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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Liverton St Michael


The Parish

The chapelry of Liverton subsidiary to nearby Easington, lies in northeastern Yorkshire, just north of the boundary of the North York Moors National Park and close to Yorkshire's coast with the North Sea. Liverton is located about 7 miles east of the market town of Guisborough and sits on the B1366 road which connects Loftus with the Guisborough to Whitby road. Liverton is a small village with most properties lying on the B1366. Liverton would have earned its income from farming, the land, rising to the south onto heather moorland was only really suitable for sheep being of a poor soil quality and exposed to the weather. Liverton is drained northwards by a side stream of the Kilton Beck, the latter reaching the nearby coast at Skinningrove. Liverton is sited at between 130 and 160 metres above the sea, the road rising steadily southwards, land continues to rise onto the North York Moors to the south reaching local heights of 250 metres at the Whitby road. The chapelry's acreage was small for so far north, it covered only 2,400 acres and would have supported a population of around 200 parishioners. In Domesday times Liverton was on the northern edge of the Norman's influence and was held by Earl Hugh of Chester despite only offering a single plough.

The Church

St Michael's church sits to the north of the village, accessed by a gated and roughly surfaced lane to the west of the B1366. Outwardly the church appears to date from the early 20th century restoration but once inside the details reval a much older building. Pevsner is quick to note the chancel arch which he describes as a "quite spectacular Norman piece" and is highly decorated with biblical scenes. Other pieces of masonry remain from the Norman Romanesque style which places the church into the 12th century. That restoration of 1902/3 was, however, extensive and much does date from that period. Once through the gates the tarred lane leads to a small parking area outside the churchyard which is enclosed by a rough local stone wall, the churchyard itself is free of photographic obstructions.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 22nd November 1756 - 28th April 1812 Teeside Archives - Reference - PAR/LIV/1/6 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 18th May 1813 - 11th June 1837 Teeside Archives - Reference - PAR/LIV/1/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Skelton in Cleveland All Saints
Loftus St Leonard
Loftus St Leonard
Skelton in Cleveland All Saints
Loftus St Leonard
Skelton in Cleveland All Saints
Danby St Hilda
Loftus St Leonard

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 22/11/1756 Jonathan HESLETON Ann HART Skelton In Cleveland
2 25/11/1756 Francis CORNFORTH Mary BATTERSBY
3 25/01/1757 John CARLING Jane WEBSTER
4 18/04/1758 Francis SUGGET Jane JOHNSON
5 20/07/1758 William TAYLOR Widower Elizabeth TAYLOR Single
6 29/05/1759 Nicholas MARLEY Single Margaret PORRIT Widow
7 09/06/1759 Isaac PORRET Single Thomasin TIPLADY Single
8 03/02/1761 John HULL Lythe Elizabeth PROUD
9 09/04/1761 Edward BELL Single Stokesley Jane CORNFORTH Single
10 16/05/1761 William TEMPLE Single Jane HEBRON Single
11 29/09/1761 William CORNFORTH Widower Eleanor WINSPER Single
12 08/10/1761 William PARKIN Elisabeth HUSBAND
13 19/04/1763 Thomas PARKIN Susannah GARBUT
14 14/04/1764 Joseph HART Loftus Alice CLARKSON
15 15/11/1764 William PARKIN Meckealeah PRESS
16 01/01/1765 Paul CORNFORTH Dinah HESLETON
17 21/11/1765 William WALKER Hannah PARKIN Single
18 09/12/1765 Thomas PETCH Single Hannah PINKENEY Single
07/12/1767 John CARLING Mary PETCH Single
20/10/1768 Mark SUGGET Elisabeth LAWSON
01/12/1768 John TEMPLE Sarah WATSON
30/01/1770 John BENNISON Skelton In Cleveland Dinah PARKIN
05/09/1771 Benjamin BULLMER Jane PORRET
05/08/1772 Thomas WALKER Ann STEPHENSON
26 06/06/1773 Richard ROBINSON Skelton In Cleveland Margaret MARLEY
30 04/12/1773 Zachery Marley HICKS Loftus Alice HART
28 07/12/1773 Thomas GARBET Ann BROWN
29 07/12/1773 George THOMSON Skelton In Cleveland Hannah WALKER
31 10/02/1774 Francis SUGGET Frances WASTER
32 14/02/1774 John CORNFORTH Mary TEMPLE
33 06/04/1774 Thomas ALLAN Guisborough Jane CARLING
34 14/08/1775 Richard LAY Easington Near Guisborough Jane KNAGGS Easington Near Guisborough
35 26/12/1775 John LIDSTER Margaret WASTER
36 23/01/1776 William BROTTON Jane SUGGET Loftus
37 23/01/1776 William CALVERT Loftus Dinah HUSBAND
38 12/11/1776 Jonathan PORRIT Elizabeth WALKER
39 16/01/1777 John SEPHENSON Ann TEMPLE
40 16/06/1777 George LYNAS Mary HARDCASTLE
17/12/1777 William CAMPION Hannah SANDERSON Easington Near Guisborough
41 11/01/1778 William FOWLER Jane RICHARDSON Wilton
42 05/02/1778 Ruben ROGER Mary GARBUT
43 04/06/1778 John BROTTON Hannah SUGGET
23/11/1778 Robert WALKER Ann FEATHERSTONE
24/12/1778 John CARR Frances SUGGIT
20/07/1779 John PRODDAM Danby Elizabeth FOWLER
17/08/1779 Isaac PORRIT Single Elizabeth HUSBAND Single
03/12/1779 William HUSBAND Dinah CORNFORTH
08/02/1780 William HUSBAND Elizabeth WARDALE Skelton In Cleveland
31/10/1780 William CORNFORTH Bridget SHIMMIN
13/11/1780 Thomas SNOWDON Eston Mary ATKINSON
19/04/1781 Thomas BROWN Dinah HUSBAND
30/04/1782 Watson DIXON Kirkleatham Margaret LEADLEY
20/05/1783 James SANDERSON Hannah BROTTON
14/10/1783 John CRAM Dinah CALVERT
06/01/1784 Robert ARVISON Mary PIBUS Widow
03/06/1784 Michael MILLER Mary BROTTON Single
22/11/1784 Zacheriah MARLEY Mary MOON
08/06/1785 William SHAW Jane BENNISON
22/03/1786 Thomas CLARKSON Single Ann FLETCHER Single
24/04/1787 John RICHARDSON Hannah DALE
25/03/1788 Thomas GARBUTT Mary SUGGITT
25/03/1788 James BELL Loftus Alice SUGGETT
05/01/1789 Edward CHARLTON Jane BARBER
27/01/1789 William DALE Jane PINKNEY
08/04/1789 Nathaniel LANGBURNE Stokesley Bethelina CHAPMAN
21/05/1789 Robert GREEN Skelton In Cleveland Margaret HODGSON
26/05/1789 Gregory MARLEY Mary SMITH
19/07/1789 Ralph WILLIS Jane MARLEY
21/09/1789 Thomas POTTIT Lythe Mary PETCH
19/04/1790 John GARBUTT Ann GALLON Hinderwell
23/11/1790 John ATKINSON Eleanor CROSLEY Single
14/01/1791 Francis PYBUS Dinah BENNISON Single
07/02/1791 Daniel WALKER Mary ELLIS Middleton On Leven
10/02/1791 William GARBUTT Ann REED
08/09/1791 James ATKINSON Joanna PEARSON
24/11/1791 Joseph STEPHENSON Brotton Abigail JORDANSON
06/02/1793 John ATKINSON Elizabeth FEATHERSTON
31/12/1793 George THOMPSON Skelton In Cleveland Mary TAYLOR
08/07/1794 Philip HESELTON Hannah WAISTER
24/11/1796 Michael REDMAN Mary MOODY
29/06/1797 Robert PEARSON Mary ROBINSON
04/01/1798 William HEBRON Priscilla PORRITT
20/03/1798 Henry ROBINSON Single Mary ROWLAND Loftus
02/04/1798 James CLARK Skelton In Cleveland Susanna SWALES
11/03/1803 Daniel WILSON Single Brotton Martha ROBINSON Single
24/07/1803 John JOHNSON Single Mary SANDERSON Single
18/08/1803 Thomas GARBUTT Widower Ann DALE Single
06/09/1803 William GRANGE Widower Jane DALE Widow
24/10/1803 Jonathan WILKINSON Loftus Rachel ROBSON
14/08/1804 Francis CORNFORTH Single Frances CARR Single
08/03/1805 John AGAR Single Ann TEMPLE
28/01/1806 Joseph PYBUS Single Hannah DALE Single
01/04/1806 Joseph EASBY Single Loftus Susanna GARBUTT
15/12/1806 John MARLEY Single Mary BROTTON Single
31/12/1806 James DAVISON Single Joanna ROBINSON
19/03/1807 Jonathan WINSPEAR Single Mary PEACOCK Single
01/09/1807 James SANDISON Widower Jane CORNFORTH Single
03/12/1807 Patrick DOWNEY Single Hannah SANDERSON
01/09/1809 Joseph PETCH Rosedale Sarah SWALES
12/06/1810 John STONEHOUSE Eleanor HODGSON
26/12/1810 Thomas PRESSICK Single Brotton Thomasin PORRIT Single
01/01/1811 John RICHARDSON Single Hannah SHAW Single
04/03/1811 John DIXON Single Stockton On Tees, Durham Dinah PETCH Single
27/03/1811 James BELL Single Loftus Ann RODGER Single
13/04/1811 James SMITH Single Hannah PYBUS Single
23/05/1811 James PYBUS Single Alice ABRAHAM Single
28/04/1812 Thomas RAWE Single Alice PYBUS Single
1 18/05/1813 James BRYAN Mary HEBRON Single
2 08/08/1814 John ATLAY Sherriff Hutton Hannah PORRITT Single
3 06/12/1814 Ralph GARBUTT Single Loftus Margaret COWARD Single
4 24/01/1815 William CORNFORTH Single Ann RICHARDSON Single
5 24/05/1815 John CORNFORTH Single Sarah HEBRON Single
6 07/04/1817 John LOWES Widower Kirkleatham Ann SANDERSON Single
7 22/05/1817 William CLARKE Single Lastingham Esther CORNFORTH Single
8 19/06/1817 Jonathan WINSPEAR Single Danby Mary SHAW Single
9 23/08/1817 George WELFORD Widower Lythe Mary HUSBAND Single
10 11/12/1817 Allan HUTTON Single Mary CORNFORTH Single
11 01/01/1818 John CHARLTON Single Skelton In Cleveland Ann GARBUTT Single
12 29/11/1818 John SHAW Single Hannah CARTER Single Hinderwell
13 30/11/1818 Thomas NISBIT Widower Hannah WILLAS Single
14 23/06/1820 George BENNISON Single Martha PARKS Single
15 29/07/1820 Isaac SHAW Single Abigail TODD Single
16 10/11/1820 Isaac SMALES Single Mary SOWERBY Single
17 11/11/1820 William SCARTH Single Skelton In Cleveland Elizabeth PETCH Single
18 05/02/1821 Thomas ROWE Widower Mary PYBUS Single
19 06/07/1823 William AGAR Single Danby Elizabeth PEARSON Single
20 14/10/1823 John MANLEY Single Ann MARLEY Single
21 17/07/1824 Stephen GARBUTT Single Hannah FIRTH Single
22 31/07/1824 William JOHNSON Single Ann PEARSON Single
23 28/11/1824 Robert CARTER Single Guisborough Jane SHAW Single
24 08/12/1824 Eleazer CUTHBERT Single Eston Mary GARBUTT Single
25 10/08/1826 William LINDSEY Single Loftus Ann TIPLADY Single
26 02/09/1826 Mark GARBUTT Single Jane WATSON Single
27 20/12/1828 John MARLEY Widower Mary SIMPSON Single Loftus
28 28/02/1829 James DOWEY Single Ann BENNISON Single
29 24/06/1829 Robert BOYER Single Loftus Elizabeth WALKER Single
30 28/12/1829 Thomas HEBRON Single Sarah PEACOCK Single
31 12/05/1830 William COWARD Kirkby In Cleveland Ann BELL
32 03/03/1832 Thomas PETCH Elizabeth CORNFORTH
33 20/11/1832 John ROBINSON Sibbel SMALES
34 19/10/1833 William MEAD Mary HARLAND
35 23/11/1833 William JOHNSON Jane PEACOCK
36 07/01/1834 John PEARSON Jane PYBUS
37 18/05/1835 Robert KNOTT Marske In Cleveland Elizabeth BROWN
38 23/05/1835 William DOBSON Dinah CORNFORTH
39 04/04/1836 James GARBUTT Sarah WATSON
40 10/06/1837 Daniel WALKER Ann LAWSON
41 11/06/1837 Thomas LECKENBY Skelton In Cleveland Hannah TEMPLE

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