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Henllan Amgoed St David


The Parish

The parish of Henllan Amgoed lies in the extreme west of Carmarthenshire forming a stretch of the county's border with neighbouring Pembrokeshire. Henllan Amgoed is located roughly 7 miles northeast of the Pembrokeshire market town of Narberth and sits a little over 2 miles north of the A40 road which links Narberth with Carmarthen. Henllan Amgoed is a dispersed settlement with no real centre, a lane leads northwest from Whitland through the parish and carries the main concentration of farms and cottages either side but the wider parish is dotted with similar small collections. Like most areas to the west farming is a mixed regime with both pastoral, in the main, and arable, usually the hardier crops, present. A small tributary of the Afon Taf drains southwards to meet its larger self before turning east to St Clears where the river, enhanced by further rivers from the north, turns south to flow into the outer Bristol Channel. Henllan Amgoed is sited at around 100 metres above the sea and sits on a ridge of higher ground above the river, that ridge continues rising northwards to a local spot height of 155 metres in rolling countryside. By western standards Henllan Amgoed was a small parish barely a little more than 1,000 acres would have supported a population reputed to be over 400 parishioners but much smaller today. Like most of Wales Henllan Amgoed is not mentioned in Domesday Book which did not cover this area.

The Church

St David's church sits around a half mile northeast of the main lane running through the parish from Whitland. The church stands beset by trees within a"llan", an ancient religious site, next to Henllan Farm. Whilst the church has medieval origins with documentary evidence recording the presence of 2 bells in 1552, that medieval core has been almost totally replaced by Victorian work. A simple nave & chancel augmented with a southern porch it was mostly rebuilt in 1866 at which time it acquired its western bellcote and vestry. The church is accessed through a small white metal gate set into dense hedging off the lane leading to Henllan Farm, a short shady path leads to the compact churchyard which requires some ingenuity by the photographer to find unimpeded angles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1754 - 1826

There appear to be no registers or BTs for this period, if marriages occurred they are lost to history
2 20th May 1826 - 21st October 1836 Carmarthenshire Archive Service - Reference - CPR52/1 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Llanboidy St Brynach
Llanboidy St Brynach
Llanboidy St Brynach
Llanfallteg St Mallteg
Llangan St Canna
Llandewi Velfrey St David, Pembrokeshire
Llandewi Velfrey St David, Pembrokeshire
Llandewi Velfrey St David, Pembrokeshire

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
7 16/05/1824 Lewis JOHN
Llanfyrnach, Pembrokeshire Anne EVANS

5 09/11/1824 David LEWIS
Eglwys Fair A Churig Dinah WILLIAMS

6 18/11/1824 William JAMES
Llangan Martha PHILLIP

8 31/12/1824 John MORGANS
Llandewi Velfrey, Pembrokeshire Anne PHILLIP

4 20/05/1826 John THOMAS
Llanboidy Hannah WILLIAMS

9 29/09/1829 Evan JOHN
Llanboidy Mary EVAN

10 02/02/1830 Thomas PHILLIP Single Llangan Anne THOMAS Single
11 18/05/1830 David THOMAS


12 19/10/1830 John EVAN
Llanfallteg Mary PHILLIP

13 04/12/1832 Henry PHILLIPS Single Llanboidy Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single
14 31/08/1833 John DAVIES
Amroth, Pembrokeshire Hannah HARRIES

15 02/11/1833 John JAMES Widower Narberth, Pembrokeshire Anne PHILLIPS Single
16 11/11/1834 William EVANS Single
Sophia PHILIPS Single
17 06/10/1835 John EDWARD Single Llanwinio Phebe LLEWELLIN Single
18 31/05/1836 Harry CUNNICK Single

19 14/06/1836 William JOHN Single Llangan Mary EVAN Single
20 26/07/1836 William SCOURFIELD Single
Mary DAVID Single
21 29/07/1836 Evan EVANS

Ann JAMES Single
22 21/10/1836 Daniel OWEN Single Llanfallteg Mary PHILLIPS Single

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