane SPENCER    
21/04/1796 William MAY Single   Ann SAYER Single  
06/02/1797 James BELL Single Allington Fanny LEWINGTON Single  
06/03/1797 John UNDERWOOD     Eulalia ADAMS    
18/04/1797 George EWENS Single   Edith DAWSON Single  
08/08/1797 Edward GRACE   Over Wallop, Hampshire Elizabeth PADDICK    
21/08/1797 Thomas HAILSTONE   Collingbourne Kingston Caroline FRIPPANCE    
18/07/1798 Henry DOUSE     Hannah SHEPPARD    
03/12/1798 John WILTSHIRE Single   Elizabeth SHEPHERD    
07/04/1800 William BLACKMAN Single   Elizabeth HUNT Single  
27/04/1800 John ROLFE Single North Newnton Denys WORSDALE Single  
01/05/1803 John WILLIAMS Single   Eulalia BAVIDGE Single  
17/07/1803 Richard MORTIMER Single   Martha BRIGHT Single  
15/08/1803 William AMOR Single   Mary Ann HARMSWORTH Single  
05/07/1804 Edward SMITH Single Chute Charlotte GIBBS Single  
06/05/1805 William BOWER     Elizabeth BURGESS Single Enford
30/07/1805 William MARTIN Single   Catherine BUTCHER Single  
13/11/1806 William MATTHEWS Single   Lucy WELCH Single  
27/04/1807 Thomas MARSHALL     Sarah GALE    
16/11/1807 John FIELDS     Martha SUMERSBY    
16/11/1807 Thomas BLACKMAN     Mary HITCHCOCK    
25/04/1808 Benjamin BLACKMAN     Evas HIBBERT    
29/11/1808 Samuel SHEPPARD   Netheravon Margaret BOND    
24/09/1809 Meschach AIERS     Ann EDWARDS    
24/10/1809 Thomas BIRD     Martha PHILLIMORE    
24/12/1810 John PHILLIPS     Sarah MATTHEWS    
02/02/1811 Daniel HAWKINS     Jane DYER    
1 07/06/1813 Benjamin JAMES     Sarah HARMAN    
2 11/08/1817 William EDWARDS     Elizabeth DAVIS    
3 28/09/1817 William WARD     Elizabeth REAR    
4 31/08/1818 Robert MATTHEWS     Jane MACDUGLE    
5 05/10/1818 George MILLS   Easton Royal Ann Mezelea COOPER    
6 17/05/1819 William BISHOP     Hester HIGGENS    
7 02/11/1819 William NEWMAN     Anne HORNE    
8 18/12/1819 William JARVIS     Anne DOUSE    
9 28/12/1819 Richard CRAM     Hannah MATTHEWS    
10 04/09/1820 William BANNING   Pewsey Elizabeth JENKINS    
11 13/11/1820 George HENDY     Maria BORROWS    
12 09/07/1821 Robert BURDEN     Anne CRAM    
13 06/08/1821 Leonard PECK     Charlotte NORRIS    
14 09/08/1821 Edward TANNER   Tidcombe Hannah SIMPKINS    
15 13/10/1821 George GILFORD     Mary HART    
16 29/12/1821 Thomas FISHER     Anne SHEPPARD    
17 24/01/1822 Robert SAINSBURY     Anne FURMIDGE    
18 24/07/1822 John MATON     Sarah PALMER    
19 24/12/1822 Thomas GILBERT     Rhoda BOWER    
20 09/09/1823 Henry MARTIN     Elizabeth HEAD   Charlton By Pewsey
21 25/10/1823 William SELWOOD     Sarah EDWARDS    
22 31/07/1824 Job FLICKER     Anne KNIGHT    
23 14/02/1825 James BACHELOR   Bulford Mary SHEPPARD    
24 27/10/1825 John TANNER   Winterslow Anne SIMPKINS    
25 12/01/1826 John PALMER     Catharine CARTER    
26 08/11/1826 Richard GALE     Hannah CRAM    
27 16/11/1826 John WILTSHIRE     Sarah HAWKINS   Collingbourne Ducis
28 25/12/1826 Arthur DICKMAN     Maria GRACE    
29 02/06/1828 Edward MUNDAY   Netheravon Jane DOWSE    
30 04/08/1828 Francis PADDOCK     Hannah DEAR    
31 07/03/1829 Thomas KNIGHT     Maria SUMMERSBY    
32 20/04/1829 John CHAMBERLAIN     Mary JENKYNS    
33 25/05/1829 Benjamin Hayden GULLIVER   South Tidworth, Hampshire Lucy Louisa STRONG    
34 13/06/1829 Robert WHEELER     Sarah GRACE    
35 26/11/1829 George ROLFE   Fittleton Rebecca Burgess JEE    
36 28/11/1829 Daniel MARTIN     Mary SELWOOD    
37 03/02/1830 Edward JENKINS     Jemima LOVELOCK    
38 04/05/1830 John JENKINS     Charlotte FELTHAM    
39 09/06/1831 William Henry WORKMAN     Sarah SIMPKINS    
40 12/09/1831 William GALE     Rebecca BONNER    
41 09/06/1832 Henry MARTIN     Mary SPREADBURY    
42 30/08/1832 John DUDMAN Widower   Charity BLACKMORE Single  
43 13/10/1832 David GALE     Diana ROFF    
44 03/12/1832 Charles LANCELEY     Jane JAMES    
45 01/02/1833 Stephen COOK     Mary FLICKER Widow  
46 11/02/1833 John JEFFRIES     Elizabeth HILLIEAR    
47 28/05/1833 William WARD     Hester CRAM    
48 06/07/1833 Thomas HART     Mary Anne EDWARDS    
49 22/07/1833 William MARSHALL     Sarah KEMP    
50 16/09/1833 Daniel BLACKMORE     Sarah JERRETT    
51 12/10/1833 James KENT     Jane COOPER    
52 15/05/1834 William Henry Watkins WARD   Basingstoke, Hampshire Anna Maria STRONG    
53 29/09/1834 Charles JELFS     Martha CASTLEMAN    
54 10/12/1834 Charles LANCELY     Charity DUDMAN    

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