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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Erbistock St Hilary


The Parish

The parish of Erbistock lies in the extreme east of Denbighshire, a place of the meeting of borders. Erbistock not only forms part of the border with neighbouring Flintshire but also with Shropshire and thus with England. Erbistock is located about 6 miles south of the industrial town of Wrexham and 4 miles southeast of the small market town of Ruabon. Erbistock is a fairly small and rather dispersed village built within a tight meander of the River Dee which here forms the border between England and Wales. Erbistock is sited just under a mile south of the A539 road which connects Ruabon through to Whitchurch in Shropshire. At the time of this transcript the principal economy of the parish would have been pastoral farming, the local cattle have a fine reputation for quality, the water-meadows of the Dee floodplain providing excellent grazing. The Dee drains the parish northwards through Chester to reach the Irish Sea through the Dee Estuary. Erbistock is sited at around 40 metres above the sea in unspectacular but rolling countryside, at the end of a small peninsula or higher ground which rises almost to 130 metres on the road to Ruabon. By Denbighshire standards Erbistock parish was one of the smallest in the county, it covered just under 1,500 acres and would have supported a population of close to 400 parishioners. Unusually for Wales, and reflecting its border status, Erbistock does merit a mention in Domesday Book, a tiny place held by one Reginald the Sheriff it could barely merit a single plough and was one of the smallest 20% of all settlements recorded in that book.

The Church

St Hilary's church sits right on the banks of the Dee next to the site of a former ferry, nowadays the Boat Inn. Sadly the church is not a mediaeval masterpiece but a Victorian replacement built in 1861 to replace an earlier version. The church is understatedly described by Pevsner, however, as "rather good", small praise indeed from him. Utilising motifs from both the early English Gothic and Decorated styles at least the church is true to the spirit of the era of the building it replaced. A broader aisled nave is topped by an apsed chancel, complete with Early English style lancets and the former is topped by a neat bellcote. The narrow lane through the village winds downhill to the joint site of the church and inn, the latter has a large car park. The church is reached through entrances at both eastern and western ends of the site, it is, however, rather tight against the southern edge of the churchyard removing the angles, best suited for the light, from the photographer's armoury.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 15th June 1754 - 29th June 1802 At the time of completion the register was still retained by the parish - film and digital copies are available Plain, ruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 30th December 1802 - 28th December 1811 At the time of completion the register was still retained by the parish - film and digital copies are available Plain, ruled book containing Marriages Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
3 1st March 1813 - 27th March 1837 At the time of completion the register was still retained by the parish - film and digital copies are available Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Ruabon St Mary
Bangor on Dee St Dunawd, Flintshire
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Ruabon St Mary
Overton St Mary, Flintshire
Ruabon St Mary
Ellesmere St Mary, Shropshire
Overton St Mary, Flintshire

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
15/06/1754 Thomas ROGERS     Jane CHIDLER   Wem, Shropshire
05/01/1755 Thomas HURLSTON     Margaret DAVIES    
29/06/1755 Thomas JONES   Ruabon Ann HUGHES    
12/01/1756 John GRIFFITHS     Elizabeth THOMAS   Bangor On Dee, Flintshire
16/08/1756 Edward OWEN   Ruabon Ann EVANS    
28/10/1757 Edward JONES   Ruabon Mary DRURY    
29/05/1758 Howel EVANS     Elizabeth MORRICE    
21/06/1758 John PAYNE   Kynnersley, Shropshire Ellinor POYNTON    
03/09/1758 Edward HUGHES     Elizabeth JONES    
06/10/1758 Edward JONES   Ruabon Elizabeth RALPH    
26/01/1759 Edward JONES     Margaret EYTON   Bangor On Dee, Flintshire
26/05/1760 Robert DAVIES     Elizabeth PUGH    
21/06/1760 William ROBERTS     Magdalen JONES    
28/12/1760 John MASSY   Overton, Flintshire Rebecca PARRY    
15/12/1761 Edward JONES     Mary EYTON   Bangor On Dee, Flintshire
26/10/1762 John PHILIPS     Ann JONES    
21/11/1762 Thomas THOMAS   Marchweil Mary JONES    
10/12/1762 Roger FOULKS   Ruabon Elizabeth JONAS    
03/08/1763 John BROUGHTON     Ann EDWARDS    
08/11/1763 John HUGHES     Margaret THOMAS   Wrexham
14/12/1763 Edward RANDLES   Wrexham Sarah JENKINS    
28/01/1764 Thomas KETTLE     Elinor PUGH    
18/08/1764 John GRIFFITH   Kynnersley, Shropshire Jane JONES    
03/09/1764 John WYNN   Oswestry, Shropshire Mary HUGHES    
22/04/1765 William ELLISE     Mary PARRY    
19/06/1765 Robert Howel VAUGHAN     Anne WILLIAMS    
27/10/1767 James ROWLAND   Overton, Flintshire Jane ROBERTS    
02/11/1767 William SAMUEL   Wrexham Eleanor SALUSBURY    
30/10/1769 George PENLINGTON   Overton, Flintshire Anne PHILLIPS    
00/00/1770 John FRANCIS   Bangor On Dee, Flintshire Anne JONES    
28/01/1770 Roger JONES Widower Ruabon Mary HODGKINS Widow  
02/04/1770 John MARTIN     Mary MARTIN Widow Middlewich, Cheshire
11/06/1771 John DAVIES   Gresford Margaret NEWNS    
16/06/1772 Richard PARRY   Wrexham Elizabeth PUGH    
06/11/1772 Hugh HUGHES   Bangor On Dee, Flintshire Martha JONES    
29/12/1772 John CLAY   Overton, Flintshire Catherine EDWARDS    
15/12/1773 William EVANS   Ellesmere, Shropshire Anne DAVIES    
29/12/1773 William JONES   Marchweil Anne PRYDDERCH    
03/01/1774 William EDGE     Anne GERARD    
07/02/1774 Thomas EVANS   Holt Mary JONES    
28/06/1774 John SMITH   Bangor On Dee, Flintshire Elizabeth RATHBOURNE    
10/09/1775 Edward ROGERS   Hanmer, Flintshire Sarah DRURY    
14/01/1776 Phillip JONES     Anne DAVIES    
19/08/1776 John ELLIS   Bangor On Dee, Flintshire Mary KENRICK    
11/11/1776 Edward HUGHES   Marchweil Margaret WALLEE    
28/12/1777 Edward PADDOCK     Elizabeth DAVIES    
08/01/1779 Edward DAVIES   Bangor On Dee, Flintshire Anne JONES    
29/04/1779 John ALLFORD     Rebeckah DAVIES    
14/11/1779 John GRIFFITHS   Wrexham Susannah JONES    
03/01/1780 Thomas LLOYD   Ruabon Sarah JONES    
07/02/1780 Thomas ROWLAND   Ruabon Elizabeth THOMAS    
21/07/1781 Peter JONES   Ruabon Martha FRANCIS    
06/01/1782 John JONES     Mary JONES    
06/05/1782 John DAVIES Widower   Mary WILLIAMS Widow Chirk
20/07/1782 William ELLIS   Ruabon Sarah JONES    
06/10/1782 Thomas JONES Widower   Mary ROGERS Single  
30/12/1782 John LLOYD Widower Ruabon Elizabeth WILLIAMS Widow  
20/01/1783 William EDGE Widower   Jane CROCKET Single  
10/08/1783 John JONES Single Gresford Mary JONES Single  
19/04/1784 Joseph POWEL Single   Anne JONES Single  
25/04/1784 Edward THOMAS Single Marchweil Anne JONES Single  
22/06/1784 Philip JONES Widower   Ellinor GRIFFITHS Single  
20/10/1784 Evan HUGHES Single   Ellinor DAVIES Single  
28/11/1784 John JONES Single   Mary JONES Single  
29/12/1784 William DAVIES Widower   Margaret THOMAS Single  
29/03/1785 Edward WILLIAMS Single   Anne DAVIES Single  
23/07/1785 Joseph OWEN Single Ellesmere, Shropshire Anne JONES Single  
13/11/1785 John GRIFFITHS Single   Mary ROBERTS Single  
23/12/1785 John KEITH     Eleanor EYTON Single  
29/12/1785 William ROBERTS Widower   Mary PUGHE Single  
30/12/1785 William CROSS Single Ruabon Mary LEE Single  
20/01/1786 Samuel JONES   Ruabon Elizabeth ROBERTS Widow  
10/02/1786 William EDWARDS   Ruabon Sarah THOMAS    
10/05/1786 Thomas JONES Single Wrexham Jane DAVIES Single  
06/08/1786 Gifford ELLIS Single Ruabon Jane MORRIS Single  
22/12/1786 Joseph POWEL Widower   Mary GOUGH Single  
23/12/1786 Edward DANIEL Single Ruabon Elizabeth JONES Single  
15/06/1788 William EVANS     Mary DAVIES    
24/06/1788 Thomas WILLIAMS   Liverpool, Lancashire Ann HUMPHREYS    
25/08/1789 Thomas GRIFFITHS   Mold, Flintshire Anne JONES    
24/01/1790 Thomas DAVIES     Ann EDWARDS    
30/01/1790 Edward PRICE   Bangor On Dee, Flintshire Ann SAVAGE    
22/02/1790 James LARGE     Martha PUGHE    
05/07/1790 Thomas WOOLLAM     Sarah WRIGHT    
19/08/1791 William ADAMS     Elizabeth ELLIS    
15/10/1791 William KETTLE     Margaret HOLLIS    
15/10/1792 William GRIFFITHS     Elizabeth PUGHE    
18/03/1793 Aaron HUGHES     Jane EDGE    
14/05/1793 William WILLIAMS     Ann ROGERS    
14/02/1794 Thomas BARKER     Elizabeth BARNETT   Ellesmere, Shropshire
16/04/1794 Jonathan DAVIES   Wrexham Ann ROGERS    
22/04/1794 William SMITH     Mary ITHELL   Wrexham
01/07/1794 Thomas DAVENPORT   Bangor On Dee, Flintshire Mary WILLIAMS    
07/05/1795 John KETTLE     Mary HOLLIS    
30/07/1796 John JONES   Ruabon Margaret ARCHER    
07/08/1797 Henry ROGERS   Ruabon Elizabeth DRURY    
20/11/1797 Edward HANMER   Heath And Reach, Bedfordshire Arabella PENNANT    
04/02/1799 William JONES     Margaret DAVIES    
21/11/1799 William CARTWRIGHT   Ellesmere, Shropshire Sarah PRICE    
19/02/1800 Charles DUDLESTON   Ellesmere, Shropshire Martha HUGHES    
05/01/1801 John OWENS   Ruabon Jane EDWARDS    
17/02/1801 John LOVATT     Hannah SIDEBOTHAM    
29/06/1802 William ROBERTS     Deborah ROGERS   St Martin, Shropshire
30/12/1802 John EDWARDS   Bangor On Dee, Flintshire Ann CLUTTON    
07/05/1803 James JONES   Worthenbury, Flintshire Mary HEWITT    
31/05/1804 Thomas LEE     Mary ROGERS    
24/12/1804 Joseph POWEL     Jane HUGHES    
14/10/1805 Humphrey BEDDOW   Overton, Flintshire Mary ROBERTS    
09/12/1805 Thomas KENRICK     Mary DAVIES    
01/01/1807 Edward DAVIES     Anne FORREST    
31/01/1807 John WILLIAMS     Mary JONES    
27/04/1808 Evan JONES     Anna Maria KENYON    
29/08/1808 Hugh HUGHES   Overton, Flintshire Elizabeth JONES    
23/01/1809 John HUGHES     Elinor FRANCE    
30/09/1809 John DANIEL     Elizabeth HUGHES    
05/11/1809 Morris EDWARDS   Overton, Flintshire Hannah JONES    
26/12/1809 William JONES   Ruabon Ann PEMBERTON    
11/02/1810 Edward JONES   Wrexham Elizabeth RUTTER    
22/04/1810 William WILLIAMS     Catharine GRIFFITHS    
23/04/1810 Benjamin THOMAS   Overton, Flintshire Sarah ROBERTS    
19/12/1810 Edward ALFORD     Anne PARRY   Overton, Flintshire
30/12/1810 William PAKE Single   Mary EDGE Single  
05/02/1811 John RUTTER     Anne CLAY    
22/06/1811 William WILLIAMS     Catharine WILLIAMS    
28/12/1811 John EDGE     Mary RATHBONE    
1 01/03/1813 Barnet DRURY     Jane ALDFORD    
2 19/02/1814 John PATE   Shocklach, Cheshire Mary Ann SMITH    
3 01/05/1814 Edward ROGERS   Ruabon Sarah POWELL    
4 08/07/1814 Edward ELLIS   Bangor On Dee, Flintshire Elizabeth DAVIES    
5 23/10/1814 Thomas LOVATT   Wrexham Elizabeth JONES    
6 17/07/1815 John ROBERTS   Ellesmere, Shropshire Ann ROBERTS   Whittington, Shropshire
7 27/02/1818 Charles MORRIS   Ruabon Mary PRITCHARD    
8 22/04/1818 John BARFF     Hannah ROGERS   Wrexham
9 12/02/1820 Joseph MORGAN   Marchweil Sarah WHITEHALL   Worthenbury, Flintshire
10 24/07/1820 Edward ROBERTS     Grace WILLIAMS    
11 27/12/1820 William OWENS   Ruabon Sarah TAMBERLINE    
12 01/01/1822 John HAMPSON   Worthenbury, Flintshire Sarah LARGH    
13 18/11/1822 Thomas FOULKES   Ellesmere, Shropshire Ann JONES    
14 05/05/1823 Thomas PRICE   Whitchurch, Shropshire Ann CALDECOTT    
15 04/11/1823 George FOULKES   Overton, Flintshire Mary ROBERTS    
16 11/12/1823 Richard JONES     Anne FRANCIS    
17 29/12/1823 Edward JOY     Mary PRODGER    
18 07/06/1824 John JONES   Marchweil Elizabeth DRURY    
19 30/08/1824 John PRICE     Hannah FOULKES    
20 01/09/1824 Joseph PRINCE     Elizabeth DAVIES    
21 21/09/1824 Robert PHILLIPS   Overton, Flintshire Jane WILLIAMS    
22 21/12/1824 Thomas MALKIN   Liverpool, Lancashire Mary OLDFIELD    
23 21/08/1825 Thomas AARON Widower   Jane WILD Single Wrexham
24 22/08/1825 Edward DAVIES   Gresford Jane WILLIAMS   Gresford
25 22/05/1826 William JONES   Bangor On Dee, Flintshire Sarah EVANS    
26 16/10/1826 John WEAVER     Sarah JONES   Ruabon
27 10/02/1827 John PADMORE     Elizabeth O'DONNELL    
28 26/06/1827 David WILLIAMS   Oswestry, Shropshire Ann ROBERTS   Oswestry, Shropshire
29 23/09/1827 David ROWLANDS   Ruabon Hannah BARFF    
30 16/01/1828 James POYNTON   Liverpool, Lancashire Mary SHONE    
31 06/02/1828 John GRIFFITH   Overton, Flintshire Ann PUGH    
32 07/08/1828 William MASON   St Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire Eliza PRITCHARD    
33 10/08/1828 John EDWARDS     Margaret CALDECOTT    
34 17/08/1828 Edward GRIFFITHS     Eleanor JONES    
35 21/03/1829 John GUEST     Ann PRICE    
36 25/03/1829 Henry Hawarden FAZAKERLEY     Harriet KENRICK    
37 11/02/1830 James ELLIS   Holt Martha JENKINS    
38 17/08/1830 Thomas JONES     Mary HAYNES    
39 07/08/1832 William SHONE     Eleanor FRANCIS    
40 04/05/1833 Thomas MORRIS     Mary MALKIN    
41 15/05/1833 Robert PHILLIPS   Ellesmere, Shropshire Mary MORRIS    
42 28/09/1833 Charles WILLSON   Overton, Flintshire Sarah GRIFFITHS    
43 17/07/1834 John PRITCHARD   Bangor On Dee, Flintshire Sarah PIERCE    
44 06/01/1835 Hugh JONES     Jane MOORE    
45 10/02/1835 Edward BROOKFIELD     Elizabeth EDWARDS   Ruabon
46 01/11/1836 Robert MORRIS     Mary Ann CALDECOTT    
47 27/03/1837 Abel JONES   Ellesmere, Shropshire Elizabeth POWELL    

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