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Harwood Dale St Margaret


The Parish

Harwood Dale is a chapelry of Hackness parish which was licensed for marriages at times so included within this project. Harwood Dale is located in the extreme southeast of the North Riding of Yorkshire quite close to its North Sea coast and also to the North Yorkshire Moors National Park. Harwood Dale is located about 7 miles northwest of the port and resort of Scarborough. Harwood Dale is situated on a winding upland road about 2 miles west of the A171 road which connects Scarborough with Whitby. There is not much to Harwood Dale, no village as such merely a collection of farms and cottages spread around the valley and northern slopes of the West Syme river. Harwood Dale is an upland chapelry and much of the extent is rough moorland unsuitable for agriculture, what farming there is will largely have been pastoral although incomes may have been topped up by quarrying and mineral extraction. The West Syme river drains the chapelry westwards to join the River Derwent and to reach the North Sea just north of Scarborough. Situated in its valley Harwood Dale is sited at around 100 metres above the sea but local heights reach well over twice that height within a mile or two of the church. As an upland chapelry Harwood Dale covered a large area, almost 5,600 acres but would have supported a population of less than 250 parishioners. There is no specific mention of Harwood Dale within Domesday Book which has scant coverage of this area.

The Church

The present St Margaret's church sits on the southern side of Harwood Dale's lane on a knoll above the West Syme. The church was built in 1862 and is small as befits a low population in the area. This church replaced a building of 1634 which lies in ruins some 1 mile northwest. The present church has nave & chancel in one augmented by an apse and topped by a square bell-turret. The church clearly has little architectural interest as Pevsner dismisses the building in a mere 3 lines spending more time lamenting the ruin of the 17th century predecessor. St Margaret's sits on a bend of the lane where an access track leaves for parking. The site is a square enclosed within a waist-height local stone wall. There are quite a few trees along the roadside but once within the churchyard there are few obstructions to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 28th March 1757 - 31st March 1812 East Yorkshire Archives - Reference - PE/132/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 20th April 1813 - 22nd May 1837 East Yorkshire Archives - Reference - PE/132/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

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Scalby St Lawrence
Wykeham All Saints
Hackness St Peter
Hackness St Peter

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 28/03/1757 Thomas TYSON     Alice COULSON    
2 23/05/1757 Isaac PARKER     Ann KING    
3 24/11/1757 Ingram ALLISON     Christian PENNOCK    
4 17/04/1760 John HARRISON     Margaret PENNOCK Single  
5 22/03/1761 Thomas FRANK     Elizabeth SMITHSON    
6 22/06/1762 Thomas KING     Frances THORLAY   Foxholes
7 07/03/1763 William CLARKSON   Willerby Ann DICKSON    
8 17/05/1763 William MAYMAN     Mary ROBINSON Single  
9 15/04/1764 William KIDD     Jane FRANK Single  
10 03/05/1764 Thomas MACKWOOD     Dinah PENNOCK Single  
11 23/10/1764 Thomas COBB   Whitby Elizabeth SOLLIT Single  
12 04/12/1764 John HOLDER     Elizabeth ALLISON Single  
13 24/01/1765 Henry COCKERILL     Christiana DICKINSON Single  
14 23/11/1766 Joseph MACKWHAT     Elizabeth PENNOCK Single  
15 04/01/1768 John HARRISON     Grace GREENFIELD Single  
16 27/11/1768 John PENNOCK     Jane HART Single  
17 28/03/1769 Richard FRANK     Mary SMITHSON Single  
18 09/07/1769 John YEAMON     Rachel RICHARDSON Single  
19 27/08/1769 William ALLARSON     Elizabeth CHESTER Single  
20 28/11/1769 Edward PENNACK     Ann VASEY   Cayton
21 17/04/1770 John RICHARDSON     Ann TYSON    
22 12/07/1770 Joseph SEDMAN     Mary ATKINSON    
23 31/01/1771 John KING     Elizabeth ALLINSON Single  
24 07/06/1772 George SHEFFIELD     Jane PEARSON    
25 19/06/1772 Jonathan TYSON     Elizabeth HOLDER Single  
26 09/03/1773 William PENNOCK     Ann CHAMBERS    
27 23/03/1773 John ALLINSON     Sarah READ    
28 12/04/1773 William CONSIT   Ebberston Mary DICKINSON   Hackness
29 21/05/1773 Robert NOBLE     Ann CORNFORTH Widow Scalby
30 23/01/1774 John MOORSOM   Fylingdales Margaret PARKINSON Single  
31 04/07/1774 John COLLISON   Ebberston Elizabeth SOWDON Single  
32 12/09/1775 Robert SALTON   Hackness Mary HUMBLE    
33 23/01/1781 George LENNETT     Rachel WILLIAMSON Single  
34 25/11/1781 John OWSTON   Scarborough Jane WHITE    
35 18/06/1782 Isaac TESSEMAN   Scalby Elizabeth MAYMAN    
36 18/12/1785 John CROSBY     Ann GARSIDE    
37 10/02/1788 George ATKINSON     Elizabeth COCKERILL    
38 24/02/1789 William HUGELL     Jane HOLDER    
39 02/03/1790 William DOWSON     Hester TINDALL   Burneston
40 15/03/1791 John OXLEY     Hannah MEDD    
41 09/04/1792 Mathew DIXON     Elizabeth SKELTON   Pickering
42 28/01/1794 Henry HALDER     Elizabeth DICKINSON    
03/03/1794 Thomas MAJOOR   Scarborough Hannah WARD    
25/11/1794 John DOWSON     Esther COVERDALE    
16/12/1794 John GRIME     Mary TYSON    
23/12/1794 John TATE     Christian LANGDALE    
01/01/1795 George WILKINSON   Brompton By Sawdon Hannah ROBINSON    
04/08/1796 William STUBBS     Jane ROGERS    
16/07/1798 Thomas KING     Ann FLETCHER    
09/12/1798 George ATKINSON Widower   Jane CLARKE Single  
31/12/1798 Mark MAWE   Thornton Dale Elizabeth KING    
01/05/1799 Thomas BAKER     Sarah BOWES    
09/06/1800 Thomas PICKERING   Lockton Jane KIDD    
23/11/1800 Robert MEDD     Sarah RAIN    
18/06/1801 William TYSON     Ann HUNTER    
16/02/1803 John ALLISON     Ann TOWERS    
23/02/1803 John SHIELDS     Elizabeth ALLISON    
22/08/1803 Timothy FOWLER   Scalby Ann EMMERSON    
03/10/1803 William PASHBY     Sarah TYSON    
28/11/1804 Henry TATE     Margaret BAYLEY    
29/06/1805 George STAINTHORP     Elizabeth LEDHEFE    
10/10/1805 John GREENFIELD     Ann VASEY    
11/06/1806 Francis HUNTER     Ann COULTAS    
21/08/1806 William HUNTER     Ann HUNTRISS   Fylingdales
24/11/1806 Thomas ABRAHAM     Elizabeth HOPWOOD    
01/12/1807 William STUBBS     Mary HODGSON   Scalby
01/05/1809 Andrew WREN     Mary STUBBS    
30/09/1810 Dickinson CONSIT     Betty WOOD    
21/10/1810 William DIXON     Fanny GIBSON    
12/03/1811 John FISHER     Hannah WARE    
20/01/1812 Thomas SCALES     Elizabeth SMITH   Scalby
31/03/1812 William PASHBY     Elizabeth LEADLAY    
1 20/04/1813 Mathew SKELTON     Mary WHITE    
2 05/04/1814 William HUGILL     Jane GOODILL    
3 10/07/1814 John SCARTH   Scalby Mary GOODILL    
4 07/02/1815 William Mallam EMMERSON   Fylingdales Alice PARKER    
5 06/05/1815 William STOREY   Scalby Elizabeth CARTER   Hackness
6 19/03/1818 Thomas DICKSON   Fylingdales Hannah WALKER    
7 03/11/1818 John WALKER     Deborah PINKNEY    
8 22/11/1818 George JOHNSON     Hannah LINTON    
10 25/08/1821 William STONEHOUSE     Christiana TATE    
9 25/08/1821 Henry HALDER     Margaret ATKINSON    
11 26/08/1821 Christopher PARKER Single   Dorothy JEWSEY Single  
12 24/11/1822 John STONEHOUSE     Hannah SPITE    
13 30/11/1822 John EDMONSON Widower   Mary COCKERILL Widow Scalby
14 31/08/1823 John TATE     Ruth THOMPSON    
15 12/06/1824 Henry ELLERY   Scalby Ann GRIME    
16 07/08/1825 George KIDD     Rachel HUDD    
17 19/11/1825 Thomas HOGG   Wykeham Mary WALKER    
18 15/04/1826 Joseph CRANSTON   Scalby Ann BERRIMAN    
19 18/04/1826 John COULTAS     Frances MAINMAN    
20 29/08/1829 Stephen ATKINSON     Hannah CROSBY   Hutton Buscel
21 25/11/1829 John COULTAS     Elizabeth WRIGHTSON    
22 29/01/1831 Thomas PICKERING     Elizabeth ROBINSON    
23 25/04/1831 Robert RUSSELL   Fylingdales Elizabeth HUNTER    
24 17/10/1831 Christopher PARKER     Mary HODGSON    
25 29/11/1831 William DIXON   Fylingdales Ann COCKERILL    
26 20/10/1832 Richard COOPER     Sarah ROBINSON   Scalby
27 07/12/1833 Nicholas SMITH     Nanny UNTER    
28 15/05/1834 George MANSOM   Scalby Elizabeth FEASTER    
29 13/09/1834 William Leng TYSON     Jane LIGHTFOOT    
30 22/05/1837 William TEMPLE     Margaret CROSBY    

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