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Rise All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Rise is located in the East Riding of Yorkshire about 4 miles east of the market town of Beverley and 11 miles northeast of the port of Hull. Rise is sited just adjacent to the B1243 which connects Skirlaugh to Sigglesthorne and thence to Hornsea. There is not much of a village to Rise, a few farms and cottages plus the estate of its eponymous Hall. This was a "closed" parish with most of the land controlled by the Lord of the Manor who acted to restrict movement into the parish, the result is a mere hamlet. Rise is only about 5 1/2 miles from Yorkshire's eastern coastline, the crumbling sandy coast between Hornsea and Withernsea of Holderness, Rise is sited at no more 20 metres above sea level in a broad plain drained largely by man-made ditches and dykes. The parish is a typical size for a lowland parish, about 2,000 acres, but due to its land ownership only supported a population of around 180 parishioners. Rise has been around for a long time, it receives no fewer than 5 separate entries in Domesday Book but these merely record the prior ownership than giving details of its assets. Much of the land was previously in the hands of Knut.

The Church

All Saints' church is sited in the grounds of the hall as befits a closed parish. The present building is, however, a Victorian replacement from the mid 1840s. The church has the standard layout of western tower, chancel and nave, the tower being topped by a pseudo-broach spire. Pevsner clearly does not feel it has any great architectural merits as he dismisses the building in a mere 4 lines. The church is sited to the south of the minor lane which branches off the B1243 at the notional centre of the parish. The church is almost totally screened from the road by mature deciduous trees, access is via a short track to wooden gates. The graveyard is bordered by a low ashlar wall similar to the material used in the church.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 6th September 1754 - 23rd November 1812 East Yorkshire Archives - Reference - PE80/6
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 11th January 1813 - 25th March 1837 East Yorkshire Archives - Reference - PE80/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Poor handwriting makes for a possibility of a few misreads

Catwick St Michael
Sigglesthorne St Lawrence
Sigglesthorne St Lawrence
Long Riston St Margaret
Mappleton All Saints
Skirlaugh St Augustine
Swine St Mary
Skirlaugh St Augustine
Swine St Mary
Withernwick St Alban

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
03/01/1754 John SHOPLAND   Swine Elizabeth HARRISON   Hornsea
06/09/1754 Samuel SMALES     Jane RALAH    
15/09/1755 Gabriel JARRAT     Mary RICHARDSON    
13/12/1756 John PUCKERING     Elizabeth HUDSON    
16/06/1757 Michael ATKIN     Margeret SMITH    
27/08/1757 Thomas PATTISON     Sarah WATSON    
01/05/1758 William PURDON Single   Hannah TAYLOR Single  
01/06/1758 Christopher HUDSON Single   Margaret RANSOM Single  
12/11/1759 Thomas MEDCALF Single   Elizabeth CROSBY Single  
17/12/1759 George SMITH Single   Elizabeth CARR Single  
01/06/1762 James DUNN     Margaret WARDELL    
14/02/1763 John WELBURNE     Margaret ATKINS    
28/03/1763 Thomas DUNN Single   Ruth UPPLEBY Single Hornsea
19/10/1764 Christopher SPENCER   St John, Beverley Mary BEILDBY Single  
18/02/1765 George ELLARBY     Catherine RICHARDSON    
25/11/1765 Robert ROBINSON     Jane THOMPSON    
16/12/1765 Peter WILEE     Jane BATCHELOR    
23/04/1767 Isaac SPENCER   Aldborough Elizabeth NORTH    
31/05/1768 Gabriel JARROT     Tamar PASHBY    
30/06/1768 Richard DRY     Elizabeth JEWSON    
12/12/1768 John CARR     Urscilla CROSBY    
17/07/1769 Joseph SWIFT   St Nicholas, Beverley Frances CARR    
27/08/1770 William WHITFIELD   Hornsea Jane RICHMOND    
30/10/1770 John CAPE   Long Riston Elizabeth CARR    
22/11/1770 William WOOD Single Watton Jane FALDING Single  
02/07/1771 John BURTON     Susannah FISHER    
28/11/1771 Matthew ROBINSON   Withernwick Alice HODGSON Single  
09/08/1772 Samuel BLAKESTONE   St Nicholas, Beverley Katherine DAREDEN    
15/11/1773 John GOFTON Widower   Mary POSTILL Widow Sigglesthorne
22/11/1773 Stephen JEFFERSON Single Bishop Burton Elizabeth SMALES Single  
29/11/1773 John JENKINSON Single   Elizabeth BAULK Single  
06/01/1774 Francis JACKSON Single   Mary DARWEN Single  
10/12/1774 John HOLMES Single Wickham, Hampshire Ann BARSEL Single  
04/12/1776 Matthew ROBINSON   Withernwick Ann FAIRBANK Single  
05/05/1777 Gabriel JARRAT Widower   Elizabeth MELL Single  
03/07/1780 John SCREETON Single Long Riston Kitty METCALFE Single  
06/03/1781 John BILTON Single   Hannah PUCKERING Single  
04/07/1782 John DENT     Elizabeth HUDSON    
24/04/1783 John CARTER     Ann CODD    
12/01/1784 Thomas EDWARDS   Beeford Grace BANES    
12/04/1784 John RICHARDSON   Sigglesthorne Jane SMALES    
08/01/1785 Thomas HUDSON     Martha BRADELEY    
26/11/1785 John TERRY   Cottingham Jane GUESTINGHAM    
25/04/1786 Francis JACKSON     Mary GILL    
19/06/1787 Michael HODGSON     Jane MARSHAL   Mappleton
02/08/1787 William WRIGHT     Mary LEESON    
10/04/1788 Richard WRIGHT     Elizabeth LEESON    
04/12/1788 John TAYLOR     Rose KNAGGS    
15/12/1788 John KNAGGS     Mary HUDSON   Sigglesthorne
03/01/1789 Richard HALL     Ann ROBINSON    
12/01/1789 Robert COOPER     Ann CHAPMAN    
01/06/1789 John SMITH   Sigglesthorne Jane SMITH    
17/06/1789 Thomas HALL     Mary DAWSON    
04/05/1791 Gabriel GARRARD     Ann GIBSON    
24/01/1795 Thomas HARPER   Great Driffield Phoebe STAVELEY    
23/06/1795 John FIELDING     Betty WRIGHT    
14/09/1795 Samuel GRAY     Mary BARKIN    
28/11/1796 John NORTH   Swine Mary TAYLOR    
21/08/1797 Robert ROBSON   Atwick Elizabeth HOLMES    
27/11/1797 Thomas WARD   Swine Mary CATTLENACK    
09/04/1798 John ROBINSON   St Nicholas, Beverley Helen DEARING    
17/05/1798 George WALLIS   Swine Elizabeth RUSSILL    
10/08/1798 Robert RICHARDSON   Sutton On Hull Ann FAULDING    
16/01/1799 John DALES   Swine Elizabeth WRIGHT    
24/11/1801 John FAULDING     Sarah MAYNARD    
25/11/1801 Aaron SHORES   Brandesburton Mary THORNTON    
07/09/1802 Henry RANK     Margaret GRYSWOOD    
28/11/1803 Henry EVANS     Ann BATTY    
26/04/1804 Ralph Johnson BILTON     Ann PINDER    
25/11/1804 Peter HAYNES     Mary DUNN    
20/05/1805 John PORTER   Swine Jane TWINSHAM    
01/07/1805 George HART   Long Riston Rose WRIGHT    
01/10/1805 Thomas THORNTON     Mary SCOTT   Mappleton
04/12/1805 Charles FAULDING     Ann LANDY    
09/12/1805 John JARVIS     Faith GRINDALE    
25/08/1806 Robert COOPER     Margaret MOORE    
23/05/1808 Richard MOORE   Long Riston Hannah DUNN    
24/09/1808 John HALL   Foston Jane BRIGHAM    
24/04/1809 Joseph SPINK     Jane CLARKE    
27/11/1809 Richard ELSTON   Burton Pidsea Frances LAWSON    
26/03/1810 Marmaduke STEPHENSON     Elizabeth HUDSON    
06/06/1810 Simon PECK     Jane ROUTLEDGE    
08/07/1812 Joseph COATS   Leeds Margaret WILCOCKSON    
20/07/1812 William DICKENSON     Easter MYAS    
23/11/1812 Joseph HALL     Susanna STAVELEY    
1 11/01/1813 John LOWGEN   Burton Pidsea Ann MOORE    
2 25/01/1813 Richard MILSON   Hutton Cranswick Elizabeth SNELL    
3 29/07/1813 Martin WARD     Mary CARTWRIGHT    
4 25/09/1813 William MASON   North Frodingham Elizabeth CAMIDGE    
5 02/10/1813 Francis DAVISON     Mary SANDON    
6 11/04/1814 William SPARK     Tominson WALKER    
7 10/12/1814 William HALL Single   Isabella DARLEY Single  
8 05/02/1816 Christopher COOK   Aldbrough Martha GIBSON    
9 25/11/1816 Henry ROBINSON   Mappleton Margaret GOFORTH    
10 25/08/1817 Francis HYDE     Margaret COOK    
11 25/11/1817 James POLLARD     Amey RISBY    
12 19/11/1818 Thomas JACKSON     Jane CARR Widow  
13 05/12/1818 John WILKINSON   Sigglesthorne Mary JACKSON    
14 02/01/1819 William ALLEN     Elizabeth ROBINSON    
15 07/07/1819 Henry GASTIMAN   Lambeth, Surrey Mary KNAGGS    
16 27/12/1819 Peter WARDLE   Long Riston Rebecca COOK    
17 29/06/1820 William MILNER   Howden Mary WHITEHEAD    
18 04/12/1820 Henry LYON     Mary STOREY Widow  
19 02/03/1821 Robert NICHOLSON   Beeford Elizabeth KNAGGS    
20 22/10/1821 John FOLLOWDOWN     Hannah TENNISON    
21 10/04/1823 John NEWLOVE   Nunkeeling Ann ROBINSON    
22 30/06/1823 William FOSTER   Holy Trinity, Hull Jane RICHARDSON    
23 10/05/1826 Charles Pennyman WORSLEY     Caroline ACKLOM   St Nicholas, Beverley
24 24/05/1826 Thomas FAIBIN   Watton Dorothy WALDBY    
25 19/09/1826 Thomas MARSHALL   St John, Beverley Sarah FAULDING    
26 26/07/1827 Richard HUDSON   Keyingham Mary HOWLGATE    
27 20/09/1828 James HALL     Ann CARR    
28 24/11/1828 John DODGSON   Norton Elizabeth MARSHALL    
29 04/06/1829 Robert BROWN   Sigglesthorne Mary PUCKERING    
30 31/10/1829 George TROWELL     Ann EVANS    
31 07/08/1830 Charles RUDD     Hannah EVANS    
32 02/11/1830 Thomas ROBSON     Hannah KAY    
33 30/04/1831 Thomas DEAN   North Frodingham Elizabeth BROWN    
34 03/01/1832 John PANTON     Mary LOWSON    
35 24/01/1832 Henry ROBINSON     Maria ROBSON    
36 27/02/1832 Isaac DAWSON     Elizabeth TINDALL    
37 02/05/1832 William PANTON     Mary COOPER    
38 31/05/1832 William WARD   St Marylebone, Middlesex Jemima CROOK    
39 06/12/1832 John BATESON   Catterick Maria HALL    
40 14/02/1833 David REID     Jane ROBSON    
41 05/07/1833 Thomas MASKELL     Dinah BEELBY    
42 15/11/1834 Simon PLEWES Single Bridlington Helen ROBINSON Single  
43 05/01/1835 John ROBINSON   Brandesburton Martha EVANS    
44 25/03/1837 George WALLS Single   Harriet HALL Single  

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