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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Northfield St Laurence


The Parish

The parish of Northfield lies in the extreme northeast of Worcestershire, indeed it sits at the meeting point of three counties, Worcestershire with Staffordshire & Warwickshire. It's administrative history is further compounded by being transferred to Birmingham in 1911 but historically of Worcestershire. Northfield is located about 6 miles southwest of the city of Birmingham and sits on the A38 road which connects Birmingham onwards to Worcester. Once a discrete village Northfield has now become contiguous with the expanding metropolis with no gap between it and its much larger neighbour. Modern development, besides the expanding industrial and housing areas, come in the form of in temporal order, the Netherton Canal, the Birmingham to Worcester rail line whilst a few miles to the west runs the modern M5 motorway. Whilst Northfield would have a largely farming based economy at the time of this transcript industry was expanding rapidly with the manufacture of nails a local major employer; some quarrying of the local sandstone for building also occurred. Northfield is drained northeastwards by the River Rea which, on its long journey to the sea, joins, in turn, the Cole, Tame and then the Trent to eventually reach the North Sea through the Humber Estuary. Northfield is sited at around 170 metres above the sea on rising ground which emerges as the Clent & Lickey Hills nearby reaching local heights of almost 300 metres on Beacon Hill. Northfield parish was extensive as were many in this corner of the county, it covered almost 5,800 acres and would have supported a population growing from around 800 to over 2,200 during the 18th and early 19th centuries. In Domesday times Northfield was a rural parish, held by William son of Ansculf it could offer 14 ploughs but had few other assets worth recording.

The Church

St Laurence's church sits in the heart of the original village of Northfield, hidden in a vast swathe of modern e.g. post Georgian development and sitting on Church Hill to the northeast of Northfield's rail station. The church has its origins in the 12th century and Pevsner notes a doorway to the northern aisle and some windows in the northern face of the tower as being of that era. The church's most splendid feature, however, is its representation of the early English Gothic, a style which Pevsner says is "some of the finest work in the county" of that era. The chancel is singled out as a complete and unspoiled example of this period at its best with lancet windows shown to good effect. In order and following this build we have the 13th century southern aisle, a four-bay southern arcade of the 14th century and the upper portion of the tower, rebuilt in the 15th century. Work continued into the 20th century when the northern aisle was added in 1900 but utilising a 14th century style. The church sits within a slightly elevated churchyard protected by a local stone wall, an attractive lychgate granting entry. The church is slightly crammed in upon the northern edge of the churchyard but the better views are from west and southeast and these are relatively free from photographic obstacles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 2nd May 1754 - 10th December 1812 Birmingham Archives - Reference - EP 14/2/3/1
Plain, unruled book containing Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 9th February 1813 - 13th April 1837 Birmingham Archives - Reference - EP 14/2/3/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading of this register may result in one or two misreads

Halesowen St Mary & St John the Evangelist
Harborne St Peter, Staffordshire
Edgbaston St Bartholomew, Warwickshire
Halesowen St Mary & St John the Evangelist
Frankley St Leinard
Kings Norton St Nicholas
Frankley St Leonard
Kings Norton St Nicholas
Kings Norton St Nicholas

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
25/01/1754 John BARFORD   Ipsley, Warwickshire Ann MARSTON   Tardebigge
07/02/1754 John DAVENPORT     Mary ROTHERAM    
02/05/1754 Benjamin LUCKCUCK     Hannah BOWERS    
06/06/1754 Joseph FALKENER Widower   Rebecca WITHERS Widow  
16/11/1754 John TAYLOR Single   Mary FOLLOWS Single Cofton Hackett
28/01/1755 John BETTERIDGE Single Kings Norton Sarah ROSE Single  
07/06/1755 Joseph FROST Single   Elizabeth MAGEE Single  
15/09/1755 Samuel WARD Single   Alice FALKENER Single  
28/09/1755 William FALKENER Single   Mary WALFORD Single  
08/10/1755 Thomas WALKER Single   Eleanor BRADLEY Single  
09/12/1755 William EATON Single   Hannah GOUGH Single  
16/12/1755 Philip BAKER Single Tardebigge Mary FALKENER Single  
29/12/1755 Charles WARMAN Single   Mary MUCKLOW Single  
04/03/1756 William TAY Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
30/05/1756 John BEESLY Single   Sarah MUCKLOW Single  
30/07/1756 John TOMKINSON Single   Eleanor WALTON Single  
24/01/1757 William THOMAS Single St Philip, Birmingham, Warwickshire Ann STADLEY Single  
22/02/1757 Joseph SMITH Single Halesowen Mary TAYLOR Single  
11/04/1757 George FOLLOWS Widower   Bridget TAYLER Widow  
09/05/1757 Francis FIELD Single   Catharine LANE Single  
16/10/1757 Samuel POWEL Single   Elizabeth BROWN Single  
24/10/1757 Joseph SMITH Single   Hannah JINKS Single  
14/11/1757 John COOKS Single   Sarah LEESE Single  
16/01/1758 Samuel MOUL Single   Mary WILCOX Single  
13/04/1758 Jacob WHITEHOUSE Single   Jane GUEST Single  
25/07/1758 Joseph SPENCER Single   Mary MOORE Single  
03/10/1758 Thomas MOORE Single Kings Norton Elizabeth BRAGG Single  
10/10/1758 Joseph FAULKNOR Widower   Ann HEATH Single  
24/10/1758 Edward ANDREWS Single   Dessee CULLINGWORTH Single Kings Norton
29/11/1758 William LEA Single   Sarah TAYLOR Single  
11/12/1758 Edward PERRY Single   Sarah WOOLLEY Single  
26/12/1758 William NEWEL Single   Mary ROSE Single  
15/02/1759 Joseph LEA Single   Sarah GREEN Single  
26/03/1759 Thomas NEWNAM Widower Cofton Hackett Ann GRIFFIN Single  
30/04/1759 George MOORE Single   Ann SMITH Single  
01/07/1759 Thomas HILL Single Halesowen Elizabeth WILCOCKS Single  
10/08/1759 William EDWARDS Single Wolverhampton, Staffordshire Sarah BALL Single  
07/10/1759 Jeremiah FLEMINGS Single Belbroughton Jane WALFORD Single  
26/11/1759 George ROSE Widower   Ann ROSE Single  
26/11/1759 Matthew TURLEY Single   Sarah ROSE Single  
07/12/1759 Richard ANDREWS Single   Sarah COOKES Single  
25/02/1760 Joseph MOOR Single   Mary ROBINSON Single Halesowen
01/04/1760 Samuel WHITEHOUSE Widower   Sarah DANIELS Single  
15/04/1760 John HIPKIN     Sarah PARKES Single  
29/05/1760 William FOWLER Single Kings Norton Jane WALKER Single  
01/09/1760 Joseph COLLINS Single Kings Norton Ann WHITE Single  
11/10/1760 Francis WALFORD Single   Mary LEA Single  
21/10/1760 Joseph MATTHEWS Single   Sarah SAUNDERS Widow  
20/11/1760 John WAGSTAFF Single   Mary WHITEHOUSE Single  
07/12/1760 Thomas AVERILL Single   Mary NEWALL Single  
11/01/1761 James NICHOLLS Single   Theodosia LEESE Single  
21/02/1761 John SMITH Single Alvechurch Elizabeth FIELD Single  
23/03/1761 John HODGKINS Single   Susannah ROPER Widow  
26/03/1761 James GOUGH Single   Martha JONES Single  
31/03/1761 Richard PARTRIDGE Single   Mary MASON Single  
13/04/1761 Joseph JOPLIN Single Bromsgrove Mary LUCKCOCK Single  
28/07/1761 Thomas NEWALL Single   Jane ROSE Single  
25/08/1761 Thomas GOUGH Single   Ann HEMUS Single  
13/10/1761 William TRANTER Single   Catherine TOMLINSON Single Cofton Hackett
19/10/1761 James TEAL Single   Sarah WRIGHT Single  
26/11/1761 John WALKER Widower   Mary FOWLER Single  
29/12/1761 Henry LEESE Single   Elizabeth POLISSIT Single  
13/01/1762 Francis TONKS Single   Elizabeth GREEN Single  
23/02/1762 John ANDREWS Single   Catherine SMALL Single  
15/03/1762 James ROBINSON Single   Mary HAMPSON Single  
12/04/1762 William MILLWARD Single Halesowen Mary HALL Single  
12/04/1762 Thomas PENFIELD Single   Sarah WOODBINE Single  
14/04/1762 James RITTLE Single   Polly EDWARDS Single  
28/04/1762 John FIELDING Single Pyrton, Oxfordshire Mary MILLWARD Single  
02/05/1762 Charles SANDERS Single St Martin, Birmingham, Warwickshire Sarah WARD Single  
19/05/1762 Isaac PARTRIDGE Single   Elizabeth FRUIN Single  
30/08/1762 John WOOLLEY Single   Mary HAINES Widow Halesowen
31/08/1762 William PALMER Single   Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
12/10/1762 John WALDRON Single Halesowen Mary PRICE Single  
16/11/1762 Thomas GROVES Single   Mary PRICE Single  
24/12/1762 Thomas PARSONAGE Single   Hannah ROTHERAM Single  
21/03/1763 John WALKER Single Frankley Theodosia STUDLEY Single  
24/03/1763 John DUTTON Single   Sarah FIELD Single  
03/04/1763 Thomas WALKER Single   Hannah EADES Single Cofton Hackett
03/07/1763 Thomas BUCKLEY Single Halesowen Sarah PRICE Single  
15/08/1763 John SKETT Single Kings Norton Dessee ANDREWS Widow  
29/12/1763 William ROE Widower   Mary ALBUTT Widow  
29/02/1764 Robert HEEDMAN Single Yardley Ann HARVEY Single  
01/05/1764 Joseph COX Single   Elizabeth FAULKNER Single  
03/05/1764 William WELLS Single   Elizabeth TIBBITTS Single  
01/07/1764 James WILLIAMS Single   Mary WALKER Single  
23/07/1764 Joseph GREEN Single   Hannah SIMMINS Widow  
07/08/1764 Adam GUEST Single   Elizabeth FOLLOES Single  
23/09/1764 Joseph FIELD Single   Susanna BARLOW Single  
24/09/1764 Thomas HUSGATE Single Kings Norton Elizabeth SUTTON Single  
12/10/1764 Thomas BRANTON Single   Elizabeth BELY Single Kings Norton
22/10/1764 Thomas GUEST Single   Hannah LEESE Single  
12/11/1764 Thomas HEATH Single   Nancy WALKER Single  
11/02/1765 Richard BOURNE Single   Phebe WALKER Single  
04/03/1765 Richard HAMPSON Single   Mary LEESE Single  
14/05/1765 Roger OSFORD Single   Mary ADDINGTON Single  
31/07/1765 Jacob ROSE Single   Winifred ROBINSON Single  
14/09/1765 Francis BIRCH Single   Mary BIRCH Single  
30/09/1765 Francis WALFORD Widower   Hannah ROBINS Single  
08/10/1765 Joseph MATTHEWS Single   Sarah LACY Single  
01/12/1765 John AVERY Single   Elizabeth TOMSON Single  
11/02/1766 William WIGHT Single   Elizabeth PAYTON Single Harborne, Staffordshire
10/04/1766 Francis WAGSTAFF Single   Ann WITHERS Single  
04/11/1766 Edward SMITH Single   Elizabeth HORTON Single  
27/02/1767 James ANDREWS Single   Sarah TAYLOR Single Kings Norton
27/02/1767 John WHEELER Single   Rebecca WALKER Single  
28/02/1767 Thomas MARSTON Widower   Mary TOWNSEND Single  
21/04/1767 William ARROWSMITH Single   Nancy LYNDON Single  
03/05/1767 William MILLINGTON Widower   Grace WHITE Single  
12/07/1767 Joseph MEWIS Single   Jane FLAVELL Single  
23/09/1767 John GREEN Single Halesowen Mary WHITEHOUSE Single  
01/10/1767 John JAMES Widower   Martha HAWKES Single Aston, Warwickshire
06/10/1767 William WALKER Single   Nancy TAYLOR Single  
05/01/1768 William JAMES Single Wootton Wawen, Warwickshire Mary LUCAS Single  
11/01/1768 Richard HIGGINS Single   Sarah RODGERS Single  
16/02/1768 William KEMPSTER Single   Mary WILLIAMS Widow  
27/03/1768 Stephen HILL Widower   Mary BIRCH Widow  
13/04/1768 John NOBLE Single   Betty BIRCH Single Rowley Regis, Staffordshire
23/05/1768 Thomas HOLYOAKE Single Tardebigge Mary WIGHT Single  
06/06/1768 John HONEYBORNE Single   Elizabeth HIPKISS Single  
19/06/1768 William TRAUNTER Single   Mary ROBINSON Single  
31/10/1768 William ROBINSON Single   Mary WEBBA Single  
03/11/1768 Thomas RODGERS Single   Mary PIDDOCK Single  
03/12/1768 Josiah COLEY Single   Sarah CUTLER Single  
15/06/1769 Lewis APSEY Single St Mary The Great, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Frances WARD Single  
31/08/1769 Joseph FISHER Single   Ann WHITEHOUSE    
05/11/1769 Thomas SLATER Single   Elizabeth HOODS Single  
13/11/1769 Jacob JONES Single   Hannah NICHOLDS Single  
20/11/1769 William GUEST Widower   Elizabeth DUGMORE Widow  
01/01/1770 James HODGETTS Single Halesowen Hannah SARGANT Single  
04/01/1770 Thomas STANTON Single Hampton Lovett Rebecca SMITH    
09/06/1770 John HINTON Single   Nancy GREEN Single  
02/07/1770 Thomas WALKER Widower   Ann CUTLER Single  
02/07/1770 John PRICE Single   Nancy HEATH Widow  
08/10/1770 George ROBINS Single   Elizabeth OATHEN Single  
16/10/1770 Thomas PITMAN Single   Hannah WILCOX Single  
06/11/1770 Charles HANDS Single   Ann SAUNDERS Single  
14/11/1770 John AVERILL Single   Sarah SIMPSON Single  
01/01/1771 Joseph LEESE Single   Sarah TAGG Single  
15/03/1771 Richard TONKS Single   Catherine WALLS Single  
30/03/1771 Jesse TAYLOR Single   Sarah SARGENT Single  
23/04/1771 John HITCHINS Single Kings Norton Mary GRIFFIN Single  
15/06/1771 John BROWN Widower   Mary HALL Widow  
16/08/1771 Joseph GREEN Single   Ann COSTIN Single  
23/10/1771 William ROBINSON Single   Hannah ANDREWS Single  
09/11/1771 William HEWS Single   Mary ORRIS Single  
14/11/1771 Henry HORTON Single   Mary PRICE Single  
02/12/1771 Humphrey THORN Single Kings Norton Ann FAULKNER Single  
06/12/1771 Joseph SMITH Single   Sarah OVERTON Single  
13/03/1772 Samuel LOWELL Widower   Ann GROVES Single Kings Norton
02/04/1772 James WHEELER Single   Mary ROBERTS Single  
04/04/1772 Robert HICKS Single St Martin, Birmingham, Warwickshire Mary BROWNSON Single  
07/05/1772 Richard PARTRIDGE Single   Rebecca ROSE Single  
06/08/1772 John WITHEFORD Single   Sarah LEADBOROUGH Single  
09/08/1772 David OWENS Single Wrexham, Denbighshire Sarah ALLEN    
29/08/1772 William LOWE Widower   Jane WILLETTS Widow  
20/09/1772 Thomas CRADDOCK Single   Sarah DUGMORE Single  
25/10/1772 Samuel PRITCHET Single   Susanna ROSE Single  
08/11/1772 Thomas WILLITTS Single Halesowen Hannah HODGKINS Single  
14/12/1772 Joseph RUDGE Widower   Sarah JONES Single  
28/01/1773 Samuel HANSON Single   Elizabeth WIGHT Widow  
21/02/1773 Thomas WHEELER Single   Sarah LEA Single  
23/02/1773 John HEMUS Single   Elizabeth HARRISON Single  
02/03/1773 John OVERTON Widower   Sarah WARD Widow Kings Norton
13/04/1773 Benjamin HILL Single   Mary SMITH Single  
27/04/1773 Stephen SPRIGG Single Yardley Ann BODDILY Single  
29/09/1773 Joseph HAYNES Single West Bromwich, Staffordshire Mary HOLYOAKE Single  
29/09/1773 Thomas WITHERS Single   Hannah WALLS Single  
05/01/1774 Thomas PARR Single   Deborah HATHOUSE Single  
11/01/1774 Thomas BRITTAIN Single St Martin, Birmingham, Warwickshire Mary FAULKNER Single  
28/01/1774 William BRADLEY Single   Hannah GOSSEGE Single  
06/02/1774 William PIDDOCK Single   Nancy AVERY Single  
07/02/1774 John ROBINSON Single   Hannah HODGKINS Single  
10/04/1774 Benjamin HEMUS Single   Nancy ROBINSON Single  
04/06/1774 William SARGEANT Single   Ann SMITH Single  
17/10/1774 Joseph HALL Single Kings Norton Mary AUSTIN Single  
20/11/1774 John LEESE Single   Hannah WALKER Single  
09/12/1774 William OAKES Single   Ann WALKER Widow  
12/01/1775 Joseph SMITH Single   Hannah SMITH Single Kings Norton
02/02/1775 David SMITH Single   Nancy SMITH Single Alvechurch
20/03/1775 Joseph HOBBINS Single Bradley Mary CARPENTER Single  
09/10/1775 Samuel ALLEN Single   Elizabeth BENTLEY Single  
20/11/1775 James GARDNER Single   Rachel ANDREWS Single  
12/02/1776 William FAULKNER Single   Mary SMITH Single  
19/03/1776 Edward AVERILL Single   Ann ARROWSMITH Single  
07/07/1776 John HERBERT Widower   Mary HILL Widow  
21/07/1776 Edward HINTON Single   Ann FREETH Single Harborne, Staffordshire
01/10/1776 Thomas WITHEFORD Single   Sarah TRAUNTER Single  
14/11/1776 Henry HODGETTS Single Halesowen Obediance PRYNN Single  
19/11/1776 William CUTLER Single   Ann TAYLOR Single  
30/03/1777 William COOKES Single   Mary PALMER Single  
01/05/1777 Thomas PERRY Single   Elizabeth SLATER Widow  
01/05/1777 John WEBB Single   Ann WILKES Single  
05/05/1777 William WALKER Single   Mary COOK Single  
19/06/1777 William LEESE Single   Jane DUTTON Single  
15/08/1777 Thomas WEBB Single   Susanna MOTT Single Studley
30/09/1777 John HARRISON Widower Kings Norton Elizabeth FIELD Single  
08/12/1777 Benjamin PARKES Widower Halesowen Abigail SMITH Single  
29/12/1777 William WHITE Single   Mary DARBY Single  
04/02/1778 Thomas DARBY Single   Sarah TIMMINS Single  
02/04/1778 William FIELD Widower   Mary RODGERS Single  
02/04/1778 Thomas NASH Single Dodderhill Sarah GREEN    
06/04/1778 Richard TAYLOR Single   Elizabeth MELLEY Single  
27/08/1778 Joseph ROSE Single   Hannah ROBINSON Single  
29/12/1778 Thomas ROBINSON Single   Ann HORTON Single  
19/01/1779 William KILLICK Single St Mary, Guildford, Surrey Mary CHELLINGWORTH Single  
28/01/1779 John HAWKINS Single Sheldon, Warwickshire Bet HORTON Single  
02/02/1779 Henry WARD Single   Mary WILLES    
05/02/1779 John CUTLER Single   Fanny WALKER Single  
14/02/1779 Thomas BATE Single   Hannah WITHEFORD Single  
25/03/1779 Thomas GOSLING Single Frankley Mary TAYLOR Single  
31/05/1779 William BATE Single   Sarah MOUL Single  
07/06/1779 Joseph SMITH Single   Betty EATON Single  
08/07/1779 John ROSE Single   Mary SHAKESBY Single  
13/08/1779 Caleb BOURNE Widower   Ann GIDDINS Single Bromsgrove
06/09/1779 James MILLARD Single   Mary BEDWORTH Single  
18/10/1779 Joseph BLACKBOND Single Adbaston, Staffordshire Sarah CHESHIRE Single  
26/12/1779 William RODGERS Single   Jenny WITHEFORD Single  
01/01/1780 George FOLLOWS Single   Nancy HUGHES Single  
05/01/1780 Richard GUEST Single   Betty HEATH Single Halesowen
16/05/1780 Samuel WITHERS Single   Ann TITMUS Single Alvechurch
04/07/1780 William BOLTON Single   Sarah ANDREWS Single Kings Norton
12/09/1780 Lingham WEAVER Single   Sarah SMITH Single Kings Norton
02/10/1780 Thomas LEESE Single   Elizabeth DUGMORE Single  
12/10/1780 Joseph CARPENTER Single   Hannah BRADNACK Single Cofton Hackett
16/10/1780 William WARD Single   Sarah WARD Single  
27/11/1780 John LUCKCUCK Single Harborne, Staffordshire Elizabeth WALKER Single  
31/12/1780 William LUCKCOCK Single   Mary WRIGHT Single Frankley
16/05/1781 Joseph PERRY Single Halesowen Esther SMITH Single  
01/07/1781 John PRICE Single   Mary EVETTS Single  
10/09/1781 Thomas AVERILL Widower   Phoebe THICKBROOM Single Kings Norton
01/11/1781 Robert PARKES Single   Betty BRITTAIN Single  
26/11/1781 Jonathan GWINN Single   Desree RODGERS Single  
27/11/1781 Richard NEWALL Single   Nancy TIMMINS Single  
17/07/1782 George DAVENPORT Widower   Elizabeth MARTIN Single  
17/10/1782 Joseph WITHEFORD Single   Elizabeth TRAUNTER Single  
06/11/1782 Charles JAMES Single   Mary HARDIN Single  
20/01/1783 John GREEN     Sarah TAYLOR Single Yardley
26/01/1783 James FOWLER Single Drayton In Hales, Shropshire Sarah WITHERS    
31/03/1783 Thomas WALLIS Single Rowley Regis, Staffordshire Mary WILLETTS Single  
25/04/1783 William RODGERS Single   Mary MOORE Single  
30/04/1783 William WILLETS Single   Ann UNDERHILL    
27/07/1783 Nathaniel HEEDS Single   Mary WALL Single  
03/08/1783 John HAZELDIN Single   Charlotte FREESE Single  
17/08/1783 William HINTON Single   Jenny LEA Single Harborne, Staffordshire
06/11/1783 Jacob HOLYOAKE Single Kings Norton Hannah TYLER Single  
13/11/1783 Richard WITHEFORD Single   Sarah HOBBIS Single  
24/11/1783 Thomas BEESLEY Single   Sarah WHITEHOUSE Single  
29/12/1783 Joseph HUNT Single   Sarah THOMPSON Single  
30/12/1783 Thomas ROSE Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
12/04/1784 Samuel CUTLER Single   Susanna SMITH Single  
11/10/1784 Samuel ROSE Single   Mary FIELD Single  
28/11/1784 Joseph WHEELER Single   Phebe WHITEHOUSE Single  
16/01/1785 John FREEMAN Single   Alice BIRCH Single  
31/01/1785 George HADLEY Single   Ann GUEST Single  
11/02/1785 Richard CARLESS Single Frankley Mary ANDREWS    
14/04/1785 Jeremiah HODGETTS Single Aston, Warwickshire Ann ROTHERAM Single  
25/06/1785 Charles SLIM Single   Millicent SHAKESPEAR Widow  
01/08/1785 Thomas WHEELER Widower Kings Norton Sarah WILLIAMS Single  
13/10/1785 William HEATH Single   Elizabeth COX Single  
13/10/1785 William HORWOOD Single   Sarah TAYLOR Single  
13/10/1785 John WOODBINE Single Aston, Warwickshire Nancy SMITH Single  
16/10/1785 John WILLIAMS Single   Susanna PINFIELD Single  
17/10/1785 Joseph WALKER Single   Ann WOOD Single  
06/11/1785 Francis FORD Single St Philip, Birmingham, Warwickshire Mary GREEN Single  
13/11/1785 Samuel BUTLER Widower   Mary SMITH Single  
18/04/1786 John LILLY Single   Nancy SPENCER Single  
02/10/1786 James BIDDLE Single   Mary Fox Bell MILWARD Single  
19/11/1786 William RICHARDSON Single   Ann TURTON Single  
28/11/1786 George WITHERS Single   Esther TIMMINS Single  
09/01/1787 William CUTLER Single   Hannah HALL    
02/07/1787 Richard PARDOE Single   Sarah CHILDS Single  
06/11/1787 Samuel GUEST Single Yardley Ann TAYLOR Single  
11/11/1787 Edward HOBBIS Single   Kitty ANDREWS Single  
12/11/1787 John TOLLEY Single   Elizabeth WITHEFORD Widow  
17/11/1787 James GREEN Widower   Elizabeth FREESE Single  
29/11/1787 Joseph WHITEHOUSE Single   Martha TAYLOR Single  
25/12/1787 John BATE Single   Sarah NEWELL Single  
04/01/1788 Samuel COPE Single Aston, Warwickshire Sarah MARSTON    
10/01/1788 George SWINSON Single St Martin, Birmingham, Warwickshire Mary WEBB Single  
21/02/1788 John CLARK Widower Studley, Warwickshire Mary TIBBATTS Single  
21/07/1788 Job EDWARDS Single   Sarah FAULKNOR Single  
08/10/1788 Joseph ROSE Widower   Hannah PARTRIDGE Single  
04/11/1788 Charles CARPENTER Single   Nancy FREETH Single Harborne, Staffordshire
15/12/1788 John HART Widower   Elizabeth OATES Single  
25/12/1788 John FAULKNOR Single   Ann POTTER Single  
26/12/1788 Thomas ROSE Single   Nancy TRAUNTER Single  
17/02/1789 John BANNER Single Claverdon, Warwickshire Elizabeth GUEST Widow  
14/04/1789 John CRANMER Single   Ann TAYLOR Single  
04/05/1789 Samuel TAYLOR Single   Hannah MOORE Single  
29/06/1789 Charles AVERY Single   Betty WHEELER Single  
29/11/1789 Thomas MARSTON Single St Martin, Birmingham, Warwickshire Elizabeth BAYLISS Single  
07/01/1790 William HARRISSON Single Alvechurch Sarah WIGHT Single  
19/04/1790 Matthew GROVE Single   Ann GREAVES Single  
20/05/1790 John PARKES Widower Harborne, Staffordshire Elizabeth HANSON Widow  
15/01/1791 John BOURNE Single   Sarah RODGERS Single Kings Norton
28/02/1791 John GARDNER Single   Hannah GUEST Single  
06/05/1791 William LEA Single   Ann WALKER Single  
11/10/1791 Richard LEWIS Single   Elizabeth DIZEN Single  
07/11/1791 John FIELD Single Tardebigge Alice WILLETTS Single  
18/11/1791 David ROSE Single   Mary TAYLOR Single  
30/01/1792 Samuel WALKER Single   Elizabeth ROSE Single  
22/04/1792 Richard BATE Single   Ann WALKER Widow  
28/05/1792 George WILCOCKS Single   Mary WHEELER Single  
18/06/1792 Charles WILLIAMS Single   Elizabeth OAKELEY Single  
12/07/1792 John TAY Single   Betty TOMKINS Single  
01/08/1792 George BARBER Single Ludlow, Shropshire Elizabeth BIRCH Widow  
10/09/1792 William GILBY Single St Philip, Birmingham, Warwickshire Eliza CAPPER    
28/11/1792 John MILLINGTON Single   Ann NEWELL    
03/12/1792 John ROSE     Hannah ADAMS    
04/12/1792 George BODILY     Nancy PALMER    
25/12/1792 John SMITH Single   Ann LEESE Single  
31/12/1792 Francis SHUKER Single   Sarah HIGGINS Single  
06/04/1793 Joseph WESTWOOD Single Harborne, Staffordshire Ann ROSE Single  
21/05/1793 Thomas WOODBINE Single   Sarah WALKER Single  
26/05/1793 William WOODBINE Single   Mary WAGSTAFF Single  
26/12/1793 Job EDWARDS Widower   Hannah ALBUTT Single  
20/01/1794 Cornelius FOLLOWS Single   Hannah HAMPSON Single  
24/02/1794 James ANDREWS Single   Mary GUEST Single  
30/10/1794 James STEPHENS Single   Charlotte KENDAL Single  
05/03/1795 John COMPSON Single Oldswinford Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
04/06/1795 Peter HARVEY Single   Sarah BROWNSWORD Widow  
24/11/1795 George GUISE Single   Ann MOLE Single  
30/11/1795 William CRANNIDGE Single   Mary WORRALL Single  
03/03/1796 William GIBBS Widower   Mary PARSONAGE Single  
12/07/1796 George JONES Single   Martha WADKINS Single  
05/02/1797 William PAINTER Single   Catherine GREEN Single  
20/02/1797 John BONEL Single   Elizabeth PALMER Single  
27/02/1797 Francis EVINS Widower   Elizabeth DAVIS Single  
29/05/1797 Joseph YEAMONS Single   Sarah BURFORD Single  
27/07/1797 Benjamin PARTINGTON Single   Elizabeth WATSON Single  
31/07/1797 Richard MOOR Single Tardebigge Elizabeth WILLETTS Single  
10/08/1797 John WALKER Single   Jane VALLANCE Single  
00/00/1798 Joseph GUEST     Elizabeth TAYLOR    
30/01/1798 Henry EVANS Single   Fanny GREEN Single  
14/03/1798 Richard OWEN Single   Elizabeth HALLOWAY Single  
01/05/1798 John POUNTNEY Single Kings Norton Molly WHITEHOUSE Single  
27/05/1798 Robert WITHERS Single   Elizabeth CUTLER Single  
31/12/1798 Thomas THOMAS Single   Hannah GUEST Single  
00/00/1799 John SMITH     Mary CRADOCK    
25/03/1799 Thomas GUEST Single   Hannah MOLLEY Single  
11/04/1799 Thomas PARMER Single   Mary BOWERS Widow  
22/04/1799 Thomas PEPLOE Widower Alvechurch Catherine MANNING Single  
01/05/1799 Thomas JENKINS Single Alvechurch Elizabeth MARSTON Single  
11/06/1799 William SMITH Single Crowle Mary BROOKE Single  
27/06/1799 James COX Single Harborne, Staffordshire Phoebe DARBY Single  
15/08/1799 Joseph RICKETTS     Sarah GREEN    
18/08/1799 Joseph INGROOM Single   Susanna MOLE Single  
15/12/1799 John BROWNIN Single   Frances PARR Single  
00/01/1800 John HOAMES     Elizabeth LEA    
29/01/1800 Benjamin BRETTLE Single Kingswinford, Staffordshire Ann CURRIER Single  
07/04/1800 John HALLHE Single   Judith LEAKIN Single  
05/11/1800 Andrew WITHEFORD Single   Sarah HOBBIS Single  
10/12/1800 William WARNER Single   Elizabeth HEVENINGHAM Single Lichfield, Staffordshire
28/12/1801 John DAVENPORT Single   Jane HODGKINS Single  
07/02/1802 Thomas JACKSON Single   Mary ALLBUT Single  
01/03/1802 Isaac PARTRIDGE Single   Nancy LEA Widow  
29/03/1802 John CROWDER Single   Hannah WOOD Single  
26/04/1802 Joseph EATON Single   Nancy COOPER Single  
24/07/1802 William CURTIS Single Birmingham, Warwickshire Ann MEACHAM Single  
29/11/1802 John ROSE Single   Nancy HADLEY Single  
30/12/1802 James CHATTAWAY Single Alvechurch Sarah WILLETTS Single  
11/04/1803 Edward HORTON Single   Mary YEATES Single  
16/05/1803 William TAYLOR Single   Jane BATE Single  
12/02/1804 John BARNETT Single   Ann SMITH Widow  
10/04/1804 George FOLLOWS Widower   Susanna PINFIELD Single  
01/10/1804 Thomas BOURNE Single   Mary LEESE Single  
08/10/1804 John CLEWS Single   Mary ROSE Single  
23/10/1804 Thomas NEWBOLD Single   Mary INGERAM Single  
01/01/1805 John BATE Single   Sarah PINFIELD Single  
11/05/1805 Robert NEWBOLD Single   Mary HORTON Single  
02/07/1805 William HARRIS Widower Alcester, Warwickshire Sarah INGERAM Single  
27/09/1805 John LESTER Single   Susanna HYATT Single  
07/04/1806 Benjamin HURLEY Single Halesowen Abigail COX Single  
21/04/1806 John MOSS Single   Rebecca KNOWLES Single  
05/05/1806 Joseph WILLETTS Single   Lucy GREEN Single  
29/06/1806 Robert HOLIOAK Single   Mary SOUTHALL Single  
10/03/1807 Samuel GLOVER     Elizabeth JENKIN    
07/06/1807 James BAYLEY Single   Ann LLOYD Single  
07/06/1807 William GRIFFIN Single   Elizabeth GILES Single  
15/06/1807 William ROGERS Single   Sarah MOSLEY Single  
20/09/1807 William LORD Single   Ann MILLER Single  
29/10/1807 Thomas STIBBS Single Alvechurch Elenor SUMMERS    
06/12/1807 Mark PERKINS     Margaret BRIDGENS    
08/02/1808 Joseph WHITEHOUSE Single Kidderminster Ann TAYLOR Single  
22/02/1808 George HEMING Single   Rebecca BARTRAM Single  
17/05/1809 John SMITH Widower St Martin, Birmingham, Warwickshire Deborah BISSELL Single  
09/07/1809 William FREEMAN Single   Susanna PALMER Single  
30/07/1809 Isaac JONES Single   Susanna LEA Single  
01/10/1809 Richard TONGUE Single   Sarah SMITH Single  
06/11/1809 Jonathan JONES Single   Mary SANDERS Single  
11/12/1809 Thomas ILSLEY Single   Elizabeth COX Single  
25/12/1809 Joseph BATES Single   Mary WITHEFORD Single  
28/12/1809 William WOODWARD Single   Charlotte ALLEN Single  
26/02/1810 William BATE Single   Sarah FERRY Single  
20/03/1810 James WHITEHOUSE Single   Sarah WILLETTS Single  
15/05/1810 William AVERY Single   Elizabeth HAYNES Single  
03/06/1810 Joseph VAWN Single   Mary BURTON Single  
24/06/1810 Isaac MOORE Single   Sarah LLOYD Single  
02/08/1810 Thomas GREEN Single   Mary COTTRELL Single  
30/08/1810 Thomas BATE Single   Elizabeth EATON Single  
11/10/1810 William WAGSTAFF Single   Ursula TRAUNTER Single  
14/10/1810 Thomas PARTRIDGE Single   Elizabeth SHERIFF Single  
23/10/1810 Edward COPE Single   Alice WALKER Single  
13/11/1810 Thomas COUKETT Single   Leticia ROBERTS Single  
31/01/1811 John LEAKIN Widower   Mary WILLMOT Single  
26/02/1811 Joseph WHITEHOUSE Single St Martin, Birmingham, Warwickshire Ann WILLETTS Single  
04/03/1811 Thomas DIPPER Single   Ann ASTON Single  
21/05/1811 George FIELD Single   Hannah PRICE Single Bromsgrove
04/06/1811 Thomas POWEL Single   Ann RUDGE Single  
17/06/1811 Samuel HART Single   Jane PARKER Single  
01/07/1811 John BRIDGEWATER Single   Ann NIGHTINGALE Single  
08/11/1811 William MARLOW Single   Mary BIRCH Single  
09/12/1811 Benjamin WILLASTON Single   Jane PARTRIDGE Single  
10/02/1812 William RICHARDSON   India Mary Ann MUNTY Single  
25/05/1812 William DUTTON Single   Sarah BARRON Single  
12/10/1812 John BIBB Single   Sarah HUGHES Single  
24/11/1812 Joseph MARSTON Single Yardley Charlotte COTTRELL Single  
10/12/1812 Thomas SERGEANT Single   Anne HINTON Single  
1 09/02/1813 Joseph WALDRON Single   Susanna OVERTON Single  
2 21/08/1813 James HOPKINS Single   Ann PALMER Single  
3 28/08/1813 William Hawes LONGFORD Single Stretton On The Fosse, Warwickshire Sarah Harrington GREAVES Single  
4 17/07/1814 George FIELD Single   Mary SHILVOCK Single  
5 24/07/1814 Thomas HOLLIWELL     Elizabeth LEATON Single  
6 22/02/1815 John COURT Single Bromsgrove Sarah CUTLER Single  
7 26/03/1815 Thomas BOURNE Widower   Anne MOLE Widow  
8 02/04/1815 William LLOYD Single   Sarah HIGGINS Single  
9 26/11/1815 John EVETTS Single   Susanna CUBBAGE Single  
10 08/01/1816 Joseph WALTON Single Frankley Mary Ann GREEN Single  
11 01/02/1816 Richard FRANKLIN Single Alcester, Warwickshire Sarah AVERY Single  
12 14/05/1816 Joseph COLEY Single   Ann ANDREWS Widow  
13 31/10/1816 James WITHERS Single   Mary Ann GREAVES Single  
14 24/11/1816 William HUGHES Single   Hannah HUGHES Single  
15 25/12/1816 Thomas BISHOP Widower   Ann PARTRIDGE Widow  
16 20/02/1817 John Muir SHAKESPEARE Single   Frances Eliza MUNTY Single  
17 24/02/1817 Thomas BOLTON Single   Lucy FEARLEY Single  
18 21/04/1817 John AVERY Single Belbroughton Hannah ALLEN Single  
19 14/07/1817 John JONES     Mary BATE    
20 11/01/1818 Benjamin WEELER     Katharine WESTWOOD    
21 24/02/1818 Shelah WATERS     Rebecca BAGLEY    
22 25/02/1818 Thomas BIRCH   Handsworth, Staffordshire Rosannah PARTRIDGE    
23 18/05/1818 John ROWLAND Single Neath, Glamorgan Sarah WITTON Single  
24 05/07/1818 Thomas KIRBY     Sarah WALKER    
25 31/08/1818 Thomas CLINTON     Sarah FARLEY    
26 10/09/1818 Isaac WHITEHOUSE     Elizabeth ASTLEY   Halesowen
27 02/03/1819 Richard EVANS Single   Ann ROBERTS Single  
28 02/08/1819 John GREEN Single Kinver, Staffordshire Alice WILLETTS    
29 19/10/1819 John KITCHEN Single   Sarah DALLAWAY Single  
30 19/11/1819 Samuel Francis DYSON Single   Emma Louisa MUNTY Single  
31 31/01/1820 John HANDLEY Widower   Sarah HOPKINS Widow  
32 12/03/1820 Isaac SHILVOKE Single   Maria EVANS Single  
33 02/05/1820 William WEST Widower Hillmorton, Warwickshire Rachel PELL Single  
34 04/05/1820 Henry HODGETTS Single   Sarah HOLLIES Widow Halesowen
35 28/08/1820 William ROSE Single   Mary CUTLER Single  
36 23/11/1820 Joseph NEWEY Single   Eliza GREEN Single  
37 18/12/1820 Adam WALKER Single   Ann GRAY Single  
38 03/06/1821 Joseph BATE Single   Anne INGRAM Single  
39 08/11/1821 Edward GANNOR Single   Elizabeth ANDREWS Single  
40 18/11/1821 Joseph HOBBIS Single   Hannah SMITH Single  
41 22/11/1821 Samuel DAY Single St Nicholas, Droitwich Mary TAYLOR Single  
42 18/02/1822 Thomas PERRY Widower   Lucy SKETT Widow  
43 13/04/1822 John HOLLOWAY Single Halesowen Elizabeth WALKER Single  
44 16/06/1822 John WILLIAMS Widower   Alice CARPENTER Single  
45 26/08/1822 John ALLEN Single   Dinah LEES Single  
46 09/09/1822 Thomas SANDERS Single   Sophia JOHNSON Single  
47 22/10/1822 Joseph EGGINTON Single   Anne BARNES Single Halesowen
49 27/01/1823 James HOBBIS Single   Anne WATTESON Single  
50 09/02/1823 Edward WITHERS Single   Mary LENTON Single  
51 18/05/1823 John ANTHONESS Single   Sarah SANDERS Single  
48 16/06/1823 John HARCOURT     Ann HODGKINS    
52 07/06/1824 William WOODBINE     Mary BATE    
53 10/10/1824 James HALL Single   Ann JAKEMAN Single  
54 23/11/1824 George OFFORD Single   Elizabeth WALES Single  
55 08/12/1824 George WAINWRIGHT Single   Mary CUTLER Single  
56 14/12/1824 William BOURNE Single   Sarah SHERWOOD    
57 27/12/1824 William JEFFS Single   Sarah BATE Single  
58 11/01/1825 John MOORE Single   Hannah BOURNE Single  
59 02/03/1825 Charles VINCENT Single Feckenham Ann HARRISON    
60 24/03/1825 Samuel TONKS   St Martin, Birmingham, Warwickshire Eliza UPFILL    
61 23/05/1825 Joseph WELLS     Hannah PERRY    
62 19/06/1825 Joseph YATES Single   Elizabeth GUEST Single  
63 26/11/1825 John Shaw CHAMBERLAYNE Single   Mary Anne BOURNE Single  
64 11/12/1825 Thomas LOACH Single   Elizabeth CASHMORE Single  
65 03/04/1826 John SKETT Single   Elizabeth CUTTLER Single  
66 29/05/1826 Thomas LEA     Mary PHILIPS    
67 31/07/1826 Thomas HAYES     Elizabeth JONES    
68 06/08/1826 James TOLLEY     Anne Maria STANTON    
69 11/09/1826 Benjamin WORLIDGE     Mary WALL    
70 24/09/1826 John JONES     Nancy BAILEY    
71 16/10/1826 John DUTTON     Mary POOL    
72 15/11/1826 Henry FOSTER     Mary WILLIS    
73 16/08/1827 Job CUTLER   St Martin, Birmingham, Warwickshire Ann NEWTON    
74 16/08/1827 Henry NEWTON     Elizabeth GROVES    
75 03/09/1827 James MEADOWS   St Philip, Birmingham, Warwickshire Catherine HIGGS    
76 28/10/1827 James PARDOE     Elizabeth ANDREWS    
77 18/11/1827 James COOMBS     Elizabeth BATES    
78 30/12/1827 William WEBB     Sarah HIGGS    
79 04/02/1828 Charles SMITH     Sarah BAYLISS    
80 24/02/1828 William HANCOX     Mary CLOWES    
81 12/05/1828 Job SMITH     Elizabeth AVERY    
82 10/08/1828 John ROUND     Elizabeth SALT    
84 13/10/1828 Joseph LEE     Harriet JOHNSON    
85 06/11/1828 Thomas Stubbs BEDFORD   Codsall, Staffordshire Caroline SHAW    
86 01/01/1829 William EDWARDS Single St Philip, Birmingham, Warwickshire Ann ROOM Single  
87 24/02/1829 Benjamin BOURNE Widower   Sarah Ann DANKS Widow  
88 02/03/1829 William TAYLOR     Martha RAMSDALL    
89 20/04/1829 Henry ALLEN   Harborne, Staffordshire Hannah PARTRIDGE    
90 14/06/1829 Thomas EARP     Jemima MEADOWS    
91 18/06/1829 Edward WALDRON   Belbroughton Mary Hannah PARKER    
92 30/08/1829 Thomas BATE     Hannah WOOD    
93 30/09/1829 William BARNETT Widower St Martin, Birmingham, Warwickshire Mary COPE Widow  
94 12/10/1829 Henry ALLINGTON     Hannah BIRD    
95 01/12/1829 Thomas NECK   Halesowen Elizabeth TAYLOR    
96 07/02/1830 John TISER     Mary BURTON    
97 29/03/1830 Thomas WINSPEAR Single   Eliza WOOLLEY Single  
98 07/08/1830 John NEDDLY Single St Mary, Leicester, Leicestershire Sarah BROOKS Single  
99 14/12/1830 Samuel HARRIS Single   Jane BOURN Single  
100 22/02/1831 John BLAKEWAY   Edgbaston, Warwickshire Emma Catharine PHIPSON    
101 03/05/1831 James KERBY Widower   Jane ALLEN Widow Birmingham, Warwickshire
102 29/08/1831 William HERDMAN Single Alvechurch Ann GREEN Single  
103 12/09/1831 Joseph HUGHES Widower   Jane FIELD Single  
104 10/02/1832 Benjamin JORDAN Single   Ann ALLCHURCH Widow  
105 26/04/1832 Edward MATTHEWS   Mavesyn Ridware, Staffordshire Mary Ann PERRY    
106 16/05/1832 William Hewey SMITH Single City Of London Mary Anne RODWAY Single  
107 25/12/1832 Richard HOLMER Single Rowley Regis, Staffordshire Mary Amelia GANDERTON    
108 26/12/1832 James PARRY     Ann CHINN    
109 31/12/1832 Benjamin LAYTON Single   Maria GRAZIER Single  
110 11/03/1833 John LAW Widower   Hannah MOORE Single  
111 08/07/1833 John AVERY Single   Mary BABBS Single  
112 30/09/1833 John KIRBY Single   Elizabeth BOWEN Single  
113 09/12/1833 George LEES Single   Lucy BATE Single  
114 31/12/1833 John ANDERTON Single   Marianne BATE Single  
115 14/07/1834 William HAYWOOD Single Wolverhampton, Staffordshire Ann SHAKESPEARE Single  
116 04/08/1834 Charles ROBINSON Single   Diana MILLWARD Single  
117 06/08/1834 James TARLINGTON Widower   Mary Winifred PARKER Widow  
118 30/03/1835 John WILLIAMS Single   Phoebe HUGHES Single  
119 14/04/1835 William VANWART Single Edgbaston, Warwickshire Rosalinda BOND Single  
120 07/06/1835 James GREAVES Single   Mary ADAMS Single Halesowen
121 17/06/1835 Edmund PHILLIPS Single   Charlotte Matilda Moule CHILD Single  
122 20/07/1835 Isaac TAYLOR Single   Mary WHEELER Single  
123 15/11/1835 George BOLTON Single   Sarah TAYLOR Single  
124 18/11/1835 Joseph NORTON Widower   Charlotte GREEN Widow  
125 26/12/1835 William CARELESS Single   Sarah FIELD Single  
126 09/02/1836 James GREEN Single Halesowen Mary WHITEHOUSE Single  
127 17/05/1836 Charles ROBINSON Widower   Mary NEWTON Single  
128 04/07/1836 George GREEN Single   Mary ADAMS Single  
129 18/09/1836 James WOODBINE Single   Sarah BATE Single  
130 05/11/1836 John MORRALL Single   Ann JACKSON Single  
131 21/11/1836 William POOL Single   Susannah FIDD Single  
132 22/11/1836 William CORBETT Single   Martha JAY Single  
133 13/04/1837 James COTTRELL Widower   Sarah LAMBETH Widow  

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