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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Holsworthy St Peter & St Paul


The Parish

The parish of Holsworthy lies in the extreme west of Devon quite close to its border with neighbouring Cornwall. Holsworthy is located about 18 miles southwest of the port of Bideford and around 9 miles east of the Cornish seaside resort of Bude. Holsworthy is a small market town sitting at the crossroads of the A388 (Bideford to Launceston road) with the A3072 (Bude to Hatherleigh road). Holsworthy's market was granted as early as the 12th century and whilst it is not as large as it once was its livestock market held every Wednesday is one of the largest in the area. The presence of the livestock market indicates the principal source of economic activity in its hinterland, a small manufacturing industry, of spinning yarn for blankets, died out soon after the industrial revolution made it uneconomic. Today Holsworthy remains a principal shopping centre for its local area but the remoteness of its location means it has failed to grow beyond its small market town size, a process exacerbated by the loss of its rail line in the 1960s cuts. Holsworthy is drained southwards by the River Deer which soon joins the Tamar and heads for the English Channel through the port of Plymouth. Holsworthy is sited between 110 and 140 metres above the sea, the church and town centre sitting on the highest point of the ridge above the Deer's valley, local heights rise to almost 190 metres to the east in deeply incised and rolling countryside. Holsworthy parish, as befits a market town, was one of the larger in the area, it covered around 9,500 acres and would have supported a population of busy under 1,900 parishioners. In Domesday times Holsworthy was a much smaller place, held directly by King William it could offer an impressive 28 ploughs but relatively small meadows, pastures & woodlands.

The Church

St Peter & St Paul's church sits on the highest point of the ridge where the two main roads heading north & west, respectively, split with the church on the eastern side of that junction. St Peter & St Paul is an impressive piece, typically sized for a market town, but the majority of its fabric is the result of major restorations (almost rebuilding) during the Victorian period. Scant evidence remains of the earliest church, just a pair of stones in the southern porch, which was Norman. There were significant restorations in 1858, 1865 & the most marked in 1882 resulting in today's building. The church sits on its junction behind a knee-height wall with its immense western tower almost flush with the pavements, with trees dotted around the churchyard this is a difficult church to adequately photograph except from outside the churchyard.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 7th April 1754 - 9th September 1799 Devon Record Office - Reference - 2901A/PR/1/6 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 6th November 1799 - 21st October 1812 Devon Record Office - Reference - 2901A/PR/1/7 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 3rd January 1813 - 13th April 1837 Devon Record Office - Reference - 2901A/PR/1/8 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads Poor handwriting makes it likely that some misreads will have occurred, hopefully they will be few in number but such is the quality that it is possible there may be more than that.

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Milton Damerel Holy Trinity
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Cookbury St John & the Seven Maccabees
Pyworthy St Swithun
Clawton St Leonard
Clawton St Leonard
Clawton St Leonard
Hollacombe St Petrock

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
03/02/1754 William LEE     Elizabeth HIGGINS    
23/02/1754 Richard TARDREW     Judeth JEWEL    
22/03/1754 Charles TRIBBLE     Mary AVERY    
22/03/1754 William OLIVER     Susanna SERGEANT    
24/03/1754 John TRIBBLE     Alice RUST    
24/03/1754 Richard VOGWELL     Susanna POLE    
24/03/1754 William CROCKER     Susanna METHERELL    
1 07/04/1754 John PERKIN   Pyworthy Mary HOLEMAN Single  
2 16/04/1754 Richard GREENAWAY   Kilkhampton, Cornwall Joan GLIDDEN Single  
3 01/07/1754 John GLIDDON     Joan MARTIN Single  
4 05/02/1755 John WOOD     Grace BRIMMACOMBE Single  
5 19/08/1755 George PAWLEY     Anne GLIDDEN Single  
6 15/10/1755 Christopher JEWEL     Anne HOSKIN Single  
7 23/11/1755 John HANGER     Grace PERKIN Single  
8 26/11/1755 Richard TREBLE     Mary COLE Single  
9 24/12/1755 William BENNETT     Elizabeth CAWKER Single  
10 27/04/1756 Edward GIMLETT Single   Mary PEARCE Single  
11 28/04/1756 Samuel COLE Widower Pyworthy Elizabeth TINCKHAM Single  
12 31/07/1756 Thomas BOWHAY Widower   Patience ROBINS Single Pyworthy
13 22/11/1757 Henry GIMLET Single   Mary BREMACOM Single  
14 03/01/1758 John CLEAVE Single   Elizabeth STADDEN Single  
15 19/03/1758 John JORDAN Single Pyworthy Joan PERKIN Single  
16 31/03/1758 John CAWKER Single   Elizabeth HEYSET Single  
17 25/06/1758 Daniel CORNISH Single   Mary CLEAVE Single  
18 09/04/1759 John BASSET Widower   Elizabeth UPRIGHT Single  
19 27/04/1759 Matthew POOLLEY Single Warbstow, Cornwall Mary CHAPMAN Single  
20 29/10/1759 Richard DEYMAN     Agness ALLEN Single  
21 26/12/1759 William HANGER Single   Elizabeth TODD Single  
22 13/04/1760 John BROMELL     Joan HANGER    
23 16/06/1760 Samuel LEY     Martha BOWHAY    
24 21/09/1760 Robert PHILP     Grace PERKINS    
25 24/06/1761 William CORNISH     Catherine HOCKIN    
26 15/09/1761 John BETLY     Elizabeth COLE    
27 11/04/1762 William BROMELL     Elizabeth BUDD    
28 11/04/1762 John YEO     Elizabeth CAWSEY    
29 20/05/1762 William COLE     Margaret HAMMETT    
30 23/05/1762 William LANG     Jane BREMACOM    
31 08/09/1762 Samuel MONKLEY   Great Torrington Mary SLEMAN    
32 18/10/1762 Thomas CHANNON   Topsham Elizabeth NOTTLE    
33 15/11/1762 John UPRIGHT     Elizabeth PARR    
34 27/03/1763 Emanuel JEWELL Single   Susanna WILLIAMS Single  
35 03/04/1763 William BRIMACOMBE Single   Elizabeth MILL   Broadwoodwidger
36 01/05/1763 Thomas MILL Single   Elizabeth BARKWELL    
37 04/05/1763 John DENNIS   St Martin, Exeter Judith KINGDON Single  
38 17/05/1763 John BUSSELL Single   Mary HYSSETT    
39 23/06/1763 Daniel HEWETT     Mary KINGDON Single  
40 21/09/1763 Samuel PAWLY     Elizabeth CORNISH Single  
41 20/02/1764 Thomas ROWE Single   Mary SLEMAN Widow  
42 17/04/1764 Timothy BASSETT     Elizabeth FREAN Single  
43 22/04/1764 Elisha DENNIS Single   Grace YEO Single  
44 22/04/1764 William CRABB Single   Elizabeth WILCOX Single  
45 05/06/1764 Gideon HOCKADAY Widower   Margaret BARNES Widow  
46 07/01/1765 John BRIMACOMBE Single   Thomasin BADCOCK Single  
47 16/02/1765 Thomas CLEAVE Single   Elizabeth HEADON Single  
48 23/02/1765 William Rodd BECKALECK Single Welcombe Mary FREAN Single  
49 21/03/1765 Parmenas PEARCE     Martha SKINNER Single  
50 27/03/1765 John BLAKE Single Pancrasweek Mary GIDDY    
51 29/03/1765 Joseph AVERY Single Bulkworthy Elizabeth ALLEN Single  
52 09/04/1765 Daniel SLEMAN     Mary BRAY Single  
53 16/04/1765 James PAYNE Single Bovey Tracey Mary TRICK Single  
54 17/04/1765 Henery GUY Single Poundstock, Cornwall Hannah EDWARDS Single  
55 17/04/1765 Samuel SMITH Single   Susannah HORTOP Single  
56 19/04/1765 John SAUNDERS Single   Anne CORNISH Single  
57 19/05/1765 Richard BOLE Single   Mary CRABB Single  
58 21/05/1765 Joseph BLAKE     Mary NOTTLE Single  
59 23/08/1765 William BLAKE Single   Grace KAIST Single  
60 02/09/1765 George FRAYNE Widower North Molton Susannah SPRY Widow  
61 24/09/1765 William RODD Single   Joan JEFFERY Single  
62 29/09/1765 John TREBLE Single Pyworthy Mary SWEET Single  
63 15/06/1766 Abraham SHEPHERD Widower   Elizabeth COLLINS    
64 16/11/1766 William COD Single   Agnes COLE Single  
65 16/04/1767 Samuel BOLE Single   Elizabeth JOLLA Single  
66 08/07/1767 John DOBLE Single   Hannah WADLAND Single  
67 13/09/1767 John GILBERT     Essex LOWER Single  
68 22/09/1767 John SLUGGETT Single   Margaret WADLAND Single  
69 22/05/1768 John HORTOP     Honour YEO Single  
70 24/05/1768 John CLIFTON     Mary PETHERICK Single  
71 26/06/1768 Thomas DENNIS Single   Elizabeth DOBLE Single  
72 13/07/1768 John HOOPER Single   Sarah JOLLA Single  
73 27/04/1769 Gregory BREMACOM Single   Gertrude GILBERT Single  
74 23/07/1769 Thomas MOCK Single   Honour GREGORY Single  
75 03/12/1769 John GIMLET Single   Hannah BASSET Single  
76 26/12/1769 Emmanuel BOLT     Mary ROGERS   Bickington
77 07/02/1770 Thomas YEO     Elizabeth PETHIC   Whitestone
78 14/02/1770 Stephen EARLE Single   Grace PERKIN Single  
79 27/02/1770 Richard CADD Single Bradford Charity EARLE Single  
80 06/05/1770 George BROWN Single   Elizabeth TRICK Single  
81 25/09/1770 William BOLE Single   Thomazine BOLE Widow  
82 11/11/1770 Philip AXWORTHY Single   Grace CADD Single  
83 16/12/1770 Thomas ANDREW Single   Anne COLLINS Single  
84 03/04/1771 John COLE Single   Mary ALLEN Single  
85 06/10/1771 John PEARCE     Mary COURTICE Single  
86 20/12/1771 John CROCKER Single Stratton, Cornwall Mary HOOPER Single  
87 05/04/1772 William SMITH Single   Grace BASSET Single  
88 10/04/1772 John HEYSSET   Pyworthy Elizabeth EARLE    
89 16/06/1772 Matthew BREMACOME Single   Elizabeth WALTER Single  
90 26/07/1772 John WALTER Single   Elizabeth BOSANKOE Single  
91 24/10/1772 Richard ABBET   Clawton Grace BEWES    
92 03/11/1772 John BAYLY Widower Axminster Anne CARLYLE Single  
93 28/03/1773 James SMALE     Sarah HART Single  
94 04/04/1773 William MILLMAN     Anne SLEEMAN Single  
95 27/04/1773 William DOBLE Single   Mary HEWETT Widow  
96 21/05/1773 John JEFFORD Widower   Dorothy BADCOCK Single  
97 04/07/1773 Richard EARLE   Clawton Mary MOCK Single  
98 05/10/1773 Richard HOSKIN Single   Elizabeth CADD Single  
99 08/11/1773 William RICHARDS Single West Woolfardisworthy Honour CADD Single  
100 15/02/1774 John DENICK     Anne COCK Single Virginstow
101 04/04/1774 William HOOPER     Dameras MOGFORD    
102 07/06/1774 James HERVEY     Joanna ALLEN Single  
103 19/06/1774 Richard HEARD Single   Elizabeth MILL Single  
104 07/05/1775 Thomas COURTICE Single   Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
105 25/06/1775 Nicholas ROBINS Single   Mary PATT Single  
106 09/07/1775 Richard GALSWORTHY     Elizabeth HUNTLEY    
107 09/07/1775 John MARTIN     Mary HOSKIN Single  
108 03/10/1775 William TAYLOR     Elizabeth TREBLE    
109 02/01/1776 Thomas PERKIN Widower Hollacombe Elizabeth BASSET Single  
110 24/03/1776 Richard CANN     Rachel STEWART    
111 01/04/1776 Walter COTTEN Single   Margaret EDWARDS Single  
112 21/04/1776 John DOBLE Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
113 30/04/1776 George ABBOT Single   Gertrude GOODMAN Single  
114 11/08/1776 Richard COTTON Single   Mary WETHERAGE Single  
115 26/09/1776 Joseph COOPER Widower   Martha COLE Single  
116 08/12/1776 John STADDON Widower   Anne TARDREW Single  
117 21/01/1777 Walter DOBLE     Mary CORNISH Single  
118 29/01/1777 William DAYMAN     Rebecca COLE Single  
119 23/03/1777 Philip BATTEN   Pyworthy Mary DOBLE Single  
120 13/04/1777 John HOSKIN     Elizabeth GILBERT Single  
121 15/06/1777 Parmenas WATTS   St Gennys, Cornwall Elizabeth HANGER Single  
122 07/07/1777 John PALMER     Joanna VEAL Single  
123 11/07/1777 John HOPPER     Priscilla JONES Single  
03/08/1777 Henry BOND     Mary MARTIN Single  
28/09/1777 Robert BALSDON Single   Elizabeth BASSET Single  
15/11/1777 John ALLET Single   Thomazine STROUD   Bradworthy
10/03/1778 William STEER     Penelope BARNES    
17/03/1779 Hugh OXENHAM Widower   Mary COLE Single  
23/03/1779 William FILE Single   Grace BOLE Single  
11/04/1779 Samuel EARLE Single   Joan BOUNDY Single  
29/04/1779 William ROBINS Single Bideford Elizabeth VEAL Single  
29/03/1780 Thomas HARRIS Widower   Susanna SHEPHERD Single  
30/03/1780 John CALLE Widower   Grace YEO Single  
30/03/1780 Samuel PAWLEY Single   Sarah BROMEL Single  
03/04/1780 William ROUTLEY Single   Thomazine PIPER Single  
16/04/1780 John YEO Single   Susanna ROWE Single  
27/04/1780 Richard ROBINS Single   Mary BOSANKOE Single  
30/04/1780 Benedictus Marwood KELLY Single   Mary COHAM Single  
20/08/1780 Thomas JENN     Mary DENFORD Single  
02/11/1780 Richard WEBB     Elizabeth BADCOCK Single  
25/03/1781 George STEPHENS Single   Elizabeth PEAT Single  
25/03/1781 John SULLIFANT Single   Margaret BOND Single  
01/04/1781 William SPRY Single Pyworthy Margaret WOOD Single  
01/04/1781 Peter FACY Single   Anne GOWMAN Single  
09/05/1781 Samuel BENNET Single   Prudence MARTIN Single  
10/06/1781 William HANCOCK Single   Anne GLYDDON    
24/06/1781 George EARLE Single   Mary HOSKIN Single  
07/11/1781 John RICHARDS     Mary CUTTING Single  
25/12/1781 John TREST     Grace GLOYNE Single  
26/03/1782 John HARVEY   Newton St Petrock Elizabeth COLE Single  
28/03/1782 John CROCKER Single Luffincott Catharine DOCKETT Single  
07/04/1782 Richard DINGLE Single   Ann GIMLET Single  
03/10/1782 Samuel SMALE   Clawton Alice COLLINS Single  
21/10/1782 Henry GAY Widower   Grace HINCH Single  
29/11/1782 John LEY Single   Mary HOCKADY Single  
27/01/1783 Thomas JONES     Elizabeth BISHOP Single  
25/03/1783 Peter SLEEMAN   Clawton Elizabeth VIGORS Single  
30/03/1783 John GLYDDON Single   Jane HEDDON Single  
22/04/1783 William HORWELL     Mary HORREL    
29/04/1783 John CORNISH     Joanna COLLINS Single  
07/07/1783 Robert PALMER   Buckland Monachorum Margaret VEAL Single  
10/09/1783 Richard CAWKER Single Exbourne Rebecca ROBINS Single  
17/12/1783 Edward YEO Single   Ann HOCKIN Widow  
08/03/1784 Richard PEAT   Pyworthy Penelope EVANS Single  
21/03/1784 John BROOK Single   Elizabeth BURROWS Single  
28/03/1784 Josias COLE Widower Pyworthy Ann FRY Single  
30/03/1784 Gideon BETTY Single   Elizabeth METHEREL    
02/04/1784 William BLAKE Single   Margaret BATE Single  
04/04/1784 John ROWE Single   Jane WILLIAMS Single  
12/04/1784 John BASSET Single   Grace CORNISH Single  
19/07/1784 John GOWMAN Single   Elizabeth CURTIS Single  
05/11/1784 Richard GOODMAN     Alice WILLS Single  
04/01/1785 John HAWKES   Oakham, Rutland Mary CLIFTON Single  
23/01/1785 Richard HONEY Single   Margaret FISHLEY Single  
28/03/1785 John CORNISH Single   Ann TAYLOR Single  
03/04/1785 John ALLIN Single   Martha HOOPER Single  
19/04/1785 William OLVER Single Stoke Climsland, Cornwall Ann EARLE Single  
25/04/1785 John BOSANKOE Widower   Sarah HOPPER Widow  
26/04/1785 William CORNISH Widower   Grace TRICK   Black Torrington
29/06/1785 Gideon LITTLEJOHNS     Mary CLEMENTS Single  
29/06/1785 John CORNISH Single   Elizabeth HOCKIN Single Sutcombe
17/07/1785 Samuel VEALE Single   Mary CORNISH    
17/02/1786 John SYMONDS     Mary FREAN    
19/03/1786 John HOCKIN   Hollacombe Elizabeth MARTIN Single  
26/03/1786 John BARKWELL Single   Elizabeth WONNACOTT Single  
21/05/1786 Thomas JEFFERY Single   Grace CANN Single  
25/06/1786 Roger ALLIN Single Sutcombe Prudence WADLAND Single  
03/10/1786 Joseph ATKINSON Single   Grace HOSKIN Single  
08/11/1786 John CORNISH   Sutcombe Mary PAULY Single  
25/11/1786 George CHAMPION Single   Winifred FISHLEIGH Single  
22/04/1787 George GAMLET Single   Susanna KNEEBONE Single  
13/05/1787 John OXENHAM Single   Thomazine GALE    
27/05/1787 Richard PEDLAR Single   Mary JEWEL Single  
28/06/1787 Thomas TAYLOR Single   Grace WALTER Single  
16/03/1788 William CORNISH Single   Delia CHUBB    
26/03/1788 Richard HANCOCK Single   Charity METHERELL   Clawton
30/03/1788 John PALMER     Dorothy TREBLE Single  
15/04/1788 Emmanuel JEWELL Single   Elizabeth WITHERIDGE Single  
25/04/1788 John HOOPER Single   Mary CAWKER Single  
29/04/1788 Arthur HOSKIN Single   Elizabeth BENNET Single  
13/05/1788 John HONEY Single   Mary YEO Single  
08/07/1788 Arthur MAYNE Single   Elizabeth HILL Single  
25/07/1788 Richard OXENHAM     Jane TAYLOR Single  
22/09/1788 George DOWN Single Great Torrington Margaret STEPHENS Single  
02/10/1788 Richard COURTICE Single   Elizabeth EVANS Single  
07/12/1788 Moses BOWRING   Launceston, Cornwall Margaret NOTTLE Single  
31/03/1789 John JONES Single   Elizabeth STEPHENS Widow  
28/04/1789 William CORNISH     Susanna DARKE    
29/06/1789 Samuel SMITH Single Morwenstow, Cornwall Elizabeth CLEAVE Single  
30/07/1789 William GREEN Widower   Mary HATHERLY Widow  
11/11/1789 Samuel TURNER Single   Mary RESCORLE Single  
05/01/1790 John HICKS     Jane QUILLER Single  
11/04/1790 John ROBINS Single   Mary LAKE Single  
27/04/1790 Samuel SULLIFANT Single   Grace MILL Single  
30/05/1790 James TAYLOR Single   Mary PIPER Single  
06/06/1790 Richard HAYDON Single   Mary HITT Single  
14/07/1790 Richard SHEPHARD     Mary SMALE Single  
05/10/1790 John TREBLE Single   Mary ROWE Single  
17/10/1790 Emmanuel PETHERIC Single   Elizabeth TREBLE Single  
17/11/1790 John GILBERT Single   Phyllis BROOKE Single  
28/11/1790 Charles COLE Single   Hannah HANCOCK Single  
20/03/1791 Samuel PAWLEY     Grace AVERY    
29/03/1791 Michael WONNACOTT Single Pyworthy Elizabeth BRAGG Single  
25/05/1791 John PARR Widower   Jane ELLIOT Widow  
13/07/1791 Thomas HANGER     Grace LEY Single  
30/08/1791 William HORREL Single   Elizabeth ROWE Single  
15/12/1791 John CLEAVE Single Pyworthy Dorothy SULLIFANT Single  
03/01/1792 Philip COLLINS Single   Eleanor Ermenal GORREL Single  
08/01/1792 Christopher JEWEL     Ann STROUD Single  
22/02/1792 Samuel TRYM Single   Elizabeth BECKALECK Single  
19/04/1792 William LANG     Margery PETHERICK Single  
29/05/1792 Thomas BREMACOME Single   Dorothy HOSKIN Single  
20/08/1792 Samuel FRY Single   Elizabeth DOBLE Single  
02/09/1792 John HERD Single   Ann MONJOY Single  
30/03/1793 William BATE Single Barnstaple Ann LAKE Single  
31/03/1793 William PALMER Single   Jane HART Single  
07/04/1793 Simon PALMER Single   Grace PEAT Single  
11/05/1793 John BASSETT   Milton Damerel Ann GLYDDON Single  
23/07/1793 Richard ALLEN Single   Constance BLACKBURN Single  
07/10/1793 Henry HOOPER Single   Mary TAYLOR Single  
20/05/1794 John CAWKER Single   Elizabeth NORCOTT Single  
22/07/1794 John EASTON Single   Grace HONEY Single  
28/09/1794 John GALSWORTHY Single   Ann LEGG Single  
12/10/1794 John RODD Single   Mary ROWLAND Single  
21/10/1794 Francis HARRIS Single   Grace LANG Single  
29/03/1795 Robert GLYDDON Single   Hannah FRY Single  
14/04/1795 George WALTER Single   Mary GIMLET Single  
24/12/1795 John BREMACOME Single Sutcombe Joanna BREMACOME Single  
19/01/1796 James NORTHCOTT Single   Mary HARVEY Single  
10/03/1796 Samuel COLE Single Pyworthy Joanna DAYMAN Single  
27/03/1796 William JEWEL Single   Ann MARTIN Single  
05/04/1796 John BLATCHFORD Single Exbourne Agnes CAWKER Single  
11/05/1796 John JOURDAN Single   Mary TAYLOR Single  
16/08/1796 Christopher JEWEL Widower   Elizabeth MARTYN Single  
20/11/1796 Humphrey TOSSEL Single   Grace ATKINSON Widow  
29/12/1796 William CADD Single   Martha BATSALL Single  
15/01/1797 Matthew TAMLYN Single   Susanna JEFFERY    
09/04/1797 James ROUTLEY Single   Elizabeth ROBINS Single  
15/05/1797 Charles TREBLE Single   Mary BREMACOME Single  
24/05/1797 William BENNET Single   Elizabeth BROMEL Single  
31/08/1797 Richard BARRETT Single Kilkhampton, Cornwall Mary ALLIN Single  
12/11/1797 Jonathan ARTHUR Single Bideford Hannah COLLINS Single  
16/01/1798 Richard ALLIN Single   Mary COLE Single  
25/01/1798 Edmund FRY Single Luffincott Joanna HARVEY Single  
14/02/1798 Samuel CORY Single   Susanna PEARCE Single  
25/03/1798 William ELLIOT Single   Mary HOSKIN Single  
01/04/1798 John DAVIE Single   Grace HOSKIN Single  
09/05/1798 John TREBLE Widower   Elizabeth ROBINS Single  
14/05/1798 William YEO Single   Elizabeth ALLIN Single  
29/05/1798 Henry MEDLAND Single   Grace CADD Single  
09/09/1798 John HOSKIN Single   Agnes DAYMAN Single  
06/02/1799 Henry TRYM     Mary GOLD Single  
26/03/1799 William Trym HOOPER     Sarah BUSSON    
31/03/1799 William JEWELL     Catharine CORNISH Single  
05/04/1799 John BREMACOME Single   Honor HANGER Single  
15/04/1799 Samuel BLATCHFORD Widower Exbourne Elizabeth CAWKER Single  
26/05/1799 Henry YEO Single   Mary DIMENT Single  
18/08/1799 William GORRIL Widower Pyworthy Grace HATHERLEY Single  
09/09/1799 John MACKAY     Mary HOCKIN Single  
06/11/1799 William HOOPER Single   Mary HATHERLY Single  
10/11/1799 John HOBBS Single   Rebecca COLE Single  
24/11/1799 John TREBLE Single   Grace FACY Single  
13/02/1800 Richard OLIVER Single   Rebecca DAYMAN Single  
30/03/1800 George BREMACOME Single   Elizabeth ROWEL Single  
06/04/1800 Robert PERKIN Single Marystowe Mary Ann Huish HOOPER Single  
15/04/1800 Elisha DENNIS   Stoke Damerel Grace LUKE Single  
17/04/1800 Robert WICKET Single Launcells, Cornwall Elizabeth BREMACOME Single  
25/05/1800 Nathaniel JONES Single   Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
20/07/1800 William Whitborne DARKE Single   Mary DARKE Single  
06/02/1801 Walter FRIEND Single   Mary SMALE Single Moretonhampstead
26/03/1801 Richard GILBERT Single   Mary POMEROY Single  
07/04/1801 Emanuel COLE Single Thornbury Anne HARVEY    
03/05/1801 John TAYLOR     Jane STADDEN Single  
21/05/1801 Philip COLE Single   Martha ANDREW Single  
26/05/1801 John SHEIR Single North Petherwin Mary NORCOTT Single  
09/07/1801 John BREMACOME Widower   Susanna CHUBB Single  
16/08/1801 Edmund BUSSEL Single   Elizabeth ANDREW Single  
25/10/1801 William BRAUND Single   Hannah GILBERT Single  
22/11/1801 William COOPER Single   Ann ALLIN Single  
18/03/1802 John HOSKIN Single   Honor MOCK Single  
12/10/1802 Thomas ANDREWS     Susannah TREBLE Single  
29/11/1802 Joseph THORN     Ann TREWIN Single  
31/03/1803 John OLD   Launcells, Cornwall Grace BREMACOME Single  
03/04/1803 Francis THORN Single   Mary ELLIOT Widow  
13/04/1803 William TAYLOR Single   Jane COLE Single  
19/04/1803 William ROUTLEY Single   Grace COLE Single  
05/05/1803 Daniel LYLE Single   Anne CLIVERDON Single  
22/05/1803 William WONACOTT Single   Grace WOOD Single  
01/06/1803 John DAVY Single   Mary TRYM Single  
02/10/1803 James TRYM Single   Mary JENN Single  
09/10/1803 John MINNARD Single   Elizabeth EARLE Single  
26/10/1803 James ANDERSON Widower   Mary CLOKE Widow  
13/11/1803 Richard GORREL     Rebecca ROWE Single  
30/11/1803 Richard SANGIR Widower   Sarah PENWARDEN Single  
01/12/1803 William ALLEN   Launcells, Cornwall Rebecca WONACOT Single  
31/01/1804 John LILLY Single Kilkhampton, Cornwall Ann HOSKIN Single  
06/03/1804 Samuel GOWMAN Single Halwell Elizabeth YEO Widow  
20/03/1804 Matthew BREMACOME Single   Elizabeth GILBERT Single  
29/04/1804 William BOLE Single   Grace CORNISH Single  
03/06/1804 William ROBINS Single   Elizabeth MAPPOWDER Single Sutcombe
29/07/1804 Stephen EARLE Widower   Ann MARTIN Single  
09/09/1804 Richard BALSON Single   Catharine CORNISH Single  
26/03/1805 John ROGERS Single   Mary ALLIN Single  
31/03/1805 James GERRY Single   Ann EARLE Single  
08/04/1805 William FRYER Single   Mary RODD Single  
27/06/1805 William SLEEMAN Single Launcells, Cornwall Mary PERKIN Single  
29/07/1805 John BRADDON Widower Bridgerule Judith KINGDON Single  
31/10/1805 Matthew TREBLE Single   Susanna TAYLOR Single  
03/11/1805 Richard METHERELL Single   Elizabeth RODD Single  
28/11/1805 James EARL Single Tavistock Grace EARL Single  
30/01/1806 William GILBERT Single   Sarah BAYLY Single  
26/03/1806 William JONES Single   Ann PETHRICK Single  
02/04/1806 Joseph BENNET Single   Ann PENWARDEN Single  
06/05/1806 Josias HOSKINS Single   Grace FACY Single  
12/05/1806 Samuel HART Single   Ann CORY Single  
02/07/1806 Joseph BENNET Widower   Susanna HOOPER Single  
01/09/1806 Hannibal Rodd Rodd BECKALECK   Colchester, Essex Martha WATKINS Single  
15/10/1806 Lewis BRAUND Single   Mary BADGE Single  
25/11/1806 James PENWARDEN Single Charles, Plymouth Elizabeth HOSKIN Single  
25/03/1807 Walter DOBLE Widower   Mary MOCK Single  
01/04/1807 John BENNET Single   Mary HUXTABLE Single  
07/04/1807 Matthew COLE Single   Sarah THOMAS Single  
07/05/1807 John BETTY Single   Mary JEFFERY Single  
26/05/1807 John ROWEL Single   Elizabeth ALLIN Single  
07/06/1807 Thomas CANN Single West Woolfardisworthy Mary ELLIOT Single  
13/08/1807 William HODGE Single   Mary BURNARD Single  
30/08/1807 William HORN Single   Elizabeth BALE Single  
20/10/1807 William SLEEMAN Single   Ann ALLIN Single  
28/10/1807 John ALLIN Single   Martha COLE Single  
03/11/1807 Lachlan MACQUARIE Widower St James, Westminster, Middlesex Elizabeth Henrietta CAMPBELL Single  
04/01/1808 Richard HANCOCK Single   Joanna POMEROY Single  
27/01/1808 John GOODMAN Single Bridgerule Mary RATTENBURY Single  
23/03/1808 Richard CALL Single Stratton, Cornwall Mary FILE Single  
24/03/1808 William ALLIN Single   Mary LYLE Single  
24/03/1808 John ALLIN Single   Jane QUANCE Single  
29/03/1808 William MURLEY Single   Mary AXFORD Single  
02/05/1808 Richard PASCOE   Pancrasweek Ann ROWE Single  
13/09/1808 John HONEY Single   Ann THORNE Single  
12/02/1809 John TAYLOR Single   Rebecca TAYLOR Single  
07/03/1809 John LYLE Single   Susanna BREMACOME Single  
09/03/1809 Henry BAKER   Pancrasweek Susanna CORY Widow  
29/03/1809 William GLYDDEN Single   Mary HOSKIN Single  
29/03/1809 John COLE Single   Ann SILLIFANT Single  
30/03/1809 John TRYM Single   Mary ABBOT Single  
22/05/1809 John HOOPER Single   Mary WATTS Single  
12/10/1809 John ELLIS Single Stoke Damerel Elizabeth CADD Single  
06/12/1809 Richard SULLIFANT Single   Elizabeth PARR Single  
01/01/1810 John HODGE Single   Grace WALTER Single  
20/02/1810 John PARR Single   Catharine TAYLOR Single  
25/03/1810 William LEWIS Single   Ann DOUBT Single  
05/11/1810 George PAWLEY Single   Elizabeth KITT Single  
05/11/1810 William KITT Single Clawton Mary PETHERIC Single  
20/11/1810 Richard AXFORD Single   Grace ALLIN Single  
20/12/1810 Joshua ACTUM     Elizabeth SHEPHERD Single  
21/02/1811 Samuel BENNET Single   Mary WONACOT Single  
12/03/1811 Arthur COHAM Widower   Elizabeth BAYLY Single  
13/03/1811 John ROWEL Widower Sutcombe Mary GILBERT Single  
13/04/1811 Joseph BUDD Single Pyworthy Joanna CLEAVE Single  
22/04/1811 Daniel ALLIN     Mary TREBLE Widow  
14/05/1811 Edmund SHEPHERD Single Broadwoodwidger Ann TAYLOR Single  
04/07/1811 John SPRY Single Ashwater Sarah WONNACOTT Single  
27/08/1811 John ALLIN Widower Cookbury Elizabeth BATE Single  
28/10/1811 Daniel SHEPHERD Single Clawton Jane TAYLOR Single  
30/03/1812 Thomas SKINNER Single   Mary STANLAKE Single  
30/04/1812 Roger DAVY Single Clawton Elizabeth HONEY Single  
30/06/1812 Richard NORCOTT Single   Mary JAMES Single  
09/07/1812 George HELE Single Black Torrington Ann WONACOTT Widow  
16/08/1812 Richard GILBERT Single Pilton Ann GLIDDON Single  
17/09/1812 Abraham OKE   Poughill Joannah BAKER Single  
21/10/1812 Thomas ALLIN Single   Jane AXFORD Single  
1 03/01/1813 Thomas BROMELL     Ann GILBERT Single  
2 27/01/1813 Thomas CURTICE   Pyworthy Elizabeth WOOD Single  
3 07/02/1813 Francis GLOYE     Wilmott CORNISH Single  
4 28/03/1813 George EARLE     Sarah COLE Single  
5 20/04/1813 Samuel PAWLEY     Susanna CROCKER Single  
6 22/04/1813 Robert NORTHCOTT Single   Elizabeth CHING Single  
7 03/07/1813 Henry Wilson PERRERS Single   Lucy COLLINS Single  
8 16/09/1813 Philip DOYNE Single   Elizabeth TANNET Single  
9 24/10/1813 John PENWARDON     Susanna CLEAVE Single  
10 10/02/1814 Thomas WONNACOTT Widower   Ann FACY Single  
11 23/02/1814 John LEY     Elizabeth CORNISH Single  
12 09/03/1814 William LANE   Pancrasweek Mary ALLIN Single  
13 10/03/1814 Richard GILBERT     Martha ANDREWS Single  
14 13/03/1814 Emanuel WONNACOTT     Susanna DANIEL Single  
15 24/03/1814 John MARTYN     Mary PYPER Single  
16 28/03/1814 Richard WONNACOTT   Hollacombe Elizabeth DAVEY Single  
17 07/04/1814 William HAYDON     Elizabeth AXFORD Single  
18 12/04/1814 John SLEE     Grace GILBERT Single  
19 12/04/1814 John PADDON   Pyworthy Joanna BANBURY Single  
20 14/04/1814 William CORNISH     Jane SMALE Single  
21 10/05/1814 John TAYLOR     Ann COURTICE Single  
22 27/09/1814 William COLE Single   Avice WATKINS Single  
23 01/11/1814 William JORDEN Widower   Elizabeth EARL Single  
24 03/11/1814 John HONEY Widower   Agnes CADD Single  
25 14/02/1815 George TAYLOR Single   Frances MUGG Single Pyworthy
26 27/02/1815 Thomas SLEEMAN Single   Ann BROOKS Single  
27 30/03/1815 William BROWN Single Hollacombe Mary WHITE Single  
28 12/04/1815 Peter SANDERS Single   Thomasin PIPER Single  
29 10/05/1815 John GREGORY Single   Elizabeth MAY Single  
30 05/06/1815 Richard KINGDON   St Martin, Exeter Mary KINGDON Single  
31 06/06/1815 George SILLIFANT Single Black Torrington Ann CLEAVE Widow  
32 06/06/1815 Thomas SMALE Single   Mary PALMER Single  
33 30/10/1815 John FRY     Elizabeth BRAY Single  
34 12/12/1815 Richard PENHALE Single Cookbury Mary ANDREW Single  
35 02/04/1816 John PIPER Single   Eleanor COLE Single  
36 04/04/1816 Edward Oliver COOPER Single   Hannah ROW Single  
37 07/05/1816 Richard HAYDON Single   Susanna CORNISH Single  
38 30/05/1816 John LEWIS Single   Wilmott GRIGG    
39 05/06/1816 John SLEEMAN Single   Mary KNIGHT Single  
40 01/08/1816 Robert PHILLIPS Single North Tawton Mary Ann COUMBE Single  
41 13/08/1816 John GIMBLETT Single   Elizabeth EARL Single  
42 23/10/1816 William ROWE Single   Elizabeth SHAPTON Single  
43 13/03/1817 George PETHERICK Single   Ann DEYMAN Single  
44 24/03/1817 John CORNISH Single   Susan GLOYN Single  
45 03/04/1817 William BROMELL Single   Susanna GILBERT Single  
46 12/06/1817 John HARRISON Single   Mary JOHNS Single  
47 31/07/1817 Thomas BURGE Single   Mary SHEPHERD Single  
48 29/10/1817 William Brown SHEPHERD Single   Agnes Cadd MEDLAND Single  
49 26/12/1817 Richard RODD Single   Mary COLWILL Single  
50 22/01/1818 John RATTENBURY Single   Elizabeth HODGE Single  
51 02/04/1818 John BRAUND Single   Elizabeth ANDREW Widow  
52 09/04/1818 Richard DOWN Single   Dorothy BERRY Single  
53 12/05/1818 Henry MALLETT Single Barnstaple Mary BRIMACOMBE Single  
54 18/05/1818 John OLIVER Single   Joanna YELLAND Single  
55 03/06/1818 John PETHERICK Single   Sarah BASSETT Widow  
56 15/07/1818 John JANSON Single   Mary CHUBB Single  
57 29/07/1818 Matthew MOGG Widower Pyworthy Ann CORNISH Single  
58 16/09/1818 Thomas TAYLOR Widower   Anne SELLIVANT Widow  
59 24/09/1818 William TAPSON Single Bridestowe Elizabeth Hill WONNACOTT Single  
60 03/11/1818 Joseph JEFFERY Single   Ann SMITH Single  
61 02/02/1819 Emanuel PETHERICK Single Pyworthy Ann ABBOTT Single  
62 18/02/1819 William JONES Single   Margaret HOPPER Single  
63 04/03/1819 John HONEY Widower   Elizabeth HALL Single  
64 23/03/1819 Samuel ALLIN Single Sutcombe Mary ALLIN Single  
65 05/07/1819 Thomas ROWE Single   Elizabeth PALMER Single  
66 05/10/1819 John HOPPER Single   Elizabeth SMALE Single  
67 28/12/1819 William SANDERS Single   Mary AXFORD Single  
68 17/02/1820 Francis Ashton YEO Widower   Elizabeth ACHIM Widow  
69 21/02/1820 Benjamin HOLLEY Single   Joanna CUTTING Single  
70 23/03/1820 William ELIOT Single   Jane MILLMAN Single  
71 25/03/1820 Charles BARKWILL Widower   Jane BERRYMAN Single  
72 20/04/1820 James LUGG Single   Dorothy MARTYN Single  
73 25/04/1820 William ROUTLEY Widower   Margaret ROBINS Single Pancrasweek
74 19/05/1820 Robert HEARD Single   Elizabeth BENNETT Single  
75 06/07/1820 John MAY Single   Mary HONEY Single  
76 12/10/1820 Richard WEBB Single   Elizabeth CAWKER Widow  
77 13/10/1820 Christopher BRAUND Single   Ann PYPER Single  
78 23/11/1820 Henry BAYLY Single   Joanna CROCKER Single  
79 09/01/1821 Phillip COLE Single   Isabel BATTIN Single  
80 26/01/1821 Phillip COLE Single   Ann GERRY Single  
81 03/04/1821 Thomas JORDON Single   Mary Ann YEO Single  
82 12/04/1821 William SANGUIN Single Clawton Martha OTTON    
83 12/04/1821 James CROCKER Single   Ann TRYM Single  
84 26/04/1821 Thomas OLDS Widower   Ann ACLAND Single  
85 15/05/1821 Thomas HEYDON Single   Charlotte TAYLOR Single  
86 11/10/1821 John Godfree EFT Single   Elizabeth POWELL Single  
87 20/11/1821 David DINGLE Single   Mary GREGORY Single  
88 27/11/1821 John HANDFORD Single   Elizabeth HAWKIN    
89 03/12/1821 John HUTCHITHON     Mary AMBROSE    
90 10/12/1821 John HOOPER Single   Mary MILMAN Single  
91 24/01/1822 Samuel COLE Single   Maria TAYLOR Single  
92 07/02/1822 James RICHARDS     Sarah WONNACOTT Single  
93 07/02/1822 William POMEROY     Mary SELLIFANT Single  
94 21/02/1822 John WONNACOTT Single   Priscilla LONGHURST Single  
95 19/03/1822 William COLE Single   Grace TAYLOR Single  
96 02/04/1822 Samuel TOCKNELL     Susan JEWELL Single  
97 02/04/1822 William PALMER Widower   Elizabeth BATE Widow  
98 04/04/1822 William GLOYN     Margarett HONEY Single  
99 19/04/1822 Daniel COLE     Charlotte MAPPOWDER    
100 25/04/1822 Samuel LOCKE Single   Sarah TRYM Single  
101 25/04/1822 Jonathan CLEAVE     Ann ALLIN Single  
102 29/04/1822 Robert JOHNS     Ann MITCHELL    
103 30/05/1822 Richard PERKIN   North Tamerton, Cornwall Elizabeth RUD Single  
104 30/06/1822 Thomas PEARN Single   Susanna HARRIS Single  
105 25/07/1822 John CROCKER Single   Maria ANDREW Single  
106 31/08/1822 Tristram BICKLE Single   Eliza HIGGS Single  
107 17/10/1822 Stephen WARD Single   Elizabeth WEBB Single  
108 12/12/1822 Benjamin ELLIOTT Single   Ann SILLIFANT Single  
109 09/01/1823 Thomas TAYLOR Single   Elizabeth TRIBLE Single  
110 19/02/1823 George BRAUND Single St Petrock, Exeter Juliana KELLY Single  
111 17/04/1823 Richard SILLIFANT Single   Ann MANNING Single  
112 24/04/1823 John DYMENT Single Pancrasweek Elizabeth JONES Single  
113 23/05/1823 John HOSKIN Single   Mary HENEY Single  
114 28/11/1823 William YEO   Launcells, Cornwall Mary HOBBS Single  
115 14/03/1824 William LEWIS Widower   Ann BETTY Single  
116 18/03/1824 William COLE Single Ashwater Mary CAWKER Single  
117 26/03/1824 Richard SMITH     Eleanor JOLLA    
118 29/03/1824 Thomas GEARY Single Ashwater Ann WOOD Single  
119 01/04/1824 Stephen NORTHCOTT Single   Elizabeth TRYM    
120 29/04/1824 James HAWKINGS Single   Judith SPRY Single  
121 11/05/1824 Samuel JOHNS Single Clawton Sophia Jane COOMBS Single  
122 03/06/1824 William BASSETT Single   Mary BLIGHT Single  
123 21/06/1824 John BOND Single   Elizabeth WOUT Single  
124 24/06/1824 Francis TRIM Single   Rebecca WONNACOTT Single  
125 22/07/1824 John REES Single   Grange HAWKIN Single  
126 11/11/1824 Sampson BOTTRELL Single   Sarah EDWARDS Single  
127 05/01/1825 William TRIBLE     Elizabeth BRIMMACOMBE Single  
128 18/04/1825 John COOMBE Widower   Anne DOWNE Single  
130 21/04/1825 William EASTON Single   Maria CAWLING Single  
131 21/04/1825 Christopher PALTRIDGE Widower   Grace CADD Single  
129 25/04/1825 Richard HILL Single Milton Damerel Mary ALLEN Single  
132 07/06/1825 Edward RANDALL     Elizabeth Morrish CANN Widow  
133 09/06/1825 John HUTCHINGS Single   Ann WEBB Single  
134 30/06/1825 John CADD Single   Mary Ann TAYLOR Single  
135 04/08/1825 Richard VOWLER Single   Mary HOOPER Single  
136 03/11/1825 Robert ALLIN Single Sutcombe Elizabeth ALLIN Single  
137 05/01/1826 Matthew ANDREW Single   Elizabeth MASON Single  
138 23/01/1826 John PYPER Single   Mary LEY Single  
139 09/03/1826 George BRIMMACOMBE Single   Mary TREBLE Single  
140 23/03/1826 William Heard ROUTLY Single   Susan BASSETT Single  
141 26/03/1826 Charles NICHOLS Single   Charlotte LITTLEJOHN Single  
142 27/03/1826 Joseph HOBLIN   Menheniot, Cornwall Ann BRIMMACOMBE Single  
143 02/05/1826 James COLE Single   Mary HOSKYN Single  
144 04/05/1826 William HOOPER Single   Elizabeth HANKIN Single  
145 27/06/1826 John DOIDGE   Tavistock Mary PETHERICK Single  
146 17/08/1826 Samuel ELLIOTT Single   Elizabeth JONES Single  
147 26/10/1826 John ALLIN Single   Mary DAVEY Single  
148 27/11/1826 Richard SLEEMAN Single   Mary POMEROY Single  
149 21/12/1826 William PEAT Single   Ann WARD Single  
151 28/01/1827 George TAYLOR Single   Susan TREBLE Single  
150 22/03/1827 John NICHOLLS Single   Susanna BARRETT Single  
152 12/04/1827 Thomas WEBB     Alice THORN    
153 01/05/1827 James DANIEL Single   Mary MURLEY Widow  
154 17/05/1827 Ebsworthy TAPSON     Ann WONNACOTT Single  
155 09/08/1827 Thomas ALLIN Single Sutcombe Martha ALLIN Single  
156 26/02/1828 Robert MILLMAN Single   Maria CURTICE Single  
157 26/02/1828 Daniel CURTICE Single   Elizabeth MILLMAN Single  
158 10/03/1828 William COCK   Cuby With Tregony, Cornwall Mary HEASLE Single  
159 17/03/1828 Stephen Doble HEARLE     Amelia COHAM Single  
160 18/09/1828 William BRAUND Single   Mary POMEROY Single  
161 09/10/1828 James TRIM Single   Susanna BEARE Single  
162 23/10/1828 Roger ALLIN Single Clawton Jane NICHOLLS Single  
163 18/06/1829 George WARD Single Black Torrington Elizabeth HOSKIN Single  
164 02/07/1829 Francis Henry Spry GUBBINS   Boyton, Cornwall Mary COLE Single  
165 10/12/1829 Peter DENNER Single   Mary JEWELL Single  
166 25/02/1830 John JONES Single   Ann GILBERT Single  
167 18/03/1830 William GILBERT     Mary JONES    
168 25/03/1830 Gideon PYPER Single Hollacombe Grace SUTTON Single  
169 26/03/1830 Ambrose PENFOUND Single   Mary GILBERT Single  
170 15/04/1830 Richard BEALE   Ashcombe Sally HOSKIN Single  
171 18/04/1830 John LISLE Single   Susanna NORTHCOTT Single  
172 20/05/1830 William JEFFRY     Catherine DANIEL Single  
173 12/08/1830 Greenfield Martin WEBB Single   Mary Reed TANCOCK    
174 23/11/1830 William TRIBBLE Single   Mary GILBERT Single  
175 25/11/1830 Joseph HONEY Single   Mary ANDREW Single  
176 31/12/1830 John ASH   Bridgerule Elizabeth TAYLOR    
177 02/01/1831 Richard VOWLER Widower   Ann BARNARD Single  
178 16/01/1831 Anthony MAY Single   Grace BASSETT Single  
179 23/01/1831 Richard ANDREW     Mary SLEE Single  
180 29/03/1831 Thomas FANSON Single   Grace JONES Single  
181 29/03/1831 Thomas JONES Single   Maria ABBOT Single  
182 07/04/1831 Richard GREGORY Widower   Elizabeth MAYNARD Single  
183 08/04/1831 Richard TAYLOR Single   Mary RODD Single  
184 01/06/1831 Charles KINGDON     Eliza Cann CORY    
185 11/06/1831 John DIXON Single   Bridget Oke HARWARD Single  
186 03/11/1831 Christopher BRAUND Widower   Mary GILBERT Single  
187 24/11/1831 Richard GIFFORD Single   Mary TRIBBLE Single  
188 25/12/1831 Thomas AXFORD     Betty CAWKER Single  
189 01/03/1832 Richard BRAUND   West Putford Elizabeth AXFORD Single  
190 15/03/1832 Thomas WOOF     Elizabeth PEAT    
191 25/03/1832 John BARTLETT Single   Ann BASSETT Single  
192 28/03/1832 Richard ANDREW Single   Rebecca TAYLOR    
193 01/04/1832 Richard BRAUND Single   Ann COLE Single  
194 02/04/1832 William JACKMAN     Elizabeth PERKIN Single  
195 05/04/1832 Matthew BRIMMACOMBE Single   Patience JORDAN Single  
196 12/04/1832 Arthur HOSKIN     Eliza FRY Single  
197 15/04/1832 George STACEY Single   Elizabeth KIFF Single  
198 24/06/1832 David FISHER Widower   Elizabeth JEWELL Single  
199 25/06/1832 Richard BARTLETT Single Ilfracombe Mary Ann Ritonlean PERRERS    
200 04/11/1832 John HOSKIN     Mary GEORGE    
201 25/12/1832 William JEFFRY Single   Mary MURLEY Single  
202 22/01/1833 Thomas SLEEMAN Widower   Eliza COBBLEDICK    
203 01/03/1833 Richard HEDDON Widower   Mary TAYLOR Single  
204 09/04/1833 John Cornish BOLE     Elizabeth ROUTLY    
205 16/06/1833 John TREBLE Single   Sarah Saunders SHILSON Single  
206 13/10/1833 William BROWN   North Tamerton, Cornwall Grace SILLIFANT Single  
207 22/12/1833 James LITHGOW Single Week St Mary, Cornwall Elizabeth SLEE Single  
208 23/01/1834 Richard JORDAN Single   Martha EARLE Single  
209 27/02/1834 John ALLIN Single Sutcombe Alice ALLIN Single  
210 27/03/1834 William VENNER     Mary GLOYN Single  
211 01/05/1834 George Bray SLEE Single   Alice WEBB Single  
212 19/05/1834 Daniel BRINT Single Launcells, Cornwall Grace PAWLY Single  
213 24/05/1834 Richard JEWELL Single Pyworthy Elizabeth NICHOLLS Single  
214 17/07/1834 William HARRIS Single Cookbury Maria TREBLE Single  
215 04/09/1834 James TRIM Widower   Mary GILBERT Widow  
216 23/09/1834 William Marshall SHORT     Mary SLEEMAN Single  
217 04/12/1834 William BROCK Single   Betsy WONNACOTT Single  
218 12/03/1835 Christopher BRAUND Widower   Sally HODGE Single  
219 07/09/1835 Francis COLE Single   Elizabeth Hoskin LILLY Single  
220 04/02/1836 Daniel AXFORD Widower   Mary KING Single  
221 11/02/1836 Henry FOSTER     Grace MEDLAND Single  
222 16/03/1836 Richard ALLIN Single   Caroline COLE Single  
223 29/03/1836 Samuel GORRILL Single   Elizabeth EASTON Single  
224 31/03/1836 William BAKER Single   Joanna JORDAN Single  
225 28/04/1836 John SAUNDERCOCK Single   Maria TRIM Single  
226 05/05/1836 John JEFFRY Single   Mary Ann PENWARDEN Single  
227 23/05/1836 Samuel Pawley SILLIFANT Single   Elizabeth TRIM Single  
228 09/06/1836 Robert LYDDON Single   Mary Ann QUICK Single  
229 30/06/1836 Richard SILLIFANT Single   Philippa FANSON Single  
230 10/11/1836 William Donnithorne ARTHUR     Mary PENWARDEN Single  
231 16/12/1836 John Shadrach BROWN Single   Mary HOSKIN Single  
232 27/12/1836 Thomas ALLIN Single   Elizabeth JORDAN Single  
233 29/12/1836 Samuel HAM     Charlotte JONES Single  
234 12/01/1837 Benjamin AXFORD Widower   Charlotte CHING Single  
235 12/01/1837 Samuel GILBERT Single   Elizabeth DAVEY Single  
236 15/01/1837 Samuel CLEAN     Ann SMALE Single  
237 10/02/1837 William GERRY     Catharine SLEE    
238 23/02/1837 Richard GILBERT     Martha EARLE Single  
239 04/04/1837 William BENNETT Single   Mary TAYLOR Single  
240 10/04/1837 John CHAPMAN     Susannah DAVY Single  
241 13/04/1837 Robert NORTHCOTT Single   Mary BRIMMACOMBE Single  

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