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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Middleham St Alkelda & St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Middleham lies in northwestern Yorkshire in south central North Riding. Middleham is located about 10 miles south of the market town of Richmond and sits on the southern banks of the River Ure at the head of upper Wensleydale. Middleham is also a small market town sharing those functions with Leyburn across the other side of the Ure. Middleham sits on the A1068 road which connects Leyburn with Ripon. Middleham has a long history, its castle on the southern edge of the town being built by the Norman's as part of a string of such fortifications lining the eastern edges of The Pennines. The castle has a history of being involved in royal events, King Edward IV was held there until his escape in 1467. Nowadays Middleham retains the small market but is primarily a tourism hot spot with excellent Dales hiking to its west it is a logical place for stays. At the time of this transcript much of the area was dominated by pastoral farming and Middleham would have been one of the markets for cattle & sheep as well as their byproducts. The Ure drains the parish southeastwards through Ripon to join the Yorkshire Ouse at York and thence to the North Sea through the Humber Estuary. Middleham is sited at between 110 and 150 metres on a sloping site rising from the Ure, land rises steeply into the Pennine foothills to the westward, Middleham Low Moor tops out at 236 metres but land rises to 550 metres further west at Height of Hazely. By upland Yorkshire standards Middleham parish was fairly small, covering just over 2,100 acres it would have supported a population of around 900 parishioners. In Domesday times Middleham was held by Count Alan of Brittany and, as is common for this far north, its assets were not specifically detailed.

The Church

St Alkelda & St Mary's church sits almost centrally within Middleham accessed by a paved lane westwards from the A1068. The dedication to St Alkelda is almost unique and just who she was is almost equally unknown, reputedly a Saxon princess from the late 8th century but likely to be mere speculation. The church is a mixture of 14th and 15th century designs, spreading across the architectural periods of the Decorated & Perpendicular eras. Pevsner places the eastern window of the southern chapel as being the earliest remaining piece on the building. The chancel, four bay arcades and southern doorway are also placed in the Decorated period. Later comes the western tower and clerestory, both Perpendicular. It was common to add clerestories in the era to allow more light to the interior. The A1068, here known as Kirkgate, offers sufficient spaces for parking and the sloping lane rises westwards to the lychgate from here. The oblong site creates issues for photography as the tighter axis is to south & north restricting the better angles for landscape views.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 14th April 1754 - 24th December 1775 North Yorkshire Record Office - Northallerton - Reference - PR/MID/1/6 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 30th September 1776 - 26th December 1812 North Yorkshire Record Office - Northallerton - Reference - PR/MID/1/7a Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

NB this register is bundled together with its successor into a single archival deposit
3 12th January 1813 - 20th June 1836 North Yorkshire Record Office - Northallerton - Reference - PR/MID/1/7b Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

NB this register is bundled together with its predecessor into a single archival deposit

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Wensley Holy Trinity
Spennithorne St Michael
Wensley Holy Trinity
Spennithorne St Michael
Thornton Steward St Oswald
Coverham Holy Trinity
Coverham Holy Trinity
East Witton St John the Evangelist
East Witton St John the Evangelist

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
14/04/1754 Thomas TEMPEST     Magdalen HORSMAN    
26/05/1754 John TAYLOR     Ann RAGGETT    
03/11/1754 Anthony FISHWICK     Ellen STOCKDALE    
08/12/1754 William FAWCET     Easter FROST    
15/12/1754 John PREST     Catherine DIGBEY    
19/01/1755 Edward WINTERSGILL     Elizabeth JOHNSON    
20/04/1755 James STRINGER     Elizabeth HAMMAND    
07/09/1755 Thomas WILKINSON     Ellen RENDER    
11/01/1756 John ATKINSON     Isabel STODART    
18/01/1756 James HALL     Mary CLARKSON    
18/04/1756 Thomas METCALF     Jane CHAMBERS    
27/06/1756 Richard BOYNTON     Ann HAKINS    
27/06/1756 Richard WYNN     Hannah LEADLEY    
25/07/1756 Thomas EDMONSON     Ann WAGIT    
25/09/1756 Edward LEEMING     Jane TENNANT    
24/10/1756 John BYWELL     Beatrice CLARKSON    
19/12/1756 John SCOTT     Ann HEPPLE    
11/12/1757 Jonathan SMITH     Susannah DURHAM    
12/03/1758 Charles BRAITHWAITE     Hannah MASON    
25/02/1759 William BYWELL     Elizabeth TERRY    
15/04/1759 Michael ROOKLEDGE     Seyth ROBSON    
25/11/1759 Edward WINTERSGILL     Elizabeth GILL    
16/12/1759 William BINKS     Eleanor BARROWS    
04/01/1760 James GOWEA     Margaret BYWELL    
13/04/1760 William MANKIN     Jane CARLING    
03/05/1761 William MALTHOUSE     Ellen SMITHSON    
09/08/1761 Richard ORTON     Ann LUPTON    
22/11/1761 William JANSON     Eleanor HORNBY    
20/12/1761 John MASON     Mary BURNELL    
24/01/1762 William TOPHAM     Jane WARE    
31/01/1762 Stephen SMITH     Elizabeth TEMPLE    
09/05/1762 Richard BATTY     Mary BURNELL    
09/05/1762 John WHELDON     Ann DALE    
17/10/1762 George SCOTT     Rebecca JANSON    
07/11/1762 Moses CORBETT     Mary BACON    
12/12/1762 Anthony BODSWORTH     Elizabeth HARTBOTTLE    
13/02/1763 George UPTON     Alison PLACE    
05/06/1763 James WRAY     Mary HODSHON    
12/06/1763 Thomas ROGERS     Alice METCALF    
27/11/1763 William MIDDLETON     Margaret CALVERT    
29/01/1764 Richard BLOY     Isabella CLARK    
21/04/1765 Christopher BRANTFOOT     Elizabeth BROWN    
28/07/1765 John TOPHAM     Mary GIBSON    
18/08/1765 William MACAULAY     Jane GRAHAM    
25/08/1765 James HUNT     Isabell ASHTON    
18/05/1766 Christopher SCOTT     Hannah VITTY    
21/09/1766 Thomas MASON     Ann BRATHERTON    
14/12/1766 Thomas THOMPSON     Margaret METCALFE    
11/01/1767 Godfrey DIGHTON     Elizabeth KENDAL    
29/01/1767 William TOPHAM     Alice FALSHAW    
15/03/1767 Christopher ORTON     Jane HODSHON    
09/07/1767 James SYKES     Mary WALKER    
20/09/1767 John CLARKSON     Elizabeth REYNOLD    
22/11/1767 Stephen JONES     Sarah LANGTHORN    
11/12/1768 David TOWLER     Elizabeth COATES    
05/02/1769 John MUDD     Ann HARTBOTTLE    
26/03/1769 Joseph MASON     Elizabeth DENT    
26/03/1769 Joseph MASON     Elizabeth DENT    
17/09/1769 Frederic COOKE     Margaret MASON    
15/10/1769 Edward ROBINSON     Eleanor BRATHERTON    
22/10/1769 John TERRY     Mary WELLS    
15/04/1770 Thomas ABATT     Deborah SCARR    
06/05/1770 Thomas OAKLEY     Jane COATS    
31/03/1771 George CLARKE     Eleanor ASHTON    
05/05/1771 James MOODY     Mary WILSON    
22/09/1771 William REYNOLD     Eleanor WILLIAMS    
10/03/1772 Thomas WRIGHT     Jane LODGE    
19/07/1772 William GAYTONBY     Elizabeth LAZONBY    
23/08/1772 John RIPLEY     Ursula ASHTON    
22/11/1772 John WHALEY     Dorothy TENNANT    
11/04/1773 Thomas LOCKENBY     Elizabeth BALLARD    
11/04/1773 Thomas HUTCHINSON     Frances LAZONBY    
18/07/1773 Richard IMISON     Margaret PICKARD    
15/08/1773 James WARRENER     Isabel WALKER    
22/05/1774 Henry HORNER     Christian CHEW    
21/08/1774 Christopher NORRISS     Eleanor BRATHERTON    
18/09/1774 Michael WILD     Hannah ROBSON    
09/07/1775 William HAMMOND     Margaret SCARR    
20/08/1775 John SHERIFF     Elizabeth PLEWES    
10/12/1775 Marmaduke ROBINSON     Elizabeth PROFITT    
24/12/1775 John WALKER     Mary HORNER    
1 30/09/1776 Isaac ANDERSON Single   Elizabeth METCALF Single  
2 01/12/1776 James HARTLEY Widower   Mary CLARKSON Single  
3 08/06/1777 Thomas THOMPSON Widower   Margaret COULE Single  
4 27/07/1777 George WALLS Single Burneston Ann JANSON Single  
5 22/09/1777 Thomas BELL Single   Agnas PROCTER Single  
6 21/10/1777 Henry Hoyle ODDIE   St Andrew Holborn, City Of London Jane YARKER Single  
7 04/11/1777 Edward LISTER Single Coverham Jane HODSHON    
8 29/11/1777 Lawrence LANCASTER Single East Witton Ann EDMONDSON Single  
9 25/05/1778 Thomas WILLIS Single   Ann LASCELLES Single  
10 28/05/1778 Alexander SIMPSON Single   Mary PICKERING Single  
11 30/06/1778 Christopher PRYME Single Holy Trinity, Hull Alice DINSDALE Single  
12 13/07/1778 Joseph ANDERSON Single   Margaret TEMPEST Single  
13 18/11/1778 Matthew HANSLEY Single Holy Trinity, Hull Mary MOODY Single  
14 27/12/1778 Christopher MORPHET Single   Rose HURTLEY Single  
15 12/05/1779 Thomas COOK Single   Ann SCREVENS Single  
16 24/08/1779 William MUDD Single   Elizabeth PEASE Single  
17 14/10/1779 Thomas GRESHAM Widower East Witton Ann HAUXWELL Widow  
18 16/12/1779 George HARKER Single   Jane FAUBERT Single  
19 22/01/1780 Francis LUMLEY Single   Sarah TATTERSALL Single  
20 22/11/1780 Garbet COOPER Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
21 27/11/1780 John HOWSON Single   Annas LANGSTAFF Single  
22 19/11/1781 James WADSWORTH Single   Ann HARRISON Single  
23 03/12/1781 George PEACOCK Widower   Mary ALDERSON Single  
24 10/01/1782 John CHEW Single   Jane DOWNS Single  
25 20/01/1782 George BLACKBURN Single Thirsk Mary WILLIS Single  
26 24/01/1782 Michael CLARKSON Single   Sarah STAPYLTON Single  
27 16/07/1782 John GAYTONBY Single   Margaret WRAY Single  
28 10/10/1782 Edward HODGSON Single York Mary METCALFE Single  
29 25/11/1782 Thomas TEMPEST Single   Eleanor DOBSON Single  
30 01/01/1783 Christopher GARRY Single   Hannah ROBSON Single  
31 21/01/1783 George BARKER Single Kirkby Malzeard Dorothy WILLIS Single  
32 12/05/1783 William GILL Widower   Ann METCALFE Single  
33 16/09/1783 Thomas CROFT Single East Witton Elizabeth JANSON Single  
34 19/01/1784 Joseph TOPHAM Widower   Jane BURTON Single East Witton
35 24/02/1784 John KNOWLES Widower   Isabel WALKER Widow  
36 18/07/1784 John PYBUS Single Northallerton Nancy WARRINER Single  
37 17/11/1784 John KIRTON Single   Isabella DIXON Widow  
38 28/12/1784 Roger HOULT Widower   Elizabeth DOWNES Single  
39 10/01/1785 Thomas TEMPEST Widower   Elizabeth DEAN Widow  
40 19/01/1785 James HARTLEY Widower   Ellen RIDLEY Single  
41 20/01/1785 James GARRY Single   Sarah ANDERSON Single  
42 12/07/1785 James MASON Single   Elizabeth BARREL Single  
43 22/12/1785 Joseph HOGG Single   Ann BAYNES Single  
44 09/07/1786 William MALTHOUSE Widower   Jane SCOTT Single  
45 06/11/1786 Leonard SPENCELEY Single   Ann HILARY Single  
46 14/11/1786 John CROFT Single East Witton Mary DIXON    
47 22/11/1786 Samuel DUCKWORTH Widower   Ellen BENNESON Single Coverham
48 19/12/1786 Francis SMITH Single   Elizabeth STABLER Single  
49 17/04/1787 John ANDERSON Single   Mary LANCASTER Single  
50 18/09/1787 Christopher DEIGHTON     Margaret WILLIS    
51 29/09/1787 Joseph MARLOR Single   Dorothy METCALFE Single  
52 22/11/1787 Thomas CLARKSON Single   Frances CLARKSON Single  
53 26/11/1787 Lawrence LANCASTER Widower East Witton Elizabeth WILLIS Single  
54 28/12/1787 John DIXON     Elizabeth HODGSON Single  
55 24/03/1788 Peter MASON Single   Rebecca SCOTT Single  
56 01/05/1788 Christopher BELL Widower   Mary BROWN Single  
57 15/07/1788 Christopher SCOTT Widower Ripon Ellen PLACE    
58 30/06/1789 Peter SPENCE Single   Elenor CROOKER Single  
59 03/11/1789 Edward HORSMAN Single   Sally HOYLE Single  
60 29/11/1789 Charles HOYLE Single   Deborah IBBOTSON Single  
61 17/12/1789 Andrew DENT Widower   Rosamond HOGG Single  
62 31/01/1790 Thomas HILL Single   Alice IBBOTSON Single  
63 25/04/1790 Matthew SHIELDS Single   Ann WAINE Widow  
64 12/05/1790 William MALTHOUSE Widower   Mary LANGSTAFF Single  
65 04/12/1790 George ELSWORTH   Ripon Sarah THOMPSON    
66 30/01/1791 William STRAHAN   Blackburn, Lancashire Esther HOYLE    
67 06/03/1791 George EDMUNDSON Single   Ann HARRISON Single  
68 30/04/1791 Roger DAWSON Single   Alice DINSDALE Single  
69 09/05/1791 William EARLE Single   Ann WRAY Single  
70 15/05/1791 William Jebb GILL Single   Sarah LINSLEY Single  
71 31/10/1791 John HIRD Single   Margaret WILSON Single  
72 14/02/1792 Peter HODGSON Single   Ann DAVIES Single  
73 12/08/1792 James PREST Single   Jane GREENHOW Single  
74 07/10/1792 William BEVERLY     Ann BOWES Single  
75 23/10/1792 Thomas ABBOTT Single Spennithorne Jane BATTY    
76 29/10/1792 William BYWELL     Alice RYDER    
77 27/12/1792 George DOBSON Single   Jane ALLAN Single  
78 12/02/1793 John Brodrick MORGAN Single   Jane ROGERS Single  
79 27/05/1793 George WILSON Widower   Frances RAMSAY   St James, Westminster, Middlesex
80 04/06/1793 Jonathan CARTER Single   Ann PREST Single  
81 27/08/1793 William COLLINSON Single   Ann DIGBY Single  
82 29/10/1793 William ROBINSON Single Hauxwell Mary GRANGER Single  
83 23/11/1793 John IVESON Widower Wycliffe Ann GLADING Single  
84 02/12/1793 George HOGG Single   Ann SIMPSON Single  
85 17/02/1794 John BOWMAN Single   Mary STEADMAN Single  
86 13/03/1794 Christopher TOPHAM Single   Jenny BULMER Single  
87 22/03/1794 George METCALFE Widower   Ann YEADON Single  
88 13/05/1795 John KIPLING Single Spennithorne Ann DOWNES    
89 14/05/1795 John WRIGHT   Coverham Ann DODSWORTH    
90 15/12/1795 William Jebb GILL Widower   Alice CROOKEY Single  
91 22/12/1795 George PALEY Single   Elizabeth FALSHAW Single Pateley Bridge
92 19/01/1796 William RIDLEY Single   Elizabeth RIDLEY Single  
93 17/07/1796 Archibald MCCOLLAH Widower   Elizabeth MUDD Widow  
94 30/08/1796 Charles MOODY Single   Martha ATKINSON Single  
95 07/09/1796 George RYDER Single   Ann PICKERSGILL Single  
96 03/10/1796 Andrew DENT Widower   Jane METCALFE Single  
97 04/04/1797 Henry HILLERY Single Richmond Mary WELLS Single  
98 28/11/1797 John WALKER Single   Ann BEVERLY Single  
99 16/01/1798 Paul STURDY Single   Mary BRATHERTON Single  
100 18/02/1798 Charles SCOTT Single Wensley Ellen ROBINSON Single  
101 30/04/1798 William SCOOP Single Ripon Isabella JANSON Single  
102 05/11/1798 Matthew METCALFE Single Thornton Steward Ann SHIELDS Widow  
103 29/12/1798 William Inger Thorp MORGAN Single   Elizabeth PRATT Single  
104 09/04/1799 Thomas THOMPSON Single   Jane WELLS Single  
105 16/04/1799 John MILLER Single   Margaret METCALFE Single  
106 16/04/1799 William PATTINSON Single   Mary WARD Single  
107 14/05/1799 Augustin MEARE Single   Mary BARWICK Single  
108 03/06/1799 George RAMSEY Single   Margaret WARRINER Single  
109 10/06/1799 William ROWEL Single Weardale, Durham Mary BORNET Single  
110 03/07/1799 Matthew WHITELOCK Single East Witton Elizabeth ROBINSON Single  
111 16/12/1799 Alexander HODGSON     Isabella FOWLER    
112 14/04/1800 Richard RUNDER Single Coverham Ellen ASHTON Single  
113 13/10/1800 John HARPER Single Marske Mary HALL Single  
114 26/02/1801 Matthew BEARPARK Widower   Dorothy ROBINSON Single  
115 15/09/1801 Thomas MIDGLEY Widower Adel Catherine Elizabeth BULMER Single  
116 13/02/1802 John FINKILL Single   Elizabeth ROBERTSON Single  
117 21/04/1802 Andrew CLARKE Single   Jane WOLMSLEY Widow  
118 09/10/1802 Thomas SPENCE Single   Ruth STELLINGS Single Newington, Surrey
119 04/12/1802 William WILKINSON Single   Elizabeth BLACKBURN Single  
120 30/12/1802 William WILKINSON Single Darlington, Durham Dorothy STABLER Single  
121 04/01/1803 Jeffery BUTTERFIELD Single Aysgarth Jane HANDLEY Single  
122 07/09/1803 Stephen BELL Single Wensley Eleanor HANBY Single  
123 08/12/1803 William LUDLEY Single Grantham, Lincolnshire Elizabeth WALKER Single  
124 25/01/1804 Samuel SWIRE Single Melsonby Bessy HOBSON Single  
125 31/01/1804 William MASON Single Richmond Margaret BYWELL Single  
126 02/02/1804 Thomas BURDON Widower Spennithorne Elizabeth JEFFERSON Single  
127 07/02/1804 William BEARPARK Single   Agnes WAINE Single  
128 03/04/1804 John BURTON Single   Fanny SAYER Single  
129 24/04/1804 Thomas SWAILS Single   Betsy MUDD Single  
130 30/08/1804 George WILSON Single   Elizabeth BASTOW Widow  
131 02/10/1804 Thomas SHIELDS Single   Isabell WILKINSON Single Spennithorne
132 06/12/1804 Thomas LANGDALE Widower   Isabel WELBOURNE Widow  
133 25/06/1805 Michael CLARKSON Single   Ann COATES Single  
134 28/10/1805 James MACFARLANE Single   Elizabeth WILSON Single  
135 17/12/1805 William TAYLORS Single   Ann CROOKEY Single  
136 22/04/1806 William LANGDALE Single   Jane CLARKSON Single  
137 30/05/1806 Richard COLLINSON Single   Betsy ANDERSON    
138 15/09/1806 James HORNER Single   Mary WHORLTON Single  
139 17/12/1806 Giles WALKER Single   Isabell BEVERLEY Single  
140 17/05/1807 George ASHTON Single   Mary FISHER Single  
141 19/05/1807 George LANGDALE Single   Margaret HOGG Single  
142 09/08/1807 Andrew MATTHEWS Single   Elizabeth SPENCE Single  
143 18/08/1807 Robert WEBSTER Widower   Mary GRAHAM Widow  
144 06/12/1807 William ROBINSON Widower   Ann BURTON Single  
145 13/01/1808 William FOSTER Single   Ann MASON Single  
146 24/04/1808 Thomas FRANA Single   Betty SAYRE Single  
147 24/05/1808 Joseph LONGCAKE Single   Edith MCCOLLAH Single  
148 25/06/1808 William CLARKSON Single   Rebecca LOFTHOUSE Single  
149 03/07/1808 John HARRISON Single   Catherine WALTON Single  
150 08/09/1808 Thomas WILSON Single Coverham Jane BROWN Single  
151 27/09/1808 Thomas PRECIOUS Single Thornton Steward Mary WRAY Single  
152 10/12/1808 John PEARSE Widower Uttoxeter, Staffordshire Elizabeth BURTON Widow  
153 31/12/1808 John KELL Single Stockton On Tees, Durham Barbara WALTON Single  
154 11/05/1809 Ingram THOMPSON Single   Elizabeth METCALFE Single  
155 13/05/1809 Christopher WHORLTON Single   Ann FEETHAM Single  
156 05/06/1809 William MORLAND Single   Ann WILLIS Single  
157 08/11/1809 William HAMMOND Widower   Ann NEWTON Widow  
158 26/11/1809 Richard METCALFE Single   Elizabeth WILSON Single  
159 01/03/1810 William SIMPSON Single   Ellen SMITH Single  
160 10/03/1810 Francis SMITH Single   Ellen SIMPSON Single  
161 07/05/1810 John SPENCELEY Single   Mary PROCTER Single  
162 31/07/1810 James STOCKDALE Single Kettlewell Rachael RIDER Single  
163 04/09/1810 Thomas HUTCHINSON Single   Ann LANGDALE Single  
164 23/11/1810 Michael HOPS Single East Witton Margaret SMITH Single  
165 26/11/1810 John IBBETSON Single   Dinah METCALFE Single  
166 27/11/1810 Joseph HANDLEY Single   Ann SHORT Single  
167 01/01/1811 John BARKER Single   Mary PICKERSGILL Single  
168 08/01/1811 James RAPER Single East Witton Mary FRYER Single East Witton
169 22/01/1811 Robert FALSHAW Single East Witton Ellen HORNER Widow East Witton
170 04/02/1811 John TEASDALE Single   Elizabeth WEATHERALL Single  
171 08/04/1811 Matthew SIMPSON Single   Margaret DINSDALE Single  
172 14/05/1811 John ALLERTHORN Single Coverham Jane COOPER Single  
173 04/06/1811 George WHITE Widower   Elizabeth BUCKLE Single East Witton
174 23/07/1811 Francis BATESON Single   Mary MORGAN Single  
175 01/01/1812 Joseph BARKER Single East Witton Mary STOCKDALE Single East Witton
176 25/04/1812 John ELLIS Single East Witton Mary RUMBOLD Single East Witton
177 12/05/1812 Nathan CANSICK Single Richmond Rosamond CROW Single  
178 26/12/1812 Thomas PLACE Widower Spennithorne Mary WALKER Single  
1 12/01/1813 Jonathan KERSHAW Single Grinton Mary WRATHALL Single  
2 06/02/1813 George HOGG Widower   Eleanor THWAITES Single  
3 27/03/1813 William ROBINSON Single East Witton Mary PLEWS Single  
4 05/04/1813 James COOPER   Grinton Margaret WARD Single  
5 22/09/1813 Christopher DAWSON Single   Jane PREST Single  
6 08/12/1813 Philip TAYLOR Widower   Ann MILLER Single  
7 12/03/1814 Thomas PLEWS Single   Mary LANGDALE Widow  
8 14/05/1814 George DINSDALE Single   Dorothy HILL Single  
9 21/05/1814 Simon PLACE Single   Isabella HASTINGS Single  
10 30/05/1814 Francis HARKER Widower   Mary BANKS Widow  
11 04/07/1814 William CLARKE Single   Hannah DIXON Single  
12 09/07/1814 Mark TAYLOR Single Masham Mary BASTO Single  
15 00/00/1815 William ASHTON Single   Elizabeth WELLS Single  
13 31/01/1815 Thomas BUTTERFIELD Single   Mary HORNER Single  
14 21/10/1815 George WHITFIELD Single Spennithorne Jane METCALFE Single  
16 09/07/1816 John HANDLEY Single   Elizabeth JONES Single  
17 23/11/1816 William BRAITHWAITE Single East Witton Jane ASHTON Single  
18 01/01/1817 John WILLIAMSON Single Ripon Jane WOOD Single  
19 13/03/1817 George BOWE Single Hawes Jane WOOD Single  
20 24/05/1817 Matthew SIMPSON Widower   Ellen LANGDALE Single  
21 21/06/1817 William SUTCLIFFE Single Wakefield Betty BUCKLE Single  
22 23/09/1817 Thomas THOMPSON Single Holy Trinity, Hull Jane SPENCE Single  
23 15/01/1818 George OATES Single   Elizabeth METCALFE Single  
24 13/05/1818 George BYWELL Single   Ann COLLBRIDGE Single  
25 01/06/1818 Matthew METCALFE Single   Jane PREST Single  
26 09/09/1818 Francis PICKARD Single   Elleanor HILLARY Single  
27 13/05/1819 John FISHER Single   Ann CHERRY Single  
28 22/05/1819 John RIDLEY Single   Mary BARNET Single  
29 20/06/1819 James THOMPSON Single Askrigg Jane MORGAN Single  
30 31/08/1819 Robinson MORTON Single   Elizabeth MILNER Single  
31 14/10/1819 Robert JOHNSON Single   Mary PEARSEE Single  
32 04/11/1819 William SEWELL   St Crux, York Jenny BUCKLE Single  
33 01/01/1820 Anthony THEAKSTONE Single   Ann WALKER Widow  
34 06/05/1820 Thomas ASHTON Widower   Jane LAZENBY Single  
35 17/07/1820 James ROUTH Single   Sarah WALKER Single  
36 31/07/1820 John HALL Single   Lettice JOHNSON Single  
37 27/03/1821 John STOTT Single   Esther DODSWORTH Widow  
38 16/04/1821 John SPENCE Single Wensley Ann ALDERSON Single  
39 17/05/1821 William WOOD Single   Ann HORNER Single  
40 03/09/1821 Benjamin BURNLEY Single   Mary TEESDALE Single  
41 05/11/1821 Thomas HESLETINE Single   Mary Wakefield PRATT Single  
42 19/11/1821 Richard BLADES Single East Witton Elizabeth WALKER Single  
43 27/11/1821 John SHIELDS Single   Margaret TODD Single  
44 16/02/1822 James HILDRETH Single   Mary Jerrold FITZGERALD Single  
45 29/04/1822 William WALKER Single   Jane JOHNSON Single  
46 13/05/1822 David ASHTON Single   Elizabeth ROBINSON Single  
47 04/02/1823 William SCURRAH Single   Sarah HANDLEY Single  
48 04/02/1823 James HUTCHINSON Widower   Ann PEARSON Single  
49 13/05/1823 George HOGG Single   Martha SPENCELY Single  
50 22/05/1823 James EWBANK Single   Betsy HARRISON Single  
51 16/12/1823 Francis CROFT Single   Mary WOOD Single East Witton
52 27/01/1824 James CROFT Widower   Jane RAPER Single  
53 29/01/1824 John DIXON Single East Witton Mary PREST Single  
54 07/05/1824 John HANDLEY Widower   Ann YEOMAN Single  
55 29/05/1824 John BLADES Single Leake Elizabeth WOLSTENHOLME Single  
56 19/07/1824 John MUDD Single   Ann MORGAN Single  
57 25/08/1824 Matthew HOGG Widower   Sarah DODSWORTH Widow  
58 11/01/1825 Stephen STURDY Widower   Ruth HIRD Single  
59 01/02/1825 George HOGG Single   Mary MCMENNEL Single  
60 30/04/1825 William SPENCE Single   Mary SMITH Single  
61 24/05/1825 John WRIGHT Single   Elizabeth HANDLEY Single  
62 21/07/1825 John SPENCE Single West Tanfield Catherine CARTER Single  
63 26/07/1825 Joseph SHIELDS Single Wensley Mary RENDER Single  
64 05/12/1825 Stabler SMITH Single   Betty CHAPPELOW Single  
65 04/04/1826 Joseph YEOMAN Single East Witton Ann BLAND Single  
66 27/05/1826 Christopher LONSDALE   Wensley Margaret LAZENBY    
67 08/07/1826 John JANSON Single Spennithorne Mary DUCKWORTH Single  
68 12/08/1826 Samuel HIRST Single Ripon Anne Mary DAVILL Single  
69 09/09/1826 George RYDER Widower   Elizabeth METCALFE Single  
70 23/10/1826 William KAY Single Kirby Hill Margaret WILSON Single  
71 04/12/1826 George WRIGHT Single   Ann SERJEANTSON Single  
72 06/12/1826 Charles LISTER Single   Ann COLLINSON Single  
73 18/12/1826 George WILSON Widower   Mary SCURRAH Single  
74 01/05/1827 James Digby COLLINSON Single   Elizabeth HORNER Single  
75 11/06/1827 Henry PALEY Single   Margaret PALEY Single  
76 05/08/1827 Thomas TEMPEST Widower   Ann DEIGHTON Single  
77 28/08/1827 George WARDELL Single Hauxwell Elizabeth STURDY Single  
78 22/10/1827 Christopher VARO Single   Ann HORNER   East Witton
79 29/10/1827 John MCLEOD Single   Mary BUSFIELD Single  
80 01/12/1827 Christopher THEAKSTONE Single   Margaret IRWIN Single  
81 19/01/1828 William MORGAN Single   Elizabeth MASON   Spennithorne
82 13/03/1828 William LEGG Widower Sockburn, Durham Mary DOWNES Single  
83 22/05/1828 John BLACKBURN Single Walton Le Dale, Lancashire Ann STURDY Single  
84 28/05/1828 James DIXON Single Coverham Elizabeth RIDER Single  
85 28/05/1828 Thomas BROWN Single   Margaret SPENCE Single  
86 20/08/1828 James HUTCHINSON Widower   Mary BEARPARK Widow  
87 30/12/1828 Thomas KEMSHALL Single   Elizabeth WILSON Single  
88 28/09/1829 William NEWTON Single   Elizabeth BEST Single  
89 01/05/1830 William Margaret DALGLIESH Single Masham Susannah Mary BELL Single  
90 05/06/1830 James SCARR     Jane APPLEBY    
91 07/06/1830 Robert BURTON     Peggy SPENCE    
92 29/11/1830 Anthony HANBY Single   Mary COOPER Single  
93 04/12/1830 John WATSON Single   Harriet STABLER Single  
94 31/01/1831 George HOGG Widower   Mary RUECROFT Single  
95 07/02/1831 George DOWSON Single Northallerton Jane CROFT Widow  
96 28/05/1831 John CLARKSON Single   Mary MORGAN Single  
97 02/08/1831 Francis PICKARD Widower   Ann SMITH Widow  
98 03/10/1831 Thomas WILSON Single   Margaret WALTON Single  
99 17/10/1831 Miles WATSON Single   Mary Ann WALKER Single  
100 29/11/1831 Henry PEACOCK Single   Elizabeth MILNER Single  
101 05/03/1832 William WARD Widower Patrick Brompton Isabella WALKER Single  
102 14/05/1832 Dixon SHIELDS Single   Elizabeth CLEMENT Single  
103 19/05/1832 Mark WOOD Single   Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
104 29/07/1832 Thomas MORGAN Single   Ann RICHARDSON Single  
105 09/08/1832 John PICKERSGILL Single   Ann WILSON Single  
106 29/08/1832 William LAWSON Single   Mary THOMPSON Widow  
107 02/09/1832 Christopher Mitchel KENDRAY   East Witton Mary METCALFE    
108 25/11/1832 George MERRYWEATHER Single   Isabella SMITH Single  
109 27/11/1832 James HALL Single   Elizabeth CLEVER Single  
110 19/02/1833 William GIBSON Single Stockton On Tees, Durham Fanny HANBY Single  
111 08/04/1833 Thomas WILLIS Single   Catherine SMITH Single  
112 07/05/1833 John ASHTON Single   Elizabeth PALEY Single Coverham
113 29/06/1833 Thomas WALKER Single   Mary HARRISON   Pickering
114 01/08/1833 William RAINE Single Stockton On Tees, Durham Agnes BOWMAN Single  
115 17/10/1833 William COCKCROFT Single   Mary EDMUNDSON Single  
116 23/11/1833 Thomas JOHNSON Single   Sarah WILKINSON Single  
117 25/11/1833 Joseph GAUKRODGERS Single Clitheroe, Lancashire Frances HEBDEN Single  
118 26/05/1834 John CLARKSON     Elizabeth VEAL    
119 19/08/1834 Thomas FURNISH   Bradford Mary SHIELDS    
120 25/08/1834 Francis TUNSTALL   Aysgarth Elizabeth TATHAM    
121 17/09/1834 George COATES   Grinton Alice SPENCE    
122 03/11/1834 Matthew CLARKSON     Elizabeth MILNER    
123 26/11/1834 John FISHER     Hannah WHITEHEAD    
124 28/02/1835 John WILSON     Sarah SARGISON    
125 03/03/1835 Horby CROFT     Mary IBBOTSON    
126 05/09/1835 Joseph PICKERSGILL     Elizabeth LODGE   Bedale
127 20/06/1836 John WOOD   Claughton, Lancashire Ann HARRISON    

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