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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Llanberis St Padarn


The Parish

The parish of Llanberis lies in northern central Caernarvonshire about 10 miles east of the county town of Caernarvon. Llanberis is located on the A4086 road which connects Caernarvon with Capel Curig and the A5 to Shrewsbury. Llanberis is a substantial village largely built on the A4086 and to its west, the road passing along the western shores of Llyn Padarn. Llanberis parish is very extensive and covers much of the highest ground in Wales, including the summit of Snowdon itself, Wales' highest mountain. At the time of this transcript Llanberis was a relatively small settlement, engaged in a mixture of upland farming of sheep on the higher ground and cattle on the valley floor; these farming incomes were supplemented by copper mining and local use of the fine slate. In 1824 the slate activity increased substantially eventually dominating the area and rapidly increasing the size of the population too. The substantial quarries of the Dinorwig slate mines dominate still despite working becoming much smaller. Today Llanberis earns most of its income from tourism, a major centre for hiking and the set-off point for the unique rack-railway to Snowdon's summit. Llanberis is drained northwestwards by the Afon Rhythallt which flows out of the lake and heads to the Irish Sea through Caernarvon. Llanberis is sited at around 110 metres above the sea but this is in a valley setting, land rises to Wales' highest point of 1,085 metres on top of Snowdon that climb being achieved in less than 4 miles. As stated Llanberis parish is extensive, very typical of an upland parish, it covered just over 10,400 acres and would have supported a population of close to 600 parishioners. Like most of Wales Llanberis is not mentioned in Domesday Book which did not cover this area.

The Church

St Padarn's church sits slightly west of the A4086 some 100 yards or so up a rough and narrow lane. Sadly the church is not some ancient medieval building but a late Victorian construction. The church adopts the cruciform layout typical of the Norman period with a central crossing tower augmenting nave & chancel together with transepts. The use of lancet windows also conveys ancient styles but in this case it is the Early English Gothic period typical of the 13th century. The basic structure was completed in 1884 although nave was not completed and the northern (Lady) chapel not added until 1914. Despite the relative modernity of the church it is still described by Pevsner as "impressive". The church is accessed by a narrow and dead-ending lane which heads westward from the A4086, the lane leaves by the Dolbadarn Hotel. Given the lane's lack of parking it is better to park within Llanberis and walk the short distance. The church sits within a rather tight site with trees crowding on all sides making for a difficult subject to adequately capture for photographers. 

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
15th November 1754 - 30th April 1776
Gwynedd Archives - Caernarvon - Reference - XPE/27/1
Plain, unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads The standard of clerical work is very poor, with little use of white space to segregate and poor handwriting generally making for a difficult read. Users should treat this piece with some caution as misreads are quite likely.
2 9th November 1776 - 1st January 1790 Gwynedd Archives - Caernarvon - Reference - XPE/27/2 Plain, unruled book, a further composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads The standard of clerical work is very poor, with little use of white space to segregate and poor handwriting generally making for a difficult read. Users should treat this piece with some caution as misreads are quite likely.
3 28th June 1791 - 23rd December 1812 Gwynedd Archives - Caernarvon - Reference - XPE/27/6 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
4 5th March 1813 - 21st April 1837 Gwynedd Archives - Caernarvon - Reference - XPE/27/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Llanrug St Michael
Llandeiniolen St Deiniol
Llandygai St Tegai
Llanbeblig St Peblig
Bettws Garmon St Garmon
Llandygai St Tegai
Capel Curig St Julitta
Bettws Garmon St Garmon
Bettws Garmon St Garmon
Beddgelert St Mary
Beddgelert St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
15/11/1754 Foulk WILLIAM Single
Mary RICHARD Single
05/09/1756 Thomas WILLIAM Single
Ellin ROBERT Single
03/11/1756 Griffith JOHN Single Llandygai Anne WILLIAM Single
11/04/1757 Owen HUMPHREY Single
Margaret RICHARD

08/12/1757 Harry DAVID
Llanrwst, Denbighshire Mary WILLIAM Single
27/09/1758 Morris DAVID

Jane WILLIAM Single
10/11/1758 John OWEN

Jane PIERCE Single
19/01/1759 David JONES Single
Mary SOLOMON Single
08/07/1759 John ROBERT Single
Anne PIERCE Single
26/10/1759 Owen WILLIAM Single Bangor Elizabeth JONES Widow
15/11/1759 Morris WILLIAM Single Penmorfa Jane WILLIAM Single
03/12/1759 Foulk MORRIS Single
Grace WILLIAM Single
05/06/1760 William HOSSKINS Single
Ellin DAVID Single
27/01/1761 Rowland WILLIAM Single
Elizabeth ROBERT Single
29/10/1761 Griffith HUGH

Jane WILLIAM Single
13/11/1761 John DAVID Single
Mary WILLIAM Single
23/12/1761 John JONES Single Llandygai Catherine OWEN Single
16/02/1762 William JOHN Single
Mary DAVID Single
17/10/1762 William THOMAS Single
Margaret WILLIAM Single
21/11/1762 Griffith ROWLAND Single
Elizabeth FOULK Single
27/12/1762 Rees DAVID Single
Jane WILLIAM Single
05/01/1763 Robert JONES Single
Eleanor DAVIES Single
14/02/1763 Morris PRICHARD Single
Elizabeth WILLIAM Single
21/10/1763 Griffith JOHN Single
Alice PIERCE Single
22/10/1763 Hugh EVANS Single
Catherine ROWLAND Single
08/11/1763 Richard ROWLAND Single
Mary JONES Single
11/12/1763 Abram MATTHEW Single
Catherine ROWLAND Single
26/05/1764 Robert DAVID Single
Gwen ROBERT Single
10/11/1764 William ELLIS
Llandeiniolen Elizabeth DAVID

28/11/1764 John TOTTY

Margery HEDLEY

20/12/1764 William ROBERTS

Catherine OWEN

26/12/1764 Harry GRIFFITH

Margaret JONES

16/02/1765 Christopher HARKER


22/04/1765 William ROBERTS


03/11/1765 Owen WILLIAM Single
Mary GRIFFITH Single
17/11/1765 Thomas WILLIAMS Single Bangor Elizabeth DAVID Single
03/12/1765 Robert DAVID Single
Margaret ROBERT Single
11/02/1766 John OWEN Single Llanrug Elizabeth WILLIAM Single
14/05/1766 William DAVID Single
Alice JONES Single
13/05/1767 David ELLIS

Jane ROBERTS Single Dolgellau, Merioneth
16/05/1767 Robert WILLIAM Widower
Catherine JONES Single
18/07/1767 William DAVID Single
Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single
09/08/1767 John LAWRENCE

Mary WILLIAMS Single
22/09/1767 Robert ROBERTS Single
Mary JONES Single
23/10/1767 Ellis ROBERTS Single
Jane GRIFFITH Single
21/11/1767 Richard ROBERTS Single
Ellin JONES Single
11/02/1768 Rowland THOMAS Single
Martha THOMAS Single
16/02/1768 Ellis WILLIAM Single
Martha DAVID Single
27/04/1768 William THOMAS Single
Ellen WILLIAM Single
04/05/1768 Henry ROBERTS Single
Margaret HUGHES Single
08/05/1768 John WILLIAMS Single
13/05/1768 William OWEN Single
Katherine ROBERTS Single
21/10/1768 John WHELLDON Single
Lowry PIERCE Single
15/04/1769 Thomas JONES Single
Gainor SOLOMON Single
18/08/1769 Rhees WILLIAMS Single
Mary DAVID Widow
08/05/1770 Owen WILLIAMS Single
Jane PIERCE Single
03/11/1770 John GRIFFITH Widower Llandwrog Ellin OWEN Single
14/12/1770 Ellis WILLIAMS Single
Margaret DAVIES Single
04/02/1771 Foulk JONES Widower
Catherine EVANS Single
04/08/1771 William DAVID

Cathrine THOMAS

04/10/1775 Griffith ELLIS Single Dolwyddelan Jane OWEN Single
26/12/1775 Griffith DAVID Single
Elinor CLOSS Single
00/00/1776 John EVANS Single
Jane JONES Single
30/04/1776 Thomas ROWLAND Single Llandeiniolen Anne ELLIS Single
09/11/1776 Matthew WILLIAMS Single
Elinor WILLIAMS Single
27/12/1776 Rees ROBERT Single Beddgelert Jane JONES Single
28/12/1777 Hugh JONES Single
Jane DAVID Single
26/09/1778 John GRIFFYTH Single
Gainor JONES Single
31/05/1779 Elissa JONES Single
Mary CLOSS Single
19/07/1779 Owen WILLIAM Single
Margaret WILLIAM Single
03/12/1779 Rowland JONES Single
Jane THOMAS Single
21/04/1780 Robert ROBERTS Widower Llanrug Mary DAVID Widow
06/06/1780 John CLOSS Widower
Elizabeth GRIFFITH Widow
19/10/1780 Elissa GRIFFITH Single
Elizabeth CLOSS Single
22/12/1780 Evan EVANS Single Bettws Y Coed Mary JAMES Single
31/01/1781 Elissa WILLIAM Single Beddgelert Gainor GRIFFITH Single
27/08/1781 William MORRICE Single
Elizabeth MICHAEL Single
16/11/1781 David WILLIAM Single
Catharine DAVID Single
21/11/1781 John DAVID Single Beddgelert Mary JONES Single
27/06/1782 Robert ROBERTS Single Beddgelert Catharine ROWLAND Single
04/07/1783 Henry DAVID Single Llandygai Elizabeth ROBERTS Single
15/11/1783 Morice PIERCE Single
Anne WILLIAMS Single
07/02/1785 Elissa JAMES Single
Catharine OWEN Single
12/06/1785 Evan GRIFFITH Single Llanrhychwyn Margaret THOMAS Single
17/10/1785 Owen OWENS Single
Margaret JAMES Single
17/12/1785 Henry MORICE Single
Jonet FOULKS Single
28/12/1785 Edward WILLIAMS Single
Sarah EVANS Single
30/12/1785 William ROWLAND Single
Jane ROBERTS Single Beddgelert
02/01/1786 Hugh JONES Widower
Catharine ROWLAND Widow
12/04/1786 John GRIFFITH Single
Lawry PARRY Single
25/07/1786 Thomas LOYD Single
Elizabeth ROBERTS Single
03/11/1786 William MORICE Single
Jane JONES Single
17/11/1786 John NICHOLAS Single
Mary THOMAS Single
19/01/1787 Richard ROWLAND Single Llandygai Margaret JONES Single
16/02/1787 John GRIFFITH Single
Catharine MORRICE Single
11/01/1788 John ROBERTS Single Henllan, Denbighshire Jane CLOSS Single
13/02/1788 Morrice ROWLAND Widower
Ellinor JONES Widow Llandeiniolen
16/05/1788 John GRIFFITH Single

08/08/1788 Rowland ABRAHAM Single
Elinor HUGHES Single
21/11/1788 Thomas DYDE Single Penmachno Jane WILLIAM Single
29/05/1789 Robert JONES
Llanfair Is Gaer Catherine MORGAN Widow
17/08/1789 William ROWLAND
Llandygai Ellinor MORRIS Single
20/11/1789 David JONES Single
Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single
01/01/1790 Thomas CLOSS Single
Jane JONES Single
1 28/06/1791 Ellis WILLIAM Single Llandygai Gainor GRIFFITH Single
2 29/06/1791 Robert ROBERTS Single Penmorfa Mary DAVID

3 16/09/1791 Harry HUGHES Single Bettws Garmon Anne GRIFFITH Single
4 18/11/1791 Owen EVANS Single
Ellinor MAURICE Single
5 07/01/1792 Rowland HUGHES Single Llandygai Mary ROBERTS

6 25/02/1792 Hugh HUGHES Single
Elizabeth WILLIAM Single
7 12/06/1792 Owen ROWLAND Single
Dorothy EVANS Single
8 19/09/1792 Harry OWEN Single
Anne GRIFFITH Single
9 24/09/1792 Cadwalader JONES Widower Llanbeblig Catherine EVANS Single
10 05/10/1792 Robert RICHARD Single
Elinor JONES Single
11 04/12/1792 Richard HUGHES Single
Lawry PIERCE Widow
12 12/07/1793 Griffith DAVID Single
Jane THOMAS Single
13 13/11/1793 John MATTHIAS Widower Beddgelert Catharine ELLIS Single
14 26/12/1793 Roger ABRAHAM Single Llanllechid Catharine MAURICE Single
15 03/01/1794 William DAVID Single Llanbeblig Margaret GRIFFITH Single
16 14/03/1794 Moses JONES Single Llandeiniolen Margaret MORICE Widow
17 21/05/1794 William GRIFFITH Single
Elizabeth JONES Single
18 09/06/1794 David WILLIAMS Single
Jonet WILLIAMS Single
19 22/09/1794 John OWEN Widower Amlwch, Anglesey Sarah THOMAS Single
20 19/08/1795 John MORGAN Widower
Elizabeth ROBERTS Widow
21 23/10/1795 David PARRY Single
Jonet MAURICE Single
22 20/05/1796 John EDWARD Single Llandygai Elizabeth THOMAS Single
23 10/06/1796 David DAVIES Single Llanllechid Hannah MORRIS Single
24 15/11/1796 William HUGHES Single Llandygai Elinor THOMAS Single
25 09/12/1796 Griffith JONES Single
Mary CLOSS Widow
26 03/11/1797 William ELLIS Single
Jane GRIFFITH Single
27 08/12/1797 John JONES Widower
Elizabeth ROBERTS Widow
28 31/01/1798 Griffith THOMAS Single
Jane WILLIAM Widow
29 19/02/1798 William PRICHARD Single Llandeiniolen Elinor WILLIAM Single
30 04/05/1798 Robert THOMAS Single
Anne JONES Single
31 06/07/1798 John WILLIAM Single
Hannah JONES Single
32 24/11/1798 John WILLIAM Single Llanllechid Jonet JONES Single
33 04/01/1799 Evan ROWLAND Single
Anne JONES Single
34 08/02/1799 David PRYS Single
Margaret WILLIAM Single
35 14/05/1799 Robert ROWLAND Single
Dorothy OWENS Single
36 14/06/1799 Samuel WILLIAMS Single
Elinor JONES Single
37 25/10/1799 Owen OWENS Single
Mary WILLIAM Widow
38 08/11/1799 David GRIFFITH Single
Jane GRIFFITH Single
39 29/11/1799 William MORRIS Single
Elizabeth ROBERTS Single
40 08/03/1800 Thomas ROBERTS Single Llandeiniolen Mary OWEN Single
41 14/04/1800 David JONES Single Llandeiniolen Margaret JONES Single
42 30/05/1800 Thomas JONES Single
Jonet GRIFFITH Single
43 30/05/1800 William DAVID Widower
Hannah JONES Single
44 06/06/1800 John OWEN Single Llanllyfni Margery GRIFFITH Single
45 20/06/1800 John THOMAS Single
Ann DAVID Single
46 06/08/1800 Foulk ROBERTS Single Llanllyfni Catharine WILLIAM Single
47 20/09/1800 Owen ROWLAND Single Llandygai Mary GRIFFITH Widow
48 08/11/1800 William JONES Single
Britchert WILLIAM Single
49 26/12/1800 John MICHAEL Single Beddgelert Jane ELLIS Single
50 15/05/1801 Maurice JONES Single Llanllyfni Ann DAVIES Single
51 25/05/1801 Humphrey DAVID Single
Elizabeth ELLIS Single
52 05/06/1801 Pierce JONES Single
Elinor FOULKS Single
53 30/01/1802 David ELLIS Single
Elizabeth MORRIS Widow
54 05/05/1802 Henery WILLIAM Widower Llanystumdwy Elizabeth ROBERTS Widow
54 05/05/1802 Henery WILLIAM Widower Llanystumdwy Elizabeth MORGAN Widow
55 08/06/1802 John GRIFFITH Widower
Maentwrog, Merioneth
56 25/08/1802 Robert ROBERTS Widower
57 28/01/1803 John DAVIES Single
Margaret WILLIAMS Single
58 25/02/1803 Harry GRIFFITH Single
Mary GRIFFITH Single
59 05/07/1803 John PARRY Single
Elizabeth DAVIES Single
60 30/09/1803 William JONES Single Llangoed, Anglesey Elin ROBERTS

61 18/11/1803 Thomas JONES Single
Gainor JONES Single
62 09/12/1803 John GRIFFITH Single Llandwrog Catherine PIERCE Single
63 13/01/1804 Ellis JONES Single
Alice DAVIES Single
64 12/05/1804 Maurice JONES Widower Llanrug Margaret WILLIAM Widow
65 16/05/1804 Edward FOULKS Widower
Catherine EVANS

65 17/08/1804 Evan JONES
Llandeiniolen Mary JONES

66 24/08/1804 Rowland PHILLIP

Elin ROBERTS Single
67 03/12/1805 Richard GRIFFITH Single Llandeiniolen Dorothy DAVIES

68 29/08/1806 William JONES Single
Elizabeth ROBERTS Single
69 12/11/1806 Griffith JONES Single
Catherine OWEN Single
70 13/02/1807 Hugh JONES Single Bettws Garmon Alice PIERCE Single
71 04/12/1807 William PRICHARD Single
Jane MATHEW Single
72 09/03/1808 Owen HUGHES Single Llanbeblig Ellin DAVID Single
73 18/11/1808 Timothy ROBERTS Single Llandeiniolen Elinor WILLIAM Single
74 14/02/1809 Owen DAVID Single
Elizabeth THOMAS Single
75 22/11/1809 William JONES Widower
Jane THOMAS Widow
76 15/12/1810 William JONES Widower Ffestiniog, Merioneth Jane OWEN Single
77 24/12/1810 William ROBERTS

Elinor GRIFFITHS Single
78 24/01/1812 Rowland GRIFFITH
Llandeiniolen Lowry EVANS

79 06/06/1812 David EVANS
Ffestiniog, Merioneth Jenet MORRIS Single
80 12/06/1812 John JONES
Llandwrog Catherine WILLIAMS

81 08/10/1812 David JONES

Elisabeth HUGHES

82 23/12/1812 William WILLIAMS


1 05/03/1813 William MORGAN
Llanfair Is Gaer Jane PIERCE

2 18/06/1813 Griffith JONES

Elizabeth JONES

3 25/10/1813 David GRIFFITH Single
Jane DAVID Single
4 12/11/1813 John CLOSS Single
Elizabeth OWENS Single
5 26/11/1813 Thomas JONES
Llanrug Lowry JONES Single
6 09/02/1814 John ROBERTS Single
Elinor EDWARDS Single
7 11/02/1814 John JONES Single
Elinor GRIFFITH Single
8 17/05/1814 Griffith ELLIS Single Llandeiniolen Catherine GRIFFITH Single
9 12/04/1815 Griffith JONES Single
Gainor JONES Widow
10 21/04/1815 John FOULK Single
Mary ELLIS Single
11 08/09/1815 Howell WILLIAMS Single
Janetta ROBERTS Single
12 03/12/1816 John WHELDON Single
Mary HUGHES Single
13 14/02/1817 Griffith DAVIS Single
Dorothy WILLIAM Single
14 14/05/1817 Evan OWEN Single Beddgelert Elizabeth JONES Single
15 30/05/1817 Robert CLOSS Single
Hephzibah JONES

16 13/06/1817 Robert ELLIS Single
Jane CLOSS Single
17 12/12/1817 William GRIFFITH Single
Jane HUGHES Single
18 19/12/1817 Thomas GRIFFITH Single
Ellin WILLIAM Single
19 22/08/1818 Emanual EVANS Single
Jane ROBERTS Single
20 28/11/1818 Owen ROWLAND Single
Catherine ROBERTS Single
21 28/05/1819 Thomas DAVIES Single
Jane WILLIAMS Single Llandeiniolen
22 12/11/1819 Morris GRIFFITH Single Llanrug Jane FOULKS Single
23 17/12/1819 Ellis MATTHEW Single
Mary JONES Single
24 11/02/1820 Abel JONES Single
Mary GRIFFITH Single
25 25/02/1820 Griffith DAVID Single
Jane WILLIAM Single Llandeiniolen
26 05/05/1820 Evan JONES Single
Dorothy WILLIAMS Widow
27 01/07/1820 John THOMAS Single Llandeiniolen Margaret HUGHES Single
28 01/11/1820 John WHELDON Widower
Grace JONES Single
29 09/03/1821 Robert JONES Single Llanrug Mary CLOSS Single
30 20/05/1821 James JONES Widower Llanidan, Anglesey Sarah JONES Single
31 03/05/1822 John OWEN Single
Mary PARRY Single
32 30/08/1822 Charles CURRY Single Amlwch, Anglesey Grace JONES Single
33 25/09/1822 David WILLIAM Widower
Jane PIERCE Widow
34 26/10/1822 Morgan THOMAS Single Llandeiniolen Jennet HUGHES Single
35 14/01/1823 Methusalem WILLIAMS Single Llandwrog Jane HUGHES Single
36 23/02/1823 William WILLIAMS Single Llandeiniolen Elizabeth CLOSS Single
37 13/04/1823 Evan OWEN Single Llanrug Catherine JONES Single
38 31/10/1823 Richard JONES Single Llanrug Catherine WILLIAM Single
39 07/11/1823 Evan ELLIS Single
Anne GRIFFITH Single
40 13/02/1824 Owen PARRY Single Llanbeblig Ellin PARRY Single
41 17/09/1824 Evan JONES Single Llanwnda Lowry JONES Single
42 31/12/1824 Griffith PRICHARD Single
Elizabeth JONES Single
43 04/02/1825 Richard HUGHES Single
Elizabeth PARRY Single
44 21/06/1825 John OWENS Single Llanrug Susanna GREGORY Widow
45 25/06/1825 Richard ROBERTS Single Beddgelert Catherine OWEN Single
46 26/08/1825 David JONES Widower
Mary WILLIAMS Single
47 09/09/1825 Owen OWENS Single
Lowry WILLIAM Single
49 11/11/1825 Henry JONES Widower Llandeiniolen Catherine MATHEN Single
48 28/11/1825 John ROBERTS Single
Jane CLOSS Single
50 09/12/1825 William EVANS Widower
Catherine JONES Single
51 06/01/1826 William Evans WILLIAMS Single
Mary OWEN Single
52 17/03/1826 John OWEN Single
Elizabeth JONES

53 28/07/1826 Thomas WILLIAMS Single Llandeiniolen Elizabeth JONES Single
54 25/08/1826 Hugh WILLIAMS Single Llanrug Jane MORRIS Single
55 25/09/1826 William PARRY

Catherine ROBERTS Single
56 15/11/1826 Owen GRIFFITH Widower
Elizabeth DAVIES Single
57 18/11/1826 John WILLIAMS Single Llandeiniolen Margaret JAMES Single
58 22/12/1826 Owen DAVIES Single Llandeiniolen Elinor CLOSS Single
59 25/12/1826 William JAMES Single Llanllechid Mary JONES Single
60 07/09/1827 Owen WILLIAMS Single
Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single
61 29/09/1827 John DAVIES Single
Jane WILLIAMS Single
62 05/10/1827 Robert LEWIS Widower Dolwyddelan Ellin ROBERTS Single
63 12/10/1827 Owen HUGHES Single
Alice JONES Single
64 12/10/1827 John JONES Single
Elizabeth OWEN Single Llandeiniolen
65 22/10/1827 Owen JAMES Single
Anne ROBERTS Single
66 09/11/1827 Daniel DAVIES Single
Catherine OWEN Single
67 08/03/1828 William WILLIAMS Widower
Margaret GRIFFITH Single
68 09/05/1828 Thomas ROBERTS Single
Mary WILLIAMS Single
69 30/05/1828 John EVANS Single
Jane PARRY Single
70 06/06/1828 Thomas ROBERTS Single
Alice DAVIES Single
71 13/09/1828 Robert JONES Single Llandygai Jane ROBERTS Single
72 05/11/1828 Ellis WILLIAMS Single Llandeiniolen Jane ELLIS Single
73 15/05/1829 Griffith JONES Single
Margaret JONES Single
74 21/05/1829 David JONES Single Penmachno Eleanor WILLIAMS Single
75 11/07/1829 Robert ROBERTS Single
Elinor OWEN Single Llanrug
76 01/08/1829 William DAVIES Single
Mary JONES Single
77 10/10/1829 Benjamin MORRIS Single
Jane ROBERTS Widow
78 14/10/1829 John ROBINS Single
Margaret HUGHES Single
79 06/11/1829 John GRIFFITH Single
Elizabeth ROBERTS Single
80 20/11/1829 Owen OWENS Single
Jane ELLIS Single
81 19/02/1830 William MORRIS Single Llanrug Catherine ROBERTS Single
82 02/04/1830 David GRIFFITH Single
Gaynor JONES Single
83 06/05/1831 Ellis DAVIES Single
Mary PARRY Widow
84 07/05/1831 David ELLIS Widower
Jonnett WILLIAM Single
85 23/05/1831 David WILLIAMS Single Llandeiniolen Jane ELLIS Single
86 10/06/1831 Edward ROBERTS Single Llanrwst, Denbighshire Elizabeth EVANS Single
87 17/06/1831 Rice WILLIAMS Single
88 29/07/1831 Abraham WILLIAMS Single
Jane JONES Single
89 20/08/1831 John EVANS Widower
Elizabeth GRIFFITH Single
90 03/09/1831 John EVANS Single
Anne ROBERTS Single
91 22/10/1831 John HUGHES Single
Ann THOMAS Single
92 18/11/1831 Evan PRICHARD Single Llanrug Jane JONES Single
93 25/11/1831 Evan Evan EVANS Single
Elizabeth OWEN Single
94 10/12/1831 Henry JONES Single Llanllyfni Jane Thomas JONES Single
95 31/12/1831 Owen JONES Single Llanllechid Jane JONES Single
96 06/01/1832 Henry DAVIES Single
Mary JONES Single
97 28/01/1832 John WILLIAMS Single Llandygai Gaynor ROBERTS Single
98 03/02/1832 William HUGHES Single
Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single
99 05/05/1832 Owen ROBERTS Single Llandeiniolen Elinor HUGHES Single
100 18/05/1832 Hugh JONES Single
Ellinor JONES Single
101 06/10/1832 Morris ROBERTS Single
Elizabeth JONES Single
102 22/02/1833 William JONES Single
Hannah PARRY Single
103 11/05/1833 Thomas GRIFFITH Single
Ellen JONES Single
104 03/01/1834 Owen GRIFFITH Single
Anne JONES Single
105 06/06/1834 William HUGHES

Margaret OWENS

106 30/08/1834 Robert PHILLIPS Single
Elinor EVANS Single
107 05/09/1834 Robert JONES Single
Elizabeth CLOSS Single
108 16/12/1834 William FOULK Widower Llandeiniolen Margaret WILLIAMS Single
109 04/03/1835 John EVANS Single
Mary JONES Single
110 06/03/1835 William EVANS Single
Hannah JONES Single
111 10/04/1835 Richard DAVIES Single
Ellinor WILLIAMS Single
112 15/05/1835 Robert JONES Single
Jane JONES Single
113 16/05/1835 Griffith WILLIAMS Single
Ellin JONES Single
114 03/07/1835 Richard WILLIAMS
Llandwrog Sarah HUGHES Single
115 25/09/1835 Ellis WILLIAMS Single
Gainor JONES Single
116 10/10/1835 Richard HUGHES Widower
Mary JONES Single
117 13/10/1835 Elias ROBERTS Single
Catherine ROBERTS Single
118 13/11/1835 William DAVIS Single Clynnog Fawr Elizabeth ELLIS Single
119 16/09/1836 Owen GRIFFITH Single
Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single
120 30/09/1836 David JONES Single
Elizabeth JONES Single
121 17/12/1836 Thomas WILLIAMS Single Llandwrog Catherine OWEN Single
122 17/03/1837 David GRIFFITH Single
Ellinor ROBERTS Single
123 21/04/1837 Michael GRIFFITH Single
Jane EVANS Single

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