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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Marrick St Andrew


The Parish

The parish of Marrick lies in northwestern North Yorkshire not too far away from its borders with both neighbouring Westmorland but also County Durham. Marrick is located about 7 miles west of the market town of Richmond in the uplands of Swaledale. Marrick is a small and compact village sitting on the northern side of the River Swale about a half mile north of the B6270 road which connects Reeth with Richmond on the equivalent southern bank. Swaledale is famous for two economic activities and both were mainstays of Marrick's economy. The main economic driver was the extensive lead mines, some of the oldest in England, the spoil from these mines and their "hushes" still scar the northern slopes of Swaledale but provided a hard living for the men involved, the other main economic activity was the raising of Swaledale sheep, still a mainstay of the local economy. Today a further driver is the (somewhat controversial) "sport" of driven grouse shooting which dominates the heather moors of the area. A feature of Swaledale, and a source of income, is the "Coast to Coast Trail" which passes through Marrick on its way from Irish to North Seas. The Swale, which drains eastwards, heads off on a long journey to reach the North Sea through the Humber estuary. Marrick is sited at around 300 metres above sea level, 140 metres above the level of the Swale but also a further 100 metres lower than local heights on Marrick Moor. Marrick parish, typically for an upland northern parish, covered an extensive area (much of it relatively untamed moorland) of around 6,000 acres, it would have supported a population of around 650 parishioners although the population is somewhat lower today. In Domesday times Marrick was held by one Count Alan of Brittany, its assets were not specifically listed but at 5 geld units it was a profitable holding.

The Church

St Andrew's church lies about 3/4 of a mile west of Marrick village at the end of a metalled lane following the Swale from Reeth (used by the Coast to Coast Trail). The church was constructed in 1811 from materials and incorporating parts of the former Priory, reputedly Benedictine and 12th century which lies in ruins around the site. It is difficult to identify what is original structure and what is merely reused portions but Pevsner is sure some portions are 13th century and others reused 13th century pieces. The church is best accessed along the narrow lane from Reeth, the site is part of the Outdoor Recreation Centre.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 20th April 1754 - 15th October 1812 North Yorkshire Record Office - Reference - PR/MAR/1/2
Plain, unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads The register has been badly impacted by water damage such that many entries are rendered close to invisibility. Where extant BTs survive they have been used to mitigate but misreads may well still be present, segregation is also poor even when of better image quality and accidental omissions could also occur
2 16th February 1813 - 8th August 1836 North Yorkshire Record Office - Reference - PR/MAR/1/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Arkengarthdale St Mary
Kirby Ravensworth St Peter & St Felix
Kirby Ravensworth St Peter & St Felix
Grinton St Andrew
Marske St Edmund
Grinton St Andrew
Downholme St Michael
Downholme St Michael

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
20/04/1754 Ralph SMITH     Mary PETTY    
20/05/1754 Robert WAGGET     Magdalene PETTY    
30/09/1754 Richard DOLPHIN     Elizabeth GARTH    
24/06/1755 George BROWN     Anne DAWSON   Kirby Ravensworth
31/03/1756 Thomas BUTTERFIELD     Dorothy WAGGET    
17/05/1756 William PETTY     Mary DICKINSON    
05/09/1756 George ARROWSMITH     Rebecca SHERLOCK    
23/11/1756 William BROWN     Dorothy BROWN    
23/11/1756 William PORTER     Anne SELLY    
23/12/1756 Christopher KING     Anne HOPS    
06/08/1757 John HAWKINS     Prudence GLADWIN    
05/09/1757 Robert MOORE     Mary BRODLE    
23/10/1757 John MARCH     Margaret MARCH    
19/01/1758 Ralph MARCH     Anne MARCH    
23/01/1758 Francis MORLAND     Dorothy HAWKINS    
18/10/1758 John TUNSTALL     Frances LAMB    
12/11/1758 Thomas MUSGRAVE     Elizabeth JACKSON    
14/11/1758 Thomas PORTER     Mary COCK    
17/11/1758 Thomas PEARSON   Hipswell Mary BLENKIRON    
26/11/1758 Ambrose CLEMISON     Eleanor GARTH    
06/02/1759 Marmaduke LUPTON     Mary BLENKIRON    
14/02/1759 Ralph HILARY     Ann COATS    
26/02/1759 William GARTHWAIT     Elizabeth LENNARD    
15/05/1759 John HARRISON     Isabel FRANKLAND    
11/06/1759 Richard POUNDER     Anne WAGGET    
08/07/1759 Joseph POUNDER     Jane GARTH    
10/07/1759 Thomas NELSON     Mary BINKS    
03/09/1759 Robert METCALFE     Margaret NEESHAM    
01/07/1760 Joseph CLEMINSON     Mary FAWCET   Kirby Ravensworth
13/07/1760 Patrick SIMPSON     Eleanor COATS    
02/02/1761 William MENNIL     Elizabeth HESLETON    
08/06/1761 Roger ROBINSON   Downholme Anne NELSON    
13/07/1761 John POWNDER     Anne BREKENFIELD    
09/12/1761 John MARCH     Mary FRANKLAND    
14/12/1761 Francis ALSOP     Elizabeth BRODWELL    
25/01/1762 Joseph MEDCALFE     Mary ROBINSON    
30/06/1762 John PORTER     Elizabeth PETTY    
30/06/1762 Bartholomew BLENKIRON     Elizabeth MOORE    
16/05/1763 John JOBSON   Marske Martha JACKSON    
04/06/1763 Christopher BROWN     Anne ALLISON    
01/08/1763 Joseph ROBINSON     Rachel BROWN    
14/09/1763 John BISHOP   Hornby Elizabeth ALSOP    
06/08/1764 Thomas ALSOP     Elizabeth METCALF    
03/06/1765 Nicholas HAWKINS     Rebecca GARTH    
26/08/1765 Joseph PETTY     Elizabeth COCK    
27/08/1765 William KEARTON   Downholme Margaret BINKS    
20/10/1765 Thomas LANGSTAFF     Sarah ALDERSON    
22/10/1765 Thomas BINKS     Elizabeth OUTHWAIT    
24/10/1765 Henry DEACON   Marske Margaret ARROWSMITH    
17/12/1765 William WAGGET     Mary DOLPHIN    
10/02/1766 William HUTCHINSON   Kirby Ravensworth Alice SPENCER    
15/04/1766 Jonathan LONGSTAFF     Margaret BROWN    
20/05/1766 John BUSBY   Marske Eleanor MARCH    
31/08/1766 Thomas TENNANT   Marske Martha GREATHEAD    
05/12/1767 William BELL     Elizabeth BLENKIRON    
16/05/1768 Henry RAW     Eleanor GAY    
10/08/1768 William Moses LONSDALE   Grinton Mary RAW    
21/12/1768 William SPENCER   Grinton Sarah SIDDLE    
20/04/1769 William WAGGET     Jane RICHARDSON    
04/09/1769 Joseph MARLEY   Melsonby Elizabeth DOLPHIN    
28/09/1769 John BENSON     Mary HILLERY    
14/11/1769 William SIDDLE     Elizabeth HILLERY    
19/02/1770 Christopher ELLERTON     Mary FIRBY    
30/04/1770 George DENT     Mary HANSON    
30/04/1770 Henry WALKER   Downholme Isabella DOLPHIN    
21/08/1770 John HARRISON   Grinton Alice CLEMENTSON    
03/09/1770 Joseph STEVENSON     Mary METCALFE    
05/02/1771 Thomas HODGSON     Ann PORTER    
12/02/1771 Thomas FRANKLAND     Mary SIDDLE    
15/03/1771 Thomas DOLPHIN     Rachel KAY    
24/02/1772 William GUY     Ann SIDDLE    
18/05/1772 Charles JONES     Eleanor MARCH    
06/07/1772 James DOLPHIN Single   Alice DOLPHIN    
14/12/1772 John DOLPHIN     Mary JONES    
21/12/1772 John HODGEN     Elizabeth PETTY    
22/12/1772 Henry ROBINSON     Hannah PETTY    
14/10/1773 William DENT     Dorothy TAYLOR    
24/11/1773 Joseph HAWKIN     Ann ALSOP    
06/12/1773 Thomas ROBINSON     Elizabeth ROBINSON    
26/01/1774 John DOOLEN     Margaret RICHARDSON    
11/07/1774 Alexander DUNN   Grinton Elizabeth FIRBY    
13/12/1774 George JACKSON     Elizabeth RAW    
31/01/1775 John STEVENSON     Rebecca DOLPHIN    
06/02/1775 George FRANKLAND     Sarah WATKINSON    
18/04/1775 Benjamin STEVENSON     Mary ATKINSON    
20/11/1775 John HOPPS     Margaret HIRD    
19/12/1775 James MARCH     Barbary INGRAM    
29/04/1776 William BLENKIRON     Elizabeth DENT    
13/05/1776 Michael RAW     Mary SHERLOCK   Grinton
30/09/1776 Thomas POWNDER     Rebeckah HAWKIN    
07/10/1776 Robert ALDERSON   Arkengarthdale Dinah HOPPS    
09/11/1776 Thomas DOLPHIN     Ruth SHAW    
31/03/1777 Joseph DOLPHIN     Mary DOLPHIN    
03/06/1777 John MUSGRAVE     Henrietta Maria WAGGETT    
24/08/1777 William WAGGETT     Ann OUTHWAIT    
22/09/1777 Joseph POUNDER     Elizabeth MOSON    
23/11/1777 Bartholomew BLENKIRON     Elizabeth ROBINSON    
18/01/1778 John PRATT   Aysgarth Mary DAWSON    
23/02/1778 William WAGGIT     Elizabeth HODGSON    
17/05/1778 William PETTY     Hannah SAVIL    
27/09/1778 John RAW   Grinton Alice KAY    
20/10/1778 Jonathan HOPPS     Rachel WAGGET    
26/10/1778 Thomas COLLINS   Arkengarthdale Jane DOLPHIN    
03/11/1778 John BLENKIRON     Elizabeth SPENCER    
07/12/1778 Leonard WENSLEY     Parnella PLETTS    
15/12/1778 William DENT     Edith TEMPLE    
31/05/1779 William SIDDEL     Barbara HILLERY    
03/10/1779 John ELLWOOD     Jane WATTERS   Grinton
13/12/1779 James WHITE   Grinton Hanne KAY    
31/07/1780 James POUNDER     Mary PEDLEY    
17/09/1780 James PEACOCK   Grinton Mary METCALF    
16/10/1780 James BEWS     Mary CLARKSON    
30/01/1781 Thomas RAIN     Margaret HALL    
00/09/1781 Benjamin BROWN     Elizabeth THOMPSON    
00/05/1783 Francis ALLEN     Elizabeth ROGERS    
20/10/1783 Thomas MARCH     Dorothy GARFORTH    
16/04/1784 Henry GARTHWAITE     Jane HIRD   Arkengarthdale
09/05/1784 George FERBY   Downholme Elizabeth BLENKIRON    
01/06/1784 Edward BROWNE     Mary WHYTALE    
24/08/1784 George OUTHWAITE     Elizabeth MUDD    
08/11/1784 John HILLERY     Hannah GARTHWAITE    
06/12/1784 John HAWKIN     Rachel ROBINSON    
20/12/1784 James BLENKIRON     Elizabeth WHITE   Richmond
28/12/1784 Joseph SIDDEL     Eliner MARCH    
25/01/1785 Richard DOLPHIN     Eleaner PORTER    
05/04/1785 William ROGERS     Mary BLENKIRON    
25/04/1785 Thomas SIDDELL     Ann CLEMINSON    
09/05/1785 Henry PEACOCK     Ann CLOSE    
04/07/1785 William GARTHWAITE     Mary PORTER    
17/01/1786 John MARCH     Ann HILLERY    
13/03/1786 William HUTCHISON     Mary WAGGET    
26/06/1786 Jonathan RAIN     Parnella WENSLEY    
26/06/1786 James HIRD     Mary COLTON    
15/10/1787 Bartholomew BLENKIRON     Betty CLOSE    
12/11/1787 George DOLPHIN     Margaret COLTON    
03/03/1788 William GARTHWAITE     Eleanor JONES    
03/08/1788 Hennery RODGERS     Nancy MUSGRAVE    
13/10/1788 William HAWKIN     Margaret ALSOP    
08/12/1788 Richard DOLPHIN     Merria PEDLEY    
07/07/1789 Joseph HUGILL   Easby Catherine HARE    
07/12/1789 Robert COLDSYSON     Mary HAWKIN    
02/01/1791 James MARCH     Mary CLEMINSON    
04/04/1791 Richard NELSON   Downholme Matty BLENKIRON    
25/07/1791 James BLENKIRON     Elizabeth WAGGET    
12/09/1791 George HAWKIN     Dorothy POUNDER   Kirby Ravensworth
10/10/1791 John PETTEY     Hannah BLENKIRON    
17/10/1791 James HIRD   Grinton Elener GUY    
13/02/1792 Thomas PETTEY     Peggy TODD    
02/04/1792 Francis ALSOPE     Mary GUY    
04/02/1793 Henry GUY     Elizabeth FRANKLAND    
29/05/1793 Francis LEE     Betty BINKS    
25/11/1793 John BINKS     Isabella BLENKIRON    
16/02/1795 Thomas PEACOCK   Grinton Barbary FINLEY    
17/02/1795 Francis MUSGRAVE     Martha JACKSON    
03/03/1795 William GARTHWAITE     Ann BROWN   Kirby Ravensworth
19/04/1795 James METCALF     Mary NEALSON    
01/06/1795 William HODGSON     Margaret JONES    
01/06/1795 Charles JONES     Christian CLEMINSON    
28/09/1795 John RAW     Mary PEACOCK    
30/11/1795 James METCALFE   Hudswell Isabella SHAW    
30/11/1795 Edward GUY     Bellah PORTER    
21/12/1795 Thomas HODGSON     Tibby GUY    
10/04/1796 John FRANKLAND     Elizabeth MARCH    
06/09/1796 John DINSDALE     Elizabeth BLENKIRON    
26/12/1796 Nicholas HAWKIN     Nancy POUNDER    
03/07/1797 John MARCH     Gimmimah DOLPHIN    
18/06/1798 Christopher HUTCHINSON   Marske Ann FRANKLIN    
24/06/1798 John SMITH     Sarah BROWN    
25/06/1798 John SMITH     Sarah BROWN    
02/09/1799 George CLEMINSON     Peggy WHITE    
07/06/1800 William GUY     Nancy TENNANT   Grinton
28/07/1800 Thomas MAWSON     Barbara BLENKIRON    
08/07/1801 John HODGSON     Sally WATSON    
30/11/1801 William FRANKLAN     Ellen ELWOOD    
02/12/1802 John STEVENSON     Anna PORTER    
07/12/1802 Joseph BROWN     Nancy BROWN    
06/01/1803 Wilkinson SMITH     Ann HODGSON    
06/01/1803 Robert WHITELL     Ann GUY    
15/03/1803 David JONES     Martha SPENCE    
05/05/1803 Michael HUTCHINSON   Marske Mary MARCH    
30/08/1803 Joseph HAWKIN     Mary POUNDER    
20/11/1803 Joseph TENNANT   Grinton Dinah BINKS    
15/11/1804 John ROBINSON     Alice BROWN   Arkengarthdale
04/03/1805 George LANGDALE   Middleham Mary DAWSON    
13/05/1805 Robert LANGSTAFF     Elizabeth ROGER    
20/05/1805 James BUSBY   Marske Jane PEACOCK    
28/05/1805 James SIDDEL     Elizabeth HAWKIN    
24/06/1805 William GUY     Elizabeth RICHARDSON    
29/05/1806 George OUTHWAITE     Ann GOLDSBOROUGH    
21/07/1806 John BROWN     Elizabeth FUDERGIL    
28/07/1806 Henry GUY     Isabella SIDDEL   Kirby Ravensworth
11/11/1806 Thomas LANGSTAFFE     Mary GLADWIN    
24/11/1806 James SIMPSON   Grinton Mary BROWN    
29/12/1806 John CATTERICK   Melsonby Mary HILLARY    
10/08/1807 George JACKSON     Elizabeth WHITE    
17/08/1807 Ralph WAGGETT     Mary JACKSON    
23/11/1807 John GUY     Ann WESTMORLAND    
06/07/1808 George PICKERING     Edith DENT    
27/09/1808 Charles JONES     Jane BLAND    
02/01/1809 John RICHARDSON     Margaret MARCH    
03/06/1809 Robert WATSON   Richmond Ruth ROBINSON    
25/12/1809 Thomas MARCH     Jane LITTLEFAIRE    
14/05/1810 William GARTHWAITE     Mary GREATHEAD    
27/11/1810 Benjamin BROWN     Elizabeth PORTER    
28/01/1811 Charles DENT   Arkengarthdale Mary GARTHWAITE    
04/02/1811 Christopher WILLSON     Elizabeth JACKSON    
19/03/1811 Michael WAGGETT     Elizabeth PEACOCK    
15/04/1811 David HODGSON     Mary BONNER   Kirby Ravensworth
15/10/1812 Henry WAGGETT     Jane COLDSISON    
1 16/02/1813 George CHALDER     Mary BINKS    
2 10/01/1814 George HILLARY     Susannah GARTHWAITE    
3 10/01/1814 John ATKINSON   Downholme Martha BLENKIRON    
4 16/06/1814 Thomas NELSON   Grinton Hannah CRADOCK    
5 04/07/1814 John HAWKIN     Elizabeth ALDERSON   Grinton
6 04/07/1814 George PEACOCK   Grinton Elizabeth ALSOPP    
7 14/11/1814 Bartholomew PETTY   Marske Ann COOKE    
8 27/03/1815 William MARCH     Rachael GLADWIN    
9 05/06/1815 Thomas HARRISON     Margaret WHITE    
10 11/09/1815 John BARKER   Barton Margaret POUNDER    
11 18/09/1815 Thomas GARTHWAITE     Hannah WESTMORELAND    
12 07/11/1815 James PEACOCK   Grinton Mary NELSON    
13 05/12/1815 Thomas THOMPSON     Mary JOHNSON    
14 31/12/1815 John HILLARY     Elizabeth BELL   Kirby Ravensworth
15 29/01/1816 John CLEMINSON     Mary GUYE    
16 11/03/1816 John MARCH     Mary SIDDALL    
17 28/05/1816 Thomas SIMPSON   Grinton Fanny DODSWORTH    
18 02/10/1816 Henry HODGSON     Mary HAWKIN    
19 13/05/1817 George HILLARY     Nancy SUNTER Single Grinton
20 23/06/1817 Joseph CLEMINSON     Isabella SWALES Single  
21 31/08/1817 Anthony HUTCHINSON   Grinton Margaret SHERLOCK Single  
22 24/11/1817 Thomas FRANKLAND Single   Isabella SIDDLE Single  
23 13/01/1818 Thomas POUNDER Single   Jane ABBOT Single Hornby
24 23/03/1818 William SIDDLE Single   Mary GUY Single  
25 13/08/1818 Richard DUNN Single Gainford, Durham Frances SHERLOCK Single  
26 30/08/1818 George MACMELLON Single Downholme Sarah VEAL Single  
27 08/12/1818 John BROWN     Ann DOLPHIN   Hutton Magna
28 31/05/1819 George DOLPHIN     Elizabeth DOLPHIN Single  
29 20/09/1819 George ALSOP Single   Jane HAWKIN Single  
30 29/11/1819 William GARTHWAITE Widower   Elizabeth ALSOP Single  
31 06/12/1819 Thomas SIDDELL Single   Mary ALSOP Single  
32 25/12/1819 Christopher HARRISON Single   Mary IBBOTSON Single  
33 13/05/1820 Robert COLDSYSON Single   Elizabeth SANSOM Single  
34 18/12/1820 Thomas MAWSON     Ann GLADWING Single Grinton
35 23/05/1821 Michael WAGGET Widower   Jane WHALLEY Single  
36 04/06/1821 Thomas ALSOP     Elizabeth DOLPHIN    
37 01/10/1821 Edward HILLARY Single   Ann HODGSON Single  
38 08/10/1821 William HAWKIN Single   Margaret POUNDER Single  
39 13/10/1821 George FRANKLIN Single   Barbara RICHARDSON Single  
40 13/05/1822 David ALDERSON Single   Isabella GUY Single  
41 26/08/1822 William MARCH Single   Elizabeth FRANKLIN Single  
42 01/10/1822 William NEASHAM Single   Jane GARTHWAITE Single  
43 28/04/1823 John TEASDALE   Downholme Elizabeth NELSON Single  
44 07/10/1823 John ALDERSON Widower   Margaret HAWKIN Single  
45 01/11/1823 Thomas SIMPSON Single Marske Margaret LANGSTAFFE Single  
46 09/12/1823 James HALL Single Marske Sarah COLDSYSON Single  
47 27/04/1824 John CHERRY Single Grinton Ann HAWKINS Single  
48 27/09/1824 John FRANKLAND Single   Margaret HUTCHINSON Single  
49 22/11/1824 Joseph SEDGEWICK Single Coverham Margaret FRANKLAND Single  
50 22/12/1824 William SIDDLE Widower   Sarah FRANKLAND Single  
51 15/02/1825 Henry WAGGETT Widower   Elizabeth HIRD Widow  
52 05/12/1825 Edward HIRD Single   Eleanor GUY Single  
53 02/01/1826 George MARCH Single   Christian SIDDLE Single  
54 04/09/1826 John GUY   Kirby Ravensworth Mary LANGSTAFF Single  
55 19/09/1826 William PETTY     Hannah LANGSTAFF Single  
56 23/01/1827 John PETTY Single   Elizabeth BLENKIRON Widow  
57 12/03/1827 Matthew BEAL Single   Elizabeth WHALEY Single  
58 20/04/1827 Robert MEAD   Bowes Penelope LAMBERT Single  
59 01/05/1827 George HILLARY Widower   Sarah HIRD Single  
60 15/05/1827 William BRUNTON Single Middleton Tyas Mary TEASDALE Single  
61 13/08/1827 Mark HODGSON Single   Anne RAW Single Grinton
62 17/09/1827 Henry SIDDLE Single   Isabella CLEMINSON Widow  
63 19/09/1827 William WHITELL Single   Eleanor JONES Single  
64 22/10/1827 James CLEMINSON Single   Ann HAWKIN Single  
65 24/02/1828 Joseph MARCH Single   Isabella LITTLEFAIR Single  
66 17/03/1828 John MARCH Widower   Ann RICHARDSON Single  
67 27/05/1828 Thomas WARD Single   Elizabeth LANGSTAFF Single  
68 21/06/1828 Thomas GUY Single   Mary CLEMINSON Single  
69 27/07/1828 James CLEMINSON Single   Lydia GUY Single  
70 19/08/1828 Thomas GARTHWAITE Widower   Elizabeth HILLARY Widow Arkengarthdale
71 08/12/1828 Edward BROWN Single   Jane THOMPSON Single  
72 27/06/1829 Robert HARPER   Arkengarthdale Ann LANGSTAFFE Single  
73 09/09/1829 Thomas BINKS Single   Ann BARNINGHAM Single  
74 18/10/1829 James BIRKBECK Single   Isabella HODGSON Single  
75 15/08/1830 William BUSBY Single   Ann MARCH Single  
76 23/11/1830 Edward ALSOP Single   Mary JONES Single  
77 04/01/1831 John WAGGET Single   Dorithy BROWN Single  
78 15/02/1831 Thomas NELSON Single   Elizabeth BLENKIRON Single  
79 14/05/1831 William BLITHMAN Single St Helen, Auckland, Durham Hannah OLIVER Single  
80 15/05/1831 James SHERLOCK     Elizabeth DENHAM Single  
81 03/07/1831 William SHIELDS Single Catterick Hannah DOWSON Single  
82 10/10/1831 James GUY Single   Isabella MARCH Single  
83 06/11/1831 Henry BURTON Single   Mary PEDLEY Single  
84 18/02/1832 James HODGSON Single   Ann CLEMINSON Widow  
85 25/03/1832 Edward MARCH Single   Ann HIRD Single  
86 08/04/1832 Aaron MARCH Single Marske Anne WAGGET Single  
87 24/11/1832 Robert APPLEBY Single   Elizabeth ROBINSON Single  
88 14/05/1833 John PEARSON Single   Margaret BURTON Single  
89 01/06/1833 John RICHARDSON Single   Elizabeth HODGSON Single  
90 05/08/1833 William CROFT Single   Sophia LAMBERT Single  
91 25/11/1833 John METCALF Single   Isabella PETTY Single  
92 30/12/1833 Nicholas HAWKIN Single   Eleanor FRANKLAND Single  
93 14/01/1834 John AYTUS Single Auckland, Durham Mary MARCH Single  
94 13/04/1834 David BROWN Single   Elizabeth POUNDER Single Hurworth, Durham
95 27/04/1834 James LITTLEFARE Single   Mary PORTER Single  
96 19/05/1834 John MARCH Single   Elizabeth GUY Single  
97 05/08/1834 William VILLY Single   Mary LONSDALE Single  
98 25/10/1834 Joseph METCALFE Widower   Dinah BELL Single  
99 29/11/1834 George EDERTON Single   Katherine HODGSON Single  
100 09/03/1835 Joseph CLEMINSON Single   Elizabeth SUNTER Single Grinton
101 01/06/1835 Joseph HAWKIN Single   Elizabeth HUTCHINSON Single Aysgarth
102 09/06/1835 Henry ROBINSON Single Arkengarthdale Sarah WAGGET Single  
103 20/07/1835 James PRATT Single   Katherine TEASDALE Single  
104 21/09/1835 Simon ALLAN Single   Sarah GUY Single  
105 07/12/1835 George GUY Single   Ann POTTER Single  
106 08/02/1836 Benjamin BROWN Single   Mary HAWKIN Single  
107 16/05/1836 James SIDDLE Single Kirby Ravensworth Isabella FRANKLAND Single  
108 20/06/1836 Edward HODGSON Single   Ruth FRANKLAND Single  
109 25/07/1836 Thomas FRANKLAND Single   Eleanor HIRD Single  
110 25/07/1836 John INGRAM Single   Grace DOLBY Single  
111 08/08/1836 William HIRD Single   Eleanor SIDDLE Single  

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