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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Exeter St Stephen


The Parish

The parish of St Stephen within the ancient city of Exeter lies to the north of the city centre, immediately north of the cathedral precinct. Exeter is the traditional capital of its county, a position disputed by Plymouth, and is located about 170 miles southwest of London sitting on the A30 road to the southwest. A regional hub with excellent communications Exeter is a thriving market centre, industrial hub, port and university city, travel to London by rail being only 2 hours it is also becoming a commuting centre for the capital. Modern developments abound with the aforementioned rail line as well as the southern terminus of the M5 motorway. Exeter has a long and distinguished history, reputed to be a city prior to the Roman conquest it was their primary centre for control of the southwest, it also featured prominently during repeated military campaigns from the Celts through to the English Civil War. Exeter sits on the eastern banks of the Exe which drains the city to the nearby English Channel. St Stephen's parish is sited at around 40 metres above the sea in the higher portion of the city centre. St Stpehen was a small parish covering a short stretch of Exeter High Street and neighbouring blocks, despite this small size it would have held around 400 parishioners.

The Church

St Stephen's church sits amongst commercial premises on the High Street, shops and offices crowd the site and it is best approached on foot. The church suffered a significant catastrophy in 1664 when fire destroyed much of the original building. Few signs of that building remain but suffiecient for Pevsner to identify 13th century origins. The rebuilding following the fire does, however, form most of today's fabric. The church has received a number of restorations, work in 1826 revealed a crypt which is nowadays resealed and in 1972 the eastern chapel was divided from the main body. Internally the church is decorated in a neo-Gothic style resulting from the work of 1826. The church has no churchyard being flush to the pavements of the area's pedestrianised streets, it archway under the eastern chapel forming a route through between streets. Crammed cheek-by-jowl with shops either side the church can only be viewed from eastern or western faces.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 13th July 1754 - 1812 Devon Record Office - Exeter Bishop's Transcripts on looseleaf folio Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Whilst the handwriting and media quality are good the data recorded is sometimes limited in some years only the year is recorded
2 20th July 1813 - 23rd February 1837 Devon Record Office - Exeter - Reference - 304A/PR/1/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Exeter St Paul
Exeter St Paul
Exeter St Lawrence
Exeter St Lawrence
Exeter All Hallows Goldsmith St
Exeter St Lawrence
Exeter Bedford Chapel
Exeter St Martin
Exeter St Martin
Exeter Cathedral

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
15/03/1754 John HOPKINS   Bradninch Bathsheba PALMER   Cullompton
21/03/1754 Richard MORGAN   Bradninch Mary WRIGHT   Bradninch
23/03/1754 John KINGMAN   Wiveliscombe, Somerset Elizabeth SCADDING    
1 13/07/1754 John WHITE     Mary GREGORY Widow Dulverton, Somerset
2 24/12/1754 Edward HOMES   Cathedral, Exeter Mary CRANFORD Single  
3 26/08/1755 Joseph GOVE     Susannah WILCOCKS    
4 13/01/1756 William WOOD     Ann WOOD    
5 19/04/1756 John TUCKER     Elizabeth BRINSMEAD    
6 18/06/1756 William GOVIER     Elizabeth MATHEWS   Bedford Chapel, Exeter
7 21/06/1756 William HYNAM     Susanna SOWDON    
8 01/08/1756 Bartholomew STEER   St George, Exeter Susanna PARHAM   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
9 20/11/1756 John ABELL     Margaret BURY Widow  
17/05/1757 William SMITH     Joan BROWN    
25/05/1757 John VICARS     Joan REW   St Kerrian, Exeter
05/10/1757 William MARTIN     Mary VINNICOMB    
13/11/1757 Joseph HOOPER     Susannah HATHERLEY    
21/11/1757 Philip SMITH     Grace SKIBBOW   Cathedral, Exeter
23/11/1757 Jonathan MILNER   City Of London Catherine EVANS Single  
10/01/1758 Thomas TAYLOR     Elisabeth OLIVER    
03/04/1758 James HOLLINGSWORTH     Susannah HILL    
19/07/1758 William WHITE     Mary Blanch EVILLE    
24/08/1758 Thomas POPE     Grace WIND    
03/09/1758 Zephaniah HOLWELL     Agnes PHILIPS    
23/10/1758 John STEPHENS     Mary TROBRIDGE    
20/12/1758 Thomas GLASS     Sarah COOCH    
26/12/1758 John MARDON     Ann PYKE    
07/01/1759 Joseph GIBBONS     Elizabeth STADDON   Holy Trinity, Exeter
10/02/1759 John COLLETON     Anne FULFORD    
07/08/1759 John WILLIAMS     Mary LUXTON   Bedford Chapel, Exeter
26/01/1760 Arthur BRADLEY     Eleanor HAMLYN    
26/03/1760 Richard TAPLAY     Elizabeth THOMSON    
12/05/1760 John DUFFEY     Mary TRIBBUT    
29/07/1760 John BLANCHFORD     Elizabeth GRANT    
17/01/1762 Thomas WHITFORD     Catherine JONES    
02/02/1762 John Vowler PARMINTER     Mary GLASS    
06/04/1762 William COLLARD     Elizabeth HOLDER    
29/04/1762 Hermanus JONAS     Mellyer BARTLETT    
20/06/1762 Joseph CRIMBLE     Jane ROUSE    
20/03/1770 Henry DREW   Silverton Mary BLAND   Bedford Chapel, Exeter
16/04/1770 David ABBOT   Salisbury, Wiltshire Susanna BUDDLE   Bedford Chapel, Exeter
17/09/1770 Richard STRAW   Sandford Mary MOUNTSTEPHEN   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
01/11/1770 Henry BROWN   Holy Trinity, Exeter Mary HEARD   Bedford Chapel, Exeter
27/11/1770 Henry WADDLE   Alphington Ann SKINNER    
05/01/1772 Robert CRUWYS     Ann MACEY    
23/02/1772 John CAMPION     Elizabeth BROOM    
09/03/1772 Edward HURST     Ann TUSCOMBE    
21/05/1772 Jacob GAST     Elizabeth KREBSIN    
01/06/1772 Richard EASTCOTT     Ann WESTLAKE    
10/06/1772 Cornelius CARDEW     Elizabeth BRUTTON    
13/07/1772 John ROWLAN     Sarah BALL    
22/11/1772 Richard SCANES     Fanny ESCOTT    
25/04/1773 Isaac THOMAS     Susanna NORRINGTON    
07/05/1773 Charles HIDE     Mary ROUSE    
23/06/1773 Thomas LEWIS     Sarah WAYMOUTH    
22/08/1773 Charles MOORE     Bridget VINCENT    
19/09/1773 Roger HARRIS     Elizabeth HARRIS    
20/10/1773 William DUNSFORD     Elizabeth LATHY    
30/01/1774 Thomas ELLERY     Mary NEWBERY    
20/03/1774 Joseph MARTIN     Mary SAUNDERS    
17/04/1774 William BROWNE     Elizabeth BULL    
16/08/1774 Richard BLACKMORE     Mary BOND    
20/02/1775 Donald MACBEATH     Elizabeth LAMMERTON    
06/03/1775 Stephen REW     Sarah HERDER    
29/03/1775 Philip PERRY   Silverton Jane Anne BRUTTON    
16/06/1775 Richard LETHBRIDGE     Mary WALDRON    
25/06/1775 James BARTRAM     Mary KENT    
17/10/1775 Thomas PICKARD     Catherine SPILLER    
06/11/1775 John PITTS     Martha BOUCHER    
04/02/1776 John HAYNE   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Jane SMITH   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
21/04/1776 James LEE     Mary THOMAS    
04/06/1776 Robert ROE     Dorothy MEDLAND    
08/08/1776 Philip LYDE     Frances Clavering HANTRIDGE    
22/08/1776 John MUGFORD     Sarah FUZZEY    
29/09/1776 William HATSWELL     Sarah MORGAN    
04/10/1776 Richard SOPER     Mary ALLFORD    
25/12/1776 Thomas BUCKNOLL     Susanna RADFORD    
19/02/1778 William LOCK     Susanna MARKE    
05/03/1778 Thomas HAWKINGS     Ann BREWER    
20/04/1778 Joseph DALLY     Elizabeth RATTENBURY    
08/05/1778 Philip BROOKS     Elizabeth AVENT    
02/08/1778 George SELLY     Mary SQUIER    
12/09/1778 Samuel BIGGS     Mary STEPHENS    
25/12/1778 John HAGLEY     Alice POLLARD    
05/03/1779 James MULLINS     Elizabeth ROWE    
25/03/1779 John EVANS     Maria Sophia EATON    
11/08/1779 John BAMPTON     Mary BASTOW    
04/10/1779 Francis POTTER     Sarah LEE    
28/10/1779 John SYMONS     Frances WALKER    
29/11/1779 Samuel FEARHALL     Elizabeth MANNING    
05/12/1779 James GILES     Eleanor DAVIS    
01/01/1780 William POCOCK     Frances LANE    
27/01/1780 Samuel MADDICK     Jane PRYNN    
22/02/1780 Alexander WAKEFIELD     Ann MORSE    
26/03/1780 George OSBORN     Sarah DINHAM    
26/03/1780 Richard FOURACRES     Mary HOOPER    
30/03/1780 Thomas STUBBERFIELD     Betty SHARLAND    
26/04/1780 William HOOK     Mary Emmet KNOWSLEY    
14/05/1780 Thomas CHAPMAN     Mary MURCH    
16/05/1780 Charles BOUTCHER     Ann BINFORD    
18/05/1780 Thomas YOUNG     Agnes WILLS    
26/05/1780 John OUGHTON     Mary TROAK    
16/06/1780 John POLLARD     Elizabeth WELLINGTON    
01/08/1780 William HACKWORTHY     Mary EASTMENT    
24/08/1780 Thomas MELLUISH     Betty DAVY    
02/10/1780 Charles GALE     Mary CALWAY    
02/10/1780 William WOOLCOMBE     Ann WALKER    
04/10/1780 John SMITH     Hester NEWMAN    
30/10/1780 Robert SHALLIS     Catherine HODGE    
19/12/1780 Robert GALE     Joanna WEYGOOD    
17/04/1781 John GILL     Elizabeth LEE    
26/04/1781 Joseph NORTHCOTE     Elizabeth FLOUD    
17/07/1781 William NEWTON     Mary PILKINGTON    
03/09/1781 Joseph SPERING     Elizabeth ATKINS    
04/11/1781 William QUICK     Mary BICKLEY    
25/12/1781 Samuel FLETCHER     Elizabeth PENCAVY    
07/01/1782 Peter Charlton OWEN   Crediton Mary WOODROW    
14/01/1782 James Shutter WILLIAMS   Bristol, Gloucestershire Anna Maria SWEETING    
03/03/1782 Daniel ASHTON   Seaton & Beer Sarah ASH    
02/04/1782 William HAGLEY   Ilminster, Somerset Ann MORGAN   Bedford Chapel, Exeter
07/04/1782 John SQUIRE   Heavitree Mary LLOYDE    
21/04/1782 John MORRISH     Ann PERRY    
24/04/1782 Samuel FRANKLING     Virtue LEWIS    
13/06/1782 Robert SALMONS     Ann BAKER    
30/07/1782 Paul JACE     Mary BEER    
14/08/1782 Abraham KNIGHT   Cullompton Catherine DINNEFORD    
19/08/1782 William MAY     Sarah CANE    
27/09/1782 Jeremiah HEWER     Mary COURTIS    
10/11/1782 William MOGRIDGE     Susanna LAMPREY    
18/12/1782 Charles MANLY     Ann PALFREMAN    
02/02/1783 John DENNIS     Priscilla PEAREY    
30/03/1783 Thomas MORSE     Nutty JORDAN    
03/04/1783 William BRANSCOMBE     Mary TUCKER    
18/07/1783 John PARSONS     Mary CARN    
23/07/1783 John HORE     Mary WILLS    
12/08/1783 Edward COLLIS     Ann BURBYDGE    
21/08/1783 Nicholas ROWE     Elizabeth ROSEDEW    
17/11/1783 William GALE     Margaret VOYSEY    
11/12/1783 James DAVIS     Margaret PYLE    
07/03/1784 Orlando KALLENDER     Mary ALLEY    
21/03/1784 John DOWNING     Martha SMITH    
21/05/1784 John BRADY     Mary LASKEY    
24/05/1784 Aaron WORLICK     Rebecca HORN    
15/06/1784 Richard BISHOP     Jane JENKINS    
14/08/1784 Elias BURROW     Kitty KNOTT    
16/09/1784 Richard TOWNSEND     Sarah HUXTABLE    
22/12/1784 James POPE     Betty THOMAS    
07/02/1785 John COWIE   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Mary SCREECH   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
27/04/1785 John HILL   Barnstaple Frances ERVING    
30/04/1785 John HUNT   St Olave, Exeter Lydia MANNING   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
13/06/1785 Joseph PHILLIPS     Ann CORDING    
26/06/1785 Robert BAILY   Bedford Chapel, Exeter Elizabeth DINNING   Bedford Chapel, Exeter
23/08/1785 Samuel CAME   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Mary STEPHENS   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
28/11/1785 Thomas GOSS   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Ann COWLY    
01/01/1786 Simon MORGAN   Topsham Elizabeth BAKER    
30/04/1786 John BENNET     Sarah HAWKINS    
25/06/1786 Matthew FROST   St Olave, Exeter Mary WILLS   Bedford Chapel, Exeter
24/07/1786 John LYON   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Elizabeth Penelope FURSDEN   St Martin, Exeter
25/12/1786 Thomas SHALLIS     Bridget JOHNS    
10/01/1787 William JAMES     Mary COOPER    
21/01/1787 Thomas IRELAND   Sunderland, Durham Mary FOLLET    
01/04/1787 Richard POPE     Elizabeth STEER    
08/04/1787 William SOPER   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Ann WHITE   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
18/04/1787 Anthony FOX   Dawlish Ann BLANSFORD    
24/04/1787 Robert JOYNT     Elizabeth ADAMS    
14/05/1787 Moses GARD   Crowcombe, Somerset Ann BUXTON    
26/07/1787 Charles WESTCOTT   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Mary ISAAC    
31/07/1787 Elias PONSFORD   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Elizabeth SHILSON   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
09/09/1787 George AVENT   Holy Trinity, Exeter Mary DORDEN   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
25/09/1787 John BLANCHARD   Bedford Chapel, Exeter Elizabeth DARKE   Bedford Chapel, Exeter
08/11/1787 William HAYNAM   Payhembury Melony STAFFORD    
26/12/1787 William TUCKER   St Gluvias, Cornwall Susanna STEER    
25/02/1788 John PARKER   St Mary Major, Exeter Ann HAWKINS    
23/03/1788 John PASSMORE   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Susanna CORRICK   Bedford Chapel, Exeter
01/07/1788 Samuel ADAMS   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Mary BROCK   Bradninch
30/08/1788 James BENNET     Betty CHAPPEL    
22/10/1788 John PERRING     Martha Mary HARWOOD   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
02/02/1789 James BLAKE     Martha Mary HARWOOD   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
14/04/1789 John THORNE   Milverton, Somerset Ann KERSLAKE   Bedford Chapel, Exeter
14/04/1789 Thomas MAYNE   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Elizabeth CAME   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
01/09/1789 William MORREN     Jane WEBB    
26/12/1789 Henry SMITH   St John, Exeter Elizabeth Sainthill EVANS    
16/01/1790 William BUCKLEY     Elizabeth YOUNG    
27/03/1790 William NEYLE   Brixham Anna Eleanora HICKS    
21/04/1790 Isaac ELLIOTT   East Teignmouth Elizabeth DRAKE   Bedford Chapel, Exeter
25/04/1790 Alexander BUZZACOTT   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Elizabeth CODNER   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
20/06/1790 John FORCE     Elizabeth CORRICK   Bedford Chapel, Exeter
14/08/1790 James CLEALAND   Ireland Sarah ANDREWS   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
27/10/1790 John DOWNE   St Clement, Cornwall Rachael NOTT    
05/01/1791 Andrew Lovering SARELL   St Clement Danes, Westminster, Middlesex Ann RULE Single  
06/03/1791 William TAYLOR     Hannah KERSLAKE   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
20/03/1791 Thomas CONYERS   Bishopsteignton Margaret STOOKE Single  
17/04/1791 Samuel HAYES     Elizabeth SOPER    
12/05/1791 John BUSTARD   Tiverton Frances BEAL    
05/06/1791 Richard DEWDNEY   St Mary Arches, Exeter Harriet SWEETLAND Single All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
07/06/1791 William BOTTOM     Ann REY    
24/12/1791 George SHORT   Cathedral, Exeter Elizabeth STOODLY Single  
01/03/1792 James TREDINNICK     Ann SARELL    
19/04/1792 Thomas VICKARS     Mary WARREN   St Martin, Exeter
17/06/1792 Isaac ROBINSON     Betsy WILEY    
01/07/1792 James ROSS   St Lawrence, Exeter Rebecca OATS   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
10/07/1792 Bartholomew PARR   Bedford Chapel, Exeter Maria CODRINGTON   Bradninch
19/08/1792 Edward HILLMAN     Mary AVENT    
05/11/1792 Ambrose PRING     Sarah CASELY    
02/12/1792 Charles PLEASE   St Paul, Exeter Sarah RICHARDS    
12/12/1792 Thomas WESTLAKE   St Mary Major, Exeter Ann EDGECOMBE    
27/01/1793 Edward STOKES   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Sarah YOULDEN   St Lawrence, Exeter
28/01/1793 James PENNY   St Petrock, Exeter Elizabeth LANE    
14/02/1793 John JACOB   City Of London Ann DAVIS   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
07/04/1793 John SOUTHWOOD     Ann SANDERS    
16/04/1793 James DAW     Catherine BROWN    
14/05/1793 Thomas DAVEY   St Mary Major, Exeter Elizabeth PICKARD   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
22/06/1793 Michael DUNSTERVILLE   Plymouth Elizabeth SMITH    
22/09/1793 John THORNE   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Sarah NAPPER   St David, Exeter
15/10/1793 John WESSON   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Elizabeth PHILLIPS   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
28/11/1793 James SLIST     Ann ATKINS    
06/10/1794 Thomas Cooper WHELLIER     Sarah Call TERRELL   Kenton
22/12/1794 John ROBERTS   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Sarah ESWORTHY   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
27/04/1795 Samuel RICHARDS     Ann BOWDEN   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
03/05/1795 Robert HAWKES     Mary VIGAS   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
02/08/1795 Richard AUNGER     Ann LAMPREY   Bedford Chapel, Exeter
10/11/1795 John CLARKE     Susanna RUSSELL    
21/12/1795 Joseph LUGG   Bedford Chapel, Exeter Martha PITTS   Bedford Chapel, Exeter
30/12/1795 Charles UPHAM   St Martin, Exeter Tammy CARTHEW    
24/01/1796 Robert HELLIER     Elizabeth WOODWARD    
26/01/1796 William GATTEY   St Mary Steps, Exeter Elizabeth WOOLMER    
01/09/1796 Daniel ANDREWS     Ann MANLEY    
06/11/1796 John MATT     Ann BOONE    
05/12/1796 Charles LARKING     Joanna LAKE    
19/12/1796 Daniel WATTS   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Jane BALL   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
12/01/1797 Morgan SWINY     Christian DELVES    
25/02/1797 David BOWDIGE     Elizabeth TREWMAN   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
11/03/1797 Henry PEARSE   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Harriott TUCKER   All Hallows On The Walls, Exeter
24/05/1797 William HARROD     Harriot BUCKNELL    
26/09/1797 William CHAPLIN   Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire Sarah DAVIS   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
26/12/1797 Charles MARSHALL   Bedford Chapel, Exeter Ann SPEKE   Bedford Chapel, Exeter
29/12/1797 Samuel WEST   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Mary FREE   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
13/01/1798 William COCKRAM     Ann ELSTON    
17/01/1798 Abraham TOZER     Ann PICKARD    
14/02/1798 William ADAMS     Mary SOUTHARD    
02/03/1798 William STILES     Elizabeth BOND    
14/03/1798 Charles Edward SHIPTON     Ann EASTON    
18/03/1798 Thomas TUCKER     Ann DAWE    
01/04/1798 Henry DOWTON     Anna Maria SWEETLAND    
16/04/1798 John COUCH     Sarah PLEASE    
22/04/1798 William JOHNS     Elizabeth BOX    
30/04/1798 Robert GARLAND     Sarah BLAKE    
03/07/1798 John HYDE     Mary WESTON    
14/10/1798 Elisha BONNER     Hannah PARSONS    
18/12/1798 James DYER     Betty LYDDON    
17/02/1799 Samuel LAMBDEN   Stoke Damerel Mary SALTER   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
24/03/1799 James BOWRING     Mary LANGBRIDGE    
29/06/1799 John HARWARD   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Mary BURROWS   St Paul, Exeter
02/08/1799 Samuel SPENCER   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Elizabeth LACEY   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
03/09/1799 Noah WHIDDON   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Elizabeth DARKE   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
03/09/1799 Bennet Stevenson SIDWELL   St Sidwell, Exeter Lucia DAVIS   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
17/11/1799 George ROWE     Elizabeth RICHARDS    
29/01/1800 Richard GOLD   St Pancras, Exeter Ann SANDERS    
15/02/1800 Jonathan RICHARDS     Susanna ELLIS   Bedford Chapel, Exeter
01/07/1800 Henry LAPTHORN   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Sarah CARTER   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
09/07/1800 John SHIPARD   Whimple Elizabeth TOZER    
10/08/1800 John LAURENCE   St Mary Arches, Exeter Mary PIKE    
20/09/1800 John REED   St Lawrence, Exeter Margaret JENKINS    
20/10/1800 James ROBERTS   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Sarah WILSON   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
27/01/1801 James PAVEY     Mary MANLEY    
16/02/1801 John BAZZIL     Ann CREDIFORD    
22/02/1801 Samuel STOCKER     Esther NORSA    
21/03/1801 John Henry BALL     Charlotte HAYCRAFT    
08/05/1801 Edward BACK     Ann Scrimshire WHEELER    
16/07/1801 James BROWN     Hannah CULVERVELL    
27/07/1801 John Hugh Paisley POLSON     Frances Sarah STOODLEY    
17/09/1801 Richard BICKNELL     Joannah PETT    
11/10/1801 Robert CULLUM     Rebecca PIKE    
16/01/1802 Thomas HILL   St Martin, Exeter Frances BOUTCHER    
14/03/1802 William PEATS   St Mary Steps, Exeter Mary PICKARD   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
10/04/1802 John GUBB   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Mary SMITH   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
07/06/1802 James WEST   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Mary BRAY   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter
27/07/1802 Henry DOWNING   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Elizabeth MATTHEWS    
04/08/1802 Robert MIDDLETON   Drewsteignton Elizabeth MORTIMER    
11/10/1802 Thomas HAYNE   Launceston, Cornwall Maria NEWCOMBE   Bedford Chapel, Exeter
24/06/1804 William PEDRICK     Elizabeth BRYANT    
06/08/1804 Robert STRINGER   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Mary RICHARDSON    
25/08/1804 Nicholas LONEY     Elizabeth PERRY    
15/10/1804 Robert LOCKYER     Jane PIDGEON    
20/10/1804 William NASH     Sarah SHIPTON    
05/12/1804 Edward DAVIS     Winifred PHILIPS    
03/03/1805 John MEDLAND     Elizabeth KINGDON    
00/00/1806 Joseph TAYLOR   Cullompton Hannah NATION    
00/00/1806 William CURSON     Sarah MURCH   St Sidwell, Exeter
00/00/1806 Henry REXFORD     Martha MARDON    
00/00/1806 John HILLMAN     Sarah BAKER    
00/00/1806 William LAKE     Mary PARISH    
00/00/1806 William GALE   St Paul, Exeter Elizabeth THORN   Bedford Chapel, Exeter
00/00/1806 Barnett FRY   Heavitree Christian WESTLAKE    
00/00/1806 Joseph STEER     Ann BREWER    
08/02/1807 George WESTCOTT     Sarah HOOPER   Bedford Chapel, Exeter
16/02/1807 John SCANES     Sarah HOOPER    
14/06/1807 John STABBACK   Topsham Elizabeth ROWE    
23/07/1807 John Treby MATHEW   St Thomas, Exeter Frances Sexton LOTT    
31/08/1807 James CLOUGH     Mary CRISPIN    
02/09/1807 John PORTBURY   St Mary Major, Exeter Susanna WILLIAMS    
16/02/1808 Thomas STEER     Elizabeth PHEY    
26/04/1808 James WELLINGTON     Susanna HAWKINS    
26/05/1808 James Tucker HERBERT     Mary MORTIMORE    
19/06/1808 Richard CORNELIUS     Jane CLOWE    
27/08/1808 John DENHAM     Martha FORD    
04/09/1808 Thomas SLOMAN     Mary MAY    
17/09/1808 Thomas STOKES     Hannah PARKES    
26/09/1808 Robert STONE     Susanna CHUBB    
08/10/1808 Daniel PARKIN     Catherine CULVERWELL    
14/01/1809 Henry TARBART     Jane BALL    
23/02/1809 James LOCKYER     Mary SHIPCOTT    
23/04/1809 William MARSH   St David, Exeter Mary BARTLETT    
04/06/1809 William BURN   St Lawrence, Exeter Grace CAUSEY   Bedford Chapel, Exeter
00/00/1810 John WOODMAN     Mary PONSFORD    
00/00/1810 Thomas LAND     Ann BOARD    
00/00/1810 John LANE     Mary SILLER    
00/00/1810 Thomas WILLIS     Faith SMITH    
00/00/1810 John WILLIAMS     Elizabeth MELHUISH    
00/00/1810 John Elliott PYE     Harriet BRANSCOMBE    
00/00/1810 Hugh MANLEY     Sarah MANLEY    
00/00/1810 Job GRACE     Sarah GALSWORTHY    
00/00/1811 William BROMLEY     Mary HOCKADAY    
00/00/1811 Thomas WESTLAKE     Rebecca DRAKE    
00/00/1811 Henry CHANNING     Ann Gould WARREN    
00/00/1811 George BOLDRICK     Mary GRANT    
00/00/1811 William KNIGHT     Mary DULSTON    
00/00/1811 Richard PETER     Mary MOORE    
00/00/1811 Ishmael BALE     Elizabeth TAYLOR    
00/00/1811 Thomas ISAAC     Elizabeth PALK    
00/00/1812 John CAWDLE     Mary SOPER    
00/00/1812 Samuel BOWAN     Susanna BIGGS    
00/00/1812 William BARRETT     Mary CHAPMAN    
00/00/1812 Henry COPP     Sidwell HAWKINS    
00/00/1812 John HAYCRAFT     Ann BOUTCHER    
1 20/07/1813 Thomas Anthony CAUSEY   All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Wilmot MARSH    
2 01/08/1813 William WALLING   Topsham Sarah BUDD    
3 28/10/1813 James ROWE     Mary BOND Single Bedford Chapel, Exeter
4 16/11/1813 William SHEERS     Elizabeth COUCH Single  
5 11/04/1814 William OSMOND     Mary MUGFORD   Bedford Chapel, Exeter
6 11/04/1814 Henry BASS   St Clement, Dartmouth Rebecca SKINNER   Bedford Chapel, Exeter
7 02/09/1814 Frederick CORFIELD   Taunton, Somerset Grace TREAD    
8 08/09/1814 John FORSE     Mary MILDON    
9 01/11/1814 James MOORE     Elizabeth SHEPPEARD    
10 24/03/1815 William MARTIN   St Lawrence, Exeter Elizabeth PRING    
11 27/03/1815 Richard DYER   St Paul, Exeter Susanna DYER    
12 01/04/1815 Richard BORNE   St Mary Arches, Exeter Ann HALL    
13 09/04/1815 Joseph KEEN     Martha STUCKEY    
14 16/05/1815 William HEYWOOD     Elizabeth BOUCHER   Bedford Chapel, Exeter
15 15/07/1815 Thomas MAY   Stoke Damerel Marianne HOWELL    
16 06/08/1815 John STEAR     Jane WAKEHAM   Bedford Chapel, Exeter
17 16/08/1815 John OSBORN     Mary ANDREWS    
18 02/12/1815 Frederick TOWNSEND   St Thomas, Exeter Ann GALE    
19 24/12/1815 Samuel LOVERN   Burrington Mary MITSON    
20 22/01/1816 John BROWN   West Teignmouth Mary COOSE   Bedford Chapel, Exeter
21 17/03/1816 Andrew BEER   West Teignmouth Ann STYLES    
22 02/04/1816 John HAYMAN Single   Elizabeth COLE Single Bedford Chapel, Exeter
23 02/09/1816 William TWIGGS Single   Catharine FLAXMAN Single  
24 20/09/1816 Joseph PHILLIPS   West Teignmouth Sarah GALE Single  
25 25/09/1816 Edward JOHNS   Aylesbeare Prudence MULLINS    
26 03/01/1817 James TAPPER Single   Sally ROWE Single  
27 07/09/1817 James TRAILS Single Crediton Elizabeth NICKS Single  
28 07/09/1817 Richard THOMAS Single Holy Trinity, Exeter Sarah Elizabeth GOODING Single  
29 20/09/1817 Robert HAKE   All Hallows On The Walls, Exeter Frances MARSH Single  
30 01/02/1818 James PITTMAN Single St Martin, Exeter Mary HOWELL Widow  
31 15/02/1818 John BEER Single   Grace DAGWORTHY Single Bedford Chapel, Exeter
32 23/05/1818 Richard EDWARDS Widower   Kerenhappuch BAKER Widow  
33 16/06/1818 Samuel TURNER     Mary PETHYBRIDGE    
34 30/07/1818 William BOWDEN Single   Mary WELLINGTON Single St Mary Major, Exeter
35 10/08/1818 William TOZER   Ermington Sarah THOMAS Single  
36 04/09/1818 Richard BAKER Single   Mary Ann BRADFORD Single  
37 14/09/1818 Mark BOWDEN     Honour STEPHENS Single  
38 03/10/1818 Edward BOWDEN   St Sidwell, Exeter Sarah PIPER Single  
39 22/02/1819 Thomas CROCKER Single Bedford Chapel, Exeter Elizabeth FLEXMAN Single Bedford Chapel, Exeter
40 31/03/1819 John BALSOM   West Teignmouth Ann LANGDON Single  
41 18/06/1819 Henry TROAKE   St Lawrence, Exeter Elizabeth Ann VICKERY Single  
42 08/08/1819 Samuel Dunn BUZZACOTT Widower All Hallows Goldsmith St, Exeter Ann KINGDOM Widow  
43 27/09/1819 Jacob ELLIOTT   Ilminster, Somerset Elizabeth GARNSEY    
44 05/12/1819 Thomas PRIDHAM     Ann PROWSE Widow  
45 26/12/1819 Joseph JENKINS Single   Mary COOSE Single  
46 16/04/1820 William THOMS Single Cathedral, Exeter Mary VICKERS Single  
47 07/05/1820 William Adams HEATH   East Allington Sarah Gorwyn LAMBERT Single  
48 28/06/1820 William DISCOMBE   St David, Exeter Mary VINSON Single  
49 03/09/1820 Joseph TREGLOWN     Jemima PALMER Single  
50 10/09/1820 Richard MILFORD Widower Bedford Chapel, Exeter Mary BACK Widow Bedford Chapel, Exeter
51 05/11/1820 William CUMMING Single   Elizabeth LEWIS Single  
52 02/04/1821 John BEER Single   Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
53 05/01/1822 William DANBY   Masham, Yorkshire Anne Holwell GATER Single Bedford Chapel, Exeter
54 26/01/1822 William Hex VENN Widower Whimple Margaret GALE Single  
55 20/04/1822 David REW Single St Kerrian, Exeter Jane PIPER    
56 23/06/1822 James John RENWICK Single Newington, Surrey Charlotte BOWDITCH Single  
57 03/11/1822 John SKINNER Single   Catherine TOOZE Single  
58 24/11/1822 Henry HAWKER Widower Lympstone Ann SHIPTON Single  
59 30/11/1822 William WESTON Single   Mary THORESBY Single  
60 07/12/1822 James RENDEL Single Aylesbeare Ann ABBOTT Single Bedford Chapel, Exeter
61 19/01/1823 John PENCAPEL Single   Elizabeth LUCKIS Single  
62 27/01/1823 Samuel RENDEL Single   Sarah JOHNS Single  
63 02/05/1823 John KYTE Widower   Martha MOXEY Widow  
64 11/05/1823 Richard JOHNS Single   Sarah BABB Single  
65 20/05/1823 Charles Thomas EALES Single Dawlish Frances Elizabeth DANIELL Single Bedford Chapel, Exeter
66 23/06/1823 Samuel QUICK Single St Marylebone, Middlesex Mary Ann CRUSE Single  
67 12/08/1823 Octavius PALMER     Marcella Carew COLES Single Sidmouth
68 14/01/1824 William ROACH Single Bedford Chapel, Exeter Ann BRIMECOMBE Single Bedford Chapel, Exeter
69 25/03/1824 John SNOW Single Bedford Chapel, Exeter Ann SOWDON Single Bedford Chapel, Exeter
70 02/05/1824 Joseph DARKE Single   Sarah Denning BOWDITCH Single St George, Exeter
71 12/06/1824 Charles PIPPETT Single   Elizabeth Randall ELLARD Single St Mary, Taunton, Somerset
72 05/07/1824 Joseph WESTCOMBE Widower   Mary TUCKER Single Bradninch
73 24/08/1824 William SMALE Single Bedford Chapel, Exeter Elizabeth PRATT Single  
74 14/11/1824 Joseph ESERY   Bedford Chapel, Exeter Patience MARKER   Bedford Chapel, Exeter
75 22/12/1824 John BINGHAM   Bedford Chapel, Exeter Frances Eleanora WOOLCOMBE   Bedford Chapel, Exeter
76 09/05/1825 William MOUNTSTEPHEN Single West Teignmouth Mary HARRIS Single  
77 15/09/1825 Robert TURBENT   Bedford Chapel, Exeter Ann GILL   St Lawrence, Exeter
78 22/12/1825 Richard CLAPSON Single Withycombe Raleigh Elizabeth COLSON Single  
79 11/03/1827 Thomas PRIDHAM Widower   Martha PENWARDEN Single St David, Exeter
80 20/09/1827 Charles SUGARS Single St Clement Danes, Westminster, Middlesex Mary Ann MEDLAND    
81 12/10/1827 William FRAY Single   Ann STELLARD Single East Teignmouth
82 08/01/1828 George Thomas PARKE   Ireland Jane Hicks SPICER Single Bedford Chapel, Exeter
83 13/04/1828 Robert BOWDEN Single   Elizabeth Rookes SLOCOMBE Single Heavitree
84 22/06/1828 Robert VANSTONE Single   Mary MOORE Single  
85 03/03/1829 Jacob Phillips HEIFE Single Bedford Chapel, Exeter Sarah Fletcher HOWLETT Single Dunchideock
86 11/07/1829 William TRICKS Single Holy Trinity, Exeter Fanny SNOW Single  
87 04/10/1829 Charles HALL Single   Elizabeth WARREN Single Bedford Chapel, Exeter
88 10/11/1829 Henry COLESWORTHY Single Honiton Mary AMES Single  
89 15/11/1829 John OSMEND Single   Harriet CLARK Single  
90 17/01/1830 James GOODWIN Single St Sidwell, Exeter Sarah LINSCOTT Single  
91 28/02/1830 William FROST Widower   Charlotte BIDGOOD Widow Cathedral, Exeter
92 07/04/1830 William JOHNS Widower   Harriett GILBERT Widow St Sidwell, Exeter
93 10/05/1830 William OSMOND Single   Ann TAYLOR Single  
94 24/08/1830 William Reuben KING Single City Of London Agnes Weston GALE Single  
95 26/09/1830 John CORNISH Single   Elizabeth HELLINS Single  
96 13/12/1830 James HARLEY Single Lambeth, Surrey Eliza PYE Single  
97 29/03/1831 William VEALE Single   Grace HARRIS Single  
98 04/04/1831 James STRADLING Single Wellington, Somerset Harriet NEWCOMBE Single  
99 07/05/1831 David MCTAGGART Widower   Sarah RADFORD Single Bedford Chapel, Exeter
100 12/05/1831 John Daymond ELLIS   St Botolph Bishopsgate, City Of London Maria BURY    
101 29/08/1831 Richard Hayward WOODMAN Single   Ann Tilman BAKER Single Littleham By Exmouth
102 04/10/1831 William Hayward WOODMAN Single   Mary LINSCOTT Single  
103 27/11/1831 Joseph FELL   Camerton, Cumberland Patience DARKE Single  
104 02/01/1832 William ROWDEN Widower   Elizabeth Lewis WALKLEY Widow  
105 08/01/1832 James RIDLER Single   Ann HALL Single  
106 02/04/1832 Nicholas WALDORN Single   Susan BRELEY Single  
107 22/04/1832 Charles STOKES Single   Sarah CLARK Single  
108 13/05/1832 Henry POTTER Single   Sarah LUCY Single  
109 03/02/1833 Daniel MARTIN Single   Elizabeth WEEKS Single  
110 16/10/1833 Thomas OSMOND   Stockleigh English Hannah Ridler RIDLER    
111 12/01/1834 Thomas MELHUISH     Mary WAKLEY    
112 07/02/1834 James GODBEER   St Thomas, Exeter Susanna BOWDEN    
113 27/02/1834 John Francis NEWMAN     Caroline NEWCOMBE    
114 24/08/1834 Thomas WILKINSON Single   Maria VICARY Single  
115 12/11/1834 Samuel KNIGHT Single   Sarah GIBBENS Single  
116 27/01/1835 Michael Henry DAVEY Widower   Mary HAMLYN Single Bishops Hull, Somerset
117 06/06/1835 William LINSCOTT     Mary MATTHEWS   St Mary Major, Exeter
118 24/07/1836 John Henry THOMAS   St John, Exeter Mary METHERELL    
119 06/10/1836 Henry TINCOMBE     Mary Ann HUMPHREYS    
120 24/12/1836 John Johnson CORY     Elizabeth Gostwyck GARD    
121 23/02/1837 Jonathan BOUCHER     Elizabeth FRY    

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