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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Garton on the Wolds St Michael


The Parish

The parish of Garton on the Wolds lies in southeastern Yorkshire but is almost central within the East Riding. East Riding has two Gartons, hence the suffix, the other being on the Holderness coast. Garton on the Wolds is located about 3 miles west of the market town of Great Driffield and sits on the A166 road which connects Great Driffield with the city of York. Garton in the Wolds is a linear village with most properties fronting the A166 with a few along Station Road towards the church. The parish was largely an arable farming community, then as now, with large fields dominating the rolling hills of The Yorkshire Wolds. Whilst sitting on porous chalk there is little surface drainage, enough eventually forms to become the infant River Hull, this heads southeastwards to reach the outer Humber Estuary through the port of Hull. Garton on the Wolds is sited at around 60 metres above the sea, whilst it is out of the main area of the higher Wolds, land does rises in steady climbs to local heights of around 150 metres within two or three miles. Wold parishes are often quite extensive, Garton on the Wolds parish was no exception, covering just over 4,000 acres it would have supported a population of almost 600 parishioners. In Domesday times Garton on the Wolds was a relatively small place, despite this it was shared between Count Robert of Mortain and the Archbishop of York, a humble place offering just 4 ploughs but with potential for many more given much was left to "waste".

The Church

St Michael's church sits on the eastern side of Station Road as it heads south from the A166. This is an ancient church with documents recording its grant to Kirkham Priory in 1121 whence the present building was commenced. Much of the early fabric confirms this 12th century build being Norman Romanesque in style. Of course in the intervening time there were alterations, a Decorated style window appeared in the south wall, the top of the squat tower was added or replaced in the 15th century Perpendicular style. As is typical of many churches the Victorian era saw major restoration and augmentation, most notably the rebuilding of the chancel on its original foundations and harking after the Norman Romanesque style of the first build. It is internally that St Michael earns its most lavish praise from Pevsner, he devotes many lines to a description of the Victorian wall paintings and stained glass which are worth a visit in themselves. The church sits around 300 metres south of the A166 and is fronted by a low ashlar block wall with a lychgate granting entry. Station Road is broad enough for normal street parking. The churchyard has a few small trees but they do not unduly restrict the angles available for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 10th June 1754 - 31st December 1811 East Riding Archives - Reference - PE14/4
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading of this register is noticeable and when combined with sporadic poor handwriting may lead to one or two misreads
2 29th April 1813 - 17th June 1837 East Riding Archives - Reference - PE14/5
Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Sledmere St Mary
Sledmere St Mary
Langtoft St Peter
Wetwang St Nicholas
Little Driffield St Mary
Kirkburn St Mary
Kirkburn St Mary
Kirkburn St Mary

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
24/02/1754 Ingram TOMPSON     Elizabeth WATERS    
1 10/06/1754 Christopher HOLLYDAY     Ann HARDY Single  
2 13/03/1755 Thomas BARMBY Single   Elizabeth HORSLEY Single  
3 31/03/1755 James MORRIS Single Kirkburn Mary HILTON Single  
4 23/12/1755 William ROE Single   Judith ROBSON Single  
5 27/12/1757 Thomas DUNN Single North Cave Ann SEVER Single  
6 14/11/1758 Robert COBB Single   Ann FISHER Widow  
7 28/11/1758 Thomas BURSELL Single   Alice GORWOOD Single  
8 10/05/1759 John HORSELEY Single Nafferton Mary HARDY Single  
9 18/10/1759 Matthew LAMPLUGH Single   Mary OZARD Single  
10 13/10/1760 William HAGGERSTON Widower North Frodingham Elizabeth JEFFERSON Widow  
11 31/10/1760 Richard SEVER Single   Elizabeth WHITE Single Harpham
12 11/05/1761 Matthew ROBINSON Single   Catharine LAMPLUGH Single  
13 27/09/1763 Samuel TOWSE     Nancy WARDILL    
14 03/01/1764 Thomas CRESSOR Single   Ann KNOWSLEY Single  
15 17/01/1765 John BENTLEY Single   Susanna COATES Single  
16 25/04/1765 Thomas KNAGGS Single   Ann POSTEL Single  
17 19/09/1765 Richard HORSLEY Single   Margaret SEVER Single  
18 24/09/1765 Robert DOVE Single   Mary TOVER Single  
19 04/12/1765 John DONKING Widower   Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
20 11/08/1766 John DALTON Single   Elizabeth TATE Single  
21 26/02/1767 Thomas ROBINSON Single Hutton Cranswick Elizabeth STORK Single  
22 20/03/1767 William EMPSON Single North Dalton Ann ELLICAR Single  
23 21/04/1767 John MATTISON Single North Dalton Ann DOWSON Single  
24 12/01/1768 Richard JENNINGS     Mary ROBINSON    
25 01/08/1768 William JOHNSON   Preston Anne LAMPLUGH    
26 09/10/1768 George SHIPLAH     Mary WALKER    
27 29/11/1768 Robert LUCKUP     Elizabeth JEFFERSON   Kirkburn
28 11/05/1769 Thomas DAWSON   Hutton Cranswick Mary BENTLEY    
29 16/05/1769 Robert REA     Elizabeth GARNET   Nafferton
30 26/11/1770 John DALTON Widower   Margaret SHERWOOD Single  
31 30/09/1771 William MILNER Single   Isabell SHERWOOD Single  
32 23/03/1772 William VARY Single   Susanna WALLACE Single  
33 07/12/1772 William JENNINGSON   Little Driffield Martha SHARP    
34 12/06/1774 John REA   Beeford Mary TATE Single  
35 21/02/1775 William PECKETT   Thorne Mary CUNNINGHAM    
36 23/11/1775 Thomas WALLGATE     Anne READ    
37 22/01/1776 John WILSON   Watton Ann BENTLEY    
38 11/08/1776 Matthias APPLEBY Widower   Mary STAVELY Widow Wetwang
39 23/11/1776 William DUCKER     Sarah ROBISON    
40 23/11/1777 John PICKERING     Hannah MAJOR    
41 24/11/1777 William SHERWOOD     Mary JENKISON    
42 22/01/1778 John HODGSON     Lorana DAY    
43 29/09/1778 Thomas SARAM   Watton Jane DUNN    
44 24/11/1778 Robert HOLIDAY   Huggate Mary WHARRAM    
45 01/12/1778 Thomas CLARK     Ann SIMPSON    
46 16/02/1779 Richard HORSELEY     Grace STEPHENSON    
47 19/04/1779 Matthew ROBINSON     Elizabeth LUCCUP    
48 05/08/1779 Brian VARY     Catharine DEWEL    
49 23/11/1779 Peter KIRBY     Catharine JOHNSON    
50 04/04/1780 Richard GREEN   Holy Trinity, Hull Margaret SOWTER    
51 03/12/1780 David LAMPLUGH     Ann SEVER    
52 03/12/1780 Richard HALLAT     Hannah TODD    
53 26/11/1781 Thomas REA     Jane LEPPINGTON    
54 27/11/1781 William HORNBY     Margaret RIBY    
55 13/05/1784 Thomas DIXSON     Ann SEVER    
56 29/03/1785 Michael SEVER Widower   Margaret BARMBY Single  
04/08/1785 Thomas REA Widower   Milcah TOWSE Single Little Driffield
57 16/02/1786 Cornelius BARON   Wetwang Sarah MARSON Single  
58 27/02/1786 Richard THOMPSON   Great Driffield Mary BENTLEY    
59 05/02/1787 Ammon PEARSON     Eleanor JOHNSON Single  
60 09/02/1788 Francis RIPLEY   Thwing Elizabeth ROPER    
61 29/03/1788 Richard SNEESTON     Elizabeth THOMPSON    
62 26/11/1788 John GRINSDALE     Ann JENNISON   Wharram Le Street
63 06/01/1789 William PARROTT   Hutton Cranswick Mary HARPER    
64 26/01/1789 Thomas BARROW   Little Driffield Mary ROBINSON    
65 06/06/1790 Thomas WATSON     Elizabeth TURNER    
66 25/04/1791 Anthony TOMLINSON   Great Driffield Margret JENNISON Single  
67 12/05/1791 Alexander HAY   Nafferton Mary IVES Widow  
68 07/11/1791 Thomas GARTON     Mary TAYLOR    
69 13/02/1792 John FOSTER     Rachel LAMPLUGH    
70 30/04/1792 Robert BUELL   Foston On The Wolds Susannah REA    
71 02/05/1792 Henry YOUNGSON   Leeds Jane HOLIDAY    
72 17/05/1792 John BENTLEY     Ann FENBY    
73 15/10/1792 John DALTON     Ellis DUKES    
74 15/11/1792 John BARMBY     Elizabeth LEPPINGTON    
75 15/12/1792 John SEVER     Ann ROBINSON    
76 03/01/1793 Michael HARDY     Margaret LEPPINGTON    
77 23/06/1794 William SHERWOOD   Wetwang Susanna BENTLEY    
78 10/11/1794 Richard BRIGHAM Single   Ann TOPHAM Single Butterwick
79 30/08/1795 William HANSON Single   Mary REA Single  
80 08/05/1796 George HOOD     Eleanor RANSON    
82 29/06/1796 John HANCE     Ruth LAMPLUGH Single  
81 28/08/1796 Thomas SMITH     Hannah HORSLEY    
83 25/03/1797 Joseph TOWSE     Mary BOWES    
84 17/04/1797 James BACKHOUSE   Kirkburn Hannah STEPHENSON    
85 24/04/1797 Robert DALTON     Ann CLIFTON    
86 23/11/1797 John BRIAN Single   Hannah HARRISON Single  
87 04/12/1797 Thomas WILKINSON Single Sledmere Arabella DALTON Single  
88 30/03/1799 John PAUL Widower Sledmere Sarah COOKE Single  
89 26/11/1800 Martin WISE Widower Weaverthorpe Ann BENTLEY Widow  
90 26/12/1800 John HANCE Widower   Hannah SEVER Single  
91 05/05/1801 John ELGEY Single Wetwang Ann BARMBY Single  
92 26/12/1802 Robert ESCRETT   Bubwith Ann BRAITHWAITE Single  
93 27/11/1804 George ANNALAY Single   Mary HOTHAM Single  
94 05/07/1805 Francis THACKRAY Single   Elizabeth BELL Single  
95 03/02/1806 Richard STEPHENSON Single Lund Esther HOPPER Single  
96 12/05/1806 John LOUNSBROUGH Single   Jane WITHAM Single  
97 17/06/1806 John OIVES Single Huggate Sarah FIELDS Single  
98 17/11/1807 John HOPPER Single   Hannah TAYLOR Single  
99 13/02/1808 Michael HORSLEY Single Nafferton Mary HOPPER Single  
100 12/04/1808 John HORSLEY Single   Sarah SUGGETT Single  
101 31/10/1808 John HODGSON Single   Jane FORGE Single  
102 15/01/1809 Thomas LAYCOCK Widower Great Driffield Ellenor GOLDING Widow  
103 28/08/1810 Thomas ABBEY Single Fridaythorpe Sarah HORSLEY Single  
104 10/12/1810 Matthew ROBINSON Widower   Jane DAWSON Widow  
105 07/02/1811 Richard HOTHAM Single Hutton Cranswick Frankey CLARK Single  
106 31/12/1811 Edward BANKS Single   Mary JENNISON Single  
1 29/04/1813 Robert EDWARDS Widower   Jane ROBINSON Widow  
2 31/01/1814 Thomas KING Widower   Frances PINDER Single  
3 13/02/1815 William PINDER Single Rudston Mary PAUL Single  
4 11/05/1815 Michael PEIRSON Single   Elizabeth ROBINSON Single  
5 28/11/1816 Thomas OLIVER Single Sledmere Hannah SEVER Single  
6 13/02/1817 Elias LEGARD Single Nafferton Mary CARLING Single  
7 28/08/1817 Stephen KIRBY Single Helmsley Cordelia GARTON Single  
8 24/11/1817 Samuel JOHNSON Single   Hannah WILKES Single  
9 21/03/1818 John ROBSON Single Sledmere Mary CRUST Single  
10 31/10/1818 John HOTHAM Widower Huggate Diana SIMPSON Single  
11 23/11/1818 James LAMPLUGH Single Langtoft Jane DICKINSON Single  
12 17/04/1819 Robert BARR Single Middleton On The Wolds Mary SIMPSON Single  
13 26/10/1819 Dukes DALTON Single   Ann WOOD Single  
14 29/02/1820 Richard PAUL Single   Mary DONKIN Single Great Driffield
15 01/03/1820 John GRAY Single   Mary THEAKSTON Single  
16 22/04/1820 William LAWSON Single   Sarah HARDY Single  
17 13/10/1821 Elisha TYLER Single   Rebecca REED Single Wharram Percy
18 16/02/1822 John ALLANSON Single   Ann CRUST Single  
19 15/12/1823 Mattha CARR     Sarah CLARK Single  
20 29/05/1824 Richard REX Single   Betty SIMPSON Widow  
21 27/11/1824 Francis FOSTER Single Warter Mary GRAY Single  
22 18/12/1824 Thomas LONGHORN Single Weaverthorpe Lois DICKINSON Single  
23 26/03/1825 Richard FISHER Single   Sarah PETCH   Great Driffield
24 15/08/1825 James OVERFIELD Single   Sarah WASS Single  
25 24/10/1825 Samuel SKELTON Single   Hannah BAKER Single South Dalton
26 03/11/1825 Charles Whytehead HILLABY Single   Ann HANCE Single  
27 24/11/1825 Robert WILSON Single   Mary HOPPER Single  
28 28/11/1825 David SMITH Single   Ann BACKHOUSE Single Kirby Grindalyth
29 29/12/1825 John ARNETT Single   Hannah JOHNSON Widow  
30 10/06/1826 Marmaduke SMITH Widower   Sarah MOODY Single  
31 20/07/1826 James DALTON     Jane MALTON Single  
32 12/08/1826 David WINTER Single   Hannah BALK Single  
33 07/10/1826 Robert ROBINSON Single   Agnes GILL Single  
34 28/07/1827 James TINDILL Single   Elizabeth BACKHOUSE Single  
35 17/09/1827 Andrew CARPENTER Single   Elizabeth ELLERKER Single Wetwang
36 19/04/1828 Isaac ELLERKER Single   Elizabeth CHEW Widow  
37 24/11/1828 David GREENLAY Single   Maria SELLER Single  
38 15/12/1828 William ULLYOT Single Foston On The Wolds Elizabeth CRUST Single  
39 21/03/1829 Matthew MONKMAN Single   Elizabeth HARDY Single  
40 06/04/1829 Thomas DALTON Single   Rachael MONKMAN Single  
41 08/08/1829 Robert BRIGHAM Single Wetwang Margaret JINNISON Single  
42 20/09/1830 William MAYNARD Single   Margaret TOWSE Single  
43 30/11/1830 Thomas CLARK Single   Mary JOHNSON Single  
44 31/01/1831 John NORMAN Single Middleton On The Wolds Mary BINNINGTON Single  
45 14/02/1831 James THEAKSTON Single   Rachael ROBINSON Single  
46 28/05/1831 John CRUST Single   Ann ALLANSON Single  
47 19/11/1831 Robert FRANKISH Single Bainton Jane RODGER Widow  
48 22/03/1832 Robert TOPHAM Single Scampston Ann FOSTER Single  
49 11/08/1832 Isaac SCOTT Single   Ann KING Single  
50 29/09/1832 Richard HORSLEY Single   Ann ULLIOTT Single  
51 29/11/1832 Foster BOYES   Kirkburn Ann WELBOURN Single  
52 12/01/1833 Thomas BASSIT Single Seaton Ross Hannah HANLER Single  
53 28/01/1833 Marmaduke LEAK Single Sledmere Isabella ROBSON Single  
54 30/05/1833 George Frankish CLARK Single North Ferriby Diana FOSTER Single  
55 03/08/1833 Thomas EDWARDS Single   Mary HOBSON Single  
56 26/11/1833 John BUTLER     Jane CLARK    
57 26/11/1833 Edward COLLINGWOOD   Nafferton Hannah STEPHENSON    
58 27/04/1834 George DAWSON     Ann THORPE Single  
59 09/07/1834 Thomas CRUST Widower   Hannah HANCE Single  
60 22/11/1834 Zachariah PETCH Single   Rachael FOSTER Single  
61 26/11/1834 George KNAGGS     Harriott SMITH Single  
62 17/01/1835 John BERRICK Single   Jane ALLISON Single  
63 14/02/1835 John CROUCH Single   Mary LOWNSBROUGH Single  
64 18/02/1835 Elijah NICHOLSON Single Flamborough Jane BRYAN Single  
65 25/11/1835 Joseph PORRIT Single   Jane BARMBY Single Wharram Le Street
66 26/11/1835 Thomas COLLINGWOOD Single Burton Agnes Rachel BINNING Single  
67 18/02/1836 John DAWSON Single Flamborough Mary BRYAN Single  
68 10/03/1836 Richard HARRISON Single Kirkburn Sarah LOWNSBROUGH Single  
69 31/10/1836 William PORRIT Single   Mary HALL Single  
70 06/12/1836 John HORSLEY Single   Elizabeth Fenwick WHEATLEY Single  
71 17/06/1837 Francis STEPHENSON Single   Jemima DALTON Single  

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