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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Llangan St Canna


The Parish

The parish of Llangan lies in the extreme west of Carmarthenshire, indeed it forms part of the border with neighbouring Pembrokeshire; part of Llangan parish is sited in Pembrokeshire and a substantial proportion of its population would have resided in that county. Llangan, nowadays, has disappeared from the maps - it is not marked as a separate village or hamlet on modern Ordnance Survey maps. Llangan is located about 5 miles northeast of the Pembrokeshire market town of Narberth. It is located to the north of the A40 road which links Carmarthen with Haverfordwest, it lies north of the River Taf in lanes midway between Llanfallteg and Whitland. Llangan had a more substantial past, in the 9th century it was the site of one of the residences of Hywel Dda (Sovereign of all Wales) and was an important site. The parish is a mixture of arable and pastoral land, following today's trends it is turning increasingly arable. Llangan is sited at about 60 metres above sea level on the eastern banks of the River Taf which flows southeast to meet Carmarthen Bay at Laugharne. Parish sizes are large in Carmarthenshire but Llangan is more moderate, it didm however, support over 600 parishioners. In common with most of Wales there is no mention of Llangan in Domesday Book.

The Church

St Canna's church is now disused and no longer used for worship, it sits on the south side of the lane which runs southwestwards from the Whitland to Henllan Amgoed lane, nestling amongst a grove of trees and almost invisible from that lane as a result. The church consists of a simple nave & chancel with a western bellcote and a northern porch. The church largely dates from its Victorian restoration of 1882 and is clearly of limited architectural interest as Pevsner dismisses it in a mere 3 lines. Access is obtained through a pair of metal gates which gives access to a short metalled and hedged lane. The graveyard is clearly ancient as it has the circular form typical of such sites adapted from pagan use and photographic angles are not in any way impacted by trees and shrubs.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 20th November 1754 - 18th November 1771 National Library of Wales Bishop's Transcripts on loose folio Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number BTs are incomplete and of a poor standard, omissions are likely and misreads of a few entries possible
2 20th October 1772 - 10th November 1812 Pembrokeshire Archives - Reference HPR/67/2 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number A corner of this register is damaged resulting in data loss, this had to be supplemented from the BTs
3 16th October 1813 - 18th April 1837 Pembrokeshire Archives - Reference HPR/67/3 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Henllan Amgoed St David
Llanboidy St Brynach
Llanboidy St Brynach
Henllan Amgoed St David
Llanboidy St Brynach
Llanddewi Velfry St David, Pembrokeshire
Llanddewi Velfry St David, Pembrokeshire
Cyffic St Cyffig
Llanboidy St Brynach

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
20/11/1754 Morris DAVID     Anne MORGAN    
10/03/1755 John WALTER   Llanboidy Sarah PHILLIP    
14/10/1755 William PHILLIP   Henllan Amgoed Margaret PHILLIP    
25/10/1755 John EVAN   Llanfallteg Hester SERVICE    
11/11/1755 Joseph PHILLIP   Llanfallteg Anne THOMAS    
11/05/1756 Evan THOMAS     Elizabeth MORGAN    
04/11/1756 Walter REES     Mary WILLIAM    
13/11/1756 Lewis HARRY     Cathrine THOMAS    
03/12/1756 Thomas EVAN     Rebecca JOHN    
02/07/1757 Thomas JAMES     Margaret THOMAS    
27/10/1757 Harry REES     Cathrine THOMAS    
17/10/1758 John MORRIS   Crunwear, Pembrokeshire Anne MORGAN    
19/10/1758 John THOMAS   Llanfallteg Catharine MORGAN    
03/11/1758 John WILLIAM     Mary HARRY    
01/12/1758 John GIBBON     Cathrine PERRY    
24/02/1759 John REES     Mary MATHIAS    
31/10/1759 Thomas WILLIAMS     Rachel JACKS    
18/01/1760 James BEYNON   Llanwinio Elinor PHILLIP    
19/06/1760 Thomas WILLIAMS   Llanboidy Margaret MATHIAS    
15/10/1761 Timothy THOMAS     Jane PALMER    
07/11/1761 Lewis BEYNON   St Clears Eliza BUTTLER    
28/11/1761 Joseph PHILLIP     Jane OWEN    
31/05/1762 David BOWEN   Llanboidy Elizabeth PHILLIP    
15/06/1762 Joseph MATHIAS     Mary BUTTLER    
25/06/1762 John LEWIS   Llanboidy Elizabeth LLOYD    
15/11/1762 John DAVID     Anne JOHN    
03/12/1764 Thomas JOHN   Llandewi Velfrey, Pembrokeshire Martha THOMAS    
02/07/1765 William JAMES   Llanboidy Damaris THOMAS    
02/10/1765 Thomas PHILLIPS     Margaret GRIFFITH    
11/10/1765 Lewis DAVID     Anne MORRIS    
07/11/1765 William DAVIES   Lampeter Velfrey, Pembrokeshire Hester MORGAN    
15/11/1765 Thomas JOHN   Llanfyrnach, Pembrokeshire Martha MATHIAS    
10/02/1766 James RICHARD     Elizabeth THOMAS    
03/03/1766 John PHILLIP     Margrett ROGERS    
27/08/1766 David GRIFFITH     Elizabeth THOMAS    
07/10/1766 Joseph WILLIAM     Mary MATHIAS    
28/10/1766 John OWEN     Hester MORRIS    
23/10/1767 David PHILIP   Meline, Pembrokeshire Mary HARRY    
05/11/1767 Benjamin OWEN     Sarah PHILIP    
01/12/1767 Stephen THOMAS     Mary REES    
22/07/1768 Rhichard THOMAS     Britania HOWELL   Llanwinio
23/08/1768 Thomas HARRY     Elizabeth JOHN    
05/11/1768 John PHILLIP     Sarah PHILLIP    
08/12/1769 George ADAM     Mary THOMAS    
28/06/1770 David BRIGSTOCK     Ann MORGAN    
23/10/1770 Richard HOWELL   Henllan Amgoed Mary MORGAN    
21/11/1770 Benjamin PHILLIP     Catherine LEWIS    
20/04/1771 John MORGAN     Rachel LEWIS    
07/05/1771 Thomas MATTHIAS     Margaret LEWIS    
20/05/1771 Matthias BOWEN   Llanglydwen Rebeckah HARRY    
01/06/1771 David MATTHIAS     Esther PHILLIP    
11/11/1771 Samuel MORGAN   Castelldwyran Mary MORGAN    
13/11/1771 John PHILLIP     Ann DAVID    
18/11/1771 Richard LEWIS     Elizabeth WILLIAM    
20/10/1772 Philemon THOMAS   Llanedy Mary MATTHIAS    
20/10/1772 Walter HARRY     Elizabeth JAMES    
08/12/1772 Francis LEWIS   Henllan Amgoed Jane GEORGE    
13/03/1773 Daniel LEWIS   Llanboidy Mary THOMAS    
25/05/1773 Thomas SERVICE     Catherine HARRY    
11/09/1773 James DAVID   Mydrim Martha EVAN    
21/09/1773 Joseph THOMAS     Esther MORGAN    
09/12/1773 Thomas LEWIS   Llanboidy Mary ADAMS    
12/11/1774 David GWYNNE   Llanboidy Esther OWEN    
13/03/1775 David NICHOLAS   Llanfyrnach, Pembrokeshire Elizabeth LLEWHELIN    
04/05/1775 William MORGAN   St Clears Sarah MORRIS    
16/05/1775 John MORGAN     Sarah THOMAS    
10/06/1775 John JOHN   Llandewi Velfrey, Pembrokeshire Ann THOMAS    
27/10/1775 Richard BREWER     Mary SCOURFIELD    
07/05/1776 Richard FRANCIS   Henrys Moat, Pembrokeshire Mary THOMAS    
17/10/1776 George GRIFFITH     Rachael MORGAN   Llanfallteg
24/12/1776 William JOHN   Llandewi Velfrey, Pembrokeshire Margaret THOMAS    
18/02/1777 John MORGAN     Catherine PALMER    
05/11/1777 Stephen THOMAS     Mary THOMAS    
17/11/1777 Morris PHILIP   Llanboidy Elizabeth THOMAS    
31/03/1778 John LEWIS     Mary JOHN    
23/04/1778 Adam ADAMS   Henllan Amgoed Mary JAMES    
23/04/1778 John GRIFFITH   Lampeter Velfrey, Pembrokeshire Rachael JAMES    
11/05/1779 William MORGAN   Henllan Amgoed Mary MORGAN    
19/09/1779 Owen LEWIS   Llandewi Velfrey, Pembrokeshire Elizabeth MORRIS    
28/10/1779 Griffith ADAM     Martha THOMAS    
01/11/1779 William ISAAC   Mydrim Lettuce EVAN    
02/11/1779 John COLE   Llandewi Velfrey, Pembrokeshire Esther THOMAS    
16/11/1779 Samuel LEWIS   Llanwinio Martha MORGAN    
23/11/1779 Thomas WILLIAM   Castelldwyran Martha PARRY    
29/12/1779 Ishmael JONES     Jennet BOWEN    
18/01/1780 Thomas JOHN     Elizabeth PHILLIP    
19/05/1780 Griffith HOWELL   Cilymaenllwyd Anne MORRIS    
01/07/1780 Hendry THOMAS     Martha GRIFFITH    
23/10/1780 William LEWIS     Mary DAVID   Llanboidy
01/11/1780 Thomas PHILIP   Cyffic Margaret SCOURFIELD    
15/11/1780 Benjamin JAMES   Llanboidy Mary DAVID    
13/12/1780 John RICHARD   Llanboidy Elizabeth REES    
09/10/1781 Joseph THOMAS   Carmarthen Sarah MORGAN    
15/10/1781 Thomas EVAN   Llanboidy Margarett MORGAN    
02/11/1781 Benjamin PHILLIP     Mary MORGAN    
04/11/1781 David JAMES     Sarah THOMAS    
19/12/1781 William THOMAS     Ann THOMAS    
21/12/1781 David JOHN     Alice CLAYTON    
16/04/1782 Stephen LEWIS   Eglwysfair A Churig Mary THOMAS    
18/05/1782 Thomas THOMAS     Mary THOMAS    
02/07/1782 Thomas GEORGE   Llanfallteg Jennet JONES    
09/07/1782 Morris WILLIAM   Llanstephan Rebecca PHILLIP    
06/11/1782 David JOHN   Llanfihangel Abergowin Mary DAVID    
10/02/1783 Erasmus LLOYD   Llanboidy Elizabeth PHILIP    
26/11/1783 Benjamin JAMES     Margaret THOMAS    
18/10/1784 Thomas THOMAS     Mary WALTER    
27/10/1784 Benjamin WILLIAM   Llanboidy Mary DAVID    
21/01/1785 Daniel LLOYD     Mary THOMAS    
19/07/1785 William LEWHELIN   Henllan Amgoed Rachael EVAN    
27/09/1785 David BOWEN   Eglwysfair Glyntaf Elizabeth THOMAS    
06/10/1785 John LEWIS   Llanwinio Margaret PHILLIP    
23/10/1785 John DAVID     Esther LEWIS    
26/10/1785 William REES   St Clears Phebe WILLIAM    
08/12/1785 Jeremiah GRIFFITH   Eglwysfair Glyntaf Ann THOMAS    
11/04/1786 John DAVID     Sarah EVAN    
01/05/1786 Benjamin PHILIP   Cyffic Martha THOMAS    
17/10/1786 Meshach THOMAS   Cyffic Susannah PARRY    
04/11/1786 John THOMAS   Llanboidy Rachael DAVID Single  
07/11/1786 John MORGAN     Sarah DAVID    
30/11/1786 Samuel HARRY     Mary GIBBON    
19/12/1786 John THOMAS   Llanfallteg Ann PHILIP    
05/03/1787 Evan THOMAS     Anne HARRY    
28/05/1787 William THOMAS     Margaret HARRY    
09/07/1787 Thomas SCOURFIELD   Llanboidy Elizabeth SINCLAIR    
31/07/1787 Thomas JAMES     Phoebe PHILIP    
25/10/1787 Philip DAVID     Ann WALTER    
17/02/1788 John JOHN     Elizabeth GRIFFITH    
20/05/1788 Emanuel MORGAN   Ambleston, Pembrokeshire Martha THOMAS    
10/06/1788 John DAVID     Mary GRIFFITH    
11/10/1788 George PHILIP     Elizabeth JOHN    
04/11/1788 Benjamin THOMAS     Catherine EVAN    
24/11/1788 John REES     Margaret REES    
03/03/1789 Benjamin REES   Lampeter Velfrey, Pembrokeshire Mary LEWIS    
19/05/1789 Phillip JOHN     Elizabeth LEWIS   Llanboidy
23/01/1791 Thomas COUSINS   Slebech, Pembrokeshire Anne HARRIS Widow  
08/02/1791 David DAVIES     Martha JENKIN Single Llandewi Velfrey, Pembrokeshire
22/02/1791 Evan DAVIES Single Llansamlet, Glamorgan Jennet ORMOND Single  
24/05/1791 Thomas JAMES     Elizabeth JOHN    
22/11/1791 William JOHN   Llanboidy Martha THOMAS    
18/12/1791 John DAVID   Llandewi Velfrey, Pembrokeshire Sarah DAVID    
31/12/1791 Solomon THOMAS     Esther DAVID    
06/03/1792 William THOMAS   Lampeter Velfrey, Pembrokeshire Hannah DAVID    
24/05/1792 Benjamin THOMAS     Mary OWEN    
14/07/1792 John THOMAS   Llandisilio Ann MORGAN    
19/07/1792 Job LEWIS     Mary FRANCIS    
31/07/1792 John EVAN   Llandewi Velfrey, Pembrokeshire Elizabeth PHILIP    
23/02/1793 Michael PHILIP   Llandisilio Mary DAVID    
25/02/1793 John JAMES     Esther JENKIN    
26/03/1793 Stephen THOMAS   Llanwinio Elizabeth ROBERT    
25/05/1793 John THOMAS   Llanboidy Elizabeth REES    
10/11/1793 David SCOURFIELD     Catherine THOMAS   Llanfallteg
18/11/1793 John REYNOLD   Llanboidy Rachael GRIFFITH    
09/05/1794 John JAMES     Anne THOMAS    
07/08/1794 Thomas MORGAN     Hannah DAVID    
23/09/1794 William LLEWELYN     Mary DAVIS    
31/01/1795 Joseph DAVID     Mary MORGAN    
07/04/1795 Henry HARRY   Llanboidy Mary THOMAS Single  
05/05/1795 Rees JAMES   Llanboidy Hesther JAMES Single  
28/05/1795 Thomas WILLIAM   Henllan Amgoed Keturah THOMAS    
13/10/1795 William EDMOND   Llanboidy Margaret DAVID Single  
29/10/1795 David JAMES   Lampeter Velfrey, Pembrokeshire Charlotte THOMAS    
06/11/1795 Thomas THOMAS   Llanboidy Lydia JAMES    
17/11/1795 James THOMAS     Margaret LEWIS   Carew, Pembrokeshire
30/01/1796 John JAMES   Henllan Amgoed Phoebe THOMAS    
14/05/1796 John EVAN     Sarah THOMAS   Llanboidy
16/05/1796 Thomas JONES     Martha HARRY Single  
31/12/1796 John REES     Anne SCOURFIELD Single  
09/05/1797 Thomas RHEYNOLD   Llanboidy Anne LEWIS Single  
29/06/1797 William JONES     Anne THOMAS Single  
01/10/1797 David SCOURFIELD     Anne OWEN Single  
03/10/1797 Benjamin EDWARDS   Lampeter Velfrey, Pembrokeshire Ann DAVIES    
21/10/1797 William THOMAS   Llanboidy Elizabeth WILLIAM    
22/04/1798 George JAMES     Elizabeth LEWIS Single Llanboidy
22/01/1799 Jacob JAMES     Mary PHILIPP Single  
12/03/1799 Thomas THOMAS   Llandewi Velfrey, Pembrokeshire Mary WILLIAM Single  
21/10/1799 John DAVID     Martha JAMES Single  
16/12/1799 Thomas DAVID   Llanboidy Anne LEWIS Single  
31/12/1799 David GEORGE   Henllan Amgoed Anne MORRIS Single  
31/12/1799 John DAVID     Martha DAVID Single Llandewi Velfrey, Pembrokeshire
19/08/1800 David WALTAR   Llanboidy Rachel BREWER Single  
17/10/1800 Thomas SCOURFIELD     Anne DAVID Single Henllan Amgoed
17/10/1800 Thomas LEWIS   Henllan Amgoed Penelope WILLIAM Single  
19/11/1800 James THOMAS     Elizabeth DAVID Single  
31/03/1801 Morgan DAVID   Llandybie Mary COSSLETT Single  
12/05/1801 Thomas JAMES     Mary THOMAS Widow  
19/07/1801 John GRIFFITHS   Merthyr Anne BOWEN Single  
28/12/1801 James DAVID   Llanglydwen Martha DAVID Single  
05/10/1802 John JAMES   Llanboidy Sarah PHILLIPS Single  
14/12/1802 David LEWIS   Cyffic Martha REES Single  
27/01/1803 David EVANS   Llanboidy Phebe LEWIS Single  
13/02/1803 William SCOURFIELD     Anne THOMAS Single  
21/03/1803 John HOWELL   Llanfallteg Mary LEWIS    
28/06/1803 Thomas DAVID     Phebe THOMAS Single  
03/10/1803 Thomas ISAAC     Anne DAVID Single  
16/10/1803 William NICHOLAS     Sarah DAVID Single  
27/10/1803 John EVANS   Llandawke Hannah THOMAS Single  
27/10/1803 John LEWIS Widower   Bridget LEWIS Widow Llandewi Velfrey, Pembrokeshire
28/01/1804 David LEWIS     Sarah DAVID Single  
24/12/1804 David WILLIAM     Hester MORGAN Single  
05/02/1805 Silvanus DAVID   Llanboidy Rachel ROBERT Single  
15/04/1805 William DAVID     Hester DAVID Single  
29/07/1805 John EVAN     Margaret LEWIS Single  
24/11/1805 David JOHN     Anne DAVID    
27/11/1805 Aquila THOMAS     Phoebe SCOURFIELD Single  
01/02/1806 David JOHN   St Clears Sarah RUSSEL Single  
12/07/1806 Jonah HOWELL     Anna JOHN Single  
15/07/1806 David DAVIES   St Clears Hanna JAMES Single  
24/09/1806 William THOMAS   Llanboidy Mary HARRY Single  
28/10/1806 Evan DAVID     Mary RICHARD Single  
29/10/1806 William ORMOND     Elizabeth JAMES Single  
29/11/1806 William JOHN Widower   Dinah LEWIS Single  
03/12/1806 David GRIFFITH Widower Laugharne Rebecca MORGAN Single  
10/03/1807 John PHILLIP     Margaret THOMAS Single  
07/04/1807 David MORGAN     Hester EVAN Widow Llanboidy
21/04/1807 John THOMAS     Jane BUTLER Single  
08/07/1807 Thomas EVAN     Keturah BOWEN Single  
15/11/1807 John SERVICE   Llanboidy Lydia THOMAS Single  
03/12/1807 John LLOYD   Henllan Amgoed Mary MORGANS Single  
29/12/1807 Thomas REYNOLD Widower   Mary COLE Single Lampeter Velfrey, Pembrokeshire
01/01/1808 David HARRY Single Llanboidy Theodocia HARRY Single  
06/08/1808 Evan COLE Widower   Esther EDWARD Single  
08/04/1809 Daniel JOHN   Henllan Amgoed Margaret PHILLIP    
24/10/1809 John WALTER     Elizabeth DAVID Single  
30/11/1809 Thomas DAVID   Llanfallteg Margaret HARRIES Single  
26/06/1810 John LEWIS     Elizabeth EVAN Single  
30/09/1810 John JONES     Mary EVAN Single  
02/11/1810 John DAVID   Llanfihangel Abergowin Rosamond LEWIS Single  
05/02/1811 Henry HALL Single Lampeter Velfrey, Pembrokeshire Mary LEWIS Single  
19/02/1811 John THOMAS     Hesther EVAN Single  
14/05/1811 James THOMAS     Jane PHILLIP Single  
26/05/1811 Jonah PHILLIP     Sarah PHILLIP Single  
04/10/1811 John PHILLIP     Margaret JONES Single  
26/03/1812 William EDWARD   Llanwinio Mary LOYD Single  
05/07/1812 John COLE     Dinah THOMAS Single  
24/10/1812 John PHILLIP   Cyffic Elizabeth THOMAS Single  
27/10/1812 John GRIFFITH     Martha MORGAN Single  
27/10/1812 David HOWELL   Llanboidy Margaret JONES Single  
03/11/1812 Thomas JOHN     Rachel JAMES Single  
10/11/1812 David OWEN     Jane THOMAS Widow  
1 16/10/1813 John EVAN     Martha MORSE Single  
2 20/01/1814 James MORGAN   Llanfallteg Mary WILLIAM Single  
3 31/03/1814 David LEWIS   Llanboidy Eleanor RYNOLD Single  
4 27/05/1814 John RICHARDS     Elizabeth PALMER Single  
5 27/10/1814 Daniel OWEN     Phebe THOMAS Single  
6 27/11/1814 John MORSE     Anne LEWIS Single  
7 25/12/1814 John WILLIAMS     Anne THOMAS Single  
8 16/01/1815 John JONES Widower Llanboidy Jane LEWIS Single  
9 25/03/1815 Lewis LLEWELIN     Margaret PHILIP Single Llanboidy
10 20/10/1815 Phillip ADAMS     Elizabeth DOKINS Single  
11 11/07/1816 John PHILLIPPS     Elizabeth JONES Single  
12 23/07/1816 William JAMES   Laugharne Martha PALMER Single  
13 05/09/1816 Anthony REES     Anne WILLIAM Single  
14 08/10/1816 Benjamin BOWEN   Llanboidy Martha LEWIS Single  
15 05/11/1816 Jeremiah EVAN     Rosamond DAVID Single  
16 20/02/1817 William DAVIES   Llanboidy Elizabeth THOMAS Single  
17 26/04/1817 Thomas THOMAS     Ann SCOURFIELD Single  
18 26/05/1817 Joshua SAMPSON     Frances JAMES Single  
19 17/07/1817 Hugh EVAN     Ann ROBERT Single  
20 06/10/1818 John JONAH   Llangunnor Anne WOODS Widow  
21 07/08/1819 William THOMAS   Henllan Amgoed Sarah DAVID Single  
22 11/12/1819 Benjamin DAVID     Mary PHILLIP Single  
23 29/02/1820 David DAVID     Mary EVAN Single  
24 05/03/1820 David DAVIES     Margaret THOMAS Single  
25 17/08/1820 James THOMAS   Llanboidy Mary THOMAS Single  
26 24/04/1821 David WILLIAM     Anne SCOURFIELD Widow  
27 17/05/1821 Thomas WATERS     Charlotte THOMAS Single  
28 21/08/1821 John THOMAS     Mary JAMES Single  
29 23/08/1821 David THOMAS     Sarah LEWIS Single  
30 13/10/1821 John EVANS Single Eglwys Cymmyn Frances EVANS Single  
31 17/11/1821 James WILLIAMS   Narberth, Pembrokeshire Sarah PHILLIPS Single  
32 16/07/1822 Stephen MORGAN   Llandewi Velfrey, Pembrokeshire Mary LLEWELIN Single  
33 06/11/1822 Thomas DAVID     Anne DAVID Widow  
34 28/11/1822 Rees JAMES   Llanddowror Mariah JOHN Single  
35 27/12/1822 David DAVID   St Clears Margaret GRIFFITH Single  
36 18/02/1823 John PHILIP     Jane THOMAS Single  
37 13/06/1823 William RYNOLD     Mary EVAN Single  
38 04/12/1823 Richard DAVID     Mary THOMAS Single  
39 17/02/1824 Walter JOHN     Martha RYNOLD Single  
40 30/03/1824 John THOMAS   Llanboidy Phebe PARRY Single  
41 13/04/1824 James PHILLIP     Sarah LLEWELYN Single  
42 07/10/1824 Thomas JAMES   Lampeter Velfrey, Pembrokeshire Hester PHILIP Single  
43 19/04/1825 John MORGAN     Anne THOMAS Single  
44 21/07/1825 James LEWIS     Martha DAVID Single  
45 25/11/1825 Thomas SHANKLAND     Catherine DAVIS Single  
46 29/11/1825 James MORGAN Single   Anne DAVID Single  
47 23/12/1825 John PHILLIP   Llanboidy Margaret COLE Single  
48 12/09/1826 Thomas EVANS Single   Mary EVANS Single  
49 12/09/1826 William LEWIS     Margaret JONES    
51 17/10/1826 David GRIFFITH   Henllan Amgoed Anne PHILIP    
52 02/10/1827 David HUGHES Single Llanboidy Sarah EVANS Single  
53 29/11/1827 Daniel WILLIAMS Single   Phebe JOHN Single  
54 29/01/1828 Evan COLE     Ann JOHN Widow  
55 06/05/1828 Thomas GRIFFITH   Llandewi Velfrey, Pembrokeshire Jane PRICKET Single  
56 25/09/1828 Thomas JAMES Widower   Phebe MORGAN Widow  
57 11/11/1828 James DAVIES   Henllan Amgoed Amy THOMAS Single  
58 09/06/1829 Jonah SCHOURFIELD Single   Anne JAMES Single  
59 13/10/1829 Lewis PHILIP   Llanglydwen Mary DAVID Single  
60 19/11/1829 Thomas GIBBON     Margaret DAVID Single  
61 07/09/1830 Thomas NICHOLAS Single Llandewi Velfrey, Pembrokeshire Margaret THOMAS Single  
62 28/06/1831 Rees EVAN Single   Elizabeth MORGAN Single  
63 20/10/1831 Joseph JAMES Single Llanboidy Elizabeth JAMES Single  
64 06/03/1832 Daniel SCOURFIELD Single Henllan Amgoed Sarah WILLIAMS Single  
65 13/03/1832 Benjamin EVANS Single   Harriet DAVID Widow  
66 20/12/1832 John HALL   Llandisilio Hannah REES    
67 21/05/1833 John SPURRELL Single Pendine Martha DAVID Single  
68 29/05/1833 Nathaniel PHILLIP Single   Anne THOMAS Single  
69 24/10/1833 Lewis ROBERTS Single Llanfallteg Catherine THOMAS Single  
70 21/11/1833 David THOMAS     Anne EVANS Single  
71 25/02/1834 James HOWELL Single Llandewi Velfrey, Pembrokeshire Mary JOHN Single  
72 22/07/1834 Jonah LEWIS Single Llanboidy Sarah EVANS Single  
73 21/10/1834 Daniel HARRY Single Llanboidy Anne PICTON Single  
74 23/03/1835 Evan WILLIAMS Single   Brittania JOHN Single  
75 29/09/1835 David JONES Single St Clears Margaret THOMAS    
76 04/11/1835 Thomas SERVICE   Llanboidy Margaret JAMES    
77 08/12/1835 John THOMAS Single Llanboidy Mary WILLIAMS Single  
78 08/12/1835 Daniel REES Single Llanboidy Anne COLE Single  
79 17/05/1836 David BOWEN Single   Mariah THOMAS Single  
80 27/10/1836 John REES Widower   Sarah POWISH Widow  
81 01/12/1836 John DAVID Widower Llanfallteg Esther GIBBY Single  
82 27/12/1836 Matthias EVANS Single   Adah DAVID Single  
83 09/02/1837 James MORGAN Widower   Jane PHILLIPS Single  
84 27/03/1837 Harry THOMAS Single   Mary WILLIAMS Single  
85 18/04/1837 John COONICK Single   Phebe JAMES Single Henllan Amgoed

Corrections to Tinstaafl Transcripts