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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Rylstone St Peter


The Parish

The chapelry of Rylstone lies in the northwest of the West Riding of Yorkshire, Rylstone is a chapelry of Burnsall parish and was licensed for marriages at times during the period of this transcript. Rylstone is located about 5 miles north of the large market town of Skipton. Rylstone is a small hamlet situated on the B6265 road which connects Skipton with Grassington. This is very much an upland area, situated within the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Rylstone is not much of a settlement, merely a handful of farms and cottages and given the harsh conditions it is likely to have been that way at the time of this transcript. The main economy of the area is provided by pastoral farming, of cattle in the valleys and sheep on the rougher, upland pastures. The parish is drained by the Eshton Beck which runs southwestwards to join the Aire, this eventually finds its way to the North Sea through the Humber estuary. Rylstone is sited at around 200 metres above sea level but within a mile or two heights rise to above 500 metres on the Pennine ranges. Rylstone chapelry covered an area of just over 3,000 acres - comparable in size to many parishes but rather sparsely populated; it would have supported a population of around 120 parishioners. In Domesday times Rylstone was clearly still in Saxon hands, its tenants being gentlemen called Dolgfinn & Ravenkel. Its assets were not specifically listed but it was taxed at 5.5 geld units making it relatively wealthy.

The Church

St Peter's church stands to the northeast of the notional centre of the hamlet, accessed by a tarred footpath from the B6265. The church follows the standard layout of nave, chancel & western tower augmented by aisles. The present building dates from 1853 when it replaced a previously timber private chapel of the Norton family. The church is clearly of little architectural interest as Pevsner in his guide merely records its date of construction with little comment. The path to the church leaves the B6265 opposite the duck pond and rises gently to the site through farm buildings, it is drivable to the church where parking can be found. Within the churchyard there are no major obstacles to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 1754 - 1796 Rylstone was not licensed for marriage during this period
2 14th March 1797 - 3rd November 1802 North Yorkshire Record Office - Reference - PR/RYL/1/3
Plain, unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 30th June 1803 - 8th November 1812 North Yorkshire Record Office - Reference - PR/RYL/1/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads It should be noted that some entries have no date of marriage - an approximate date has been derived from the final calling of Banns
4 18th February 1813 - 26th June 1837 North Yorkshire Record Office - Reference - PR/RYL/1/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Burnsall St Wilfrid
Burnsall St Wilfrid
Burnsall St Wilfrid
Gargrave St Andrew
Burnsall St Wilfrid
Gargrave St Andrew
Skipton Holy Trinity
Skipton Holy Trinity

1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
25/02/1754 John VIPONT   Blackburn, Lancashire Ann CONSTANTINE   Burnsall
14/03/1797 Thomas DEAN     Jane WILSON   Burnsall
23/09/1797 Stephen GRIGSON     Izat WILKINSON   Burnsall
26/12/1797 Edmond STARKY     Ann EASTWOOD   Burnsall
04/02/1798 John SMITH     Hannah THOMPSON    
13/02/1799 Thomas MIDDLETON   Linton Mary STOREY    
20/08/1801 John GREEN     Bella CONSTANTINE    
21/03/1802 John BLAND   Keighley Sarah SIMPSON    
03/10/1802 George OATES   Gargrave Jane FRANKLAND    
03/11/1802 William SHARP   Wigan, Lancashire Ann PARKER    
1 30/06/1803 William HORNER   Bingley Nancy COCKSON    
2 11/12/1803 Matthew HASELTINE     Jane PENNINE    
3 26/02/1804 Robert WHITAKER   Burnsall Sarah FAWCITT    
4 29/03/1804 John CORT   Gargrave Ann WANDLE    
5 10/04/1804 William SUMMERSKILL     Vanney PRESTON    
6 09/07/1804 Francis URSON     Isabella CALVERT    
7 25/12/1804 John YEOMAN     Nancy SHUTTLEWORTH    
8 27/04/1805 William HIBSEN     Sarah MERCER    
9 14/01/1806 Thomas ROBINSON     Mary BROWN    
10 18/05/1806 Simon CLARK     Ann IBBOTSON    
11 25/09/1806 William WEST     Isabella DIXON    
12 27/10/1806 Thomas IBBOTSON     Hannah GREGSON    
13 18/11/1806 James HEBDEN     Isabella WILKINSON    
14 21/11/1808 William TILLOTSON   Hampsthwaite Isabella HOLMES    
15 03/01/1809 John HODGSON   Gargrave Ann WATERHOUSE    
16 25/04/1810 Christopher WINDLE     Nancy WALSH Single  
17 11/06/1810 John BIRCH   Masham Elizabeth WILKINSON    
18 12/06/1810 Thomas TOMLINSON     Jane HAGUE    
19 15/10/1810 James REEDA     Sarah WILKINSON Single  
20 20/05/1811 Emanuel DEMAIN     Roseanna WHITAKER Single  
21 05/08/1811 Miles MAUDSLEY     Margaret HODGSON Single  
22 25/11/1811 John ELSWORTH   Skipton Jane WINDEL    
23 13/05/1812 John RAYSHON     Margaret WEST    
24 27/07/1812 George CALVERT   Kettlewell Isabella FLETCHER    
25 08/11/1812 John ELLIS     Ann DEMAIN Single  
1 18/02/1813 William LAYCOCK   Burnley, Lancashire Nancy POLLARD Single  
2 01/03/1813 John DRAKE     Dorothy SHACKLETON    
3 03/05/1814 William WESTON     Mary WRIGHT    
4 06/03/1815 Christopher BUSHBY     Elizabeth NEWMAN    
5 06/03/1815 William WATERHOUSE     Jane PARKINSON Single  
6 06/03/1815 William REEDA     Elizabeth WINDLE Single  
7 30/10/1815 Randall INMAN     Ann STONEY    
8 11/03/1816 Richard BURTON   Skipton Grace SUMMERSKILL Single  
9 18/04/1816 Henry SMITH   Gargrave Elizabeth ROBINSON Single  
10 02/06/1816 Stephen SHARP     Mary KITCHING Single  
11 24/06/1816 Thomas KEMP     Mary GIBSON Single  
12 08/08/1816 James HARRISON   Linton Ellen FRANKLAND Single  
13 26/08/1816 Joseph CROSLAND     Sarah GREGSON Single  
14 16/10/1816 Thomas METCALFE Single Gargrave Jane BLAKE Single  
15 25/12/1816 Stephen GREGSON     Elizabeth HUDSON Single  
16 03/06/1817 Jacob BRADLEY     Ann WILKINSON Single  
17 23/06/1817 Thomas WADDINGTON   Bolton Abbey Susannah KIDD Single  
18 01/12/1817 William SIMPSON     Margaret ANDERSON Single  
19 02/03/1818 Matthew THORP     Mary AIRTON Single  
20 06/04/1818 John DEMAIN     Susanna IBBOTSON Single  
21 27/04/1818 Joseph KITCHING     Ellen SHUTTLEWORTH Single  
22 22/06/1818 Robert METCALFE     Susannah SHIERS Single  
23 25/01/1819 William ATKINSON     Ann INMAN Single  
24 09/06/1819 William ENGLAND   Broughton In Craven Eleanor AYRTON Single  
25 07/12/1819 John BECK     Ann BLACKBURN Single  
26 08/12/1819 Henry HARTLEY   Kirkby Malham Ellen WINDLE Single  
27 06/03/1820 Christopher IBBOTSON     Susan SIMPSON Single  
28 20/03/1820 William PINDAR     Jane WILKINSON Single  
29 04/10/1820 Johnson CARLISLE     Ann SERJEANTSON Single  
30 04/03/1821 Richard ETHERINGTON     Mary SHARP Single  
31 28/03/1821 Thomas BULLOCK     Sarah ETHERINGTON Single  
32 08/05/1822 Joseph WRIGHT   Burnsall Elizabeth SHACKLETON Single Burnsall
33 22/10/1822 James WHARF     Jane CHAPMAN Single  
34 25/01/1824 John WILLIAMSON   Keighley Elizabeth BLAKE Single  
35 02/02/1824 Manuel CHESTER   Marton Christiana SIMPSON Single  
36 16/05/1824 Thomas PARKER   Gisburn Martha SIMPSON Single Burnsall
37 09/02/1825 John MOORHOUSE   Gargrave Martha BLAKE    
38 04/05/1825 William WHALLEY     Ann ETHERINGTON    
39 14/12/1825 William ROBINSON     Elizabeth BLACKBURN    
40 31/01/1826 Robert IBBOTSON     Susannah WHITAKER Single  
41 06/02/1826 William ROBINSON     Alice BLACKBURN    
42 27/03/1826 Sampson WILKINSON   Skipton Margaret GREGSON Single  
43 20/04/1826 John HOLMES     Tamar WRIGHT Single  
44 20/07/1826 Robinson IBBOTSON   Kettlewell Mary BRADLEY    
45 21/09/1826 George MAUGHAM   Linton Eve WRIGHT Single  
46 15/01/1827 John LITTON   Gargrave Margaret SIMPSON    
47 26/02/1827 Le Gendre Nicholas STARKIE   Padiham, Lancashire Anne CHAMBERLAIN    
48 13/06/1827 William SHEPHERD   Gargrave Elizabeth MARSHALL Single  
49 29/04/1828 Anthony TAYLOR   Kirkby Malham Jane PROCTER    
50 03/06/1828 John GRUNDY   Manchester, Lancashire Mary PROCTER    
51 09/07/1828 William PALEY   Linton Hannah BRADLEY    
52 20/11/1828 Thomas WADDELOVE     Mary WHARFE Widow  
53 01/12/1828 George DRAKE   Halifax Ann MITTON    
54 27/05/1830 Alexander FEATHERSTONEHAUGH Single   Elizabeth GIBSON Single  
55 23/08/1830 John WILKINSON     Martha GREGSON Single  
56 02/12/1830 John SUMMERSKILL Single   Sarah BRADLEY Single  
57 05/03/1831 William TOMLINSON     Margaret WHARFE    
58 04/04/1831 William WHITAKER     Mary BLACKBURN Single  
59 18/04/1831 John SPINK   Conistone Sophia Shuttleworth KITCHING    
60 09/05/1831 Thomas ROBINSON Widower   Isabella CRAGG Single  
61 24/05/1831 William REEDAY Widower   Elisabeth WEST Single  
62 06/06/1832 Robert SNAPE   Kirkham, Lancashire Grace SHACKLETON    
63 25/06/1832 William AYRTON     Martha THROUP    
64 16/09/1832 John CARR     Ann SHARP Single  
65 16/01/1833 William SPINK     Isabella WEST Single  
66 21/01/1833 William ROBINSON Widower   Elizabeth WESTON Single  
67 12/02/1833 William CARLISLE     Elizabeth ROBINSON Single  
68 17/03/1834 Thomas WATERHOUSE     Margaret LITTON Single  
69 18/10/1834 John SNOWDEN     Mary WINDLE    
70 20/12/1834 John SYMINGTON   Bradford Mary SIMPSON   Burnsall
71 28/12/1835 William THORNBER     Ann BROADLEY Widow  
72 08/06/1836 Stephen MAUDSLEY     Margaret BLAND Single  
73 17/09/1836 William SUMMERSKILL   Gargrave Ann WALKER Single  
74 26/06/1837 George ASH   Wakefield Sarah Foster CHAMBERLAIN    

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