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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Elton All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Elton lies in central western Derbyshire, Elton, until 1728, was a chapelry within the vast upland parish of Youlgreave Elton is located about 5 miles west of the market town of Matlock and sits about a mile west of the B5056 road which connects Grangemill through to the A6, Matlock to Buxton road. Elton sits within the Peak District National park in the White Peak, so called because of its underlying limestone. At the time of this transcript Elton's economy would have been underpinned by the grazing of sheep as well as quarrying the limestone for building work. Today quarrying is still a feature of the area despite its protected status, whilst tourism has grown significantly, the sheep are, however, still present. Elton is drained northwards by a small tributary of the River Bradford, this soon joins the Derwent and turns back southwards, the Derwent joins the Trent near Long Eaton and thence to the North Sea through the Humber Estuary. Elton is sited at around 270 metres above the sea in very much an upland environment, local heights rise to both south and west to almost 400 metres. Elton parish was carved from the wider area of Youlgreave and was thus small for an upland parish, it covered just over 2,500 acres and would have supported a population of just over 500 parishioners. In Domesday times Elton was held by Henry de Ferrers and was a relatively small place offering just 5 ploughs together with meadow & woodland.

The Church

All Saints' church sits at the heart of the village at the "T" junction formed by Main Street and Moor Lane. The church was completely rebuilt in 1812 after a disaster struck the mediaeval original. The collapse of the steeple onto the main body of the church resulted in almost total destruction and required nothing short of a new building. The nave shows lancet windows of the early English Gothic style and it is not known whether this is a homage to the original or a design from the architect's whim. As a replacement the church was clearly of little interest to Pevsner who's description is short and limited to a handful of descriptive text offering no comment, caustic or otherwise. Main Street is narrow but has parking with care, the church sits behind a waist-height local stone wall and is well sheltered by mature trees, once through these trees the churchyard is fairly open with few restrictions on photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 24th June 1754 - 30th December 1769 Derbyshire Record Office - Reference - D777/A/PI/1 Plain, unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads Eccentric spelling and the order is somewhat chaotic but all readable with care
2 1st February 1770 - 18th August 1785 Derbyshire Record Office Bishop's Transcripts on loose-leaf folios Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number The register for this period is lost these entries were recovered from the BTs which were not of the best standard
3 31st October 1786 - 3rd December 1789 Derbyshire Record Office - Reference - D777/A/PI/3/2
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
4 14th December 1789 - 4th December 1809 Derbyshire Record Office Bishop's Transcripts on loose-leaf folios Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads The register for this period is lost these entries were recovered from the BTs which were not of the best standard and also have gaps where returns are missing
5 1st January 1813 - 17th May 1837 Derbyshire Record Office - Reference - D777/A/PI/3/3 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Youlgreave All Saints
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Stanton by Dale St Michael
Youlgreave All Saints
Winster St John the Baptist
Brassington St James
Brassington St James
Brassington St James

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
11/01/1754 Isaac RAYNES   Wirksworth Elizabeth FOXLOW   Wirksworth
07/02/1754 Andrew FANTHOM   Bath, Somerset Sarah HARRISON    
1 24/06/1754 Charles ADAMS     Mary HOUSLEY    
2 22/07/1754 John MYCOCK     Ellen LONGDEN   Youlgreave
4 15/08/1754 William SALT     Ann HATFIELD    
5 01/10/1754 Benjamin STONE     Elizabeth HOLMES    
6 14/11/1754 Benjamin STALEY     Elizabeth BARKER   Youlgreave
7 17/04/1755 Joseph SMEDLEY     Elizabeth YATES   Winster
9 24/09/1755 Daniel FOGG     Dorothy KNOWLES    
10 06/01/1756 John ROBINSON     Susannah WHEELDON    
11 19/02/1756 William STONE     Mary BRUNT    
14 00/08/1756 Francis STALEY     Elizabeth BATEMAN    
08/02/1757 Benjamin HATHWAY     Dorothy WARD    
25/04/1757 Thomas KEELING     Mary OATS    
31/01/1758 Richard STONE     Hannah BESSICK    
11/04/1758 Richard BOAM     Hannah HADFIELD    
29/11/1758 Anthony ABEL   Winster Mary INGMAN    
19/02/1760 John MASON     Mary BARROW Single North Wingfield
26/02/1760 Job RAGG   Morton Ellin STALEY    
22/04/1760 Samuel BRIDGE     Martha HOUSLEY    
26/03/1761 James KIRKAM     Ann HAYNES    
29/03/1761 John BRIDGE     Jane WALLWIN    
22/09/1761 Robert BRIDGE     Hannah ROBINSON    
08/10/1761 Thomas EAR     Mary EVANS    
13/10/1761 Richard BRIDGE     Ann BLUNT    
03/11/1761 William STONE     Sarah STALEY    
03/11/1761 William STONE     Sarah ROBINSON    
22/01/1762 Isaac HATFIELD     Hannah HALL   Staffordshire
14/02/1762 Joseph KEELING     Elizabeth DAKEYNE    
16/02/1762 Samuel BUDDEN     Jane HATHWAY    
13/04/1762 Nathaniel STALEY     Millicent STALEY    
25/05/1762 John LONGDIN     Rachel MARSHALL    
01/11/1762 James GRANGE   St Michael, Derby Elizabeth HILLTON    
14/02/1763 Samuel MILLEARD     Mary ADAMS    
21/04/1763 Francis STALEY     Martha FRITH    
27/04/1763 Lantey BECROFT     Rebecca HOOM    
07/08/1763 Robert HAYWARD     Susannah OLDFIELD    
01/11/1763 Richard BRIDGE     Jane DAKEING    
29/07/1764 Obadiah SMEADLEY     Mary ROBINSON    
28/10/1764 Henry BRIDGE     Mary FLINT    
04/03/1765 Jacob LONGDIN     Elizabeth DUDDINS   Winster
18/03/1765 Joseph MILLS     Hannah WALLWIN    
31/03/1765 Joseph STALEY     Jane MILLS    
22/04/1765 Benjamin STALEY     Ann STONE    
01/01/1766 George STONE     Ruth SMEADLEY    
18/03/1766 Joseph WALLWIN     Fhanney HADFIELD    
06/04/1766 Anthony WHEELDON     Alise STONE    
17/06/1766 John WHITE     Elizabeth SPOONER    
19/08/1767 Nathaniel MILNES     Mary EYRE    
24/11/1767 Joseph KEARKHAM     Mary WALLWIN    
08/12/1767 Edmund WHEELDON   Hartington Mary ENZOR Single Youlgreave
16/12/1767 Paul STALEY     Mary WILLCOCK   Winster
13/11/1768 Robert BRIDGE     Elizabeth KEELING    
15/11/1768 Joseph EVANS     Ann STALEY    
27/03/1769 John WALLWIN     Hannah CARSON   Bakewell
20/12/1769 John NEEDHAM     Ann DRABBLE    
30/12/1769 Thomas EVANS     Ann NORMAN   Youlgreave
01/02/1770 John STALEY     Sarah BUXTON   Youlgreave
13/05/1770 William FROST   Sheldon Sarah HOWARD Single  
28/08/1770 Henry ASHTON   Winster Sarah STALY Single  
01/11/1770 Richard NEEDHAM     Mary KEELING    
30/11/1772 Robert OLDFIELD     Elizabeth HUNT    
14/11/1774 Robert HOWARD     Jane HALL    
14/05/1775 Benjamin STONE     Ann SALT    
06/08/1775 Jacob HOLMES     Mary STONE    
11/09/1775 Samuel KNOWLES   Youlgreave Martha WRIGHT    
07/02/1776 John KEELING     Sarah THOMPSON   Alfreton
07/10/1776 Henry KNOWLES   Darley Lydia STONE    
01/11/1776 Richard NEEDHAM     Mary KEELING    
08/01/1777 George HAYNES     Sarah BANKS   Winster
20/01/1777 Samuel DAYKIN     Phoebe WALLWIN    
19/05/1777 Anthony EVANS     Anne ADAMS    
07/07/1777 John SMITH     Hannah HOUSLEY    
18/08/1777 William CADMAN     Ann HUNT    
04/01/1779 Stephen STALEY   Winster Mary MARSHALL    
27/01/1779 John BRIDDON     Sarah HATHAWAY    
07/06/1779 James SWANES   Bakewell Joannah EVANS    
02/11/1779 Joseph BRIDGE     Sarah STONE    
27/01/1780 Samuel JOULE     Anne HARRISON    
27/11/1780 John WALWIN     Sarah KEELING    
08/01/1781 Abraham GREGORY     Hannah STONE    
09/01/1781 William WALWIN     Ann CARSON    
25/02/1781 John JOULE     Esther HALLES   Bakewell
16/03/1781 William BARKER     Margaret KEELING    
11/07/1781 Benjamin MILNER     Hannah BUXTON   Winster
30/10/1781 Solomon SMITH     Hannah KEELING    
31/10/1781 Robert ALSOP     Ellen ALCOCK   Wetton, Staffordshire
05/11/1781 Benjamin STONE     Hannah HOUSLEY    
26/12/1781 Jacob HADFIELD     Anne HARDY   Youlgreave
03/01/1782 Robert BRIDDON     Mary WATTS    
31/07/1782 Edward SALT     Hannah NEWTON   Winster
04/04/1783 Samuel SMITH     Elizabeth ROBINSON    
16/06/1783 John HOUSLEY     Hannah GREGORY    
02/11/1784 John SMITH     Hannah JOULE    
14/03/1785 William ADAMS     Elizabeth DRABBLE    
18/08/1785 John DRABBLE     Elizabeth HARRISON    
1 31/10/1786 Cornelius SMITH     Hannah BRIDGE    
2 02/12/1786 Samuel STONE     Mary BRADBURY    
3 19/02/1787 Benjamin SELLARS   Bakewell Sarah MOSELY    
4 07/05/1787 Robert STONE     Jane BRIDGE    
28/05/1787 John SMEDLEY     Hannah ORM    
27/05/1788 George WEBSTER   Hartington Mary BRIDDON    
24/08/1788 William HADFIELD     Rebecca HUDSON    
13/10/1788 Joseph STALEY     Zilpah FERN   Wirksworth
02/02/1789 John PICKFORD   Bakewell Elizabeth NEEDHAM    
24/02/1789 John STONE     Alice PET    
26/05/1789 Benjamin STONE     Hannah HAYNE    
03/12/1789 Samuel HAYNES     Rachel DORE   Winster
14/12/1789 John DRABLE     Ann SHELDON   Youlgreave
23/12/1789 Richard BOAM     Betty MARSDEN   Youlgreave
18/01/1790 William GREGORY     Grace COATES   Winster
01/11/1790 Robert BRIDDON     Jenny SALT    
07/03/1791 Richard BOAM     Elizabeth STONE    
11/07/1791 Thomas WEBSTER     Rebecca LONGDEN   Wirksworth
31/10/1791 William BELL     Mary CHADWICK    
02/01/1792 James MARSHALL     Ann NEWTON    
22/04/1792 Anthony STALEY     Mary KNOWLES    
30/10/1792 Anthony WRIGHT     Sarah KEELING    
02/04/1793 Thomas TAYLOR   Winster Hannah DAKIN    
02/05/1793 George DAKIN     Nancy SMITH    
18/09/1793 Isaac HADFIELD     Elizabeth MARSDEN   Winster
04/11/1793 Samuel DAKIN     Mary TITTERTON    
10/12/1793 Jonathan MARSHALL     Sarah ALLEN    
23/06/1794 Charles BOND     Jane NEEDHAM    
03/11/1794 Andrew STALEY     Sarah ADAMS    
06/06/1795 Francis EVANS     Ellen BRIDGE    
12/07/1795 William MARCHANT     Dianah NEEDHAM    
20/07/1795 George HALL     Elizabeth BRIDGE    
31/08/1795 Joseph SMITH     Ann PRIME    
04/12/1795 Isaac SALT     Grace COCKER    
20/12/1795 Richard BOAM     Ann STONE    
31/10/1796 Benjamin BRIDGE     Ann ROBINSON    
04/01/1797 Thomas BOOTH     Elizabeth STALEY    
04/04/1797 Thomas SMITH     Lydia ASHTON    
05/06/1797 Emmanuel GOLLIN     Elizabeth KEELING    
15/06/1797 Humphrey GREGORY     Elizabeth PILKINGTON    
27/06/1797 John
MARSHALL     Hannah PRIME    
01/01/1798 Isaac HADFIELD     Elizabeth ROOSE    
11/02/1798 Richard HOLMES     Ann MARSHALL    
21/08/1798 Joseph HADFIELD     Sarah CADMAN    
01/04/1800 Henry WATTS     Sarah PRIME    
03/11/1800 Aaron STONE     Sarah STALEY    
13/04/1801 Thomas NEEDHAM     Mary DAKIN    
24/08/1801 Thomas BRIDGE     Elizabeth STALEY    
28/12/1801 James GREGORY     Ann STONE    
08/03/1802 Abraham SALT     Elizabeth BARKER    
02/11/1802 George HADFIELD     Easter JOULE    
04/07/1803 William STONE     Hannah HOLMES    
09/12/1803 Robert JOULE     Dorothy BRIDGE    
13/12/1803 Daniel SWINDELL     Mary NEEDHAM    
26/12/1803 John DAKIN     Hannah SMITH    
27/11/1804 George BROOM     Margaret BRIDDON    
18/12/1804 William BLAGDEN     Grace CADMAN    
15/04/1805 Daniel PRIME     Elizabeth ROBINSON    
16/06/1806 Abraham SALT     Hannah CADMAN    
01/01/1807 Benjamin BRIDGE     Ann HOLMES    
04/12/1809 Thomas KNOWLES     Ann STALEY    
1 01/01/1813 John STONE     Elizabeth ALLEN    
2 14/06/1813 George SUTTON   Bradbourne Frances HOLMES    
3 29/10/1813 Joseph COTTON   Ashover Elizabeth MILNER    
4 17/01/1814 George HADFIELD     Rebecca MARSHALL    
5 11/04/1814 John SLACK   Wirksworth Patience WALWIN    
6 08/10/1814 Henry KNOWLES     Ann KIRK    
7 09/11/1814 William EDGE   Bradbourne Elizabeth CADMAN    
8 01/12/1814 Henry SMITH     Mary KNOWLES    
9 26/12/1814 George MARSDEN     Ann TOMLINSON    
10 29/12/1814 George HEATHCOTE     Maria WALWIN    
11 20/01/1815 George BOAM     Elizabeth HOUSLEY    
12 18/05/1815 John STONE     Hannah SCATTERGOOD   Brassington
13 18/05/1815 Thomas MOSELEY     Hannah HARDY   Winster
14 05/06/1815 John HADFIELD     Ann MARSDEN    
15 01/11/1815 John STALEY     Martha STONE    
16 19/06/1816 William SWINDELL   Bradbourne Ann WEBSTER    
17 01/07/1816 Samuel BALL   Winster Martha WATERHOUSE    
18 22/08/1816 Samuel WATERHOUSE     Mary HOUSLEY    
19 18/02/1817 John STONE     Mary SMITH    
20 29/12/1817 Joseph STALEY     Esther DAKIN    
21 11/03/1818 George WEBSTER   Hartington Jane SMITH    
22 23/03/1818 John FENTEM   Dronfield Sarah FENTEM    
23 23/12/1818 Thomas SHELDON   Youlgreave Ann ASHMORE    
24 04/02/1819 Joseph FROST   Wirksworth Elizabeth STALEY    
25 08/02/1819 William WALLWIN   Youlgreave Hannah MARSHALL    
26 03/04/1819 John MARSHALL     Elizabeth STONE    
27 05/03/1821 John MARSDEN   Edensor Sarah SMITH    
28 25/06/1821 William GIBBS   Hartington Mary Ann WEBSTER    
29 17/09/1821 Edward BOSLEY     Hannah STALEY    
30 27/12/1821 John ORMSBY     Elizabeth WEBSTER    
31 18/02/1822 John BUXTON   Bradbourne Rebeckah WATERHOUSE    
32 15/04/1822 Charles WALWIN     Rebecca NORTH   Winster
33 23/06/1823 Joseph HADFIELD   Bakewell Silence SMITH    
34 01/12/1823 Stephen BROOM Widower   Mary WATERHOUSE Widow  
35 02/03/1824 Jacob STALEY     Mary CARSON    
36 26/04/1824 Isaac DAKIN     Sarah MARSHALL    
37 01/11/1824 George MOUNTNEY     Hannah ROOSE    
38 27/03/1826 Thomas HADFIELD     Ann SALT    
39 17/08/1826 Henry HOLMES     Hannah DAKIN    
40 25/09/1826 Henry KNOWLES     Lydia WARD   Bradbourne
41 10/09/1827 Samuel SMITH     Sarah MARSHALL    
42 26/01/1829 John POTTER     Mary Ann STALEY    
43 16/01/1830 Isaac PETT   Hartington Mary TITTERTON    
44 01/11/1830 Cornelius SMITH   Prestbury, Cheshire Hannah HOLMES    
45 08/11/1830 William STAVELEY     Hannah TITTERTON    
46 13/01/1831 John Spencer PIDCOCKE Single Alstonefield, Staffordshire Grace COATES    
47 05/11/1832 Stephen DAKIN     Jane HOLMES    
48 18/05/1833 John HODGKINSON     Elizabeth WALLWIN    
49 08/07/1833 Large MOUNTNEY     Ann KNOWLES    
50 20/07/1833 Francis MILLNER Single   Hannah STONE Single  
51 04/11/1833 Henry BROWN     Hannah HOUSLEY    
52 04/11/1833 George SMITH     Hannah DAKIN    
53 03/11/1834 Daniel PETT     Hannah BRIDDON    
54 04/11/1834 George GLADWIN     Ann HEATHCOAT    
55 31/12/1834 Stephen WRIGHT     Hannah DRABBLE    
56 02/11/1835 John MARSHALL     Margaret SMITH    
57 02/11/1835 William NEWTON     Hannah TITTERTON    
58 05/11/1835 Richard SHELDON     Mary MEAKIN   Leek, Staffordshire
59 19/01/1836 John Fisher GARRETT     Elizabeth Henzey PIDCOCKE   Youlgreave
60 31/05/1836 Henry Edwin EVANS   Oldham, Lancashire Sarah ROBINSON   Youlgreave
61 27/03/1837 John HEATHCOTE     Hannah DRABLE    
62 17/05/1837 George STALEY     Dorothy WEBSTER    

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