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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Grendon Underwood St Leonard


The Parish

The parish of Grendon Underwood lies in western Buckinghamshire not too far from its border with neighbouring Oxfordshire. Grendon Underwood (the name apparently being a shorted version of Grendon under Bernwode, the latter being the ancient hunting forest that formerly lay close by) is a curiously linear village which is located about 6 miles east of the Oxfordshire market town of Bicester. Grendon Underwood sits about a mile north of the busy A41 road which connects Bicester with Aylesbury and which follows the line of the Roman Road of Akeman Street. Much of Grendon Underwood is built, covering just over a mile in linear length, along a lane running parallel with the A41. Whilst the economy would have been underpinned by farming, in this case a mixed farming regime on the heavy Oxford clay soils, the women of the parish also engaged extensively in the making of lace. Grendon Underwood is drained westwards by the River Ray which merges with the Cherwell at Islip and shortly after the Thames at Oxford, thence through the capital to the North Sea in the other direction. Grendon Underwood is sited at around 70 metres above the sea in the rather gently undulating countryside, local heights rise barely 20 metres higher with a couple of miles. Grendon Underwood parish was fairly typically sized for the western part of the county, it would have covered around 2,600 acres and would have supported a population of just under 400 parishioners. In Domesday times Grendon Underwood was a fairly small place, held by Henry de Ferrers it could offer just 8 ploughs together with meadows and woodlands.

The Church

St Leonard's church sits at the extreme northwest of the village where the above-mentioned lane meets its "T" junction with Edgcott Road. The earliest features of the church are 13th century, the southern doorway from the middle of that century whilst the chancel is slightly later. These two features cover the commencement of the Decorated style fashionable for that period, whilst the western tower is later still and Perpendicular. The nave roof was also replaced during the 15th century and the whole church extensively and quite sensitively restored during the 1860s. Given the church's junction setting it is best to park away along Main Street before approaching on foot there being no dedicated parking at the site. A set of wooden gates faces Main Street and forms the main entrance to a churchyard which is open and with no obstructions to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 1754 - 1803 No register survive for this period and the only BT (1802) has no marriages, if any marriages took place all record has been lost to history.
2 29th January 1803 - 28th December 1812 Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies - Reference - PR85/1/6 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Poor handwriting at the latter stages of this register may result in one or two misreads
3 4th October 1813 - 4th July 1836 Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies - Reference - PR85/1/9 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Poor handwriting throughout this register may result in some misreads

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Edgcott St Michael
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Ludgershall St Mary
Ludgershall St Mary
Waddesdon St Michael

1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
29/01/1803 William FOSKETT   Twyford Ann GREGORY    
10/04/1803 Tobias JENNINGS     Mary JACKMAN    
01/06/1803 Thomas LOVELL     Elizabeth WOODLUFF    
27/06/1803 Edward JACKMAN     Anne BOUGHTON    
15/10/1804 William WYATT     Ann SANDERS   Fleet Marston
04/01/1805 James PAIN   Monks Risborough Sophia COZENS    
25/09/1805 Richard JONES   Wotton Underwood Anne TUE    
14/10/1805 Samuel WARD     Anne ADAMS    
14/07/1806 Thomas SPENCER     Elizabeth WHEATLEY    
17/11/1806 William ALDRIDGE   Piddington, Oxfordshire Anne WARD    
18/05/1807 William KING     Mary TEMPLAR    
30/09/1807 Robert HUBBUCKS     Ann TACEY    
19/10/1807 William BAKER     Sarah BUSLEY    
16/11/1807 John WILKINS   Ambrosden, Oxfordshire Sarah HEALEY    
16/11/1807 Richard GURNEY   Stoke Goldington Anne GOODSON    
29/02/1808 John HEAD     Joanna COLES    
13/11/1809 William RUSH   Chilton Anne Sarah BATES    
20/11/1809 William TOMKINS     Mary BATEMAN   Stoke Goldington
30/07/1810 Daniel BOTLEY     Martha VARNEY    
15/10/1810 William EDWARDS   Bladon, Oxfordshire Mary BLOCKSON    
15/10/1810 John COOPER     Elizabeth KIBBLE   Edgcott
20/02/1811 Martin ROGERS Widower   Martha JONES Widow  
04/11/1811 Isaac GOODGAME Widower   Anne GREEN Single  
28/12/1812 William EDMONDS   Marsh Gibbon Fanny BARNETT Single  
1 04/10/1813 Richard HOLTON Single   Rhoda HAYCOCKS Single  
2 13/10/1813 John FOSKETT     Elizabeth COLES Single  
3 21/10/1813 John LOVEL Single   Sarah WATTS Single  
4 17/01/1814 George USTACE   Twyford Frances MOLLY Single  
5 06/06/1814 Thomas PENN Single Ambrosden, Oxfordshire Elizabeth LUCKET Single  
6 13/07/1814 Edmund DAVIS Widower Waddesdon Eleanor HAWES Widow  
7 13/10/1814 Thomas LEAZER Single Ludgershall Anne HARVEY Single  
8 29/12/1814 Henry Whateley CHANDLER   Mixbury, Oxfordshire Elizabeth HEARN Single  
9 12/10/1815 George GEORGE     Prudence STENTON Single Twyford
10 23/10/1815 William GIBSON     Elizabeth ROBINSON    
13 01/01/1816 Benjamin HARDING   East Claydon Elizabeth COOPER    
14 05/02/1816 George LUCKETT   East Claydon Sarah JOHNSON    
15 19/02/1816 Jeremiah SEWELL   Steeple Claydon Elizabeth CLARKE Single  
16 15/09/1817 Joseph BUTLER     Charlotte KIBBLE   Edgcott
17 27/11/1817 Richard HAWKINS     Elizabeth HOLLAND Widow  
18 24/09/1818 John SHEPARD Single Chelsea, Middlesex Mary Anne HARNE Single  
19 05/08/1819 Daniel BRINCKLOW   Quainton Sarah BRANSON    
20 05/11/1819 Thomas Watkin RICHARDS Single Dolgellau, Merioneth Marian POPE Single  
21 25/11/1819 Richard FORD Single Waddesdon Ann HEAD Single  
21 25/11/1819 Richard FORD Single Waddesdon Ann COLES Single  
22 07/02/1820 John UFF     Margaret SMITH    
23 07/03/1820 Charles KING   Waddesdon Mary GOSTELOW    
24 17/04/1820 John ROADS   Middle Claydon Elizabeth ADAMS    
25 06/11/1820 John CHIMER   Edgcott Elizabeth HOLLAND    
26 20/11/1820 William LEVEL     Alice TERRY    
27 26/11/1820 Richard HINE   Ludgershall Hannah VARNEY    
28 08/01/1821 William CLARKE     Lyddy ARCHER    
29 16/02/1821 John OLDHAM   Steeple Claydon Esther PRATT    
30 22/10/1821 Thomas JONES     Martha JUSTICE    
31 29/10/1821 Thomas NEXE     Maria NEWTON    
32 04/02/1822 Daniel GOSTELOW     Rose WHITE   Wooton Underwood
33 09/05/1822 William GEORGE Single Twyford Mary LOVEL Single  
34 17/06/1822 Richard HOLT Single   Mary PIDDENTON Single  
35 24/12/1822 Richard RHODES Single Wotton Underwood Eleanor HAWES Single  
36 06/01/1823 William ALLEN   Waddesdon Rachael SATIN    
37 08/04/1823 William GOSTELOW Single   Mary WHITE Widow  
38 27/11/1823 William ROADS Single   Elizabeth BUTLER Single  
39 12/04/1824 Michael CANNON Widower Waddesdon Rebecca Head COLES Single  
40 08/06/1824 James Leach RIDGWAY Single St James, Westminster, Middlesex Martha HEARN Single  
41 12/08/1824 Thomas FAULKNER Single Stewkley Sarah TEW Single  
42 22/11/1824 John SAUNDERS   Waddesdon Mary ROBINSON    
43 11/04/1825 John BUTLER Single   Anne HEALEY Single  
44 11/07/1825 John BENZIL Widower   Mary BRYAN   Edgcott
45 12/02/1827 Thomas WATTS Single Edgcott Mary BAKER Single  
46 24/06/1827 Henry SAUNDERS   Waddesdon Eleanor JACKMAN    
47 01/10/1827 John COZENS     Anne LOVEL    
48 17/04/1828 John LINNELL   Stowe Nine Churches, Northamptonshire Dorothy Rebecca SEATON Single  
49 26/05/1828 Joseph HOLT Single   Phoebe NEWTON Single  
50 12/03/1829 Thomas WEEDON   Weston Turville Ann ROADS    
51 20/04/1829 James BUTLER Single   Hannah TEW Single  
52 23/04/1829 William LOVEL Single   Mary MOUNT    
53 08/10/1829 Allen VEAZEY Single   Priscilla SAUNDERS Widow  
54 18/10/1830 William BATES Single   Hannah BROWN   Bletchington, Oxfordshire
55 22/10/1830 Esau FOSKETT Single   Hannah ROADS    
56 14/02/1831 John CANNON     Mary Head COLES    
57 11/04/1831 John HOLT Single   Sarah HOLT    
58 30/06/1831 George GIBBS     Mary GOODGAME    
59 23/02/1832 Thomas MANN Single   Elizabeth MILLER Single  
60 25/06/1832 William BECKETT Widower   Mary KIRKMAN Single  
61 13/08/1832 John KNIBBS     Elizabeth BATES    
62 15/08/1832 John KIRTLAND   East Claydon Ann COOPER    
63 10/10/1832 William BATES Widower   Anne DANIEL Single  
64 19/11/1832 Joseph BUTLER     Mary FOSKET    
65 03/12/1832 John WATTS Single   Ann BECKETT Single  
66 10/12/1832 Richard ALLEN Single   Sarah PARKER Single  
67 04/03/1833 Thomas JACKMAN Single   Elizabeth HARPER   Stratton Audley, Oxfordshire
68 13/06/1833 James ROADS Single   Hannah DANIEL    
69 16/07/1833 John SMITH Single   Susannah JACKMAN Single  
70 02/08/1833 Henry SAUNDERS Widower   Anne WATTS Widow  
71 04/11/1833 William ROADS Single   Alice PARKER Single  
72 26/11/1833 John Thomas WHEELER     Dinah PARKER    
73 30/12/1833 John JONES   Ludgershall Susanna SNELL    
74 31/03/1834 George BUTLER     Harriet HICKMAN Widow  
75 14/08/1834 John JANAWAY Single Brightwalton, Berkshire Elizabeth HEAD Single  
76 02/10/1834 Clement HOLT Widower   Susan WATTS    
77 23/10/1834 Thomas LOVEL     Mary CLEMENCE    
78 27/10/1834 John BUTLER Widower   Sarah HURST Widow  
79 10/11/1834 John BUTLER     Zilpha LLOYD    
80 25/02/1835 William HENTAGE     Elizabeth JACKMAN    
81 04/05/1835 Henry BRACHELL   Lillingstone Dayrell Mary PARKER    
82 04/05/1835 William JACKMAN     Rebecca CLEMENTS    
83 27/07/1835 John LOVEL Widower   Anne EWERS Single  
84 11/02/1836 Robert SHERRIF   Quainton Martha COOPER    
85 25/03/1836 William EDMONDS Single   Ann LUCKETT    
86 23/05/1836 John JUFFS Single Edgcott Phoebe GOODGAME    
87 04/07/1836 Aaron FOSKETT Widower   Hannah KNIGHT   Marsh Gibbon

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