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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Normanby St Andrew


The Parish

The parish of Normanby lies in central Yorkshire, within the North Riding but close to its southern border with the East Riding. Normanby is located about 4 miles southwest of the market town of Pickering. Normanby sits on the western banks of the River Seven, its main properties running either side of the main street (Malton Road) which parallels the river, a small village and quite strung out on a north to south axis. Normanby sits within a broad area devoid of significant numbered roads, the closes being the A170 road (some 3 miles to the north) which connects Pickering with Helmsley & Thirsk. A small farming settlement, Normanby would have been largely arable but being close to the Seven would have enabled pastures alongside and within the water-meadows. The Seven drains the parish southwards soon joining the Rye and then the Derwent as it makes its way towards the Humber Estuary, shortly before reaching this the Yorkshire Ouse takes the final reaches to that estuary. Normanby is sited at around 30 metres above the sea in its riverside setting, it sits at the foot of an isolated rounded hill, a glacial remnant known as a "drumlin", there are several in this area reaching local heights of a little over 70 metres in otherwise fairly flat countryside. Normanby parish was one of the smaller in this area, covering just 2,300 acres it would have supported a population of close to 250 parishioners. In Domesday times Normanby was largely held  by one Hugh the son of Baldric with a small share retained by the King, a small place even then it could offer just 7 ploughs but was assessed as having greater potential.

The Church

St Andrew's church sits at the heart of the village on the eastern side of Malton Road. A simple church, as befits a small community, consisting of nave & chancel topped by a double bellcote. Given the work that has occurred during Victorian times it is difficult to assess the age of the building but Pevsner does note traces of the 12th century Norman Romanesque, the northern arcade and chancel arch plus scattered remnants elsewhere are of this era. A single Perpendicular window reset into the chancel north wall was obviously the main east window at one time. Everything else dates from the restoration of the 1890s, Pevsner describes this tartly as "re-mediaevalised" . Malton Road is broad enough for careful parking, the church sits within a churchyard bounded by a low local stone wall and the churchyard is relatively free of photographic obstacles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 26th November 1755 - 23rd November 1811 North Yorkshire Record Office - Reference - PR/NOR/1/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads Severe fading is partially mitigated by reference to BTs hopefully eliminating the majority of the misreads
2 6th November 1813 - 23rd April 1837 North Yorkshire Record Office - Reference - PR/NOR/1/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Great Edstone St Michael
Sinnington All Saints
Middleton St Andrew
Salton St John of Beverley
Pickering St Peter & St Paul
Salton St John of Beverley
Kirby Misperton St Lawrence
Kirby Misperton St Lawrence

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 26/11/1755 John OTTERBURN

Mary BROWN Single
2 04/05/1756 Christopher DRING

Elizabeth ATKINSON Single Cold Kirby
3 03/06/1756 William JACKSON

Elizabeth BARKER Single Kirkdale
4 30/11/1756 Solomon VERNON
Snainton Jane SUNLAY Single
5 23/10/1757 William WILLMOTT
Thornton Dale Hannah GARWOOD Single
6 19/11/1758 Francis ELLART


7 22/03/1759 John WILSON
Sinnington Elizabeth HUDDLESTONE

8 08/06/1760 George GOWARD

9 17/09/1760 John HUDDLESTONE


10 26/01/1762 Francis HUDDLESTONE

11 13/12/1763 Isaac SPARLING

Ann DANIELS Single
12 28/02/1764 Thomas WATSON

Elizabeth FIELD
13 15/05/1764 John BREWSTER
Middleton Sarah FOX Single
14 19/07/1764 Crispin MENNELL

Jane WEST Single
15 25/11/1765 Charles SMITH
Middleton Margaret FOSTER Single
16 07/01/1766 Thomas HATTER

Ann SELLAR Single
17 23/12/1766 John BURTON
Helmsley Hannah WATSON

18 31/03/1767 William BEAL

Ann KIRBY Single
19 06/06/1767 Thomas DENNIS

Elizabeth LOFTUS Single
20 24/11/1767 John THOMPSON

Elizabeth MUSGRAVE
21 03/10/1768 Robert HUMPHREY

22 28/11/1769 John KIDD

Jane DENNISS Single
23 02/04/1770 John CARR

Susannah JEWITT Single
24 23/10/1770 John WARD
Helmsley Hannah LOFTUS Single
25 01/12/1774 George THOMPSON
Hovingham Mary SPARLING

26 16/04/1776 Christopher HEBRON

Susannah WEBSTER Single Hovingham
27 13/02/1777 Richard SARR
Kirby Misperton Ann LANGSTAFF Single
28 22/10/1777 Joseph BROUGH

Mary FOXTON Single
29 11/12/1778 John BROWN

30 15/08/1779 Robert GARBUTT

Mary HUDSON Single Sinnington
31 01/01/1782 Richard BOYES
Sinnington Hannah SIMPSON Single
32 25/04/1782 Robert WHITE
Salton Mary GARBUT Single
33 20/05/1783 Thomas BOLTON

Anne MORGAN Single
34 03/02/1785 Henry POTTER
Kirby Misperton Ann HUDLESTONE Single
35 18/09/1785 John GRUNDON Single Sinnington Margaret JACKSON Single
36 30/11/1786 Thomas FIRBANK
Salton Mary WILLSON Single
37 27/12/1788 Thomas LIDDLE

Mary HUDDLESTONE Single Kirkby Overblow
38 09/02/1790 Jonathan GOODALL

Ann DODSWORTH Single Sinnington
39 04/05/1790 John COOK
Rillington Mary LANGSTAFF Single
40 22/12/1792 John GRAVES Single
Jane WILLSON Single
41 02/02/1793 George BIELBY
Sledmere Ann FLETCHER Single
42 01/04/1793 Edward OLIVER
Salton Sarah DUNNING Single
43 04/11/1793 Matthew LOWTHER
Kilburn Elizabeth WARD Single
44 26/11/1794 John TAYLOR

Elizabeth ELLIS Single
45 26/11/1795 William SEVER

Catharine GRAVES Single
46 31/03/1796 Thomas GRAVES

Ann WILLSON Single
47 22/11/1796 George ELDER

49 15/12/1796 Thomas RAWLIN

Jane RIDD Single Kirby Misperton
48 28/12/1796 Christopher COULSON

Ann HILL Single
50 22/10/1798 Elderbland EAST
Salton Mary SIGSWORTH Single
51 04/10/1800 James GRUNDON

Elizabeth HALL Single
52 06/04/1801 James HOLMES

Elizabeth TINDALL Single
53 05/11/1801 John WARICK

Elizabeth LION Single
54 22/04/1802 John TAYLOR

Frances HALL Single Lastingham
55 25/11/1802 Mark GREEN

Hannah FLETCHER Single
56 21/03/1803 John TAYLOR
Sinnington Ann THOMPSON Single
57 31/10/1803 John HESLETON

Mary BOWERMAN Single Burythorpe
58 04/02/1804 Stockton GOWLAND
Sinnington Margaret WATSON Single
59 03/05/1804 William BOYES
Salton Ada HODGSON Single
60 14/10/1805 Edward WORMALD
Cawood Elizabeth THOMPSON Single
61 11/11/1806 John TINDALE

Hannah GARBUTT Single
62 12/11/1806 Robert HUDDLESTONE

Hannah RIDD Single
63 15/04/1807 John GAWTRY
Sinnington Ellis MERRY Single
64 16/04/1807 John SHERWOOD
Helmsley Mary SIMPSON Single
65 16/08/1807 William WILLSON

Rachael COATS Single
66 02/01/1808 John TROWSDALE

67 29/06/1808 George NICKSON
Salton Ann BOYES Single
68 24/11/1808 Matthew CLARKSON

Frances HUDDLESTONE Single
69 11/10/1810 David POTTER
Salton Ann WARDELL Single
70 09/03/1811 George SMITH

Dinah BOYES Single Salton
71 23/11/1811 Robert DAVISON

Jane LIDSTER Single
1 06/11/1813 George CARR
Lastingham Mary DINNIS

2 29/11/1813 John DUDDING
Crambe Nanny BEAN

3 31/03/1814 Robert WAWNE
Sinnington Betty MERRY

4 30/04/1816 Thomas SIMPSON


5 24/04/1817 Robert MILLER


6 07/07/1817 John HARRISON
Whitby Ann HALL

7 22/07/1817 Robert GRAINGER
Northallerton Christiana GRAVES

8 12/04/1818 Robert BRADLEY

Sarah SMITH Single
9 15/06/1818 Thomas SNOWBALL
Kirby Misperton Sarah HARLAND Single
10 30/11/1818 John DOWTHAT

Ann DUNNING Single
11 17/12/1818 John CHAPMAN

Ann WILSON Single
12 16/02/1819 Richard HAWKINS

Elizabeth WATSON Single Salton
13 02/12/1819 Thomas HANDLEY

Ann WILSON Single
14 20/12/1820 John RELTON

Ann MOOR Single
15 16/06/1821 George HUNTING
Ellerburn Margaret WATSON

16 29/11/1821 William DOBSON

Dinah BEAN

17 31/08/1822 Thomas BROWNE
Carlton In Cleveland Mary JACKSON Single
18 26/05/1823 Thomas HANDLEY

Lucy HOGG Single
19 27/11/1823 Thomas HALLAM
Kirby Misperton Rachel JACKSON Single
20 20/12/1823 William WILKES

21 10/06/1824 John MERCER

Sarah ROBINSON Single Lockton
22 13/11/1824 William WILSON

Elizabeth SIMPSON Single
23 23/03/1826 John HARLAM

Sarah GILL Single Sinnington
24 17/06/1826 Darley GAMBLE
Kirkbymoorside Ann PAPE Single
25 18/01/1827 John SMITH
Stonegrave Ann HARLAND Single
26 26/04/1827 Richard SMALLWOOD
Sinnington Mary HUDDLESTON Single
27 28/05/1827 William STOCKIL
Salton Mary WESTRUP Single
28 02/10/1827 Thomas DENNY
Sinnington Ann RAWLING Single
29 29/11/1827 Edward STOCKHILL
Kirkbymoorside Jane WILSON Single
30 01/01/1829 Ralph SANDERSON
Salton Hannah COATES Single
31 01/11/1829 George JACKSON
Sinnington Jane GILL Single
32 24/11/1830 Isaac DOBSON
Kirby Misperton Sarah HEBRON Single
33 06/03/1831 John AKESTER
New Malton Hannah HOGG Single
34 11/05/1831 John COLLEY

Susan COOPER Single Kirkdale
35 18/02/1832 David HARTAS
Lastingham Jane FOSTER Single
36 08/03/1834 Thomas HUDDLESTONE

Mary FRANK Single Pickering
37 27/08/1834 Jonathan COULSON
Slingsby Mary Ann WILSON Single
38 08/03/1835 James SIMPSON
Sinnington Elizabeth HODGSON Single
39 26/12/1835 George ADAMSON
Norton Ann OXENDALE Single
40 24/11/1836 George TODD
Helmsley Sarah WARD

41 26/11/1836 Robert DRIFFIELD
Nunnington Ann WALKER Single
42 23/04/1837 Richard AGAR

Mary WILKS Single

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