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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Leconfield St Catherine


The Parish

The parish of Leconfield lies in southeastern Yorkshire within the East Riding. Leconfield is a large and sprawling village situated about 3 miles north of the town of Beverley and standing, mostly on the eastern side, on the A164 road which connects Beverley with Great Driffield. Leconfield has had, since the Second World War, a military connection, its airfield morphing into an army barracks and in recent times into the Defence School of Transport facility - here army recruits learn the methods of off-roading and military vehicle maneuvers. The presence of the base has lead to Leconfield's recent expansion, other modern developments include the Hull to Scarborough rail line with a station at Arram within Leconfield parish. In more ancient times leconfield was the seat of the Earls of Northumberland (the Percy family) although their manor house/castle was demolished in the 17th century, the site sits to the south of the village and west of the A164. The economy would have been based upon farming, the low-lying areas bordering the River Hull would have provided rich pastures whilst higher ground was set to arable. Leconfield is drained eastwards by the man-managed Ella Dyke the short distance to the Hull, this turns southwards to reach the outer Humber Estuary through the port of Hull. Leconfield is sited at just 10 metres above the sea, the landscape around being largely at or close to this elevation for some distance. Leconfield parish was fairly typically sized for its area, covering just over 3,600 acres it would have supported close to 350 parishioners. In Domesday times leconfield was shared 3 ways, the Percy family were already here by then and other portions were held by Count Robert of Mortain & the Archbishop of York, the parish collectively could offer just 5 ploughs but possessed no fewer than 11 fisheries.

The Church

St Catherine's church sits just east of the A164 on the lane leading to the railway station. The church is a patchwork of styles and, indeed, building materials reflecting a history of change and restoration. Pevsner lists limestone ashlar, chalk rubble, and brick of various ages and styles within the materials used. A relict of Anglo-Saxon times on the western wall of the southern aisle is probably pre-Conquest and indicative of the earliest building on this site. The bulk of the church is, however, 13th century and Early English Gothic in style albeit much modified over the centuries. The western tower and southern porch, both in brick, are much later addition being built in the late 17th century. Pevsner does not detail a Victorian restoration although one undoubtedly occurred. The church sits on a sharp bend in Arram Road behind yet more bricks in the form of a low wall, there is ample space for a car or two outside the churchyard. Wooden gates lead into an expansive churchyard with few obstructions to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 30th April 1754 - 21st January 1783 East Yorkshire Archives - Reference - PE116/4 Plain, unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads A poor quality register with fading, archaic handwriting prior to 1762 & plain poor handwriting thereafter plus the use of a nonstandard calendar make for a trying read with a high probability of misreads
2 25th November 1783 - 25th November 1812 East Yorkshire Archives - Reference - PE116/6 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads This register, too, suffers from damage, there is water ingress along the spine which impacts the centerfolds of the pages. The poor quality of handwriting also continues throughout making for a testing read. Whilst an improvement on the initial register it is likely that some misreads will have been made so users should continue to treat with caution.
3 23rd February 1813 - 4th August 1836 East Yorkshire Archives - Reference - PE116/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Sadly whilst there is no fading or damage the poor handwriting continues making for a possibility of a few further misreads

Lockington St Mary
Scorborough St Leonard
Scorborough St Leonard
Leven Holy Trinity
Lockington St Mary
Cherry Burton St Michael
Beverley St John
Beverley St John
Beverley St John
Beverley St John

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
30/04/1754 Stephen FISHER     Susanna TINDAL    
18/08/1755 William HARDY   St Nicholas, Beverley Mary LEE    
23/08/1755 Thomas FENTON     Ann SPENCER    
13/10/1755 William STEPHENSON   St Nicholas, Beverley Hannah BELL    
16/10/1755 William WAUGH     Margaret MATTHEWS    
22/03/1756 William JEFFERSON     Martha WINDER    
20/04/1756 James COOKE     Hellen WHITING    
21/08/1756 Alexander WALKER     Jane TERRINGTON    
30/11/1756 Samuel RANSON   Cherry Burton Sarah SANDERSON    
07/12/1756 William JOHNSON     Dorothy REEVES   Welton
25/01/1757 Thomas ELDRINGTON   St John, Beverley Dinah CHAPMAN    
25/01/1757 Robert MOORFOOT     Ann COOK    
21/08/1757 Richard THOMPSON   Lockington Elizabeth SPENCER    
29/05/1758 Joseph HALEY   St Nicholas, Beverley Joane HILBERT    
23/11/1758 Thomas SIMPSON   St John, Beverley Frances BARTLETON    
20/01/1759 William LEE     Sarah BEILBY   Wintringham
10/03/1759 Richard WATSON     Mary SMITH    
26/11/1759 William WRAY     Margaret BARKER    
25/11/1760 Richard FARROW     Ann MATSON    
25/05/1761 John THORLAY   Great Driffield Mary SEYMOUR    
22/12/1761 Thomas WALDBY     Alice PINDER    
29/07/1762 Edward WAUGH     Ann PARKER    
18/01/1763 John BLANSHARD     Ellen WILSON    
29/01/1763 John WILLSON     Jane MATSON    
16/05/1763 Richard THOMPSON     Sarah HUNSLEY    
09/01/1764 Jeremiah LAYBOURN     Jane RICHARDSON    
03/12/1764 Samuel WOODMANSEY     Elizabeth FISHER    
04/12/1764 John CLARKE     Mary HANS   Long Riston
17/12/1764 James TINDAL     Ann DANSON    
19/03/1765 George GILLSON     Elizabeth GILLANS    
15/04/1765 Samuel SISSONS     Hannah CAMP    
23/07/1765 Thomas PRIESTMAN   St John, Beverley Elizabeth BULMER    
06/11/1766 William TATE   Hunmanby Hannah HILBERT    
13/03/1767 Thomas LINWOOD     Sarah FISHER   Routh
09/07/1767 William WHITE   Hayton Ann SPENCER    
21/12/1767 Thomas ETHERINGTON   Etton Ann FISHER    
14/09/1768 Thomas BROWN     Mary WISE   Lockington
03/10/1768 William TAYLOR     Mary MATSON    
07/11/1768 John GILSON     Mary DOWNS    
26/10/1769 John STORR   St John, Beverley Fanny PARKER    
02/04/1770 William HEWARD   Holme On The Wolds Mary STAVELEY    
10/12/1770 Thomas FISHER     Elizabeth DOVE    
13/12/1770 Philip WITTY     Mary SYKES    
13/06/1771 William CADE   St Nicholas, Beverley Mary WATSON    
04/12/1772 Richard TAYLOR     Dorothy SPENCER    
19/04/1773 John TRAIN     Sarah SEYMOUR    
29/04/1773 William GAWAN   St John, Beverley Hannah GILBANK    
28/07/1773 John HALL     Elisabeth JEFFERSON    
17/05/1774 John HORNBY     Sarah KIRBY    
04/07/1774 Richard GILL     Ann FARROW    
01/10/1775 John RICKINSON   Houghton Le Spring, Durham Mary SEYMOR    
01/01/1776 Mark WATSON   Preston Ann KENNINGHAM    
13/02/1776 Thomas DUNN   Leven Ann WAUGH    
18/03/1776 George FORSTER   Cottingham Mary SPENCER    
27/05/1776 John WILLIAMSON     Elizabeth CUTFORTH    
13/04/1777 John WALKER   Etton Sarah STAVELEY    
22/04/1777 Henry LEE     Mary BIELBY    
09/05/1777 John SANDERSON     Elizabeth THOMAS   Everingham
26/11/1777 Robert ESCREET     Elizabeth GRAINGER    
30/11/1777 John LAWSON   Bainton Mary HUDSON    
01/12/1777 Thomas PRIESTMAN     Elizabeth SPENCER   St John, Beverley
21/12/1777 William WATSON   Cottingham Isabella WOODMANSY    
14/01/1778 William ATKINSON     Mary FISHER    
01/09/1778 Matthew JOHNSON   Bishop Burton Mary JOHNSON    
05/07/1779 William CHILSON   Rowley Hannah NORTH    
15/07/1779 John SANDERSON   Hutton Cranswick Mary BAKER    
23/11/1780 John WALKER     Jane ELLIS    
11/09/1781 George SMITH   St John, Beverley Mary WALE    
08/01/1783 William GILL     Mary WHITING    
21/01/1783 James WOULD     Jane THOMPSON    
1 25/11/1783 John BRANDHAM     Jane FISHER    
2 09/12/1784 Richard LOUNSBROUGH   St Nicholas, Beverley Elizabeth BRANDHAM Single  
08/04/1786 Christopher WADWORTH Single   Dinah FARROW Single  
19/04/1786 Francis MERRIT Single   Betty HILBERT Single  
01/10/1786 John HODGSON Single Wakefield Ann WILSON Single  
30/11/1786 William TINDALL Single   Sarah ELLIOT Single  
24/11/1787 Isaac WALKER Widower   Sarah WILLSON Single  
30/11/1787 Robert ELLEKER Single   Dinah COOK Single  
11/12/1787 Thomas SPEEK     Mary HUDSON Single  
12/05/1788 John GARNITT Single   Jane TINDIL Single  
07/09/1788 John MIDDLETON Single St Nicholas, Beverley Elizabeth LEE Single  
22/06/1789 William HOLMES   Kilnwick On The Wolds Sarah WALKER Widow  
04/08/1789 Richard TAYLOR Widower   Mary WOOD Single  
15/08/1789 James STABLES Single Wharram Percy Ann FEWSON Single  
01/01/1790 Christopher JEFFERSON     Sarah GILSON Single  
20/01/1790 Richard GILES Single   Mildred GARNESS Single  
11/10/1790 Richard LOWNSBROUGH Widower   Mary HUNSLEY    
04/07/1791 John SUGDEN   Swine Mary GILL    
27/12/1791 Robert THOMPSON     Mary ROBSON    
09/02/1792 James METCALFE     Elizabeth INGRAM    
14/11/1792 Joseph BINNINGTON Single St Nicholas, Beverley Sarah NORTH Single  
20/11/1792 Alexander WALKER Single   Hannah WILSON Single  
20/02/1793 William TAYLOR Single   Ann PRIESTMAN Single  
10/09/1793 William WALDBY   Lockington Phillis SARGANT Single  
03/10/1793 Samuel NORTH Single   Jane LAYBORN Widow  
14/11/1793 Matthew WALLAS Single   Mary TAYLOR Widow  
25/11/1793 John FISHWICK Single   Elizabeth GROUNDELL Single  
26/11/1793 John JEFFERSON Single   Mary BEILBY Single  
06/08/1794 John ATKINSON Single St Nicholas, Beverley Mary BODY Single  
02/12/1794 Richard WILKINSON   Scorborough Margaret CORDUX    
27/02/1796 Matthew GILSON     Mary INGLETON    
25/06/1796 Thomas WALKER     Ellen WILLSON    
25/07/1796 William COWLING Single Wawne Hannah WILLIAMSON Single  
25/06/1797 Thomas BENTON   Cottingham Mary WILSON    
24/04/1798 Hart BAYS   Beeford Elizabeth JESSOP Single  
24/12/1798 William MUTCH Single Cottingham Frances YOUNGSON Single  
22/04/1799 Robert EVERET Single   Elizabeth BUTLER Single  
22/07/1799 John ELDERSON   St Nicholas, Beverley Mary NEWHAM Single  
20/01/1800 John ASH   Barwick In Elmet Ellen WOODMANCY Single  
16/06/1800 Thomas LEE Single St John, Beverley Mary LEE Single  
27/10/1800 George DEAN     Dinah BRIGHAM Single  
21/12/1801 Thomas DUNN Widower   Mary SARGANT Widow  
21/12/1801 Francis SUTHWICK Single   Elizabeth SARGANT Single  
28/01/1802 John PENNINGTON Single   Sarah ATKINSON Single  
20/03/1802 William ROGERS Single   Rachel GIBSON Single  
17/10/1802 Joseph GARNIS Single   Mary CROSS Single  
30/11/1802 George DAGGETT Single   Margaret ATKINSON Single  
03/12/1802 Thomas THORNTON Widower Warter Elizabeth GIBSON Widow  
17/04/1803 Robert MILNER   Scorborough Mary AKERS Single  
24/04/1803 Christopher METCALFE   Sculcoates Mary LEE    
10/11/1803 John GRANT Single   Sarah HORNBY Single  
02/02/1805 Richard ARNOT     Dinah ELDERINGTON Single  
19/03/1805 John BREWER   Bishop Burton Mary COLLINSON Single  
21/09/1805 William ELWORD Single Wawne Mary SMITH Single  
26/11/1805 John WILLSON Single   Christiana CLARK Single  
04/02/1806 Thomas LEE Single   Elizabeth BRIGHAM Single  
24/11/1806 William PINKNEY Single   Elizabeth WALKER Single  
08/01/1807 Thomas CODINGTON     Mary CLARKE Single  
19/02/1807 John WITTY Single   Hannah WHITING Single  
02/12/1807 John WITHAM Single   Hannah LING Single  
19/12/1807 Christopher WILSON Single   Maria HUDSON Single  
25/10/1808 Richard BRIGGS   North Newbald Frances EDDRINGTON    
13/09/1809 Michael METCALFE Single St Mary, Hull Ann BELL Single  
19/11/1810 James CRAGGS Single   Ann LANGDALE Single  
08/09/1811 James TRIFFIT Single   Sarah CROSBY Widow  
10/03/1812 James BLADES   St John, Beverley Catharine SUTCLIFF Single  
03/08/1812 Thomas CAYHILL   Hessle Elizabeth GILL Single  
25/11/1812 William HESLOP     Martha SPENCER Single  
1 23/02/1813 William MARTIN Single Middleton On The Wolds Jane BRANDHAM Single  
2 17/05/1813 Foster RENBY Single   Hannah AGAR Single  
3 19/10/1813 Thomas SMITH Single Market Weighton Elizabeth BRANDHAM Single  
4 29/11/1813 Thomas BOYNTON Single Kilham Margaret JOHNSON Single  
5 26/11/1814 John ASHBY Single   Jane VAREY Single  
6 19/12/1814 William BOYNTON Single   Ann JOHNSON Single  
7 10/01/1815 Daniel JAMESON Single St Nicholas, Beverley Frances BRANDHAM Single  
8 24/10/1815 William ALLISON Single   Mary THOMPSON Single  
9 30/03/1816 Robert ASHBY Single Bishop Burton Betty WILLIAMSON Single  
10 18/05/1816 Henry CLARK Single   Elizabeth FEWSON Single  
11 25/11/1816 John WITHERWICK Single Holy Trinity, Hull Elizabeth HOLMES Single  
12 26/11/1816 Robert JOHNSON Single   Martha SPENCELEY Single  
13 26/11/1816 William GRAY Single   Sarah BUSTARD Single  
14 13/01/1817 Thomas CLARK Single   Mary TAYLOR Single  
15 06/05/1817 Thomas WARDELL Single Etton Mary BRANDHAM Single  
16 10/06/1817 William TAYLOR Single   Mary ROBINSON Single  
17 01/02/1819 John NORTH Single   Ruth WRAY Single  
18 05/11/1820 Philip STOGDALE Widower   Martha MERRINGTON Single  
19 10/07/1821 Philip FISHER Single   Mary ARNOTT Single  
20 08/12/1821 Thomas TAYLOR Single   Ann ROBINSON Single  
21 02/05/1822 Robert GRUBB Single   Elizabeth TWIDLE Single  
22 23/10/1822 Richard HOTHAM Single   Elizabeth HANCE Single  
23 08/04/1823 Eleazar SHERWOOD Single Scarborough Mary GRACE Single  
24 21/11/1824 Mark CLARK     Amey WILSON    
25 27/11/1824 William FAIRBURN Single Watton Ann ROBINSON Single  
26 12/07/1825 John ROBINSON Widower Lockington Nancy LANGDALE Single  
27 29/07/1827 William JARAM     Fanny JAKEMAN    
28 05/08/1827 James JOHNSON Single   Ellen WELDON Widow  
29 18/12/1827 John DUKE Single St Nicholas, Beverley Sarah GREY Single  
30 30/01/1828 Thomas WALKDEN     Elizabeth LEE    
31 18/09/1828 George SISSONS   Watton Elizabeth GRAY    
32 01/03/1831 George WADSWORTH   Swine Hannah VAIRY    
33 24/11/1831 William SPENCE     Mary TOWNSEND    
34 24/03/1832 Thomas STEPHENSON   Routh Jane ROBINSON    
35 11/03/1833 Richard BUGG   St Nicholas, Beverley Hannah FOSTER    
36 13/04/1833 John WILES   Wharram Percy Elizabeth RAE    
37 26/02/1834 William HUNSLEY     Sarah ELLERKER    
38 15/04/1834 John WALKER     Ann WALLAS    
39 26/11/1834 North BARNES     Jane Hargrave WILKINSON    
40 29/01/1835 Richard LONDSBROUGH     Christiana HUNSLEY    
44 21/02/1835 Mark HOLMES     Frances CRAGGY    
41 17/03/1835 John LEWTHORPE   St John, Beverley Ann FISHER    
42 20/10/1835 James PENROSE     Elizabeth GILES    
43 29/10/1835 John HOLTBY   Holy Trinity, Hull Sarah FISHER    
45 19/03/1836 John Mainprice TURNER     Elizabeth DICKENS    
46 28/06/1836 William PAGE   Kilnwick On The Wolds Mary HARLAND    
47 30/07/1836 William CONSTABLE   Hotham Mary Ann WESTOBY    
48 04/08/1836 John BATESON     Ellen WILSON    

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