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Wickersley St Alban


The Parish

The parish of Wickersley is located in southeast Yorkshire close to its border with neighbouring Nottinghamshire. The parish is located about 3 miles east of the town of Rotherham and is sited on the A631 road which connects Rotherham with the M1 motorway and beyond to Maltby. Wickersley is mining country, although the mines have now closed. The former rural parish is now part of the large built area that is wider Rotherham and Sheffield although there are rural areas to the south of the village. Coal mining supplanted the former industries of quarrying, the local sandstone supplied grindstones to the Sheffield steel industry. The village grew up around the crossroads of the A631 and the B6060 and this is still a major junction within the wider built up area. Wickersley is sited on a ridge of higher ground at about 140 metres above sea level although land falls away to the southwest to around 60 metres where there are streams draining westwards into the River Rother. The parish is quite small for a northern parish at just over 1,200 acres but it supported a healthy population of around 650 parishioners. In Domesday times the land was held by Roger de Bully and was described as waste, although it formerly supported 3 ploughs and woodland pasture.

The Church

St Alban's church is located down a short lane (appropriately named Church Lane) to the west of the B6060 and just south of the junction of that road with the A631. The church is a mixture of two dates, the western tower is all that remains of a 15th century Perpendicular church, the rest is 19th century. There were two principal building phases in 1834 the nave and in 1886 the chancel. The building does not merit too much comment by Pevsner he dismisses the church in a few lines of factual text. The church is screened by mature trees and a low stone wall with access through gaps in the wall. The graveyard has extensive tree cover making for difficult photography as there are few places where the profile can be fully accessed.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 2nd May 1754 - 27th December 1821 Borthwick Institute - York Bishops Transcripts on loose-leaf folios Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads No register are available for this parish for the period of the transcript, the entries listed here were retrieved from Bishops Transcripts which, as usual, are deficient in both quality and omission

Rotherham All Saints
Rotherham All Saints
Thrybergh St Leonard
Ravenfield St James
Rotherham All Saints
Whiston St Mary Magdalene
Braithwell St James
Bramley St Peter
Whiston St Mary Magdalene
Whiston St Mary Magdalene
Treeton St Helen

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
02/05/1754 Henry BOSTON Single Arksey Mary WATERHOUSE Single  
02/05/1754 John BOWER   Knottingley Mary BROWNE Single  
29/08/1754 Thomas SISSONS Single   Mary EMPSON Single Laughton En Le Morthen
10/12/1754 William PARKER Single Wath Upon Dearne Elizabeth PIDESBURY Single  
01/12/1755 William DOBB     Sarah STREET    
14/11/1756 Thomas SINGLE   Rotherham Elizabeth PASHLEY    
22/11/1756 John MIDGLEY   Whiston Sarah SYLVESTER Single  
11/04/1757 Francis WRIGHT     Mary BALL Single Staveley
28/11/1757 William GREAVES     Mary MIDGLEY Single  
06/06/1758 Joseph FIRTH     Betty MIDDLEHAM Single  
26/08/1758 Thomas YATES     Sarah YATES Widow  
27/08/1758 James MACHIN     Mary LIVERSEDGE Single  
15/10/1758 Thomas PEARSON   Drax Anna DIDSBURY Single  
11/09/1761 John WRIGHT     Alice WATERHOUSE    
07/11/1762 Richard DIDSBURY     Sarah HOYLAND Single  
15/11/1762 Ralph LAW Single   Amelia RODDIFFE Single  
15/11/1762 Thomas GOODWIN Single Stainton By Doncaster Elizabeth HUNTER Single  
23/11/1763 James MACHIN Single Braithwell Elizabeth YATES Single  
30/04/1764 Joseph WILSON Single Sheffield Anne DOWNES Single  
23/09/1764 John ROBERTS Single Sheffield Mary CARR Single  
23/11/1764 William HAYL Single   Maria FOELY Single  
27/11/1764 Henry JACKSON Single   Sarah WRIGHT Single  
22/01/1765 John HOLLINSWORTH Single Bramley Anne NEEDHAM Single  
07/04/1765 William DAWSON Single Sheffield Sarah HIDES Single  
27/05/1765 John BELL Single   Frances HERRING Single  
04/08/1765 John CAWTHORN Single Treeton Mary PAGE Single  
02/12/1765 James BRIAR Single   Mary BAGSHAW Single  
29/04/1766 Thomas LAUGHTON Single Braithwell Anne SHAW Single  
29/04/1766 Thomas PASHLEY Single   Sarah WILKINSON Single  
09/09/1766 Robert LANGLEY Single   Anne MORTON Single  
03/02/1767 John SHAW Single   Sarah SHORE Single  
19/06/1767 Jonathan NOCLIFF Single   Ann BURLEY Single  
11/07/1767 William TURNER Single   Martha SENIOR Single  
12/07/1768 Richard GILLOT   Rotherham Sarah ARMATAGE Single  
01/02/1769 Joseph YELLAND     Elizabeth MARSDEN    
05/12/1769 John PILLEY     Ann HARROP    
15/01/1770 Henery DOWNS     Sarah MIDLAM    
06/09/1770 George ALLETSON Single Ravenfield Mary YATES Widow  
10/12/1770 Joseph CORDWELL Widower   Martha CAWTHORN Single  
19/04/1771 George DOWNES     Betty POINTER    
10/07/1771 George WOMACK   Treeton Mary WRIGHT Single  
05/01/1772 John SAWELL   Worksop, Nottinghamshire Ann WALKER    
16/06/1772 John YATES     Thamar COPELAND    
01/12/1772 John DOAR     Mary MESDIN    
22/04/1773 Samuel PENISTON Single   Grace BIRCH Single Thrybergh
04/04/1774 John MUSCROFT     Mary OWEN    
22/09/1774 John WHITE   Sheffield Ann WRIGHT    
29/11/1774 William SMITH   Arksey Elizabeth WATERHOUSE    
24/02/1775 Peter HUTCHINSON     Sarah FURTON    
23/06/1775 Thomas BROWNELL     Sarah ROBINSON   Braithwell
09/01/1776 James BRINE   Rotherham Mary COOPER    
23/05/1776 Thomas HEARTLEY   Rotherham Ann BAGSHAW    
25/11/1776 William PASHLEY Single   Sarah PILLEY Single  
27/11/1776 John BUNTON     Ann WARD Single  
19/12/1776 Paul JUBB Single Braithwell Rebekah WRIGHT Single  
20/08/1778 Robert EARNSHAW Single   Mary WRIGHT Single  
14/10/1778 George MARSH Single   Mary SIBARY Single Conisbrough
03/08/1779 Josiah TOWNSEND   Sheffield Sarah MOULT    
12/08/1779 John NEEDHAM Single   Sarah SCARBOROUGH Single  
12/10/1779 Henry DOWNES Widower   Rebekah TOMPKISON Single Braithwell
25/11/1779 Samuel WHEATCROFT Single   Dinah SMEDLAH Single  
10/01/1780 Joseph TRAVIS Single Sheffield Sarah FIRTH Single  
27/04/1780 John SCARBOROUGH Widower   Mary WATERHOUSE Single Braithwell
16/09/1782 William OLIVER Single          
04/11/1782 John DOBB Single   Elizabeth SIMPSON Single  
09/07/1783 George WEBB Single   Mary BARLOW Single  
21/12/1783 John EYRE Single   Elizabeth LINLEY Single  
11/11/1784 John GRANT Single   Mary DALSTON Single Rotherham
01/02/1791 Thomas DOBB     Ann LAMBERT    
15/04/1793 James CHADWICK   Conisbrough Ann WATERHOUSE    
22/07/1793 Lancelot WESTBY     Elizabeth DENTON    
30/09/1793 Bartholomew HOYLE   Rawmarsh Ann MATTHEWS    
06/12/1793 William BAKER     Elizabeth SMITH    
20/03/1794 James STRINGER     Elizabeth SHORE    
26/08/1794 George DOBB     Ann HIRST    
15/10/1797 George ALLETSON     Susanna LISTER Single  
24/09/1798   WHITEHEAD     Ann FIRTH    
21/07/1799 George THACKRY   Whiston Mary DOWNES Single  
19/11/1800 Thomas Oliver WARWICK   Rotherham Mary ALDRED Single  
18/01/1801 William WAGG Single Rotherham Ann SHAW Single  
03/02/1801 John NORBURN Single   Elizabeth WATSON   Rotherham
06/03/1803 John LONGDEN     Elizabeth JARVIS Single  
08/01/1805 William BEAMONT     Charlotte DOBB Single  
16/04/1805 John WARRIS Single   Sarah MARSH Single  
21/01/1806 John CHAPPELL Single   Sarah FIRTH Single  
04/12/1806 Joseph THACKRY Single Whiston Anne HICKS Single  
09/08/1808 Henry FRENCH Single Whiston Lydia DOBB Single  
23/10/1808 John STYRING Widower   Mary SHORE Single  
01/12/1808 Henry COOPER Single   Hannah PARKER Single  
04/12/1808 John WOOLHOUSE Single   Martha MARSDEN Single  
23/03/1809 John FIRTH Single   Sarah STREET Single  
22/05/1809 Francis WOOD Widower Ecclesfield Betty WADSWORTH Single  
22/10/1809 John SKELTON Single Mattersey, Nottinghamshire Mary DOWNING Single  
27/01/1810 Thomas CROSSLEY Single Braithwell Elizabeth WILKINSON Single  
11/12/1810 William NICHOLSON Single   Martha WATSON Single  
02/01/1811 John DIDSBURY Single Rotherham Mary FISHER Single  
04/03/1811 Jonathan GUEST Single Braithwell Sarah ASHBURY Single  
08/08/1811 Richard SHORE Single   Sarah ELLIS Single  
17/10/1811 Joseph WADSWORTH Single Treeton Anne BARLOW Single  
21/10/1811 James LONG Single Laughten En Le Morthen Anne ASHBURY Single  
23/03/1812 Francis GOODLAD Single   Mary BETTS Single  
08/06/1812 Joseph BRIGHTFLOWER Single Spalding, Lincolnshire Lucy RODDIS Single  
10/12/1812 Stephen NEEDHAM Single   Jane BANKS Single  
1 15/02/1813 George PASHLEY Single   Mary DOBB Single  
2 09/02/1814 Robert BOYD Single   Mary MATTHEWMAN Single  
3 21/08/1816 William PENISTONE Widower   Jane GIBSON Single  
4 25/11/1816 George FOSTER Single   Mary GRAHAM Single  
5 30/12/1817 Thomas SMITH Single   Elizabeth EVERIT Single  
6 13/01/1818 Thomas RAYNER Single   Ann TYAS Single  
7 23/03/1818 James STRINGER Single   Anne BALL Single  
8 20/04/1818 Thomas COCKING Single   Sarah NEWBORN Single  
9 11/05/1819 William CLAYTON   Silkstone Mary MARSH    
10 29/02/1820 Richard LEDGER Single   Martha GREGORY Single  
11 26/12/1820 Richard GRAHAM Single   Sarah AUCKLAND Single  
12 24/06/1821 George SCALES Widower Rotherham Sarah BELLAMY Single  
13 02/07/1821 William BARLOW Single   Anne SYBARY Single  
14 23/10/1821 Jeremiah GILBERT Single Silkstone Anne WILKINSON Single  
15 11/12/1821 George CHARLESWORTH Single   Elizabeth STRINGER Single  
16 29/01/1822 David LAW Single Treeton Esther SIMCROFT Single  
17 29/04/1822 James MERRER Single Adwick Upon Dearne Sarah NEWBORN Single  
18 11/06/1822 Joseph OSBORN Single Braithwell Mary PASHLEY Single  
19 06/01/1823 William TRICKETT Single   Sarah VARAH Single  
20 13/01/1823 John RAMSDEN Single Pontefract Sarah SWAIN Single  
21 18/08/1823 William THICKIT Single   Elizabeth SYBARY Single  
22 11/11/1823 Thomas ABBOTT Single Thrybergh Elizabeth THICKIT Single  
23 17/06/1824 George ADDY Widower Sheffield Anne WRIGHT Widow  
24 29/07/1824 Edward WILKINSON Single Edlington Harriett BIRKS Single  
25 19/05/1825 William CAVILLE Widower   Elizabeth HUTCHINSON Single  
26 30/05/1825 John LONGDEN Single   Mary BULLARD Single  
27 30/05/1825 Benjamin RODGERS Single   Anne AVILLE Single  
28 13/06/1825 George LONGDEN Single   Anne RICHARDSON Single  
29 07/08/1826 John MULLENS Single   Eliza PASHLEY Single  
30 13/11/1826 William SWAINE Single   Mary BELL Single  
31 04/06/1827 George SHAW Single   Elizabeth ROBERTS Single  
32 26/11/1827 John WEBSTER Single   Alice CHAPMAN Single  
33 26/06/1828 Samuel CHAPMAN Widower Chesterfield, Derbyshire Sarah WILKINSON Single  
34 07/07/1828 Joseph HOBSON Single Gainsborough, Lincolnshire Anne WINDER Single  
35 06/09/1830 Francis GOODLAD Widower   Anne SAILES Single  
36 31/05/1831 George VARAH Single   Jane SIMPSON Single  
37 14/11/1831 George WATKINSON Single   Elizabeth SLEE Widow  
38 23/11/1831 Henry JACKSON Single   Martha LEGGATT Single Rotherham
39 27/12/1831 Henry PULLEN Single Rotherham Elizabeth STYRING Single  

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