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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Exeter St Martin


The Parish

The parish of St Martin within the ancient city of Exeter lies to the north of the city centre, immediately northwest of the cathedral precinct. Exeter is the traditional capital of its county, a position disputed by Plymouth, and is located about 170 miles southwest of London sitting on the A30 road to the southwest. A regional hub with excellent communications Exeter is a thriving market centre, industrial hub, port and university city, travel to London by rail being only 2 hours it is also becoming a commuting centre for the capital. Modern developments abound with the aforementioned rail line as well as the southern terminus of the M5 motorway. Exeter has a long and distinguished history, reputed to be a city prior to the Roman conquest it was their primary centre for control of the southwest, it also featured prominently during repeated military campaigns from the Celts through to the English Civil War. Exeter sits on the eastern banks of the Exe which drains the city to the nearby English Channel. St Martin's parish is sited at around 40 metres above the sea in the higher portion of the city centre. St Martin was a small parish covering a short stretch of Exeter High Street and the properties fronting the cathedral precinct, despite this small size it would have held around 250 parishioners.

The Church

St Martin's church sits on the edge of the Cathedral's precinct where a narrow lane leads trhough to Exeter's High Street, the church is crammed in by commercial premises in a largely pedestrianised area of the city. There has been a church on this site since pre-Norman times, documentary evidence dates its consecration to the 1065, just a few months before the Norman landings at Hastings. Of that building little remains, Pevsner does note that the northeastern corner of the nave has Saxon work which complements that documentary date. It was the cramped and crowded site that perhaps prompted the builders to place the church's tower to the north of the main body rather than to the west. The church was rebuilt during that great church-building era when Perpendicular styles were fashionable, Pevsner neglects to give a date for that work but the style covered the 14th and 15th centuries. Given the church's location visitors should be necessity approach on foot after using one of the city's car parks, the site is compromised by neighbouring commercial premises making for a challenging building to adequately capture.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 3rd November 1754 - 15th January 1812 Devon Record Office - Reference 302A/PR/1/5 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number In places the register is faded leading to a possibility of a low incidence of misreads
2 13th July 1813 - 28th December 1836 Devon Record Office - Reference 302A/PR/1/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

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Exeter All Hallows, Goldsmith St
Exeter St Stephen
Exeter St Pancras
Exeter Cathedral
Exeter St Petrock
Exeter Cathedral
Exeter Cathedral

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 03/11/1754 William GRIGG Elizabeth MORGAN
2 04/02/1755 Robert HEATH Topsham Dinah BOWHAY
3 30/03/1755 William SHEPHEARD Elizabeth LOVELACE
1 06/09/1755 John JETSON Jane HOLLAWAY Bradninch
2 16/09/1755 Richard NORRISH St Pancras, Exeter Ann LEWIS Bedford Chapel, Exeter
3 02/11/1755 James VIGERS St Paul, Exeter Dorothy BANFILL
4 22/12/1755 John ELLIOTT Holy Trinity, Exeter Mary LOVELACE
5 20/07/1756 Edward FURSE St Pancras, Exeter Joanna MITCHELL
6 05/09/1756 Barnabas THORN Sarah MANNING Cathedral, Exeter
7 11/04/1757 James WALLIS Ann LEE
8 12/04/1757 William WESTLANE Wellington, Somerset Mary SELLY
9 17/04/1757 John CLEAVE St John, Exeter Elizabeth GREENSLADE St Pancras, Exeter
10 17/06/1757 Joshua POPE St Stephen, Exeter Anna Dell PINHEY St Pancras, Exeter
11 19/11/1757 John DAVEY Mary WOOD All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
12 24/12/1757 Joseph SPRY St Stephen, Exeter Ann LAKE
13 24/03/1758 Ralph BROMELL St Pancras, Exeter Christian GARRETT Cathedral, Exeter
14 12/10/1758 Thomas MILLS St Pancras, Exeter Mary WEBBER St Pancras, Exeter
15 18/02/1759 Thomas SMERDON Holy Trinity, Exeter Elizabeth LANE Single
16 14/08/1759 Henry MANNING Stokeinteignhead Mary GLYDE Single
17 02/09/1759 William PHELPS St Pancras, Exeter Mary BAXTER Single
18 28/01/1760 Francis DUDNEY St Pancras, Exeter Mary PINKERTON
19 17/02/1760 William GOSS Mary DAVILLS Crediton
20 23/03/1760 Henry DAMBRICKE St Olave, Exeter Anne CAMPION
21 13/07/1760 William COTTLE Judith WESTERN
22 01/10/1760 George LEE Widower Anne VICKAREY
23 20/03/1761 John WAKEFIELD St Pancras, Exeter Sarah HAKE St Pancras, Exeter
24 02/05/1761 Edmund ENGLISH Cathedral, Exeter Elizabeth BOYNES Widow
25 23/08/1761 Samuel SAMPSON St Pancras, Exeter Mary TRENWITH St Pancras, Exeter
26 30/08/1761 William STEPHENS St Sidwell, Exeter Mary DODGE Single St Pancras, Exeter
27 22/08/1762 John GRIGG St Pancras, Exeter Ruth SEXTON St Pancras, Exeter
28 02/09/1762 John ROGERS St Pancras, Exeter Hannah BURRIDGE St Pancras, Exeter
29 17/10/1762 Benjamin DANIEL St Pancras, Exeter Mary ELLICOTT St Pancras, Exeter
30 11/07/1763 Philip SMEATH Anne WEEKS
31 05/12/1763 Patrick MORLEY St Pancras, Exeter Anne BENDING
32 10/06/1764 John COBLEY Joanna BENNET
33 11/07/1764 Timothy SILLIFANT North Tawton Elizabeth POWLESLAND St Pancras, Exeter
34 09/09/1764 John KING St Paul, Exeter Thomasin POPE St Pancras, Exeter
35 10/09/1764 James WHITTAKER Ann STEPHENS
36 30/10/1764 Francis GARDENER Susannah GERMAN St Pancras, Exeter
37 07/04/1765 William QUICK St Sidwell, Exeter Betty CUNNINGHAM
38 14/04/1765 James STOOKE St Pancras, Exeter Margaret BYRDALL All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
39 04/08/1765 Michael JENNINGS Elizabeth FLOYDE Widow
40 06/10/1765 John James GALLIARD All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Elizabeth MERLE Single St Pancras, Exeter
41 11/10/1765 Arthur PANTER St David, Exeter Susannah FOOT
42 12/01/1766 John VICARS St Pancras, Exeter Mary JEFFERY St Lawrence, Exeter
43 16/03/1766 James BRINLEY St Pancras, Exeter Catharine WOOD Widow St Lawrence, Exeter
44 25/07/1766 William BROWN Mary HOPKINS Single St Lawrence, Exeter
45 28/12/1766 Henry INGREM Kenn Grace TUCKER Widow
46 14/02/1767 William FLOYDE Margaret YARDE Single
47 18/02/1767 George Christopher DEGEN St John, Exeter Catharine FURLONG Single
48 02/03/1767 Edward HALSE Holy Trinity, Exeter Elizabeth THORNE
49 21/07/1767 John BOUTCHER St Sidwell, Exeter Elizabeth RAMSEY Single St Pancras, Exeter
50 20/08/1767 William HOPKINS Bradninch Mary PASSMORE Single
51 30/08/1767 Thomas COFFIN St Petrock, Exeter Mary STOOKE Widow
52 07/09/1767 Nicolas SCILTON St Pancras, Exeter Philippa COLEMAN St Pancras, Exeter
53 20/09/1767 John SHIPTON Widower Mary MORRICE Single St Pancras, Exeter
54 09/04/1768 Randall BILLING Wendover, Buckinghamshire Mary SPRY Single
55 17/04/1768 William GALE Joan DREW Single
56 07/05/1768 John PETERS Elizabeth GALE Single
57 11/09/1768 Alexander SAMPSON St Pancras, Exeter Rachel HOW St John, Exeter
58 25/12/1768 Thomas FORSTER St Pancras, Exeter Elizabeth BICKELL St Pancras, Exeter
59 02/01/1769 William CORNISH Philleigh, Cornwall Jane KELLEY St Pancras, Exeter
60 18/03/1769 Edmund Pearse BANFILL St Cuthbert, Dartmouth Mary FURLONG Single
61 03/10/1769 William SUMMERS Winkleigh Wilmot HEYWOOD
62 04/11/1770 Robert BURROW Hannah WEARMAN Single All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
63 09/12/1770 John LORAM St Pancras, Exeter Jane NOTT St Pancras, Exeter
64 21/03/1771 Thomas INGRAM Margaret DE ST CROIX
65 28/03/1771 John PEARCE Cathedral, Exeter Bridget CHANCEY St Pancras, Exeter
66 30/04/1771 John WEBBER Milverton, Somerset Ann REED Single
67 14/07/1771 George HATHERLY Betty COUSINS Single
68 15/08/1771 Thomas CARTER St Pancras, Exeter Susanna HADDON Single Payhembury
69 05/11/1771 John PHILLIPS All Hallows On The Walls, Exeter Elizabeth ENGLISH
70 01/12/1771 William WILLIAMS Elizabeth BROMWICK St Pancras, Exeter
71 09/05/1772 John HAMILTON Bridget DAVEY Single
72 14/05/1772 William LOT St Mary Major, Exeter Margaret SHEPCOTT Single
73 09/08/1772 Richard MOXHAY St Pancras, Exeter Mary POTTER St Pancras, Exeter
74 27/09/1772 William FLOYDE Elizabeth HUNT
75 07/10/1772 Adam SIXSMITH Clifton, Gloucestershire Hannah WOOLWARD
76 10/01/1773 Thomas LORAM St Pancras, Exeter Sarah BATH
77 02/03/1773 William ELLICOMBE Thorverton Hannah ROUS
78 28/02/1774 James BURT Mary HADLEY
79 15/03/1774 John RYDER St George, Exeter Isabella CHISSEM Single St Pancras, Exeter
80 06/06/1774 Charles BRANNAN St Pancras, Exeter Catharine COLRIDGE Single St Pancras, Exeter
81 30/08/1774 Edward STOKES St Pancras, Exeter Elizabeth DINHAM Single St Pancras, Exeter
82 08/11/1774 Henry NOMMAN Inchey TUCKETT Honiton
83 12/03/1775 John MARRIOTT St Pancras, Exeter Emmeline SMART Single St Pancras, Exeter
84 18/06/1775 Nathaniel GREGORY St Pancras, Exeter Elizabeth FARMAR Single St Pancras, Exeter
85 05/09/1775 John WEEKS Clyst St Lawrence Joan HARRIS
86 12/11/1775 Thomas GOVER St Pancras, Exeter Mary VICKERS Widow St Pancras, Exeter
87 24/12/1775 John VICARY Joanna LEY Single
88 09/01/1776 John WILES St Pancras, Exeter Catharine HOOKER Single
89 17/01/1776 William ASLONG Frances Alicia BENNETT Single
90 25/08/1776 John SANFORD Ann PARKS Single
91 28/08/1776 Richard CHAMBERLAINE Elizabeth HART Single St Pancras, Exeter
92 08/09/1776 Robert CULVERWELL St Lawrence, Exeter Jane BENNETT Single
93 23/02/1777 James SAUNDERS Elizabeth BERRY Single
94 13/08/1777 Simon MANLEY Mary RIDGE
95 17/12/1777 John Vowler PARMINTER Widower Elizabeth BRETLAND Single
96 28/12/1777 Digory HERD Alphington Elizabeth VINNICOMBE Single
97 15/03/1778 John BUCKLAND Widower Truro, Cornwall Ann MARTIN Single
98 18/02/1779 Henry KENT St Pancras, Exeter Philip YOUNG St Pancras, Exeter
100 23/05/1779 Thomas THOMPSON Ann GLENDINING Single
99 23/05/1779 Samuel HODDER Sarah SKINNER Single
101 13/06/1779 Joseph CORNISH St Paul, Exeter Elizabeth MORGAN Single St Pancras, Exeter
102 23/12/1779 Richard FROST Susanna COLSON Single St Kerrian, Exeter
103 08/01/1780 Joseph LOWER St Stephen, Exeter Joanna ALLEN Single
104 30/03/1780 Isaac DALE Hannah HAMMETT
105 03/06/1780 Morgan COOK Sarah LEAVE Single St Pancras, Exeter
106 16/07/1780 John CAVELY St Pancras, Exeter Margaret BICKEL Single St Pancras, Exeter
107 25/07/1780 John WILSHMAN Ann NORMAN Thorverton
108 21/08/1780 Christopher ROBINSON St Pancras, Exeter Martha THOMAS
109 04/09/1780 John BURRIDGE St David, Exeter Martha COOMBE Single
110 12/09/1780 John HARGRAVE Stoke Damerel Winnefred FERRIS Single
111 05/01/1781 John COOK Sarah PEARCE Widow
112 29/03/1781 John WARD Hannah WOODLEY Single St Pancras, Exeter
113 20/05/1781 Abel SWEETLAND Margaret CRADOCK Single
114 17/07/1781 William MORGAN St Pancras, Exeter Mary BAKER
115 27/10/1781 Benjamin DRYER St Pancras, Exeter Jane BAST Single St Pancras, Exeter
116 14/01/1782 Thomas THOMPSON Margaret HOWELL Single
117 24/05/1782 Richard THORN Eleanor EVERSFIELD Single St Kerrian, Exeter
118 24/08/1782 James BOVETT Heavitree Mary CLOAD Single St Pancras, Exeter
119 18/09/1782 Henry UPHAM Ann HOSKIN
120 10/11/1782 James RAYNER St Pancras, Exeter Betty STARK Single St Pancras, Exeter
121 20/01/1783 Henry POLLARD St Pancras, Exeter Elizabeth EDWARDS Single St Pancras, Exeter
122 28/05/1783 Francis DICKER Whitestone Elizabeth ROWDON Widow
123 26/09/1783 Edward BIZZEY Sarah PAYNE Single
124 05/11/1783 John BAKER St Mary Major, Exeter Grace MARSHALL Widow
125 12/12/1783 Morgan O'CONNELL Mary STEVENS Single
126 18/01/1784 Thomas STEPHENS East Budleigh Sarah CLARKE Single St Pancras, Exeter
127 29/01/1784 Joseph DREWE Ann WILLIAMS
128 04/06/1784 John NORMINGTON St Thomas, Exeter Mary RICHARDS
129 15/08/1784 William VALENTINE St Pancras, Exeter Ann MERRIFIELD
130 22/09/1784 Thomas HASKING Bishops Nympton Mary HAYDON St Pancras, Exeter
131 05/12/1784 John ELSWORTHY Susanna RIPPIN
131 05/12/1784 John ELSWORTHY Susanna KITSON
132 08/02/1785 Enoch FRANCIS St Mary Major, Exeter Elizabeth BROADMEAD Single
133 20/03/1785 Richard WRANKMORE Patience PASSMORE Single
134 11/07/1785 John DOLLING Ann PARSONS Single St Pancras, Exeter
135 01/08/1785 George RADFORD St Pancras, Exeter Mary STILE Single St Pancras, Exeter
136 28/09/1785 William SANFORD Elizabeth CROCKETT
137 21/11/1785 Alexander HAMMETT Hannah HOPKINS Single
138 12/02/1786 John Hawke POPHAM Elizabeth FARY
139 20/02/1786 Richard MANNING Mary DAVYS
140 20/04/1786 Charles BURNETT St Pancras, Exeter Catherine GERMAN Single
141 15/06/1786 Humphrey MORTIMORE St Paul, Exeter Mary BATE Widow
142 28/05/1787 William LAKE Mary PARSONS St Pancras, Exeter
143 22/07/1787 John PERKINS Elizabeth BALE
144 04/11/1787 John DEEM Kenn Avis REYNOLDS St Pancras, Exeter
145 11/12/1787 Jeffery ENDACOTT Elizabeth SOUTHCOTT
146 14/12/1787 Samuel MAYNARD Hannah GLENDINING
147 09/02/1788 Charles EVELEIGH St John, Exeter Mary EVELEIGH Single
148 03/05/1788 John James HIRTZEL Holy Trinity, Exeter Sarah GLASS Single
149 25/05/1788 Robert KNEELLS Sarah TAYLOR Single
150 29/06/1788 Joseph DARBY St Pancras, Exeter Ann REEVE Single St Pancras, Exeter
151 10/09/1788 Luke Herman COLERIDGE Single Thorverton Sarah HART Single St Pancras, Exeter
152 06/10/1788 Philip HILL Single St Pancras, Exeter Mary HERNAMAN Single St Pancras, Exeter
153 21/12/1788 Francis Allen PARSONS Single St Pancras, Exeter Susanna HARRIS Single St Pancras, Exeter
154 16/01/1789 Thomas POLLARD Elizabeth CARSS
155 13/05/1789 Felix HAMEL St Pancras, Exeter Tryphena DYER Single St Pancras, Exeter
156 06/09/1789 Robert GOULD St Pancras, Exeter Elizabeth MASTERS Single St Pancras, Exeter
157 23/10/1789 Abraham SALTER Sarah FORTISCUE Single
158 29/11/1789 Gilbert DYER Widower Sarah FINNIMORE Single St Paul, Exeter
159 17/03/1790 John DREWE Widower Mary VALENTINE Single Holy Trinity, Exeter
160 20/03/1790 George Neyle BALLE All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Frances PAUL Single
161 29/03/1790 Joseph STOCKHAM Sarah Smith MILLS Single
162 02/05/1790 Michael RICE Ann KING Single
163 11/07/1790 Henry SHELSON St Pancras, Exeter Mary TREDINNICK St Pancras, Exeter
164 24/08/1790 John MORGAN Widower St Pancras, Exeter Jane ROWE Single St Pancras, Exeter
165 04/10/1790 Christopher Odam SATTERLEY Mary DANIEL
166 13/10/1790 John SPRATT St Pancras, Exeter Mary PYM St Pancras, Exeter
167 21/11/1790 George RENDELL St Pancras, Exeter Sarah COX Widow St Pancras, Exeter
168 21/03/1791 Grinfield WESTCOTT St Pancras, Exeter Betty WILLIAMS St Pancras, Exeter
169 28/11/1791 John SMALLRIDGE St Pancras, Exeter Mary HUMPHRYS Single St Pancras, Exeter
170 25/03/1792 Robert HARRISON Widower St Pancras, Exeter Ann ROSSITER Single
171 21/04/1792 Thomas TURNER St Olave, Exeter Harriet Hodge BRIGETT
172 24/07/1792 Jacob PHILLIPS St Pancras, Exeter Elizabeth COLERIDGE Single St Pancras, Exeter
173 13/08/1792 Edward LYLE Susan VICTUALS Single
174 23/08/1792 John FENWICK Widower All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Jane PAUL
175 22/12/1792 Richard BUXTON Grace YOUNG Single Heavitree
176 28/04/1793 John WRIGHT St Pancras, Exeter Mary STONE Single St Pancras, Exeter
177 18/05/1793 John SYMMONS Elizabeth GIFFARD Single
178 30/05/1793 Andrew GORDON St Pancras, Exeter Elizabeth CARPENTER Single St Pancras, Exeter
179 01/06/1793 William FOAKES Mary ROBERTS Single St Pancras, Exeter
180 28/10/1793 James KERSLAKE Martha TUCKER Single
181 24/11/1793 John TURNER St Edmund, Exeter Jane BRYETT Single
182 25/12/1793 Nicholas HERBETT Mary HORWELL Single
183 02/02/1794 James HARRIS Mary PRESCOTT Single
184 20/04/1794 James RADFORD St Pancras, Exeter Elizabeth BONE Single St Pancras, Exeter
185 08/06/1794 James VOSPER Mary HEMSON Single
186 14/07/1794 William WESTLAKE St Pancras, Exeter Mary WILLIAMS Single St Pancras, Exeter
187 29/10/1794 John JOHNSON St Sidwell, Exeter Jane WINDSOR Single
188 22/12/1794 James WILCOCKS St Pancras, Exeter Catherine POPE Single St Pancras, Exeter
189 18/05/1795 William HUXHAM Single Elizabeth Spicer DREWE Single
190 07/06/1795 William LINNINGTON Holy Trinity, Exeter Margarett DREWE Single
191 12/07/1795 James ROWE Brampford Speke Elizabeth GREGORY Single St Pancras, Exeter
192 19/07/1795 William WELCH Elizabeth GLIDDON Single St Pancras, Exeter
193 22/07/1795 Henry Manston SEED St Giles, City Of London Sarah SANDERS Single St Pancras, Exeter
194 10/09/1795 Ebenezer FISHER Single Elizabeth DUNRICK
195 02/11/1795 Thomas HODGES Elizabeth LAWSON
196 12/11/1795 John HORWOOD Susan SWEETMAN Single St Pancras, Exeter
197 27/12/1795 John PHILLIPPS St Stephen, Exeter Grace HEDGLAND Single
198 03/01/1796 Frederick WOOLCOTT Single Sarah MELHUISH Single
199 30/03/1796 John SKINNER Crediton Mary KENSHOLE Single
200 13/04/1796 William Abraham BARTLETT Kingsbury Episcopi, Somerset Phillippi NATION St Pancras, Exeter
201 24/04/1796 George GOSS Tiverton Grace BEARE Single
202 30/07/1796 George COLERIDGE Ottery St Mary Jenny HART Single St Pancras, Exeter
203 07/08/1796 John Glanville MANNING Eleanor THORN Widow
204 19/09/1796 Robert SKINNER Thorverton Grace MADDICK Single St Pancras, Exeter
205 25/12/1796 William PASCOE Diana PHILLIPS Single
206 13/04/1797 Thomas JOLLY St Pancras, Exeter Susanna TAYLOR Single St Pancras, Exeter
207 16/07/1797 John PRICKMAN Sarah SYMONS Single
208 29/11/1797 John WALE St John, Exeter Mary DAVY Single
209 15/01/1798 Solomon LINSCOTT Ann DETHERIDGE Single
210 17/04/1798 James BOVETT Widower St David, Exeter Mary STARK Single
211 20/05/1798 William SWALE Tiverton Ann TUCKER Single
212 24/06/1798 Thomas TUCK St Pancras, Exeter Frances HOLLAND Single St Pancras, Exeter
213 22/07/1798 Robert FROST St Pancras, Exeter Anne BROWNE Single Norwich, Norfolk
214 23/02/1799 William SHORTRIDGE Mary Maria CRAPP Single
215 24/03/1799 William ALNER Elizabeth WRIGHT Widow
216 19/05/1799 Peter FLOOD St Lawrence, Exeter Mary COLSON Single St Pancras, Exeter
217 22/10/1799 James DREWE St Pancras, Exeter Elizabeth SANDERS Single St Pancras, Exeter
218 31/10/1799 Edward MATTHEWS Amy RUTTER Single St Pancras, Exeter
219 02/11/1799 William BAILEY Emma KING Single
220 18/04/1800 George John GENDLE Rebecca CREES St Pancras, Exeter
221 29/06/1800 Thomas LINSCOTT Ann KERSLAKE Single
222 03/08/1800 John JAMES St Pancras, Exeter Mary SMITH Single St Pancras, Exeter
223 24/08/1800 Henry SMITH St David, Exeter Ann Rice HANCOCK Single
224 29/09/1800 Edward Fyeth BENNETT Ann BENNETT Single
225 30/09/1800 Robert KNOWSLEY St Pancras, Exeter Catharine Amelia THORNE Single St Pancras, Exeter
226 02/01/1801 Richard PARISH Ann WEST Single
227 27/01/1801 Matthew Collier TOULMER Single Bathealton, Somerset Elizabeth CRANCH Single St Pancras, Exeter
228 24/03/1801 Moses THOMAS Sarah CASH St Pancras, Exeter
229 25/05/1801 John GRIFFIN Ann SOWDON Single Bodmin, Cornwall
230 12/07/1801 Thomas TURNER St Pancras, Exeter Sarah Wreyford PRATT Single St Pancras, Exeter
231 24/12/1801 George GIFFORD Elizabeth Ann GRUBB
232 07/03/1802 John AYERS Plymouth Sarah PHILLIPS
233 17/03/1802 William CHAMBERS Sarah LOVERTON Single
234 22/08/1802 Richard HELLYER St Pancras, Exeter Margery Ann CHAUNTER Single St Pancras, Exeter
236 18/09/1802 John DRAKE Ide Elizabeth MAYNE Single St Pancras, Exeter
237 26/12/1802 John LANG St David, Exeter Henrietta WATERSON
238 31/01/1803 Thomas MCNAMARA St Pancras, Exeter Jane SOANES Single St Pancras, Exeter
239 17/02/1803 George LANDMANN Harriet DICKINSON Single Bedford Chapel, Exeter
240 11/04/1803 James BRAGG St Pancras, Exeter Ann PINKSTONE Widow St Pancras, Exeter
241 26/07/1803 Joseph HOUGHTON Widower St Pancras, Exeter Elizabeth TOUT Single
242 30/07/1803 Samuel PREECE Widower St Pancras, Exeter Bethiah MOFFETT Single St Pancras, Exeter
243 23/10/1803 Samuel LEE Sarah BENNETT Single
244 04/01/1804 John HOLMGARD Heavitree Elizabeth SERCOCK
245 08/01/1804 Charles LAWDAY Widower St Pancras, Exeter Mary Ann MOFFATT Single
246 12/02/1804 Philip BROWNE Anne MAJOR Single
247 22/04/1804 William JAMES St Pancras, Exeter Ann PEARCE Single St Pancras, Exeter
248 16/05/1804 Robert JOSS Widower Mellina GLASS Single St Pancras, Exeter
249 09/07/1804 John DOD St Pancras, Exeter Sarah CLEMENT Widow St Pancras, Exeter
250 29/07/1804 Daniel FLOOD Honiton Harriett WESCOMB Single
251 03/10/1804 William VINNICOMBE Widower Mary CASELEY St Pancras, Exeter
252 06/10/1804 Thomas GAMLER Tiverton Elizabeth HORNSEY Single St Pancras, Exeter
253 29/10/1804 John NORRISH St Pancras, Exeter Betsy JENNINGS
254 11/11/1804 William PARKER East Teignmouth Ann CROCKER Single St Pancras, Exeter
255 01/07/1805 James MILTON Widower Margaret SALESBURY St Paul, Exeter
256 20/01/1806 Richard MARTIN St Pancras, Exeter Sarah TAYLOR Single St Pancras, Exeter
257 26/01/1806 John BREWER Sarah LITTON
258 02/03/1806 Francis DOVEY St Pancras, Exeter Jane DAY St Pancras, Exeter
259 16/04/1806 John GWINNELL St Pancras, Exeter Margaret NOEL Lympstone
260 16/05/1806 John RHODES St Pancras, Exeter Harriet THOMS Single St Pancras, Exeter
261 06/07/1806 Gilbert DYER Sarah GIFFARD Single City Of London
262 13/07/1806 William SEVIN Mary Ann TOWNSEND
263 28/07/1806 James BOND Tiverton Mary SANDERS St Pancras, Exeter
264 23/09/1806 William MAYELL St Kerrian, Exeter Mary Ann DONNIFORD St Kerrian, Exeter
265 04/10/1806 William LEE Holy Trinity, Exeter Patience EASTLAKE
266 23/11/1806 Jonas JOHNSON Widower St Sidwell, Exeter Mary WESCOMB
267 09/03/1807 George BURT Sarah PECK
268 18/05/1807 Joseph STADDON Widower St Pancras, Exeter Ann DOLLING Widow St Pancras, Exeter
269 08/07/1807 Caleb POWELL Exminster Eliza BOWDAGE
270 08/08/1807 John GLANVILLE Elizabeth TOZER
271 22/10/1807 John CARTER Sarah PALMER
272 22/10/1807 William SHEPHERD St Pancras, Exeter Isabella MOFFATT St Pancras, Exeter
273 01/11/1807 William KENNEDY St Pancras, Exeter Grace GOFF
274 19/11/1807 John TAPPER Widower Jane HYNE Widow
275 28/12/1807 William HIGHTON Betty CLAY St Pancras, Exeter
276 07/01/1808 James POWE Mary OWENS
277 17/01/1808 William DART St Pancras, Exeter Judith WRIGHT St Pancras, Exeter
278 06/02/1808 William REDDING Mary BROWSE
279 02/05/1808 Joseph GATLEY Mary THORN
280 15/05/1808 Joseph CHALK Alphington Sarah SHORT
281 05/06/1808 Thomas MANNING Susannah PARSONS
282 05/11/1808 Michael MCKENZIE Mary BARTLETT St Pancras, Exeter
283 20/11/1808 Thomas GARE St Pancras, Exeter Elizabeth FLOUD St Pancras, Exeter
284 28/04/1809 William LEWIS St Pancras, Exeter Sarah HAYDON St Pancras, Exeter
285 14/05/1809 William GALE Elizabeth COKER
286 03/09/1809 John PEARCE St Pancras, Exeter Sarah MORSE St Pancras, Exeter
287 18/09/1809 Henry MINCHINTON St Mary Major, Exeter Joanna MURRIN
288 15/10/1809 William WYATT St Pancras, Exeter Agnes HARE St Pancras, Exeter
289 22/10/1809 William MORRISH Widower St Martin In The Fields, Westminster, Middlesex Elizabeth STAMP Single
290 26/11/1809 John NICHOLLS Ide Jemima WOODROUGH Single
291 28/11/1809 Roger LAMERTON Elizabeth PLIMSAUL
292 12/12/1809 William WINSOR Chudleigh Susanna TRUMAN
293 02/01/1810 James OLDRIGE Mary HEYDON
294 11/04/1810 John BASTION Elizabeth SALTER
295 29/05/1810 Edward COLES Taunton, Somerset Louisa HAMITT Bedford Chapel, Exeter
296 24/07/1810 Frederick WOOLLCOTT St Pancras, Exeter Charlotte GORDEN St Pancras, Exeter
297 10/12/1810 Samuel GREENWAY St Thomas, Exeter Mary TUCKER
298 10/02/1811 William MARSH St Thomas, Exeter Mary MORRISH
299 13/05/1811 William GRIEVE St Kerrian, Exeter Maria MULLINGS
300 19/05/1811 Cornelius COOKE Mary PRICE
301 07/06/1811 John RIND St Pancras, Exeter Frances BRUM St Pancras, Exeter
302 15/09/1811 Edward MURRIN Kingsteignton Ives SOUTHCOTT
303 14/01/1812 William MANNING Mary WOOLCOT
304 15/01/1812 Joseph BARTLETT St Pancras, Exeter Elizabeth BOND St Pancras, Exeter
1 13/07/1813 Joseph SMART Sally SABEY
2 11/09/1813 George WILLIAMS Minehead, Somerset Mary Buckland HEWLETT
3 18/06/1814 William LIPSCOMB Newton St Cyres Sarah BATTING Single St Pancras, Exeter
4 12/08/1814 Abraham PHILLIPS Hannah NELSON
5 26/11/1814 James WAKLEY Membury Mary DEAN
7 10/01/1815 Robert SWANSBOROUGH St Michael Cornhill, City Of London Emma Grace CHAMBERLAIN
8 09/03/1815 James DAVEY Jane WARREN Single Luppitt
9 24/04/1815 Jeremiah WOODBURY St Lawrence, Exeter Mary BOWDEN Single
10 15/05/1815 John GUNN Bristol, Gloucestershire Jane HOLCOMBE
11 14/11/1815 Thomas MOORE Single Elizabeth BAKER Single
12 11/12/1815 Thomas HOBBS Single Jane FROST Single
13 25/01/1816 Henry Bampfylde SHEPTON All Hallows On The Walls, Exeter Anne PEARCE
14 26/01/1816 Nathaniel BISHOP Widower Mary Wells Scott LIVERMORE
15 26/02/1816 Joseph MOISE Sarah MUDGE Bedford Chapel, Exeter
17 07/06/1816 William TOUT Jane HUSSEY
18 09/02/1817 John RUSSELL Mary HEWETT
19 23/02/1817 John MOXON Margaret Kempthorne PARNELL St Sidwell, Exeter
20 20/04/1817 James BARKER Mary CORDING
21 22/07/1817 John COX Sarah SMALE
22 06/08/1817 Samuel SLEE Sarah PAYNE
23 07/10/1817 John Fulwood Lawrence Palk SMERDON St Thomas, Exeter Mary HEWITT Widow
24 14/10/1817 John FARR Moretonhampstead Susanna SMALE Single
26 20/09/1818 William WEBBER St Mary Major, Exeter Elizabeth HORDEN
27 14/03/1819 William BRINLEY St George, Exeter Maria HORSFORD
29 06/08/1819 George LEY Single George Nympton Elizabeth LAKE
30 12/02/1821 James WILCOCKS Mary Ann ELLIS
31 25/03/1821 James SAMPSON St Mary Major, Exeter Ann CHILCOTT
32 23/05/1821 William ROBERTS Phebe BLACKLOCK
33 20/08/1821 William BRUTTON Wiltshire Frances Stokes KEMP Single
34 20/09/1821 John VINICOMBE East Budleigh Margaret HUMPHREYS
35 04/05/1822 Thomas SALTER Sarah ROWDEN
36 30/09/1822 John BRENTON Ann JAMES
37 01/10/1822 John CUMMIN St Andrew Holborn, City Of London Mary ROBERTS
39 22/03/1823 John SWINBURNE Lymington, Hampshire Sophia HOWELL Single
40 27/04/1823 Samuel Linington HEDGELAND Susanna Rebecca HARRIS
41 26/06/1823 Isaac PONSFORD Mary MARTIN
42 07/09/1823 William VEYSEY Single Jane Hedgeland PHILLIPS Single
43 29/10/1823 William PRIDHAM St Mary Major, Exeter Ann CORDING
44 01/02/1824 Edward Cogle PRIEST Single Bridgwater, Somerset Elizabeth AVIS Single
45 09/03/1824 John TOSSWILL St Olave, Exeter Elizabeth HORSFORD
46 07/06/1824 Thomas George BEADLE Single Elizabeth SALTER
47 02/07/1824 Thomas KINGDON Single Thorverton Frances FORREST Single
49 27/12/1824 William TAYLOR Sarah PONSFORD
50 21/02/1825 William BATTEN Elizabeth CORDING
51 04/05/1825 William HOLSGROVE Cheriton Fitzpaine Mary CHANTER
52 12/11/1826 John FORTESCUE Sarah Maria TOUT
53 17/12/1826 Henry NORMAN Maria TAYLOR
55 00/00/1827 Hugh LOVELL Elizabeth PENNELL
54 07/01/1827 William BROOM Mary PERKINS
56 03/11/1827 William ALLEN St David, Exeter Mary CHING
57 05/01/1828 Charles Hinman MATTHEWS Single St Sidwell, Exeter Eliza LASCELLES Single
58 17/03/1828 James HULL St Pancras, Exeter Elizabeth ELLIS
59 21/09/1828 Thomas NEALE Single Mary Ann LEE Single
60 20/10/1828 Walter Oke EDGE Cathedral, Exeter Charlotte TURNER
61 08/11/1828 James RIDGE Widower Elizabeth Bishop GOOCH Widow St Lawrence, Exeter
62 29/11/1828 James BLUNDE Single St James, Clerkenwell, Middlesex Anna TAPLEY Single
63 02/03/1829 Robert QUART Single Bradninch Mary Ann BEEDLE Single
64 12/07/1829 John CHAPPLE Single St Stephen, Exeter Anne OKE Single St Pancras, Exeter
65 03/01/1830 James SMITH All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Caroline PICKARD
66 07/03/1830 John WRIGHT Single St John, Exeter Mary Ann GILBERT Single
67 26/06/1830 William RIDGE Single Elizabeth NEWLAND Single St Sidwell, Exeter
68 02/05/1831 Henry LUCAS Single Ann HIGHLAND Single
69 12/05/1831 James VANSTONE Single Loveday TANCOCK Single
70 03/07/1831 John STONE Widower Poltimore Mary SYMES Single
71 11/01/1832 Robert WOOLWAY Sarah FROST Single
72 12/04/1832 Richard DUNSFORD Single Susannah Rebecca HEDGLAND Widow
73 19/03/1833 Thomas SEXON Single Elizabeth SUMMERVILLE Single
74 02/05/1833 James MURCH Single St David, Exeter Sarah MARDON Single
75 03/03/1834 William TUCK St John, Exeter Jane TREMAIN Single
76 16/06/1834 John COLES Single All Hallows On The Walls, Exeter Ann HALL Single
77 12/10/1834 Frederic PEASE Single Heavitree Mary MCGREGOR Single
78 08/11/1834 John MARTIN Single Jane COOMBE Kentisbeare
79 10/01/1835 William RADFORD Widower St Andrew, Plymouth Caroline STREET Single
80 29/07/1835 Samuel Cowper BROWN Widower Maria DREW Single Lee, Kent
81 01/09/1835 John SANDERS Eliza SANDERS Single
82 13/09/1835 George LEGG St Thomas, Exeter Mary JURY Single
83 09/11/1835 Thomas NEAL Betsey PETHICK
84 11/01/1836 James Charles SIMPSON St Thomas, Southwark, Surrey Jane ROBERTS Single
85 20/01/1836 William STATHER Single St Andrew, Plymouth Emma Maria SKEET Single
86 28/12/1836 Samuel SHEARMAN Littleham By Exmouth Lucy HOARE

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