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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Barton le Street St Michael


The Parish

The parish of Barton le Street lies in the south of the North Riding of Yorkshire close to its border with the East Riding. Barton le Street is located about 5 miles northwest of the market town of Malton. Barton le Street sits on the B1257 road which connects Malton with the large village of Helmsley. Barton le Street is a small and compact village with nmost properties either along the B1257 road or on a square of narrow lanes to its north, it sits at the foot of the Howardian Hills where those slopes run out onto the floodplain of the River Rye. Barton le Street would, therefore, had two differing land types available to its economy which would have been largely based on pastoral farming, sheep on the rising ground towards the hills and cattle on the softer ground of the floodplain. Largely man-made drains connect the village with the Rye which heads off eastwards to join the Derwent and swing around to the south eventually reaching the North Sea through the Humber Estuary. Barton le Street is sited at between 30 to 40 metres above the sea on sloping ground, the B1257 being higher than the northern portion of the village. Barton le Street parish was fairly typically sized for its area, it covered around 3,200 acres and would have supported a population of around 400 parishioners. In Domesday times Barton le Street was shared between the King and Count Robert of Mortain, collectively their lands could offer 13 ploighs as well as meadows and woodland.

The Church

St Michael's church sits at the heart of the village just a few metres north of the B1257. The church was almost totally rebuilt in 1871 but for once this was done with great restraint and retaining much of the original features, so much so that Pevsner is so moved to declare it " a sumptious small Norman church". The rebuild was totally in keeping with the Norman original building such that when additional features, such as the bellcote, were added they matched seamlessly into the collective style. The decoration of the doorways (composites of original and Victorian Norman) are such that Pevsner describes them as the "most exuberantly decorated in Yorkshire" - praise indeed from one so normally critical of restoration. The church is approached along Vutterwick Road and sits just to its east accessed by a short pathway and wooden gates. The churchyard is almost devoid of photographic restrictions.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 6th May 1755 - 28th December 1760 Borthwick Institute - York - Reference - PR/BS/1 Plain, unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 3rd february 1761 - 15th December 1812 Borthwick Institute - York Bishops Transcripts in looseleaf folios Grade 5 Register - the condition of this register is such that the transcript carries a "health warning" as to the likelihood of being substantially incorrect The register covering this period is no longer available and the BTs were used to recover such entries as could be achieved. The 1st 20 years of this period are of such a poor quanlity as to contain entries that were completely unreadable and are hence omitted, after 1780 the quality is better described as Grade 2
3 13th May 1813 - 15th December 1836 Borthwick Institute - York - Reference - PR/BS/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
06/05/1755 Thomas FLETCHER     Ann WHITWILL    
10/08/1755 William WHITWILL     Jane CLARKE    
09/11/1755 Thomas BRADLEY     Ruth SNOWDEN    
15/03/1757 Marmaduke ETTY     Jane PARDON    
10/10/1757 George MILNES     Ann STORRY    
28/11/1758 Thomas TINSLEY     Elizabeth WRIGHT    
06/02/1760 Peter WILSON   Appleton Le Street Ann ROBINSON    
26/04/1760 Thomas ELMER   Langton Ann NORTON    
14/07/1760 Thomas ROBINSON     Mary NORTON    
28/12/1760 Peter MARSHAL     Mary BOSOMWOOD   Slingsby
03/02/1761 Joseph WEST     Mary RUDDOCK    
12/11/1766 William TAYLOR     Eleanor DAWSON    
12/10/1769 Thomas COATS     Sarah COATS    
30/11/1769 John HARDISTY     Rachel MEGGITSON    
04/06/1771 John ULYOT     Ann WEST    
07/10/1771 Robert EDDAM   Goxhill Ellen COULTHARD    
26/11/1771 William WHITWELL     Ann PEACOCK    
01/09/1772 Thomas DAVIDSON     Mary SETTLE   St Leonard, New Malton
19/11/1774 William EDEN   Salton Mary WHILSON    
26/11/1774 John TAYLOR     Emma GREY   Appleton Le Street
09/07/1776 William MARSHALL     Mary FLETCHER    
11/10/1776 William SMITH     Sarah BARKER    
15/11/1777 John COATES     Beatrice TAYLOR    
10/01/1778 Christopher DARNTON     Mary THOMPSON    
28/02/1778 John METCALF     Mary DOWSON    
04/09/1778 John BRIGHAM     Frances THORNTON    
09/10/1783 Richard ROBINSON     Elizabeth JENNINGS    
11/11/1783 Robert THOMPSON     Ann FOSTER    
23/11/1784 John SPAVIN     Ann ROBINSON    
01/12/1785 Thomas DRYDALE Widower Appleton Le Street Ann WALKER Widow  
27/12/1785 Matthew ETTY Single   Mary ROWSBY Single Appleton Le Street
02/12/1786 Thomas WRIGHT     Ann SILLIT    
09/01/1787 John RENNISON     Mary MENNIL    
09/04/1787 William CHAPMAN     Ann HYDE    
21/08/1787 Jeremiah SMITH     Sarah SMITH    
09/10/1787 Robert JOHNSON     Jane MENNELL    
07/12/1787 Christopher DOWSON     Hannah WHITWILL    
07/07/1788 Mathew FORD   Staindrop, Durham Ann BRADLEY    
27/11/1788 John THOMPSON   Westow Hannah CLARK    
11/12/1788 John ELMER     Martha ROBINSON    
12/05/1789 William LOCKEY     Frances SCURR    
21/09/1789 Thomas HAYTHORN     Ann COLLISON    
10/04/1790 Isaac GRAY     Anne SELLER    
15/01/1791 William DOBSON     Ellis TATER    
17/03/1791 John COATES   Hovingham Mary DARNTON    
27/11/1791 John WEATHERIL Widower St Crux, York Elizabeth ARMSTRONG    
26/12/1791 John TINSLEY Widower   Mary TAYLOR   Bulmer
10/04/1792 John ROBINSON     Violet TAYLOR    
07/07/1792 John MARSHALL     Ruth HARDESTY    
04/12/1792 William TAYLOR     Barbirah MASSAM    
24/12/1792 John WHITWELL     Alice METCALF    
10/01/1793 John METCALF     Elizabeth WHITWELL   Bulmer
22/01/1793 Richard ROBINSON     Ann HARRISON    
11/04/1793 John WALKER     Mary TAYLOR    
13/06/1793 Francis MITCHILL     Mary LENG    
13/07/1795 Henry WALKER     Mary TAYLOR    
14/07/1796 Benjamin FELL     Edith COATES    
25/08/1796 Joseph TAYLOR     Sarah MENNELL    
25/08/1796 Thomas COATES     Ann MENNELL    
05/11/1796 Samuel PEARCY     Ann BROWN    
06/03/1797 Francis BAKER   Salton Ann COATES    
10/04/1798 Thomas PETCH     Prudence WALKER    
11/04/1798 John HEBDEN     Amey WALKER    
15/05/1798 Thomas LAWTON   Sutton On The Forest Jane JACKSON    
23/11/1799 Dawson BROOKE Single   Mary GOADWILL Single Hovingham
14/04/1800 Thomas BRADLEY     Elizabeth WILSON    
20/04/1800 Thomas BURNIP Single Wintringham Ann ROBINSON Single  
21/04/1800 Enos THOMPSON Single   Ann RAW Single Bulmer
30/11/1800 William SELLER Single   Ann WALTON Single  
13/12/1800 George TAYLOR Single Bulmer Keturah PRESTON Single  
21/02/1801 Thomas CROSS   Acklam Ann DARNLEY    
21/02/1801 Ovid THOMPSON     Mary TODD    
18/11/1801 John FELL   Scrayingham Sarah COATES    
21/11/1801 John FLINTOFF     Mary JACKSON    
16/02/1802 Thomas JACKSON     Charlotte COATES    
25/11/1802 William ROBINSON     Sarah HARRISON    
12/04/1803 John WIDEROPE     Mary BAKER    
10/04/1804 John SIGSWORTH     Catherine BROOKS    
29/11/1804 John DARNLEY     Bella SHARP    
24/12/1804 Thomas MOULDSON     Ann ASHWOOD    
18/01/1806 John SPENCE   Helmsley Mary WILDEN    
20/04/1807 William CHESTON     Ann THOMPSON    
28/05/1807 John GRAY     Mary PILMER    
25/06/1807 Joseph MENNEL     Elizabeth BLINKARN   Bulmer
31/08/1807 George MARSHALL     Hannah COATES    
18/07/1808 John WHITEHEAD     Betty BLENKIRON    
24/02/1809 Mark THOMPSON     Hannah BAKER    
21/11/1809 William ROBSON Single   Frances THOMPSON Single  
09/05/1810 Thomas ATLAY Single Sinnington Lucy WILSON Single  
23/07/1810 John HARKER Single   Elizabeth WHITEHEAD Single  
06/05/1811 Henry PICKERING Single Kirby Misperton Ann MUTSIN Single  
15/12/1812 John MERCER Single   Hannah THOMPSON Single  
1 13/05/1813 William WRIGHT Single   Ruth MARSHALL Single  
2 26/02/1814 John SNOWDEN   Norton Maria RICHMOND    
3 27/03/1814 Francis EASTERBY   Pickering Mary DUNNING    
4 30/03/1814 William LINFOOT Single   Rachel WILSON Single  
5 11/07/1814 James HAYTHORN Widower   Elizabeth COATES Single  
6 24/11/1814 Thomas HARRISON Single   Frances MARSHALL Single  
7 06/02/1815 William THORNTON Single   Ann MITCHELL Single  
8 15/04/1816 Robert ELLERBY Single Salton Mary MUSSIN Single  
9 23/05/1816 Elderbland EAST   Salton Ann WATSON    
10 26/10/1816 John SKELTON Single Bulmer Edith FELL Widow  
11 27/11/1816 William HARKER   Appleton Le Street Anne PENNOCK    
12 25/03/1817 Thomas SURR Single   Ann HARTASS Single Normanby
13 26/04/1817 Elias HILDYARD Single Hovingham Mary COATES Single  
14 23/06/1817 James ELLIOT Single   Jane OLDFIELD Single  
15 11/08/1817 Thomas DRYDALE Widower   Ann SHELLAH Widow  
16 18/08/1817 Francis ROBSON Single   Ann DRYDALE Single  
17 14/05/1818 Robert RACE Single   Susanna TINSLEY Widow  
18 17/10/1818 Isaac COATES Single   Jane HARRISON Single  
19 01/12/1818 James LANGDALE     Esther FISHER    
20 07/01/1819 Robert ISHERWOOD   New Malton Elizabeth ELLIOT    
21 03/05/1819 Thomas SKELTON   New Malton Elizabeth FELL    
22 03/07/1820 John ALLAN     Mary MENNEL    
23 01/08/1821 John MARSHALL Single   Sarah ETTY Single Slingsby
24 29/10/1821 Thomas FENTRESS Single   Jane THOMPSON Single  
25 21/03/1822 William BLAKEY     Elizabeth MEDCALF    
26 18/06/1822 Robert HERP Single Slingsby Mary BLENKARNE Single  
27 31/08/1822 John HAYTHORNE Single   Hannah ELMER Single  
28 25/11/1822 George PEARCY     Esther NORTH    
29 21/12/1822 Thomas JOHNSON Single Hovingham Mary HARRISON Single  
30 27/01/1823 John DURCEY   Bulmer Elizabeth ROBINSON    
31 22/02/1823 John MITCHEL     Elizabeth PEARCEY   Salton
32 25/03/1823 Thomas COOK   Kirby Grindalythe Susannah IRELAND    
33 19/04/1823 Henry MILNER Single   Hannah SONLEY Single  
34 21/10/1823 William MARSHALL     Martha MENNELL    
35 30/08/1824 James GOODWILL   Bulmer Jane COATES Single  
36 11/01/1825 George James SELLERS   New Malton Ann NORTH    
37 26/02/1825 John ROBINSON     Elizabeth JACKSON    
38 09/05/1825 Robert FOXTON     Ellis ROBINSON   Salton
39 09/05/1825 John ALLAN     Sarah COATES    
40 02/06/1825 John JACKSON   Salton Jane MITCHELL    
41 05/09/1825 Michael WARD Widower Middleton Jane WILLIAMS Single  
42 05/12/1825 William WELDON     Anne ADAMSON    
43 19/12/1825 John HARDESTY   Bossall Sarah FELL    
44 05/06/1826 William HARRISON Single   Frances RACE Widow  
45 24/07/1826 William MOON Widower New Malton Mary MENNELL Single  
46 27/09/1826 John STOCKILL Single Settrington Ann MARSHALL Single  
47 19/12/1826 Joseph THACKERAY   Bulmer Mary SKELTON    
48 24/02/1827 Thomas HAYTHORNE     Mary MAYSON   Terrington
49 04/03/1827 Joseph GILL   St Crux, York Ann MOUNTIER    
50 28/04/1827 John METCALF     Hannah LANGDALE    
51 27/12/1827 Thomas SOLLIT     Harriet JACKSON    
52 26/01/1828 John MEDD     Jane CHAPMAN    
53 19/06/1828 James OLDFIELD Single   Henrietta BRADLEY Single  
54 13/10/1828 Robert GOODWILL     Julia COATES    
55 24/01/1829 William BASEY   Wharram Le Street Hannah DARNLEY    
56 26/03/1829 Thomas PIERCY     Hannah VENTRISS    
57 04/10/1829 George MALLINSON   Appleton Le Street Elizabeth FELL    
58 14/06/1830 Richard ALLAN     Elizabeth ROBINSON    
59 22/12/1830 George FOORD   Settrington Elizabeth THOMPSON    
60 13/06/1831 John WILSON     Allice EDDRINGTON    
61 26/11/1831 William THOMPSON   Kirby Misperton Charlotte JACKSON    
62 17/11/1832 William SNOWBALL     Mary PRUDAMES    
63 24/11/1832 William BARKER     Mary KAY    
64 31/01/1833 Gawan PICKERING     Jane FAWCETT    
65 02/03/1833 John ELLIS     Jane BARKER   New Malton
66 01/07/1833 William Seymour THOMPSON   York Albertina HALL    
67 23/12/1834 John TURNER   Bulmer Mary KIRBY    
68 27/01/1835 Thomas BURRELL   Thornton Dale Elizabeth ERMITAGE    
69 26/12/1835 Richard DAWSON     Hannah SIMPSON   Helmsley
70 12/09/1836 William CASS   Huntington Ann SEARCY    
71 15/12/1836 John HODGSON     Hannah SELLERS    

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