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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Huddersfield St Peter


The Parish

The parish of Huddersfield lies in southwestern Yorkshire towards the west of the West Riding and forming part of the border with neighbouring Lancashire. Huddersfield is located about 18 miles southwest of the city of Leeds, a little over 23 miles northeast of Manchester and roughly 8 miles south of Halifax and sits on the edges of rising ground as the land swells into the Pennine Hills. Huddersfield sits on numerous significant road among the most notable being the A62, trans-Pennine, road which runs between Leeds & Manchester. Huddersfield grew from a relatively small market town of around 5,000 inhabitants into a major industrial centre growing to reach 70,000 by the census of 1871, this growth is reflected in this transcript by the swelling volume of marriages. Huddersfield built its trade on wool, the nearby Pennine provided the sheep and the fast flowing streams which run off it both the soft water and also the power to speed the industrial process. The vast majority of the grooms in this transcript, where an occupation was stated in the original, were involved in one form or another with the production of wool and woollen garments. Other activities in the parish included some coal mining, mineral extraction and farming both pastoral of the sheep but also a degree of arable. Modern developments hastened Huddersfield's growth, a network of canals connecting the town with both east and west coast ports as well as the other important regional centres of manufacture. With the coming of the railways Huddersfield further benefited as lines were constructed to speed the delivery of manufactured goods. Today's modern developments namely the trans-Pennine M62 motorway added to the regions growth passing around 3 miles north of the town. In modern times the old industries have declined markedly with overseas producers undercutting the older mills and many have closed or been repurposed. Today Huddersfield is a part of the wider West Yorkshire metropolis, being almost contiguous with the other major centres across this Pennine slope. Huddersfield is drained northwards by the River Colne which soon joins the Calder and turns eastwards eventually joining the Aire and reaching the North Sea through the Humber Estuary. Huddersfield is sited, within its tight inner ring-road, at between 80 & 100 metres above the sea but land rises dramatically on to the Pennine westwards reaching over 400 metres within a few miles. Huddersfield parish covered an extremely large area and included numerous chapelries, most were not licensed for marriages during the period of this transcript with the exception of Slaithwaite. The parish encompassed just over 15,000 acres and towards the end of this transcription period supported a population of close to 38,000 parishioners. In Domesday times Huddersfield was mentioned as a property held by Ilbert de Lacy but was described as "waste" with room for a projected 8 ploughs.

The Church

St Peter's church sits within the heart of the town centre, within the inner ring-road and on the northern side of Kirkgate at its junction with the pedestrianised Byram Street. A typical small market town church stood here from the late 12th century but was demolished to build present day St Peter which was initially completed in 1506. The church makes much use of the Perpendicular style but being towards the end of that style period it is elaborate, indeed, in its detailing. A lavish church consisting of the usual layout of nave, chancel and western tower is augmented by aisles and transepts and all is decorated with battlements and pinnacles. Despite the early 16th century build a substantial rebuild also took place in the mid 1830 (Georgian rather than the usual Victorian) and it is to this rebuild that we owe the style of the present building. The church has no boundary to the town streets, in particular the frontage of Kirkgate, but to its north is an asset of a churchyard laid to formal gardens as far as St Peter Street. Given its busy commercial surroundings there is no street parking and the building is best approached on foot. Like all large town centre churches it is a challenge to get back sufficiently far to encompass the whole structure in any photographs.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 14th April 1754 - 7th February 1760 West Yorkshire Archive Service - Wakefield - Reference - WDP32/1/3/1 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 10th February 1760 - 8th April 1765 West Yorkshire Archive Service - Wakefield - Reference - WDP32/1/3/2 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 8th April 1765 - 15th February 1768 West Yorkshire Archive Service - Wakefield - Reference - WDP32/1/3/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
4 15th February 1768 - 20th January 1777 West Yorkshire Archive Service - Wakefield - Reference - WDP32/1/3/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
5 22nd January 1777 - 24th January 1785 West Yorkshire Archive Service - Wakefield - Reference - WDP32/1/3/5 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
6 27th January 1785 - 4th December 1791 West Yorkshire Archive Service - Wakefield - Reference - WDP32/1/3/6 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
7 4th December 1791 - 13th November 1796 West Yorkshire Archive Service - Wakefield - Reference - WDP32/1/3/7 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
8 17th November 1796 - 27th May 1801 West Yorkshire Archive Service - Wakefield - Reference - WDP32/1/3/8 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
9 4th June 1801 - 8th May 1809 West Yorkshire Archive Service - Wakefield - Reference - WDP32/1/3/9 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
10 9th May 1809 - 31st December 1812 West Yorkshire Archive Service - Wakefield - Reference - WDP32/1/3/10 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
11 3rd January 1813 - 27th October 1817 West Yorkshire Archive Service - Wakefield - Reference - WDP32/1/3/11 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
12 29th October 1817 - 2nd May 1822 West Yorkshire Archive Service - Wakefield - Reference - WDP32/1/3/12 Nonstandard Rose style preprinted Marriage register, it is nonstandard by not being pre-stamped with its numbering that being left to the clerk to complete, the sequence continues onwards from the previous register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
13 5th May 1822 - 22nd January 1826 West Yorkshire Archive Service - Wakefield - Reference - WDP32/1/3/13 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
14 22nd January 1826 - 14th May 1830 West Yorkshire Archive Service - Wakefield - Reference - WDP32/1/3/14 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
15 14th May 1830 - 5th March 1834 West Yorkshire Archive Service - Wakefield - Reference - WDP32/1/3/15 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
16 6th March 1834 - 29th June 1837 West Yorkshire Archive Service - Wakefield - Reference - WDP32/1/3/16 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Halifax St John
Halifax St John
Ripponden St Bartholomew
Elland St Mary
Hartshead St Peter
Rochdale St Chad, Lancashire
Saddleworth St Chad
Kirkheaton St John
Rochdale St Chad, Lancashire
Almondbury All Hallows
Kirkheaton St John
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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
01/01/1754 Joseph HIGGESON     Rebecca MORTON    
10/01/1754 James ARMITAGE     Sarah GARSIDE    
27/01/1754 Joseph SWALLOW     Elizabeth WAINWRIGHT    
30/01/1754 Thomas HUDSON     Sarah WALLER    
31/01/1754 William BROOK     Martha FRANCE    
31/01/1754 Edmund BLACKBURN     Betty EASTWOOD    
31/01/1754 William BRIDGE     Mary OXLEY    
31/01/1754 William DUCKWORTH     Mary OXLEY    
21/02/1754 Benjamin HOLDROYD     Martha SHAW    
21/02/1754 Thomas SPENCER     Sarah HAIGH    
25/02/1754 Joseph BAYLEY     Elizabeth HAIGH    
14/03/1754 James TAYLOR     Susanna CROSLAND    
15/03/1754 William VARLEY     Elizabeth SENIOR    
15/03/1754 John GLEDHILL   Halifax Rebecca HALLESLEY    
25/03/1754 Edward HEMMINGWAY     Sarah GIBSON    
1 14/04/1754 James TAYLOR Single   Susannah CROSLAND Single  
2 25/04/1754 Edward HEMMINGWAY Widower Mirfield Sarah GIBSON    
3 05/05/1754 Benjamin SYKES     Sarah HAIGH    
4 16/05/1754 Abraham CRABTREE     Susannah DYSON    
5 02/06/1754 James WILSON     Rebeccah HOLT Single  
6 11/06/1754 Joshua DYSON     Hannah WATERHOUSE Single  
7 13/06/1754 John HAMMERTON   Liversedge Elizabeth DRANSFIELD    
8 16/06/1754 Amos FIRTH   Halifax Hannah HEY    
9 27/06/1754 William CASSON     Mary HEPWORTH    
10 30/06/1754 James WALKER     Mary BIRKHEAD    
11 02/07/1754 Thomas SAIGE     Sarah FRANCE    
12 11/07/1754 Christopher TINKER     Mary HIRST Single  
13 18/07/1754 Jonathan NEELD Single Almondbury Dinah DYSON Single  
14 28/07/1754 Samuel REDFEARNE   Rochdale, Lancashire Elizabeth WILLIAMS    
15 28/07/1754 John TOWNEND     Grace HIRST Single  
16 01/08/1754 Joshua MIDGLEY     Sarah HOLDSWORTH Single  
17 02/08/1754 John LOCKWOOD     Elizabeth WHITEHILL    
18 04/08/1754 John LINFORD     Mary SENIOR Single  
19 05/08/1754 John MORTON     Frances IREDALE    
20 27/08/1754 Benjamin HINCHLIFFE     Betty FRANCE    
21 29/08/1754 James HARRISON   Halifax Betty RANGLEY Single  
22 29/08/1754 John BROOK     Susanna MORTON Widow  
23 05/09/1754 George FARRAR   Halifax Martha HORTON Single  
24 08/09/1754 Thomas SYKES     Mary DYSON Single  
25 18/09/1754 John FIRTH     Martha TOWNEND    
26 26/09/1754 Nathaniel BROADBENT Single Saddleworth Mary SHAW Widow  
27 15/10/1754 Samuel MORFFIT   Mirfield Elizabeth PERKIN Single  
28 24/10/1754 Edward GEE     Molly CROSSLEY Single  
29 31/10/1754 James WILKINSON     Ann HAIGH Single  
30 03/11/1754 John NOBLES     Ann BEDFORD Widow  
31 07/11/1754 Micah SHAW     Hannah WHITELEY Single  
32 14/11/1754 John BAYLEY     Martha DYSON Single  
33 20/11/1754 Robert CHAPPEL   Kirkburton Sarah SMITH Single  
34 21/11/1754 James PEARSON     Sarah FRANCE Single  
35 28/11/1754 Thomas SHAW Widower Almondbury Elizabeth WALKER Single  
36 28/11/1754 James SWIFT     Sarah ARMITAGE    
37 03/12/1754 Hugh HEPWORTH     Phoebe SENIOR Single  
38 09/12/1754 Marmaduke HOLDSWORTH     Hannah SMITH Single  
39 12/12/1754 Thomas QUARMBY Single Almondbury Lydia LIGHTOWLERS Single  
40 12/12/1754 Robert RAMSDEN     Ann GIBSON   Halifax
41 12/12/1754 James FLETCHER   Halifax Elizabeth HOBSON    
42 25/12/1754 William GOODYER     Hannah HEALEY Single  
43 26/12/1754 Joseph DYSON     Susy DYSON Single  
44 02/01/1755 Joseph DYSON     Elizabeth HIRST Single  
45 16/01/1755 John KITSON     Ann CROSLAND Single  
46 19/01/1755 Joseph EASTWOOD     Hannah WOOD    
47 24/01/1755 William SIMON     Sarah DAWSON Single  
48 27/01/1755 John SPENCER     Sarah WEBSTER Single  
49 30/01/1755 Robert HENLEY     Ann FARRAND    
50 06/02/1755 James KAY   Almondbury Betty SYKES Single  
51 06/02/1755 Joseph ARCHER   Halifax Ann CLIFFE Widow  
53 17/02/1755 William DAWSON     Ann MOORHOUSE Single  
52 18/02/1755 John ORNELY     Catharine LEE Single  
54 26/02/1755 Thomas KAY     Elizabeth NETHERWOOD Widow  
55 01/03/1755 John SHAW     Hannah COOK Single  
56 30/03/1755 John BARROWCLOUGH     Sarah ARMITAGE Single  
57 31/03/1755 William EASTWOOD     Mary KAYE Single  
58 31/03/1755 Caleb ROUSE   Birstall Martha CEIL Widow  
59 03/04/1755 George MIDWOOD     Betty HANSON Single  
60 24/04/1755 Samuel MAUD     Sarah WINPENNY Single  
61 27/04/1755 Edward ARCHER     Martha THOMAS Single  
65 18/05/1755 Eli WILKINSON     Elizabeth HAIGH Single  
62 19/05/1755 Joseph RHODES     Elizabeth LUM Single  
63 22/05/1755 William COTTON Single Almondbury Mary WHITELEY Widow  
64 05/06/1755 Francis SAVIL     Ann HANSON Single  
66 19/06/1755 Jonas CROWDER     Dinah BOTHOMLEY Single  
67 24/07/1755 William SHAW     Mary SHAW Widow  
68 24/07/1755 Samuel WHITEHEAD     Mary MELLAR Single  
27/07/1755 John MAYALL   Almondbury Mary SYKES Single  
31/07/1755 William BOTTOMLEY     Sarah HUDSON Single  
18/08/1755 Edward HESON     Martha TATTERSAL Widow  
11/09/1755 William BARRIT     Mary SAVIL Single  
18/09/1755 John FIRTH Single Almondbury Mary CARTER Single  
09/10/1755 Adam LEDYARD   Mirfield Mary HEMINGWAY Single  
09/10/1755 Benjamin TENANT     Martha DYSON Single  
30/10/1755 John PRIESTLEY     Sarah BEAUMONT Single  
06/11/1755 Abraham FIRTH     Betty BROOK Single  
23/11/1755 John PEARSON     Betty BRAY Single  
27/11/1755 James BRAY     Mary BROOK    
27/11/1755 John CLAY     Martha CARTER    
27/11/1755 Thomas BROOK   Mirfield Mary BROOK Single  
04/12/1755 George CROWTHER     Phoebe SISWICK Single  
14/12/1755 Thomas DRANSFIELD     Elizabeth SHEPLEY Single  
18/12/1755 William HIRST     Joice CLAY Single  
25/12/1755 Benjamin CLAYTON     Sarah BEAUMONT Single  
25/12/1755 Abraham ARMITAGE     Sarah HAIGH Single  
01/01/1756 Joseph ARMITAGE     Mary EARNSHAW Single  
04/01/1756 John EASTWOOD     Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
16/01/1756 James SYKES     Mary GLEDHALL Single  
25/01/1756 Richard TATTERSAL     Hannah ALLET Single  
25/01/1756 Joseph SYKES     Mary PEARSON Single  
04/02/1756 James HOYLE     Elizabeth SHAW Single  
11/02/1756 Henry DICKINSON   Bradford Elizabeth CLIFFE Single  
11/02/1756 Joseph GLEDHILL     Elizabeth BEAUMONT Single  
19/02/1756 Luke HARRISON   Almondbury Susanna KINDER    
22/02/1756 Robert SIMPSON     Ann MASON Widow  
25/02/1756 Frank HIRST     Mary PAYNE Single  
01/03/1756 John SMITHIES     Mary WOODHOUSE Single  
18/04/1756 Edmond GARSIDE     Elizabeth HARRISON Single  
19/04/1756 Joseph BOTHOMLEY     Grace CROWTHER Single  
19/04/1756 Zacheriah MORE     Sarah HURLIN Widow  
19/04/1756 James BROOK     Betty EASTWOOD Single  
20/04/1756 Peter HEPWORTH     Elizabeth BAMFORTH Single  
23/05/1756 John WOOD   Almondbury Martha WALKER    
06/06/1756 John HALL     Mary SMITH Single  
06/06/1756 Abraham TAYLOR     Betty THOMAS Single  
17/06/1756 William IREDALE     Sarah BROOK Single  
07/07/1756 John CROSSLEY   Halifax Martha ARMITAGE Single  
09/07/1756 John WILSON     Mary KEY Single  
23/07/1756 George ASPINAL     Sarah HORTON Single  
23/07/1756 John BATES     Elizabeth BEST Single  
25/07/1756 George HARRISON   Holbeck Mary ELLIS Widow  
29/07/1756 William BOYD     Grace HAIGH Single  
04/08/1756 Jonathan MOOR Widower   Sarah DIXON Single  
08/08/1756 Josiah ROBINSON Widower   Patience CROWTHER Widow  
18/08/1756 Joseph BROOK     Mary CLAY Single  
22/08/1756 Thomas COOKSON     Ann HOBSON Single  
01/09/1756 Jonathan SHAW     Mary TAYLOR Single  
02/09/1756 Edward BASTOW     Sally EASTWOOD Single  
05/09/1756 William PERKIN     Ann BOMFORTH Widow  
08/09/1756 John BROOK     Elizabeth MELLOR Single  
22/09/1756 William HEPWORTH   Birstall Mary SINKINSON Single  
22/09/1756 John SHAW     Sarah CARTER Single  
23/09/1756 Joseph BATES     Mary CROSLAND Single  
05/10/1756 James STANDAGE     Ann KAYE Single  
06/10/1756 William CLAY Widower   Mary HORTON Widow  
10/10/1756 Joseph WOOD     Mary MARSDEN Single  
10/10/1756 Joseph FARRAND     Ann WATERHOUSE Single  
13/10/1756 John PRATT Widower Hartshead Sarah HAIGH Single  
19/10/1756 William HIRST     Elizabeth KAYE Single  
20/10/1756 Jacob FURNESS     Ann EASTWOOD Single  
03/11/1756 James WOLER   Halifax Grace DAWSON Single  
10/11/1756 William GIBSON Single   Elizabeth OXLEY Single  
17/11/1756 John HELLIWELL     Betty BATES Single  
21/11/1756 George SHUTT Single   Margaret VERITY Widow  
01/12/1756 Joseph WOOD     Susanna HANSON Single  
09/12/1756 Eli EASTWOOD     Martha THWAIT Single  
12/12/1756 Titus CROSSLAND     Elizabeth SHAW Single  
27/12/1756 John BROOK     Mary BEAUMONT Single  
05/01/1757 George WALLIS     Anne DUMBELL Single  
05/01/1757 James BALMFORTH     Hannah EASTWOOD Single  
10/01/1757 James POGSON   Halifax Betty HIRST Single  
11/01/1757 Godfrey MICKLETHWAITE   Penistone Grace HALL Single  
12/01/1757 Thomas HANSON     Martha BERRY Single  
20/01/1757 John LUNN     Mary BARRETT Single  
28/01/1757 Michael HANSON Widower   Elizabeth HOYLE Widow  
01/02/1757 Daniel EASTWOOD   Kirkheaton Grace THORNTON Single  
02/02/1757 John HIRST     Susy HAIGH Single  
06/02/1757 Richard FISHER     Mary SHEPLEY Single  
06/02/1757 Samuel DYSON     Hannah HAIGH Single  
10/02/1757 Joshua CLAYTON     Frances EARNSHAW Single  
13/02/1757 Anthony CROSSLEY   Halifax Mary COWPER Single  
20/02/1757 George DYSON     Ellen DYSON Single  
21/02/1757 William FRANCE     Mary CROWTHER    
22/02/1757 James DEWSNAM     Martha WOODHEAD Single  
11/04/1757 William SHAW     Hannah GAUKROGER Single  
24/04/1757 John FIRTH   Almondbury Sarah SHAW Single  
24/04/1757 Joshua WOOD     Sarah MORRY Single  
12/05/1757 James BARNFORTH     Martha BOTHOMLEY Widow  
19/05/1757 James HAIGH     Elizabeth PEARSON Single  
23/05/1757 John HIRST     Sarah HEPWORTH Single  
16/06/1757 Richard RAYNER Single Almondbury Elizabeth HATTERSLEY Single  
19/06/1757 Thomas HOBSON     Sarah WALKER Widow  
27/06/1757 William BERRY     Ann KERSHAW Single  
30/06/1757 Gabriel SOTHERS     Martha JAGGER Single  
07/07/1757 Henry HEY     Hannah HEPWORTH Single  
07/07/1757 Abraham BRIERLY     Elizabeth ARMITAGE Single  
10/07/1757 Joshua HIRST     Betty BAMFORTH Single  
14/07/1757 Matthew BOOTH     Martha STARKEY Single  
24/07/1757 John COLBECK     Elizabeth ARMITAGE Single  
04/08/1757 William THOMPSON   Oldham, Lancashire Elizabeth CROSSLAND Single  
11/08/1757 James CROWTHER     Ann BARKER Single  
25/08/1757 Robert DAWSON     Martha HEPWORTH Single  
28/08/1757 William WHITEHORN     Hannah LUCY Single  
11/09/1757 Jeremiah OLDHAM   Almondbury Hannah FIRTH Single  
11/09/1757 Richard BAXTER Single Almondbury Elizabeth SYKES    
15/09/1757 John VICKERMAN     Grace SYKES Single  
13/10/1757 James FRANCE     Elizabeth DRANSFIELD Single  
16/10/1757 Luke FIRTH     Mary SYKES Single  
20/10/1757 Robert BROOK     Elizabeth DYSON Single  
23/10/1757 William DYSON     Mary BAILEY Single  
30/10/1757 John WOOD Widower   Sarah HOYLE Widow  
02/11/1757 George HAIGH     Mary ASPINAL Single  
03/11/1757 John SYKES     Martha SYKES Single  
03/11/1757 Joseph SYKES     Susannah BALMFORTH Single  
03/11/1757 John WHITEHEAD     Phoebe FRANCE Single  
04/11/1757 Nathaniel HUDSON     Susanna FAWCETT Single Birstall
07/11/1757 Thomas WAIT Widower   Mary BEAUMONT Widow  
13/11/1757 William DYSON     Ann JAGGER Single  
17/11/1757 Robert JAGGER     Mary SMITHIES Single  
17/11/1757 James BAMFORTH     Mary GARSIDE Single  
24/11/1757 James WALKER   Halifax Mary STOCK Single  
01/12/1757 Charles TILSLEY     Martha BEAUMONT Single  
04/01/1758 Joseph KENWORTHY     Sarah DYSON Widow  
05/01/1758 Thomas MOOR     Ann WORTH Single  
12/01/1758 David SIFFONEY   Halifax Tamar HAIGH Single  
13/01/1758 Mark CHADWICK     Rebecca DYSON    
22/01/1758 Robert RYSTON     Rebecca BATLEY    
26/01/1758 Jonathan BALMFORTH     Mary SAVIL Single  
29/01/1758 Robert SHAW     Martha BROOK Single Almondbury
02/02/1758 James GARSIDE   Almondbury Betty HALL Single  
06/02/1758 John CHADWICK     Elizabeth BROOK Single Almondbury
16/02/1758 Joseph LODGE     Elizabeth BRADLEY Single  
17/02/1758 Thomas CLIFF     Alice BROOK Single  
26/03/1758 John DAWSON     Mary TAYLOR    
27/03/1758 John SCARGILL   Thornhill Ann PARKER Single  
27/03/1758 Joseph CLIFFE     Mary HOLROYD    
09/04/1758 William SUCKSMITH   Lightcliffe Mary IBBOTSON Single  
23/04/1758 Anthony HOYLE     Ann WOOD Single  
31/05/1758 John SYKES     Susanna HAIGH Single  
01/06/1758 Benjamin BALMFORTH     Betty PEARSON Single  
22/06/1758 John WRIGLEY     Sarah HAIGH Single  
29/06/1758 Edward HOUGHTON     Martha PEEL Single  
13/07/1758 John MELLOR   Almondbury Alice WHITEHEAD Single  
19/07/1758 James EASTWOOD     Hannah BEAUMONT Single  
20/07/1758 John SWALLOW     Deborah BELL Single  
27/07/1758 Joseph CLAY     Jane CARTER Single  
03/08/1758 John GIBSON     Hannah COOPER Single  
03/08/1758 Joseph GIBSON     Hannah DYSON Single  
15/08/1758 Edward Husleham CROSLAND     Sarah HIRST Single  
17/08/1758 Benjamin DYSON     Anne DYSON Single  
20/08/1758 William HIRST     Elizabeth DYSON Single  
22/08/1758 George ELLAM     Elizabeth BRADLEY Single  
29/08/1758 John HIRST     Elizabeth BALMFORTH Single  
31/08/1758 Robert THORNTON   Almondbury Mary LEABEATER    
03/09/1758 James SHAW     Betty TAYLOR Single  
07/09/1758 Joseph BANGELY     Betty DYSON Single  
14/09/1758 Joseph DYSON   Almondbury Sarah MORTON Single  
14/09/1758 Jonathan SHAW     Elizabeth LEE Single  
21/09/1758 Joshua MELLER     Susannah KENWORTHY Single Almondbury
19/10/1758 Joseph HALLIWELL     Susannah WOOD    
19/10/1758 Thomas CALVERLY   Halifax Hannah CROWTHER Single  
22/10/1758 Robert HORRYBY   Halifax Martha MOOR Widow  
23/10/1758 David BOTTOMLEY   Kirk Deighton Margaret CHADWICK Single  
26/10/1758 Thomas RICHARDSON     Susanna HELLAWELL Single  
08/11/1758 John GREEN     Elizabeth HELLIWELL Single  
12/11/1758 Dennis LEONARD   Halifax Ann EASTWOOD Single  
16/11/1758 James BAMFORTH     Mary BAMFORTH Single  
16/11/1758 William BROOK     Elizabeth STOCKS Single  
23/11/1758 William THEWLIS     Mally BARRET Single  
27/11/1758 Benjamin BENNETT     Ann WALSHAW Single  
30/11/1758 George WOMERSLEY     Elizabeth SPIVEY    
30/11/1758 John HALSTEED     Susanna HIRST    
17/12/1758 Eli COLLINS     Hannah HORSFALL Single  
26/12/1758 Thomas GLEDHILL     Susanna KNIGHT Single  
04/01/1759 Jonathan TYNE     Rebekah SENIOR Single  
04/01/1759 James RAWCLIFFE     Mary SHORE Single  
10/01/1759 Joseph GLEDHILL Widower   Hannah SYKES Widow  
21/01/1759 Robert POPLEWELL     Ruth BOTTOMLEY Widow  
24/01/1759 John MARSDEN     Susanna DENTON Single  
28/01/1759 William DYSON     Ann WILKINSON Single  
31/01/1759 James SHAW     Mary SYKES Single  
20/02/1759 George FROST   Woolley Martha GIBSON Single  
25/02/1759 George BROOK     Dorathy COLLINGWOOD Single  
26/02/1759 Peter DRIVER     Mary STACEY Single  
26/02/1759 Thomas STOCKS Widower   Betty BINCLIFFE Widow  
26/02/1759 James GLEDHILL   Elland Sarah HOBSON    
27/02/1759 James PEACE   Almondbury Martha CARTER Single  
16/04/1759 Robert GREHAM   Kirkheaton Hannah WALSHAW    
16/04/1759 Joshua WORTH     Betty HANSON Single  
16/04/1759 Richard SMITHIES     Sarah KAYE Single  
29/04/1759 Anthony WOODHEAD     Elizabeth SYKES Single  
13/05/1759 John HAIGH   Almondbury Rebecca WHITELEY Single  
14/05/1759 William BROOK     Elizabeth COLLINGWOOD Single  
16/05/1759 Samuel LEES   Halifax Mary NORMINGTON    
24/05/1759 Peter BARTHOLOMEW     Hannah DUTTON Single  
28/05/1759 George FISHER Widower Kirkheaton Sarah TAYLOR Single  
03/06/1759 John VARLEY   Almondbury Elizabeth HANSON Single  
13/06/1759 John BALMFORTH     Mary BALMFORTH Single  
17/06/1759 George HUDSON     Nanny BOTHOMLEY Single  
08/07/1759 John HANSON Single   Mary LITTLEWOOD    
15/07/1759 William CROSSLAND     Martha CARTER Single  
19/07/1759 William ARMITAGE     Elizabeth HELM Single Halifax
25/07/1759 Robert THORNTON     Judith WATERHOUSE Single  
01/08/1759 John JEPSON   Almondbury Susanna HIRST Single  
05/08/1759 John COOPER     Sarah GARSIDE Single  
06/08/1759 Oliver SAXTON Widower   Sarah HALL Widow  
08/08/1759 John SENIOR     Anne BUCKLEY Single  
08/08/1759 Anthony BRAY     Mary RUSHWORTH Single  
15/08/1759 John ASHTON     Betty HEPWORTH Single  
22/08/1759 Thomas ALLINSON   Almondbury Hannah HORSFALL Single  
28/08/1759 James BAYLEY     Betty PEARSON Single  
29/08/1759 William ROBINSON   Almondbury Sarah WOOD Single  
30/08/1759 John PEARSON     Mary HAIGH Single  
04/09/1759 John ORRAGE Single Almondbury Mary BROOK    
05/09/1759 William WILSON     Hannah FIRTH    
05/09/1759 John BAXTER   Almondbury Mary ANLEY    
12/09/1759 Jonas WEST     Mary ARMITAGE Single  
12/09/1759 James EARNSHAW     Sarah HANSON Single  
12/09/1759 Edward HINCHLIFFE     Mary CROOK    
16/09/1759 James BAMFORTH     Elizabeth GLEDHILL    
17/09/1759 John MELLER     Hannah BRADLEY Single  
26/09/1759 Joseph WEST     Sarah BAMFORTH Single  
03/10/1759 Joseph SYKES     Mary BROADBENT Single  
07/10/1759 Joshua AUTEY   Dewsbury Sarah PARKIN Single  
10/10/1759 James ARMITAGE     Betty SHAW Single  
10/10/1759 William CROWTHER     Sarah SHAW Single  
20/10/1759 Edward HEPWORTH     Sarah DAWSON Single  
24/10/1759 James BARRET     Sabra SMITH Single  
24/10/1759 William PARKIN     Betty SUGDEN Single  
25/10/1759 John READ   Halifax Hannah WILKINSON    
31/10/1759 Jonathan SYKES     Sarah SMITH Single  
14/11/1759 James ARMITAGE Widower   Mary WEST Widow  
14/11/1759 James PEARSON     Dinah TAYLOR    
21/11/1759 Joseph HODGSON     Susanna GILL Single  
28/11/1759 John GARSIDE     Martha SINGLETON Single  
28/11/1759 William WRIGLEY     Hannah PEACE Single  
28/11/1759 William WATERHOUSE     Martha HIRST Single  
03/12/1759 James HAIGH     Sarah DYSON Widow  
26/12/1759 Edward WALKER     Mary TOWNEND Single  
26/12/1759 Joshua MORTON     Susan BERRY Single  
00/00/1760 John GLEDHILL   Halifax Sarah CHAPEL    
00/00/1760 Richard BANNISTER     Frances POLLARD    
00/00/1760 Edward HARRISON   Almondbury Anne LAXSEY    
00/00/1760 John SHAW     Mary VICARMAN    
07/01/1760 Joseph IREDALE     Mary WHITELY Single  
03/02/1760 John NORTH     Elizabeth TWEEDALE Single  
07/02/1760 John BROOK     Mary DEAN Single  
10/02/1760 Joseph BOOTHROYD     Martha RILEY Single  
18/02/1760 John BROOK     Jane DYSON Single  
18/02/1760 William STARKEY     Mally HARTLEY    
18/02/1760 Joshua SUGDEN     Phoebe BAMFORTH    
18/02/1760 Aeneas RAMSDEN   Kirkburton Mary CHADWICK    
18/02/1760 Richard WIMPENNY     Elizabeth WHITELEY    
26/02/1760 George CROWTHER     Mary FOSTER Widow  
20/03/1760 Edward BOWER   Almondbury Hannah SHAW    
23/03/1760 Isaac STOTT     Martha SHAW Single  
06/04/1760 Joseph CROSLAND     Grace SMITHIES    
06/04/1760 James LEES     Mary CARTER    
07/04/1760 John HORN     Frances WILKINSON    
07/04/1760 Joseph HANSON     Ellen CROSLAND    
17/04/1760 Benjamin KAYE     Martha RISHFORTH    
21/04/1760 Edmund MORTON     Frances BUXTON    
23/04/1760 David SMITH   Almondbury Sarah EARNSHAW    
06/05/1760 Paul HEPWORTH     Mary HORSFALL    
14/05/1760 John HAWORTH Widower Almondbury Susanna PEARSON Widow  
15/05/1760 John BIRKHEAD     Mary SMITH Single  
22/05/1760 James WADWORTH     Anne AMBLER    
22/05/1760 John BRADLEY     Mary CROSLAND Single  
26/05/1760 John STARKEY     Martha COLLINGWOOD Single  
26/05/1760 James LEES     Elizabeth COOPER    
04/06/1760 John SHAW     Mary MALLINSON    
05/06/1760 William RILEY     Elizabeth SHAW    
06/06/1760 Samuel WATERHOUSE   Almondbury Hannah DYSON    
19/06/1760 John DAWSON     Anne ATKINSON Single  
23/06/1760 John PERKIN   Almondbury Betty HAIGH    
25/06/1760 Joseph WILKINSON     Hannah HORTON    
26/06/1760 John HAIGH     Fanny RHODES    
26/06/1760 John SOTHERS     Sarah WATSON    
30/06/1760 Joshua HOYLE     Elizabeth CARTER    
03/07/1760 John HELLIWELL   Almondbury Sarah PARKIN    
03/07/1760 John BAMFORTH     Hannah SENIOR    
20/07/1760 Richard FISHER     Sarah INGHAM    
22/07/1760 Isaac TIFFANY     Elizabeth HAIGH    
29/07/1760 John SHAW   Almondbury Sarah WEWELL    
13/08/1760 Thomas HOBSON     Phebie TIFFANY    
13/08/1760 James HARRISON   Almondbury Hannah WALKER    
14/08/1760 John WOOD   Almondbury Mary EASTWOOD    
17/08/1760 John SHAW     Mary SHAW    
28/08/1760 Jonas SMITH     Anne LEADBEATER    
08/09/1760 John CROSLEY Widower   Sarah DYSON Single  
14/09/1760 George DYSON     Mary HAIGH    
14/09/1760 John TAYLOR     Sarah BOTHOMLEY Single  
23/09/1760 John BRADLEY   Almondbury Betty LIVECEY    
24/09/1760 William MELLOR     Hannah SMITHIES Single  
24/09/1760 Joseph WOOD     Betty BAMFORTH    
28/09/1760 William KINDAR   Almondbury Hannah DYSON Single  
02/10/1760 James BROOK     Mary WEBSTER    
05/10/1760 Richard LIGHTOWLERS     Barbara WOODHEAD    
17/10/1760 Joseph FLETCHER   Halifax Anne WILKINSON    
06/11/1760 William VICARMAN   Almondbury Mary KAYE    
06/11/1760 Joseph SCHOLFIELD   Saddleworth Elizabeth GARTSIDE    
09/11/1760 John ASSMAN     Martha MORTON    
13/11/1760 James SYKES     Mary FRANCE Single  
23/11/1760 George ROLINSON     Martha IBBETSON    
27/11/1760 Henry BANNISTER     Frances POLLARD    
05/12/1760 John FIRTH     Hannah BURTON    
10/12/1760 John PAYNE     Martha HINCHLIFFE   Kirkheaton
11/12/1760 William SHAKLETON   Kirkburton Elizabeth BOTHAMLEY    
24/12/1760 James CROWTHER     Mally HANSON    
25/12/1760 Abraham SUTTCLIFFE   Halifax Sarah JAGGER    
14/01/1761 John TAYLOR     Susanna BARRIT Single  
25/01/1761 George SCHOLEFIELD     Betty ENGLAND    
28/01/1761 Richard WILKINSON     Martha ENGLAND    
07/02/1761 John SUGDEN     Mary SYKES    
21/02/1761 Isaac HODGSON     Margret RIGG    
22/02/1761 John TUNSELL   Wakefield Martha BROOK    
25/02/1761 Thomas HINCHLIFFE     Mary HORSFALL    
14/03/1761 Benjamin COCK     Grace ARMITAGE   Halifax
23/03/1761 Abraham HIRST     Betty GARSIDE    
23/03/1761 William BLACKBURN     Martha HELLIWELL    
23/03/1761 William THORNTON     Anne SINKINSON    
23/03/1761 Matthew ELLAM   Almondbury Grace DICONSON    
25/03/1761 John DICKINSON   Kirkburton Sarah WALKER    
29/03/1761 John IBBITTSON     Betty DYSON    
30/03/1761 Stephen BROOK     Mary DYSON    
08/04/1761 James WOOD     Phebie ENGLAND    
08/04/1761 Richard WILKINSON     Martha ENGLAND    
16/04/1761 Joseph TAYLOR   Saddleworth Betty DYSON    
29/04/1761 Joseph BEEVER   Manchester, Lancashire Betty BEEVER    
07/05/1761 Joseph SYKES     Martha BATLEY   Almondbury
11/05/1761 Charles STEAD     Martha DYSON    
14/05/1761 Matthew BLACKBURN     Mary SYKES    
25/05/1761 John HIRST     Hannah FLETCHER Single  
26/05/1761 Daniel RUSHFORTH   Mirfield Mary KITSON    
26/05/1761 Thomas PERKIN     Martha HIRST    
28/05/1761 William WHITWHAM     Mary EASTWOOD    
28/05/1761 Joshua RADCLIFFE     Frances OWEN    
31/05/1761 John MELLER   Almondbury Elizabeth DYSON    
04/06/1761 Joseph SCHOLEFIELD     Mary WILKINSON    
04/06/1761 Samuel BOOTHROYD     Elizabeth JAGGER    
10/06/1761 James SYKES     Sarah COOPER    
17/06/1761 Joseph PEARSON     Elizabeth HORSFALL    
18/06/1761 Squire CATTONS     Mary DYSON    
24/06/1761 Hugh QUARMBY   Almondbury Betty WILKINSON    
30/06/1761 Benjamin SYKES     Martha BAMFORTH    
01/07/1761 John BRIGHOUSE     Mary WATERHOUSE    
08/07/1761 James SHAW     Anne CARTER    
12/07/1761 Benjamin GOODYER     Elizabeth CROSLAND    
14/07/1761 John DYSON     Mary SYKES    
22/07/1761 Joseph JAGGER   Halifax Hannah DYSON    
27/07/1761 Levi LODGE   Kirkheaton Hannah BROADBENT    
09/08/1761 Eli PERKIN     Mary BAMFORTH    
12/08/1761 Abraham FIRTH     Martha SHAW    
13/08/1761 John HAIGH     Dorothy WEST    
17/08/1761 Joshua DYSON Widower   Mary FARRAND Single  
19/08/1761 Edmund SYKES   Almondbury Martha SHAW    
20/08/1761 Robert HAIGH     Mary FIRTH   Halifax
25/08/1761 William TENNANT   Huntington Elizabeth TWISTLETON    
09/09/1761 Jarvis TAYLOR     Rebecca SUGDEN    
13/09/1761 Thomas HELLIWELL     Elizabeth SCHOLES    
16/09/1761 John MILNES     Rebecca BROOK    
27/09/1761 John HIRST     Mary SHAW    
30/09/1761 William SHAW   Almondbury Mary HALL    
19/10/1761 Joseph MARSHALL     Betty ELLIS    
21/10/1761 Joshua BAMFORTH     Sarah SWAN    
21/10/1761 William FIRTH     Anne HAIGH    
28/10/1761 Joseph MELLOR     Martha HELLIWELL    
28/10/1761 John HEPWORTH     Mary BEAUMONT    
04/11/1761 Elias COCK     Sarah HIRST    
04/11/1761 Benjamin DYSON     Hannah OLDFIELD    
05/11/1761 Squire HUDSON     Hannah LOCKWOOD    
17/11/1761 William HAIGH   Almondbury Mary FAWSET    
23/11/1761 John JOHNSON     Martha ARCHER    
23/11/1761 Abraham JOHNSON     Mary DANIEL    
23/11/1761 William BIRKHEAD     Martha KITSON    
29/11/1761 James MOOR     Hannah WOOD    
00/12/1761 Joseph ELLAM     Mary ARMITAGE    
02/12/1761 John CARTER   Almondbury Mary SYKES    
03/12/1761 Thomas MARRIOTT     Mary BROOKSBANK    
21/12/1761 Jonas WILSON     Rebecca HELLIWELL    
22/12/1761 Edmund WALKER     Mary OLDFIELD    
23/12/1761 John SYKES     Martha KITSON    
06/01/1762 Robert MEAL     Mary CARTER    
14/01/1762 Matthew BRADLEY   Almondbury Elizabeth SYKES    
19/01/1762 Thomas GLEDHILL     Mary BAILDON    
20/01/1762 Matthew LUNN     Mary WHITELEY    
28/01/1762 Joseph TAYLOR     Nanny CROSLAND    
04/02/1762 Richard GIBSON     Alice LAMB    
07/02/1762 Samuel MIDWOOD     Mary HAIGH    
07/02/1762 William SYKES     Mary HAIGH   Halifax
15/02/1762 John CHAPEL   Almondbury Martha LOCKWOOD    
15/02/1762 John BUCKLEY     Barbara BATTY    
15/02/1762 John HUDSON     Martha FROST    
18/02/1762 John CLIFFE     Hannah RILEY    
18/02/1762 John GEE     Mary SYKES    
21/02/1762 William WARREN     Sarah HIRST    
21/02/1762 Matthew BEAUMONT     Mary SMITHIES    
23/02/1762 Joseph LANGLEY     Mary CROSLAND    
30/03/1762 Thomas HAIGH     Mary KAYE    
11/04/1762 James TOWNEND     Hannah LUNN    
12/04/1762 George BEEVER     Sarah THORNTON    
12/04/1762 James ROEBUCK   Almondbury Alice PILLING    
12/04/1762 Edmund BRADLEY   Almondbury Elizabeth SOUTHERS    
14/04/1762 James BAMFORTH     Betty ARMITAGE    
14/04/1762 Joseph ARMITAGE     Martha BAMFORTH    
21/04/1762 Joseph GLEDHILL     Sally DAWSON    
22/04/1762 John HANSON     Hannah FRANCE    
25/04/1762 John BRIERLEY   Almondbury Betty CARTER    
09/05/1762 Benjamin SINGLETON     Mary BROADBENT    
12/05/1762 Charles CHADWICK     Elizabeth DRANSFIELD    
15/05/1762 Benjamin SYKES     Mary GARSIDE    
26/05/1762 Benjamin SYKES     Mary GARSIDE    
27/05/1762 John HIRST     Hannah SWAN    
31/05/1762 Joseph RAWCLIFFE     Martha CARTER    
31/05/1762 Joseph WILSON   Halifax Mary ILEY    
24/06/1762 Joseph GARSIDE     Hannah HIRST    
20/07/1762 William WOOD   Almondbury Mary HUDSON    
26/07/1762 Joshua DAWSON   Halifax Anne HOLDSWORTH    
28/07/1762 Joshua CROWTHER     Hannah HEYWOOD    
29/07/1762 John DYSON   Almondbury Elizabeth MOOR    
08/08/1762 Benjamin BARKER     Elizabeth WADSWORTH    
10/08/1762 Joseph DAWSON     Hannah CROWTHER    
10/08/1762 William HAIGH     Frances SCHOLEFIELD    
18/08/1762 John CHETHAM   Halifax Mary ARMITAGE    
19/08/1762 James HOLT     Martha HIRST    
26/08/1762 John BROOK   Birstall Heedy CROSLAND    
08/09/1762 James HIRST     Mary THORNTON   Halifax
12/09/1762 Peter SYKES     Mary HIRST    
30/09/1762 John BEAUMONT     Martha HUDSON    
30/09/1762 John KILNER     Ellen HOLDROYD    
08/10/1762 James LEE   Birstall Phoebie ELLAM    
08/10/1762 Joseph DYSON     Mary ARMITAGE    
11/10/1762 John SHAW     Mary HANSON    
21/10/1762 John BROWN     Hannah SYKES    
24/10/1762 William HAIGH     Mary ATRIGE    
27/10/1762 Thomas CHADWICK     Elizabeth SINKINSON    
28/10/1762 James SHAW     Rebeckah ARMITAGE    
28/10/1762 John SENIOR     Mary BARKER    
14/11/1762 John SYKES     Judy WOOD    
16/11/1762 John RAWCLIFFE     Mary ANSLEY    
17/11/1762 John OWEN     Ann DYSON    
21/11/1762 Richard HUDSON     Mary HUDSON    
21/11/1762 Matthew HOYLE     Mary ROBINSON    
24/11/1762 Robert MAYALL   Saddleworth Betty CLEGG    
13/12/1762 Jeremiah MARSHALL   Guiseley Ann HAIGH    
27/12/1762 John HAIGH   Almondbury Hannah HIRST    
30/12/1762 Michael SHAW     Ellen EAGLAND    
06/01/1763 John DYSON   Almondbury Mary HAIGH    
16/01/1763 Joseph GARSIDE     Hannah BAYLEY    
27/01/1763 Luke MARSDEN     Sarah WOOD    
03/02/1763 John SCARGILL   Thornhill Susanna SINKINSON    
05/02/1763 Daniel BOLTON     Hannah CARTER    
07/02/1763 Richard NETHERWOOD     Elizabeth BROOK    
07/02/1763 William MITCHELL   Halifax Sally STORK    
10/02/1763 Thomas PICKLES   Mirfield Mary HARDY    
14/02/1763 Paul MOOR     Fanny ROYD    
14/02/1763 Richard PEEL     Martha BROOK    
09/03/1763 William COOKSON     Elizabeth CROSLAND    
04/04/1763 James BUCKLEY     Sarah WHITWHAM    
04/04/1763 James THEWLIS     Mary GARSIDE    
11/04/1763 Joseph SMITHIES     Sarah HANLEY    
01/05/1763 Joseph BOTTOMLEY   Kirkburton Ann HIRST Widow  
05/05/1763 John FIRTH   Almondbury Hannah FRANCE    
07/05/1763 Joseph HIRST     Hannah COLLINGWOOD    
08/05/1763 John ARMITAGE     Mary DENTON    
15/05/1763 John SCHOLEFIELD     Betty KENWORTHY    
15/05/1763 William ANLEY     Elizabeth ANLEY    
16/05/1763 John VICARMAN   Almondbury Elizabeth SHEPHERD    
16/05/1763 Joseph VICARMAN     Elizabeth BALDERSON    
23/05/1763 John BOOTHROYD     Ann THOMAS    
23/05/1763 Thomas HAWKYARD     Martha FARRAND    
23/05/1763 Samuel FISHER     Elizabeth KAYE    
23/05/1763 George IREDALE     Mary MOSELEY    
15/06/1763 John BOOTH   Almondbury Mary WALSHAW    
16/06/1763 Thomas SANDERSON     Elizabeth HOLDSWORTH    
16/06/1763 Josiah RAMSDEN     Sarah BRAY    
06/07/1763 Francis WOOD     Fanny CLAYTON    
13/07/1763 Abraham MALLINSON     Mary RADCLIFFE    
14/07/1763 James ARMITAGE     Grace HIRST    
21/07/1763 John RAMSDEN     Sarah BERRY    
28/07/1763 John SPENCER     Hannah BEAUMONT    
28/07/1763 James HORSFALL     Mally COOPER    
04/08/1763 James HAIGH     Sarah COCK    
31/08/1763 Samuel THORNTON     Elizabeth HIGGINS    
08/09/1763 Thomas SHAW   Almondbury Hannah MAYALL    
22/09/1763 Joseph EASTWOOD     Martha CROWTHER    
25/09/1763 John SYKES     Mary CARTER    
26/09/1763 William SPIVEY     Elizabeth BEAN    
13/10/1763 James ATKINSON     Elizabeth CLAYTON    
13/10/1763 James SYKES   Almondbury Jane BROWN    
20/10/1763 Michael BELL     Frances BALDERSON    
20/10/1763 Joshua HOBSON     Rachael MOORHOUSE    
20/10/1763 James WOOD     Mary RAMSDEN    
23/10/1763 John BATLEY     Alice RAMSDEN    
27/10/1763 Thomas HUDSON     Margaret LISTER    
27/10/1763 James STOTT     Fanny BROADBENT    
10/11/1763 James DYSON     Ann BUCKLEY    
13/11/1763 Edward KIRK   Almondbury Jane HAIGH    
24/11/1763 John ARMITAGE     Mary BOTTOMLEY    
01/12/1763 Joseph DYSON     Elizabeth DYSON    
01/12/1763 Benjamin DYSON     Sarah FIRTH    
01/12/1763 James ARMITAGE     Rebeckah EARNSHAW    
01/12/1763 Joseph WHITELY     Sarah CASSON    
01/12/1763 Isaac HOLROYD     Martha THOWLIS    
01/12/1763 Joseph BARKER     Martha COOKSON    
01/12/1763 Jonathan SMITH     Mary HEYWOOD    
05/12/1763 John CROSLAND     Elizabeth NICHOLS    
08/12/1763 John BAMFORTH     Susanna HARRISON    
12/12/1763 Richard LOCKWOOD   Almondbury Fanny RILEY    
15/12/1763 Joseph BARRIT   Halifax Martha STEAD    
22/12/1763 Richard ELLOM     Mary THOMAS    
26/12/1763 James MAYALL     Sally TAYLOR    
28/12/1763 Gamaliel HAIGH     Mary SUTHERS    

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