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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
South Cowton St Mary


The Parish

The parish of South Cowton lies in the northernmost part of Yorkshire, in the North Riding and only a few miles from the birder with neighbouring County Durham. South Cowton is a deserted mediaeval village and the parish has no defined village as such merely a scatter of farms and cottages arranged around the church and the castle. South Cowton is located about 5 miles northeast of the military town of Catterick adjacent to the B1263 road which connects Richmond with the A167 Darlington to Northallerton road. With its neighbouring parishes of North and East Cowton South Cowton lies in the broad plain which separates the Yorkshire Dales from the North Yorkshire Moors. South Cowton's main livelihood would have been pastoral farming although a little arable has crept in in recent times. South Cowton stands at about 60 metres above sea level on land that gently undulates around that mark. Most drainage in the parish is headed southwards to join The Stell a tributary of the River Swale which heads southwards on along journey to eventually reach the North Sea through York and the Humber Estuary. At around 2,1000 acres South Cowton parish was a fairly typically sized parish for the area, it would have supported around 160 parishioners. In Domesday times South Cowton was recorded as part of a much wider area controlled by one Count Alan of Brittany, whilst it was named its assets were not separately recorded.

The Church

St Mary's church stands in splendid isolation in open country and almost a half mile from any road, it can only be approached in a vehicle from the northwest otherwise access is by footpath. The church, and the nearby castle, was constructed in the 15th century almost as a complete Perpendicular piece at the behest of the Conyers family resident in said castle. The church doesn't merit much more than a rudimentary commentary from Pevsner who suggests that this construction may have incorporated an earlier building. The easiest way to visit the church is to park at the nearby Arden Arms from where a footpath leads across the wheat fields to the church. The site is almost totally open and unrestricted for photography. The building is now maintained by the Churches Conservation Trust and rarely used for worship.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 22nd July 1754 - 18th May 1812 North Yorkshire Record Office - Reference - PR/CWN 1/5
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 26th July 1813 - 13th May 1837 North Yorkshire Record Office - Reference - PR/CWN 1/5
Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Middleton Tyas St Michael
Croft St Peter
Croft St Peter
Middleton Tyas St Michael
Bolton Upon Swale St Mary
East Cowton All Saints
Bolton Upon Swale St Mary
Bolton Upon Swale St Mary
Danby Wiske
Danby Wiske

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 22/07/1754 Thomas WAYNE     Mary WARWICK    
3 01/01/1755 Christopher NICHOLSON   Bolton Upon Swale Hannah ALLEN Single  
2 13/04/1755 Robert THOMPSON     Elizabeth HART    
4 14/04/1755 Robert MACKINTOSH   Darlington, Durham Sarah ROBINSON    
5 01/09/1755 Robert FAWCETT   Kirby Ravensworth Anne ARNOLD    
6 22/03/1756 John HARRISON Single   Rachel LOWSON Single Danby Wiske
7 17/05/1756 Benjamin GARNETT Single Haughton Le Skerne, Durham Mary TENNANT Single  
8 21/11/1757 James METCALFE     Eleanor SWALWELL Single  
9 04/05/1758 Robert RAISBECK     Ann MATTHEWS Single  
10 08/10/1758 John GIBSON     Mary STOBART Single  
11 07/12/1758 Ralph EDGAR     Anne PAVEY Single  
12 27/01/1759 Frank GREATHERD     Mary YOUNG Single  
13 06/02/1759 John DRYDEN   Kirkby Fleetham Ann DUCKET Single  
14 16/02/1760 John RAISBECK     Elizabeth MASON Single  
15 05/05/1760 Isaac SMITH   Kirby Ravensworth Jane DUCKET Widow  
16 30/10/1760 Robert CUST     Christiana SMELT Single  
17 22/11/1760 George CURRY     Mary WELFORD Single  
18 05/01/1761 Thomas ROOMER   Heighington, Durham Jane SIMMS Single  
19 15/01/1761 Thomas WALKER     Jane SHERRINGTON Single  
20 05/01/1762 Christopher BROWN     Jane REYNOLDSON Single  
21 15/07/1762 Christopher RICHARDSON     Elizabeth BROWN Single  
22 22/07/1762 George RAIN     Mary HIXON Single  
23 14/02/1763 John WORTH     Elizabeth HARRISON Single  
24 08/01/1764 Thomas GUY     Jane MILBURN    
25 26/06/1764 James BEST   Bolton Upon Swale Mary SMITH Single  
26 23/07/1764 John LONGSTAFF Widower   Elizabeth BLENKIRON Single  
27 02/08/1764 John FURBY   Kirkby Fleetham Mary SHIPLEY Single  
28 07/08/1764 James MEEK   Birkby Anne ROBINSON Single  
29 13/11/1764 William WETHERALD     Jane DUNN Single  
31 17/12/1764 Robert ALMOND     Jane GIBSON Single  
32 26/05/1765 William WETHERALD   Melsonby Sarah TENNANT Single  
33 26/05/1765 William PERKIN   Gilling West Anne BREWSTER Single  
34 29/05/1765 John HAMPER   Croft Anne SHERINGTON Single  
35 09/09/1765 Mark BROWN     Anne SIMMS Single  
36 18/11/1765 John BENNISON     Grace FLINT Single  
37 18/05/1766 Richard LAKIN     Eleanor CLARK Single  
38 10/11/1766 Thomas GIBSON     Mary DIXON Single  
39 22/11/1766 Robert BLENKIRON Widower   Alice ARMSTRONG    
40 22/11/1766 John ROBSON     Eleanor HALL Single  
41 12/05/1767 Robert WATSON   Croft Anne SPENCE Single  
42 16/06/1767 John STEEL Widower   Anne HARRISON Single  
43 30/06/1767 Thomas DACK   Durham, Durham Jane TAYLOR Single  
44 04/09/1768 Joseph BONE Widower   Margaret BAINBRIDGE Single  
45 26/09/1768 George WAKE     Katherine CHAPMAN    
46 16/11/1768 Edward RUDD   Haughton Le Skerne, Durham Letitia ARDEN    
47 30/11/1768 Mark BAINS Widower Croft Alice WALKER Single  
48 06/02/1769 Christopher BROWN Widower   Elizabeth RICKERBY Single  
49 15/05/1769 John ATKINSON     Anne FRIAR Single  
50 06/09/1769 Thomas SMITH Widower   Margaret TEASDALE Single  
51 15/11/1769 John FARROW   Stanwick Jane THORNTON Single  
52 23/11/1769 Thomas SMITH     Alice BLENKIRON Widow  
53 11/05/1771 William CARTER   Catterick Caroline MOORE Single  
54 15/05/1771 Robert STRAFFEN   Heighington, Durham Frances FLOWER    
55 02/12/1771 Joseph GARTH     Rachel JOHNSON Single  
56 14/02/1772 Joseph GILES   Aysgarth Ellin WRIGHT Single  
57 06/01/1773 William RICHARDSON   Hornby Jane MILLER    
58 13/04/1773 Isaac SMITH   Kirby Ravensworth Jane FLOWER Single  
59 12/05/1773 Thomas TATHAM     Lucy MILLER Single  
18/06/1773 William WALKER     Alice MAINARD Single  
02/11/1773 George BURN     Mary WILSON Single  
02/12/1773 Thomas GATENBY     Mary CUMMIN Single  
11/05/1774 Robert CLAYTON   Egglescliffe, Durham Jane SMITH Single  
12/10/1774 Thomas WALKER   Northallerton Catherine WOOD Single  
27/02/1775 George HOW   Hurworth, Durham Ann CLERKSON Single  
08/04/1775 George MARSHAL   Elsdon, Northumberland Hilday HODGSON Single  
16/05/1775 Mark BANES     Ann ROBINSON Single  
12/07/1775 Thomas ROBINSON   Sadberge, Durham Ann TAYLOR Single  
08/05/1776 John BEST   East Cowton Lutetia SMITH Single  
14/05/1776 William RICHMOND     Sarah ROBINSON Single  
09/06/1776 John OVINGTON   Hart, Durham Ann PARKINSON Single  
01/10/1776 John GRIME Widower Bolton Upon Swale Ann BRASS Single  
16/01/1777 George CUIT   Richmond Jane WAINE Single  
22/01/1777 William MILLER     Dorothy LIGHTFOOT    
24/04/1777 Ralph HALL     Ann CHAPMAN    
16/02/1778 Henery DIXON   Middleton Tyas Jane WOOD Widow  
09/07/1778 George CARTER     Ann BROWN    
03/05/1779 Henery REVELEY Widower   Eliza DOBISON   Heighington, Durham
23/11/1779 Edward HODGSON     Mary FOSTER Single Barton St Cuthbert
26/11/1779 Robert ROBSON     Mary MILBURN Single  
07/05/1780 Mark LIDDLE     Margaret LISTER Single Bolton Upon Swale
07/05/1780 William LANE   Forcett Ann CLEMENT Single  
23/05/1780 Thomas MOSES   Hamsterley, Durham Elizabeth LOWSON Single  
06/11/1780 George DINSDALE     Elizabeth RICHARDSON Single  
04/06/1781 John EARL     Ann GREATHEAD    
24/06/1781 John PUCKERING   Sherrif Hutton Jane SPINK Single  
03/07/1781 William PREST     Mary GLOVER    
09/07/1781 William REVERLEY     Mary WAKE   East Cowton
26/04/1782 John JACKSON   Long Newton, Durham Mary TAYLOR    
21/05/1782 William CLARK   West Acklam Mary BROWN    
02/03/1783 Phillip FLOWER     Dorothy SMOTHWAITE Single  
02/03/1783 John NICHOLSON   Bolton Upon Swale Mary MUNCASTER    
14/05/1783 Thomas DOWTHWAITE     Mary ROBINSON    
19/05/1783 Thomas BELL   East Harlsey Ann HARLAND    
25/11/1783 Thomas HUDSON   South Otterington Isabel BROWN Single  
08/06/1784 Robert GLOVER     Christiana PARKINSON Single  
10/08/1784 Cubbert BROWN     Ann LONSDALE Single  
27/12/1784 Michael WOODHALL     Mary STUBBS Single  
30/05/1785 Thomas WAINE     Elisabeth CLERKSON Single  
04/07/1785 William PATTESON   Heighington, Durham Lettice REVELEY    
04/07/1785 Samuel BENTON   Long Newton, Durham Jane HODGSON    
01/08/1785 William PARTINGTON     Mary LAYFIELD Single  
05/12/1786 John CHRISP   Sunderland, Durham Eleanor PARKINSON Single  
28/05/1787 John KEMP   Gilling West Jane WALKER Single  
13/08/1787 John ARMSTRONG   Sadberge, Durham Phillis CRAWFOOT Single  
07/09/1787 John ROBINSON     Margaret SPEDDING Single Melsonby
25/03/1788 John KAY     Magdalene SMITH Single  
19/06/1788 Ralph RAIN     Eleanor EDGAR Single  
07/10/1788 Thomas GREATHEAD     Elizabeth MEDCALFE Single  
27/10/1788 John Baines ELLIOT   Bolton Upon Swale Mary PARKINSON    
06/01/1789 William WETHERAL     Ann CARTER Single  
13/04/1789 Robert ROBINSON   Northallerton Elizabeth HILDRA Single  
14/04/1789 James NICHOLS   East Cowton Elizabeth SADLER    
19/05/1789 Richard DAVISON     Katherine GLOVER Single  
05/08/1789 Robert DUTCHBURN     Elizabeth GARGRAVE    
17/08/1789 Thomas EDRINTON     Mary BEAVER Single  
21/10/1790 John HENDERSON     Ann TAYLOR Single  
21/10/1790 Stephen WAKE     Elinor COLLIER    
09/05/1791 Richard BROWN     Elizabeth PLACE Single  
12/05/1791 Thomas WOOD     Margaret KAY Single  
29/08/1791 William LAMB     Sarah TINKLER Single  
17/11/1791 Robert ROBERTS   Langton Ann BOWRIN Single  
25/12/1792 William TAYLOR   Great Smeaton Alice RICHARDSON    
07/09/1793 Edward PAGE     Elinor HILDRA Single  
31/10/1793 Stephen NEISTERT   Bolton Upon Swale Ann SHOLDEN    
26/12/1793 William MARTIN   Middleton Tyas Jane APPLETON Single  
16/01/1794 George PIERSON   Bolton Upon Swale Ann LAKIN Single  
29/06/1794 Robert HERON   Cockfield, Durham Sarah MARTIN    
25/11/1794 James MEDCALF     Mary WHITAKER Single  
18/05/1795 John ROBSON     Hannah SIDGWICK    
24/08/1795 George WAKE     Hannah SADLER    
05/10/1795 Henry REVELY Widower   Margaret ATKINSON Widow Catterick
12/05/1796 Robert SWINTON   Forcett Ann HENDERSON Single  
09/09/1796 Robert TAYLOR     Jane GUY    
24/10/1796 James REED   Bolton Upon Swale Elizabeth RUTTER Single  
22/12/1796 George RAISBECK     Margaret RAINE    
13/05/1797 Christopher HALL     Alice KAY    
23/05/1797 Edward WETHERALL     Alice WALKER Single  
31/07/1797 John ROBINSON   Bolton Upon Swale Jane RUTTER    
28/10/1797 John PLEWS     Mary PAGE    
17/05/1798 Thomas METCALF     Sarah APPLETON    
12/06/1798 William BOUSFIELD   Staindrop, Durham Ann LIGHTFOOT Single  
29/10/1798 William SAYER     Elizabeth LIGHTFOOT    
06/12/1798 Matthew HARRISON   Leake Ann JACKSON    
30/09/1799 Thomas SMITH     Ann BROWN Widow  
04/11/1799 John EARL     Margaret FAWCETT    
23/11/1799 John NEESHAM   Hornby Mary SOUTHERAM    
09/10/1800 Ralph LAX Widower Gilling West Christiana WILSON Widow  
06/04/1801 William JOHNSON   Middleton Tyas Mary WILSON    
01/06/1801 William GARTHWAITE   Middleton Tyas Margaret LODGE    
01/07/1801 Abraham WALKER   East Cowton Ann EDGAR Single  
05/04/1802 Michael EDGAR     Mary PARKINSON    
20/04/1802 Michael EDGAR     Mary PARKINSON Single  
12/06/1802 William STAINTHORPE     Elizabeth PAGE    
01/08/1802 John BELWOOD     Thomasin APPLETON    
21/02/1803 Ralph WALKER   Bolton Upon Swale Mary GREATHEAD    
19/01/1804 James THOMPSON   Forcett Ann CARTER    
07/03/1804 John GUY     Margaret WOOD Single  
24/02/1805 John HANE     Mary MOSES    
25/03/1805 John Varney COWPER     Martha TAYLOR    
06/05/1805 Christopher PARKINSON     Ann SMITH Single  
13/05/1805 William WADE     Martha SPURR Single  
03/06/1805 James SPENCE   North Otterington Mary ORTON Single  
06/07/1805 William HENDERSON   Hurworth, Durham Ann MINNISTER Single  
09/07/1805 Thomas GLOVER     Frances JAMESON Single  
08/04/1806 Richard BELLWOOD   Heighington, Durham Mary DOUTHWAITE Single  
26/05/1806 William FERGUSON   Staindrop, Durham Margaret RUTTER Single  
25/11/1806 George HUNTER     Catherine GIBSON    
26/09/1807 John WRIGHT   Gainford, Durham Margaret LIDDELL    
09/05/1809 William MONKHOUSE     Elizabeth PALEY    
15/05/1809 William ELGIE     Ann SOWERBY    
16/05/1809 William WILKINSON Single   Jane KILBURN Single  
06/03/1810 George THOMPSON     Alice DUNN Single  
18/12/1810 Philip FLOWER Single   Ann PAGE Single  
09/01/1811 Thomas PAGE     Elizabeth CLEMISON    
25/02/1811 Jonathan PEACOCK   Northallerton Ann TAYLOR    
20/11/1811 Thomas JAMESON     Catharine DAVISON    
30/11/1811 Richard KAY     Elisabeth TRENHOLM    
03/05/1812 Christopher VICKERS     Ann CHISMAN Single  
18/05/1812 Thomas HODGSON   Cockfield, Durham Jane STANWICK    
1 26/07/1813 James REED Widower   Elizabeth SWAINSTONE Single  
2 29/07/1813 John PLEWS Widower   Elizabeth ROBINSON Single  
3 25/11/1813 Anthony CHISMAN Single   Mary PLEWS Single  
4 14/05/1814 William OLIVER Single Great Smeaton Mary CLARK Single  
5 31/05/1814 John CARTER Single   Mary DOUTHWAITE Single  
6 16/08/1814 James PEIRSE Single   Esther NEWTON Single  
7 29/12/1814 John FISHER   Helmsley Mary DUNN Single  
8 30/03/1815 John WALKER Single Scawton Mary GREATHEAD Single  
9 11/12/1815 John WADE   Bolton Upon Swale Mary DUNN    
10 24/12/1816 George PEVERLEY Single   Jane MOSES Single  
11 04/02/1817 John WHITE   Great Smeaton Jane CLARKE Single  
12 10/03/1817 Edward CLOSE Single Hurworth, Durham Elizabeth BOYD    
13 22/03/1817 Ralph HEPPLE Single Langton Hannah WAKE Single  
14 04/05/1817 Joseph EDDON     Ann THOMPSON Single  
15 22/11/1817 John DOWTHWAITE Single   Elizabeth CROFT Single  
16 23/05/1818 William FISHER Single   Rebecca FAWCETT Single  
17 17/11/1818 Thomas WILKINSON Widower   Margaret FAWCETT Single  
18 20/02/1819 James PEACOCK   Sowerby Jane DUNN    
19 22/05/1819 Nicholas ALCOCK Single East Cowton Elizabeth KELSEY Single  
20 28/06/1819 William WALKER Single   Ann TAYLOR Single  
21 14/12/1819 John GUY Single   Isabella BLADES Single  
22 16/12/1819 John ROBSON Single Middleton Tyas Ann DUNN Single  
23 13/03/1820 Robert BRADLEY Single   Eleanor SMALES Single  
24 06/05/1820 Robert WAKE Single   Hannah LEE Single  
25 08/05/1820 William BROWN Single   Eleanor EASTON Single  
26 13/05/1820 John TARREN Single   Mary HALL Single  
27 18/05/1820 William ELWOOD     Ann THOMPSON    
28 28/08/1820 Stephen SPARK Single   Sarah SIMPSON Single  
29 26/11/1821 William STAINSBY Single   Elizabeth EAST Single  
30 26/11/1821 Thomas MUSGROVE Single Brompton Jane SEWELL    
31 27/12/1821 William LAYFIELD Single   Sarah RENDER Single  
32 23/04/1822 Thomas STEVENSON Single Easby Eliza DUNN Single  
33 16/05/1822 Henry WARD Single   Mary RUTTER Single  
34 03/06/1822 George APPLETON Single   Mary TWEDDLE Single  
35 13/06/1822 John HODGSON Single Danby Wiske Margaret JOHNSON Single  
36 12/11/1822 Thomas GREATHEAD Single   Bessy JOHNSON Single  
37 13/05/1823 Thomas LAWSON Single   Dorothy GREATHEAD Single  
38 31/07/1823 George BAINBRIDGE Single   Alice BEST Single  
39 19/08/1823 Thomas ALCOCK Single   Margaret DOUTHWAITE Single  
40 19/08/1823 Christopher BONNER Single   Hannah WHITE Single  
41 03/11/1823 Joseph SIMPSON Single Easby Mary DOWSON Single  
42 15/05/1824 Richard RUMBLE Single   Mary PREST Single  
43 17/05/1824 Charles GREGORY Single Stanwick Mary STELLING Single  
44 21/06/1824 John HODGSON Single   Hannah SIMPSON Single  
45 24/11/1824 Robert WILSON Single Croft Sarah ROBINSON    
46 23/05/1825 Joseph SMITH Single Croft Ann PEARSON Single  
47 27/11/1825 George HUTCHINSON     Mary Ann LUMLEY    
48 09/10/1826 William PINKNEY Single Danby Wiske Rosamond JOHNSON Single  
49 25/11/1826 Christopher FRANKLIN Single   Elizabeth SMALING Single  
50 18/04/1827 William BARKER Single   Mary DAVISON Single  
51 10/05/1828 Dixon WILSON Single Great Smeaton Mary JORDISON Single  
52 05/06/1828 William AINSLEY Widower Darlington, Durham Eraswell THOWBRON Single  
53 21/10/1828 William WETHERILL Single   Elizabeth TATE Single  
54 09/05/1829 William GIBSON Single Catterick Elizabeth LAWSON Single  
55 24/12/1829 John RAISBECK Single   Eleanor JOHNSON Single  
56 22/02/1830 William Wallis DUNN Single   Isabella HUTCHINSON Single  
57 17/04/1830 Anthony GREATHEAD Single   Rose JOHNSON Widow  
58 06/01/1831 John MUDD Single Patrick Brompton Jane HORSEMAN Single  
59 04/05/1831 John ETHERINGTON Single   Margaret BROWN Single Hornby
60 12/09/1831 James STAINTHORP Single   Jane SINGLETON Single  
61 03/12/1831 John MOHUN Single East Cowton Ann NIXON Single  
62 03/12/1831 Joseph CLEMENSON Single   Mary ROBINSON Single  
63 28/05/1832 Robert FRIAR Single   Elizabeth GUY Single  
64 15/08/1833 Alfred WHITLOCK Widower   Mary RUSSELL Single  
65 09/12/1833 John BOW Single   Anne CRAGGS Widow  
66 31/12/1833 John HALL Single   Mary BELWOOD Single  
67 03/04/1834 John HAW Single   Sarah STEVENSON Widow  
68 24/11/1834 Henry CALVERT Single Spennithorne Jane ALTON    
69 30/04/1835 John TATE Single   Mary PAGE Single  
70 13/05/1835 Ralph DAVISON Single   Isabel SMALES Single  
71 15/02/1836 Christopher PARKINSON Single   Ellen DUNN Single East Cowton
72 12/05/1836 Robert COCKFIELD   Bolton Upon Swale Margaret HOPS    
73 21/05/1836 George SNAITH Single Hurworth, Durham Frances WETHERELL Single  
74 15/08/1836 George FERGUSON Widower   Elizabeth MORTON Single  
75 08/04/1837 John CARTER Widower   Martha MARSHALL Single Scawton
76 13/05/1837 John DINSDALE Single Hudswell Jane BARKER Single  

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