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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Fulmer St James


The Parish

The parish of Fulmer lies in the extreme southeast of Buckinghamshire close to the area in which Buckinghamshire meets the counties of Berkshire, Surrey & Middlesex. Fulmer is located about 4 miles northeast of the industrial town of Slough and sits a mile east of the B416 which connects Slough with Gerrard's Cross. Fulmer is a small and compact village which sits in the valley of the Alder Bourne, a chalk stream which cuts into this border area of the Chiltern Hills. The present site of Fulmer village and, indeed, the church lies roughly a half mile east of the medieval position, the result of a substantial rebuild of both by the decree of one Sir Marmaduke Darrell, the local landholder. The local economy would have been based upon farming, a mixture of both arable and pastoral, whilst a local speciality was the harvesting of water cress for the London market. Modern developments have come to Fulmer, the modern M40 motorway cuts through a half mile north on the opposite side of the Alder Bourne's valley en route from London to Oxford.  The Alder Bourne drains the parish eastwards to meet the River Colne at Uxbridge thence to the Thames, through the capital to the North Sea. Fulmer is sited at around 50 metres above the sea, land continues to rise out of the valley to local heights of close to 80 metres. Fulmer parish was fairly typically sized for its area, covering close to 1,600 acres it would have supported a population of around 350 parishioners. Fulmer is not specifically mentioned in Domesday Book.

The Church

As stated above the former medieval church of Fulmer once stood a half mile west of the present church being demolished in 1610 and replaced by present day St James in the new village centre. Built almost totally of brick, the original construction being a nave & small chancel topped by a northern porch and western tower. Even after completion in 1610 the church has received further work, in the 1870s the small original chancel was removed and replaced with a larger version amidst a general restoration, in 1882 a southern aisle was added to increase capacity whilst as recently as 1961 a vestry was added to arrive at today's church. St James sits on the eastern side of the main lane running through the village, parking is tight but there's room for a car by the telephone box if careful not block the gates. The churchyard has a low brick wall surrounding and whilst there are a few trees surrounding that western tower adequate views are available to the photographer.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
25th December 1754 - 9th March 1812
Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies - Reference PR81/1/4
Non standard preprinted combined Banns & Marriage register. The register is nonstandard by having a 5 entry Banns left folio opposite a 3 entry Marriage folio.
Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads
2 16th February 1813 - 26th March 1837 Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies -Reference PR81/1/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Chalfont St Peter
Chalfont St Peter
Iver St Peter (detached)
Hedgerley St Mark
Langley Marish St Mary
Stoke Poges St Giles
Stoke Poges St Giles
Wexham St Mary
Langley Marish St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
25/12/1754 John HORWOOD Chalfont St Peter Margaret COLSHILL
01/01/1755 William MORETON Mary HITCH
19/01/1755 Thomas CAWDRY Chalfont St Peter Anne PARKER
09/03/1755 Thomas DAWNEY Weston Turville Elizabeth ANSTEE
01/12/1755 Thomas TILER Mary CROXFORD
17/06/1758 John MEADS Christian LUCAS
04/03/1759 Richard EVANS Sarah HUNT
01/05/1759 James FORTESCUE Sarah LUCAS
10/06/1759 William MASTING Hayes, Middlesex Elizabeth WHITBURN
23/07/1759 John GROVE Susanna COSENS
10/08/1759 Robert HAWKINS Johanna ALMOND
08/09/1760 William BALDWIN Mary MORECOCK
19/10/1760 John GODFREY Denham Mary CLARKE
25/01/1761 William LOVEJOY Stoke Poges Mary BOWLER
18/02/1762 Thomas CLEMENTS Sarah NASH
25/05/1762 Collin BUCKHAM Anne HONE
14/02/1763 James WALDEN Stoke Poges Elizabeth ARCHER
14/05/1763 Humphrey KEMPSTER Elizabeth SHERLEY
06/06/1763 Thomas WINTER Elizabeth PEWSEY
06/04/1764 Robert COKER Denham Catharine GURNET
04/05/1764 John ROSE Anne CURTIS
31/05/1766 Joseph COKER Denham Anne CLARK
27/12/1767 Thomas ROSE Perivale, Middlesex Sarah ESDEN
12/04/1768 William MORRIS Iver Mary MONK
13/06/1768 William HITCH Mary BRISTOWE
11/07/1769 William BECKINGHAM Norwood, Middlesex Mary JENKINS
18/10/1769 William FREEMAN Isabella PRIEST
09/02/1770 William BOWLER Single Stoke Poges Elizabeth DAVIS
06/08/1770 Thomas RANCE Hillingdon, Middlesex Prudence TREADAWAY
25/12/1770 John CHANDLER Alice DUFFIN
15/04/1771 Benjamin PIDDINGTON Langley Marish Argentine FAITHFUL
01/10/1772 Isaac SAMMS Woodford, Essex Sarah GOFFE
19/10/1773 John SPICER Cookham, Berkshire Mary ARCHER
26/09/1774 John HAYTER Eleanor EGAN St Marylebone, Middlesex
22/11/1774 Richard BEDDALL Ann IVES Widow Denham
01/08/1775 John LOFF Elizabeth GROVE
01/10/1775 George GURNEY Langley Marish Elizabeth PINER
30/10/1775 Richard ARCHER Elizabeth MASTIN
14/03/1776 William GROOM Stoke Poges Mary COURTNEY
19/10/1776 Jeptha SALTER Anne PALL
17/12/1776 Joseph HYDER Single Elizabeth HONE Single
17/11/1777 John DOLLY Elizabeth BOWLER Widow
29/01/1778 Charles CLARK Single Stoke Poges Sarah ROLFE
17/07/1778 Thomas GRISTED Elizabeth BEESLEY
18/09/1778 William WILLSON Mary LOCK
01/12/1778 David TURNER Mary BLACKWELL
17/01/1780 William COLLINGS Sarah PLUMRIGS West Wycombe
17/06/1780 John ENSOR Widower Mary CUMBERLEDGE Single Iver
01/11/1780 William BLUNT Mary EAST
16/04/1781 Richard BEMAN Farnham Royal Elizabeth MASTIN
01/10/1781 Ebenezer SPRINE Sarah KEMPSTER
23/07/1782 James NEWMAN Horton Anne WOOLDREDGE
27/01/1784 Thomas CLEMENTS Single Judith BRANT Single
05/07/1784 Samuel SMITH Anne SALTER
11/12/1784 John HARE Mary SPRING
16/12/1784 David HUNT Anne KIDSON
17/09/1786 William CHURCH Langley Marish Martha DAVIS
09/10/1787 Thomas ELMES Hannah WANSBORNE
14/09/1788 Thomas BLINCO Totteridge, Hertfordshire Sarah BLINCO
07/02/1789 Thomas CLEMENTS Elizabeth WRIGHT
05/12/1789 Thomas HOW Chalfont St Peter Elizabeth CLEMENTS
28/01/1790 William ENDSWORTH Single Chalfont St Peter Elizabeth GROVE Single
18/12/1790 James SPRING Mary AXFORD Hayes, Middlesex
09/08/1791 Michael HARRIS Chalfont St Peter Alice HUTCHINS
15/07/1792 John BURGISS Mary SHIRLEY
06/05/1793 John FOSTER Sarah MUDDS
13/05/1793 William ELLIS Sarah SPRING
29/05/1793 Thomas COX Hannah BEASLEY New Windsor, Berkshire
26/08/1793 Thomas SPRING Dinah OSBORN
28/11/1793 Edward EDWARDS Catharine SHIPMAN
22/04/1794 William BARNES Mary OXLEY
15/06/1795 John STEVENS Eleanor MUDDS
16/08/1795 Robert ROSE Maria CHARLTON
09/11/1795 William BUCKNER Mary COKER
02/01/1797 William RIDDEL Widower Sarah MORTON Single
19/04/1798 John LUFF Single Judith White BREWER Single
29/09/1798 William DAVIS Single Mary JONES Widow Chalfont St Peter
11/11/1798 John WRIGHT Elizabeth LAMBORN
25/12/1798 John LAMBORN Single Mary BECKET Widow
08/12/1799 Joseph GRISTED Single Elizabeth MILLER Single
21/06/1800 John ELKINS Elizabeth GRISTED
02/02/1801 Richard BARRET Widower Elizabeth OXLEY Single
16/02/1801 Thomas CHARLTON Single Langley Marish Elizabeth HARRIS Single
05/09/1801 Thomas WALDEN Single Mary BARNES Widow
23/01/1802 Nathaniel PALMER Single Anne ROSE Single
10/05/1802 Henry WEBB Widower Rebekah FULLER Widow Farnham Royal
15/12/1802 William RIDDLE Widower Elizabeth BOWLER Single
16/01/1804 James JORDAN Anne ANDERSON
11/06/1804 Jonas SMITH Anne BAILEY
27/08/1804 William EWER Single Charlotte ANDERSON Single
12/10/1804 Jonathan WISE Single Charlotte BROWN Single
22/04/1805 William PARKER Single Mary TOLLERDAY Single
19/10/1805 James BONCEY Single Sarah ROSE Single
17/03/1806 Joseph HITCH Single Sarah STILES Single
12/04/1806 Edward KENCH Single Martha BOWERMAN Widow
19/04/1806 John RUSSELL Single Elizabeth SPRING Single
30/07/1807 John CARTER Single Mary COLEMAN Single Chalfont St Peter
01/08/1807 John NEWELL Single Hannah SHIRLEY Single
07/09/1807 John OWEN Single Sarah FORD Single
23/12/1807 George BETHELL Single Eton Anne LIGHTFOOT Single
18/04/1808 James SPRING Single Charlotte STILES Single
09/10/1808 Richard PARKER Single Dorothy HINTON Single Hedgerley
08/05/1809 Thomas GIBBONS Single Elizabeth HOBBS Single
27/05/1809 John ROSE Single Mary NEWMAN Single
07/08/1809 Henry LAMBETH Single Sarah CAVELL Single
14/09/1809 John COLEMAN Single Sarah ROLFE Single
20/11/1809 James JOYNER Single Jane SALTER Single
22/12/1810 James ARNOLD Single Elizabeth BEASLEY Single
15/04/1811 John FOSTER Widower Esther GREAVES Single
01/01/1812 Gill BOWLER Single Margarett MASON Single
09/03/1812 Francis WINKFIELD Elizabeth PARKER
1 16/02/1813 John BUNCE Charlotte GIBBONS
2 23/10/1813 William STONE Single Mary CLOVER Single
3 12/04/1814 Joseph SEYMOUR Single Ramsbury, Wiltshire Elizabeth EDWARDS Single
4 28/03/1815 Richard BUCKLAND Widower Stoke Poges Mary ENSOR Widow
5 14/04/1815 Richard PARKER Elizabeth BROWN
6 08/09/1816 George EVANS Mary BEASELEY Single
7 11/08/1817 John HAZEL Jane BEASELEY
8 10/10/1817 Ebenezer SPRING Charlotte ROWLES
9 23/11/1817 Thomas PEDDER Single Chesham Elizabeth GIBBINS
10 14/12/1817 Thomas NICHOLS Elizabeth MASON Widow
11 09/02/1818 John COWDERY Hannah READ
12 11/07/1818 Abel EWER Harriet PEADLE
13 12/10/1818 George TAYLOR Anne HAINS
14 15/11/1818 Jephtha OSBORNE Sarah MASON Single
15 16/10/1819 James GIBBINS Mary SMITH Single
16 02/02/1820 James ELLIS Single Elizabeth RICKETTS
17 12/09/1820 Thomas HARDING Single Mary DAVIS Single
18 24/09/1820 Joseph GREEN Single Margaret GOULD Single
19 13/10/1820 Henry ROOK Harriet GOLDING
20 30/12/1820 Henry SWAIN Jemima SPRING Single
21 27/01/1821 John SPRING Anne GOLDING
22 12/05/1822 Joseph DORSETT Jane ALSFORD
23 12/10/1822 William ROWLES Elizabeth HARRIS
24 20/10/1822 Daniel DORSET Mary TRUBEY
25 12/12/1822 William Thomas BLENKINSOP Clara Jane WOODCOCK Single
26 04/02/1823 Benjamin RIDDLE Single Hester TARLING Walthamstow, Essex
27 01/12/1823 James OXLEY Single Sarah RIDDELL Single
28 02/02/1826 Richard TAYLOR Single Susannah BUNCE Single
29 27/03/1826 Henry PHIPPS Single Eaddy BODDY Single
30 29/05/1826 William HOWLET Single Louisa MOODY Single
31 13/10/1827 William BARTLETT Single Mary GRAINGE Single
32 14/06/1829 William YEOMAN Single Elizabeth AVIS Single
33 12/08/1829 Nathaniel HUNT Single Amelia Ann LOOKER Single
34 09/11/1829 John HOPE Single Martha OLIVER Single
35 20/02/1830 William BUTLER Single Elizabeth BOWLER Single
36 12/06/1830 William BELSON Single Elizabeth FRANCE Single
37 22/08/1830 Thomas BARTON Widower Mary BLAKE Widow
38 23/08/1830 William SMITH Single Isabella HAWKINS Single
39 02/09/1830 Henry BELCH Single Dinah ADAMS Single
40 28/11/1830 Frederic BOND Widower Ann ATKINS Widow
41 02/01/1831 Phillip HARRIS Single Sarah SMITH Single
42 10/02/1831 Richard LUNNA Single Jane COX Single
43 05/04/1831 John SPROSEN Single Prudence PERKEM Single
44 10/04/1831 William ROWLES Widower Sarah BAILEY Widow
45 24/05/1831 James LUCKETT Single Elizabeth TINKLER Single
46 13/06/1831 James WEST Single Lucy COCK Single Chalfont St Peter
47 25/06/1831 Samuel HANES Caroline Eliza HOUSE
48 04/09/1831 George TIMS Single Louisa EWER Single
49 02/10/1831 William Augustus HOWARD Hannah MARTIN
50 03/10/1831 David HYATT Single Margaret LAWRENCE Single
57 00/00/1832 William STRINGALL Single Emily BRIND Single
51 30/01/1832 William BROWN Single Mary HORN Single
52 08/04/1832 George MESSENGER Single Ann BLINCO Single
53 21/04/1832 Frederick DANCER Single Mary PEEDLE Single
54 28/04/1832 John STEVENS Single Charlotte ATTKINS Single
55 11/06/1832 William LOGSDON Single Eliza GOLD Single
56 14/06/1832 William CROCKETT Single Ann ALLBRIGHT Single
58 04/11/1832 William RIDDLE Single Frances GROVE Single
59 03/02/1833 Christopher SUMONS Single Maria BUTLER Single
60 31/03/1833 Richard HARE Single Hannah WALTERS Single
61 07/04/1833 Charles BROWN Single Sarah BURNET Single
62 22/04/1833 John GREEN Single Mary HARRIS Single
63 26/05/1833 Joseph WESTBROOK Single Sarah SMITH Single
64 06/04/1834 David BARRETT Widower Sarah BARTON Single
65 02/11/1834 William WALLINGTON Single Phebey RUTTER Single
66 04/11/1834 John FENN Single Sarah Elizabeth EDWARDS Single
67 26/04/1835 John BOND Single Sarah BARBER Single
68 17/05/1835 Francis DONEY Single Ann LANE Single
69 25/05/1835 William SPICER Single Maria CHANDLER Single
70 11/07/1836 Charles ARNOLD Single Sophia EVANS Single
71 11/07/1836 Henry JUDGE Single Elizabeth WINCH Single
72 17/07/1836 Thomas EAMES Single Frances HUBEY Single
73 25/09/1836 Benjamin WELLS Single Ann BURNARD Single
74 19/12/1836 William DWIGHT Single Mary Ann AVIS Single
75 08/01/1837 William WELLBELOVE Single Mary BOVINGTON Single
76 05/02/1837 William STRANGE Single Sarah CHAPMAN Single
77 26/02/1837 Francis GREEN Single Elizabeth BROWN Single
78 19/03/1837 James RUTTER Single Sarah MESSAM Single
79 26/03/1837 John JOHNSTONE Single Matilda WHITE Single

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