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Great Langton St Wilfrid


The Parish

The parish of Great Langton lies in northern Yorkshire about 6 miles northwest of the large market town of Northallerton. Great Langton sits on the B6271 road which connects Northallerton with Richmond and sits tight to the northern banks of the River Swale. Great Langton is a small and compact village consisting of a few properties along the B6271 and as northward running dead-end lane. Given the parish contains extensive areas of the Swale floodplain it was a mixed farming area, pastures on the riverside and arable on higher ground. The Swale drains southwards joining the Ure near Boroughbridge and thence through York to the North Sea through the Humber Estuary. Great Langton is sited at 40 metres above the sea and sits within the wider context of the Vale of York, hence local heights reach to little more than 60 metres within a mile or two. Parishes around this part of Yorkshire are often quite extensive but Great Langton was more typical of a southern parish, covering around 1,600 acres it would have supported a population of close to 250 parishioners. In Domesday times Great Langton was fairly near to the Norman's northern extent yet was a holding of Count Alan of Brittany offering land for 9 ploughs and a 12 acre meadow.

The Church

St Wilfrid's church sits in a detached position amongst fields around a half mile southeast of the village. A small church as befits its congregation and consisting of a simple nave & chancel topped by a western bellcote. These simple features disguise an ancient building, the southern doorway is Norman Romanesque in style and Pevsner believes it is early 12th century, its opposite number on the northern side being a half century later. It is likely that the first building was modified during the 14th century as a fine Decorated style window graces the eastern end. For once Pevsner fails to mention a Victorian restoration so it is likely the fabric was little disturbed during that era. A narrow lane heads southeastward from the B6271 towards Ainderby Steeple and just beyond some pylons a grassy track heads to the church, park sensibly by the lane and walk the 200 metres to the church which sits in an open and relatively unobstructed churchyard.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 13th May 1754 - 13th May 1812 North Yorkshire Record Office - Northallerton - Reference - PR/LGG/1/2 Plain, ruled & margined book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading of this register is marked and may result in one or two misreads
2 2nd August 1813 - 6th May 1837 North Yorkshire Record Office - Northallerton - Reference - PR/LGG/1/3 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Catterick St Anne
Catterick St Anne
Danby Wiske
Catterick St Anne
Kirkby Fleetham St Mary
Danby Wiske
Kirkby Fleetham St Mary
Kirkby Fleetham St Mary
Ainderby Steeple St Helen

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
07/03/1754 William APPLETON     Sarah KINGSTON    
1 13/05/1754 Thomas HUDSON     Ann LAVERAK   St Mary, Barton
2 12/05/1755 William HARKER     Elizabeth SQUIRE   Northallerton
3 01/03/1756 John SCARTH     Elizabeth BISHOBRIDGE    
4 18/04/1757 Thomas WAKE     Rachel SCURR    
5 14/05/1758 Marmaduke ALLEN   Brotton Jane ATKINSON    
6 14/06/1759 Anthony HARKER     Ann SQUIRE   Northallerton
7 11/05/1762 George MANERT     Mary GRAHAM    
8 06/01/1763 Thomas CRYSON   Birkby Phoebe BISHOPRICK    
07/06/1764 James BURNUP   Ainderby Steeple Elizabeth CLAYTON    
13/11/1764 Peter APPLETON     Ann BAYES    
08/05/1765 Marmaduke WOOD   Ainderby Steeple Elizabeth MILES    
30/03/1766 Richard ETHERINGTON     Ellinor HUDSON    
16/06/1766 Anthony RIKABY     Biddy HODGSON    
18/12/1767 John HILDRETH     Elizabeth BEVERLEY    
24/01/1768 Peter HUSTWAITE   Ripon Hannah WETHERIL    
26/09/1768 Thomas CRAGGS     Mary STOCKDALL    
03/09/1769 James TARRY     Anne RICKERBY    
01/01/1771 Robert HELSTROPE     Isabel GOLDSBROUGH    
23/02/1771 Thomas GILLEN   Northallerton Ann WILLSON    
05/05/1773 Thomas LAYBURN     Mary WEATHERIL    
24/07/1774 James WILLOUGHBY     Jane GALLOWAY    
06/02/1775 John THIRLWAY     Ann BELLERBY    
05/05/1776 William HUNTON     Jane WILLOUGHBY    
25/11/1776 Robert BOWRAN     Alice JAQUES    
09/02/1779 George SHAW     Hannah CARTER    
23/03/1779 George LAWSON   Hull Elizabeth PYE    
05/09/1779 William JACKSON   Kirkby Fleetham Jane TARBOT    
13/06/1780 John CLAPHAM   Ainderby Steeple Elizabeth WATSON    
24/07/1780 William CALVERT   Ainderby Steeple Mary NELSON    
25/07/1780 Charles CORPS     Mary SCURR    
15/05/1781 William CARLING   Kirby Wiske Elizabeth WETHERIL    
15/07/1781 Nathan TURNER     Mary KENDALL    
17/07/1781 Christopher METCALF     Hannah BROWN    
03/12/1781 Matthew WEATHERIL     Jane JACKSON    
09/05/1782 James GATES     Catherine DENT    
16/05/1782 William GAMBLES     Elizabeth BLADES    
16/05/1784 Robert GREATHEAD   Ormesby Elizabeth BLAND    
24/09/1785 Thomas DOWSON   Northallerton Elizabeth WILSON    
14/09/1786 Robert SMITH Single Scruton Mary SIMPSON Single  
15/05/1787 Michael MAYNARD   Gilling West Ann HUDSON    
01/10/1787 George BOWES   Brompton Margaret HARKER    
15/09/1788 Joseph BAMLETT     Catharine BOWES    
06/11/1788 James WILLABY     Margaret ETHRINGTON    
22/11/1788 William WATSON     Elizabeth BOWES    
23/11/1789 William BOWRAN     Elizabeth GREY    
04/01/1790 John FAWCETT   Osmotherly Elizabeth WATSON    
29/03/1790 Robert STODDART     Mary PAXTON    
30/10/1790 John PEACOCK   Easby Mary OXLEY    
30/06/1791 Christopher HARBURN   Easby Elizabeth ETHERINGTON    
12/10/1791 John CARTER     Catharine LANGDALE    
28/02/1793 John SMITH   Northallerton Elizabeth ROBSON    
05/08/1793 William CARLTON     Mary CLARK    
28/05/1794 William BOWES     Elizabeth ROBINSON   Bolton Upon Swale
01/07/1796 John ROBESON   St Andrew, Auckland, Durham Elizabeth SKAFE    
03/10/1796 John HEIGHINGTON     Elizabeth MARTIN    
24/01/1797 Edward ROBINSON     Jane FRANKLIN   Kirby Ravensworth
06/11/1797 Thomas TERRY     Catharine CARTER    
15/01/1798 John MAYNARD     Eleanor ADDISON   Bolton Upon Swale
25/06/1798 Henry HACKFORTH   Bolton Upon Swale Charlotte ALLAN    
07/05/1801 Robert ROBISON   St Mary, Barton Dorothy ROBSON    
27/10/1801 Marmaduke ALLAN     Mary MONKHOUSE    
09/11/1801 William DAY     Ann WETHERALL    
04/01/1802 William THORNBURY     Jane TENNANT   Ainderby Steeple
16/02/1802 James FLECK   Upleatham Jane WATSON    
13/05/1802 Robert PYBUS   Bedale Jane BROWN    
02/06/1803 William PRESCIOUS     Ann THIRLWAY    
24/05/1804 Henry LUNN   Brompton Ann BULMER    
13/05/1805 Thomas DIXON   Kirkby Fleetham Jane MERRYWEATHER    
01/11/1806 William GARNETT   Danby Wiske Mary LAW    
25/11/1806 John PEASE     Mary HARRISON    
30/11/1807 Christopher METCALF     Jane KOMPSTON   Danby Wiske
07/07/1808 William HALL   Aycliffe, Durham Grace LAW    
16/09/1808 James Harford RICHARDSON Single   Jane YOUNG Single  
19/06/1809 Mark WETHERILL   Bedale Martha ALLEN    
13/05/1811 Isaac SCOTT     Jane YOUNG    
19/05/1811 Simon ELGIE     Margaret CHAPMAN    
13/05/1812 William RUSSELL     Margaret BREWELL    
1 02/08/1813 John WILSON     Hannah WILSON   North Otterington
2 18/04/1814 John FISHBURN     Ann GATES    
3 27/10/1814 John GRUNDY   Ainderby Steeple Mary COLLING    
4 12/12/1814 William HUMPHREY Single Danby Wiske Elizabeth SCOTT    
5 24/10/1815 Henry ROBINSON Single St Michael Le Belfry, York Rachel NEWBY Single  
6 02/12/1815 William ARMSTRONG     Mary MORTON Single  
7 04/12/1815 William LANGTHORN     Elizabeth FOSSICK Single  
8 19/02/1816 Ralph SQUINCE   Ainderby Steeple Mary ATKINSON Single  
9 28/12/1816 George BOWES   Bolton Upon Swale Grace WATSON Single  
10 27/12/1817 John MERRYWEATHER     Hannah METCALFE    
11 22/02/1819 John AUTON   Hornby Margaret SIMPSON    
12 19/04/1819 Francis MACLAIN     Ann Hesther PARKIN    
13 04/09/1819 William YOUNG     Elizabeth WELFORD    
14 18/10/1819 Bartholomew TREWHIT     Ann DAY Widow  
15 06/12/1819 Matthew FISHBURN     Jane STOREY   Northallerton
16 18/12/1819 Henry ELGIE Single   Elizabeth PRATT Single  
17 25/11/1821 John PARKINS Single   Hannah LANGTHORNE Single  
18 14/05/1822 Robert BELL Single   Ann BURNET Single  
19 01/07/1822 Charles LUMLEY Single Thornton Watless Catherine GATES Single  
20 25/11/1822 Robert BONNER Single   Mary BLAND Single  
21 25/11/1822 George PARKIN Single   Mary BRADNORTH Single  
22 25/01/1823 Joseph TODD Single   Hannah STURDY Single  
23 13/09/1823 Robert CUTHBERTSON Single   Mary WILLOUGHBY Single  
24 13/05/1824 William MARWOOD Single Bolton Upon Swale Helen CATON Single  
25 13/05/1824 James PATTISON Single   Dorothy JACKSON Single  
26 11/07/1824 John WILSON Single   Hannah BOWMAN Single  
27 14/08/1824 William DOWSON Single   Elizabeth BRITTAIN Single Northallerton
28 05/02/1825 George BOWE Single   Elizabeth YOUNG Single  
29 30/01/1826 John BAINES Widower   Esther NELSON Single  
30 03/04/1826 Anthony TAYLOR   Masham Ann FISHBURN    
31 27/05/1826 Henry WILKINSON Single Bolton Upon Swale Hannah GATES Single  
32 11/06/1826 George FISHBURN     Elizabeth TAYLOR Single Masham
33 12/01/1829 John DICKENSON Single   Mary DODSWORTH Single  
34 20/04/1829 William SCURR   Birkby Ann FLINTOFF    
35 23/11/1829 James BELWOOD Single   Elizabeth CRADOCK Single  
36 25/01/1830 John NELSON Single Hutton Bonville Jane PRATT Single  
37 26/11/1831 Thomas HEBDEN   Hipswell Jane FLINTOFF    
38 26/11/1832 Simon WARD Single Catterick Anne ELLENER Single  
39 12/01/1833 Thomas DALE   Sessay Ann PINCKNEY    
40 11/05/1833 Joseph PRATT Single   Elizabeth WILSON Single  
41 24/06/1833 Robert KAY Single Middleton Tyas Rachael PRATT Single  
42 28/04/1835 George STEAD   Danby Wiske Martha WETHERELL Single  
43 20/06/1835 Christopher ELLERTON Single   Elizabeth HAMMOND Single Bolton Upon Swale
44 19/12/1836 Francis LODGE Single Danby Wiske Ann BAINS Single  
45 20/02/1837 John SQUINCE Single   Elizabeth Hannah ABBOT Single  
46 06/05/1837 Christopher PATTISON Widower   Hannah PARKINS Widow  

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