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Ilmer St Peter


The Parish

The parish of Ilmer lies in western central Buckinghamshire and forms a short stretch of the border with neighbouring Oxfordshire. Ilmer is located about 4 miles east of the Oxfordshire market town of Thame and sits at the end of dead-end lane a half mile or so south of the A4129 which connects Thame with Princes Risborough. There is very little to Ilmer, a mere hamlet with farms and cottages clustered around an oval of lanes. Modern developments have intruded into the rural calm of Ilmer, the rail line from Bicester to London passing through the parish. A farming community, Ilmer would have a mixed farming regime as it sits within the flood plain of several tributaries of the River Thame, leading to grazing on the rich grasslands. The main tributary, the Cuttle Brook head northwestwards to join the Thame which performs a large loop to join the Thames, thence through the capital to the North Sea. Ilmer is sited at around 80 metres above the sea and sits within the Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Vales formed on rich clay beds, land rises gently hereabouts to local heights of no more than 100 metres until one encounters the Chiltern Range to the southeast. By Buckinghamshire standards Ilmer parish was tiny, covering just 750 acres it would have supported fewer than 100 parishioners. In Domesday times Ilmer was one of the many holdings of Bishop Odo of Bayeux, a relatively small place even then, it offered just 5 ploughs, a small meadow but did possess a mill.

The Church

St Peter's church sits almost centrally within the area of Ilmer's property where Ilmer Lane performs a noticeable dogleg. The church received extensive restoration in the late 1850s which has masked much dating detail but retained its pretty shingles spire and weather-boarded bell-turret, both most attractive features. Signs of the early origin do, however, remain, a pair of 12th century doors, one blocked, are evidence of the likely date of the building whilst the almost rebuilt chancel is documented as being of the 13th century prior to restoration. The church is best visited on foot, parking on the extensive grassy areas where Ilmer lane makes its sharp turn, a set of metal gates indicates the way through whilst the spire is an obvious landmark. Trees gather around the western end and somewhat limit the angles for viewing the spire but otherwise there are few obstructions to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 23rd January 1755 - 28th February 1811 Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies - Reference - PR114/1/3 Plain, ruled & bordered book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 15th October 1814 - 5th January 1837 Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies - Reference - PR114/1/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Kingsey St Nicholas
Aston Sandford St Michael
Kingsey St Nicholas
Towersey St Catherine
Princes Risborough St Mary
Towersey St Catherine
Chinnor St Andrew, Oxfordshire
Bledlow Holy Trinity
Saunderton St Mary
Bledlow Holy Trinity

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
23/01/1755 Joseph BOWDEN   Hardwick Elizabeth WHAITE    
26/05/1755 Richard BROWNE     Elizabeth BUCKLAND    
08/09/1755 William BROWN   Bloxham, Oxfordshire Ann TUCKER    
02/02/1756 Peter THORNE     Sarah CLUEL    
30/10/1757 John NICHOLLS     Hanah KEENE    
14/11/1758 John HOWLETT     Mary RIDER    
10/11/1760 John LEE   Princes Risborough Elizabeth MOORS    
24/10/1763 William HEWIT   Wotton Underwood Rebecca KINGHAM    
10/11/1766 John EDWARDS   Waterstock, Oxfordshire Susanna ADAMS    
02/12/1770 Thomas HORTON     Sarah SOUTHALL    
09/01/1771 William RIDER     Mary MOLLEM    
19/05/1777 Josua KINGHAM     Sarah KINGHAM    
09/06/1777 John KINGHAM     Hannah KINGHAM    
25/06/1777 Joseph CATERET     Mary THORN    
29/10/1777 John WEST     Ann KINGHAM    
18/12/1777 Thomas JARVIS   Cuddington Elizabeth WILLIAMS    
11/10/1779 John RIDER     Elizabeth NIGHT    
08/11/1779 Richard SLAUGHTER   Aston Clinton Sarah KINGHAM    
17/11/1779 John KINGHAM     Mary KINGHAM    
07/06/1781 Thomas SLAUGHTER   Bledlow Elizabeth TIMBERLAKE    
20/05/1782 Joseph KING   Princes Risborough Hannah NEWIT    
04/07/1790 James GOODCHILD     Jane KINGHAM    
08/11/1790 John FRANCIS   Bledlow Elizabeth RIDER    
11/05/1792 Charles RUSSEL   Chearsley Ann EDMONDS    
31/10/1792 John RIDER   Kingsey Elizabeth SLATER    
01/11/1797 John ELLET     Mary TIMBERLAKE    
13/02/1802 William WOODBRIDGE Single Kingsey Sarah KINGHAM Single  
03/04/1803 Thomas SANDERS   Bledlow Sarah KINGHAM    
18/12/1806 Richard KINGHAM     Mary KINGHAM    
28/02/1811 Thomas KINGHAM     Anne GOMM    
1 15/10/1814 William OBCRAFT Single   Hanna KINGHAM Single Bledlow
2 23/09/1815 Thomas COLES   Princes Risborough Mary LEECH    
3 31/08/1817 James MUNDAY     Mary STRATFORD    
4 17/10/1820 Thomas STRATFORD Single   Sophia LEECH Single  
5 09/09/1822 Joseph WILLIAMS Single   Sarah KING Single  
6 13/01/1823 Henry HEWIT   Waddesdon Elizabeth LUCAS    
7 05/05/1823 William WINMILL   Potsgrove, Bedfordshire Lea FOX Single  
8 12/10/1830 Thomas WATSON Single   Faith DEAL Single  
9 15/10/1832 John ALLEN     Elizabeth HORTON    
10 02/05/1833 William BOWDEN   Towersey Esther GOMM    
11 28/05/1833 George KING   Great Stanmore, Middlesex Mary Anne GOMM    
12 13/10/1833 William STRATFORD Single   Anna KINGHAM Single  
13 06/05/1835 Henry GOMME Single   Sarah CURRYER Single  
14 19/11/1836 George ALLEN Single   Mary Ann KINGHAM Single  
15 05/01/1837 William EGGLETON Single   Eliza KINGHAM Single  

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