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Kingston Deverill St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Kingston Deverill lies southwestern Wiltshire not too far from its mutual border with neighbouring Somerset and also Dorset. Kingston Deverill is a small and compact village lying around 6 miles south of the market town of Warminster and sitting on the B3095 road which connects Warminster with Mere. Kingston Deverill sits in the valley of the River Wylye between two rising chalk downs, the river here cutting a deep path through the chalk. The countryside around and the economy was driven by sheep rearing, the chalky clay soils proving too thin for agriculture, today all has changed as heavy machinery makes light work of these soils and the downs are now largely arable. The Wylye drains north, turn east and then south to join, in turn, the Nadder and then the Wiltshire Avon close to Salisbury before heading to the English Channel through Christchurch Harbour. Kingston Deverill is sited at 130 metres above the sea but sits between two swelling downs, which reach 246 metres on White Sheet Hill to the south and 284 metres on Brimsdown Hill to the northwest. Kingston Deverill parish was fairly typically sized for this area, covering just over 2,600 acres it would have supported around 400 parishioners. In Domesday times Kingston Deverill was a tiny place indeed, held by the Canons of Lisieux Abbey it could offer just a pair of ploughs and small meadows & pastures.

The Church

St Mary's church sits on the southern edge of the village where the B3095 performs a sharp right-angled bend, the church being set slightly west into a side lane. The church is one which shows profound change during the Victorian era transforming an early church into one which is largely a later rebuild. Of the original building only the southern arcade in the Decorated style of the 13th century and the central tower in Perpendicular style and 15th century remain to document what seems to have been a fairly typical church spread across those two styles. Instead much is 19th century and stems from the massive rebuild of 1846. The strange stair turret, which Pevsner states is "suspicious" does, however, show on early sketches from before the rebuild. There is ample parking just into this lane outside the churchyard which is surrounded by a brick-topped low flint wall. Trees are rather close to western end and restrict the views from that side but otherwise there are few photographic obstructions.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 11th February 1760 - 21st April 1793 Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre Bishop's Transcripts on loose-leaf folios Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Early years are missing and quality of those that exist varies from excellent to rather poor, it is certain some omissions will not be recorded and a few misreads are possible too.
2 1st August 1793 - 11th October 1812 Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre - Reference PR168/1/5 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 12th April 1813 - 11th August 1836 Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre - Reference PR168/1/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Maiden Bradley All Saints
Brixton Deverill St Michael
Brixton Deverill St Michael
Maiden Bradley All Saints
Monkton Deverill King Alfred the Great
Maiden Bradley All Saints
Mere St Michael
West Knoyle St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
11/02/1760 Hugh JAKES     Anne HURD    
29/04/1760 William FOOKES     Betty GARRATT    
18/05/1760 Charles SHULER   Silton, Dorset Sarah MARSHALL    
22/06/1760 Edward BECKETT     Eleanor DAVIS    
23/12/1760 Charles BARTER     Elizabeth MARSHALL    
25/12/1760 William STONE   Hill Deverill Mary SMITH    
09/08/1761 William NEWBURY     Anne COOMBS    
13/11/1761 James DYER     Eleanor RYAL    
03/01/1762 William BRIDLE     Elizabeth FIRMAN    
28/01/1762 Thomas BURLTON     Martha CADMAN    
31/01/1762 John TUDGEY     Elizabeth COOMBE    
22/05/1764 Samuel NORRIS     Priscilla TUDGEY    
00/00/1765 Edward COOMBE     Elizabeth HANNINGTON    
19/11/1765 William SLADE   Stour Provost, Dorset Betty RYALL    
24/05/1767 John CLIFFE   Bishopstrow Grace HURDLE    
07/06/1767 James PRINCE   Upton Lovell Rebeccah BRIDLE    
03/08/1767 John SKAINE   Sutton Veny Hester NORRIS    
27/09/1767 John GARRET     Honour BARTLETT   Wincanton, Somerset
14/08/1768 James TUDGEY     Elizabeth TURNER    
04/10/1768 Stephen LONG   Monkton Deverill Elizabeth HELE    
10/10/1768 Thomas COLLINS     Martha TRIMBY    
20/11/1768 Peter HURDLE     Joanna TRIMBY    
22/01/1769 John DANIEL   Monkton Deverill Jane BRIDLE    
23/11/1769 Luke FORMER   Teffont Evias Elizabeth HUMPHREYS    
26/06/1770 John FORMER   Monkton Deverill Mary MARSHALL    
07/04/1771 John MARSHALL     Ann PRICE    
12/04/1772 William TUDGEY     Mary MIFLING    
17/06/1773 John ADCOCK     Betty LONG    
15/05/1774 Thomas TURNER     Anne GULLIFER    
23/06/1774 Joseph HANSFORD     Rachel BURLTON    
25/09/1774 Stephen COLLENS     Tansey LUCAS    
16/11/1775 William PRESLEY     Elizabeth MIFLEN    
12/06/1776 Joseph GULLIFER     Rachel HOLTON    
29/12/1776 William WITMASH     Anne LONG    
06/10/1777 John BUTCHER   Longbridge Deverill Jane TUDGAY    
20/10/1777 Edward CARPENTER     Mary KETLEY    
31/05/1778 James LUCAS     Margarett LUSH    
24/01/1779 George TOWNSEND     Jean HURDLE    
07/02/1779 William SNELGROVE     Hannah BRIDLE    
28/04/1779 Thomas HUMPHRY     Elizabeth HAWKINS    
27/01/1780 Robert VALLIS     Mary HERRINGTON    
15/10/1781 John LONG     Betty ABRAHAM    
18/10/1781 William MARSHALL     Elizabeth VALLIS    
24/12/1781 James LONG     Elizabeth PARSONS    
16/06/1782 Paul MATHEWS     Mary HEALL    
01/12/1782 Thomas ELLOT     Elizabeth SMITH    
16/01/1783 William TRIMBY     Sarah SMITH    
00/00/1785 Robert BURLTON     Fanny STONE    
00/00/1785 William ONG     Joan MIFFLIN    
31/10/1785 Samuel NORRIS     Sarah LUCAS    
01/11/1785 William REYNALDS     Elizabeth MARSHALL    
17/04/1786 John PARKER     Anne COLLENS    
12/06/1786 John STONE     Sarah MIFLEN    
14/12/1786 Andrew ALFORD     Betty BURLTON    
12/02/1787 Solomon MIFLEN     Anne HOWELL    
03/06/1787 John FORSYTH     Anne BECKITT    
22/09/1788 Henry BRIMBEL     Martha PARSONS    
04/02/1789 Michael FORD     Mary COOMBS    
30/06/1789 Hugh RABBITS     Sarah SLADE    
25/09/1791 John RUDDOCK     Elizabeth LUSH    
17/01/1792 Stephen LONG     Elizabeth REYNOLDS    
21/10/1792 Thomas BRIMBEL     Elizabeth SMITH    
21/11/1792 Edward SMITH     Sarah TUDGAY    
21/04/1793 James LONG     Sarah TURNER    
1 01/08/1793 George TURNER Single Monkton Deverill Jenny KIDDLE Single  
2 20/04/1794 William WHITE     Mary STURGIS    
3 08/06/1794 William RUDDICK     Sarah SMITH    
4 03/05/1795 William YATES     Ann NEWBERRY    
5 11/10/1795 William CROUCH   Longbridge Deverill Mary SMITH    
6 15/08/1796 Paul PRESLEY Widower Monkton Deverill Martha BOWN    
7 16/10/1796 Henry GERRETT     Ann COOMBS    
8 17/04/1797 William BRIDLE Widower Mere Sarah NORRIS    
9 17/04/1797 William MARSHALL     Mary TUDGAY    
10 20/08/1797 James MARSHALL     Judith SHEPHERD    
11 08/04/1798 James DRAPER     Rachel ABRAHAM    
12 20/12/1798 John HARWOOD   Monkton Deverill Sarah YOUNG    
13 11/02/1799 Thomas NEWBURY   Maiden Bradley Elizabeth COLLINS    
14 29/05/1799 John TOOGOOD     Mary COLLINS    
15 14/07/1799 John HALL     Sarah PRESLEY    
16 25/07/1799 Joseph COMPTON   Brixton Deverill Elon DYER    
17 28/07/1799 William YATES     Mary TUDGAY    
18 22/09/1799 Thomas BRAMBLE     Elizabeth TUDGAY    
19 20/04/1800 Paul PRESLEY     Ann WITMAISH    
20 24/08/1800 John BURLTON     Rachel BURLTON    
21 16/10/1800 Thomas TRIMBY     Mary WEBB    
22 24/12/1801 Thomas WHITEMAISH     Mary VALLIS    
23 18/04/1802 Henry MAIDMONT   East Knoyle Mary JERRETT    
24 14/11/1802 John MARSHALL     Hannah PRIESTLY    
25 28/04/1804 Henry STURGIS     Margaret ILLING    
26 04/11/1804 Joseph NEWBERRY     Esther LONG    
27 20/09/1805 Isaac TALBOT   Monkton Deverill Sarah LONG    
28 29/11/1805 Dennis STURGIS     Mary CROUCH    
29 21/09/1807 James TRIMLEY     Ann EVILL    
31 24/09/1807 Joel FORSIT     Fanny READ    
32 27/10/1807 John MARSHALL     Ann VALAS    
33 08/05/1808 Robert MITCHELL   Warminster Priscilla NORRIS    
34 10/10/1808 Henry GARRET     Elizabeth SELWOOD    
35 28/11/1808 William WATERS   Longbridge Deverill Rachel MIFFLIN    
36 08/01/1809 Robert BURLTON   Nunney, Somerset Elizabeth ALFORD    
37 05/02/1809 Stephen GARRATT     Elizabeth TUDGAY    
38 26/09/1809 Nathaniel GARRATT     Elizabeth HUMPHRIES    
39 17/10/1809 Samuel MAISHEL     Catherine TUDGAY Single  
40 11/12/1809 Henry FORD   Holy Trinity, Shaftesbury, Dorset Elizabeth TRIMBY    
41 09/05/1811 Edward SNOOK   East Knoyle Mary LONG    
42 23/09/1811 William STONE     Mary BARNS    
43 23/12/1811 James WHITE     Mary MEFFLEN    
45 11/10/1812 Shadrach BRAMBLE     Mary LONG    
1 12/04/1813 John WHITMARSH     Elizabeth MARSHALL    
2 23/08/1813 William WHITMARSH     Elizabeth STONE    
3 27/09/1813 Edmund SHERLEY   Monkton Deverill Emma DOWDING    
4 22/12/1814 Joseph TRIMBY     Rachel LONG    
5 18/02/1815 John ANDREWS   Brixton Deverill Caroline BRIMBLE    
6 22/07/1816 Thomas TUCKER   Brixton Deverill Elizabeth GARRETT    
7 04/01/1817 Silas VINCENT     Anne THOMPSON    
8 26/05/1817 John BRIMBLE     Sarah FORHEAD    
9 01/06/1817 John LONG     Sarah DRAPER    
10 01/07/1818 James COMPTON     Ann Cooper HUMPHRYS    
11 11/10/1819 John STONE     Sarah BRIMBLE    
12 20/12/1819 James DOWDING     Elizabeth GARRATT    
13 19/03/1820 William COLLINS   Brixton Deverill Charlotte DOWDING    
14 03/04/1820 James BRIMBLE     Hannah STONE    
15 23/05/1820 John MABBET   Brixton Deverill Anne MIFFLIN    
16 11/06/1820 William TUCKER   Brixton Deverill Priscilla BRIMBEL    
17 27/06/1820 Joseph HANSFORD   Codford St Mary Frances CROUCH    
18 14/08/1820 William SMITH     Elizabeth MOGER   Corsley
19 12/06/1821 James MARSHALL     Maria GARRATT    
20 31/07/1821 John ELLOWAY   Warminster Elizabeth COOMBS    
21 26/12/1821 John TUDGAY     Ann WHITE    
22 18/02/1822 James ANDREWS   Brixton Deverill Mary LANGLEY    
23 30/06/1822 James STONE   Brixton Deverill Betty RUDDOCK    
24 22/09/1822 Isaac TRIMBY     Elizabeth CARPENTER    
25 26/05/1823 Thomas WHITE     Amza CLARK    
26 20/11/1823 Jesse BRIMBLE     Ann NUBERY    
27 15/12/1823 John WHITE     Rachel MARSHALL    
28 05/02/1824 Adam TRIMBY     Diana HIBBERT    
29 06/06/1824 William MIFFLIAN     Mary Ann GARRITT    
30 18/10/1824 Thomas STONE     Ann TUDGEY    
31 06/04/1826 John WILLIAMS   South Newton Martha ROGERS    
32 27/02/1827 William DRAPER     Elizabeth STRACEY    
33 03/04/1827 William FRY   Chilmark Anna Maria TRIMBY    
34 14/01/1828 Joseph WHITE     Elizabeth SNELGROVE    
35 19/05/1829 May FLOWER   Litton, Somerset Sarah Ann WOOKEY    
36 09/11/1829 Philip GARRATT     Anna COOMBS    
37 12/04/1830 Joseph CROUCH     Eliza CLARKE    
37 12/04/1830 Joseph STURGIS     Eliza CLARKE    
38 03/05/1830 Henry BRAMBLE     Sarah CARPENTER    
39 16/05/1830 Shadrach BRIMBLE     Mary BARNES   Horningsham
40 14/06/1830 William MIFFLIN     Hannah ACHERY    
41 05/07/1830 John LONG     Sarah TUDGEY    
42 19/07/1830 Joseph HOWELL     Mary SMITH    
43 30/08/1830 John RIDDICK     Rachel SMITH    
44 09/09/1830 George BURBIDGE   East Knoyle Mary Ann HOLDWAY    
45 12/09/1830 George PORTINGALE   Monkton Deverill Mary Ann STONE    
46 27/09/1830 Lewis FLETCHER     Mary DYER    
47 27/06/1831 George STONE   Gillingham, Dorset Hannah GARRETT    
48 01/08/1831 Ambrose HARWOOD     Ann BURRESS    
49 01/08/1831 Joseph NEWBURY     Ann YOUNG    
50 15/12/1831 George FLETCHER     Ann NEWBURY    
51 23/04/1832 William TUDGAY     Ann WHITMASH    
52 28/05/1832 James JACOBS     Elizabeth PARKER    
53 16/07/1832 John CARPENTER     Selah TRIMBY    
54 14/11/1832 Eli FOSTER     Sarah CROUCH    
55 22/04/1833 William COOMBS     Ann BUNN    
56 02/05/1833 Thomas BRIMBLE     Mary Ann MARSHALL    
57 05/08/1833 Thomas MARSHALL     Ann WELSH   Mere
58 29/09/1833 John DORRINGTON     Elizabeth WILLIS    
59 09/04/1834 Luke MARSHALL     Elizabeth MARSHALL    
60 21/04/1834 William WHITE     Mary MACEY    
61 07/07/1834 William HARWOOD     Jane CLARK    
62 10/11/1834 John FORSITH     Jane BELL    
63 25/12/1834 Thomas GARRATT     Elizabeth LAWRANCE   Maiden Bradley
64 29/10/1835 Emanuel TRIMBY     Sarah WHITE    
65 24/11/1835 Joseph HOWELL     Sarah MARSHALL    
66 22/02/1836 John WOOKEY     Maria RAWLINGS    
67 11/08/1836 Stephen TUDGAY     Sarah LIDBURY    

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