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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Chapel le Dale St Leonard


The Parish

The chapelry of Chapel le Dale lies in the extreme west of Yorkshire not too far from its border with neighbouring Westmorland. Chapel le Dale is located about 4 miles north east of the small town of Ingleton and like its larger neighbour both are chapelries within the broad parish of Bentham. Chapel le Dale sits on the B6255 road which connects Ingleton with Hawes. Chapel le Dale is a small upland farming settlement a tiny place of a few farms and cottages dominated all around by high, sheep-covered, moorland, some of the greater heights of the Pennines being all around. Modern developments did come to the area, the phenomenal effort to push the Settle to Carlisle railway line through the area resulted in the engineering monument of Ribbleshead Viaduct which lies just a few hundred yards northeast of Chapel le Dale. Today the upland farming is supported by a healthy tourist area, the region being famed for its hiking with the Dales Way National Trail amongst many paths. Chapel le Dale sits on the headwaters of the River Doe which drains the chapelry southwestwards merging with the Great and then the Lune to reach the Irish Sea through Lancaster. Chapel le Dale is sited at around 250 metres above the sea but is dominated by mighty Ingleborough which rises to 724 metres just a few miles to its south. Chapel le Dales's acreage was extensive though seldom, seemingly, separately recorded from that of its mother parish, it population was also sparse being fewer than 200 parishioners. Chapel le Dale is not specifically recorded in Domesday Book.

The Church

St Leonard's church sits just west of the B6255 on the western side road of the Doe's valley, known as Roman Road. The church is tiny, as befits its small congregation with nave and chancel combined into a single unit and topped with a western bellcote. The church is a fairly recent one being first constructed in the 17th century , that bellcote was added in the 18th century alongside many alterations whilst like many churches it was fully restored in the 19th century when the porch was also added. Roman Road is very narrow but there is a pull-in at the eastern end of the site with room for a car or two. The churchyard has a rough-hewn local stone wall surrounding it with an arched lychgate granting entry. Once within there are few obstacles for the photographer.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 3rd June 1754 - 39th November 1812 North Yorkshire Record Office - Northallerton - Reference - PR/CHP/1/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading of this register may result in one or two misreads
2 17th January 1814 - 15th May 1830 North Yorkshire Record Office - Northallerton - Reference - PR/CHP/1/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading of this register may result in one or two misreads

Thornton in Lonsdale St Oswald
Dent St Andrew
Hawes St Margaret
Thornton in Lonsdale St Oswald
Horton in Ribblesdale St Oswald
Bentham St John
Ingleton St Mary
Bentham St John
Ingleton St Mary
Horton in Ribblesdale St Oswald

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 03/06/1754 Thomas BENTHAM Widower Jane ATKINSON Single
2 21/12/1755 Thomas SEDGWICK Agnes SEDGWICK Single Horton In Ribblesdale
3 18/09/1756 Leonard SILL Martha PARKINSON Single
4 19/05/1757 Thomas DOWBIGGIN Horton In Ribblesdale Jennet BENTHAM Single
6 08/06/1758 Thomas METCALFE Frances POCOCK Single Horton In Ribblesdale
7 11/09/1758 John GREENBANK Widower Eleanor BURTON Single
8 10/10/1758 Edmund DINSDALE Hawes Agnes BIRKETT Single
9 11/11/1758 Owen DINSDALE Hawes Elizabeth BENTHAM Single
10 05/05/1759 Thomas TAYLER Mary CHARNLEY Single
11 14/05/1759 Christopher TENNANT Widower Margaret TAYLER Single
12 14/06/1759 George METCALFE Stalling Busk Margaret MOOR Single
13 27/11/1759 John HUTTON Widower Giggleswick Jane TAYLOR Widow
14 18/12/1759 John GREENBANK Widower Elizabeth CLAPHAM Single
15 11/05/1761 Christopher NEWTON Thornton In Craven Margaret MOORE Single
16 11/05/1761 George WARING Lettice NICHOLSON Widow
17 27/09/1762 John ALLAN Elizabeth BENTHAM
18 09/05/1763 Edmund BRISCOE Tunstall, Lancashire Frances MOORE Single
19 22/11/1763 Stephen ATKINSON Bentham Mabella BENTHAM Single
21 04/05/1764 Robert LAW Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmorland Margaret BIRKET Widow
20 25/04/1765 George WEATHERAL Widower Isabella LUCAS Widow
22 11/05/1766 John TAYLFORTH Ingleton Alice TAYLER Single
23 12/05/1766 Thomas MOORE Ingleton Margaret PARKER Single
24 13/09/1767 John MOORE Ingleton Agnes SEDGWICK Widow Ingleton
25 01/11/1767 Robert NELSON Horton In Ribblesdale Elizabeth METCALFE Bentham
26 28/11/1768 George ROBINSON Melling By Tunstall, Lancashire Agnes FOXCROFT Single
27 26/12/1768 William HINDBY Jane MOORE
28 26/12/1768 George METCALFE Elizabeth LUCAS Single
29 23/10/1769 William BENTHAM Bentham Margaret BURTON Single
30 28/04/1770 Francis PROCTOR Bentham Eleanor CLAPHAM Bentham
31 05/06/1770 Peter MOORE Margaret SEDGWICK
32 30/07/1770 Anthony METCALFE Ingleton Margaret JACKSON Single
33 19/09/1770 William CRAGG Ingleton Margaret BANES Single Ingleton
34 27/06/1771 George WARD Clapham Isabel METCALFE Single
35 01/07/1771 John ATKINSON Ingleton Alice BURTON Ingleton
36 31/08/1771 John TENNANT Elizabeth WHALEY Single
37 14/12/1771 John WILSON Lancaster, Lancashire Eleanor BYRAM Single
38 25/03/1772 Lawrence CRAGG Horton In Ribblesdale Catharine TENNENT Single
39 25/03/1772 William STAVELEY Horton In Ribblesdale Mary BOLLAND Single Bentham
40 17/10/1772 Matthew THOMPSON Aysgarth Alice BURTON Single
41 16/11/1772 Joseph BENTHAM Ingleton Margaret METCALFE Ingleton
42 24/05/1773 Lawrence DINSDALE Horton In Ribblesdale Elizabeth BATTERSBY Single Ingleton
43 02/06/1773 George HODGSON Stalling Busk Mary BURTON Single Ingleton
44 14/11/1774 John BENTHAM Emma LINDSAY Single
45 14/06/1775 John RAW Ingleton Agnes METCALFE Single Ingleton
46 13/11/1775 James SILL Widower Ingleton Agnes DENT Single Ingleton
47 28/09/1776 James METCALFE Ingleton Alice SMITH Ingleton
48 15/04/1777 Thomas MOORE Ingleton Elizabeth PARKER Single
49 19/10/1779 James PARKER Single Agnes DAVIES Single Ingleton
50 19/08/1780 John MIDGLEY Widower Colne, Lancashire Eleanor KIDD Single
51 07/05/1781 Joshua METCALFE Single Agnes BROWN Single
52 16/06/1781 William MOOR Horton In Ribblesdale Margaret METCALFE Ingleton
54 12/06/1782 Stephen BENTHAM Ann WHALEY Single
55 02/07/1782 James CAPSTICK Sedbergh Ann PROCTOR
56 14/01/1783 William CHAMLEU Horton In Ribblesdale Isabel LISTER
57 07/07/1783 Lawrence DINSDALE Ellin PARKER
58 10/09/1783 Francis TOWN Horton In Ribblesdale Mary WHALLEY
59 17/05/1784 Jeffery CRAGG Ingleton Agnes METCALFE Ingleton
60 23/05/1785 George METCALFE Agnes BURKIT
61 13/10/1785 James BURTON Agnes COOPER
62 02/01/1786 John GREENBANK Mary CLAPHAM
63 15/06/1786 Henry ELLERSHAW Elizabeth SEDGWICK Single
64 30/09/1786 John METCALFE Mary GREENBANK Single
65 20/10/1787 Christopher LUND Mary BENTHAM
66 17/11/1788 Richard METCALFE Agnes SHEPHERD Single
67 28/01/1789 James BECKWITH Ellen BATTY
68 11/05/1789 Thomas MOOR Ellin THEAKSTONE Single
69 08/10/1789 Edward WHITFIELD Alice MOOR Single
70 10/11/1789 Stephen SEDGWICK Bella METCALFE Single
71 23/12/1789 Simon SLINGER Agnes NODDLE Single
72 04/03/1790 Thomas CAPSTICK Arncliffe Alice STOCKDALE Single
73 14/04/1790 John PARKER Horton In Ribblesdale Alice MOOR Single
74 03/06/1790 John BURTON Phoebe WILLAN Single
75 13/01/1791 Richard WILLAN Jane MOORE Single
76 22/10/1792 George MASON Sedbergh Jane TENANT Single
77 02/11/1793 Roger CARR Sedbergh Susanna LISTER Single
78 21/01/1797 Ralph CAPSTICK Dent Ruth PROCTER
79 02/11/1797 Thomas KING Giggleswick Agnes MOOR Single
80 21/05/1798 Robert METCALFE Mary KIDD Single
81 13/10/1798 Thomas ARMITSTEAD Thornton In Lonsdale Ellen METCALFE Single
82 29/12/1798 Henry GIFFORD Tunstall, Lancashire Alice METCALFE
83 13/05/1799 Thomas BORROWDALE Alice TAYLER Single
84 13/12/1800 John PROCTOR Horton In Ribblesdale Margaret SHEPHERD Single
85 08/09/1801 John Whaley WILLAN Ingleton Elizabeth ALLEN Single
86 20/10/1801 Robert LISTER Lytham, Lancashire Elizabeth KIDD Single
87 05/01/1802 John METCALFE Catherine BURTON Single
88 26/01/1802 John WHALEY Ann LODGE Single
89 18/09/1802 Joseph BENTHAM Mary LUND Single
90 22/11/1803 Francis CRAGG Ingleton Margaret METCALFE
91 21/05/1804 James RICHARDSON Caton, Lancashire Elizabeth PARKER Single
92 18/06/1804 John BENTHAM Dent Isabel METCALFE Single
93 08/10/1804 John DINSDALE Aysgarth Margaret LODGE Single
94 10/05/1806 George STAVELEY Horton In Ribblesdale Ann WEATHERHEAD Single
95 10/11/1806 William BRADE Preston, Lancashire Ellen KIDD Single
96 03/11/1808 Christopher SWINBANK Horton In Ribblesdale Alice METCALFE Single
97 16/01/1809 Miles TAYLOR Jane CRAGG Single
98 24/10/1809 Leonard LISTER Elizabeth DINSDALE Single
95 30/01/1810 Robert STAVELEY Bentham Mary LISTER Single
96 19/05/1810 William STOCKDALE Widower Arncliffe Ann MOORE Widow
97 03/06/1811 James DAWSON Lancaster, Lancashire Agnes ELLERSHAW Single
98 04/12/1811 Francis METCALFE Agnes METCALFE Single
99 17/12/1811 James CRAGG Peggy BENTHAM Single
100 18/05/1812 John SLINGER Jane WATLING Single
101 02/11/1812 Thomas GUY Isabella THISTLETHWAITE Single Horton In Ribblesdale
102 16/11/1812 James HEBDEN Mary METCALFE
30/11/1812 Joseph BENTHAM Jane HALL
1 17/01/1814 Thomas PRESTON Agnes PARKER Single
2 29/05/1815 John HANCOCK Giggleswick Mary SLINGER Single Bentham
3 12/06/1815 Thomas WALTON Lancaster, Lancashire Mary ELLERSHAW Single Bentham
4 25/09/1815 Edmund THISTLETHWAITE Horton In Ribblesdale Susanna LISTER Single Bentham
5 14/10/1815 Francis PARKER Bentham Hannah PRESTON
6 28/12/1815 Thomas ELLERSHAW Bentham Ellin BENTHAM Single Bentham
7 26/05/1816 Adam TEBAY Lancaster, Lancashire Alice KENYON Single Bentham
8 01/03/1819 John CRAGG Bentham Mary KNOWLES Single Bentham
9 12/12/1820 John METCALFE Sedbergh Ann METCALFE Bentham
10 11/03/1822 Thomas LUND Bentham Rosamond TAYLOR Bentham
13 06/12/1823 James BENTHAM Bentham Elizabeth METCALFE Single Bentham
14 13/03/1824 Richard METCALFE Bentham Mary GORRILL Single Bentham
15 03/07/1824 William REDMAYNE Bentham Elizabeth HOWSON Single Bentham
16 14/05/1825 Thomas YOUNG Bentham Ellen ELLERSHAW Widow Bentham
17 23/06/1825 Robert FOTHERGILL Horton In Ribblesdale Ellen WHALEY Bentham
18 15/05/1826 David PARRINGTON Bentham Isabella HOMES Single Bentham
19 10/06/1826 Robert PARKER Bentham Barbara GREENBANK Bentham
20 14/11/1826 James METCALFE Arncliffe Margery WHALEY Single Bentham
21 21/04/1827 John PARKER Jane WILLKINSON Bentham
22 31/10/1827 Thomas PARKIN Blyth, Nottinghamshire Ellen ELLERSHAW Single Bentham
23 12/01/1828 Elias DOUGLAS Lancaster, Lancashire Mary WHALEY Single Bentham
24 05/02/1829 Robert BELL Askrigg Isabella RIDER Single Bentham
25 08/02/1830 Richard MORPHETT Bentham Nancy THOMPSON Single Bentham
26 13/03/1830 Francis WHALEY Bentham Mary Melling LEAK Bentham
27 15/05/1830 John PARKINSON Arncliffe Isabella WHALEY Single Bentham

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