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Elvington Holy Trinity


The Parish

The parish of Elvington lies in southern Yorkshire about 7 miles southeast of the city of York. Elvington is a substantial village which sits both on the River Derwent and also on the B1228 road which connects York with Howden. Elvington has grown larger in more recent times, at the time of this transcript it would have been a small riverside village. The development of the village's World War 2 airfield as the Yorkshire Air Museum is the main reason folk visit the village today. At the time of this transcript the parish would have a varied farming regime as its main economy, the position on the Derwent floodplain granting rich pastures as well as arable farming on higher ground. The Derwent drains southwards till it meets the Yorkshire Ouse and thence to the North Sea through the Humber Estuary. Elvington is sited at around 10 metres above the sea, land is at or close to this height for many miles around. Elvington parish was fairly typical of the area, it would have covered just over 2,200 acres and would have supported a population of close to 400 parishioners. In Domesday times Elvington was a property of William de Percy, a small place with assets of just 2 ploughs, meadows & woodland but possessing 2 fisheries, presumably on the Derwent.

The Church

Holy Trinity church is on the southern edge of the village and rather close to the Derwent it is accessed by Church Lane heading south from the B1228. Sadly this is not some mediaeval masterpice but a Victorian replacement, indeed it is probaly at least the third iteration of church on this site replacing a brick church of 1803 as well as a mediaeval predecessor. The present church was built in the 1870s and is a rather idiosyncratic piece indeed. A fairly standard nave & chancel albeit with acrhes carved into an "Arts & Crafts" style is augmented by a semi-detached northwestern tower with a strange broken outline of at least 4 differing widths. Church Lane is rather narrow but there's space for a single car to park outside, the churchyard is surrounded by decorative wrought iron with intervening brick piers, two kissing gates granting entry. The churchyard is rather crowded with close foliage making for a difficult subject for photographers.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 9th January 1755 - 29th November 1812 Borthwick Institute - York - Reference - PR/ELV/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Poor handwriting may lead to one or two misreads
2 6th May 1813 - 23rd November 1835 Borthwick Institute - York - Reference - PR/ELV/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Catton All Saints
Catton All Saints
Catton All Saints
Wheldrake St Helen
Sutton upon Derwent St Michael
Wheldrake St Helen
Wheldrake St Helen
Sutton upon Derwent St Michael

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
02/02/1754 Richard BARLBOROUGH     Elizabeth INHAM    
1 09/01/1755 Richard BENTLEY     Sarah DIXON    
2 09/03/1755 Michael WATKINSON Single Sutton Upon Derwent Alice SMITH Widow  
3 04/08/1755 James FOWLER   Barmby On The Moor Mary BOWMAN Single  
4 13/07/1756 Joseph WATSON     Jane BIRDEN    
5 17/01/1758 Matthew HILL   Dunnington Jane COOPER    
6 08/04/1758 Richard VAUX     Elizabeth WILLIAMSON    
7 16/04/1758 Robert WILLIAMSON     Ann COBB    
8 10/07/1758 Thomas WATERWORTH     Ann COOPER    
9 15/05/1764 John CREASOR   Sutton Upon Derwent Hannah VAUSE    
10 26/11/1765 John JOHNSTON     Mary KIRBY    
11 02/12/1766 Marmaduke WATERWORTH     Sarah GOWTHORP    
12 25/01/1768 Joseph STODER   Warthill Ann BELL    
13 28/03/1769 James WILLIAMSON     Elizabeth COBB    
14 30/05/1769 William COOPER     Elizabeth MERCHANT    
15 28/05/1770 Benjamin BROADBENT   Hemingbrough Mary GREY    
16 20/12/1773 William DOWSON   Sutton Upon Derwent Hannah BARREL    
17 07/11/1775 Thomas TAYLOR     Lydia VOLLANS    
18 17/12/1776 George SMALLWOOD     Ann WILBERFOSS    
19 22/12/1777 Frederick MAYSON   Ackworth Ann HOLBORN Single  
20 10/04/1780 Edward RITHER   York Elizabeth BOWMAN    
21 10/04/1780 Thomas WHITAKER     Mary COOK   Thornton By Pocklington
22 30/04/1782 Samuel SMITH     Hannah DUCKET    
23 26/05/1782 John BULLOCK     Mary MOAT    
24 06/10/1782 Richard BENTLEY     Hannah WILSON Single  
25 20/07/1783 Thomas BRASHA     Ann BELL    
26 28/01/1784 James GILL   Sherburn Sarah BENTLEY    
27 20/01/1785 Emanuel BELL   Wheldrake Elizabeth TURTON    
28 15/09/1785 Thomas BOWMAN     Betty BLENKARN    
29 20/09/1785 Francis JENNINGS   Thornton By Pocklington Ann LING    
30 11/04/1786 William DUCKET     Ann COATS    
31 26/12/1786 William FOSTER     Ann WARD   Acomb
32 22/11/1787 John LISTER   Sutton Upon Derwent Mary KIRK    
33 14/04/1788 Robert GREEN     Mary SCAIFE    
34 29/07/1788 John ROBINSON   Knottingley Mary SPENCE    
35 13/10/1788 Edward COGILL     Ann KIRK    
36 01/06/1789 Henry SAVAGE   Bossall Mary BAINES    
37 04/04/1791 John DIXON     Ann JEFFREY    
38 23/11/1791 James BOOCOCK     Sarah ELLIS   Thornton By Pocklington
39 19/08/1792 Robert WILKINSON Widower Bishop Wilton Mary BROWNE Single  
40 20/11/1792 John WAITE Single   Isabella BARKER Single  
41 17/09/1793 Michael ENGLAND Widower Bishop Wilton Hannah ATKINSON Single  
42 23/11/1793 John GALTRESS Single   Hannah BOWMAN Single  
43 08/12/1793 Robert SUNMAN Widower   Sarah WARD Single  
44 21/04/1794 John CAWOOD Single Holme Upon Spalding Moor Jane COATES Single  
45 26/04/1794 Robert BOWMAN Single   Mary SUNMAN Single  
46 23/09/1794 Rhodes SHARP Single   Margaret WILKINSON Single  
47 02/12/1795 Robert DUTTON   St Mary The Younger Bishophill, York Elizabeth EMERSON    
48 03/07/1796 William BAINS Single   Mary COLLINGS Single Sutton Upon Derwent
49 23/11/1796 John WAINS Single   Ann DURHAM Single  
50 29/11/1796 John TASKER Single Aughton Mary BOND Single  
51 20/04/1797 Thomas JOBSON Single   Elizabeth JOHNSON Single  
52 21/08/1797 John SMEATON Single Askham Bryan Sarah STEAD    
53 16/09/1800 Matthew TODD Single   Mary BOND Single  
54 20/11/1800 Thomas JACKSON Single Market Weighton Ann EMERSON Single  
55 23/11/1801 William KIRK Single   Jane WRIGHT    
56 28/01/1802 Jonathan WAKE Single   Hannah WILLIAMSON Single  
57 02/04/1802 William LEE     Mary MOATE    
58 13/05/1802 Thomas LOTHERINGTON     Sarah ROUTLEDGE    
59 29/05/1803 William ETHERINGTON Single Wheldrake Mary TAYLOR Single  
60 30/05/1803 Luke COATES     Mary KIRK    
61 23/07/1803 Thomas MOAR   Sutton Upon Derwent Mary BOWMAN    
62 24/11/1805 William BULLOCK     Susannah PARKER    
63 14/12/1805 Robert GRAY   Cherry Burton Mary MASON    
64 28/12/1805 John MOAT     Sarah PAPE    
65 12/01/1806 William TAYLOR   Strensall Mary PRINCE    
66 31/03/1806 Thomas COOPER     Mary COOPER    
67 01/01/1807 William TAYLOR   Sutton Upon Derwent Ailes MOAT    
68 08/04/1807 John GALTRESS     Mamaday BURLAND    
69 19/05/1807 Thomas SKELTON     Ann DRESSER   Catton
70 13/06/1807 Thomas WALKER   Catton Rachael SKELTON    
71 25/07/1808 Matthias LAVRACK Single   Ann LISTER Single  
72 13/12/1808 Thomas LAMBERT Single Catton Mary FORTH Single  
73 19/12/1808 William DAWSON Widower   Elizabeth GREEN Widow  
74 13/03/1809 John CRAVEN Single   Zillah ROUTLEDGE Single  
75 18/01/1810 William ROBINSON Single Catton Mary SUNMAN Single  
76 29/04/1811 Robert WHITAKER Single Wilberfoss Mary RANEY Single  
77 30/04/1811 George LOTHERINGTON Single   Elizabeth WARRENER Single  
78 20/05/1811 John BOWES Single   Jane DUCKET Single  
79 29/11/1812 Thomas WOOD Single Wilberfoss Sarah BOND Single  
1 06/05/1813 William SMALLWOOD   Sutton Upon Derwent Maria BOND    
2 11/05/1813 John WHITE     Martha BOND    
8 00/00/1814 Richard BROWN   Appleton Le Street Ann BARKER    
7 19/04/1814 William BOWSER Single   Frances CORDINER Single  
9 15/10/1814 John CAMMIDGE Single Wheldrake Mary BURTON Single  
10 20/11/1814 William HOLMES Single   Hannah RELPH Single  
11 23/11/1814 Thomas DARLEY Single   Sarah GALTRESS Single  
12 22/05/1815 Samuel SMALES   St Dennis, York Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
13 25/09/1815 John LIGHTOWLER Widower New Malton Alice CRAVEN Single  
14 11/10/1815 William SMITH Single Sutton Upon Derwent Mary ANDERSON Single  
15 25/10/1815 John FOULKES   Machynlleth, Montgomeryshire Mary Ann GARDNER Single  
16 04/12/1815 Charles BOWMAN Single   Elizabeth BOND Single  
17 07/12/1815 Richard ATKINSON     Hannah SMITH    
18 22/04/1816 John GUDGER Single   Jane BOOCOCK Single  
19 24/10/1818 Robert RANSOM   Barmby On The Moor Hannah WRIGHT    
20 10/04/1819 James COOPER     Mary WILLIAMSON    
21 30/01/1821 Samuel SMITH   Tadcaster Dinah DUCKET    
22 03/03/1821 Thomas WOLLOMS Single York Frances BAKER Single  
23 16/02/1822 William STEEL   Crambe Ann ROUTLEDGE    
24 10/07/1822 Hugh EASTON     Elizabeth GRAY    
25 27/11/1822 James BOOCOCK Widower   Martha WILSON    
26 01/01/1823 Thomas STILBORN   Wharram Percy Elizabeth BOWMAN Single  
27 10/02/1823 Thomas WILLIS Widower   Mary HARDCASTLE Widow  
28 04/03/1823 Joseph MOYSER Single Sutton Upon Derwent Elizabeth TURTON Single  
29 24/11/1823 Seth LAYSONBY   Wheldrake Ruth ECKELS    
30 25/01/1824 Joseph BRAMLEY   Bradford Elizabeth WARNES    
31 25/04/1824 James KING     Ann GATTRESS    
32 24/07/1824 George LEE   Whixley Hannah HAYS    
33 23/08/1824 John HALL     Ann PROCTOR    
34 09/10/1824 John GATTRESS Widower   Elizabeth SPENCE Single  
35 20/12/1824 Benjamin RANEY   Bubwith Hannah ANDERSON    
36 12/03/1825 James GUDGER     Mary DUCKWITH    
37 26/11/1825 Robert YOUNG Single   Barbara SHACKEN Single  
38 28/11/1825 George MASON Single   Tomlison NORTH Single  
39 09/03/1826 George BULLOCK     Elizabeth MELBURN    
40 08/05/1826 John STOCKDALE     Ruth STEEL    
41 07/10/1826 William TASKER     Mary POTTAGE    
42 11/04/1827 Thomas ETHRINGTON     Sarah HUGILL    
43 30/05/1827 John BLACKBURN Single York Mary EMERSON    
44 23/11/1829 Thomas WILSON Widower Bossall Elizabeth STROTHER Single  
46 12/04/1830 Barnabas DALBY   St Crux, York Marinda WAKE    
47 23/11/1830 Charles CARR     Mary APPLETON    
48 20/12/1830 Thomas THOMPSON     Eliza JEWITT    
49 25/12/1830 William Hessletine WILSON     Hannah ETTY   Foston
50 27/01/1831 Thomas WRIGHTSON     Hannah STEEL    
51 13/07/1831 John LEAFE     Hannah WILEY   St Dennis, York
52 19/07/1831 Christopher DRESSER     Jane GRAY   Dunnington
53 23/08/1831 John COLLINGS   Wheldrake Ann BOWMAN    
54 23/11/1831 William CLARK     Ann DREWERY    
55 24/11/1831 John SMALLWOOD   Sutton Upon Derwent Ann TURTON    
56 14/02/1832 John BOOCOCK   Gate Helmsley Jane WILSON    
57 24/11/1832 William FOWLER     Ann POTTER    
58 17/12/1832 George OGRAM     Ann MEDCALF    
59 23/12/1832 Charles MILNER     Hannah LORRIMAN    
60 11/05/1834 Robert YOUNG     Mary FAIRBURN    
61 29/07/1834 George MATTHEWS   Bossall Anne RANEY    
62 24/06/1835 John WOFFINDIN   St Leonard, New Malton Jane BOWMAN    
63 23/11/1835 William HARRISON   Market Weighton Mary DREWERY    

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