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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Llansilin St Silin


The Parish

The parish of Llansilin is unusual in its geography, it occupies the extreme south the of the county of Denbighshire but also the extreme northwest of the county of Shropshire, it is unusual for a parish to contain parts of two counties but Llansilin also occupies parts of both England and Wales! In addition to this geographical anomaly Llansilin parish also forms a small part of the border with neighbouring Montgomeryshire. Llansilin is located about 6 miles west of the large market town of Oswestry in Shropshire. Llansilin sits astride the B4580 road which connects Oswestry to Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant. Llansilin is a relatively small and compact village, barely a half mile from the Welsh/English border but the parish covered almost 7 miles by 5 miles and included numerous hamlets and farms. The area is rather picturesque rolling countryside not only rich in pastures but also fertile enough for arable cropping. Llansilin is largely separated from much of Denbighshire by the high hills of the Berwyn range. Llansilin is drained southwards by the Afon Cynllaith which makes its way via the Afon Tanat & Afon Efrynwy to join the River Severn at Crewgreen near Welshpool, from there it makes its long way to the Bristol Channel through the Severn Estuary. Llansilin is sited at 180 metres above the sea, with the Cynllaith sitting some 30 metres lower; land rises to the northwest of the village reaching 523 metres on Gyrn Moelfre just 2 miles to the northwest, the Berwyns top out at 827 metres on Cadair Berwyn but this is some way from Llansilin. Llansilin parish is very large indeed (it also incorporates a detached portion of Llangadwaldr parish within it, the total area was almost 17,500 acres of which 16,200 was in Denbighshire and the remainder in Shropshire, the parish would have supported a population of just under 2,000 parishioners. Like most of Wales Llansilin is not mentioned in Domesday Book which didn't cover this area.

The Church

St Silin's church stands alongside the B4580 as it winds though Llansilin village, itself. The church is double-naved, required to enclose the large population. The present building is not the first to occupy what is believed to be a "clas" or Celtic Monastery site. Documentary and archaeological evidence shows that formerly a cruciform 13th century church occupied the site. Much of the alignment of the present church matches key alignments and features within that 13th century church and indeed some Early English style features remain from that building used (or reused) in the present church. The need for the replacement is assigned to the church having been partially destroyed during the Owain Glyndwr era. Much of the present building is Perpendicular in style and probably late 15th or early 16th century. The tower was a replacement for a timber-framed spire and was erected in 1832, and a major restoration of 1890 made numerous changes. The church is accessed by a short tarred pathway leading through metal gates into the churchyard, there are few obstacles to photography within that churchyard.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 28th May 1754 - 19th December 1808 Powys Archives - Reference - M/EP/36/R/A/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads This register has a printing anomaly in that only 1 page per two-page spread is preprinted with the grids
2 24th February 1809 - 27th October 1812 Powys Archives - Reference - M/EP/36/R/A/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
3 18th January 1813 - 30th June 1837 Powys Archives - Reference - M/EP/36/R/A/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Llanarmon Dyffrin Ceiriog St Garmon
Llangadwaladr St Cadwaladr
Llansantffraid Glyn Ceiriog St Ffraid
Llangollen St Collen
Oswestry St Oswald, Shropshire
Llanarmon Mynydd Mawr St Garmon
Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant St Dogfan
Oswestry St Oswald, Shropshire
Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant St Dogfan
Llangedwyn St Cedwyn
Llansantffraid ym Mechain St Bride, Montgomeryshire
Llanyblodwel St Michael, Shropshire

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
04/01/1754 Humphrey JONES   Llangadwaladr Sarah MORRIS    
15/02/1754 Edward WYNN     Margaret THOMAS    
26/02/1754 Richard EDWARDS   Oswestry, Shropshire Catherine JONES   Selattyn, Shropshire
28/05/1754 Edward EDWARDS     Elizabeth JEFFREYS    
31/05/1754 Robert TOMLEY     Ann SMITH    
17/08/1754 Thomas EDWARDS     Alice GRIFFITHS    
16/11/1754 Hugh RICHARDS     Jane HUGHES    
25/12/1754 Edward MORRIS     Joyce GRIFFITHS    
09/02/1755 Thomas PUGH     Jane JONES    
7 16/04/1755 Roger EVANS   Berriew, Montgomeryshire Margaret HUGHES    
8 12/05/1755 Griffith JONES     Elinor JONES    
9 31/05/1755 Henry PARRY     Mary DAVIES    
10 15/09/1755 Edward THOMAS     Elinor EDWARDS    
11 08/11/1755 David MORRIS     Elizabeth THOMAS    
12 07/12/1755 Edward ROBERTS     Jane MORRIS    
13 21/12/1755 Humphrey JONES     Mary HUGHES    
14 08/05/1756 Thomas ROGERS     Elizabeth LEWIS    
15 17/05/1756 Thomas MORRIS   Llanrhaeadr Yn Mochnant Jane RICHARDS    
16 18/06/1756 David JONES     Sarah JONES    
17 04/07/1756 John JONES     Jane THOMAS    
18 26/09/1756 Robert EVANS     Anne EDWARDS    
19 17/10/1756 David EDWARDS   Llanrhaeadr Yn Mochnant Mary RICHARDS    
20 14/11/1756 John ROBERTS     Elizabeth THOMAS    
21 03/12/1756 John JONES     Anne DAVIES    
22 07/01/1757 Robert DAVIES     Elizabeth THOMAS    
23 30/05/1757 Edward JONES     Elinor DAVIES    
24 11/06/1757 Hugh EDWARDS   Llangollen Mary MORRIS    
25 24/07/1757 William EVANS     Mary LLOYD Widow  
26 24/08/1757 Richard MORRIS     Jane JONES    
27 11/09/1757 Richard JAMES   Selattyn, Shropshire Mary MORRIS    
28 14/11/1757 Lewis LLEWELIN   Corwen, Merioneth Mary JONES    
29 04/01/1758 Humphrey JONES   Llansantffraid Glyn Ceiriog Mary PIGOTT    
30 12/05/1758 Thomas JONES     Elizabeth JONES    
31 26/05/1758 Thomas EDWARDS     Mary JONES    
32 26/07/1758 Roger DAVIES   Llanarmon Mynydd Mawr Jane ROGERS    
33 21/08/1758 David VAUGHAN     Anne JONES    
34 29/09/1758 Hugh EDWARDS     Mary OWENS    
35 03/11/1758 Roger GELEE     Hester EDWARDS    
36 06/11/1758 Hugh MORRIS   Llansantffraid Glyn Ceiriog Anne MORRIS    
37 07/11/1758 Robert EDWARDS     Margaret JONES    
38 10/11/1758 Edward WILLIAMS     Catherine WYNN    
39 11/11/1758 John ROBERTS   Llangadwaladr Jane EDWARDS    
40 12/11/1758 Morris THOMAS     Mary MORRIS    
41 18/11/1758 Robert LEWIS     Mary LEWIS    
42 17/12/1758 Hugh WILLIAMS     Elizabeth JONES    
43 19/12/1758 Edward JAMES     Alice DAVIES    
44 20/12/1758 David PHILLIPS   Llanrhaeadr Yn Mochnant Mary THOMAS    
45 03/02/1759 Thomas JONES     Catherine JONES    
46 19/02/1759 Edward THOMAS     Jane DAVIES    
47 16/04/1759 John PHILLIPS     Mary GUESS    
48 05/05/1759 Thomas OWENS   Llangollen Mary JONES    
49 06/05/1759 Robert DANIEL   Oswestry, Shropshire Anne JONES    
50 08/05/1759 Evan RICHARDS     Margaret THOMAS    
51 08/07/1759 Robert THOMAS   Llanrhaeadr Yn Mochnant Diana SALMON    
52 05/10/1759 Hugh MORRIS     Elinor HUGHES    
53 12/11/1759 John DANIEL     Jane JONES    
54 21/12/1759 John WYNN   Llandysilio, Montgomeryshire Anne HUGHES    
55 04/01/1760 John EDWARDS   Llangollen Elizabeth JONES    
56 09/02/1760 Thomas WILLIAMS   Llanrhaeadr Yn Mochnant Elizabeth MORRIS    
57 12/02/1760 William EVANS     Elinor LEWIS    
58 18/02/1760 Henry WILLIAMS   Llanrhaeadr Yn Mochnant Catherine HUGHES    
59 12/05/1760 William ATHELUSTAN     Martha MORRIS    
60 23/05/1760 William DAVIES     Mary JONES    
61 09/06/1760 David JONES   Myddle, Shropshire Sarah BICKERTON    
62 25/06/1760 Edward EVANS   Llangollen Mary JONES    
63 19/08/1760 Sydney BYNNER     Sarah WINDSOR   Selattyn, Shropshire
64 31/12/1760 Cadwaladr ROBERTS     Margaret JONES    
65 02/02/1761 Thomas EDWARDS     Elizabeth JONES    
66 02/02/1761 Edward EVANS     Sarah GRIFFITHS    
67 13/02/1761 Edward EDWARDS     Mary OWENS    
68 15/04/1761 Edward ISAAC   Llansantffraid Glyn Ceiriog Catherine HUGHES    
69 17/04/1761 Evan JONES     Margaret THOMAS    
70 08/05/1761 Hugh WILLIAMS     Elinor EVANS    
71 19/05/1761 Edward PARRY     Anne ROBERTS    
72 26/05/1761 Thomas GARNET   Oswestry, Shropshire Mary LLOYD    
73 06/06/1761 David ROBERTS   Llanrhaeadr Yn Mochnant Jane FOULKS    
74 14/07/1761 William WILLIAMS   Llanyblodwel, Shropshire Mary PRICE    
75 01/10/1761 David PHILLIPS     Gwen EDWARDS    
76 09/10/1761 John JONES   Llandrinio, Montgomeryshire Jane DAVIES    
77 13/10/1761 Edward HUGHES     Margaret PHILLIPS    
78 31/10/1761 John HUGHES     Catherine HARRY    
79 14/02/1762 John BERRINGTON   Alberbury, Shropshire Martha EDWARDS    
80 11/05/1762 Thomas EVANS     Elinor JONES    
81 25/05/1762 John PHILIPS     Sarah JONES    
82 01/06/1762 Morris WILLIAMS   Llanrhaeadr Yn Mochnant Jane ROBERTS    
83 07/06/1762 Richard PHILLIPS     Mary MAURICE   Llansantffraid Glyn Ceiriog
84 29/06/1762 Edward EVANS   Oswestry, Shropshire Jane JONES    
85 22/08/1762 Lewis JONES   Llangollen Anne EDWARDS    
86 27/09/1762 Robert ROBERTS     Mary MORRIS    
87 20/12/1762 Hugh PETERS     Sarah SANDLAND    
88 31/12/1762 Thomas EDWARDS   Llangadwaladr Jane FOULKES    
89 18/02/1763 John LEAVER     Margaret JAMES    
90 04/03/1763 John EVANS     Elizabeth JONES   Llanyblodwel, Shropshire
91 04/04/1763 Griffith HUGHES     Hester WILLIAMS    
92 16/04/1763 Rice LLOYD     Margaret RICE    
93 25/04/1763 Cadwaladr PRICE     Jane NUNNERLY    
94 02/05/1763 William GRIFFITHS     Catherine MIDDLE    
95 16/05/1763 John JONES     Jane JONES    
96 20/05/1763 Thomas LEWIS     Elizabeth DAVIES    
97 24/05/1763 Robert LLOYD   Oswestry, Shropshire Sarah POWELL    
98 17/06/1763 Robert ROBERTS     Anne EDWARDS    
99 24/06/1763 John HUMPHREYS     Elizabeth MORRIS    
100 26/08/1763 Thomas RICHARD     Dorothy JONES    
101 22/10/1763 Thomas FOULKES     Anne HUGHES   Llanrhaeadr Yn Mochnant
202 08/11/1763 Lewis JONES   Llansantffraid Glyn Ceiriog Mary JONES    
303 25/11/1763 Hugh ROGERS     Catherine MORRIS    
404 17/01/1764 Evan EVANS   Llanyblodwel, Shropshire Elinor ROBERTS    
505 13/04/1764 Richard PRICE   Chirk Lettitia Emma READ    
606 18/05/1764 William JONES   Llansantffraid Glyn Ceiriog Elizabeth THOMAS    
707 01/07/1764 John JONES     Jane PUGH    
808 20/07/1764 Richard JONES   Llansantffraid Glyn Ceiriog Mary THOMAS    
909 13/08/1764 Thomas PIGGOT     Elizabeth JONES    
110 16/09/1764 Rowland CHARLES     Mary PUGH    
111 02/10/1764 William WILLIAMS   Oswestry, Shropshire Mary JONES    
122 14/10/1764 David MORRIS   Llangadwaladr Anne JONES    
133 06/11/1764 Mark ROBERTS     Margaret EDWARDS    
144 07/11/1764 Edward ROWLAND     Elizabeth ROBERTS    
155 12/12/1764 Thomas BROMLEY     Anne MORRIS    
166 24/12/1764 John MORRIS   Llanrhaeadr Yn Mochnant Mary JENNINGS    
167 11/05/1765 Robert SIMON     Catherine JONES    
178 07/07/1765 Thomas EDWARDS     Elizabeth RICHARDS    
189 30/08/1765 Samuel DAVIES   Meifod, Montgomeryshire Frances MORRIS    
200 04/02/1766 John DAVIES     Mary DAVIES    
201 19/04/1766 Henry PARRY     Jonnet ROBERTS    
212 30/04/1766 John RICE   Llangynog, Montgomeryshire Elizabeth HUGHES Single  
223 15/10/1766 Humphrey JONES     Margaret DAVIES Single  
234 22/02/1767 Edward EDWARDS     Elizabeth JONES    
245 02/03/1767 John JONES     Ann PRYSE    
256 12/05/1767 John MORRIS     Ann VAUGHAN    
267 03/07/1767 John ROGERS Widower   Martha EDWARDS    
278 18/08/1767 Oliver JONES     Ann DAVIES    
289 28/08/1767 Robert EVANS     Mary JONES    
210 23/10/1767 Edward WYNNE     Sarah LEWIS    
211 26/10/1767 Edward ROBERTS     Mary WILLIAMS    
212 30/10/1767 John WILLIAMS Single Llanrhaeadr Yn Mochnant Elizabeth EDWARDS Single  
213 12/02/1768 Robert MORRIS   Llanarmon Mynydd Mawr Emma JONES    
214 06/05/1768 Thomas LLOYD   Pennant, Montgomeryshire Ann ROBERTS    
215 22/05/1768 Edward HUGHES     Elinor ROBERTS    
216 24/06/1768 John ROBERTS     Margaret DOULBEN    
217 27/06/1768 Humphrey JONES   Oswestry, Shropshire Margaret DAVIES    
218 17/09/1768 Edward RICHARDS Widower Ellesmere, Shropshire Catherine KENDRICK    
219 10/10/1768 Hugh JONES     Elisabeth FOULKES    
220 17/10/1768 John WILLIAMS     Mary ROBERTS    
221 18/11/1768 Simon JONES     Mary MORRIS    
222 02/01/1769 Edward EDWARDS Widower   Elleanor NUNNERLY    
223 07/02/1769 William JONES   Llanrhaeadr Yn Mochnant Elizabeth KADWALADR    
224 18/04/1769 John JONES     Mary EDWARDS    
225 26/05/1769 Edward JONES     Catherine JAMES    
226 03/09/1769 Thomas MORRIS     Margaret JONES    
227 06/10/1769 Thomas DANIEL   Guilsfield, Montgomeryshire Elizabeth KENRICK    
228 17/10/1769 Edward DAVIES     Sarah PARRY    
229 13/11/1769 John EDWARDS     Mary EDWARDS    
230 06/12/1769 Robert HUGHES   Llangedwyn Mary OWENS    
231 22/12/1769 Edward JONES   Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog Jane JONES    
232 25/02/1770 Thomas HUGHES     Elizabeth JONES    
234 26/02/1770 Edward JONES     Ursula JONES    
235 14/05/1770 William ROBERTS     Elizabeth DAVIES   Llangedwyn
236 27/05/1770 Thomas WILLIAMS     Sarah THOMAS    
237 17/06/1770 Edward DAVIES   Pennant, Montgomeryshire Jane BURROWS    
238 01/07/1770 John LEWIS     Ann SIMON    
239 17/07/1770 John ROBERTS   Llanfyllin, Montgomeryshire Elinor EDWARDS    
240 02/11/1770 David DAVIES     Grace ROBERTS    
241 12/11/1770 Thomas HUGHES     Elizabeth MORRIS    
242 13/11/1770 Thomas JONES     Hannah JONES    
243 26/11/1770 Morris EVANS Widower St Asaph, Flintshire Elizabeth LLOYD    
244 08/01/1771 David DAVIES Widower Llanrhaeadr Yn Mochnant Jane EVANS Widow  
245 25/01/1771 William HUGHES   Llansantffraid Ym Mechain, Montgomeryshire Mary REYNOLDS    
246 10/02/1771 Edward JONES   Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog Mary FOULKES    
247 18/03/1771 John EVANS     Sarah PIERCE    
248 20/03/1771 Richard ROGERS     Eleanor MORRIS    
249 30/04/1771 Thomas EVANS     Katharine EDWARDS    
250 05/05/1771 Roger ROBERTS   Llanrhaeadr Yn Mochnant Jane ARTHUR    
251 14/05/1771 Robert JONES   Llansantffraid Glyn Ceiriog Jane HUMPHREYS    
252 17/05/1771 Robert PHILLIPS     Ann JONES    
253 16/07/1771 Morris LEWIS   Llanrhaeadr Yn Mochnant Elizabeth THOMAS    
73 08/09/1771 Richard ROBERTS   Meifod, Montgomeryshire Elizabeth PHILLIPS    
74 14/10/1771 Edward DAVIES     Ann MORRIS    
75 17/01/1772 Edward FOULKES     Anne MORRIS    
76 18/01/1772 Richard JONES   Llangadwaladr Margaret MORRIS    
77 02/05/1772 Robert OLIVER Widower Llanyblodwel, Shropshire Catherine HUGHES    
78 11/05/1772 David DAVIES     Mary DAVIES    
79 18/05/1772 John LEWIS     Mary EVANS    
80 08/06/1772 Phillip IRELAND   Wem, Shropshire Mary BICKERTON    
81 24/06/1772 Richard WILLIAMS   Holywell, Flintshire Grace DOULBEN    
82 06/07/1772 Richard LEWIS     Margaret LEWIS    
83 12/08/1772 Edward WILLIAMS   Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog Anne JONES    
84 25/09/1772 Edward MARTIN     Mary JONES    
85 29/11/1772 Edward ELISHAH     Catharine MORRIS    
86 22/12/1772 Thomas EVANS     Mary JONES    
87 03/05/1773 Edward EVANS     Margaret RICHARDS    
88 12/05/1773 Thomas HUGHES     Jane RICHARDS    
89 13/06/1773 David JONES   Ryton, Shropshire Eleanor JONES    
90 30/07/1773 Robert JONES   Llansantffraid Ym Mechain, Montgomeryshire Margaret EVANS    
91 22/08/1773 Thomas JONES   Llanrhaeadr Yn Mochnant Anne LLOYD    
92 30/08/1773 Richard JONES     Margaret ROBERTS Widow  
93 18/10/1773 Edward ROBERTS     Elizabeth ROBERTS   Llanfechain, Montgomeryshire
94 31/12/1773 Griffith JONES   Oswestry, Shropshire Catherine JONES    
95 14/02/1774 Roger THOMAS     Elinor MATHEWS    
96 22/04/1774 John EDWARDS     Mary WILLIAMS    
97 02/05/1774 Thomas JONES   Oswestry, Shropshire Margaret EDWARDS    
98 13/05/1774 David DOULBEN     Anne LEWIS    
99 16/05/1774 Robert EVANS     Martha THOMAS    
100 27/05/1774 Thomas ROBERTS Widower Llanrhaeadr Yn Mochnant Mary EDWARDS    
20/06/1774 William FLEET     Eleanor JONES    
25/09/1774 Thomas PERRY     Sarah JEFFREYS    
16/10/1774 Thomas GRIFFITHS   Llangollen Jane RICHARDS    
17/10/1774 Hugh RICHARDS     Margaret JONES    
21/02/1775 Morris ROBERTS     Mary JONES    
13/05/1775 Robert LEWIS     Elizabeth JONES    
21/05/1775 Robert EVANS     Martha JONES    
22/05/1775 Abraham EVANS   Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog Margaret MAURICE    
11/07/1775 Richard DAVIES     Margaret JONES    
18/07/1775 Edward HUGHES     Jane JONES    
14/08/1775 Thomas JONES   Llansantffraid Glyn Ceiriog Jane JONES    
30/09/1775 Rice JONES     Margaret LLOYD    
13/10/1775 Edward DEWHURST     Catherine BILKERTON Single  
13/10/1775 William EDWARDS     Mary WILLIAMS Widow  
24/10/1775 John JONES     Catherine EVANS   Llangadwaladr
08/11/1775 David JONES     Anne HUGHES Single  
14/11/1775 Robert DAVIES Widower Llanarmon Yn Ial Sinah JONES Widow  
23/11/1775 Thomas FRANCIS     Jane WILLIAMS    
18/12/1775 John GRIFFITHS   Oswestry, Shropshire Elizabeth JONES    
02/02/1776 John JONES     Elizabeth HUGHES    
05/02/1776 John JONES     Mary EDWARDS    
06/02/1776 Edward ROBERTS     Elizabeth THOMAS    
19/02/1776 Thomas JONES   St Martin, Shropshire Mary MORRIS    
20/02/1776 Thomas THOMAS   Llanenddwyn, Merioneth Margaret ROBERTS    
13/04/1776 Robert EDWARDS     Ann RICHARDS    
29/06/1776 Edward EVANS   Llansantffraid Ym Mechain, Montgomeryshire Margaret JONES    
26/07/1776 Abel JONES   Llansantffraid Glyn Ceiriog Mary THOMAS    
07/08/1776 David WILLIAMS     Mary MORRIS   Oswestry, Shropshire
16/08/1776 John LLOYD     Dinah OLIVER    
23/08/1776 Edward RICHARDS     Jonet LEWIS    
27/09/1776 Robert DAVIES     Elizabeth ROBERTS    
11/10/1776 Griffith JONES     Jonet MORRICE   Oswestry, Shropshire
21/10/1776 John HUGHES     Mary JONES    
01/11/1776 Edward MORRIS     Mary FOULKES    
10/11/1776 Payne EDWARDS   Oswestry, Shropshire Mary JONES    
23/12/1776 Thomas MORRIS   Llanarmon Mynydd Mawr Mary EDWARDS    
11/02/1777 Evan RICHARDS Widower   Catherine HUGHES Widow  
09/07/1777 Edward THOMAS     Elizabeth JONES    
03/10/1777 John JONES   Llangollen Catherine RICHARDS    
11/10/1777 Edward EDWARDS     Mary JONES    
07/11/1777 John JONES     Elizabeth HUMPHREYS    
14/11/1777 Evan WILLIAMS   Llansantffraid Ym Mechain, Montgomeryshire Mary JONES    
18/11/1777 Edward MORRIS     Margaret JONES    
24/12/1777 Thomas ROBERTS     Elizabeth GRIFFITHS    
30/12/1777 John JONES   Llangedwyn Elizabeth ROBERTS    
10/04/1778 John PRICE     Elizabeth JONES    
18/05/1778 Richard EDWARDS     Elizabeth THOMAS    
22/05/1778 John EDWARDS     Mary LLOYD    
01/06/1778 Edward EVANS   Llansantffraid Glyn Ceiriog Elizabeth JONES    
12/06/1778 John FOULKES Single Corwen, Merioneth Anne WILLIAMS    
24/08/1778 John ROBERTS     Mary JONES    
23/10/1778 Simon MORRIS     Anne WILLIAMS    
13/02/1779 Thomas JONES   Llanrhaeadr Yn Mochnant Catherine WILLIAMS    
05/03/1779 Thomas ALLERTON   Oswestry, Shropshire Elizabeth TRUE    
06/05/1779 Thomas JONES     Sarah MORRIS    
12/05/1779 Richard DAVIES     Mary THOMAS    
22/06/1779 Peter WILLIAMS     Anne JONES Widow  
28/09/1779 John THOMAS   Llangedwyn Jane EDWARDS    
15/10/1779 Roger JONES   Montgomeryshire Mary EDWARDS    
25/10/1779 John WILLIAMS     Mary OWENS    
15/11/1779 Hugh HUGHES     Mary EVANS    
16/11/1779 Hugh HUMPHREYS     Jane LEWIS    
14/01/1780 John DOWNES   Oswestry, Shropshire Mary EVANS    
02/04/1780 Edward EDWARDS   Oswestry, Shropshire Elizabeth EDWARDS    
29/04/1780 Thomas POWELL   Oswestry, Shropshire Mary EVANS    
12/05/1780 William DAVIES   Llandrillo, Merioneth Catherine WATKIN    
15/05/1780 Thomas JONES     Elizabeth HUGHES    
07/07/1780 John JONES     Margaret JONES    
29/09/1780 Edward BURROWS     Elizabeth WILLIAMS    
28/10/1780 John JONES     Margaret POWELL    
15/11/1780 Morris HUGHES     Anne MARTIN    
20/11/1780 John EVANS   Whittington, Shropshire Mary WILKINSON    
07/02/1781 David RICHARDS   Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog Margaret JONES    
07/05/1781 Thomas LLOYD     Mary HUMPHREYS    
07/05/1781 John EDWARDS   Oswestry, Shropshire Sarah FOULKES    
14/05/1781 Thomas VAUGHAN     Esther EDWARDS    
21/05/1781 Oliver JONES     Catherine ROBERTS    
21/05/1781 Edward EDWARDS   Llansantffraid Glyn Ceiriog Sarah EDWARDS    
30/05/1781 Richard THOMAS     Sarah EDWARDS    
24/07/1781 Edward JONES     Elinor MORRIS    
15/08/1781 Robert THOMAS     Elizabeth RICHARDS    
08/10/1781 Edward MORRIS   Oswestry, Shropshire Anne THOMAS    
10/11/1781 John THOMAS     Mary EDWARDS    
19/11/1781 David RICHARDS     Elizabeth HUMPHREYS    
21/01/1782 William EVANS   Llansantffraid Ym Mechain, Montgomeryshire Elizabeth JONES    
03/02/1782 Peter REYNOLDS     Ann HUMPHREYS    
29/04/1782 Edward JONES   Gwyddelwern, Merioneth Elinor ELLIS    
30/04/1782 Thomas JONES     Sarah MORRIS    
14/05/1782 Griffith RICHARDS     Margaret JONES    
22/05/1782 William LLOYD   Llangedwyn Ann WILLIAMS    
24/05/1782 Benjamin VAUGHAN     Elizabeth DANIEL    
17/06/1782 William JONES     Margaret JONES    
25/06/1782 John HUGHES     Mary JONES    
14/07/1782 Thomas MORRIS     Sarah EDWARDS    
03/10/1782 Evan EVANS     Elizabeth JONES    
11/10/1782 John JONES     Anne BATHA    
22/10/1782 Edward EVANS     Margaret EVANS    
15/02/1783 Thomas MORRIS Single   Catherine ROBERTS Single  
28/02/1783 Robert ROBERTS Single Llangollen Mary JONES Single  
03/03/1783 William MORRIS Single   Margaret JONES Single  
07/03/1783 Edward JONES Widower Llangollen Elizabeth MORRIS Single  
12/04/1783 William WILLIAMS Single   Elizabeth MORRIS Single  
12/05/1783 Henry JONES Single   Catherine WILLIAMS Single  
15/07/1783 Edward EVANS Single Whittington, Shropshire Margaret EDWARDS Single  
19/08/1783 Hugh DAVIES Single   Mary JONES Single  
02/09/1783 Edward JONES Single   Elizabeth JONES    
06/10/1783 Edward WILLIAMS Single   Mary PIERCE    
27/10/1783 Robert JONES Widower Llanarmon Mynydd Mawr Catherine JONES Widow  
28/10/1783 Thomas JAMES     Catherine LEWIS Single  
12/11/1783 Hugh HUGHES     Martha MAURICE Single Llanyblodwel, Shropshire
21/11/1783 John JONES Single   Elizabeth THOMAS    
24/12/1783 Richard LEWIS     Anne MORRIS    
12/01/1784 Edward EDWARDS Single Oswestry, Shropshire Mary HUGHES    
28/05/1784 Owen MORRIS Single Llanrhaeadr Yn Mochnant Mary JONES Single  
01/06/1784 Robert MORRIS Single Oswestry, Shropshire Mary THOMAS Single  
11/06/1784 Roger JONES Single   Mary MORRIS Single  
28/11/1784 John MORTON Single   Mary JONES Single  
31/12/1784 Thomas HUGHES Single   Margaret JONES Single  
16/02/1785 Richard ROBERTS Single   Mary DAVIES    
08/03/1785 John EVANS     Elizabeth EDWARDS    
11/03/1785 Thomas LLOYD Single   Anne OWENS Single  
08/04/1785 David HUMPHREYS Single Llanrhaeadr Yn Mochnant Anne JONES Single  
08/05/1785 Edward EDWARDS   Oswestry, Shropshire Anne PUGH    
20/05/1785 Richard THOMAS Single   Sarah GREEN Single Llansantffraid Glyn Ceiriog
29/06/1785 Evan LLOWARCH     Anne JONES   Oswestry, Shropshire
11/07/1785 Richard MORRIS     Elizabeth HUGHES    
18/07/1785 Edward MORRIS   Oswestry, Shropshire Jane DAVIES    
07/09/1785 John JONES     Jane DAVIES    
07/10/1785 Edward JONES     Elizabeth WILLIAMS    
17/11/1785 John MORRIS     Mary LEWIS    
17/01/1786 Edward WILLIAMS   Castle Caereinion, Montgomeryshire Sarah RICHARDS    
31/01/1786 Thomas HUGHES     Mary PRITCHARD    
27/02/1786 William GRIFFITHS Widower   Margaret JONES Single  
16/05/1786 Edward HUGHES   Llansantffraid Glyn Ceiriog Eleanor EVANS    
19/05/1786 Edward LEWIS     Mary EDWARDS    
23/05/1786 Hugh WILLIAMS     Elizabeth JAMES    
12/06/1786 Edward MORRIS   Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog Mary OWENS    
06/08/1786 Richard RICHARDS     Grace JONES    
29/08/1786 Thomas DAVIES     Anne EVANS    
19/01/1787 Humphrey EDWARDS     Jane MORRIS    
30/01/1787 Edward JONES     Mary MORRIS    
20/02/1787 Humphrey EDWARDS     Anne JONES    
07/05/1787 Evan DAVIES     Elizabeth WILLIAMS    
29/06/1787 John MORRIS     Elinor GRIFFITHS    
22/08/1787 John EVANS   Whittington, Shropshire Catherine JONES    
01/10/1787 Owen ROBERTS     Elizabeth PHILLIPS    
05/11/1787 Gabriel GRIFFITHS     Anne HUGHES    
10/11/1787 Richard JONES     Mary PROBERT    
25/02/1788 John JONES     Anne EVANS    
21/04/1788 Hugh LLOYD Widower Llangedwyn Jane JONES    
22/04/1788 John DAVIES   Llangedwyn Frances BATHA    
19/05/1788 John JONES     Catherine DAVIES    
26/05/1788 John JONES Widower Oswestry, Shropshire Mary JONES    
02/06/1788 Edward LEWIS     Anne DAVIES    
18/08/1788 Edward PRICE   Selattyn, Shropshire Eleanor EVANS    
07/10/1788 David JONES Widower   Jane FOULKES Widow  
07/10/1788 David DAVIES     Elizabeth JONES    
03/11/1788 William WILLIAMS     Sarah THOMAS    
07/11/1788 Samuel PHILLIPS   Meifod, Montgomeryshire Susannah THOMAS    
24/02/1789 Edward PARRY     Sarah JONES    
24/04/1789 William ROBERTS     Eleanor CHARLES    
04/05/1789 Owen HUGHES     Eleanor DAVIES    
05/05/1789 Thomas GRIFFITHS   Oswestry, Shropshire Anne JONES    
08/05/1789 Thomas JAMES     Gwen REYNOLDS    
23/05/1789 John EVANS     Elizabeth WILLIAMS    
21/06/1789 William EVANS     Elizabeth JONES    
23/10/1789 Roger EVANS     Mary LEWIS    
04/12/1789 John OWENS     Mary FOULKES    
22/12/1789 John JONES     Catherine JONES    
29/04/1790 John THOMAS     Jane JONES    
16/05/1790 Richard JONES   Llangadwaladr Elizabeth MORRIS    
01/06/1790 Richard MORRIS     Anne OWENS    
18/06/1790 Edward ROGERS     Elizabeth EVANS    
25/06/1790 William DAVIES   Llanarmon Mynydd Mawr Jane ROGERS    
16/07/1790 John RICHARDS     Elizabeth JONES    
17/10/1790 Samuel JONES   Llanyblodwel, Shropshire Mary HUGHES    
10/12/1790 David EDWARDS   Llanyblodwel, Shropshire Elizabeth WILLIAMS    
07/01/1791 Hugh RICHARDS   Llangadwaladr Mary JONES    
08/01/1791 Thomas ROBERTS     Mary JONES    
08/03/1791 Richard EDWARDS     Jane ROBERTS    
08/03/1791 David JONES     Mary PARRY    
26/04/1791 Thomas EVANS     Elizabeth THOMAS    
07/06/1791 John EDWARDS     Jane HUGHES    
02/07/1791 William JONES     Mary EDWARDS    
05/08/1791 John PRITCHARD     Ursula DAVIES    
09/10/1791 Robert JONES     Elizabeth DANIEL    
16/10/1791 Edward HUGHES   Llandrillo, Merioneth Anne JONES    
13/11/1791 Thomas WILLIAMS     Elizabeth THOMAS    
14/11/1791 Edward EVANS   Llanyblodwel, Shropshire Sarah HUGHES    
02/12/1791 Thomas JONES   Llangollen Anne JONES    
13/12/1791 Robert MORRIS     Catherine MORRIS    
25/04/1792 David JONES     Mary HUGHES    
25/05/1792 Thomas JONES     Jane MORRIS    
28/05/1792 John ROBERTS   Llangadwaladr Sarah JONES    
03/06/1792 Edward MORRIS   Selattyn, Shropshire Mary THOMAS    
29/07/1792 John PHILLIPS   Llanyblodwel, Shropshire Elizabeth BOWEN    
14/08/1792 Morris LEWIS     Jane MORRIS    
06/10/1792 Thomas ROBERTS     Elisabeth RICHARDS    
21/10/1792 Edward ALLEN   Whittington, Shropshire Elinor HUGHES    
05/11/1792 Edward JONES     Mary OWENS    
14/12/1792 William BROMLEY   Oswestry, Shropshire Margaret JONES    
21/12/1792 Richard THOMAS     Mary JONES    
01/02/1793 Robert ROBERTS     Anne LEWIS    
05/02/1793 Thomas EDMUND     Mary JONES Widow  
12/02/1793 Richard PARRY     Elizabeth EDWARDS    
21/02/1793 Robert MORRIS     Jane JONES    
24/02/1793 Edward ROGERS     Anne MORRIS    
13/04/1793 John JONES     Mary CHARLES    
04/05/1793 John EVANS   Oswestry, Shropshire Margaret WYNNE    
05/05/1793 Thomas JONES     Joyce MORRIS    
22/07/1793 John LLOYD   Oswestry, Shropshire Jane MORRIS    
09/08/1793 John THOMAS     Susannah JONES    
23/09/1793 Hugh HUGHES   Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog Gwen WILLIAMS    
05/10/1793 Thomas DAVIES     Elisabeth JONES    
13/10/1793 Richard EVANS     Elisabeth JONES    
27/12/1793 Edward JONES     Mary RICHARDS    
27/12/1793 Robert BARLOW   Manchester, Lancashire Margaret LLOYD    
03/05/1794 Griffith POWEL   Llanfyllin, Montgomeryshire Anne EVANS    
14/05/1794 John WILLIAMS     Mary EVANS    
09/06/1794 John LEWIS     Jane ROGERS    
01/08/1794 Owen THOMAS   Llansantffraid Glyn Ceiriog Mary JONES    
12/08/1794 John EDWARDS     Mary HUGHES    
27/10/1794 Richard EVANS   Llanyblodwel, Shropshire Anne JONES    
09/12/1794 Richard JONES   Llanrhaeadr Yn Mochnant Elizabeth HUMPHREYS    
18/03/1795 Edward JONES   Llangadwaladr Mary JONES    
08/05/1795 John LLOYD   Oswestry, Shropshire Elisabeth JONES    
08/05/1795 Henry HUMPHREYS     Eleanor JONES    
10/05/1795 Thomas JONES   Llangadwaladr Elisabeth LEWIS    
17/06/1795 Edward HUGHES   Oswestry, Shropshire Elisabeth DAVIES    
05/07/1795 William WILLIAMS     Ellin ROBERTS    
17/07/1795 Edward EDWARDS     Sarah THOMAS    
19/07/1795 William HUGHES     Elisabeth EVANS    
06/09/1795 Roger ROGERS     Anne HUGHES    
20/09/1795 David JONES   Chirk Catherine JONES    
04/12/1795 John MAURICE     Eleanor JONES    
19/03/1796 Evan JONES     Mary EVANS    
11/06/1796 Peter WILKINSON     Anne HUGHES    
11/06/1796 Edward ROBERTS     Jane WYNN    
21/06/1796 John JONES     Mary EDWARDS    
03/10/1796 Thomas HUGHES   Oswestry, Shropshire Jane WILLIAMS    
17/01/1797 Bell Edward JONES Single Oswestry, Shropshire Elizabeth RICHARDS Single  
30/01/1797 Thomas MORRIS Widower   Martha MORRIS Single  
27/02/1797 John JONES Single   Catherine DAVIES Single  
27/02/1797 William EVANS Single   Mary DAVIES Single  
18/05/1797 John HANMER Single   Dinah MORRIS Single  
25/08/1797 Thomas CLAYTON Single Llanyblodwel, Shropshire Margaret EDWARDS Single  
25/11/1797 John JONES Single   Jane MORRIS Single  
11/12/1797 John JONES Single Oswestry, Shropshire Catherine EVANS    
19/01/1798 William HUGHES Single Llanrhaeadr Yn Mochnant Elizabeth DAVIES Single  
10/04/1798 Edward JONES Single   Eleanor DAVIES Single Oswestry, Shropshire
01/05/1798 William JONES Single   Elizabeth ROBERTS Single  
08/05/1798 Edward JONES     Anne PRITCHARD    
28/05/1798 John EVANS Single   Mary JONES Single  
29/05/1798 Richard HUGHES Single   Susannah MORRIS Single  
21/07/1798 Thomas EDWARDS Widower Llangollen Elinor MORRIS Single  
19/09/1798 Richard JONES Single   Anne JONES Single  
13/10/1798 Thomas MORRIS Single   Mary ROGERS Single  
16/10/1798 Morris RICHARDS Single   Anne RICHARDS Single  
08/01/1799 John EVANS Widower   Grace JONES Single  
12/01/1799 John WILLIAMS Single   Catherine THOMAS Single  
18/02/1799 Simon JONES Widower Llangadwaladr Elizabeth JONES Widow  
02/03/1799 David JONES Single   Sarah JONES Single Chirk
05/04/1799 Thomas HUGHES Single   Elizabeth WHITFIELD Single  
10/05/1799 John WILLIAMS Single   Jane MILLIT Single  
10/05/1799 John JONES Single Llanrhaeadr Yn Mochnant Elizabeth LEWIS Single  
13/05/1799 Hugh ROGERS Single   Anne DAVIES Single  
21/06/1799 John DAVIES     Frances HUGHES    
02/07/1799 Thomas DAVIES Single   Mary THOMAS Single  
30/07/1799 Morris HUGHES     Grace DAVIES    
02/09/1799 John RICHARDS     Mary MORRIS    
08/10/1799 Edward DAVIES     Catherine ARTHUR    
04/11/1799 Thomas ROBERTS Single   Mary RICHARDS Widow  
08/11/1799 Thomas ROBERTS   Selattyn, Shropshire Mary LEWIS    
18/11/1799 Josias RICHARDS     Dinah LLOYD    
25/11/1799 Thomas HUGHES     Jane EVANS    
07/12/1799 Edward JONES     Sarah JONES    

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