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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Pancrasweek St Pancras


The Parish

The parish of Pancrasweek lies in the extreme northwest of Devon indeed it forms part of the border with neighbouring Cornwall. Pancrasweek is located about 3 miles northwest of the small market town of Holsworthy. There is not much to modern day Pancrasweek, little more than a hamlet high on a hill, the parish has a scatter of farms and cottages with no defined centre at all. Pancrasweek is sited just north of the A3072 road which connects Holsworthy with the Cornish village of Stratton & the resort of Bude. Pancrasweek would have largely had pastoral farming as the basis of its economy during the time of this transcript and little has changed today. A small brook, imaginatively name Small Brook, drains southwards to join the River Tamar which flows southwards to reach the English Channel through Plymouth and forms the Cornish border for much of its route. Pancrasweek is sited at around 150 metres above the sea in a rolling countryside it stands 50 metres above nearby Small Brook. By the standards of this part of Devon Pancrasweek was of a typical size, it covered around 3,500 acres and supported (in those times) a population of about 550 parishioners. There is no mention of Pancrasweek in Domesday Book.

The Church

St Pancras' church stands in splendour on top of the main hill of the parish and on the eastern side of the main lane. The church has a core which is rather old and probably dates from the Norman period of the 11th or early 12th centuries, this Norman church was substantially added to, probably in the late 14th or early 15th centuries, to create the present church which has Norman and Perpendicular features dependent upon whether you view the northern or southern faces. The church was substantially restored in late Victorian times (1894 into the 20th century) but this doesn't unduly mask its heritage. A wide parking bay sits opposite the church, which stands behind head-high hedges, and a curious entrance way (almost like a gate within a small house) grants access. Once inside the churchyard there are few restrictions to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 8th September 1756 - 4th April 1811 Devon Record Office - Reference - 2905A/PR/1/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 5th March 1813 - 19th April 1837 Devon Record Office - Reference - 2905A/PR/1/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Kilkhampton St James, Cornwall
Bradworthy St John the Baptist
Holsworthy St Peter & St Paul
Launcells St Swithin, Cornwall
Holsworthy St Peter & St Paul
Launcells St Swithin, Cornwall
Bridgerule St Bridget
Pyworthy St Swithun

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 08/09/1756 James PENWARDEN     Elizabeth ROCKEY    
2 06/05/1757 John DEYMAN     Joan VIGORS    
3 27/04/1758 John HOOR     Elizabeth LEY    
4 27/07/1758 Phillip COLLACOT     Anne HEADON    
5 09/10/1758 Thomas DOLLINS     Grace HEDDON    
6 21/11/1758 James DEARN     Margaret STEVENS    
7 03/04/1761 Henry CADD     Joan GLIDDON    
8 05/11/1762 James BALSEN     Mary GRIFFIN    
9 23/04/1763 George HUNT   Bicton Jane WOOD    
10 10/04/1764 John WOOD     Elizabeth WOOD    
11 03/12/1764 John OLVER   Bridgerule Garthered WOOD    
12 30/10/1765 Humphrey WILLIAMS     Elizabeth PARDON   Kilkhampton, Cornwall
29/11/1765 Gideon MAPPOWDER     Mary VIGERS    
06/12/1765 Nathaniel GILBERT     Joan COLE   Holsworthy
30/04/1767 Thomas OLVER     Mary TUCKER    
06/04/1768 Philip BUTLER     Mary HORRELL    
03/11/1768 John MULES     Mary PERKIN Single  
22/12/1768 Robert ROWLAND     Sarah BREMACOMBE   Holsworthy
16/12/1769 John WOOD   Sutcombe Elizabeth HANDCOCK Single  
19/12/1769 William FANSTONE Single   Ann HODGE Single  
18/02/1771 John TAYLOR Single   Joanna BREMACOMBE Single  
16/03/1771 Charles MAWGAN Single Holsworthy Hannah ASHTON Single  
01/11/1771 Tristram HEALE   Bradworthy Charity BOWHAY   Launcells, Cornwall
28/03/1772 William YELLAND     Mary PENWARDEN    
28/03/1772 William POMROY   Sutcombe Mary BOND    
13/12/1772 William PIPER   Holsworthy Elizabeth OLDVER    
29/07/1773 John BRAMBLE Single   Mary ALLIN Single  
07/04/1774 John EARL   Bridgerule Elizabeth DULLAND    
29/04/1774 Richard ALLEN     Grace WALTER   Holsworthy
10/07/1775 Thomas CLEVERDON     Elizabeth LISLE   Launcells, Cornwall
10/03/1776 Clement UREN   Illogan, Cornwall Philippa MINARD Single  
14/04/1776 John COURTICE Single Holsworthy Mary TAYLOR Single  
21/04/1777 Peter GILBERT     Mary WALTER Single Holsworthy
02/10/1777 Thomas OLVERT Widower   Margaret COWLING    
16/10/1777 John CASELY Single   Elizabeth HOCKADAY    
04/11/1777 Thomas PERRY     Anna Maria JEFFORD Single  
04/06/1778 John GILBERT Single   Elizabeth ALLEN Single  
17/07/1778 John PAR   Holsworthy Anne CLEVERDON    
06/08/1778 John DARTE   Holsworthy Mary GLIDDON    
20/11/1778 Peter DEYMAN Single   Mary ROUTLY Single  
15/03/1779 Richard HEDDON Single Launcells, Cornwall Ann WOOD Single  
16/11/1780 Jonas DREWE Single Launcells, Cornwall Elizabeth SUTTON    
22/05/1781 Richard GILBERT     Ann PIPER    
28/03/1782 John GLIDDON     Ann HOCKARDY    
31/01/1783 John BURNARD     Mary CROCKER    
13/03/1783 Abel LANE     Sarah ROUTLEY    
29/04/1783 John MOOR     Alice DYER    
07/05/1783 John BAILEY     Mary HORN    
09/06/1783 Joseph MOOR     Hannah DINNICK    
30/09/1784 Joseph MOOR     Prudence SAUNDERS    
14/10/1784 Robert WALTER   Pyworthy Sarah ALLEN    
31/03/1785 John OLIVER     Ann PIPER    
29/05/1785 James PENWARDEN     Mary EARL    
03/08/1785 John JEWEL   Kilkhampton, Cornwall Ann HEXT    
05/04/1786 John MOOR     Anne HODGE    
26/06/1786 Robin BURNARD     Mary COLACOTT Widow  
08/11/1786 James LEWIS     Joan BROUMIL    
03/07/1787 Richard COLLACOTT     Elizabeth BUTTLER    
25/07/1787 Isaac PAWLY Single Sutcombe Mary BICKLE Single  
04/02/1788 Richard CAD   Launcells, Cornwall Margaret JIFFORD    
26/02/1788 Richard MILMAN     Christian ALLEN    
10/11/1788 John PIPER     Dennett GILBERT    
21/11/1788 John MARTIN   Launcells, Cornwall Ann BURNARD    
27/05/1790 John PIPER   Holsworthy Sarah MULES    
12/07/1790 Thomas FANSON     Grace PALMER    
18/08/1790 John MARSHALL     Kitty MORTIMER    
20/10/1790 John OSBORN     Grace BURNARD    
20/01/1791 Richard FANSTON     Ann TRICK    
28/03/1791 John BATE   Launcells, Cornwall Alice ALLEN    
06/04/1791 Abel BECKLY     Thomasin WICKETT    
29/04/1791 Charles FANSON     Elizabeth GULLICK    
11/10/1791 Daniel CALLAWAY   Ashwater Anne ALLEN    
26/03/1792 John COLLACOTT     Margaret OATON    
28/03/1792 Richard PASCAR   Sutcombe Philippa BECKLEY    
16/05/1792 Thomas FANSON     Mary PETHRIE Single  
26/03/1793 William GLYDDON     Frances HAMLYN Single  
27/03/1793 William ROWE     Frances PAWLY Single Holsworthy
28/03/1793 James ALLIN     Sarah WADE Single  
01/07/1793 John ALLIN Single   Anne PETHERICK Single  
21/03/1794 William ROBINS Single   Ruth BATTIN Single  
31/03/1794 Samuel BROCK Single   Jane HOCKING Single  
16/01/1795 Richard HEARD Single   Susanna SMITH Single  
11/02/1795 Richard JONES   Sutcombe Mary HART Single  
12/02/1795 John PEARCE   Holsworthy Anne HANCOCK Single  
06/04/1795 Richard FANSON     Anna HATHERLY Single  
18/05/1795 John RODD     Mary NICHOLS Single  
01/01/1797 Matthew COLE Single   Grace FANSON Widow  
23/04/1797 Samuel Bithlake RODD     Elizabeth WOOD   Sutcombe
28/06/1797 William SARGEANT   Stratton, Cornwall Mary WICKET Single  
03/04/1798 John EARLE     Ann GILBERT Single  
24/04/1798 John WOOD Single   Martha WALTER Single  
28/10/1798 William ALLIN     Sarah HATHERLY    
10/06/1799 Samuel Smith HOCKIN     Sarah BUTLER    
14/06/1799 James HAMLYN     Ann MOORE    
04/07/1799 William HOCKRIDGE     Jane GILBERT    
26/10/1800 Richard MOORE Single   Jane DEYMAN Single  
07/11/1800 William YELLAND Single   Catharine BURNARD Single  
29/09/1801 William PIPER Single Holsworthy Grace FRY Single Holsworthy
29/09/1802 William HOCKERIDGE   Kilkhampton, Cornwall Ann GILBERT Single  
20/01/1803 Richard SANDERS   Cookbury Mary GILBERT Single  
17/03/1803 John CASLEY Widower   Elizabeth BURNARD Single  
06/06/1803 John HEALE Single Pyworthy Elizabeth GILBERT Single  
19/07/1803 William DAYMAN     Sarah YELLAND    
20/02/1804 James LEWIS     Mary PENWARDEN Single  
28/03/1804 Thomas HEARD   Poughill Ann EARLE    
29/05/1804 John GILBERT     Mary BROOMHILL    
02/08/1804 Abel YELLAND     Mary PARKEN    
08/10/1804 Richard FANSON   Holsworthy Catharine LEGG    
03/01/1805 John GILBERT     Hannah GALSWORTHY    
15/05/1805 William PARR     Mary HATHERLY    
23/06/1805 John JOANS   Holsworthy Margaret WALTER    
13/03/1806 Thomas PYPER     Elizabeth HATHERLY    
18/05/1806 Daniel TRELEVEN   Stratton, Cornwall Anna Maria HATHERLY    
02/06/1806 Peter DEYMAN     Grace HIGGINS    
31/10/1806 Samuel CARTER     Elizabeth STACEY    
15/12/1806 William HARCOM     Mary BUTLER    
30/12/1806 John BROMILL     Elizabeth ANDREW    
30/12/1806 John LEY     Sarah PYPER    
04/03/1807 Roger CARWITHEN   Pyworthy Ann WICKETT    
01/07/1807 John WICKETT     Mary DAYMAN    
08/12/1807 John MARSHALL     Joanna DREW    
09/03/1808 John FRY     Sarah WALTER    
06/04/1808 Richard HOAR     Susanna GLIDDON    
16/05/1808 John HONNEY     Mary MOORE    
03/01/1809 James PENWARDEN     Sarah DAYMAN    
03/03/1809 Nathaniel HANDCOCK   Launcells, Cornwall Grace PALMER    
18/05/1809 Daniel GLIDDON     Mary MOOR    
26/06/1809 William WICKETT     Sarah LANE    
24/08/1809 Thomas PARR   Launcells, Cornwall Elizabeth GUEST    
06/12/1809 John JEFFERY   Milton Damerel Mary COLLACOTT    
26/03/1810 Thomas COLLINS   Launcells, Cornwall Mary MULES    
26/03/1810 Richard YALAND     Elizabeth SLOWMAN    
12/04/1810 Richard HARTT     Mary HATHERLY    
18/06/1810 Richard COLLACOTT     Ann PENWARDEN    
01/08/1810 Richard WICKETT     Mary HOAR    
17/12/1810 William VENNER     Eleanor MOOR    
21/01/1811 Henry MARSH   Launcells, Cornwall Ann LEGGE    
03/03/1811 William YEO     Elizabeth BECKLY    
04/04/1811 John JEFFERY     Charity LANE    
1 05/03/1813 Peter STACEY     Ann Dayman COUTH    
2 17/02/1814 James OLIVER     Mary HOCKADAY    
3 28/02/1814 Samuel VEAL     Jane MOOR    
4 06/06/1814 John HATHERLY     Grace MEAN    
5 20/09/1815 Azarias YELLOND     Elizabeth YEO    
6 14/12/1815 Stephen SHORT     Mary MONEL    
7 11/03/1816 John GILBERT     Elizabeth ALLIN   Launcells, Cornwall
8 29/04/1816 Thomas VEAL     Grace HATHERLY    
9 08/08/1816 John MILLMAN   Holsworthy Mary BRIMECOMBE    
10 03/10/1816 James STACEY     Ann HEAL   Stratton, Cornwall
11 25/03/1817 John ROWE     Jane HART    
12 24/04/1817 Leonard BROOMHILL     Miriam HOAR    
13 13/05/1817 Richard PIPER     Mary HARRIS    
14 19/08/1817 Richard COLLINS     Delia CORNISH    
15 26/03/1818 Samuel GLYDDON     Mary JEFFERY    
16 10/06/1818 James DOWNS     Mary COLLINS    
17 26/07/1818 Thomas YELLOND     Jane YEO    
18 22/10/1818 John ALLEN     Judith BERRY    
19 17/06/1819 William RODD     Elizabeth MOOR    
20 03/02/1820 Richard PASCOE     Ann JOHNS    
21 04/08/1820 John AUSTIN     Mary RODD    
22 28/08/1820 William HENDER     Grace CLEVE    
23 15/10/1820 Philip CORNISH     Grace PAMERTER   Stratton, Cornwall
24 30/11/1820 Peter DAYMAN     Elizabeth ELLIOTT    
25 22/01/1821 Lot TUFLEY     Elizabeth HOCKERIDGE    
26 29/03/1821 Thomas SLEMAN     Elizabeth JEFFERY   Sutcombe
27 02/04/1821 John LEWIS     Ann HOCKERIDGE    
28 02/04/1821 Stephen MOILE     Esther BENNATTA    
29 27/07/1821 James ALLIN   Stratton, Cornwall Susannah GUEST    
30 03/09/1821 James VEAL     Martha MITCHELL    
31 24/12/1821 Henry BUNCE     Dinah EVENS    
32 05/03/1822 Thomas HAYNES     Ann HARRIS    
33 08/04/1822 James HOLLARD     Ann EARLE    
34 11/04/1822 William BECKLEY     Elizabeth HODGE    
35 09/05/1822 William GREENWOOD     Susannah YEO    
36 25/07/1822 William PIPER     Elizabeth ALLIN    
37 15/08/1822 Richard SANGWIN     Elizabeth HEARD    
38 25/12/1822 William CROCKER     Joanna FANSON    
39 24/03/1823 Richard HOCKERIDGE     Mary ALLIN    
40 27/03/1823 John JERDON   Holsworthy Mary GLOYNE    
41 19/06/1823 Samuel PENWARDEN   Pyworthy Johanna CHUBB    
42 27/07/1823 John COLLINS     Ann GLIDDON    
43 16/10/1823 Richard JEWEL   Holsworthy Ann PIPER    
44 30/10/1823 Richard STACEY     Grace ROWE    
45 02/04/1824 William YEO     Jane FANSON    
46 10/05/1824 Richard PIPER     Ann FURSE    
47 13/05/1824 William STACEY     Johanna Deyman MOOR    
48 04/06/1824 Henry FRANCIS     Sally STACEY    
49 23/09/1824 James PIPER   Holsworthy Grace CHUBB Single  
50 30/12/1824 William COLLINS Single   Mary BETTY Single  
51 24/03/1825 James JENKIN     Grace VEAL    
52 31/03/1825 Elias GLIDDON     Ann BECKLEY    
53 11/09/1825 John ROWE Widower   Jane WILLS Single  
54 13/10/1825 Thomas GLYDDON Single   Elizabeth HONEY    
55 27/02/1826 William HEARD Single   Margaret HOCKIN Single  
56 28/02/1826 Samuel BROCK Single   Sarah EARL Single  
57 09/03/1826 Richard JERDON Single   Mary JONES Single  
58 16/03/1826 John ALLIN     Hannah BROOK    
59 29/03/1826 George COLLICOTT     Elizabeth SHEPHERD    
60 30/03/1826 Gideon PEARSE     Elizabeth MOORE    
61 08/03/1827 John FURSEY Single   Mary HEARD Single  
62 17/05/1827 William HOARE Single   Mary DAYMAN Single  
63 11/07/1827 John PETHICK Single   Mary STANBURY Single  
64 01/11/1827 William GLIDDON Single   Mary PADDON Single  
65 15/11/1827 William BROMELL Single   Prudence CLEVERDON Single  
66 31/01/1828 James BRANTON Single   Ann HAMBLY Single  
67 02/04/1829 John YEO Single   Susanna TAYLOR Single  
68 21/04/1829 Edward FANSON     Jane JIFFORD Single  
69 07/05/1829 William SLEEMAN Single   Elizabeth BECKLEY Single  
70 18/05/1829 Thomas LANE Single Bideford Ann MOORE Single  
71 14/10/1829 William WICKETT     Elizabeth MOOR    
72 22/10/1829 William JEFFERY     Susanna JEWELL    
73 29/12/1829 Richard KEMPTHORNE     Elizabeth GLIDDON    
74 22/01/1830 Christopher WOOD     Susanna CHUBB    
75 04/02/1830 John DOOLEY     Frances GLIDDON    
76 24/12/1830 William HOCKADAY Single   Mary PENWARDEN Single  
77 02/04/1831 Humphrey NORMAN     Ann MOOR    
78 04/05/1831 Richard WICKETT     Sarah HODGE    
79 21/08/1831 Richard GILBERT     Mary CORNISH    
80 13/05/1832 Christopher Trehane PELLOW Single Marhamchurch, Cornwall Susan CROKER    
81 24/06/1832 Thomas VENNER     Tamson BECKLY    
82 27/01/1833 John BECKLY     Mary HODGE    
83 04/02/1833 Samuel RODD     Elizabeth HOBBS    
84 07/02/1833 Richard BECKLY     Ann HODGE    
85 11/04/1833 Emanuel BROCK     Maria JEWELL    
86 09/05/1833 Francis BRIMACOMBE     Jane MOORE    
87 30/12/1833 James DANIEL   Holsworthy Mary WICKETT    
88 06/02/1834 John HOAR     Joanna DAYMAN    
89 11/02/1834 John KING     Ann LEY    
90 27/03/1834 Bartholomew FISHLEY     Elizabeth BROMELL    
91 28/03/1834 William MANNING     Elizabeth REEVES    
92 12/05/1834 James HAMLYN     Anne SLOGGETT    
94 00/00/1835 William WONACOTT Single   Anne CORNISH Single  
93 25/03/1835 William HAMBLY     Ann HOAR    
95 15/10/1835 John MARSHALL     Sarah CHUBB    
96 12/12/1835 John STACEY     Elizabeth GILBERT    
97 16/03/1836 George DANIEL   Holsworthy Mary Eliza BRIMACOMBE    
98 04/04/1836 Thomas SLUGGETT     Anne MOOR    
99 16/12/1836 William DEYMAN     Prudence HOCKADAY    
100 29/12/1836 John GRILLS     Ann ALLIN    
101 07/02/1837 James PAGE     Mary Jane GILBERT    
102 23/02/1837 William BUTLER     Mary HATHERLEIGH    
103 16/03/1837 John YELLAND     Mary TREWIN    
104 23/03/1837 Edward MARSHALL     Mary COLLINGS    
105 10/04/1837 Thomas YEO     Jane YELLAND Widow  
106 19/04/1837 John STEDWILL     Miriam MOOR    

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