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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Burton Pidsea St Peter & St Paul


The Parish

The parish of Burton Pidsea lies in the extreme southeast of Yorkshire, within the East Riding and at the base of the Spurn peninsula. Burton Pidsea is located about 9 miles east of the port of Hull. Burton Pidsea is a small and compact village situated in lanes about 2 miles west of the B1242 road which forms the coastal road of this part of Holderness. Burton Pidsea is built in the shape of an "H" but one that is lying down, the longer arms formed by two east to west running lanes. At the time of this transcript Burton Pidsea would have been an arable agricultural village, little has changed over the years and the village is surrounded by vast fields of grain, oil seed and other arable crops. Burton Pidsea is drained by small streams with head southwestwards to meet the Humber Estuary through Hedon Haven. Burton Pidsea is sited at just 6 metres above the sea, the land about it being at that height or similar for many miles. Burton Pidsea parish was fairly typically sized for this area of Yorkshire, it covered just under 2,000 acres and would have supported a population of around 400 parishioners. In Domesday times Burton Pidsea was held by one Drogo of la Beuvriere, it was relatively small offering just 10 ploughs and a small meadow.

The Church

St Peter's church sits at the eastern end of the village accessed by Church Street or St Peter's Walk. The building uses the local beach cobbles extensively giving it an attractive finish. The church spans the Decorated into the Perpendicular periods of architecture. The build appears to have commenced at the eastern end, here the chancel, southern chapel and aisles show windows of the Decorated style. At the western end stands the tower which is later and thoroughly Perpendicular. This period covers the latter stages of the 13th and through into the 14th centuries. Later still the 18th century saw the addition of a brick porch and the restoration of the eastern end of the chancel, further modifications also date from the restoration of the 1860s. The church sits in an elevated position above Church Street behind a chest-height cobble stone wall, steps lead up to the churchyard. The western end of the church sits almost flush with that wall and road making adequate imagery of the tower difficult to achieve.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 11th August 1755 - 31st December 1812 East Riding Archives & Local Studies - Reference - PE75/6
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 14th January 1813 - 27th April 1837 East Riding Archives & Local Studies - Reference - PE75/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Humbleton St Peter
Humbleton St Peter
Roos All Saints
Burstwick All Saints
Roos All Saints
Burstwick All Saints
Halsham All Saints
Halsham All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 11/08/1755 George WALKER     Ester LAVENDER    
2 29/09/1756 John DENNIS     Hannah HOBSON    
3 18/07/1757 Matthew RICHARDSON Single   Mary WALLAS Single  
4 24/11/1757 William KEAY Single   Anne SCOFFIN Single  
5 27/11/1758 William RASKELL Single   Johanna HOLLAND Single  
7 22/05/1759 David LAVENDER     Mary BOOTH Single  
8 12/11/1759 John LAVENDER     Ann ELLIS    
6 17/01/1760 Henry WATSON Widower   Susanna LONGTHORP Single  
9 04/02/1760 John JEFFERSON     Sarah WILLINGHAM    
10 01/07/1760 John CORRICK     Hannah GYLES    
11 04/12/1760 Samuel SUDDERBY   Seaton Ross Elizabeth RENARDSON    
12 05/01/1761 Richard WINTERINGHAM   Keyingham Mary RAWLINGS    
13 24/03/1761 Francis HERON   Preston Mary BARCHARD    
14 01/12/1761 William SMITH   Garton On The Wolds Ann SHAKELS Single  
15 10/12/1761 William MIDGLEY     Ann CONINGSTON    
16 01/03/1764 Abel BIRD     Susannah WATSON    
17 11/12/1764 Matthew JEFFERSON     Ann LAVINDER    
18 21/01/1765 William ATKINSON     Mary WILSON    
19 13/05/1765 John DICKINSON Single   Ann WILSON Single  
20 16/07/1765 John RICHARDSON     Jane VICARMAN    
21 02/12/1765 Henry COOK     Mary COOK    
22 11/02/1766 Peter DREW   Swine Frances RASKELL    
23 09/06/1766 David LAVINDER Widower   Ann ATKINSON Single  
24 23/06/1766 Thomas RENNARDSON     Hannah RAMSEA    
25 06/08/1766 George WRIGHT   Stallingborough, Lincolnshire Mary MAIR    
26 14/10/1766 George SHEPHERD     Ann WADDINGHAM    
27 17/10/1768 James RUDDIFORTH     Mary COWLSTON    
28 19/06/1769 William FLINTOFT     Mary BLENKILL    
29 02/08/1769 John CUTBUD     Ann RICHARDSON    
30 12/11/1770 William WHELPDALE     Jane FEWSTER    
31 01/10/1771 Philip BLACKBURN     Sarah MEADLEY    
32 25/11/1771 John COLLEY   Keyingham Amanda NORTON    
33 10/02/1772 Thomas ALMON     Lucey WHARTON    
34 29/10/1772 Leonard HARLAND     Damaris WEBSTER    
35 15/12/1772 Benjamin WALDBY     Hannah JACKSON    
36 11/10/1773 Joseph BARCHARD Single   Elizabeth WHITE Single  
37 22/11/1773 Thomas FORD Single Garton On The Wolds Margaret BUDDIFORTH Single  
38 12/05/1774 John HARDBATTLE     Mary DENNIS Single  
39 07/07/1774 Thomas MITCHINSON   Roos Mary FARRAH    
40 27/07/1775 Charles WALLGATE Single   Ann GILES Single  
41 05/09/1775 William CUTBERT Widower   Elizabeth RUNTON Single  
42 30/11/1775 William DUNN Single Aldbrough Sarah LAVINDER Widow  
43 19/12/1776 Peter MEDCALF Single   Barbara LAVINDER Single  
44 29/09/1777 Thomas RENNARDSON Widower   Ann MARSHALL Single  
45 02/12/1778 John WILKS Widower   Ann WRIGHT Single  
46 08/02/1779 John STOCKTON Single   Ann WRIGHT Single Aldbrough
47 13/12/1779 Christopher MIDDLETON Single   Alice COWLMAN Single  
48 12/06/1780 William DIBNEY Single   Hannah DICKSON Single Humbleton
49 26/04/1781 James HOLMS Widower   Hannah WOODLEY Widow  
50 19/07/1781 Thomas SALMON Single   Ann CRAGGS Single Burstwick
51 10/01/1782 William SELLER Single   Elizabeth SUTHABY Widow  
52 10/02/1783 Jonathan LAVENDER     Rachael SALMON Single Keyingham
53 16/07/1783 William ELLETSON Widower   Mary SHIELDS Widow  
54 22/11/1784 Francis MATTERS Single   Sarah JACKSON Single  
55 13/06/1785 William FOCKINGHAM Single   Elinor LOTZ Single  
56 08/08/1785 Walter ROLSEY Single   Ann GRASBY Widow  
57 06/09/1785 Francis PORTER Single   Mary PEARSON Single Garton On The Wolds
58 07/11/1785 William FORD Single Roos Betty HARLAND Single  
59 07/11/1785 Richard HASTINGS Widower   Elizabeth ION Single  
60 19/01/1786 John NELSON Single   Johanna GRASBY Single  
61 01/05/1786 Robert FORMAN Single   Mary CAPE Widow  
62 24/05/1786 Benjamin GILES Single   Elizabeth BRIDE Single  
63 12/06/1786 Jervis WILKIN Single   Elizabeth NICKELSON Single  
64 25/02/1787 Nathaniel KEY Single   Mary COOK Widow  
65 29/03/1787 William CLAPHAM Single   Sarah HARLAND Single  
66 17/07/1787 Thomas BLANCHARD     Elizabeth NOBLE Single  
67 16/08/1787 Thomas HARDY Single   Mary CLAPHAM Single  
68 29/10/1787 Joseph POOLE Single   Mary RICHARDSON Single  
69 19/05/1788 Stephen SPECK Single   Frances SMITH Single  
70 27/11/1788 Francis MARSHALL Single   Hannah ROBSON Single  
71 12/01/1789 Isaac ELLIOT Single   Elizabeth JACKSON Single Sutton On Hull
72 16/02/1789 William HARLAND Single   Mary BARRON Widow  
73 10/06/1789 Leonard HARLAND Single   Mary RENNARDSON Single  
74 30/07/1789 John FORD Single Garton On The Wolds Elizabeth RUDDIFORTH Widow  
75 28/12/1789 John DICKINSON Single   Martha MOOR Single  
76 05/04/1790 Matthew SUDDABY Single Paull Hannah PORTER Single  
77 11/06/1790 David MAIR Single   Mary JACKSON Single  
78 04/10/1790 John DOBSON Single Burstwick Ann WALLAS Single  
78 05/04/1791 Michael PATTINSON Single   Ann FOSTER Single  
79 26/04/1791 John WALLGATE Single   Mary PORTER Widow  
80 10/06/1791 David THOMPSON Single Tunstall Sarah TUTYTON Single  
81 09/11/1791 Matthew RICHARDSON Widower   Ann DENNISS Single  
82 03/12/1791 John COURT Single   Sarah LEPPINGTON Widow  
83 27/02/1792 Alexander CATON Widower   Mary ELLIOT Widow  
84 29/04/1793 John BONFREY Single Keyingham Mary HARRISON Single  
85 04/12/1793 Thomas LUCKWORTH Widower   Rachael CLAPHAM Widow  
86 23/01/1794 John BALANCE Single Burstwick Mary PORTER Single  
87 27/04/1794 John CARTER   Roos Mary WILLIAMSON    
88 03/03/1795 John Barron BOSTOL   Roos Landil BROWN    
89 30/11/1795 Thomas BARCHARD Widower   Susanna HASTINGS Widow  
90 11/07/1796 Thomas BARCHARD Single   Ann ROBINSON Single Tunstall
91 26/11/1796 Thomas WEBSTER   Hilston Hannah JEWSON Single  
92 02/12/1797 Thomas COOK Widower Garton On The Wolds Elizabeth BRANTON Widow  
93 03/12/1797 Richard ELSTON Single   Margret RADLEY Single  
94 08/01/1798 Christopher PORTER Widower   Rebecca LOTEY Single  
95 14/01/1799 Thomas SALMOND Widower   Hannah CAWELL Single Aldbrough
96 04/03/1799 John MARSHALL Single   Jane HARRISON Single  
97 26/11/1799 William FOCKINGHAM Widower   Jane COATES Single  
98 08/11/1800 John FORD Single   Rachel BARCHARD Single  
99 03/06/1801 William COOK Single   Hannah BARCHARD Single  
100 08/10/1801 Isaac SUDDABY Single Sproatley Elizabeth WRIGHT Single  
101 26/11/1801 George WRAY Single Roos Ann GREENHEAD Single  
112 05/04/1802 William SUDDABY Single Humbleton Margret STEPHENSON Single  
113 26/09/1802 William ROBINSON Single   Mary HODGSON Single  
114 25/11/1802 John DIXON Single   Helen HOSKINGS Single  
115 09/11/1803 Edward PEARSON Widower Holy Trinity, Hull Elizabeth PATTINSON Single  
116 13/02/1804 Edward CHAPMAN Single   Elizabeth POOL Single Humbleton
117 08/11/1804 William FORD Single Tunstall Susannah SPENCER Single  
118 24/11/1804 Christopher HANCOCK Single   Hannah WRIGHT Single  
119 12/08/1805 William CHAPMAN Single St Nicholas, Beverley Jane PATTINSON Single  
120 24/11/1806 John NETTLETON Single Foston On The Wolds Ann COLLINSON Single  
121 04/04/1807 George CARTER Single   Elizabeth HEADLEY Single  
122 04/05/1807 John METCALFE     Mary WATERHOUSE    
123 28/09/1807 William TYLOR Single   Elizabeth FOSTER Single  
124 02/11/1807 Joseph CLARKE Single   Rebecca WRIGHT Single  
125 25/04/1808 Joseph POTTERTAIN Single   Frances DREW Single  
126 30/11/1808 Richard AINLEY Single Roos Elizabeth POOL Single  
127 03/07/1809 Joseph KEMP Single   Mary SALMON Single  
128 13/06/1810 Richard STRAKER Single   Hannah ANDERSON Single  
129 02/07/1810 Humphrey LUCKOUSE Single Paull Emma PATTINSON Single  
130 17/11/1810 James HOLMES Widower   Martha DICKINSON Widow  
131 17/12/1810 Thomas DODDS Single Preston Ann HARLAND Single  
132 11/05/1811 John CUTHBERT Single   Ann RICHARDSON Widow  
133 03/06/1811 Thomas CHAMPNEY Single Burstwick Mary HARLAND Single  
134 21/10/1811 John FORD Single   Elizabeth GILES Single  
135 31/12/1812 Luke ABBAY Widower   Elizabeth RHOYDHOUSE   Burstwick
1 14/01/1813 James DUNN Single   Ann FORD Single  
2 03/04/1813 Robert CLAPHAM Single   Rachael JOHNSON Single  
3 20/09/1813 Thomas COOK Single   Easter SALMON Single  
4 06/04/1814 William STAMFORD Single   Elizabeth BENTON Single  
5 23/08/1814 Samuel COOK Single   Mary WARCUP Single  
6 21/11/1814 Richard SPROXTON   Roos Ann WARD    
7 02/02/1815 Richard ATKINSON Single Seaton Ross Catharine WALGATE    
8 15/05/1815 Peter SMITH Single Owthorne Alis WARKUP    
9 01/06/1815 Thomas HASTINGS Single   Elizabeth DUNN   Roos
10 27/11/1815 Christopher SOWARSBY Single   Ann PEYGASS Single  
11 05/02/1816 Peter DREW Single Redbourne, Lincolnshire Ann GILES Single  
12 25/04/1816 Robert CHAMPNEY Single Keyingham Sarah HARLAND Single  
13 10/08/1816 Robert TENNYSON Single   Easter DICKINSON Single  
14 06/02/1817 Thomas TAYLOR Widower Hedon Elizabeth HARLAND Single  
15 04/08/1817 John JOHNSON Single   Mary LONSBROUGH   Hornsea
16 24/11/1817 George CLARK Single Roos Ann SNOWBALL Single  
17 20/01/1818 George FORD Single Garton On The Wolds Jane CLAPHAM Single  
18 22/01/1818 Thomas HORMSLEY Single St Mary, Hull Nancy FORD Single  
19 02/01/1819 Thomas JEWSON Single Halsham Mary WALGATE    
20 10/04/1819 Enoch SMITH Single   Hannah SALMOND    
21 15/11/1819 John GRANT Single   Hannah JACKSON Single  
22 23/12/1819 Mark WILSON Single Sculcoates Fanny HARPER Single  
23 25/12/1820 John JACKSON Single   Sarah STAMFORD Single  
24 08/02/1821 David BROWN Single   Betsy JOHNSON    
25 30/05/1821 Robert BURRILL Single   Mary VAILES Single  
26 22/04/1822 William KEE Widower   Elizabeth GIBSON Single  
27 11/07/1822 Richard JENNISON   Welwick Lydia LAVENDER    
28 30/11/1822 William BARKER Single   Ellen CLOUGH Single  
29 28/12/1822 John TALL Single Sculcoates Ellen HARLAND Single  
30 01/04/1823 John HODGSON Single Aldbrough Ann HASTINGS Single  
31 10/06/1824 Isaac DUNN   Patrington Mary Jane RAINS    
32 24/11/1824 Henry JOHNSON Single Garton On The Wolds Jane DUKE Single  
33 15/01/1825 Henry CAUTLEY   Hedon Mary Ann CLAPHAM    
34 06/06/1826 Thomas CARTER Single   Susannah HODGE Single  
35 09/12/1826 Walter KELSEY Single   Hannah SALMOND Single  
36 07/04/1827 Richard HASTINGS Single   Mary HESELTINE Single  
37 23/05/1827 William RALPH Single Sutton On Hull Hannah POOL Single  
38 23/06/1827 Thomas POSTHILL Widower   Jane SLEEGS Single  
39 31/07/1827 William CARTER Single   Bathsheba WARCUP Single  
40 27/12/1828 Peter WRIGHT Single   Sarah POOL Single  
41 23/01/1829 John MIDDLETON Single Bishop Burton Mary FOLKINGHAM Single  
42 09/05/1829 John BROWN Widower   Hannah SMITH Single  
43 05/10/1829 Joseph RICHARDSON Single   Mary STAMFORTH Single  
44 17/04/1830 Wilfred KEMP Single   Jane FOX Single  
45 10/05/1830 Thomas GRASBY Single South Cave Mary CHAPMAN Single  
46 12/01/1831 Richard EASTWOOD Widower Paull Elizabeth CLOUGH Single  
47 14/04/1831 George GILES Single Foston On The Wolds Sally Ann BROWN Single  
48 25/05/1831 Christopher JOHNSON Single   Jane MAFFAM Single  
49 24/11/1831 William HARNESS Single Preston Mary ABBEY Single  
50 30/11/1831 Sudarby LONG Single   Mary ELLIS Single Swine
51 05/03/1832 Thomas CLARK Single   Mary JARRETT Single  
52 20/04/1832 Marmaduke ECCLES Single   Hannah LEVITT    
53 06/06/1833 George GRANT Widower   Isabella ADEY    
54 30/11/1833 Joseph DEAN Single   Harriet PICKERING   Patrington
55 00/00/1834 Joseph ROBINSON     Margaret ROBSON    
56 20/07/1834 John BOYES     Desimar BILAMY   Patrington
57 16/05/1835 Jarvis SLATER   Riccall Mary RATTLE    
58 05/11/1835 Thomas FEWSON     Elizabeth BAXTER    
59 30/10/1836 George Spenceley BROWN Single   Alice COATES Single  
60 24/11/1836 William ECCLES   Preston Mary PAWSON    
61 24/11/1836 James SUDDABY     Ann MEADLEY    
62 24/11/1836 Thomas ECCLES     Martha HOGG    
63 21/01/1837 William CREASER   Halsham Bessy ROBSON    
67 27/04/1837 George PARKER     Elizabeth DENNIS    

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