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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Great Ouseburn St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Great Ouseburn lies in central Yorkshire forming part of the boundary between the North & West Ridings, here marked by the course of the River Ure, soon to become the Ouse, but sitting just into the West Riding. Great Ouseburn is located about 7 miles northeast of the town of Knaresborough. Great Ouseburn sits a mile east of the B6265 road which connects the A1 at Boroughbridge to the A59 at Green Hammerton, the B6265 is straight as befits a road built along the ancient Roman Road from York to the north. Great Ouseburn is a mid-sized but rather strung out village built for almost a mile along a lane running northwest to southeast parallel to the Ouse Gilt Burn. This is the heart of the Yorkshire lowlands, a rich farming area dominated by arable fields and this would have provided the main source of income at the time of this transcription. The Ouse Gilt Burn drains the parish southeastwards to meet the Ure, the two then form the Ouse which passes through York and reaches the North Sea through the Humber Estuary. Great Ouseburn is sited at around at around 30 metres above the sea in gentle terrain, land continues to rise steadily westwards away from the Ure reaching local heights of close to 60 metres by the time the A1 is reached. Great Ouseburn parish was fairly typically sized for lowland Yorkshire, covering just over 1,400 acres it would have supported a population of just over 600 parishioners. Great Ouseburn is mentioned in Domesday Book as a holding of King William but it is described as waste with no assets listed, its potential for 6 ploughs was, however, noted

The Church

St Mary's church sits on the eastern side of the Main Street almost centrally within the thin ribbon that is the village. The church was largely rebuilt in Georgian times with only the western tower remaining from the medieval period. The tower has a 12th century date in the Early English Gothic style topped by the addition of the belfry stage in the following century and Decorated in style. Pevsner finds a few remnant of that 13th century make-over reused or left by the restorers of the 1820s. Otherwise the nave & chancel were almost totally rebuilt during that decade. A further partial restoration occurred in 1883 to result in today's church. Main Street is sufficiently wide enough for careful parking, the church is slightly higher than road level and a flight of 3 steps rises to the metal gates in the brick wall that surrounds it. Sadly the church sits tight to that wall with trees clustered in the normally favoured sight line from the southeast and the better views are inhibited on a sunny day, being tight to that wall means the better views of the medieval tower are from outside the churchyard.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 24th November 1754 - 25th August 1812 North Yorkshire Record Office - Reference - PR/OUG 1/6
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
1 2nd March 1813 - 20th February 1837 North Yorkshire Record Office - Reference - PR/OUG 1/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading in the early portion of this register may lead to one or two misreads

Marton By Boroughbridge Christ Church
Aldborough St Andrew
Alne St Mary
Marton By Boroughbridge Christ Church
Alne St Mary
Goldsborough St Mary
Allerton Mauleverer St Martin
Little Ouseburn Holy Trinity
Little Ouseburn Holy Trinity
Alne St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
06/01/1754 John SHARPER Aldborough Ann BENSON
1 24/11/1754 Thomas FAWCET Single Jane HODGSON Single
2 20/01/1755 William DOWE Widower Copgrove Anne SIMPSON Widow
3 27/05/1755 John MASON Widower Ketherine SHUTE Widow
4 23/06/1755 William WAITE Single Mary FAULKINGHAM Single
5 24/12/1755 John COULTHERD Single Grace BUSSFIELD Single
6 16/08/1756 Joseph THOMLINSON Single Nun Monkton Charity RICHARDSON Single
7 27/09/1756 William THOMPSON Single Marton By Boroughbridge Isabel BRIGGS Single
8 05/09/1757 Robert LOWRY Single Jane PRECIOUS Single
9 24/10/1757 Richard SCABOROUGH Single Anne ATKINSON Single Little Ouseburn
10 22/11/1757 Matthias BROWN Single Little Ouseburn Elizabeth RICHARDSON Single
11 08/08/1758 George WILSON Single Mary CLINT Single
12 23/11/1758 Thomas INMAN Single Kirk Hammerton Elizabeth KIDD Single
13 21/12/1758 Thomas DALBY Widower Margaret WILSON Widow
14 12/02/1759 James FALL Single Anne COATS Single
15 22/11/1759 William STEPHENSON Single Anne JENKINSON Widow
16 07/01/1760 John PULLEIN Widower Anne HARPER Widow
17 26/05/1760 Robert HERRING Single Knaresborough Mary CUNDALL Single
18 25/01/1761 Thomas PICK Single Anne SIMPSON Single
19 06/04/1761 William MASON Single Martha DALBY Single
20 02/06/1761 Christopher GRAINGER Single Newton On Ouse Elizabeth NICHOLSON Single
21 22/11/1761 Edward KEMP Single Hannah SHEPHERD Single
22 23/11/1761 Robert OLIVER Single Aldborough Mary SWAILS Single
23 14/12/1761 Richard BAIN Single Mary NICHOLSON Single
24 17/11/1763 Christopher FAWCETT Moor Monkton Anne SIMPSON
25 23/04/1764 William BRIGGS Isabella RUDD Single
26 12/08/1765 Richard LUND Spofforth Nelly SMITHWAITE Single
27 22/11/1765 Thomas KAY St John, York Margery SHELBY Single
28 23/10/1766 William LEAK Single Nun Monkton Anne STYAN Widow
29 27/10/1766 Richard NICHOLSON Widower Mary SCARBROUGH Widow
30 01/12/1766 William SIMPSON Jane PRATT Single
31 29/12/1766 William GELDART Widower Frances DAWSON Single
32 10/01/1767 John HAW Mary GELDART Single
24 13/04/1767 Christopher PICK Single Catherine SIMPSON Widow
25 02/05/1768 John COBB Single Whixley Elleanor BROWNRIDGE Single
26 20/06/1769 Francis MOUNTAIN Elizabeth KAYE Single
27 19/12/1769 John TRIFFITT Marton By Boroughbridge Hannah GREAVES Single
28 16/04/1770 William SIMPSON Elizabeth PICK Single
29 17/12/1770 John LIMBORD Single Aldborough Isabella HATCH Single
30 24/09/1771 Cuthbert LAWS Escrick Mary ATKINSON Single
31 05/11/1771 William TOPHAM Little Ouseburn Mary ATKINSON Single
32 19/11/1771 Richard PORTAS Alne Rosamond DALBY Single
38 19/06/1772 William BEDFORD Catherine TAYLOR Single
33 17/10/1772 John WRIGHTSON Elizabeth HOOD Single
34 30/11/1772 Francis LONSDALE Anne MORRILL Widow
35 21/10/1773 Joseph SHUTE Mary WILSON Single
36 18/11/1773 Robert ABBEY Healaugh Elizabeth LUND Single
37 18/11/1773 Thomas THOMPSON Single Stillingfleet Eleanor ALLEN Single
39 09/11/1774 John WILKINSON Single Mary HAWKINS Single Newton On Ouse
40 17/04/1775 Richard GRAVES Kirk Deighton Mary DICKINSON Single
41 19/11/1775 Christopher STEEL Marton By Boroughbridge Jane TAYLOR Single
42 13/01/1777 Thomas BELL Kirby Wiske Jane PICK Single
43 23/06/1777 William YATES Single Jane TATE Single
44 28/07/1777 William BRIGGS Widower Jane DICKINSON Single
45 06/12/1777 George DUNWELL Widower Mary CARR
46 23/02/1778 George WISEMAN Little Ouseburn Sarah ATKINSON Single
47 26/11/1778 William ADDISON Kirkby Overblow Elizabeth GELDART Single
48 24/01/1779 William MOYSER St Helen, York Cicily DALTON Single
49 24/02/1779 Hugh HARTFORTH Widower St Martin Micklegate, York Ann SMITH Single
50 10/01/1780 John APPLEBY Aldborough Hannah LINFOOT Single
51 17/01/1780 George RICHARDSON Newton On Ouse Rebecca BRAITHWAITE Single
52 23/03/1780 Miles HORSEMAN Whixley Nancy ACRES Single
53 14/11/1780 William DOVE Widower Ellen CUNDALE Single
54 14/05/1781 Richard KAYE Single Jane LINFOOT Single
55 24/06/1781 Thomas HEBDEN Single Marton By Boroughbridge Ann CUTHBERT Single
56 14/02/1782 John Rider WOOD Single Wensley Ann CAUTLEY Single
57 24/06/1782 Robert DALBY Single Elizabeth BROWN Single
58 18/11/1782 John SCAIFE Knaresborough Ann SUMMERTON Single
59 25/11/1782 Francis BENSON Mary FEWSDALE Single
60 01/04/1783 George HOWE Catharine POOL Single
61 10/06/1784 John JOHNSON Ripon Ann HARRISON Single
62 28/09/1784 Francis BOYNTON Stillingfleet Ruth CHAPMAN Single
63 25/10/1784 George FRANKMAN Single Hannah DAWSON Single
64 21/11/1784 Joseph THOMAS Single Isabella BROWN Single
65 01/12/1784 John STRICKLAND Single Ann GREENWELL Single
66 01/01/1787 Thomas TERRY Ann SCAFE Widow
67 29/01/1788 Richard FOSTER Single Alne Mary PICK Single
68 20/05/1788 Francis HORSMAN Deborah STEEL Single Marton By Boroughbridge
69 09/04/1789 William MOUNTAIN Isabella DARNBROUGH Single Kirk Hammerton
70 13/08/1789 James THOMAS Single Mary LUTY Single
71 30/05/1790 William TATE New Malton Hannah DALBY Single
72 01/10/1790 Joseph MIDGLEY Harewood Mary LUND
73 01/02/1791 Thomas CAUTLEY Mary HENLOCK Widow
74 22/03/1791 George MORRELL Single Ann BICKERDIKE Single
75 31/07/1791 Robert BROWNE Denton, Durham Eutrophia BROWNE
76 05/02/1792 William HOMAN Staveley Martha SURR
77 10/04/1792 Giles REDMAYNE Giggleswick Mary HENLOCK
78 04/06/1792 George WRIGHT Single Brafferton Mary HERRING Single
79 16/10/1792 Richard FARRA Kirby Knowle Jane SHARPRAY Single
80 21/11/1792 George HORNER Jane HARRISON
81 07/01/1793 Richard KETTLEWELL Single Martha WHITEHEAD Single
82 27/10/1793 William SIMPSON Single Sally MOUNTAIN Single
83 25/11/1793 John LONSDALE Single Jane ELLISON Single
84 09/02/1795 Matthew AKERS Widower Little Ouseburn Sarah REED Single
85 24/02/1795 William ROBINSON Single Knaresborough Hannah KICKER Single
86 11/11/1795 George KETTLEWELL Single Susannah HOWE Widow
87 11/07/1796 Robert CLIFFORD Single Ann WARD Single
88 14/11/1796 Richard SCARBROUGH Single Marton By Boroughbridge Mary NICHOLSON Single
89 08/08/1797 William DOVE Catharine BEDFORD Single
90 28/11/1797 Joseph CAMPEY Single Ann PICK Single
91 15/01/1798 John LAMB Widower Charity BROWN Widow
92 28/04/1798 Alexander ORR Mary CUNDALL
93 30/05/1798 William GIBSON Single Hannah ANDERSON Widow
94 03/12/1798 Christopher BURTON Single Jane ABBAY Single
95 03/11/1799 Joseph COUPLAND Single Mary HANSON Single
96 29/11/1799 William COULTON Widower Jane REED Single
97 22/11/1800 Thomas BAINES Single Little Ouseburn Elizabeth OSBORNE Single
98 23/11/1800 Richard KETTLEWELL Single Jane ADDISON Single
99 30/03/1801 George DUNWELL Jane BUCKTROUT Bedale
100 25/03/1802 William POWEL Single Knaresborough Charlotte HOWE Single
101 28/08/1802 Thomas JENNINGS Sarah STACK Widow
102 21/03/1803 Richard SCARBROUGH Widower Dorothy MORLEY Single Kirby Hill
103 28/03/1803 William BRIGGS Single Mary PEACOCK Kirby Hill
104 04/11/1804 Francis MOUNTAIN Single Jane STEEL Single
105 24/11/1804 William CLARK Single Mary GUDGEON Single
106 27/11/1804 David RICHMOND Single Elizabeth RAMSDILL Single
107 04/02/1805 William ESHELLY Single Little Ouseburn Elizabeth SIMPSON
108 03/12/1805 Thomas BURNIT Martha ANDREW Single
109 13/04/1806 William SMALES Single Thorp Arch Elizabeth LONSDALE Single
110 26/04/1806 John HESLINGTON Single Bella HOWE Single
111 22/09/1806 John ETESON Knaresborough Mary SIMPSON Single
112 24/11/1806 William ADDISON Single Ann LAZENBY Single
113 06/05/1807 John SCRUTON Mary BROWN Single Little Ouseburn
05/12/1807 George TUPMAN Newton On Ouse Ann HERRING
24/11/1808 William LONSDALE Frances TAYLOR Single
05/12/1808 William READER Peggy HOWE Single
07/11/1809 Richard CHAPMAN Susannah HOWE Single
07/01/1812 Peter KETTLEWELL Whixley Sarah HOWE
25/08/1812 Richard HOWE Tibby MOUNTAIN Single
1 02/03/1813 Timothy BURNET Ann BRIGGS
2 04/01/1814 Benjamin REED Mary HERRING
3 14/02/1814 Thomas GAMMAL Goldsborough Mary LANCASTER
4 02/06/1814 William DICKINSON Single Staveley Mary SIMPSON Widow
5 22/08/1814 Stephen HOLMES Aldborough Ann DICKINSON
6 22/01/1815 Thomas SMALES Rebecca JOHNSON Little Ouseburn
7 08/04/1815 William INCHBALD Single Aldborough Bella HOWE Single
8 20/05/1815 Richard BIRCH Single Sarah IBBISON Single
9 30/10/1815 John HARDCASTLE Aldborough Ann BROWN
10 23/11/1815 Thomas BAINS Widower Ann PRICE Single
11 25/01/1816 George FRANKLAND Aldborough Ellen BURLEY
12 09/09/1816 William CHAPMAN Widower Ann WILSON Single
13 24/10/1816 Charles NORTON Single Hannah BROWN Single
14 02/12/1816 Thomas FAWCETT Widower Hannah OXTABY Single
15 16/12/1816 John HUSTWAITE Single Jane AKERS Single
16 25/08/1817 Thomas JEFFERSON Alne Mary SIMPSON
17 11/04/1818 William PARKER Mary ANAKIN Kirkbymoorside
18 26/01/1819 Francis DICKINSON Knaresborough Mary Ann KETTLEWELL
19 06/03/1819 George PAYLER Mary JEWITT Spofforth
20 08/06/1820 Jeremiah ADDISON Little Ouseburn Elizabeth WOODWARD
21 21/11/1820 Samuel RAMSDILL Widower Aldborough Ann DICKINSON Single
22 27/11/1821 James BARWICK St Margaret, York Mary HODGSON
23 05/08/1822 James FEANE Widower Drypool Deborah HORSMAN Single
24 20/04/1823 William SIMPSON Sarah ATACK
25 13/05/1823 John HUDSON Knaresborough Ann INCHBOARD Single
26 07/08/1823 John Barnes EMMETT Harriet BARNES Single Sculcoates
27 25/11/1823 Stephen HOLMES Widower Elizabeth GUDGEON Single
28 04/12/1823 John GRAHAM Ann WRIGHTSON Single
29 30/12/1823 William GRINSWELL Alne Ellen BARNES Single
30 29/01/1824 Joseph CHAPMAN Skipton Susannah CHAPMAN Widow
31 10/06/1824 Peter TILSON Knaresborough Ann HENLOCK Single
32 21/09/1824 Thomas STUBBS Single Aldborough Mary HENLOCK Single
33 14/12/1824 Christopher LOFTHOUSE Widower Aldborough Sarah DUNWELL Single
34 27/12/1824 William GUDGEON Widower Bridget THOMSON Widow
35 07/02/1825 William YEATES Kirkbymoorside Ann LONSDALE Single
36 05/10/1825 George MORRIL Widower Mary KETTLEWELL Widow
37 12/03/1827 James LAMB Single Jane CARUS Single Alne
38 11/06/1827 Henry SIMPSON Single Nancy SWALES Single
39 02/07/1827 John CLARK Topcliffe Mary GIBSON
40 26/11/1827 John MYERS Ann BRIGGS Single
41 04/02/1828 Abraham HARTLEY Bradford Rebecca SWAILES
42 31/03/1828 John SHACKLETON Mary LANGTON Single
43 24/04/1828 Henry HOGGARD Bulmer Elizabeth WOODWARD Single
44 11/12/1828 John WOODWARD Mary SIMPSON Little Ouseburn
45 26/11/1829 Richard LONSDALE Ann LAMB
46 03/04/1830 John BARKER Single Little Ouseburn Elizabeth SIMPSON Single
47 05/05/1830 James METCALFE Single Ripon Charlotte JENNINGS Single
48 02/12/1830 William BRUCE Single Sarah WARD
49 12/01/1831 Richard KITCHEN Widower Elizabeth LONSDALE Single
50 12/03/1831 Henry ARCHER Single Diana BARKER Single
51 23/04/1831 William STEPHENSON Single Hannah HARPER Single
52 24/10/1831 Charles NORTON Widower Jane MITCHEL Single
53 01/12/1832 William HARRISON Single St Mary Bishophill The Younger, York Mary WRIGHTSON Single
54 23/02/1833 William THOMPSON Single Aldborough Mary Ann RIDSDALE Single
55 31/10/1833 William PATTERICK Single Sarah BROWN Single
56 23/12/1833 Richard OLIVER Single Thirkleby Mary BROWN Widow
57 15/10/1834 William DOVE Single Ann HODGSON Single
58 25/11/1834 William JOHNSON Kirby Hill Mary SMITH
59 02/02/1835 Peter ATKINSON Single Mary PENNINGTON Single
60 05/05/1835 Richard PAVER Brayton Mary HOWE
61 30/05/1835 Charles SCRIVEN Susanna BLYTH
62 04/04/1836 James DICKINSON Mary CLIDERY
63 16/08/1836 Samuel CHANDLER Sand Hutton Elizabeth ROBINSON
64 24/11/1836 Thomas KETTLEWELL Jane DICKINSON
65 17/12/1836 John UPTON Isabella RENNISON
66 20/02/1837 Christopher GUDGEON Charlotte FENWICK

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