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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Breage St Breaca


The Parish

The parish of Breage lies in southwestern Cornwall, indeed it forms a substantial part of Cornwall's English Channel coast. Breage is located about 3 miles west of the market town of Helston and sits on and mostly north of the A394 road which connects Helston with Penzance. Breage is a large and compact village with most properties clustered around the central grouping of church & inn. Breage's economy was dominated by the local mining & quarrying industries, mining for tin, copper, lead, manganese & zinc all took place as well as extensive quarrying of granite on nearby Tregonning Hill, in addition agriculture was present on good alkaline soils and despite the coast being many rugged cliffs some fish & shellfish harvesting took place. The parish's population once stood as high as almost 6,200 folk, a figure scarcely credible given the reduced population today. Most of the mining has ceased and the area has become much more dependent upon tourism for its living. Those rugged cliffs are a challenging part of the South West Coastal Trail, one of England's toughest treks. Small streams, deeply incised into the landscape, drain quickly to the nearby Channel coast mostly through Porthleven. Breage village is sited at around 90 metres above the sea, a level which forms a peneplane broken by deeply incised valleys and the granite outcrop of Tregonning Hill which rises to 194 metres and dominates this part of the coast. Breage parish was extensive but so are many in this area of Cornwall, it covered almost 7,100 acres and, as stated, the population once stood at almost 6,200 parishioners. There is no specific mention of Breage in Domesday Book albeit the manor of Rinsey, once part of the personal estates of King Harold and in the hands of William the Conqueror, is mentioned as having 36 ploughs as well as meadows, pastures & woodland

The Church

St Breaca's church sits at the heart of the village and a hundred yards or so north of the A394. The church is essentially a single build of the 15th century, thus Perpendicular in style, and almost totally constructed from the local granite of, probably, Tregonning Hill. ST Breaca is a large church which befits the once populous parish, nave and chancel are augmented by aisles and transepts and topped by the tall western tower. The aisles, of seven bays, are particularly impressive features and increase the congregation capacity immensely. There is much decorative detail, battlements on the main body, gargoyles and grotesque heads on the tower making for an elaborate building. As with most churches St Breaca was restored in the 19th century but for once Pevsner does not berate this process for being careless of dating features. The church sits, in a rather elevated position, on the western side of Shute Hill. There is a small parking space by the steps leading to the churchyard which is braced by local granite walls, the northern end of the site stands over head-height respective to the road, is open and with few obstructions for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 20th April 1754 - 22nd March 1794 Cornwall Record Office - Reference - P18/1/7
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 27th February 1794 - 21st December 1812 Cornwall Record Office - Reference - P18/1/8 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 1st January 1813 - 6th December 1830 Cornwall Record Office - Reference - P18/1/9 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
4 12th December 1830 - 24th June 1837 Cornwall Record Office - Reference - P18/1/15 Nonstandard Rose style preprinted Marriage register, it is nonstandard in not being pre-stamped with its numbering that being left to the clerk to complete Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

St Erth St Ercius
Crowan St Crewenna
Crowan St Crewenna
St Hilary St Hilary of Poitiers
Germoe St Germoe
Perranuthnoe St Piran & St Nicholas
Sithney St Sidinius

1755 1760 1765 1770 1775 1780 1785 1790 1795 1800 1805 1810 1815 1820 1825 1830 1835

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
612 06/02/1790 Richard THOMAS     Ann WRIGHT Single  
609 09/02/1790 James MATTHEW     Margaret HILL Single St Martin In Meneage
613 16/02/1790 Thomas IVEY     Margaret SAMPSON Single  
615 03/04/1790 Thomas JAMES     Mary RIPPER Single  
618 24/04/1790 Richard ANGIER     Elizabeth SMITHAM Widow  
620 10/05/1790 Thomas BAWDEN     Wilmot POLGLASE Single  
619 24/05/1790 John KITTO     Mary HARRIS Single  
623 14/08/1790 Joseph BAWDEN     Mary HOSKIN Single  
626 30/08/1790 George DAVEY     Prudence WILLIAMS Single  
625 18/09/1790 John ANDREW     Dorcas CARBES Single  
624 25/09/1790 William GOLDSWORTHY     Mary CARLEAN Single  
614 09/10/1790 Jacob WALTERS     Margaret MARTYN Single  
628 18/10/1790 John RICHARDS     Jane CARTER Widow  
630 26/10/1790 William EDWARDS     Elizabeth BENNATS Single  
627 13/11/1790 George EDWARDS     Mary JAMES Single  
631 22/01/1791 Edmund SEMMENS   St Hilary Jenifred CURTIS Single  
632 05/03/1791 John SYMONS     Christian WILLIAMS Single  
633 05/03/1791 Edward WILLIAMS     Elizabeth CORNISH Single  
622 02/04/1791 Humphry STODDEN     Elizabeth JAMES    
634 10/04/1791 John BAWDEN     Sarah SYMONS Single  
637 28/05/1791 Joseph RICHARDS     Elizabeth RAY Single  
638 13/06/1791 Richard MITCHELL     Ann TREDREA Single Germoe
639 30/07/1791 John GOLDSWORTHY     Mary HIGH Single Sithney
641 05/08/1791 William POPE     Mary RICHARDS Single  
640 03/09/1791 Francis POPE     Jenifer JAMES Single  
646 17/10/1791 John HAMBLEY     Ann WILLIAMS Widow  
644 21/10/1791 Edward THOMAS     Ann LAITY Single  
645 22/10/1791 William ROSMERGEY     Catherine POPE Single  
647 26/11/1791 James THOMAS     Ann CURTIS Single  
649 14/12/1791 Henry MORGAN     Ruth CARTER Single  
650 25/12/1791 William SEMMENS     Bridget TREZISE Single  
648 27/12/1791 Thomas HOSKIN     Margaret BAWDEN Single  
651 08/01/1792 William LAITY   St Hilary Honour POLGLASE Widow  
653 14/02/1792 George POLGLASE     Jane POLKINHORN Single  
652 20/02/1792 William JOHNS     Christian DONALD Single  
656 25/03/1792 John ROGERS     Mary RICHARDS Single  
642 14/04/1792 Mark JAMES     Eleanor JENNINS Single  
658 07/05/1792 William POLKINHORN     Elizabeth LOBB Single  
662 22/05/1792 Tobias MARTIN   Sithney Ann JAMES Widow  
659 26/05/1792 Peter MEDLEN     Ann NOALL Single  
657 28/05/1792 James HOSKEN     Grace RICHARDS Single  
663 16/06/1792 Joseph WILLIAMS     Eleanor TROON Single  
665 10/07/1792 Walter THOMAS     Joan SYMONS Single  
664 29/07/1792 Thomas THOMAS     Elizabeth COWLS Single  
669 01/09/1792 Thomas COURTIS     Catherine SLEEP Single Germoe
668 02/09/1792 Richard CORNISH     Mary FOX   Perranuthnoe
666 16/09/1792 James HARRY   Germoe Jane VARKER Single  
670 08/10/1792 George RICHARDS Single Madron Mary HENRY    
667 27/10/1792 John ROGERS     Elizabeth MICHELL Single  
671 27/10/1792 Daniel DUNN     Cordelia ROGERS Single  
672 01/11/1792 John HARVEY     Elizabeth HARVEY Single  
673 02/11/1792 Richard SAMPSON   Perranuthnoe Hannah HARVEY Single  
674 26/12/1792 Richard PEARCE     Mary NICHOLAS Single  
675 30/12/1792 Thomas RICHARDS     Ann GOLDSWORTHY Single  
676 03/02/1793 Matthew THOMAS   St Just In Penwith Mary BEAR Widow  
678 03/02/1793 John SYMONS     Mary DOBB Single Helston
679 10/02/1793 Walter SYMONS     Jenifred SAUNDRY Single  
681 08/03/1793 Samuel GLENDRY     Hannah DUNN Single  
680 10/03/1793 Benjamin MATTHEWS     Mary MATTHEWS Single Paul
683 30/03/1793 William SYMONS     Elizabeth BODY   Germoe
682 01/04/1793 John RICHARDS     Alice JOHNS Single  
684 01/04/1793 John Treweek SYMONS     Margery JAMES Single  
686 28/04/1793 Nicholas JAMES     Ann WILLIAMS Single  
688 20/05/1793 John FLOYD     Mary CARTER Single  
685 01/06/1793 John THOMAS     Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
691 16/06/1793 Edward JAMES     Jane POPE Single  
694 13/07/1793 William THOMAS     Margaret EDWARDS Single  
695 04/08/1793 John WILLIAMS     Mary LUKEY Single  
696 06/08/1793 Henry RULE     Catherine JAMES Single Helston
700 11/08/1793 John NICHOLAS     Mary MOFFATT Widow  
698 17/08/1793 Richard ANDREW     Ann PEARCE Single  
701 29/08/1793 William Ayshford SANFORD   Minehead, Somerset Mary MARSHALL Single  
699 08/09/1793 Oliver RULE     Elizabeth JAMES Single  
697 09/09/1793 James MEAGER     Joan SKEWES   Mawgan In Meneage
703 21/09/1793 Henry COWLS     Phillis THOMAS Single  
689 05/10/1793 Daniel DUNN     Alice WILLIAMS Single  
704 24/10/1793 William RICHARDS     Rachel EDWARDS Single  
705 27/10/1793 Richard SMITHAM     Mary RODDA Single  
702 05/11/1793 Thomas RICHARDS   Germoe Philippa CORNISH Single  
692 09/11/1793 Samuel POLKINHORN     Margaret CARTER Single  
709 23/12/1793 William HIGGO     Mary HALL Single  
706 24/12/1793 Richard RICHARDS     Elizabeth POLKINHORN Single  
711 30/01/1794 Jonathan COWLS     Jane POLKINHORN Single  
707 24/02/1794 John NOY     Sarah CARPENTER Single  
710 27/02/1794 Edward PASCOE     Agnes WILLIAMS Single  
712 28/02/1794 John HEBARD     Susanna THOMAS Widow  
714 02/03/1794 Thomas BARTLE   Crowan Ann POLGLASE Single  
708 22/03/1794 John KITTO     Ann JAMES Single  
715 10/05/1794 Abraham PEARCE     Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
717 05/07/1794 Thomas SIRELL     Sarah BOND Single  
718 05/08/1794 Francis HOCKIN     Grace WILLIAMS    
721 09/11/1794 John WILLIAMS     Elizabeth HOSKIN Single Madron
720 23/11/1794 John CHAMPION     Alice SMITHAM Single  
723 10/12/1794 Samuel SYMONS     Jane PASCOE Single  
28/12/1794 James POLGLASE     Dorcas POLGLASE Single  
24/01/1795 Henry JAMES     Elizabeth SYMONS Widow  
14/02/1795 John SIRELL     Ann WILLIAMS Single  
03/04/1795 Samuel KITTO     Mary WILLIAMS Single  
04/04/1795 Thomas CARTER     Margaret POLKINHORN   Germoe
06/04/1795 John PROVIS   Sithney Mary SYMONS Single  
28/04/1795 James HEBARD     Jane CONNOR Single  
03/05/1795 John SCHOLAR     Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
24/05/1795 Thomas SYMONS     Jennifer MARKS Single  
29/06/1795 James WILLIAMS     Margaret CORTESE Single  
05/07/1795 Thomas KITTO     Sarah NICHOLLS Single  
19/07/1795 James POPE     Mary KITCHEN Widow Sithney
22/08/1795 William SCHOLAR   Germoe Elizabeth SIRELL Single  
10/09/1795 Richard DOBB     Jane BENNATTS Widow  
17/10/1795 William ROWE     Mary ELLIS Single  
17/10/1795 Benjamin WILLIAMS     Margaret JAMES Single  
25/10/1795 William FREEMAN     Jane CARNE Single  
12/12/1795 William BROWN     Susanna CHAMPION Single  
19/12/1795 William CHAMPION     Margaret RIPPER Single  
27/12/1795 Matthew SMITHAM     Jane BAWDEN Widow  
03/02/1796 Thomas SYMONS     Margaret THOMAS Single  
21/02/1796 James SMITHAM     Martha THOMAS Single Germoe
21/04/1796 Nicholas EDWARDS     Margaret LANYON Single  
24/04/1796 Edward MICHELL     Susanna BURGAN Single  
16/05/1796 Samuel JAMES     Ruth SYMONS Single  
11/06/1796 James WILLIAMS     Jenifred JENNINGS Single  
04/09/1796 Edward TREGEMBO     Elizabeth GILBERT Single  
04/09/1796 John POLGLASE     Phillis DAVEY Single  
01/10/1796 Richard ANDREW     Elizabeth ROWE Single  
08/10/1796 James VARKER     Susanna CARTER Single Germoe
23/10/1796 James SYMONS     Elizabeth CUNDY Single  
26/11/1796 Henry CONNOR     Elizabeth POPE Single  
19/12/1796 Thomas BLEE   Helston Margaret BLEE Single  
28/12/1796 Henry DOBB     Mary PEARCE Single  
28/12/1796 Thomas PEARCE     Grace JAMES Widow Helston
30/12/1796 Thomas WILLIAMS   Germoe Elizabeth JENNINGS Single  
05/03/1797 Thomas BRAY   St Hilary Eleanor PASCOE Single  
08/03/1797 Humphry FROUNCE     Elizabeth SYMONDS Single  
18/03/1797 Robert DREW   Hannington, Wiltshire Elizabeth CADDY Single  
18/03/1797 Thomas HARVEY     Winifred PHILLIPS Single  
27/03/1797 James SCHOLAR   Sithney Elizabeth RICHARDS Single  
31/03/1797 William JAMES     Prudence PEARCE Single  
10/05/1797 Robert RICHARDS     Wilmot WILLIAMS Single  
10/06/1797 Richard WILLIAMS     Mary PEARCE Single  
20/08/1797 Joshua JOHNS     Margaret THOMAS    
11/11/1797 Richard PEARCE     Catharine HOSKIN    
27/11/1797 William NICHOLAS     Jane RODDA    
11/12/1797 John PEARCE     Mary JAMES    
12/12/1797 Richard CORNISH     Elizabeth MITCHELL    
13/01/1798 Henry GREEN   St Hilary Christian EDWARDS    
15/01/1798 John JOSE   Mawgan In Meneage Jenifred RIPPER Single  
15/03/1798 William FISHER Widower   Mary JOHNS Widow  
04/04/1798 Thomas JOHNS     Elizabeth MEAGER    
16/04/1798 Joseph WRIGHT     Mary HUTHNANCE Single Gwinear
20/04/1798 Joseph RICHARDS     Thomasin KITTO Single  
12/05/1798 John WILLIAMS     Elizabeth HARVEY   Germoe
11/06/1798 Thomas RICHARDS     Catharine CORNISH Single  
12/06/1798 Richard MURRISH   Gunwalloe Mary ROGERS Widow  
16/07/1798 Richard JAMES     Dinah CARNE Single  
26/07/1798 Thomas POLKINHORN     Ann ALLEN Single  
16/09/1798 Thomas MARTIN     Ann THOMAS Single  
18/11/1798 Thomas CORNISH     Susanna COON Single St Stephen In Brannel
20/01/1799 John WILLIAMS     Susanna ANDREWARTHA Single  
20/03/1799 Samuel TREWEEK Widower   Mary DOBB Widow  
22/03/1799 James KITTO     Mary CARTER Single  
25/03/1799 Thomas BRATT     English THOMAS Single  
12/05/1799 Alexander POLGLASE     Ann TREVASKES Single  
01/06/1799 Joseph POPE     Elizabeth KING Single  
27/07/1799 Henry SYMONS     Mary RICHARDS Single  
05/08/1799 Edward BOND     Mary COONE Single  
17/08/1799 Edward GILBERT     Elizabeth RICHARDS Single  
28/09/1799 William ANDREW     Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single Germoe
26/10/1799 Joseph LUKEY     Ann CURTIS Single  
01/12/1799 John KEMP   Crowan Charity BODINNER Widow  
10/01/1800 William LUKEY     Mary HARRY Widow Germoe
12/01/1800 Richard ORAM     Christian JAMES Single  
21/01/1800 William BAWDEN   Constantine Cordelia JOSE    
08/02/1800 John BODY     Ann OATY Single  
12/02/1800 Benjamin POLGLASE     Elizabeth HARVEY Single  
21/02/1800 George WILLIAMS     Honour LUKEY Single  
24/02/1800 Thomas SMITHAM     Mary JOHNS Single  
06/04/1800 John HOLLOCOMBE     Honour POLGLASE Single  
17/04/1800 Richard TREZISE   Gunwalloe Joan RICHARDS Single  
30/04/1800 John LUKEY     Mary GONINAN Single  
19/05/1800 George PENGLASE     Martha DUNN Single Perranzabuloe
02/06/1800 Robert GILBERT     Mary WILLIAMS Single  
11/06/1800 Edward WILLIAMS     Joanna JAMES Single  
22/07/1800 Thomas SMITHAM     Jenifred STEPHENS    
11/08/1800 William WILLIAMS     Joan EDWARDS    
23/08/1800 Richard POLGLASE     Mary SMITHAM    
31/08/1800 Thomas SMITHAM     Elizabeth JAMES    
08/11/1800 William ORAM     Margaret SYMONS Single  
22/11/1800 William JAMES     Alice WILLIAMS    
26/12/1800 Daniel HARVEY     Mary TREZISE Single  
03/01/1801 William VINE     Ruth RIPPER    
22/02/1801 Richard JENNINGS     Mary BARNES   St Hilary
25/05/1801 Jephtha TYACKE   Crowan Alice GILBERT    
27/06/1801 John WILLIAMS     Joan FAUL    
25/07/1801 William ANDREWARTHA     Mary WILLIAMS    
30/08/1801 James HOSKING   Sithney Jenifer PEARCE    
09/11/1801 John SYMONS     Jane JOHNS    
19/12/1801 John SYMONS     Joan SMITHAM    
26/01/1802 Richard TYACK     Sibella PHILLIPS    
20/03/1802 John RICHARDS     Alice DUNN    
17/04/1802 John JULIFF Widower   Margaret PIPER Single  
18/04/1802 Edward ROGERS     Anne WATERS Single  
09/05/1802 Thomas BARTLE     Elizabeth POLGLASE    
07/06/1802 John BLIGH     Prudence THOMAS    
19/06/1802 George EDWARDS   Perranuthnoe Ursla MARTYN Single  
24/07/1802 Thomas SYMONS     Elizabeth HOCKINS    
28/08/1802 Edward BOWDEN     Joan GILBERT Single  
02/10/1802 Henry VINCENT     Elizabeth ROSEMERGY Single  
09/10/1802 Richard ORAM     Catharine MARKS Single  
12/10/1802 Henry ANDREWARTHA   St Hilary Mary GUY Single  
19/10/1802 Henry POLGLASE     Mary WILLIAMS Single  
26/10/1802 Joseph GLAZZON     Mary CARTER Single  
24/11/1802 Robert DAVEY     Mary DUNN Single  
01/12/1802 Richard DUNN     Hannah BUCKET Single  
27/12/1802 Joseph SYMONS     Faith KITCHEN Single  
27/04/1803 John WARREN Single Truro Ann MARSHALL Single  
07/05/1803 Henry KNEEBONE   Gwinear Elizabeth CARLION Single  
09/05/1803 John GILBERT     Maria RICHARDS Single  
09/05/1803 John PEARCE     Mary JAMES Single  
30/05/1803 Richard WEBB     Barbara BARKEL Single  
02/06/1803 John TREGEMBA     Jennifer MICHELL    
05/06/1803 Edward DAVY     Mary THOMAS Widow  
27/06/1803 John TREMBATH     Thomasin WILLIAMS Single  
23/07/1803 Samuel POLKINGHORNE Widower   Elizabeth RICHARDS Widow  
22/10/1803 George FOARD   Germoe Mary RICHARDS Single  
31/10/1803 Samuel SHUGG   Sithney Grace PEARCE Single  
05/11/1803 Jonathan COWLS Widower   Susannah RICHARDS Widow  
17/11/1803 John ROGERS Single   Elizabeth RODDA Single  
26/11/1803 John PELLAR     Mary BOADEN Single  
03/12/1803 William CHAMPIN     Alice GILBERT    
03/12/1803 Thomas COWLS     Jane HARRY Single  
08/12/1803 John ROSEWARN     Elizabeth BOADEN Single  
19/12/1803 John ALLEN Single   Elizabeth EADE Single  
26/12/1803 Thomas MARKS Single   Honor SYMONS Single  
26/12/1803 John WILLIAMS Single   Jane PHILLIPS Single  
26/12/1803 John PRYOR Single Wendron Mary TREAGUE Single  
28/12/1803 Richard SEDGMAN     Anne PASCOE Single  
03/03/1804 William JOHNS     Alice CARTER    
23/03/1804 John CURTIS     Jenifred POPE Widow  
25/03/1804 Isaac WATTERS   Crowan Elizabeth KNEEBONE Widow  
04/04/1804 John JAMES     Jane PHILLIPS Single  
05/05/1804 James SMETHAM     Anne NICHOLAS    
13/05/1804 Joseph SLEEP Single   Alice DOBB Single Helston
29/05/1804 William HARVY Single   Mary VINE Single  
02/07/1804 Francis THOMAS     Ophir MARKS Single  
05/07/1804 Edward BAWDEN Single   Mary THOMAS Single  
07/07/1804 Joseph ALLEN     Elizabeth HOSKEN Single  
21/07/1804 William CARTER Single   Elizabeth RICHARDS Single  
25/08/1804 James KITTO Single   Mary KITCHEN Single Germoe
25/08/1804 Hugh JENKINS Single   Martha KITTO Single  
22/09/1804 William MOLLARD     Mary PIPER Single  
29/10/1804 Sampson POLGLASE     Catherine RICHARDS Widow  
02/11/1804 William JAMES     Margaret POLKINHORNE Single  
04/11/1804 John RODDA Widower   Mary MARKS Widow  
10/11/1804 Richard ANDREWARTHA Single St Hilary Christian CHAMPION Single  
22/11/1804 William DATE   Sithney Elizabeth BAWDEN Single  
24/12/1804 Thomas SEMONS Single   Elizabeth SAMPSON Single  
27/12/1804 John PASCOE Single   Elizabeth JAMES Single Mullion
31/12/1804 Thomas JAMES Single   Elizabeth RICHARDS Single  
05/02/1805 Michael HOCKING Single Helston Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
07/02/1805 Richard IVEY   Sithney Hannah RICHARDS Single  
25/02/1805 John RICHARDS Single   Hannah SIMMONS Single  
11/05/1805 Thomas TREGONING Single   Elizabeth WATERS Single  
01/06/1805 William KING Single   Prudence POPE Single  
01/06/1805 Digery FOWL Widower   Elizabeth MARKS Widow  
03/06/1805 Richard STEPHENS Single   Alice PASCOE Single  
07/07/1805 Henry SYMONS Single   Mary THOMAS Single  
16/07/1805 William KITTO Single   Sarah THOMAS Single  
22/07/1805 James FREEMAN Widower   Ann ORCHARD Single Crowan
12/08/1805 John MOLLARD Single Germoe Ann WILLIAMS Single  
20/08/1805 John WEBB Single   Margaret DOBB Single  
29/09/1805 William HOSKIN Single   Anne TREWEEK Single  
08/12/1805 William POLGLASE Widower   Jane KITTO Widow  
16/12/1805 Richard PEARCE Single Crowan Alice DAVIS Single  
09/01/1806 John NICHOLAS     Ann MITCHELL    
12/01/1806 Richard MAGOR     Alice ROGERS Single  
21/01/1806 Joseph LUKEY     Mary HARVEY Single  
14/02/1806 William POLGLASE Single   Mary EDWARDS Widow  
28/02/1806 Thomas ANDREWARTHA Single   Ann KITTO Single  
01/03/1806 Phillip EDWARDS Single   Jane ORAM Single St Hilary
07/04/1806 John EUSTIS     Catherine RIPPER Single  
25/04/1806 Thomas LUKEY Single   Elizabeth HARRIS Single  
28/04/1806 Richard CARLION Single   Susanna BODY Single  
03/05/1806 William WILLIAMS Single   Christian SYMONS Single  
03/05/1806 William ROSEWARN Single   Elizabeth GEORGE Single  
26/05/1806 Methusalem CHAMPION Single   Elizabeth GILBERT Single  
26/05/1806 Thomas ROWE Single   Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
27/05/1806 Henry JOHNS Single   Elizabeth TREZISE Single  
27/05/1806 Benjamin CHAMPION Single   Frances RUNDELL Single  
24/06/1806 John PASCOE Widower Sithney Honor DATE Widow  
29/06/1806 Thomas RAPSON Widower St Hilary Catherine WATERS Single  
06/07/1806 Richard DOBB Single   Grace TRELOAR Single  
29/07/1806 Charles GUNDRY Single Perranuthnoe Frances ROWE Single  
10/08/1806 James POPE Single   Jane SYMONS Widow  
17/08/1806 Henry RICHARDS Single   Ann ADDY Single  
28/09/1806 James DOBB Single   Mary WILLIAMS Single  
04/10/1806 John GOLDSWORTHY Single   Grace PENALUNA Single  
18/10/1806 James WILLIAMS Single   Jenifred SINCOCK Single  
25/10/1806 John NINNIS Single Crowan Charlotte SCHOLLAR Single  
20/12/1806 Edward WILLIAMS Single   Elizabeth DOBB Single  
28/12/1806 William COLLIANA Single Crowan Elizabeth DAVIS Single  
26/01/1807 Edward CARTER Single   Ann CURNOW Single  
28/02/1807 Francis BODY Single   Alice CUTLIP Single  
10/03/1807 William RALPH Single Crowan Mary CARNE Single  
27/03/1807 Richard BECKERLEY Single   Elizabeth HARRIS Single  
28/03/1807 Richard WILLIAMS Single   Mary ANDREWARTHA Single  
04/04/1807 Edward CARTER Single   Elizabeth WATERS Single  
07/04/1807 John STEPHENS   St Hilary Catherine CARTER Widow  
23/04/1807 John DAVISON Single   Jane BARRET Single  
18/05/1807 John RICHARDS Single   Charity WEBB Single  
25/05/1807 William ARTHUR Single   Catherine DAVEY Single  
14/06/1807 William TREWEEK Single   Margaret NICHOLAS Single  
17/06/1807 John PASCOE Single Sithney Ann CARTER Single  
18/06/1807 John CARDEW Single   Jenifred WILLIAMS Single  
11/07/1807 William LANYON Widower St Hilary Honour EDWARDS Single  
02/08/1807 John WILLIAMS Single   Clarinda RICHARDS Single  
04/08/1807 John RICHARDS Single   Elizabeth JAMES Single  
13/08/1807 John KING   St Hilary Mary WILLIAMS    
09/09/1807 Josiah MARTIN Single   Ann JAMES Single  
19/09/1807 William PASCOE Single   Elizabeth KING    
13/10/1807 Richard THOMAS     Mary BRIANT    
08/11/1807 John WATERS     Dorothy HARRIS Widow Feock
03/01/1808 Thomas ORAM     Loveday FORD    
09/01/1808 William SMETHAM     Prudence JOHNS    
16/01/1808 John RICHARDS     Mary RODDA    
23/01/1808 William DUNALD     Susanna BROWN    
20/02/1808 Richard WILLIAMS     Mary THOMAS    
03/05/1808 William SANDRY     Jane DOBB    
06/06/1808 James CURNOW     Elizabeth KITTO   Perranuthnoe
06/06/1808 Peter CARLION     Ann CARLION Single  
26/06/1808 Matthew BENNATTS     Mary JAMES Single  
09/07/1808 John CHRISTOPHERS     Elizabeth STRIKE Single  
09/07/1808 Hannibal STRIKE   Sithney Jenifred CARTER Single  
09/07/1808 James SEMMONS     Catherine STEPHENS Single  
10/07/1808 William CHAPMAN     Mary SMETHAM Single  
17/07/1808 John SYMONS     Elizabeth JENKINS Single  
23/07/1808 John BURGESS     Margaret WILLIAMS Widow  
24/07/1808 Joseph SYMONS     Ann BETTONS Single  
24/09/1808 Henry SYMONS     Grace MOON Single  
09/10/1808 Benjamin EDWARDS     Jochebed SYMONS Single  
19/11/1808 William RICHARDS     Maria LUKEY Single  
26/12/1808 Richard JAMES     Jane RICHARDS Single  
02/01/1809 Thomas CARLION     Grace Chapple KING Single  
09/01/1809 John CARLION     Elizabeth MEAGER Single  
29/01/1809 Richard MILDRUM Widower St Hilary Alice HITCHENS Widow  
08/02/1809 Henry WILLIAMS     Mary ROGERS Single  
05/03/1809 William BURGESS     Alice DAVY Single  
14/03/1809 Joseph POLGLASE     Sarah BARNS Single  
01/04/1809 Alexander POLKENHORNE     Ann CARNE Single  
15/04/1809 John Bentinck FORFAR     Rebecca LEMON    
25/04/1809 John WILLIAMS     Jane POLGLASE    
04/05/1809 Edmond ROBERTS   Sithney Thomasine ROWE    
22/05/1809 James KITTO     Jane ANDREWARTHA    
22/05/1809 William THOMAS     Margaret TOY    
22/05/1809 Richard DUNN     Grace DUNNALD    
09/07/1809 William THOMAS     Jane DOBB    
17/07/1809 Thomas BURGESS     Mary HARVEY Single  
05/08/1809 Bennet TRELVAR     Elizabeth GIBBARD Single  
09/09/1809 James KITCHEN     Ann JAMES Single  
16/09/1809 James VARKER Widower   Mary LUKEY Widow  
18/09/1809 Thomas JOHNS     Mary TREWEEK Single  
25/10/1809 William JAMES     Margaret KITTO Single  
06/11/1809 Benjamin LUKEY     Sarah MOON    
11/11/1809 Stephen TOY     Mary GIBBART Single  
21/11/1809 John STEPHENS     Mary WATERS Single  
18/12/1809 Richard WILLIAMS     Jenifer JAMES Single  
26/12/1809 Thomas BURGESS     Mary BUGELHOAL    
12/01/1810 John KITTO     Mary CHENOWATH Single  
14/01/1810 Thomas VINE     Elizabeth DUNN Single  
16/01/1810 Henry WATERS     Mary HOSKEN Single  
21/01/1810 Oliver HOCKIN     Ann KITTO Single  
20/02/1810 Thomas WATERS     Mary TREWEEK Single  
25/02/1810 Joseph DOBB     Faith SYMONS Single  
28/02/1810 Richard RICHARDS   Germoe Jane MOLLARD    
05/06/1810 Henry BEAGLEHOLE   Sithney Mary GEORGE    
11/06/1810 Mark LUKEY   Germoe Agnes SCOLLAR    
03/07/1810 William RUSSELL   Sithney Jane TREGEMBO    
07/07/1810 William PHILLIPS     Ann FREEMAN    
23/07/1810 John COURTIS     Mary JAMES    
31/07/1810 Job BERRYMAN     Prudence DUMBLE    
11/08/1810 Henry RICHARDS     Loveday GENINAN    
21/08/1810 John WILLIAMS     Grace WATERS    
06/10/1810 William BAWDEN     Mary RANT Single  
09/10/1810 John BEAR   Germoe Jenifred WATERS    
01/12/1810 William WEBB     Elizabeth LUGG    
07/12/1810 Thomas TROUNCE   Feock Ann GLASSON Single  
08/12/1810 Thomas THOMAS     Susanna HARVEY    
22/12/1810 Joseph ROGERS     Honor CLEMENTS Single  
26/12/1810 James REPPER     Elizabeth EDWARDS    
09/02/1811 Richard WILLIAMS     Joan HARRIS    
14/03/1811 Joseph POLGLASE     Mary KITTO    
10/05/1811 Thomas CARDEW     Phillis JEFFERYS    
30/05/1811 Francis HOLMAN   Crowan Jane ARTHUR    
24/06/1811 James BODY     Sarah GOLDSWORTHY Single  
30/06/1811 John MOFFATT     Jane STRIKE   Helston
08/07/1811 Peter JAMES     Mary THOMAS    
10/07/1811 James RICHARDS     Jane FORD Single  
22/07/1811 John MICHELL   Portsea, Hampshire Margaret RICHARDS Single  
11/08/1811 George BLEE     Jane DAVEY Single Helston
22/09/1811 John CARTER     Faith TREZISE Single  
20/10/1811 Thomas CARPENTER     Mary EDWARDS    
03/11/1811 Thomas CARLYON     Catherine DAVIS    
09/11/1811 John RICHARDS     Ann RICHARDS   Germoe
17/11/1811 Thomas HARVEY     Jenifred BAWDEN    
30/11/1811 William KITTO     Margaret BURGESS Widow  
31/12/1811 James THOMAS     Mary SCHOLAR Single  
31/12/1811 Thomas TREGEMBO     Mary Ann EDWARDS Single  
10/02/1812 Hugh CARNE     Christian PASCOE Single  
15/02/1812 George WILLIAMS     Mary RICHARDS Single  
16/02/1812 James SAUNDRY     Jane KITTO Single  
07/03/1812 Thomas JAMES     Elizabeth RESEIGH Single  
14/03/1812 Roger WILLIAMS   Crowan Grace RICHARDS    
28/03/1812 William JAMES   St Hilary Ann ANDREW Single  
29/03/1812 John RICHARDS     Ann MATTHEWS Single  
13/04/1812 James LANYON     Christian ARTHUR Single  
02/05/1812 Matthew JENNINGS Widower   Martha POLGLASE Widow  
18/05/1812 Henry BUGELHOAL     Susanna JAMES    
27/05/1812 Gideon PILKINHORN     Margaret HEBBARD Single  
14/06/1812 John CARLION     Margaret CARTER Single  
14/06/1812 Benjamin POLGLASE     Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
11/07/1812 Richard GILBERT   St Hilary Grace PEARCE    
05/10/1812 Thomas GOLDSWORTHY     Jenifred WILLIAMS Single Germoe
11/10/1812 James JAMES     Jenifred WILLIAMS Single  
22/11/1812 Thomas RICHARDS     Ann ROGERS Single  
21/12/1812 William BARLEY     Jane CARNE Single  
1 01/01/1813 Peter PASCOE   Wendron Mary KITTO Single  
2 03/01/1813 William WILLIAMS     Elizabeth ROGERS Single  
3 11/01/1813 John BENNETT     Catherine MARKS Single  
4 12/01/1813 Thomas ROGERS Widower   Jane SYMONS Widow  
5 25/01/1813 John RALPH   Crowan Mary TYACKE Single  
6 01/02/1813 Ralph JAMES     Mary POLMEER Single  
7 02/02/1813 William TRELEAR     Ann JAMES Single  
8 08/04/1813 William WILLIAMS   Gwinear Mary BAWDEN Single  
9 20/04/1813 Thomas RODDA     Elizabeth HOCKIN    
10 01/05/1813 Thomas BAWDEN     Priscilla RICHARDS Single  
11 08/05/1813 James RICHARDS     Hannah ADAMS Single  
12 13/05/1813 George LAITY   Perranuthnoe Grace LAITY Single  
13 01/06/1813 William WILLIAMS   Germoe Elizabeth WILLEY    
14 01/07/1813 John SMETHAM   Crowan Grace SYMONS Single  
15 04/08/1813 Thomas POLGLASE     Sabina JEWELL Single  
16 07/08/1813 Alexander POLGLASE     Elizabeth BURGESS Single  
17 18/09/1813 John COCK     Mary RICHARDS Single  
18 18/10/1813 John BAWDEN     Elizabeth VARKER Single  
19 31/10/1813 Samuel ANDREWARTHA     Elizabeth MATTHEWS Single  
20 08/11/1813 William DATE     Honor DATE Single  
21 11/11/1813 Henry JAMES     Mary ROSEMERGY Single  
22 20/11/1813 William RUTTA     Martha TYACKE Single  
23 04/12/1813 William MICHELL   St Hilary Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
24 06/12/1813 Henry WILLIAMS     Elizabeth TREGONING Widow  
25 26/12/1813 Henry JAMES     Alice RICHARDS Single  
26 26/12/1813 John PHILLIPS     Ann SEMMENS Single St Erth
27 26/12/1813 Edward EVANS     Catherine BEAR   Germoe
28 23/01/1814 William POPE     Elizabeth MICHELL Single  
29 03/04/1814 William GEORGE     Sally GILBERT Single  
30 10/05/1814 William COOK     Elizabeth GILBERT Single  
31 30/05/1814 James DOBB     Thomasin DOBB Single  
32 03/07/1814 Thomas SCRIB Widower   Mary BONDRY Widow  
33 07/07/1814 Stephen BASHAM   Germoe Susanna ROGERS Single  
34 30/08/1814 Robert SYMONS     Elizabeth EDWARDS Single  
35 15/09/1814 Hugh EVA     Mary WEBB Single  
36 17/09/1814 John PEARCE   St Hilary Jenifred POPE Single  
37 09/10/1814 Elisha PALAMOUNTAIN   Germoe Eleanor DUNN Single  
38 12/11/1814 Arthur THOMAS     Ann NICOLAS Single  
39 26/11/1814 Richard MITCHELL     Elizabeth BROWN Single  
40 27/11/1814 John BENNETTS   Crowan Elizabeth WILLIAMS    
41 26/12/1814 John EUSTICE   St Erth Grace RODDA Single  
42 26/12/1814 Daniel CHAMPION Widower   Jane EUREN Single  
43 10/01/1815 Stephen GOLDWORTHY     Mary DAVEY Single  
44 29/01/1815 Richard TYACKE     Mary PENPRASE Single Helston
45 30/01/1815 John DENNIS   Wendron Alice GOLDSWORTHY Single  
46 13/02/1815 John TREWEEKE Single   Elizabeth Lissmore FISHER Single  
52 19/02/1815 Thomas PELLEW     Thomasin MAY Single  
47 21/02/1815 Edward THOMAS     Martha DAVEY Single  
48 28/02/1815 Thomas VINE     Elizabeth WEBB Single  
49 02/03/1815 William VINES     Ann STEPHENS Single  
50 06/03/1815 Thomas RAWLING     Jane THOMAS Widow  
51 07/03/1815 William TONKIN     Mary DAVIS Single  
53 16/03/1815 Samuel ADAMS     Mary NICHOLAS Single  
54 18/03/1815 Walter SYMONS     Jane WILLIAMS Single  
55 05/04/1815 Francis RICHARDS     Christian ORAM Widow  
56 14/04/1815 Jacob THOMAS     Jane HOSKIN Single  
57 06/05/1815 Edward EDWARDS   Lelant Grace RICHARDS Single  
58 08/05/1815 John POPE   Germoe Maria SYMONS Single  
59 15/05/1815 Thomas THOMAS     Ann ELLIS    
60 22/05/1815 William CARLYON     Jane SYMONS    
61 05/06/1815 James STEPHENS     Ann Richards EDWARDS    
62 29/06/1815 Francis RICHARDS   Sithney Mary STEPHENS    
63 03/07/1815 William JOHNS     Dorcas SYMONS    
64 04/07/1815 John MEAGER     Elizabeth LUKEY    
65 13/07/1815 Charles CARTER     Catherine CARTER    
66 15/07/1815 Hugh JENNINES     Mary KING Single  
67 15/08/1815 John ROWE     Ann BAWDEN Single  
68 29/08/1815 William STEPHENS     Avice THOMAS Single  
69 09/09/1815 John POLKINHORN     Mary GORE Single  
70 05/10/1815 William CARLYON   Germoe Jane KITTO    
71 12/10/1815 John PETERS     Ann DINGLE Single  
72 18/10/1815 Joseph THOMAS   Mullion Catherine CARTER Single  
73 21/10/1815 Richard JAMES     Honor CURNOW Single Germoe
74 24/10/1815 William RICHARDS     Thomasin CARLYON Single Germoe
75 14/11/1815 Hugh STEPHENS     Maria WOOD Single  
76 26/12/1815 Sidney MEAGER     Grace JAMES Single Sithney
77 10/01/1816 John HARRY   Germoe Alice WILLIAMS Single  
78 21/01/1816 Joseph PASCOE     Mary NOY Single  
79 18/02/1816 John POPE     Avice PEARCE Single  
80 25/02/1816 William THOMAS     Martha THOMAS Single  
81 27/02/1816 John EDWARDS   Perranuthnoe Elizabeth CARTER Single  
82 12/03/1816 Edward FAULL   Crowan Elizabeth Hammel LAMBRICK Single  
83 23/03/1816 Richard COLENSO     Ann ALLEN Single  
84 23/03/1816 William RICHARDS     Elizabeth CRARE Single  
85 24/03/1816 Samuel POLGLASE     Maria DOTSON Single  
86 24/03/1816 John MARTIN     Mary DOTSON Single  
87 27/03/1816 John THOMAS   Ludgvan Elizabeth HOSKIN Single  
88 13/04/1816 Benjamin TOY Widower Helston Mary WALTERS Single  
89 20/04/1816 Richard KITTO     Sarah OATES Widow  
90 27/04/1816 Edward WILLIAMS     Ann ALLEN Single St Hilary
91 12/05/1816 John WALLIS     Joan ROGERS Single  
92 04/06/1816 John RIPPER Widower   Jenifred KEMP Single  
93 20/07/1816 William BEER   Germoe Jenifred CURTIS    
94 20/08/1816 Edward WILLIAMS Widower   Margaret THOMAS Widow  
95 14/09/1816 John PEARCE     Jenifred ALLEN Single  
96 01/10/1816 William POLGLASE     Mary KITTO Single  
97 09/11/1816 Edward THOMAS     Catherine DINGLE Single Germoe
98 27/11/1816 James DUNN     Mary MARTIN Single  
100 26/12/1816 John GAY   Wendron Elizabeth BUGLEHOLE Single  
99 26/12/1816 John MEAGER     Thomasin BROWN Single  
101 09/01/1817 John DAVIS     Ann GREGORY Single  
102 12/01/1817 Joseph WILLIAMS     Jenifred WILLIAMS Single  
103 18/01/1817 Henry ROSEWARN     Susanna HOCKING Single  
104 15/02/1817 John HODGE     Mary CURTIS Single  
105 27/02/1817 Richard MEAGER     Alice PEARCE Widow  
106 02/03/1817 John FOX   St Hilary Ann WILLIAMS Single  
107 08/03/1817 Walter MOYLE     Alice SYMONS Single  
108 12/04/1817 Francis COURTIS     Elizabeth STEPHENS    
109 05/05/1817 Francis POPE     Elizabeth THOMAS Single  
110 10/05/1817 William SIMONS     Mary ALLEN Single  
111 13/05/1817 William TREZISE     Mary THOMAS Widow  
112 26/05/1817 Richard JAMES     Mary BROWN    
113 10/06/1817 George SAMPSON     Mary SYMONS Single  
114 24/06/1817 Benjamin THOMAS     Mary BENNETT Single  
115 28/06/1817 Thomas JAMES Widower   Christian PIPER Widow  
116 03/07/1817 John SCHOLLAR Single   Ann ROADA Single  
117 10/07/1817 Richard WILLIAMS Single   Mary POLGLASE Widow  
118 11/07/1817 Peter MARKS Single   Mary POLKINHORN Single  
119 12/08/1817 John KITTO Single   Jennifer CORNISH Single  
120 21/08/1817 James UREN Single   Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
121 13/09/1817 Joseph BAWDEN Single   Anne TRELOAR Single  
122 20/09/1817 Francis PASCOE Single   Mary WILLIAMS Single  
123 28/09/1817 James JOHNS Single   Mary RICHARDS Single  
124 18/10/1817 Richard MATTHEWS     Grace HIBBERD    
125 25/10/1817 Samuel MATHEW Single   Catherine WILLIAMS Single  
126 01/11/1817 Samuel STEPHENS Single   Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
127 04/11/1817 Thomas SAMPSON Single   Margaret RICHARDS Single  
128 21/12/1817 Richard THOMAS Single   Elizabeth CORNISH   Germoe
129 26/12/1817 John WEBB Single   Mary COCK Single  
130 27/12/1817 Nicholas LAWRENCE Single Mullion Jennifer SAMPSON Single  
131 01/01/1818 James SYMONS Single   Elizabeth RIDINGTON Single  
132 04/04/1818 John MOYLE Single   Elizabeth BAWDEN Single  
133 04/04/1818 Bennett TRELOAR Single   Mary JAMES Single  
134 04/04/1818 Hugh STEPHENS Widower   Mary BLEE Single  
135 05/04/1818 William BETTENS Single   Thomasin KITTO Single St Hilary
136 21/04/1818 John COCK Single   Elizabeth RICHARDS Single  
137 23/04/1818 John VIVIAN Single Gwinear Mary LAMBRICK Single  
138 26/04/1818 John CURNOW Single   Grace WILLS   Perranuthnoe
139 17/05/1818 John HARRY Single   Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
140 02/07/1818 William TAYLOR Single   Grace ROADA Single  
141 04/07/1818 John RICHARDS Single   Mary Ann ROWE Single  
142 18/07/1818 George ROBERTS Single   Jane POPE Single  
143 19/07/1818 John GEORGE Single   Margaret THOMAS Single  
144 26/07/1818 William HIBBERD Single   Margaret POLGLASE Single  
145 27/07/1818 Samuel CARLION Single   Rachel RICHARDS Single  
146 08/08/1818 Samuel GUNDRY Widower   Catherine PEARCE Widow  
147 09/09/1818 George TYACKE Single   Elizabeth SYMONS Single  
148 08/10/1818 John PEARCE Single   Thomasin POLKINHORNE Single  
149 19/10/1818 Edward PARNALL Single Padstow Celia MARTIN Single  
150 26/10/1818 Nicholas MOON Single   Ruth JOHNS Single  
151 07/11/1818 John HAMILS Single   Ann ANDREWARTHA Single  
152 12/11/1818 Daniel KNEEBONE Single   Philippa MATTHEW Single Sithney
153 04/12/1818 Samuel RENFRY Single   Jennifer EVANS Single  
154 10/12/1818 James WILLIAMS Single   Ann PASCOE Single  
155 26/12/1818 Richard GOLDSWORTHY Single   Joan BENNET Single  
156 26/12/1818 John SCHOLLEN Single   Jennifer JAMES Single  
157 26/12/1818 Benjamin PLINT Single   Jennifer TYACKE Single  
158 26/12/1818 William JAMES Single   Margaret QUINTNELL Single  
159 26/12/1818 William WILLIAMS Single   Sarah Quintnell TYACKE Single  
160 26/12/1818 John ORTON Single   Philippa POLGLASE Single  
161 10/01/1819 George BLIGHT Single St Erth Jennifer JAMES    
162 16/01/1819 James BUCKET Single Perranuthnoe Hannah SINCOCK Single  
163 06/03/1819 William NEWELL Single Patshall, Staffordshire Ann JEFFRY Single  
164 09/03/1819 James HARRIS Single Sithney Ann JEFFRY Single  
165 13/03/1819 William WILLIAMS Single   Martha EDWARDS Single  
166 03/04/1819 William WILLIAMS Single   Ann GOLDSWORTHY Single  
167 10/04/1819 Thomas ALLEN Single   Margaret PASCOE   St Hilary
168 10/04/1819 Nicholas PEARCE Single   Mary JAMES    
169 20/05/1819 John DOBB Single   Mary JAMES Single Crowan
170 31/05/1819 William MEAGER Single   Eleanor STEPHENS Single Sithney
171 31/05/1819 Daniel CHAMPION Single   Anne RUMPHREY Single  
172 12/06/1819 Richard GILBARD Single   Elizabeth KITTO Single  
173 19/06/1819 Henry ROSEMERCY Single Sithney Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
174 26/06/1819 David FOSS Single   Mary EDWARDS Single  
175 30/06/1819 Richard PEARCE Single Helston Mary GOLDSWORTHY Single  
176 05/07/1819 George BADCOCK Single   Jane KITTO Single  
177 11/07/1819 Francis CARTER     Ann HALLOW    
178 11/07/1819 Gideon JEFFERY   Sithney Elizabeth SYMONS    
179 17/07/1819 Samuel GOLDSWORTHY Single   Mary WILLIAMS Single  
180 24/07/1819 Francis WILLIAMS Single   Elizabeth JAMES Single  
181 01/08/1819 Richard GEORGE     Mary MARTIN   Helston
182 05/08/1819 Henry GEORGE Single   Jennifer COCK Single  
183 09/08/1819 John DUNN Single   Elizabeth THOMAS Single  
184 15/08/1819 John ANDREW Single   Elizabeth DUNN Single  
185 04/10/1819 Henry JAMES Single   Margaret POPE Single  
186 07/10/1819 Joseph Vossy WILLIAMS Single   Elizabeth REPPER Single  
187 12/10/1819 Francis TREZISE Single St Hilary Jane OSBORNE Single  
188 16/10/1819 Richard John TREWEEKE Single   Jane RICHARDS Single  
189 27/11/1819 John BAWDEN     Elizabeth WILLIAMS    
190 18/12/1819 Thomas EDWARDS     Ann ADAMS    
191 18/12/1819 William BROWN     Margaret JAMES    
192 21/12/1819 William THOMAS   Mullion Agnes CARTER    

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