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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Bowes St Giles


The Parish

The parish of Bowes lies in the extreme northwest of Yorkshire, indeed it forms part of the border with neighbouring Westmorland and is also very close to the border with County Durham. Bowes is located about 4 miles southwest of the Durham market town of Barnard Castle. Bowes sits, and was formerly traversed by the busy A66 road connecting the main east coast road (A1) with the main west coast road (A6) from London to Scotland. The A66 has ancient origins being created by the Roman occupation, Bowes was an important station on that route for the Roman garrisons of the north. Bowes was also fortified by the Norman invaders, albeit without mentioning Bowes in Domesday Book, Count Alan built Bowes castle in 1187 to control his extensive lands. Bowes is a large village and relatively compact being largely built along the former route of A66 which, thankfully now runs to the north. Bowes is very much an upland setting and the farming hereabouts would have been low intensity sheep rearing on the extensive moors, lead mining and quarrying of the local stone were also important employers. Today Bowes is an important stopping point on the Pennine Way National Trail and also a centre for the extensive grouse moors running from the village up to the Tan Hill Inn, reputed to be England's highest altitude inn. Bowes sits on the northern banks of the River Greta which drains the parish eastwards, it joins the Tees to the east of Barnard Castle and makes its way to the North Sea through the port of Teeside. Bowes, itself, is sited at around 290 metres above the sea and land rises steadily to all sides except eastwards to reach local heights in excess of 400 metres within a mile or two. Bowes parish was one of the largest by area in England covering over 18,000 acres of (largely) bleak moorland it still would have supported a population of around 850 parishioners. As already stated Bowes is not mentioned within Domesday Book which is sparse in its coverage of this northern area.

The Church

St Giles' church sits on the southern side of Bowes' main road adjacent to the site of the castle. St Giles' is largely a product of the late mediaeval period albeit Pevsner points out that both northern and southern doorways are Norman Romanesque in style and probably indicate the original building was contemporary with Count Alan's castle. The remainder of the church dates from the 14th into the early 15th century and is largely Perpendicular in style. The fenestration is, however, a mere confusion as it was all replaced in 1865 in an Early English style which Pevsner describes as a "cruel restoration". The church sits behind a low local stone wall in a slightly elevated site, a short flight of steps being necessary to reach it. Unfortunately for the photographer the church is rather enclosed within foliage making for a tricky subject to adequately photograph.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 7th October 1754 - 22nd December 1812 Durham County Record Office - Reference - EP/Bow 1/5 Plain, unruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number There are passages within this register where the segregation of entries is poor it is, therefore, possible that accidental omission may occur
2 13th February 1813 - 6th March 1837 Durham County Record Office - Reference - EP/Bow 1/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Poor handwriting within this register may lead to one or two misreads

Romaldkirk St Romald
Romaldkirk St Romald
Romaldkirk St Romald
Brough St Michael, Westmorland
Kirkby Stephen St Stephen, Westmorland
Startforth Holy Trinity
Rokeby St Mary
Brignall St Mary
Muker St Mary
Grinton St Andrew
Arkengarthdale St Mary
Barningham St Michael

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 07/10/1754 John LOCKEY Single   Agnes ALDERSON Single  
2 12/05/1755 John STEADMAN     Mary MORLAND    
3 27/01/1756 William GREENHOW   Catterick Dorothy CARTER    
4 20/04/1756 Joseph WHYTALL Single   Isabel ATKINSON Single  
5 18/05/1756 Miles RAYLTON Single   Martha DALTON Single  
6 29/06/1756 Joseph CLARKSON Single   Mary DENT Single  
7 22/05/1757 George WILSON Single Marske Grace SAYER Single  
8 22/01/1758 John BAILEY Widower   Margaret WALKER Single  
9 28/03/1758 Thomas DEANHAM Single   Ann STEADMAN Single  
10 18/05/1758 George BROWNLESS Single Barnard Castle, Durham Christian COLLIER Single  
11 19/12/1758 Francis ROSE Single Grinton Ann COATES Single  
12 20/09/1759 William ANDERSON Widower   Ann MANSFIELD Single  
21/10/1759 William COATES Single   Mary THOMPSON Single  
08/11/1759 William COLLIER Single   Mary HARKER Single  
02/12/1759 William SAYER Single   Isabella GIBBON Single  
12/05/1760 William MILNER Single Romaldkirk Margaret LADEMAN Single  
01/06/1760 William BAILEY     Sarah THOMPSON    
07/06/1760 William BAYLES     Ann WASTELL    
07/10/1760 Robert BLACK   Richmond Frances HAMOND Single  
29/11/1760 Wharton SAYER     Ann MILNER    
02/05/1761 William SHAW Single Brough, Westmorland Mary SAYER    
12/05/1761 James ALDERSON     Margaret BOWES    
13/05/1761 Jonathan LAIDMAN     Mary AISLABY Single  
29/11/1761 John BROWN     Grace THOMPSON Single  
21/12/1761 George SLACK   Romaldkirk Sarah BOWES    
20/01/1763 Thomas LAIDMAN     Ann BELL    
12/05/1763 John WATSON   Barningham Alice THOMPSON    
06/08/1763 John MILLINER Single Barningham Mary LAIDMAN Single  
07/11/1763 Peter CARTER     Jane MERRYWEATHER    
04/12/1763 John ASHTON Single Askrigg Hannah CLEMENSON Single  
21/02/1764 William CLARKSON Single   Elizabeth WILSON Single  
18/03/1764 Michael AISLABY Single   Martha BINKS Single  
25/04/1764 William COPELAND Widower   Elisabeth KIPLING Single  
04/05/1764 John HIRD Widower Arkengarthdale Martha HANDBY Single  
13/05/1764 Thomas HARKER Single Rokeby Elizabeth NEWTON Single  
05/08/1764 Thomas BAMBRIDGE Single Romaldkirk Mary HOBSON Single  
21/05/1766 John WALTON Single Barningham Margaret ALDERSON Single  
28/08/1766 Cornelius HARRISON Single Forcett Ann BRUNSHALL Single  
28/12/1766 Ralph WILLDEN Single Romaldkirk Grace WATSON Single  
03/02/1767 John WEATHERILL     Hannah THOMPSON Single  
06/02/1767 Anthony ROBINSON Single Darlington, Durham Ann AISLEBY Single  
14/05/1767 John EAWLIN Single Barningham Ann PROCTOR Single  
09/06/1767 John WILSON Single Romaldkirk Elizabeth HARKER Single  
25/07/1767 Denis BOND Widower   Mary CROSBY Single  
10/01/1768 Christopher HODGSON Single Romaldkirk Ann HOBSON Single  
11/01/1768 John KIPLING     Ann ARMSTRONG    
24/02/1768 John DONALDSTON     Ann HOLDIER    
31/05/1768 Jeffrey WAISTELL   Brough, Westmorland Mary HANBY    
05/11/1768 William THWAITES   Warcop, Westmorland Mary HOLME    
20/11/1768 William JOHNSON     Elizabeth RAILTON    
30/11/1768 Thomas SAYER     Sarah CLEASBY   Barnard Castle, Durham
10/01/1769 Charles SAYER     Alice DEANHAM    
11/05/1769 Thomas PATTENSON   Barningham Dorothy GARTH    
01/07/1769 Thomas BROWNLESS     Christian BURN    
15/10/1769 Robert HIRD     Tamar HOBSON    
05/05/1770 John QUINN     Isabella PARKINSON    
15/09/1770 Benjamin POUNDER   Romaldkirk Elisabeth DALTON    
28/10/1770 John DIXON     Jane BOWES    
06/12/1770 Robert ROBINSON     Dornah BAINBRIDGE    
24/12/1770 Ralph GARTH     Mary ALDERSON    
15/05/1771 William MULCASTER     Ann ALDERSON    
18/05/1771 John GREENHOW   Wycliffe Eleanor SCOTT    
21/07/1771 Thomas Kay JACKSON   Romaldkirk Margaret KIPLING    
09/09/1771 Thomas CLARKSON     Margaret MACKNOUGHTON    
14/11/1771 Anthony MOSS   Warcop, Westmorland Elisabeth SAYER    
01/06/1772 John STEAD   Gilling West Margaret PEARSON    
26/12/1772 Cuthbert BLACKET   Hamsterley, Durham Mary RAINE    
22/10/1773 George HESLOP     Sarah BROWN    
28/11/1773 Miles MASON   Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland Mary HANBY    
28/12/1773 Thomas CLOSE     Mary HESLOP    
21/04/1774 William HERD     Elisabeth DEANHAM    
28/04/1774 John STODDART     Esther HARRISON    
01/05/1774 George BROWN   Gainford, Durham Elisabeth SIMPSON    
27/06/1774 Robert HURWORTH   Barningham Isabel KELL    
04/06/1775 Jonathan LAIDMAN     Elizabeth BELL    
06/06/1775 William COATES   Romaldkirk Christian BOUSFIELD    
11/06/1775 William BOWRON   Barningham Jane HANBY    
13/07/1775 John HEAVISIDE   Heighington, Durham Elisabeth KELL    
05/10/1775 Thomas ALDERSON     Hannah LONGSTAFF    
20/10/1775 John COPELAND     Sarah BAILEY    
20/02/1776 John PRATT   Brignall Mary BRANCH    
13/07/1776 William KIPLING     Mary BRUNSKELL    
14/11/1776 William COPELAND     Mary BAINBRIDGE    
24/11/1776 John NICHOLSON     Annas HUTCHINSON    
11/11/1777 Stephen CLEASBY     Mary AISLABIE    
24/11/1777 Christopher RAPER   Startforth Susannah LABOURN    
29/12/1777 Robert BARNES     Sarah PARKER    
19/04/1778 Christopher COATES     Michal AISLABIE    
01/12/1778 Joseph TOWNEY     Ann KELL    
22/05/1779 William HOBSON     Mary WILSON    
26/05/1779 Richard CLARKSON     Mary PONEY    
27/09/1779 Thomas METCALF     Dorothy VESTFORD    
11/10/1779 George PEACOCK     Frances RAIN    
22/10/1779 John PEACOCK   Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland Ruth DICKINSON    
26/04/1780 John HARRISON   Startforth Hannah NEWTON    
01/05/1780 Robert ALLISON   Arkengarthdale Mary COLLING    
14/05/1780 Thomas RAIN     Elisabeth COWLING    
23/08/1780 John FORSTER   Liverpool, Lancashire Margaret WILSON    
26/04/1781 Thomas HESLOP     Agnes SAYER    
07/10/1781 George LONGSTAFF     Mary PEACOCK    
01/11/1781 William BELL     Elisabeth BAILES    
29/12/1781 John ARMSTRONG   Kirby Ravensworth Margaret ATKINSON Single  
16/01/1782 William WARD     Anna COATS    
17/03/1782 Joseph BRANCH     Elizabeth BRADWELL   Middleton In Teesdale, Durham
09/05/1782 Joseph METCALFE   Warcop, Westmorland Elisabeth EMERSON    
30/05/1782 Francis ROBSON     Eleanor CHATER   Staindrop, Durham
04/06/1782 George RAIN     Annas SAYER    
22/08/1782 Lewis DAWSON   Penrith, Cumberland Elisabeth PARKER    
26/11/1782 Henry DENT   Romaldkirk Mary BOUSFIELD    
16/12/1782 Thomas BELL     Mary WILDEN    
16/02/1783 James SAYER     Elisabeth TUNSTALL    
12/04/1783 Ralph METCALF     Susanna DEANHAM    
28/04/1783 George DEANHAM     Mary BELL    
13/04/1784 James ROBINSON     Mary DAWSON    
29/04/1784 Edward METCALF     Mary HERD    
30/06/1784 Christopher SAYER     Jane FENTON   Brough, Westmorland
29/08/1784 Christopher WILSON     Mary CLOSE    
30/08/1784 Robert WEEMS     Mary STEADMAN    
23/12/1784 William PROCTER     Mary AISLABIE    
17/05/1785 Joseph SHAW   Barnard Castle, Durham Rosamond BAILEY    
02/06/1785 Leonard SMITH     Margaret CLARKSON    
18/06/1785 William ARMSTRONG     Ann GARGIT    
15/05/1786 John PARKIN     Mary MARSHALL    
16/05/1786 Joseph BROWN   Middleton Tyas Adda BAINBRIDGE    
07/06/1786 William LOCKET     Elisabeth LONGSTAFF    
16/07/1786 George HERD   Hamsterley, Durham Grace WELDON    
19/09/1786 John HARRISON   Kirkby Thore, Westmorland Hannah FLETCHER    
01/11/1786 Robert JACKSON     Sarah BOX    
11/12/1786 William BLAND     Ann KIPLING    
22/05/1787 John NEWTON   Startforth Ann WAITE    
01/10/1787 William COOK   Stanhope, Durham Annas LOCKEY    
24/11/1787 James CAMPBELL     Elisabeth BOWES    
01/12/1787 Matthew BAXTER   Barnard Castle, Durham Christian MIDDLELOW    
29/01/1788 William BOW   Richmond Elisabeth GOODBURN    
20/03/1788 Thomas CLARKSON     Isabel TUNSTELL    
27/04/1788 James ALLISON     Mary RICHARDSON    
04/06/1788 George HUNTER   Romaldkirk Elisabeth BOUSFIELD    
12/07/1788 Ralph WATSON     Mary BAIN    
11/12/1788 James VICKERS   Romaldkirk Ann WILSON    
20/01/1789 Ralph ALLISON   Stanhope, Durham Elisabeth LOCKEY    
19/04/1789 Edmund ALDERSON     Hannah HERD    
03/06/1789 Joseph CLARKSON     Malley BENSON    
29/12/1789 John CLARKSON     Ann WEATHERELL   Startforth
01/03/1790 John BELL     Mary ALLISON    
29/06/1790 John BALMER   Brough, Westmorland Catharine COLLING    
06/12/1790 Jonathan LONGSTAFF     Mary HERD    
27/12/1790 George CLARKSON     Eleanor HIGHMAN    
11/05/1791 Joseph RICHARDSON     Sarah HESLOP   Barningham
06/09/1791 John BLENKINSOP   St Andrew, Auckland, Durham Margaret BLAND    
11/11/1791 Joseph LAMBERT Single   Nancy JOHNSON Single  
13/11/1791 John BROWN     Elisabeth SAYER    
06/05/1792 William BOUSFIELD     Hannah BROWN    
10/05/1792 Thomas PROCTER   Startforth Mary SAYER    
05/07/1792 James HIRD     Sarah BAINES    
30/05/1793 John LONGSTAFF     Mary STEPHENSON    
07/11/1793 Matthew CLARKSON     Elisabeth BRANCH    
19/12/1793 Michael BRUNSKELL     Agnes HODGSON    
04/03/1794 John SAYER Single   Mary COATES Single  
30/04/1794 Gabriel THORNTON Single Aycliffe, Durham Alice BROWN Single  
23/10/1794 Thomas ALDERSON     Isabella METCALF    
01/01/1795 John WALTON     Nancy ORTON    
09/05/1796 Ambrose DENHAM     Martha AISLEBIE    
16/05/1796 John HALL     Catharine CLARKSON Single  
26/05/1796 George BELL   Gainford, Durham Martha WAITE Single  
04/09/1796 John HOBSON     Catharine BAILEY Single  
18/11/1796 William BAILEY     Margaret COPELAND Single  
22/11/1796 William RAINE     Mary WILSON Single  
13/02/1797 George ALDERSON     Elizabeth HOBSON Single  
30/05/1797 Richard MASSAM   Kirkleatham Mary JOHNSON Single  
07/06/1797 James SAYER     Ann ATKINSON Single  
08/07/1797 John WALTON Single Barningham Mary BINKS Single  
09/10/1797 Richard MYERS Single   Mary CLOSE Single  
23/11/1797 Joseph GASTLE Single Startforth Elizabeth HOBSON Single  
28/05/1798 George DENT   Romaldkirk Ann STEVENSON Single  
30/05/1798 Anthony CLEASBY Single Arkengarthdale Molly WALTON Single  
11/06/1798 James ALDERSON Widower   Margaret RAILTON Single  
30/09/1798 William ALDERSON     Mary STOBBERT Single  
28/10/1798 John WATSON     Christian BROWN Single  
19/11/1798 James WILSON     Mary WILSON Single  
26/09/1799 George HILL   Stanhope, Durham Ann CLOSE    
29/04/1800 Richard BAINBRIDGE   Knaresborough Elizabeth EWBANK Single  
17/05/1800 Jonathan STEPHENSON     Jane LONGSTAFF    
12/07/1800 William WEARMOUTH   Wolsingham, Durham Margaret THOMPSON    
25/07/1800 George BEDLINGTON Single Romaldkirk Ann UNTHANK Single  
29/11/1800 John BOLDRON Widower   Sarah CLOSE Single  
23/04/1801 David ALDERSON     Eleanor ALDERSON Single  
07/05/1801 Matthew DENT Single Barningham Mary HEAD Single  
16/05/1801 John DIXON Single   Elizabeth WESTMORLAND Single  
23/05/1801 Henry SAYER Single Brough, Westmorland Barbara CLEASBY Single  
28/05/1801 Thomas ROUTLEDGE Single Startforth Ann MILNER Single  
05/09/1801 George CHAPMAN Single Romaldkirk Jane THORNBORROW Single  
08/11/1801 Thomas DEANHAM Single   Mary HUTCHINSON Single  
05/12/1801 James HERD Single   Margaret WESTMORLAND Single  
05/01/1802 Cuthbert STEWART Single   Elizabeth HIRD Single  
08/05/1802 William GREEN   Barningham Jane WILSON Single  
15/05/1802 Joseph GASTEL Widower Startforth Jane HESLOP Single  
17/05/1802 Thomas ALDERSON Single   Elizabeth GARTH Single  
13/07/1802 Matthew HENDERSON Single Weardale, Durham Margaret RAINE Single  
02/08/1802 Richard ROBINSON     Bridget AISLABIE Single  
16/10/1802 John SPENCEBY   Brignall Mary WAITE    
21/11/1802 Ralph LAMBERT     Elizabeth ATKINS    
24/11/1802 William HORNE   Romaldkirk Elizabeth HORTON    
06/01/1803 George ROBINSON   Barnard Castle, Durham Isabella DENT Single  
01/02/1803 John LYNN     Jane HURWORTH    
17/02/1803 John LONGMIRE Widower Morland, Westmorland Ann EWBANK Single  
26/11/1803 William BAINBRIDGE     Hannah WILSON    
05/12/1803 John ROPER   Startforth Ann WHELPDALE    
31/12/1803 George DENT Single   Jane LAIDMAN Single  
31/01/1804 Anthony GATES   Barnard Castle, Durham Elizabeth SWALE    
03/03/1804 Jonathan ALDERSON Single   Mary BEADLE Single  
22/03/1804 Julius Caesar MARTYN Single   Sarah BEESTON Single  
31/03/1804 John HUTCHINSON     Agnes GARTH Single  
15/05/1804 John DAVISON   Barningham Ann DIXON    
21/05/1804 John COULTARD     Isabella THOMPSON   Richmond
13/09/1804 Joseph ADAMTHWAITE     Ann BOWEN Single Romaldkirk
11/10/1804 Joseph BAINBRIDGE Widower   Nanny THOMPSON Single  
01/12/1804 George Frederick DOTE     Esther NEWTON    
12/12/1804 Robert MILNER     Alice HARRISON    
25/12/1804 John MESNARD Single   Margaret HANNAH Single  
31/12/1804 William CLARKSON Single   Sarah ALDERSON Single  
02/07/1805 George COULTHARD Widower Barningham Sarah HERD Widow  
05/10/1805 Joseph WALTON     Mary WESTMORLAND    
17/10/1805 Thomas WILKINSON     Margaret HOBSON Single  
17/12/1805 Thomas Brown KIPLING   Romaldkirk Elizabeth LAIDMAN    
04/03/1806 George PEACOCK   Grinton Ann ALDERSON    
12/04/1806 Thompson DENT     Betty BENSON    
28/05/1806 James TUNSTALL   Brough, Westmorland Elizabeth ALDERSON    
01/08/1806 John HIGHMOOR     Mary DENT    
20/11/1806 John MARTIN   Arkengarthdale Margaret LAIDMAN    
02/01/1807 William BEVERELEY     Mary JONSON    
03/01/1807 Thomas LAIDMAN     Mary BROWN Single  
26/01/1807 Joseph STAINSBY   Stockton On Tees, Durham Hannah BRADWELL    
20/04/1807 Thomas METCALF     Mary GARGAT    
11/05/1807 John RIGG     Betty ROBERTS    
30/11/1807 Thomas IRELAND     Elizabeth DEANHAM Single  
06/10/1808 George POWELL Single   Elizabeth BROWN Widow  
31/10/1808 Ralph WATSON Widower   Margaret ARMSTRONG Widow  
11/02/1809 George HARBURN Single   Ann WATSON Single  
15/05/1809 George LONGSTAFF     Elizabeth SAYER Single  
23/05/1809 James ELLERBY   Lastingham Hannah DOWSON    
26/06/1809 Thomas WALTON Single   Isabel TALLENTINE Single  
24/03/1810 Thomas CARR Single   Susannah COATES    
24/11/1810 William SHAW     Bridget LAIDMAN    
25/03/1811 James KNOWLES Widower   Betty DAVISON Widow  
06/05/1811 Henry WALTON     Mary IRELAND    
07/05/1811 Christopher STEPHENSON     Mary PARMERLEY Single  
12/05/1811 William WALTON Single   Sarah DENT Single Barnard Castle, Durham
18/05/1811 George HESLOP     Jane WILSON Single  
28/08/1811 Thomas WALTON     Margaret WILSON   Brough, Westmorland
24/11/1811 Robert ATKINSON     Eleanor CLARKSON    
09/12/1811 David HALL     Ruth ALDERSON    
15/03/1812 John NEWKAM     Ann WESTMORLAND    
20/04/1812 James LONGSTAFF     Jane WALKER   Egglestone, Durham
29/06/1812 Isaac GRAHAM   Hamsterley, Durham Dinah DEANHAM    
17/11/1812 John WILSON     Anne LAIDMAN    
22/12/1812 Thomas WRIGHTSON     Sarah CARTER    
1 13/02/1813 Henry WALKER   Romaldkirk Nanny WRIGHTSON    
2 28/02/1813 Thomas NICHOLSON     Christian BOUSFIELD    
3 28/03/1813 James IRELAND     Hannah DENT    
4 03/04/1813 George HARTWELL   Barnard Castle, Durham Sarah HUTCHINSON    
5 24/10/1813 William DENHAM     Frances HORNE    
6 07/12/1813 Thomas ELLIS     Margaret ROBINSON    
7 21/12/1813 Francis ADDISON     Mary LAIDMAN    
8 09/05/1814 John BAYLES   Stanhope, Durham Dorothy RENNISON    
9 23/05/1814 Thomas RIGG     Esther DOTE Widow  
10 21/07/1814 William JOHNSON Single Brough, Westmorland Margaret BROWN Single  
11 07/01/1815 William GREGGAIN   St Bees, Cumberland Jane ARMSTRONG    
12 10/04/1815 Anthony ALDERSON     Ann GIBSON    
13 18/04/1815 Thomas ALDERSON     Susanna GIBSON    
14 16/10/1815 Thomas BANBRIDGE   Romaldkirk Adah LEE    
15 14/11/1815 Matthias JACKSON     Mary HUNTER    
16 20/11/1815 Robert JOHNSON   Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland Ann HARKER    
17 24/02/1816 George LEE   Egglestone, Durham Isabella CLARKSON    
18 14/07/1816 Richard WALLER   Barningham Mary ALDERSON    
19 25/11/1816 John SANDERSON   Startforth Margaret HURWORTH    
20 02/01/1817 William SAYER     Annas CLEASBY    
21 22/02/1817 John ERRINGTON     Mary WATSON    
22 09/05/1818 Thomas ALDERSON   Romaldkirk Mary BOUSFIELD    
23 04/05/1819 William BEWICK     Margaret AWDE    
24 31/05/1819 William LODGE     Margaret BLAND    
25 12/06/1819 John PACE     Dinah VICKERS    
26 06/11/1819 John WILSON     Sarah SAYER    
27 27/11/1819 James ARRAH     Ann ALDERSON    
28 20/12/1819 Richard JOHNSON   Rokeby Elizabeth HUNTER    
29 01/02/1820 Thomas LONGSTAFF     Alla ALDERSON    
30 09/03/1820 George DIXON   Cockfield, Durham Mary ARMSTRONG Widow  
31 11/11/1820 George RUTHERFORD   St John, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland Elizabeth KELLETT    
32 24/05/1821 Joseph GIBSON     Elizabeth HASTEWELL    
33 29/10/1821 Thomas MAGEE     Sarah WALTON    
34 09/02/1822 Michael SAYER     Mary COLLIER    
35 05/05/1822 Charles SAYER     Sarah WALTON    
36 18/05/1822 James HARDING Single Staindrop, Durham Hannah ALDERSON Single  
37 31/10/1822 Thomas LONGSTAFF Single Romaldkirk Isabella BOWRON Single  
38 23/12/1822 Edmund CALVERT Single   Mary LOCKEY Single  
39 02/01/1823 Hugh ATKINSON   Staindrop, Durham Sarah HALL Single  
40 08/02/1823 John COWELL Single   Elizabeth RAISBECK Single  
41 11/02/1823 John CAMPBELL Single   Elizabeth HETHERINGTON Single  
42 15/02/1823 John WATSON Single   Mary GREENSWOOD Single  
43 12/04/1823 Robert PICKERING Widower Barningham Martha ALDERSON Single  
44 17/05/1823 John CLARKSON Single Startforth Sarah RICHARDSON Single  
45 17/05/1823 Thomas MILNER Single Middleton In Teesdale, Durham Hannah LANGSTAFF Single  
46 27/05/1823 Ralph KAY Single   Ann FOSTER Single  
47 11/10/1823 Charles TINKLER Widower Barnard Castle, Durham Mary METCALFE Single  
48 25/10/1823 John COX Single Huddersfield Mary WALTON Single  
49 29/11/1823 Thomas HARE Single Carlton Miniott Mary LOCKEY Single  
50 29/01/1824 John TURNER Widower Brignall Ann LAMBERT Single  
51 22/05/1824 Charles GARFORTH   Middleton In Teesdale, Durham Nanny WRIGHTSON    
52 03/06/1824 John HALL Single   Elizabeth HARTWELL Single  
53 03/06/1824 Robert JOHNSON Single   Elizabeth WILLEY Single Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland
54 10/07/1824 Anthony SPENSLEY     Grace BROWN    
55 21/10/1824 John HUTCHINSON Widower   Sarah LAMB Single  
56 26/10/1824 Joseph SMITH   Romaldkirk Sarah RAISBECK    
57 23/11/1824 Thomas THOMPSON     Ann HIRD    
58 07/12/1824 William BATTY Single Grinton Mary SAYER    
59 23/05/1825 John PENRITH Single   Mary LANGSTAFF Single  
60 25/05/1825 George LANGSTAFF Single   Elizabeth PINKNEY Single  
61 05/07/1825 Ralph SMITH     Sarah SAYER    
62 24/07/1825 Thomas METCALF     Sarah CLARKSON    
63 26/11/1825 Charles DENHAM     Mary PEACOCK   Barnard Castle, Durham
64 03/12/1825 William DENHAM Widower   Bessey LEE Single  
65 15/12/1825 Daniel SPELMAN     Hannah MILNER    
66 11/02/1826 George MARSHALL Widower   Elizabeth HIRD Single  
67 01/05/1826 Matthew DENT Widower Barningham Mary DENHAM Widow  
68 06/05/1826 Joseph DIXON     Isabella RUSSELL   Startforth
69 15/05/1826 Robert HAYES Single   Eleanor NICHOLSON Single  
70 17/05/1826 Henry SAYER Single Romaldkirk Elizabeth BROWN Single  
71 20/05/1826 Mark ELWOOD Single   Mary KIPLING Single  
72 24/11/1826 Matthew DENHAM Single   Ann HARRISON Single Middleton St George, Durham
73 03/02/1827 William CLARKSON Single   Elizabeth LOCKEY Single  
74 22/04/1827 Joseph GRAHAM Single   Isabella WATSON Single  
75 24/04/1827 Adam BOUSFIELD Single   Sarah GIBSON Single  
76 24/11/1827 Richard BAXTER     Hannah BROWNLESS    
77 24/11/1827 John ION Widower Romaldkirk Anne VARTY Single  
78 01/12/1827 Joseph Benwell TROTT Single   Ann MOSS Single  
79 29/12/1827 Abraham CHARLTON Single   Eleanor RICHARDSON Single  
80 09/02/1828 John SHAW   Brignall Elizabeth HOBSON    
81 16/02/1828 Thomas GIBSON   Hamsterley, Durham Agnes HASELDINE    
82 13/05/1828 Christopher SAYER Single Grinton Elizabeth GIBSON Single  
83 07/06/1828 George CLARKSON   Startforth Mary Ann THOMPSON    
84 17/06/1828 Thomas STUBBS     Eleanor GREENSWORD Single  
85 13/07/1828 Robert FRYER Single   Jane FAIRLESS Single  
86 05/10/1828 Thomas THOMPSON Widower   Margaret HOWE Single  
87 26/11/1828 William GREENSWORD Single   Margaret FAWCETT Single  
88 13/12/1828 Robert Milton DOTE Single   Ann NEWTON Single  
89 30/12/1828 Thomas RIGG Widower   Phillis DALTON Single  
90 23/02/1829 Thomas MACHOUL   Ireland Alice MILNER    
91 16/05/1829 Charles GIBSON Single   Margaret HORSFIELD Single  
92 15/07/1829 John GRAHAM   Gilling West Elizabeth COATES    
93 19/01/1830 William HUTCHINSON Single   Martha COATES Single  
94 23/02/1830 William HOBSON   Wycliffe Ann BAINBRIDGE    
95 15/03/1830 John Harbron WARD Single   Ann VEAL Single  
96 05/06/1830 William BAINBRIDGE Single   Hannah HENDERSON Single  
97 10/07/1830 Ralph KAY     Esther STOCKDALE    
98 27/07/1830 William ELLWOOD Single Kendal, Westmorland Jane HARTLEY Single  
99 31/07/1830 Thomas HARRISON Single   Mary Ann WALTON Single  
100 30/10/1830 Michael GENT Single Staindrop, Durham Elizabeth HARKER Single  
101 03/02/1831 Johnson LAMBERT Single   Jane ADAMTHWAITE Single  
102 14/05/1831 Joseph GIBSON   St Andrew, Auckland, Durham Jane GIBSON    
103 14/05/1831 John WRIGHTSON Single   Ann BAINBRIDGE Single  
104 17/01/1832 Christopher CROFT Single Grinton Mary STEWART Single  
105 09/05/1832 Jonathan IRELAND Single   Mary RAINE Single  
106 10/05/1832 Thomas TOTTEL Single Stanhope, Durham Mary DENT Single  
107 14/05/1832 Thomas BAINBRIDGE Single   Sarah HENDERSON Single  
108 02/06/1832 John JAMES Single   Elizabeth RUDD Single  
109 02/06/1832 Thomas WILKINSON Single   Catherine HOBSON Single  
110 12/06/1832 Thomas THOMPSON Widower St Andrew, Auckland, Durham Hannah SAYER Single  
111 04/08/1832 Joseph STUBBS Single   Elizabeth MACKAY Single  
112 10/11/1832 Thomas KIRKBRIDE   Barningham Jane LAMB Single  
113 17/11/1832 William WILSON Single   Ann ALLISON Single  
114 24/11/1832 Thomas HOGILL Single   Ann JOHNSON Single  
115 01/12/1832 Thomas HINDMIRE Single Grinton Mary HIGHMOOR Single  
116 29/12/1832 Richard BAINBRIDGE Widower   Dinah GRAHAM Widow  
117 18/02/1833 William THOMPSON Widower   Mary SMURTHWAITE Single  
118 25/05/1833 James Gott NELSON     Mary DENT    
119 24/08/1833 Peter STRAKER     Elizabeth HEUTSON    
120 02/11/1833 Thomas HALL Single   Jane ADDISON Single  
121 19/02/1834 Wharton SAYER Single   Jane RUDD Single  
122 02/08/1834 James KELLETT     Margaret THOMPSON    
123 23/09/1834 Jonathan BOUSFIELD Single   Elizabeth METCALFE Single  
124 24/10/1835 John COATES     Isabella SAYER    
125 17/11/1835 John LANCASTER Single   Mary WALTON Single  
127 28/11/1835 John TIPLADY   Barningham Isabella METCALFE    
128 30/04/1836 George ATHERTON Single   Mary BAINBRIDGE Single  
126 11/06/1836 William TINKLER     Nancy JEMMISON    
129 22/06/1836 William STORY     Jane MARRETT    
130 09/07/1836 William MACDONNALD     Eleanor CLARKSON    
131 05/01/1837 Matthew TROTTER   Stanwick Jane WALTON    
132 06/03/1837 Anthony ALDERSON Single   Mary HAMMOND Single  

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