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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Nunburnholme St James


The Parish

The parish of Nunburnholme lies in southern Yorkshire, west of the central part of the East Riding and roughly 5 miles north of the market town of Market Weighton. Nunburnholme sits a little over 2 miles south of the B1246 road which connects Pocklington through towards Great Driffield. Nunburnholme is a small strip village built long the the valley-side of the Nunburnholme Beck, most properties lie along the narrow lane that parallels the river. The "nun" of its name originates with the priory of Benedictine nuns which was founded here in c1150 and, of course, dissolved during Henry VIII's dissolution, today only a few earthworks remain to document the priory. Today the area is largely arable farming but at the time of this transcript sheep would have grazed the upper lands of the Wolds. The Nunburnholme Beck drains the parish westwards, joining with other small becks before reaching the Derwent, here matters turn southwards and the Derwent, like most Yorkshire rivers exits to the North Sea through the Humber Estuary. Nunburnholme is sited at around 40 metres above the sea but land rises onto nearby Wolds reaching 165 metres on nearby Nunburnholme Wold. By Yorkshire standards Nunburnholme parish was on the small side, covering just under 1,500 acres it would have supported a population of close to 250 parishioners. In Domesday times Nunburnholme was a really small place, held directly by King William it could muster just  a pair of ploughs and a small wood but did have a mill.

The Church

St James' church sits at the western end of the strip of properties on the southern side of Church Lane. Whilst the church has been extensively modified over the centuries Pevsner is able to isolate the earliest fabric and note it origins in the immediate post-Conquest period. The nave dates to the 12th century and shows the Norman Romanesque architecture of that period. The chancel is later, from the first half of the 13th century and Early English Gothic in style, having dais that most of its windows were replaced in the Decorated style of the latter half of the same century leaving a single lancet. The Victorian restorers, in this case in the 1870s, thoroughly restored both nave and chancel and also added the southern porch. Work was not, however, complete, restorers in the 18th century had created a small bell-turret for the western end and in 1901 this was removed and today's western tower built to replace it, the tower echoes the Decorated style of the chancel windows. Church Lane is narrow but has sufficient verge to allow careful parking by the gates. A neatly cropped hedge surrounds the site broken by metal gates at the eastern end allowing entry to a churchyard with no obstructions for the photographer.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 10th June 1755 - 10th February 1800 Borthwick Institute - York - Reference - PR/NUN/2 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads The register has suffered some damage with missing outer corners but these do not unduly impact legibility
2 25th July 1802 - 10th November 1812 Borthwick Institute BTs on loose-leaf folios Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads The register for this period does not survive these records were retrieved from the BTs.
3 14th November 1814 - 28th June 1837 Borthwick Institute - York - Reference - PR/NUN/3 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
14/01/1754 William WATSON Howden Susanna WHARTON Seaton Ross
10/06/1755 Francis BASS Ann BEDDEL
13/05/1756 John ADAMSON Single Mary STEPHENSON Single
14/06/1756 Marmaduke VOSE Single Margret ADAMSON Single
15/11/1757 Robert ADAMSON Single Elizabeth ROBINSON Single
23/11/1757 John REVISS Single Sarah HAWKINS Single
27/03/1758 John PINDAR Widower Pocklington Elizabeth COLE Widow
12/10/1758 Matthew JENKINSON Widower Dorothy HARRISON Single
20/11/1759 Henry SMITH Shiptonthorpe Sarah HATTON
22/11/1759 John SMITH Hannah GOODYEAR
28/11/1759 Thomas FOSTER Single Huggate Jane HAGGARD Widow
15/01/1761 William WINTER Grace SMITH
08/11/1763 William CARR Mary LINTON Market Weighton
13/01/1765 Roger HODGSON Ann MARSHALL
16/06/1768 Thomas SMART Elizabeth BROWN
09/01/1770 William JOHNSON Ellin GOODYEAR
23/05/1770 William ROOK Mary QUARTON
03/09/1770 William HAGGARD Margaret WINTER
20/10/1771 William OTTER Sutton On Hull Mary DONN Widow
25/11/1771 John CLOSE Hannah GOODYEAR
08/10/1772 Thomas WOOD Hannah TATE
24/10/1772 Richard MILLER Ann ANDREW
24/11/1772 Joseph STEPHENSON Elizabeth WILLIAMSON
11/12/1772 Thomas WILLAN Single Mary KEILOR Widow Rudston
25/04/1773 Edward CASTON Elizabeth HOLMES
27/08/1773 Thomas ROOK Widower Jane LAMBERT Single
30/10/1773 William SHAW Pocklington Elizabeth HARPER
18/04/1774 William HEBDEN Pocklington Ann GOODYER
18/12/1774 Thomas BURTON Market Weighton Sarah COLE Single
18/05/1775 Thomas HAGYARD Single Ann EZARD Single Huggate
24/11/1775 John HATTON Elizabeth COBLE
24/04/1777 William SUNMAN Widower Bossall Mary ADAMSON Widow
02/11/1777 Robert HOPWOOD Single Elizabeth COOK Single
01/11/1778 John NICHOLSON Single Osbaldwick Mary WILKINSON
17/03/1779 William WILKINSON Sarah RUMLEY Kilnwick Percy
14/10/1779 William TURNER Juda HOTHAM Warter
24/06/1780 George WHITAKER Widower Holme On The Wolds Mary ADAMSON Single
26/08/1780 John STOCKS Widower Market Weighton Ann HALL
03/07/1781 Robert HAGYARD Single Elisabeth ADAMSON Single
09/07/1781 John FORSTER Widower Kirkbymoorside Jane ROOK Widow
28/04/1782 Ralph HAGYARD Widower Emme WALGATE Single
01/04/1783 Thomas SMITH Thornton By Pocklington Elisabeth HASSLEWOOD
26/11/1783 John THOMPSON Pocklington Ann FOWLER
17/04/1784 John ABBEY Elisabeth COVERDALE Market Weighton
09/06/1784 Christopher ROBSON Widower Winifred SANDERSON North Dalton
22/02/1785 Anthony ADAMSON Widower Thorne Elizabeth HATTON
18/08/1785 John ANDERSON Widower Market Weighton Jane SETTLE
24/05/1787 George JACKSON Widower Market Weighton Hannah PEGG
26/11/1787 William HASSLEWOOD Alice CLARK
12/04/1788 Edward Bee WOLLAMS Hannah VOSE
22/11/1789 Edward GORWOOD Hannah FRANKISH Market Weighton
29/11/1789 William LUNDY Kirk Ella Ann TINDAL
25/01/1790 John INGLEBY Kirkby Malzeard Elisabeth COLE
12/10/1790 Thomas HARRISON Margret BRADLEY
11/02/1793 James POLCK Cottingham Hannah GELL
09/04/1793 John BUSTON Bolton Percy Mary HUDSON
03/06/1793 John MYERS Bishop Wilton Mary COOK
08/10/1795 William PIPES Elisabeth HAGYARD
22/11/1797 George LOUDER Pocklington Hannah MASSEY
05/11/1798 Thomas WATSON Sarah ROBERTS
10/02/1800 John OVEREND Elisabeth SEYMOUR Warter
25/07/1802 Thomas WEST Hannah PIPES
25/11/1802 John PALFRAMAN Mary WRIGHT
21/08/1803 John CROSS Ann WILSON
27/12/1803 John CORNER Elizabeth MILNER
15/05/1805 Thomas WATSON Catharine WILKINSON
26/11/1805 Peter DALE Ann HOPWOOD
30/11/1805 John HARRISON Mary HOWE
06/05/1806 William SMALLWOOD Mary THORNTON
24/11/1808 Richard HUDSON Mary HARRISON
24/11/1808 Thomas PAPE Emma HAGYARD
29/12/1808 Thomas BRIGHAM Elizabeth REVIS
04/07/1810 John PAPE Zillah BRIGHAM
10/11/1812 John HICKS Mary LAZENBY
1 14/11/1814 Richard WADE Elizabeth DAVIS
2 11/07/1815 John DICKINSON Warter Dinah JOHNSON
3 26/10/1815 George MAUDE Warter Elizabeth JONEFAR Widow
4 27/02/1816 James VAUSE Mary LAZENBY Single Hayton
5 15/04/1817 William WILKINSON Elizabeth BRIGHAM
6 17/11/1817 Henry MARTIN Middleton On The Wolds Elizabeth BRIGHAM
7 08/06/1818 John HARRISON Christiana SCOTT Single
8 14/12/1819 William DORSEY Elizabeth COULTESS
9 25/06/1820 Robert HARRISON Mary SCOTT
10 26/11/1821 Martin HOWDEN Tamar KITCHEN
11 11/02/1822 John BELL Pocklington Elizabeth MILNER
12 15/12/1822 Henry HOBBS Elizabeth SARGESON Single
13 21/07/1823 William GARDAM Sarah STATHER Yapham
14 15/12/1823 Richard WITTY Betty ADAMSON
15 03/05/1824 Thomas WREIGHTON Etton Jane GIPSON
16 06/12/1824 John SWANN York Eleanor BELL Single
17 25/11/1825 Matthew FOSTER Mary FARRAH
18 26/04/1826 John SCAIFE Pocklington Hannah SMITH
19 14/05/1827 John HARRISON Jane OGRAM Millington
20 06/06/1827 Robert OXTOBY Warter Mary SCOTT
21 27/02/1828 William LEAK Ann LEE
22 06/10/1828 Robert YATES Widower Anne PALFREYMAN Single
23 30/03/1829 Thomas PAPE Single Anne PIPE Single
24 05/11/1829 William SUTHERBY Jane YOUSE
25 02/02/1830 Francis VAUSE Jane RICHARDSON
26 23/01/1831 William DICKINSON Barnby Upon Don Maria ELLIS
27 15/05/1831 Robert DAVISON Anne EASTWOOD
28 04/01/1832 William ADAMSON Anne FRANKS
29 24/02/1833 Joseph WHINCUP Alice STEPHENSON Market Weighton
30 05/02/1834 Matthew SWALLOW Widower Anne SIMPSON Single
31 18/04/1835 John HELLABY Anne CAMP
32 20/07/1835 John SMITH Shiptonthorpe Harriot BRIGHAM
33 11/08/1835 William MITTAM Widower Jane ROLSEY Widow
34 26/10/1835 Joseph SERGEANTSON Mary WEST
35 30/05/1836 Thomas HAYYARD Londesbrough Elizabeth SILVERSIDES
36 12/12/1836 Thomas ELLIS Single Elizabeth Saville MILNER Single
37 28/06/1837 John PALFREYMAN Frances DOUGHTY

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