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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Ceirchiog Holy Rood


The Parish

The parish of Ceirchiog is located in western Anglesey, it is on the route of the A5 road which connects London to the port of Holyhead and which crosses Anglesey in the process. The parish was an extremely lowly populated one and there is no village to merit the name merely a scatter of farms and cottages. Much of the area of the parish now lies under the modern A5 expressway which replaces the old A5. The parish is about 8 miles southeast of Holyhead and includes the modern village of Bryngwran. This is a low lying area, merely 20 metres above sea level, drained by small streams heading southwestwards to the Afon Crigyll which reaches the sea near Rhosneigr. The land is almost totally devoted to pasture with sheep predominating. ceirchiog is a relatively small parish at just over 600 acres and it supported a small population of just over 150 souls. In common with most of Wales there is no mention in Domesday Book.

The Church

Holy Rood church is sadly no more, the site still exists but the church has gone leaving only the boundary walls and a few stones. The church was abandoned in 1843 and it did not take long for the weather and stone reuse to reduce the building to a few scattered ruins.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 20th May 1760 - 11th June 1811 Library of Wales - Reference B/BT/Ceirchiog Bishop's Transcripts - loose papers facsimile copied Grade 3 registers - Some misreads are likely due to quality issues Bishop's Transcripts are incomplete with many gaps and faded content.
2 20th April 1813 - 24th June 1836 Anglesey Archives - Reference WPE/1/8/1/1 Preprinted and prenumbered Rose style Marriage register Grade 1 register - few issues experienced None

Llechylched St Ilched
Llanbeulan St Peulen
Llanbeulan St Peulen
Llechylched St Ilched
Llanfaelog St Maelog
Llanbeulan St Peulen
Llanfaelog St Maelog
Llanfaelog St Maelog
Llanbeulan St Peulen
Llanbeulan St Peulen

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
20/05/1760 William SAMS     Ellin PARRY    
18/11/1760 Henry JONES Widower   Grace JONES    
23/11/1763 Hugh JONES     Anne JONES    
11/07/1769 Owen RICHARD   Llangristiolus Anne EVANS    
28/08/1769 William WILLIAMS     Margaret WILLIAMS    
11/05/1770 Owen OWENS   Llechylched Mary JONES    
23/09/1770 John PRICHARD     Anne HUGHES    
08/11/1770 Paul THOMAS     Grace HUGHES    
26/10/1771 William EVANS     Jane ROWLAND    
02/11/1771 Richard LLOYD     Ellin HUGHES    
15/05/1772 Thomas ROBERTS     Elin OWEN    
29/10/1774 Thomas JONES   Llanbeulan Catherine OWEN    
09/03/1775 Robert HUGHES Single Llantrisant Ann ROBERTS Single  
19/09/1778 Hugh THOMAS     Anne WILLIAMS    
15/01/1780 William ROWLAND     Catherine JONES    
22/11/1780 William WILLIAMS     Mary JONES    
02/08/1782 Richard PRITCHARD     Mary GLYN    
21/11/1782 William ROWLAND     Margaret LLOYD    
12/12/1784 Richard WILLIAMS   Llanbeulan Margaret CHRISTOPHER    
03/11/1786 Edward ROBERTS   Llanbeulan Catharine MORRIS    
20/10/1787 Robert WILLIAMS Widower Llanbeulan Ellin WILLIAMS Widow  
30/11/1787 Richard HUGHES     Ellin PRICHARD    
14/12/1787 Thomas OWEN   Llaneugrad Mary ROW    
25/04/1788 John THOMAS   Llanfair Mathefarn Eithaf Elizabeth JONES    
07/11/1788 William EVANS     Mary ROBERTS    
17/03/1789 John VINMORE     Lettice ROWLAND    
13/09/1790   OWEN     Margreta WILLIAMS    
08/10/1790 Owen JONES     Elinor ROWLAND    
10/12/1790 William WILLIAMS     Margreta JONES    
01/01/1794 Evan HUGHES   Amlwch Katherine WILLIAMS    
17/05/1794 Robert THOMAS   Llanfaes Anne HUGHES    
31/01/1795 Richard WILLIAMS   Bodewryd Elizabeth EDWARD    
30/06/1795 John ROBERTS   Llandrygarn Jane THOMAS    
28/10/1796 William JONES   Amlwch Anne JONES    
01/12/1797 Peter JONES     Elizabeth JONES    
04/12/1797 Owen OWENS     Mary WILLIAMS    
14/06/1799 Owen DAVIES   Llangwyfan Mary LLOYD    
05/11/1805 William OWEN   Llanbeulan Elizabeth PARRY    
01/10/1806 Richard OWEN     Elliner JONES    
17/03/1807 William WILLIAMS   Bodedern Anne ROBERTS    
03/04/1809 Edward GRIFFITH Single Llanbeulan Elizabeth EVANS Single  
20/12/1809 Robert OWEN Single Amlwch Elizabeth OWEN Single  
01/02/1811 Robert JONES Single Llanfachraeth Ellen WILLIAMS Single  
11/06/1811 Thomas HUGHES Single Llanfair Y'nghornwy Ann JONES Single  
1 20/04/1813 Owen PARRY   Llanbeulan Catherine JONES    
2 29/10/1813 Thomas JONES Single Llechylched Elizabeth HUGHES    
3 11/11/1814 John ROWLAND Single Aberffraw Catherine WILLIAMS Single  
4 28/03/1815 Hugh ROBERTS Single Llanbeulan Elizabeth JONES Single  
5 16/06/1815 William OWEN   Aberffraw Margaret WILLIAMS    
6 30/08/1815 William WILLIAMS Widower Trewalch Mai Ellen WILLIAMS Single  
7 01/09/1815 William JONES Widower Trewalch Mai Margaret HUGHES Single  
8 10/05/1816 Owen GRIFFITH Single Llanbeulan Anne WILLIAMS Single  
9 03/06/1816 Thomas EVANS Single Llanfaethlu Margaret LLOYD Single  
10 14/01/1817 David THOMAS Single Rhoscolyn Elizabeth HUGHES Widow  
11 07/04/1817 Owen EVANS Single   Lydia JONES Single  
12 09/05/1817 Richard WILLIAMS Single   Ann EVANS Single  
13 11/07/1817 Hugh JONES Single Penrhos Lligwy Judith WILLIAMS Single  
14 27/11/1817 Owen JONES Single Llanbeulan Ann WILLIAMS Single  
16 24/11/1820 Hugh WILLIAMS     Catherine WILLIAMS    
19 23/02/1821 Edward WILLIAMS   Trewalch Mai Elizabeth OWEN    
20 13/07/1821 Owen THOMAS   Llechylched Ellin OWEN    
61 19/10/1825 Thomas JONES   Llangristiolus Elizabeth PARRY    
62 07/10/1828 Hugh ROBERTS Single Llangwyfan Mary LEWIS    
63 29/10/1828 Owen HUGHES   Llanbeulan Elinor JONES    
64 20/04/1829 William BOWEN Single Trewalch Mai Mary WILLIAMS Single  
65 08/06/1829 William PARRY Single Llangwyfan Elizabeth LEWIS Single  
66 11/09/1831 Edward WILLIAMS Widower   Catherine WILLIAMS Single  
67 07/10/1831 David WILLIAMS Single   Mary WILLIAMS Single  
68 09/03/1832 William WILLIAMS   Llanbeulan Anne JONES    
69 21/05/1833 Richard WILLIAMS   Bodewryd Elinor PARRY    
70 08/11/1833 Edward OWEN Widower Heneglwys Margaret THOMAS Widow  
71 30/12/1833 John JONES Single   Elinor JONES Single  
72 10/12/1834 John JONES   Aberffraw Mary JONES    
73 10/04/1835 Richard WILLIAMS   Coedana Anne JONES    
74 24/06/1836 William JONES Single   Anne WILLIAMS Single  

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